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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 14, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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an arson in-- an arson investigation is underway tonight after a suspect was arrested for a string of suspicious car fires. i'm ken wayne. >> i'm heather holmes. police calling another east bay car fire suspicious. the latest car to go up in flames coming as ken mentioned an hour after an arrest and a string of fires that took place across contra costa county. >> the fire happened around 2:00 a.m. on saturday. the residential street between concord boulevard and laurel drive. tonight residents in contra costa county are on edge as another arsonist may be on the loose. >> yeah, ktvu rob malcolm talking with neighbors in concord about this latest incident. rob? >> reporter: well good evening, ken and heather. if you look behind me this is evidence of the latest fire that took place on saturday morning on gill mar drive in concord. this may have flown under the
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radar with news of the arrest in benicia. still neighbors are taking precautions to protect their property. these pictures were taken saturday morning at 2:00 a.m. >> and the flames were like, i would say somewhere 30 to 40 feet. and i think it was totally engulfed in flames. it looks like some type was used. >> the car going up in flames on the same night just one hour earlier when the fire officials made this stunning announcement. >> we have made an arrest in the series of vehicle fires occurring throughout contra costa county. a 36-year-old man was located in a residential area of benicia this morning. >> that suspect was booked on 43counts of arson. he was arrested 1:00 a.m. in the morning as greg watched the torched car go up in his neighborhood with obvious concerns. >> i was thinking of the car catching on fire.
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and it was big. >> other neighbors also witnessed the flames. >> my wife heard boom outside, which could come out their front door and that's probably not a good idea to look out window. i saw a big fire and a big car and it was their car. >> they were unrecognizable and neighbors still don't know who it belonged to. >> evidently brought in. brought in and a set of fires on whoever did it took off. >> you could hear their car. just take off, boom. >> no one knows for sure. taking place in lafayette and walnut creek and brenwood and martinez, all baring the similar same signature as contra costa county fire officials determined the characteristics of this fire was different from the others. still though. >> hopefully we could get some information and pinpoint this incident. >> the fire came out. they put that fire out.
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towed the car away right away. >> with a known serial arsonist behind bars, this charred street leaves some residence here cautious. >> just kind of looking out more, i think. communicating with neighbors, making sure we're all on the same page. >> and back here live the fire marshal released very few details about suspects in the latest fire here in concord. but did tell us the majority of car fires are intentionally set. >> yeah, it has to be unnerving for those people it there, thank you. five san francisco families lose their homes tonight after a fire burns through their building. the flames broke out tonight at 5:45 near balboa high school. from the outside the building doesn't appear to have suffered too much damage, but that is not case inside. smoke and fire destroyed the interior of the residence. red cross volunteer tells us the home is no longer
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habitable. >> i think it was mostly contained inside. so the damage inside is pretty bad. there's walls missing. the floor is not safe for walking. it's pretty dangerous inside with breaking glass. >> the red cross is helping 18 people who have been displaced giving them vouchers for food and lodging and other items they could need to get by. >> some scary moments in the russian hill neighborhood when people inside two vehicles exchange gunfire with each other. that rolling gun battle happened in broad daylight at 9:30 this morning on polk and lombard. no one was injured. police are still looking for those involved. officers found bullet casings in that area. >> as soon as i heard those three shots go off, i knew it wasn't backfire, but gunshots. i just dropped to the ground. >> the woman who saw the shooting described the vehicle as a gray sedan and red bmw. a motive isn't clear.
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that investigation continues. a police chase in the east bay turns deadly when the driver crashed into a tree. the 24-year-old woman in the passenger seat of the stolen suv died at the scene. police say there were calls to the shopping center yesterday around 3:00 p.m. on the report of a person peering into parked vehicles. police spotted a white suv and tried to pull that driver over, but they kept on going and eventually crashed into a tree near myrtle drive. the owner of antioch was arrested taken to the hospital. she is being held on evading police and vehicular manslaughter. bart police cited a group of teens for beating a man on one of the trains. officers reported to the bart station around 3:40 yesterday afternoon. our reports of a man being attacked. the teens ran off, but were tracked down. the victim positive lived the four suspects cited for battery, issued stay away orders, then released to their
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parents. a man on probation for prior sex offense was arrested at the bay fair bart station for exposing himself in san leandro. this incident happened around 11:30 yesterday morning. the man's identity has not been released. he was booked into the santa rita jail in dublin. a san francisco native may soon become a part of the trump administration communication team. president trump is considering repolice station sean spicer with fox news host kimberly dilfoil. she's a mission district native and a uc davis graduate. she served as the san francisco district attorney from 2000 to 2004 and the ex-wife of former san francisco mayor and lieutenant governor newsome. she's a top contender for the position during the trump transition period. on this mother's day, president trump supporters might say we're seeing the mother of all overreaction to last week's dismissals of the
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dismissal of comey. john roberts has more from washington. >> reporter: a relatively quiet day for president trump ahead of what will be a busy weekend. an indication he may name a new fbi director on friday. >> almost all of them are very well known, embedded over their lifetime potentially. very well known and highly departmented and very challenging. >> reporter: the attorney general is well into the search for his replacement interviewing eight candidate yesterday. but the fallout over the firing continues. casting an increasingly suspicious eye. >> do you believe the president fired comey to interfere with the administration into russian interference with the election
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and a possible link to the trump campaign? >> the president's actions and his statement shows that appearance. >> reporter: even some republicans are scratching their heads on how it all unfolded and what happens next. calling the circumstances of the firing troubling. >> i do know we're in the midst of a civilization crisis of public trust. we need to talk honestly about our institutions that need to be restored and need to have the ability for people to trust these institutions. >> the secretary appeared to see it differently. president trump has a management style as no one can take their job for granted. >> i am helping the president be successful. i understand i have to earn his confidence every day with how i go back to those affairs. >> reporter: but it is one of
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the reasons for comey's firing is because of trump's reaction to the russian actions. comey only gave his opponents more reasons to keep russia in the headlines. >> there is a crisis of credibility with the president. i mean there's so much fabrication and then backsliding, contradiction. >> reporter: at the white house john roberts fox news. >> a new poll from nbc news shows fewer than a third of americans approve of president trump trump to fire comey. 23% were in favor of comey being dismissed. at the same time it shows president trump's overall approval rating is holding steady with 38% of americans having a positive view of the president with 52% having negative opinions. as i mentioned these numbers are mostly unchanged from last month's poll. president trump has promised to move quickly to
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name a new head chief. coming up tonight at 11:00, we will look at the short list for that position. tensions are growing. we take a look at why some long- time bay area residents are leaving and why they say it's the time to go. but first a kitten hitches the ride with chp. >> where this cute -- and in weather, sunshine, clouds, even a few pop-up showers for today. coming up we will talk about partly cloudy skies in your monday's forecast and let you know if shower chances will resurface in your five-day forecast.
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now to the very latest on the massive fire. the construction site in emeryville. crews tonight continue to monitor for hot spots. in the meantime people living in the area forced out by the flames were allowed to return home today. as ktvu leigh martinez tells us the the cause remains under investigation amid concerns this might have been arson. >> reporter: andre dodson packed up his things for a few days. >> we are probably the furthest away from it, but you could still feel the heat of that fire. >> reporter: early saturday morning fire engulfed the construction site next to their townhouse. this is the second fire at the department and retail complex known as the intersection.
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the first sakes harm fire destroyed the project back in 2016. oakland fire officials say it is likely saturday's fire destroyed all of the current building materials yet again. the site is still keeping fire crews busy. so dodson was told to stay with friends for the next few days. >> we probably won't be able to get in for the next two days according to at finishes who needs to come in -- according to atf who needs to come in to do an investigation. there was a flare up around 11:00 p.m. >> reporter: after the fire was under control, the burnt and mangled construction crane had the team worried it was going to collapse. neighbors on the south side of ad eline street were evacuated saturday until heavy equipment could come and -- adeline street were evacuated saturday until the heavy equipment could be moved out. stockton is taking the evacuation in stride, but say neighbors are worried fires
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will keep occurring if the construction project keeps rebuilding. >> this is the second fire that has happened. at what point do you start to value the tenants that already live on this street over more developments? >> reporter: the first fire back in july was reported as being the likely cause of kids playing with fireworks. oakland's arson task force and atf will hold a meeting. leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. police are investigating a deadly crash. early this morning two people died. it happened on fremont boulevard around 2:30 a.m. >> one was making a u-turn and the other was coming from
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fremont boulevard. one was going northbound and the other was going southbound. >> police have not released names or any details about the victims. a sonoma county woman is facing dui charges after crashing her suv into a motorcyclist leaving him seriously injured. it happened just before 12:30 this morning on interstate 280 south of the woodside road exit. when officers arrived they found the man and his motorcycle pinned underneath that suv. it took firefighters 20 minutes to lift the suv and rescue the man. chp said the driver of the suv was speeding when she rear ended the motorcycle and dragged the rider at least 200 yards before finally coming to a stop. >> i have never seen a motorcycle trapped under the vehicle with the rider still on it. >> they were taken to the hospital with major injuries,
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prompting the closure of the freeway while they investigate it. the penalty phase of the antolin garcia-torres murder trial is set to start on tuesday. facing the death penalty after a jury convicted him last week of murdering 15-year-old sierra lamar. the body of the morgan hill teenager has never been found, but traces of her dna were found in garcia-torres' truck and her parents were found discovered in a field with antolin garcia-torres' dna. all right, let's check in with our meteorologist mark tamayo. a pretty nice mother's day out there today. >> yeah, lots of sunshine today with a few clouds paying us a visit with a few pop-up showers out there as well. but most of the area saw a lot of sunshine today. they would range in the the mid- 50s with a lot of 60s. one of the warmer spots is 70 degrees towards fairfield and antioch. this is the radar and it is not current, but earlier this
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afternoon. they will come in closer developing in the south bay closer to san jose this afternoon. but things are pretty quiet. with a few clouds out to our south and east and also a few clouds out here as far as the wind speeds they could pick up once again with winds nothing too major out there. oakland westerly at 6 miles an hour. more reports for you at sfo. gusting up to 26 miles an hour at last check with the live camera where we have clear to partly cloudy skies across the area. stepping outside the door though it will be chilly. 50 degrees in the upper 40s at 49. so here is the plan for you tomorrow morning, patchy fog in
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san francisco. 53 degrees. then just fair skies into the afternoon hours. tomorrow's temperatures, they are really not a big change today. mostly sunny and breezy right around 60. so here is the updated forecast model showing you this. 10:00 tomorrow morning with some patchy fog out there and then into the afternoon hours looking pretty good. look what's happening to our east as we could not completely turn off the snow machine to pick up more snow in the sierra. u up above 7,000 feet. that'll be interesting for tomorrow. then offshore we would have more development and this could be, in fact this will be a cloud producer on tuesday and possibly a shower producer as well. we will talk more about this system and a major warmup. the big change there. we will have it all coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, thanks, mark. new tonight, a little kitten was looking for a little excitement when she hitched a ride with chp. when officers of oakland got to the scene overnight on 880 they kept hearing a faint meow. look what they found.
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a tiny kitten under their vehicle. officers believe she is one of a few cats that often roam the parking lot. the kitten given the name chip waster fied, but we are told not hurt and being adopted by the tow truck driver who responded to that crash. a bay area woman who is the oldest active national park ranger received an honorary doctorate degree. she is seen here at the museum in richmond where she works. during world war ii she would work nearby at the file clerk. she is the granddaughter of a freed slave. on her blog she wrote no one could understand how much today's honor meant to her. coming up, the warriors, boy did they rally back. the deficit is a team that overcame and they won from the spurs. scott reiss has all the highlights from tonight's nail biter. but first the major recall
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of frozen burritos. the company forced to pull hundreds of thousands of items from store shelves over the fear of listeria contamination.
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the family of a 48-year-old mother of five is in mourning on this mother's day after the ohio nurse's aide was shot and killed on friday. cindy crance is being remembered as the loving wife and mother. thomas hartless walked into the center and opened fire. sinty crance, and others all died in the attack. hartless is was later found dead inside the nursing home. police in las vegas said an unarmed man died today after officers first used a stun gun and a choke hold to try to subdue him during a arrest. it happened near the venetian hotel around 1:00 this morning. the man was acting erratically and ran off.
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an officer used a stun gun on the man as he tried to get inside a vehicle. the suspect continued to resist and that's when they used what was called the lateral neck restraint to try to subdue him. the man lost consciousness and was pronounced dead a short time later. that death is under investigation. a warning tonight for burrito lovers. green chile concepts is recalling 352,000 pounds of frozen burritos containing meat and poultry. they are concerned about possible listeria contamination. the vending machines and other distributers in california, illinois, oregon, south dakota. there have been no reports so far of people getting sick. a family says jet blue kicked them off the plane over a birthday cake. they were bound for las vegas. they stored a cake in the overhead bin, but were told by a flight attendant to move it, so they did putting it under the seat. that's when a second flight attendant came out and
10:24 pm
confronted the first one. things escalated. police eventually came on board and told everyone and all the passengers they had to get off the plane. >> we were just happy. we couldn't wait to get to las vegas. all of a sudden this occurred. my two children are screaming, crying, they're confused not knowing what's going on. they were traumatized. >> jet blue telling a different story about what happened here. airline released a statement saying the father refused to request to move the cake. he cursed and yelled and he made, "false accusations about a crew member's fitness to fly." there is a growing opioid epidemic a sweeping part of the country, as a result more and more parents are publicly sharing their battle with addiction. stephanie oswald owes only son andrew became addicted to oxycontin after being prescribed a drug for the car accident. despite his chance to get clean
10:25 pm
he died alone from an apparent drug overdose just 23 years old. and he just stopped seeing it as a dirty little secret because it is everywhere. it is just everywhere. and so the more people who are honest about what's going on out there and to more attention they can get. for stephanie, she says sharing her son's addiction is in the an easy decision, but an important one to help parents suffering in silence. bill clinton addressed the graduates at william smith college in new york this morning. he spoke about a number of political topics including everything from today's chaotic world to the pros and the cons of technological development and the topic of islam phobia. >> their murder rate is one- third the national average. but we have all heard about it. it doesn't mean we should be tough on terrorism committed by
10:26 pm
radicals, but it means we shouldn't go around with the apples and the oranges, terrifying some of the devoted people in his country who want to make their contribution and to make us better because they make better decisions. >> the ceremony marked the 192nd graduation for hobart. a warning tonight for warrior fans. the scanning trend on the rise as fans get scammed trying to buy tickets. also more and more people. you have probably heard they were leaving the bay area. coming up next we'll take a look at the food packing up and why. jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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some listening-time residents are leaving. maureen naylor takes a look at who is leaving and why. >> and now he is just going to go outside and up the new stairwell into his office
10:30 pm
>> the mother who was once the executive director to steve jobs is leaving the bay area. despite fond memories and extended family still here, the los altos family decided the bay area no longer fits their family of four. >> i no longer want to raise a millennial. >> their home sold in a week. for over the $1.3 million asking price. next month the bayard family is moving to bend, oregon. >> there is a difference. when you go to bend, oregon everyone is waving at everybody and saying hello and i don't see people stuck in their phones as much as i do here. $they found 34% of residents here are considering leaving the region. fighting high housing cost and traffic. the golden state's population
10:31 pm
is still on the rise. the bay area last year had a net increase of 52,000 people from other countries. but a 22,000 fete in decrease of bay area residents moving elsewhere in the u.s. it's important to note by no means is the bay area emptying out. the area is still growing. according to linkedin the more common places bay area workers are moving to are seattle, portland, and austin, texas. >> i see people going to boise and people going to austin. >> reporter: realtor myran doesn't just see his clients leaving the state, the former president of the realtor association and san jose city candidate himself is now looking to move. out of the home that has been in his family for four generations. >> in some ways it is really sad. it is sad that we've come to a
10:32 pm
place where we are looking at leaving the place we spent our entire lives. >> reporter: he is eyeing retirement in north carolina. he is even offering to buy each of his six children a home if they move too. >> you have your kids and all the other things you worry about. the quality of life. >> reporter: the largest school district says enrollment has steadily declined in the last five years. >> number one factor is good economics and the cost of living in the area. the median sale price of homes in the bay area are $837,000. a 10% increase from a year earlier. san jose $1 million will get you this three bedroom home. it's that kind of housing market that's driving some people out of the golden
10:33 pm
statua. ed they became first time homeowners in their dream home in colorado springs. >> with the mall and schools and a lot less stressful -- a lot less stressful. >> reporter: back in san jose, cameron looked forward to leaving this net behind and living on a golf course in central oregon surrounded by a national forest. it's not just him moving there, but the entire ad agency and employees as well. >> everybody is coming with us. in total we'll be taking 11 people with us. everyone is looking forward to relocation and looking forward to being able to buy a house. >> reporter: but the computer program is not on board the
10:34 pm
train to move elsewhere. the bay area native says the beautiful weather, geography, and family make this all home. >> what keeps me here is family. it's expensive, but i was born and raised here. also there's a lot of opportunity. a lot of people leave thinking they will improve their quality of life, but also the job market is limited in other areas. >> in san jose maureen naylor ktvu fox 2 news. just as the western conference finals get underway, concerns now about fake warriors tickets. the team says some fans trying to get hold of the hottest tickets in town ended up getting burned. amber lee has more on the latest warnings about buying and selling tickets. >> reporter: getting those tickets to go to a warriors game brings excitement. but this is also the time when ticket scams increase. >> we see a slight uptick as
10:35 pm
they get more expensive, which happens in the playoffs. giving more people an incentive. >> reporter: on average they see about 40 fraudulent tickets per game. >> it means every time people bought tickets from a third party site, so there's a lot of different websites that sell tickets that offer different guarantees. they can't guarantee what you want is that your ticket will work. >> reporter: several fans met up with the thieves through craigslist. andy ramos was one of those fans speaking to me via skype. >> i paid $250 for the fake ticket. when we got to the seat it was $400 each, so i paid another $800 at the ticket office. to go to the game. >> ramos told me he met the seller a man dressed in a suit here at embarcadero who gave him a computer printout of two tickets. >> i asked if they were legit and he said oh yeah they are my seat this is a midweek game i
10:36 pm
can't make and that's why i'm selling them. so it was really believable to me. >> reporter: when ramos got to oracle arena he found out he was scammed. our tickets had a big red x on them. he was trying to get better seats at a price he could afford. >> i thought i was going to get a good deal. >> reporter: officials have seen a new scam targeting legitimate ticket salers. they've seen 15 incidents in recent months. they have it canceled after transferring the tickets. their best advice? >> if you go to none of this will happen. >> reporter: he hopes his bad experience will help others
10:37 pm
from falling victim to thieves. >> hopefully no one else falls in my footsteps. just get your real tickets on >> reporter: amber lee ktvu fox 2 news. >> yup, that's what you've got to do. u.n. ambassador nikki hailey promises to tighten the screws on north korea. >> this after a successful test coming up next. we'll look at what's happening right after the break. and weather for the most part. the bay area is in the clear right now with more development offshore with our live camera looking at the bay bridge. a chance for showers on tuesday and a major warm up. we will break it all down for you in our forecast.
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james ros is en has the story. >> pentagon sources told fox news the missile north korea launched early sunday local time was airborne for 30 minutes and splashed down just south of the russian city. it was a single-stage liquid field kn-17. useful in targeting ships at
10:41 pm
sea. the u.n. ambassador said kim jong-un was challenging south korean's president. the test came as one of the top diplomats to direct openness with the u.s. while scoffing at the idea of the nuclearization. >> if conditions are right, we will speak to the trump administration. >> yeah. >> are you able to develop nuclear weapons? >> reporter: the u.s. is not amused by the regime's probably casing. >> having a missile test is not the way to sit down with the president because he is absolutely not going to do it. i mean there's a lot of sanctions left we could start to do whether it is with oil or energy or their mirror times. we could do a lot of different things we have not done yet. >> reporter: they convened a national security session is while japan's prime minister vowed a resolute response.
10:42 pm
>> we will keep our high levels of alert while cooperating with the the u.s. and south korea. >> reporter: with china responsible for 90% of north korea's trade, the trump administration is counting on beijing to reign in their client state. the u.s. officials claim they are receiving greater corporation from the chinese than ever before. but one analyst questioned them against imagining the chinese to be true allies in the effort to bring kim jong-un to heal. >> with their enterprises and banks, and supporting north korea and their organization program. >> reporter: the ambassador says the u.s. will tighten the screws against kim jong-un whether in the form of additional junctions. he feels it, he absolutely feels it right now. in washington james rosen fox news. all right, it's a grueling seven-day race. those elite cyclists will roll into the south bay tomorrow for the 2017 tour of california. what you can expect for the workweek.
10:43 pm
meteorologist mark tamayo will have the complete bay area forecast. we'll be right back. ♪
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. police were called out to first and h street early this morning. they found the 22-year-old with serious injuries. witnesses said he was hit by a southbound train and died after being taken to the local hospital.
10:46 pm
investigators are looking into what the man was doing on the tracks and if drug or alcohol may have been a factor. cyclist is going through the bay area tomorrow. the second leg of the tour starts in san jose. the women's competition wrapped up on this mother's day in sacramento. >> reporter: 90 minutes. at building, there were tens of thousands of fans in sacramento. with the huge crowd comes security concerns. partners with other law enforcement agencies and engine to ensure safety. >> reporter: they say officers
10:47 pm
in the air, on bikes, and with dogs kept the event running smoothly. nothing put a damper on the women's race. >> i am really, really happy. eventually we will give this victory to my mom. >> reporter: it isn't just a big accomplishment for the winners of the day, but for all female cyclists. >> it is very important for us. more than 100 male athletes completed the route. two major events right here at home. >> it's a very exciting day in san francisco. >> reporter: hope you had a nice mother's day. look what's headed our way. temperatures are inland heading back into the upper 70s or 80s, getting closer to 90 degrees. for wednesday, thursday, friday
10:48 pm
we are thinking 84. we still have a few days to get there. tomorrow fair skies with the the temperatures in the mid- 40s. for the afternoon hours, partly to mostly sunny. winds will pick up once again. the typical pattern at this time of the year. upper 50s to the 60s right around 70 degrees. outside right now our live camera. looking towards sfo with a pretty nice sunday evening after a few pop-up showers across portions of the bay area especially up in the north bay and a few in the south bay as well. the main system has moved out of town. here is the satellite for your sunday night. you can see some clouds towards the sierra crest with more development out here in the pacific with some clouds out here. but right now it is clear to partly cloudy across most neighborhoods right now. we will check in on some of the current numbers. santa rosa at 52. oakland 56. san jose 54 and livermore in
10:49 pm
the lower 50s. 52 degrees. this is the overall forecast for tomorrow. this cool pool of air blanketing the midportion of the west coast. temperatures have been stuck for the past three to four days mainly in the 60s. definitely a cloud producer for us with some showers to the north of the bay area with a chance far few sprinkles or a few light showers and the best chance will be up in the north bay. but it will be turning a significant rainfall with nothing showing up for that system. but lock what happens as we talked about that warming trend and temperatures are trending back up for wednesday, thursday, friday and into the weekend. not only for the inland areas, but the bayside locations and the coastal neighborhoods as well. if you are missing the warm temperatures, the sunny skies. that'll be the forecast. you need to wait a few days. but look what happens tomorrow. expecting a fairly nice monday out there, breezy. off to our east we have more
10:50 pm
developments here with the rain and snow showers. up above 7,000 feet for the sierras. so still amazing with more snowfall for the peaks. then into tuesday. this is tuesday morning at 9:00 a.m. then to the afternoon hours, there is a chance, the best chance up to the north and the east of the bay area. by wednesday, we will pull back on the clouds and it will be the beginning of our warming trend by wednesday into thursday. the forecast highs for tomorrow as we head towards your monday. not a big change from today. lots of 60s with a few low 70s for santa rosa, novato, hayward at 63. san jose will go 67. half moon bay in the upper 50s. here's a look ahead to your five-day forecast. lots of clouds on tuesday with the rain clouds on wednesday with that weak system moving in. temperatures will trend up. wednesday, thursday, friday, the upcoming weekend. we will call it warm and borderline hot for saturday. then for sunday we'll have
10:51 pm
partly cloudy skies. heather and ken, this is amazing for this year and the time of the year you could have options heading towards the week. either head for the beach, right, play in the waves. or you can head to squaw valley with the worse snowfall tomorrow. water ski or snow ski. >> there you go. >> i know some people who snowboard and wake board in the same region. >> all right, thanks, mark. wedding photos. a couple in sacramento going viral today with no ordinary wedding. the couple traveled to mt. everest in march to capture one of the most epic weddings ever. they traveled the base camp in an elevation of 17,600 feet. they traded their climbing beer for a gown and tux. they then traded vows and rings on the side of the mountain in near zero-degree temperatures. that stunning backdrop resulted in truly amazing moments. >> that's gorgeous.
10:52 pm
>> yeah, it is beautiful. >> one of a kind. coming up on 19 1:00 new -- coming up on the 11:00 news. the secrecy surrounding the united flight that had to divert to another airport. we will hear from the warriors after their thrilling comeback against the spurs today. scott reiss will break it all down for us when we come back.
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10:55 pm
warriors barely broke a sweat. they figured to be different. we really had no idea how different. game one at oracle. and not for the faint of heart. they had to be tough to watch this one. he drives and dunks with a 20- point lead and that's what they were talking about with steve kerr in the locker room giving them a prep talk with the critical play coming down. he twists his already hurt ankle, done for the day. and then it will all change as they were down 23 at that point, ripping off an 18-0 run.
10:56 pm
steph curry with a long jumper. mom loves it. the first quarter, durant, absolutely unguardable. the four-point game and just seven minutes to go with the final two. down by three. curry for the tie, no. offensive rebound. durant for the tie. no. offensive rebound. curry is not going to miss twice. he's not going to miss twice as we will be tied up at 106. final 15 seconds, dubs with the ball going to work. absolutely will not be denied. gets the shooter's role with a three-point lead. desperation for the spurs, they missed that free throw intentionally with that ball out of bound, but that's it. they will come back from one point. they hang on to win 113-111. >> you know when you are up 25 points, if you don't wake up then something is wrong with you. steph has us going in the
10:57 pm
third. i tried to do my part in the 4th, he finish it off for us -- he finished it off for us. that's the thing about our team, we can move out and get guys to score off the dribble. >> they came out. you know, challenge is heavy. we put a nice run together and took us a minute to figure it out to get, you know, to the game speed after the break. it was a nice way to win game one. we need to capitalize on our offense and start game two a lot better. >> speaking of comebacks, the giants kind of need one after that brutal april. no time like the present to get the season going in the right direction. we will be making it three wins in a row against the reds. yeah, even he had a good seat there. and a good ball game as well. giants explode early. 4-0 giants after two. top three, it is 7-0. look at
10:58 pm
nunes in left field making it a play. not bad for a converted third baseman. 6 2/3 with three runs, striking out eight. a little more insurance, courtesy of brandon belt swinging a hot pick. third homer in four games. the giants, they won three in a row for the first time this year. and then there are the a's moving in the wrong direction. this weekend three straight blown leads and a tough one in texas today on mother's day festivities in their pink jerseys. the fifth inning, matt joyce gets it. the two-run shot. their second in this series 46789-2 a's. i don't want the baseball. the other guy hit it. and then the bullpen, it
10:59 pm
happens again. ryan madison served it up to gara. rangers get three in the 7th. they win 6-4 and they sweep the a's right out of the region. we will have much more coming up. jason appelbaum and i are right around 11:30 after the 11:00 news, which by the way will need to begin right now. ken and heather? >> all right, time for you to set the scene. >> we will take it over from here. >> thank you. scott. next at 11:00. >> a serial arsonist is behind bars. another car goes up in flames raising concern. hello everyone i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. >> a car fire around 2:00 yesterday morning in concord, a residential street between concord boulevard and laurel drive. >> ktvu rob malcolm talked to
11:00 pm
neighbors about the latest fewer and their fears another firebug may be on the loose. >> reporter: these pictures were taken at 2:00 a.m. by craig hagan. >> the flames were 30 to 40 feet high. the car was totally engulfed in flames. it looked like an accelerant was used. >> reporter: the car went up in flames. just an hour earlier, contra costa fire officials made this stunning announcement. >> we have made an arrest in the series of vehicle fires that have happened within weeks of contra costa a. 36-year-old man was located in benicia this morning. >> reporter: that suspect was booked on 43 counts of arson being held on $3.1 million bail. he was arrested 1:00 a.m. on saturday morning in benicia as craig watched the torched car go up in his neighborhood. >> i thought my car would catch on fire and the tree. it was big. >>


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