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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 15, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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leonard. >> leonard goes down. >> coach popovich goes off on warriors center zaza pachulia. >> beck's got this history it can't bear, oh, it was inadvertent. who gives a damn about what his intent was? >> was it a dirty play? we'll go live for reaction. travel ban challenge. how the president's comments on the campaign trail may come back to haunt him. "the four on 2" starts now. after months of a lot of talking, action today to fund those surveillance cameras on bay area freeways. the hope is this $1.5 million project will stem the violence. welcome to "the four on 2". i'm heather holmes. >> i'm ken wayne. first we have breaking news out of washington, d.c. where the washington post is reporting president trump revealed highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and russian
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ambassador. it happened during the president's meeting with the russian leaders at the white house. the post says the information disclosed by the president to the russians jeopardized a critical source of intelligence on the islamic state. the post also said senior white house officials took steps to contain the damage from the intelligence release placing calls to the cia and national security agency. it must be noted it is not illegal for the president to release intelligence and does he have the authoritytown classify such information. but there could we political and diplomatic consequences from all this. we're going to talk to a legal expert to learn more. now to the cameras that will be installed along two freeways in contra costa county. >> our crime reporter henry lee first told you last week about the state funding for this project. he joins us live from hercules about learning more. henry. >> reporter: heather and ken, we heard from local and state officials at a news conference that was called before a shooting last night in hayward.
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now they have identified 15 hot spots where they want these state funded cameras to be installed. surveillance cameras will be coming to interstate 80 and highway 4 after a rash of freeway shootings, many of them gang related. >> as soon as the funding is available we are ready to roll the project out. the message to the shooters on the freeways, the reign of terror is over. >> reporter: there are already freeway cameras in san pablo and pittsburg. officials say 15 hot spots have been identified, but won't go beyond that. >> do we keep the gang members guess wring the technology is? >> reporter: the state has promised to fund a system of cameras, license plate readers and possibly gunfire detectors. the cost, $1.5 million. since 2015 there have been more than 80 car to car shootings on
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bay area freeways. eight people have been killed, all along i-80 and highway 4 in contra costa county. once the technology is in place this is what will happen if there is another shooting. >> there's gunfire up on a freeway, the micro phones will actually move the cameras in the direction of the gunfire and the cameras will be recording and the license plate readers will be taking photographs of actual license plates, either on the front of the car or on the back of a car. >> innocent lives have already been lost and we owe it to all of our east bay residents to minimize the damage and a threat to drivers and local residents. >> our residents in west contra costa county will be able to travel in a safer mode. >> reporter: officials warn that cameras alone won't address violence on the freeways. >> freeway shootings do continue and we have to address this issue, and cameras by themselves will not address this issue. we see this as part of a larger
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plan of addressing violence in the region. >> reporter: the state is waiting for further details from local law enforcement including equipment placing and more cost estimates before handing over funding. potentially cameras could be expanded to other freeways in the bay area that have seen shootings. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. today's announcement came just hours after two people were shot in hayward. as ktvu's alex savidge tells us the chp is investigating this shooting as gang related. >> reporter: gunfire along 880 in hayward last night. this toyota takasugi pickup truck -- this toyota tacoma pickup truck came to rest after a shooter pulled alongside a truck and opened fire on three people inside. two men that in truck were shot and a wounded. the third person was not hurt.
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>> judging by the bullet holes tin vehicle it appears they pulled alongside the driver's side of the tacoma. however, we do not have any witnesses. gets after the pickup veered off the road the shooter sped away and that person remains on the run. investigators say this was not a random shooting and they're trying to figure out if there was some sort of a dispute beforehand along the freeway. >> it's unknown if there was a prior incident that may have caused this to happen. we don't have any information on this at this time. >> reporter: the two people shot last night are expected to fully recover as authorities search for the person behind this attack. if you know anything about what happened put in a call to the chp's hayward office. in hayward, alex savidge, ktvu fox 2 news. a team from the atf is joining the investigation of that major fire this weekend. the five alarm fire was the singed less than a year at the
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planned apartment and retail complex. some neighbors evacuated from the area and were allowed to go home yesterday but others won't be able to get back in their homes for a few more days. fortunately there are to reports of injuries. grief counselors were at james logan high school after a student was killed in a crash after prom. shane marcelino died in the crash. police say her mother was driving her home after the prom when their toyota was hit by another car. the mother and two people in that other vehicle suffered non life threatening injuries. marcelino was sent to graduate in a month. officials say she was in several honors programs and they describe her as an amazing human being. >> she seemed to be what everybody would hope their high school student would be. she seemed to be a gifted academically, gifted. ♪ly. she just seems to be a -- seems to have been a wonderful young
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woman. >> authorities say it appears that one of the cars ran a red light and they also say that speed may have been a factor. police are also investigating whether alcohol or drugs were involved. a man arrested on suspicion of dui and hit-and-run following a crash that killed a pedestrian in san jose. reports came in around 9:30 last night of a person being hit by a car near scott street. the driver did not stop. investigators say a short time later a man walked up to the scene and identified himself to the officers as the driver. police determined that the man was under the influence at the time of that crash. >> authorities say two people were killed when a lear jet crashed near teterboro airport in new jersey this afternoon. an eyewitness captured the aftermath of that crash on cell phone video. you can see all the thick black smoke billowing from that crash site. officials say the plane had taken off from philadelphia and was about to land when it crashed into a building in an industrial area. they say there were two crew members on board but no
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passengers when that jet went down. there are no reports of anyone on the ground being injured. winds were gusting up to 45 miles per hour at the time of that crash. the 9th u.s. circuit court heard arguments over the legality vice president trump's travel ban. a three-judge panel in seattle heard the trump administration's appeal of the muslim travel ban. a federal jig hawaii blocked the travel ban in march ruling it unfairly targets muslims. the judge has questioned attorneys on both sides about statements made by president trump. >> overtime the president clarified that what he was talking about were islamic terrorist groups and the conditions that shelter or sponsor them and over time he and his advisers clarified that what he was focused on was groups like isis and al kaida.
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starting in december 2015 when he called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims, then a few months later, quote, i think islam hates us. >> if the decision is different from the pending decision coming from the fourth crier kitten virginia, the case will automatically go to the u.s. supreme court. joining us now is david levine a law professor at u.c. hastings. first the big story of the day this washington post article that came out a couple of hours ago. a trump revealed highly classified information to russian foreign minister. the newspaper is not reporting exactly what a that information was because they say it is classified. but the fact that the president had some kind of a discussion with the leader -- the foreign minister of russia and the u.s. ambassador, that a problem? >> well, legally it's not because as you said, the president does have the authority to change the
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classification of things that are highly secret. all the fall outgoing to be political and diplomatic because this was information that was obtained from some other partner country. the article doesn't say would it was so that the ramifications are just enormous. it isn't just the politics of it domestically. but it discourages countries from working with us, countries we have to be able to work with and to trust each other. and so it's just hard to imagine a bigger breach than this, even if technically it's not illegal. >> the post is holding back on a lot of details because it says it is sensitive material that just even saying where this information came from, what city in the middle east it came from could compromise things. so there's already ramifications from this, besides what happens here in the united states. there could be somebody paying a price because this information is out there. >> absolutely.
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even though the washington post was crier come spect about this information and we don't know exactly where this came from, what the article also says is since at the present time was not so careful with the foreign minister of russia and the ambassador to the united states what arguably is a spay, that there's no problem for the russians to figure this out in about as a much time as we have spoken. >> i think we are going to be hearing a lot in the next couple days. let's move on to the hearing in seattle over the travel ban. the judges were asking about trump's previous words. it seems like they're trying to use his words against him. are you getting an indication of where this thing is going? >> well, this is a very important issue. this came up last week with the fourth circuit argument as well. this is a huge question because arguably the second executive order the president issued on its face could be read to be legitimate but the question is do you put it in context or not. do you look at the president's words?
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and how far back do you go? do you go back to december 2015? do you go back to the time when he became president? or something in between? and how much of that is going to be included? so the state of hawaii's lawyer wanted to say we should go all the way back, include that information. the acting solicitor general, mr. wall, wanted to say the opposite. don't pay any attention to that. just look at the text of the order. the order is just fine as it is. the judges were i would say very even handed in the argument today in seattle. you could read a little more into the judges last week in virginia, but we will see when these two opinions come out which way they go. >> time for one last question. north carolina, voter id laws. democrats said this was voter suppression and the u.s. supreme court decided something by not deciding something, right if. >> the fourth circuit said what
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the north carolina legislature had done was to attack. they said surgical precision against african-americans in north carolina. the fourth circuit overturned a decision of the trial judges and said it was intended to discriminate. the u.s. supreme court decided not to hear the case but chief justice roberts wept out of the way to say, people, don't read too much into what we did today, so that means it's coming back. last week the president signed an executive order behind closed doors which created this voter fraud unit, and so this issue about voter fraud and what can be done with voter id and that you will will definitely be on the agenda. a. >> david levine from u.c. hastings, thanks so much for your expertise. >> you're welcome. federal officials have narrowed down the list of finalists to design president trump's border wall. but they're not saying who or
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how many. an a arizona company says hat made the cut. the company's check executive said the president's call for a 30-foot-tall wall along the entire border may not be practical. he says his high-tech solution includes a motion sensor. >> i don't know if they have ever caught anyone in the tunnel that i'm aware v. this would containing that. we would be able to sea them digging the tunnel in real time. >> o'leary says sensors are cheaper and easier to put in place and would be less environmentally damaging. he says he thinks his company has a good chance of winning the bid for that wall. >> we know the war yores won but the san antonio spurs are fuming at the price they paid beyond the final score. today their head coach fired back at the warriors' center. hear what he called dangerous and unsportsman like. >> did he not mince words. also, the images of the damaged oroville spillway are
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pretty unforgettable. the fix has only just begun there. coming up next one of the world's most renowned engineers takes a look at the real and dangerous conditions. outside our doors our cool- down will continue as we get into your bay area tuesday. i will after look at what you can expect for your neighborhood coming up. who are these people?
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the california department of water resources announced it will stop the flow of water out of oroville dam's damaged spillway by may 25th. the spillway collapsed this winter causing major damage and a lot of evacuations downstream. once the water stops flowing the dw r can make repairs before the rainy season begins in five months. >> tom vacar talked to a leading expert about if that repair job can be done in time. >> talk about a tall order. oroville is a critical facility for two-thirds of california's residents and its massive agricultural industry. by any standard the spillway
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suffered massive damage. robert has spent the last half century working on massive land and sea construction project worldwide and is professor emeritus at uc berkeley. i asked him on a scale of one to 10 just how tough fixing the spillway would be. >> it's a slam dunk. >> reporter: he says the department of water resources has chosen the dubious option. >> i call it a patch and pray approach. >> reporter: what he says the dam really needs is an overhall to bring it up to current standards because of the permanent repairs would have to last at least a half century. >> five years of snowpack is melting, and nature sun for giving of our ignorance. i'm afraid, and i think we should be afraid. >> reporter: i asked if the department of water resources has the ash bill tee to manage
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an agency that can guarantee high reliability in the operation, construction, repay, and maintenance of a truly high reliability system such as oroville dam. >> no, that concern is at the very top of my worry. i don't think they have a coherent understanding of what the word "safe" means. no, coherent understanding of what that word risk means. >> reporter: even if the department can erect a temporary spillway i asked about the condition of those massive gates called the head works at the top of the dam. >> in tough shape. >> reporter: he says cracks in the gate's critical structures have been studied for most of the last decade. >> even if we fix the gated spillway, the headworks are unaddressed. >> reporter: that's to say nothing of wet spots at the
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bottom of the earthen dam which the department insists are just springs. >> we need to cue everything possible to help this old dam, old like me, do the best job she can until it's time to decommission. >> reporter: this is to say nothing of the risk of a truly large earthquake that would bring. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> tom vacar thanks so much. check in with rosemary orozco. we hope the winter is finally over. i have been hearing about snow in the sierra. >> it's definitely been a cool one. we are look at temperatures even cooler as we get into tuesday. that's where we're going bottom out. we have the possibility of a few sprinkles. how about a look outside our doors where we can see the oakland estuary. san francisco, we do mostly sunny skies. woke up with partly cloudy in some areas. as we got into the afternoon
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that sunshine pulled through and most of us with mostly sunny conditions at this time. 76 degrees in santa rosa. we do have a pretty day underway in many areas. 56 in san francisco and a little brisk. so depending on where you're at, it's either nice and mild or it's a bit could. 64 in oakland, 68 san jose. temperatures in many areas warmed up a few degrees over what we had yesterday. if you are going to see the giants play it is going to be cool, breezy. 56 with a northwesterly breeze to 25 miles per hour, getting in and out of the park. mostly clear skies expected for this evening with temperatures continuing to could. bring along a jack. here's a look at storm tracker 2. we continue to be within this trough pattern. you can see thou swirl motion goes. there's a system that kept our breeze going. that kept us unseasonably mild. this will continue to push out but we again are looking at another possibility of partly cloudy know. cloudy skies for tomorrow and
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cooler conditions. here's a look at where we are now. if i slide in closer you can see over the santa cruz mountain area we have although bit of cloud cover. the winds have picked up this afternoon once again. sfo reporting a gust of 41 miles per hour. mountain view 20, san jose sustained at 21. the winds will die down a bit as we get into tonight, and a tomorrow shouldn't be so bad. getting into tomorrow morning notice we wake up with a lot of cloud cover. we've got some rain over northern california, over the sierra, even making its way into the sacramento valley. as we get into 1:00 or so, still covered with plenty of gray. we're going call for patchy drizzle and the possibility of a few sprinkles but see it doesn't really amount to much. you don't even see a lot of blue. tomorrow morning we wake up with temperatures in the upper 40s to upper 50s. 50 in san francisco, 51 in concord, 51 expected for san
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jose. afternoon highs, 66 degrees expected for antioch, upper 50s san francisco, 57 in pacifica. definitely a cool day tomorrow but we do rebound. we have a warm-that up will last into your bay area weekend. i will have a look at what you can expect coming up. 24 hours later and the san antonio spurs may be more angry now than they were right after the game. >> it's dangerous, it's unsportsmanlike, it's just not what anybody does to anybody else. >> was it intentional? coming up next we're going to go live to san antonio to get the spurs' side of the story. legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. it was the moment that likely swung game one in the warriors' favor. it may have a huge impact on the rest of the series. san antonio spurs star kawhi leonard sprained his ankle when he came down on zaza pachulia's foot w. leonard out of the game you know what happened. the warriors went on a huge
4:26 pm
run, eventually eliminating the spurs' 25-point lead. today spurs coach gregg popovich said that leonard had an mri on his ankle and he will miss game two. >> the warriors arrest team full of superstars but during today's media access zaza was the big draw. he's there in the middle of that big scrum of reporters and photographs. he said it wasn't intentional to put his foot under leonard but the spurs head coach disagrees. >> totally unnatural close-out that the league has outlawed years ago. if he would have played and they had ended up winning, i go get dinner, after glass of wine, wake up the next day, go to practice and move on. but this is crap. and because he's got this history, it can't just be, oh, it was inadvertent, he didn't have intent. who gives a dam about what his intent was? >> yeah, gregg popovich a little upset there. joining us now is the sports correctsor at the san antonio
4:27 pm
fox station. chuck, you have been covering the spurs for quite some time. what do you make of gregg popovich's statements today? he seems really upset? >> he really was, heather. honestly to put things in perspective, you could tell by my gray hair i've been here a long time. covered pop 20 years. i can only remember one other time where he even remotely came close to disparaging another player like he did in -- it was 2002 when wells spit on one of the spurs players, and he ripped him pretty good back in 2002. but the decibel level that pop used today when talking about pachulia, although he never called him by name, the decibel level was raised infinitely more. usually not popp's style but i'm sure you can understand his frustration. when your best player goes out and after you 23-point leading a gains arguably one of the best teams of this decade, you can understand his frustration. >> the big question is intent.
4:28 pm
zaza has his head turned away from kawhi leonard when this happened. the league hasn't said it was intentional. even kawhi said he didn't believe it was intentional. >> i think the thing is that pachulia does have a history of some questionable acts in this league, although we have certainly seen worse. but to your point, ken, i mean, the nba told me today that there is no way they're going to upgrade this to a flagrant foul. they didn't think was intentional. they didn't think there was anything more to look at. maybe pop is just throwing it out there, maybe the refs are going to look at this stuff a little more closely, because zaza did crowd a guy who was making a jump shot, but it's hard to measure intent. you can understand why the spurs are frustrated, because they're going to have to go forward at least for game two without their best player, and some would argue the best player in the entire nba.
4:29 pm
>> real quick i want to ask about what kawhi said. >> kawhi said after the game he didn't think it was intentional but remember when he made those comments he had not looked at the tape yet. quite frankly maybe having had the benefit now of looking at the tape he might have another opinion, but we weren't able to speak to kawhi today. we will to have wait and see. >> gregg popovich saying pa a chum i can't's play was dangerous and talking about intent, saying you still go to jail for manslaughter, even if there was no intent. >> hopefully folks in san antonio will kind of mellow out a little bit. >> take a breath. >> we've still got potentially six more games. it's a ransom ware that took over computers around the world over the weekend. we're going to talk to a tech expert about the stitches need to take. a home gutted by fire. luckily eight people and a dog
4:30 pm
all got out safely. two firefighters were injured. stay with us and we will tell you about the possible criminal charges that could now stem from this house fire.
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it was a close call for two east bay firefighters who suffered an electrical shock while responding to a house fire. they were treated there at the scene and we're told they are going to be okay but as allie rasmus tells us firefighters are now considering pursuing criminal charges. >> reporter: the inside of a single-family home in antioch hollowed out by a fast moving fire. it happened around 11:00 last night. four adults, four kids and the family dog all got out safely. when firefighters arrived at the scene they did one of the first things they always did at a fire. >> they make sure the electrical power to the house is disconnected and the gas is shut off. >> reporter: with water hoses
4:33 pm
soaking the fire, firefighters got a severe jolt. >> the firefighters were okay, but it was an injury to the firefighters, and that is a crime. so our fire investigation unit is considering pursuing charges against the responsible party. >> all of the electrical conductive material from this point is up hot. >> reporter: the home had an illegal electrical clamp installed. >> that clamp provides power to the house. it is not protected by any circuit breakers. once you disconnect the power you assume that you are safe from that rink. but it's not just a risk to firefighters. that's obviously what we're talking about today butt can be a contributing factor. >> reporter: the cause of the fire hasn't been officially determined but the fire captain says appears it started in the kitchen with one of the appliances. allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. top cyclists rolled into
4:34 pm
the south bay today as part of the amgen race. 30 different countries are represent in the tour de france race. the men's division kicked off yesterday in sacramento. 20 minutes ago the winner of stage 2 crossed the finish line. the second leg of the vase is 90 miles and includes a 9,000- foot climb. this is the third time san jose has been a host city for the bike tour. that's the most of any community in amgen's history. tomorrow stage 3 will take cyclists from pismo beach to morrow bay. the u.s. department of homeland security today spoke out about that massive ran some ware cyber attack on computers rung on microsoft's operating. officials say a worm called
4:35 pm
wannacry takes over computers and demands a ransom of $300. thousands of new cases were reported in asia today but no large-scale flare-ups. >> well, it would be satisfying to hold accountable those responsible for this hack something, that a we are working on quite seriously. the worm is in the wild so to speak at this point. patching is the most important message as a result. >> homeland security recommends backing up your data and installing the latest security patch just released by microsoft. they sabeses that are targeted should not pay to have their systems freed since there is no guarantee that they will, in fact, get all of their data back. let's talk more about this with our san jose state university professor. do you think more will fall victim tomorrow and in the coming days? >> actually what we're very pleased to see is that the monday morning came around, and
4:36 pm
very few in the united states, very few computers were, in fact, attacked. so we think that that's -- the attack is waning at this point. the variants of the virus have been identified at this point. there are probably many others in the wild, but at this point i think what the united states is not free, homefree, but we are in much better standing than other countries. >> okay, so peter, let's talk about the scale of this. you have universities, hospitals, businesses, regular daily life all disrupted. there hadn't been any catastrophic breakdowns. we are still talking about 300,000 computers in more than 150 countries. what does that tell you about the source and scope? >> first of all we're all very interdependent on each other and the internet as a conduit of information. and the criminals know this. i think the other thing that it
4:37 pm
also says, though, that we must be vigilant in making sure that our systems, both personal at home and our business systems are up to date and that we practice safe computing, and this is not tongue in chief. this is very serious nowadays. this is the largest outbreak that we've seen. so i do see more outbreaks like this, but i think that we can mitigate them due to being quite vigilant in terms of backing up and doing the updates. >> let's talk a little bit about that software patch. it was issued by microsoft a few months ago back in march. do you think that this would have been able to avoid some people from being victims here had they just installed that? >> oh, very much so. it's not the panacea, and microsoft would admit this, but both pike soft and and some of
4:38 pm
the other companies out there have been quite diligent in making sure that security patches are as frequent as they can keep one these variants that are coming onto the market. it does become important that if you have a windows system that you patch it today, tonight. the other part is that many of the older operating systems aallowed to you by pass an automatic update system. and my recommendation going forward is to turn on automatic updating so that these things don't catch you by surprise. >> some good advice. peter young, appreciate your time. >> thank you very much. a booming bay area economy is filled with high paying jobs, so why are we asked them about that and learn where they might be going. our cool-down will continue into tuesday followed by a significant warm-up towards your weekend.
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a look at the numbers for you coming up. [ birds chirping ]
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an update now on that breaking news from washington. and the washington post is reporting really in a become shell report that president trump revealed highly classified information to the russian foreign minister and ambassador during their meeting at the white house last week. a short time ago national security advisor h.r. mcmaster responded to that
4:42 pm
report and denied the allegations. >> there's nothing that at the present time takes more seriously than the security of the american people. the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no time, at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. two other senior officials who were present, including the secretary of state, have said. so i was in the radio. it didn't happen. >> national security advisor h.r. mcmaster denying the washington post report. this is what the post says. it says the information disclosed by the president to the russians jeopardize a critical source of intelligence on the islamic state. the post also said that senior
4:43 pm
white house officials took steps to contain the damage from the intelligence released placing calls to the cia and national security agency. now it must be noted that it is not illegal for the president to release intelligence, and he has the authoritytown classify such information. again, a big story that we're following at this hour. we will have much more on this breaking news on ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 and 6:00. companies creating thousands of new high paying jobs here. >> despite low unemployment around the bay area some longtime residents are leaving. maureen naylor takes a look at who's leaving and why. >> now he is just going to go outside and up the new stairwell and into his office above our garage. >> reporter: jessica robertson has called the bay area home for four decades but that's about to change. the mother is leaving the san jose home where she brought her
4:44 pm
two sons home to the hospital. despite fond memories and extended family still here, the los altos hill native and her husband decided the bay area no long are fits their family of four. >> i don't want to raise a millennial. >> reporter: their home in willow glenn signaled week and for over the $1.3 million asking price. and next month the family is moving to bend, oregon. there is a difference. when you go to bend, oregon, everyone is waving at everybody and saying hello, and i don't see people with their head down in their phone walk around as much as i do here. >> a poll released by the bay area council found 34% of residents here are considering leaving the region, citing high housing costs and traffic as the biggest problem. according to the public policy institute of california, the golden state's population is still on the rise with more people moving in than out. when you look closer at
4:45 pm
migrants, the bay area last year had a net increase of 52,000 people from other countries. but a 22,000 net decrease in bay area residents moving elsewhere in the u.s. it's important to note by no means is the bay area emptying out. in fact, the area is still growing. it's just a matter that more people are moving here from other countries than from within the united states. according to linked in, the most common places bay area workers are moving to are seattle, portland, and austin, texas. >> i see people going to boise and i see people going to austin. >> reporter: this realtor doesn't just see his clients leaving the state. the former vice president the santa clara county realtors association and san jose candidate himself is now looking to move and out of the home that has been in his family for four generations. >> in some ways it's really sad. it's sad that we've come to a place where we're looking at leaving the place that we spent our entire life. >> reporter: he is literally
4:46 pm
surrounded by family in this neighborhood but he's eyeing retirement in north carolina. he is even offering to bay each of his six children a home if they move, too. >> you've got the kids and all the other things that you worry about. i just sequel tee of life. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the south bay's largest school district says enrollment has steadily declined in the last five years. >> the number one factor is the economics of it and the cost of living in the area, because we're also finding that local charters and private schools are having the same issues interms of enrollment. >> according to the most recent numbers from the california association of realtors the median sale price of single- family homes in the bay area is $837,000, a 10% increase from a year earlier. and san jose, a million dollars gets you this three-bedroom home it's that kind of housing market driving some people out of the golden state. daniel and nicole who grew up in san jose felt priced out of
4:47 pm
the housing market and wanted a different place to raise their one-year-old son. so last july they moved out of this 100-square-foot rental and became first-time homeowners in colorado springs. >> we saw the same kind of stores, malls, schools, it's just a lot less stressful. the only difference. >> it's a slower pace of life, and i love it. >> reporter: back in san jose cameron looks forward to leaving this net behind and living on a golf course in central oregon surrounded by a national forest. it's not just him moving there but his entire ad agency and employees as well. >> everybody is coming with us. in total we're going to be taking 11 people with us. so everyone is looking forward to relocation. everyone is looking forward to bying able to buy a house. >> but commuter paul brown is not on board the train to move elsewhere. the bay area native says the beautiful weather, geography,
4:48 pm
and family make this all home. >> what keeps me here is family. yeah, it's expensive but i was born and raised here. there's always lot of talk about. lot of people leave out thinking they're going improve their quality of life, but also the job market is very limited in a lot of other areas. >> reporter: in san jose, maureen nay loss, ktvu fox 2 news. >> we don't pay for the sunshine here in the bay area. >> nope. >> or the fog. let's check in with rosemary. >> how about a little bit of rain. >> that's free, too. >> not going to be a big deal but we may squeeze out few sprinkles. mostly cloudy skies expected as this unseasonably cool pattern continues. a beautiful view there. for some areas today not bad at all. but you get along the coast and inside the bay, a little breezy for, some and cool for some as well. here is a look at storm tracker 2 where we've got some rain and moisture. you can see over the sierra, southern california, there's a system over the area there. for us it's just been about
4:49 pm
that west to northwest breeze and the partly cloudy skies and the temperatures running a bit cool for this time of year. at least for most. here's a look at your futurecast model. the clouds begin to final, and tomorrow morning we wake up with mostly gray skies, even going to call for the possibility vatle bit of patchy drizzle out there because you can see northern california as well as the higher elevations over the sierra pick up some rain as we get into the afternoon. really never seat materialize over the bay area. but we've got it everyplace else. so we are going to call for the possibility of a few sprinkles here as well. we're going to remain mostly cloudy the entire day. we get into tomorrow night and we've got a little bit of blue popping up over the diablo range. by wednesday morning we're clearing out and our pattern switches and we are warming up for the rest of the week. so for tomorrow we're going to call for most am cloudy skies. temperatures will be just as cool, perhaps even cooler than what we've seen recently with that possibility of maybe a tad bit of soggy weather.
4:50 pm
wednesday we see bawmp in the temperatures. by thursday and friday feeling like summer again. as we end the week, a view at the numbers now, 76 in santa rosa. 73 in concord. 62 hey a ward, a cool 56 in san francisco, 55 half moon bay. if you are going to see the giants play, yes, will you need the jacket. tomorrow morning upper 40s to mid-50s. tomorrow 58 san francisco, 60 for oakland, 66 antioch. our south bay locations, 64 for san jose. there's a look at your extended forecast. by wednesday we begin to see that switch. thursday into friday our warmer locations are now back into the 80s. our bay area weekend, 70s at the coast, upper 70s around the bay. upper 80s inland. should feel pretty good. >> i think we could all live with that. >> thank you rosemary. well, it's just one surges
4:51 pm
but it's been the one that's been talked about for decades. the new exhibit that brings people back to the summer of love.
4:52 pm
food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston.
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you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. award winning actor powers boothe has died at the age of 68. >> let's talk after you have been sitting in my chair for awhile. >> he was known for roles in sin city and deadwood, but in 1980 he played controversial preacher jim jones. he won an emmy for outstanding lead actor. his spokesman says he died yesterday of natural causes in his sleep at his home in los angeles. a new exhibit in san
4:54 pm
frances scow helping people relive the summer of love 50 years later. >> the california historical society is celebrating this unique part of bay area history. ktvu's allie rasmus gives us a tour of the exhibit. ♪ if you are going to san francisco be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ♪ >> reporter: it was the bay area's heyday for hip piece, flower power, and peaceful protests when thousands flocked to golden gate park. now it's the celebration of the summer of love with a new exhibit. the former publicist for the grateful dead says the social and political events that happened fall under a theme. >> it raised questions about how you live your life and the desire to be treated as a human
4:55 pm
being rather than an economic unit. >> reporter: the exhibit begins with an exhibit dedicated to the rise of the beatnick. >> these folks didn't know they had an agenda until they were in the middle of it, and they didn't have an agenda except to be treat like human beings. >> reporter: outside the california historical society, another piece of art caught the eyes of plenty of people passing by. ♪ on the streets of san francisco ♪ >> it's a rolls royce which is completely covered with memorabilia from 1967 inspired by the freedom of expression, the great music and the love that was in the bay area at the time. >> reporter: california historical society member and history buff donna decorated this by hand using posters of some of the concerts that happened in the bay area during
4:56 pm
the summer of love. on the road to the summer of love this exhibit runs at the california historical society from now until september 10th. in san francisco, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. >> you know, that song in that story was released 50 years ago this month. >> wow. >> and it's credited with bringing a lot of people to san francisco for the summer of love because of that song. >> makes sense. that's going to cue it for us here on "the four on 2" but be sure to stay with us. the ktvu fox 2 news at 5:00 starts in a few minutes including much more coverage of that breaking news in washington with remarks from h.r. mcmaster to a washington post report. that's all coming up in a few minutes.
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4:59 pm
new video of a burned up crane collapsing after a suspicious fire in emeryville. the latest as investigators look into the possibility that this fire was set intentionally. good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. we will get to that story in a moment but first breaking news out of washington. the washington post reports president trump revealed highly classified information to russia's foreign minister and ambassador during a meeting at the white house last wednesday. >> the sensitive information
5:00 pm
was reportedly related to an islamic state terror threat that led to the ban on laptop computers on flights from some middle eastern and north african countries to the united states. one u.s. official told the paper the president revealed more information to the russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies. in a statement within the hour the national security advisor strongly denied the report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no times were intelligence sources or methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. >> analysts say the president has wide latitude to de- classify intelligence and is unlikely any laws were broken. that meeting had already rais


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