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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  May 15, 2017 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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was reportedly related to an islamic state terror threat that led to the ban on laptop computers on flights from some middle eastern and north african countries to the united states. one u.s. official told the paper the president revealed more information to the russian ambassador than we have shared with our own allies. in a statement within the hour the national security advisor strongly denied the report. >> the story that came out tonight as reported is false. the president and the foreign minister reviewed a range of common threats to our two countries including threats to civil aviation. at no times were intelligence sources or methods discussed. the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. >> analysts say the president has wide latitude to de- classify intelligence and is unlikely any laws were broken. that meeting had already raised
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questions coming one day after the controversial firing of fbi director james comey, a move that some say was aimed at thwarting the ties. >> reaction is starting to come in from democratic lawmakers. california senator kamala harris tweeted. this if true this is a serious threat to national security. >> in the east bay tonight a joint investigation is underway after a second massive fire within two months at a construction site on the oakland emeryville border. ktvu's paul chambers has the latest in the investigation and what the developer has to is i about the fire. paul. >> reporter: julie the fire is still under investigation and it is smoldering in certain areas. i had the chance to ask the developer about whether he thinks he is being targeted. fire crews are still sitting outside this building near the intersection of add da line and san pablo avenue. this was the scene early saturday morning when a fair destroyed the building for the second time since july of last year.
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>> there is an arsonist who doesn't want this building built, and we need to find out who it is and stop them. >> to be clear the cause of the july 2016 six-alarm fire is still part of an ongoing investigation. >> rick holiday is the owner of the company that is in charge of building 105 apartments and retail space on this property on the oakland emoryville border. back in july of 2016 this was the scene at the six-alarm fire. that building was expected to be completed in january of this year. >> we had been told it would take two years to rebuild the project, and in nine months we had come back which was a testament to how hard people worked. >> reporter: fast forward to may 19th when firing a gain destroyed the progress. despite the two fires 10 months apart, both at the same building construction, investigators are treating them separately. >> fire investigators are starting at step one to speak
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with neighbors, speak with first arriving firefighters. >> i just can't quit, though, because i can't let somebody or some people throw a wrench into this. >> reporter: there were more security guards added, even some carrying weapons. also 8 surveillance cameras were set soup the hope is that the cause of the fire is caught on video. >> i don't think that we're being targeted, per say. the rationale is when this project went through its public approvals there wasn't one opponent. >> the atf has surveillance video. firefighters will also stay on the scene until tomorrow morning monitoring and putting out hot spots. the hope is investigators can go out and begin the investigation soon. two firefighters were shocked by live electrical wires another the scene of a house fire. it happened about 11:00 last night in antioch. firefighters were called to a home on blythe drive.
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fire officials say one of the first things firefighters do is turn off the electricity and the power but a contra costa county spokesperson said the home had an illegal electrical hook-up that is called a clamp. it is designed to bypass the meter. >> that clamp provides power to the house. it is not protect by any circuit breakers. once you disconnect the power you assume that you are safe from that risk. but it is not just a risk to firefighters, and that's obvious whral we're talking about today but it can be a contributing factor to the cause of fire. >> fire officials say one of the two firefighters suffered a severe jolt. four adults, four children and the family dog all got out safely. the investigation is still going on. there could be criminal charges in connection with the fire. >> there has been another freeway shooting, this one injured two people in hayward. it happened last night around 9:00 on the wenton avenue off- ramp from highway 880. the shooting left a toyota
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tacoma pickup truck riddled with bullet holes. investigators say the shooter is pulled alongside the truck and opened fire. two men in that truck were shot and wounded. the third person was not hurt. when the driver of the pickup veered off the road the shooter sped away and remains on the run tonight. investigators say it was not a random shooting. they're now trying to figure out if there was some sort of dispute beforehand along the freeway. >> it is unknown if there was a prior incident that may have caused this to happen. we don't have any information on that at this time. >> authorities say it is too early in the investigation to tell whether this shooting is related to other recent freeway shootings in the east bay. the chp says there have been more than 110 highway shootings in the bay area since the start of 20 15. tonight there are new details about surveillance cameras that will be installed along two other east bay freeways that have been plagued by shootings. our crime reporter henry lee first told us about to state funding for those cameras last
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week. he is in hercules with more on what they are planning to do. henry. >> reporter: well, frank, we heard from state and local officials today at a news conference that was arranged before last night's shooting. officials tell us they have identified 15 hot spots where they want state funded cameras to be installed. surveillance cameras will be coming to interstate 80 and highway 4 after a rash of freeway shootings, many of them gang related. >> as soon as the funding is available we are ready to roll the project out. and the message to the shooters on the freeways, the reign of terror is over. >> reporter: there are already freeway cameras in san pablo and pittsburg. we asked where other cameras were being installed. officials say 15 hot spots have been identified. >> do we keep the gang members guess wring the technology is? >> reporter: the state has promised to fund a system of
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cameras, readers, and possibly shot spotter gunfire detectors. the cost is $1.5 million. since 2015 there have been more than 80 car to car shootings on bay area freeways. eight people have been killed all along i-80 and highway 4 in contra costa county. once the technology is in place this is what will happen if there is another shooting. >> there's gunfire up on a freeway. the micro phones will actually move the cameras in the direction of the gunfire, and the license plate readers will be taking photographs of actual license plates, either on the front of a car or back of a car. >> innocent lives have already been lost and we owe it to all of our residents to minimize the damage and threat to drivers and local residents. >> our residents in west contra costa county will be able to travel in a safer mode due to the camera system. >> reporter: but at a news conference in martinez officials warn that cameras
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alone won't address a violence on the freeways. >> freeway shootings do continue and we have to address this issue. cameras by themselves will not address this issue. we see this as part of a larger plan of addressing violence in the region. >> reporter: so the state is awaiting more information from the local law enforcement such as equipment placement and more details on the cost before turning over funding. it is still possible that cameras could be expanded to other freeways that have been the scene of shootings. live in hercules, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. the 9th u.s. circuit court heard arguments today again. the panel heard the appeal of hawaii's challenge to the revised version of the ban. the executive order was meant to bar spree of foreign nationals from six majority muslim countries for 90 days. the bay would have also kept out refugees from around the world for 120 days. a federal judge in hawaii
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halted enforcement of the order in march saying it unfairly targets muslims. the judges questioned the attorneys about statements made by president trump. >> during the campaign he clarified that what he was talking about were territories and countries that congress and the previous administration had determined were dangerous. when he issued both executive orders he left on his website that very statement about the complete and total shutdown of muslims, a statement that just happened to disappear moments before the 4th circuit argument last week. >> there is no indication when the judges will release their ruling but if the 9th circuit's decision is different from the pending decision coming from the 4th circuit the case will automatically go to the u.s. supreme court. computer users around the world are being urged to use caution when opening e-mails and clicking on unknown links. this comes after a worldwide cyber attack last week crippled businesses and even foreign governments. fox news reporter lauren blanchard joins us live with
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the latest as security experts work to find a fix. lauren. >> reporter: security experts say the attack began on friday first showing up in london, then it spread over europe to asia to right here in the united states. and a it is even inspiring copy cats. >> prevention is right now the key that we're stressing. >> it is one of the biggest cyber attacks in history affecting 150 countries and infecting more than 300,000 machines spread through e-mail when a user clicks a malicious link known as wannacry. the ran some ware attack crippling computers. >> we're bringing tall capabilities of the u.s. government to bear and are working side by side with our partners in the private sector and our international partners. >> reporter: president trump held emergency meetings one day avenue signed an executive order strengthening cybersecurity at federal agencies. the virus takes control of a
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user's compute per and demands a ransom which if paid would then restore access but the white house says paying the ransom is a waste of money. >> there's no higher purpose. it's malware. >> reporter: the best defense at this point is to update your software to the latest versions and for safety back up all of your fires to a cloud or a hard drive not connected to your computer. >> lauren >> lau clashed in washington tonight. a high-speed gun battle caught on camera. at 5:30, search for two drivers involved in a rolling shootout in san francisco. i call it a tank and pray approach. >> the new report detailing how far the troubles go back. >> as we head into the work
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week temperatures warmed a bit today but believe it or not there's scha there's a chance for a sprinkle in the forecast. see you back here.
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two people were killed when a lear jet crashed near an airport in new jersey this afternoon. a cell phone video caught part of what happened. you can see the black smoke and flames at the crash site. the plane took off from philadelphia and crashed into a building in an industrial area on approach to teterboro airport. winds were gusting up to 45 miles per hour at the time. authorities say a there were two crew members aboard but no passengers. there are no reports of anyone on the ground being hurt. >> today the california department of water resources announced they're going to stop the flow of water from the
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damaged spillway at oroville dam by may 25th. you will recall that spillway essential collapsed this wintered causing major damage and evacuations downstream. >> once that water stops flowing officials can make repairs before the rainy season starts again in five months. ktvu's tom vacar talked to an expert about whether the repair job can be done in time. tom joins us live with what he learned. >> reporter: when you hear this man talk will you understand this is no slam dunk. oroville is a critical facility for two-thirds of california's residents, and its massive agriculture industry. by any standard the spillway suffered massive damage. robert bee has spent the last half century working on massive land and sea construction project worldwide and is professor emeritus of engineering at uc berkeley. i asked him on a scale of one to 10 just how tough fixing the spillway would be. >> it's a slam dunk 10.
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>> reporter: bee who has consulted on the dam since january, says the department of water resources that chosen a dubious option. >> i call at patch and pray approach. >> reporter: what bee says the dam really needs san overhaul to blanket up to current and proposed dam and earthquake standards because the permanent repairs would have to last at least a half century. >> five years of snowpack is melting. and nature sun forgiving of our ignorance. i'm afraid, and i think we should be afraid. >> reporter: i asked if the department of water resources has the ability to manage an agency that can guarantee high reliability in the operation, construction, repay, and maintenance of a truly high reliability system such as oroville dam. >> no that concern is at the very top of my worry. i don't think they have a coherent understanding of what
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the word safe means. no coherent understanding of what that word risk means. >> reporter: even if the department can erect a temporary spillway before the fall rains come i skied about to condition of those massive steel spill gates called the head works at the top of the dam. >> in tough shape. >> reporter: bee says cracks in the critical steel structures have been studied for most of the last decade. >> even if we fix the gate, the headworks are unaddressed. >> reporter: that's to say nothing of wet spots at the bottom of the earthen dam which the department insists, without scientific proof, are just natural springs. >> we need to do everything possible to help this old dam, old like me, do the best job she can until it's time to decommission. >> reporter: of course that's to say nothing of the risk a truly large earthquake would bring to a structure built well
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before modern earthquake engineering techniques. >> tom, there is so much repair work to be done. how long would it take to do a major overhaul for permanent repairs? >> reporter: well, think about this to. do a major repair on the bay bridge when those bolts broke that took six months delay and delayed the bridge by almost a year. now here's the situation. whatever this repair is going to be, it is going to be temporary, it is going to be at least a stop gap repair to. do this right you probably need a year, two years. it probably took three years at the time they built this to actually build that spillway in the first place, certainly two. so the idea is they can do something in five months is frankly not something that a lot of people should put a lot of faith in. while they may get something up there, remember, when that a water comes down that water isn't like building a water slide at an amusement park. this is a she have industrial concern. it must work, and a it must work all of the time. >> tom to do it right what specifically do they need to
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do? replace that entire spillway? >> reporter: at least the part they build has to be built on a solid foundation. any pipes must be critical. what they have to do is have to have such a lock-tight maintenance program, remember this is the tallest dam in the united states of america. should it break that would be a true disaster. >> all right, tom vacar in the newsroom, thank you. a check of the weather now. another nice day but a little chilly still outside. chief meteorologist bill martin joins us with when things might warm back up again. >> it is going to warm up towards the middle end of the week. back to the upper 80s and low 90s. back to tom's deal, i watched them build that dam. that is how old i am. >> did you really? >> and i remember oroville, when the river came in there, we used to fish that river and swim in nelson's bar, and they built that dam. we watched them. it was a huge part of the california water project. >> i just wonder if they would
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have been doing regular maintenance on the dam if they could have avoided some of the problems. >> i don't know, but what tom is saying is striking. it did take them two to three years knee. was also saying they never ever anticipated that they would have have to use that second emergency spillway. >> no, no. >> maybe that was the problem. >> it's funny, i was reading back and they questioned that secondary spillway back in the day, too, because it doesn't have much. it's just dirt. it was just a dirt spillway. so's a big deal. it's a big deal that oroville dam. it's -- there's lake shasta, then there's oroville dam, and those are the two -- those are the surface reservoirs. that's where we get our water for much of northern and southern california. we do have a little water out of the skies again up in the mountains. it is the winter that will not end. lake tahoe, snow flurries yesterday. snow flurries today. you can see those green areas up in the hills to the east of us. there they are. so scattered showers.
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higher elevations, we're middle of may hear and we're still getting it. we do have a slight chance for a sprinkle as we head into tomorrow, but it's kind of like that mother's day deal. we did get a sprinkle in the rohnert park area yesterday, but this next system, it's basically a non event. but what we notice tomorrow, a lot of clouds and cool. so temperatures today mid-60s to low 70s. so warmer than yesterday. temperatures tomorrow i think we're time in sick. so temperatures, we're going to drop tomorrow and see a lot of cloud cover. we're in san jose. mount hamilton. the clouds thicken up. that's what it's mainly about. this would be a rain event normally but this time of year the jet stream starts to slow down. you don't get the strong dynamics.
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we start top ramp up because when that -- this is classic. this high -- as this low moves tout high is going to jump back in. it is going to set us into a northeast wind pattern that will put temperatures near 90 as we head into your thursday and friday. so a big warm-up after a pretty good cool-down. >> i don't mind the cool-down. >> near 90? >> maybe 90, yeah. we could see a 90 on thursday, friday. >> i'm ready for a little heat. thanks, bill. coming up the spurs lost one of the best players on their team in their game one loss to the warriors. the question a lot of people are asking, was this a dirty play? >> up next reaction on that injury play that has taken spurs star kawhi leonard out of game two. we will be right back. who are these people?
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leonard goes down in front of the spurs bench. >> it was a moment that likely swung game one in the warriors favor. it may have a huge impact on the rest of the series. san antonio spurs star kawhi
5:25 pm
leonard sprained his ankle when he came down on zaza pachulia's foot. the warriors went on a huge run eventually eliminating the spurs' 25-point lead. >> many are saying it was a dirty play. others believe it's just part of basketball. jason appelbaum joins us now. >> first of all it's amazing how the complexion of a series can change so quickly. we're not talking about the warriors' huge comeback win. we're not talking about steph and kevin durant. i won't weigh in on whether i think it was dirty quite yet but let me reset for you, because this is what everybody is talking about, at least gregg popovich was talking about. this play which we just showed you where zaza pachulia. actually this is the play before it. so kawhi leonard actually rolled his ankle twice. that's the play where he
5:26 pm
actually stepped on david lee and rolled his ankle. david lee a dirty player because he was sitting on the bench? i don't think so. here's the play in the third where sai zach, looks like a simple close-out. look at his reaction. zaza doesn't even think it should have been a foul. he's hopping up and down. >> it looked like he accidentally landed on his foot. >> that's probably what happened. but kawhi leonard left the game, the warriors went on an 18-0 run. they ended up coming back from 25 down. today coach gregg popovich called pachulia dangerous and unsportsmanlike in a roughly four-minute rant. >> totally unnatural close-out that the league has outlawed years ago. if he would have played and they would have ended up winning, i go get dinner, after glass of wine, wake up the next day go to practice and move object. but this is crap. and because he has got this history, it can't just bear,
5:27 pm
oh, it was inadvertent, he didn't have intent. would gives a damn about what his intent was. you ever hear of manslaughter? you still go to jail. when you are texting and you end up killing somebody. you might not have intended to do. that all i care is what i saw. all i care about is what happened. in the history there, exacerbates the whole situation and makes me very, very angry. but i'm still open to follow- ups. >> so you see there's a little bit of gamesmanship going on. it's a little bit of an act. he ends it on a funny note. when you compare manslaughter to a guy stepping on a guy's ankle, it's a little bit -- >> does he think that zaza pachulia deliberately stepped on his foot? >> he doesn't really care. i think he's really upset about the loss. here's the thing. zaza has a history of some would say being a little bit of a dirty player or at least
5:28 pm
being an enforcer, a guy who might cross the line association,'s not about to give him the benefit of the doubt. >> does he make those comments after or before? >> he made those comments this morning. >> did he know about the play before where he rolled his ankle? >> yeah, but that wouldn't matter to him because obviously he would say maybe zaza knew it was already tweaked so maybe he wanted to reinjure it again. >> what about from today? >> it changed the whole focus of practice. instead of going out and talking to some of the stars, look at the media focused on -- this is the most need i can't zaza pachulia has ever gotten. >> what did he say today? >> he wanted to -- folks were trying to probe him. at first he was a little reluctant to talk about the whole thing, but when pressed, did he expand on it, and here is what he said. >> i really feel bad for the guy. i wish it didn't happen. add different result basically.
5:29 pm
but my approach to this game for 14 years without being in the league is to play hard and give pie 100%, whatever i have. so i don't agree with the coach said i'm a dirty player. i'm not a dirty player. just love this game and i'm playing hard. that's how i was taught since day one. >> bottom line, zaza pachulia, it doesn't sound like, it doesn't look like he tried to injure him, but kawhi leonard is out for game two and possibly beyond. he's one of the best players in the nba. >> what's the injury? >> sprained ankle. he injured it in game five in the previous series sew was already suffering from a little bit of a tweaked ankle, then rolled it twice against the warriors. coming up, a rolling shoot- out caught on camera. the search by san francisco police for the two drivers involved. last week we told you abutted an alleged sexual assault that happened on one of the school grounds in the palo
5:30 pm
alto school district. today we have reaction from the school district and from those of you who have been following our story. we will have that four right after the break.
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for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. a 2 investigates follow-up to a story we brought you last week. we examined how a little known law designed to protect students' privacy could also put other students at risk by allowing a teen convicted of sexual assault to stay in school. there's been a lot of reaction to our report with students and parents from all around the bay area expressing outrage. south bay reporter jesse gary filed our initial report. he joins us now with a follow- you have live from palo al tomorrow. jesse. >> reporter: shortly before our initial report aired last wednesday night on the fox 10:00 news the u.s. department of education completed a four- year investigation into the palo alto school district and how the district handles and investigates complaints in
5:33 pm
cases of sexual harassment and sexual assault. the u.s. department of education found that this school district violates federal law specifically by, quote, failing to promptly and equitably investigate reports of sexual harassment on and off campus. a lot of students said the distribution should do more. a lot of students tried to draw attention to the problem. several students wore white and a vented strong emotions monday about how the district hams sexual assault but nub wanted to express their views on camera. their act of solidarity came less than a week after a report revealed a student in the palo alto school district was convicted of sexually assaulting an underage girl. but he's still attending classes and playing sports. the victim described what happened. >> five seconds into it i changed my mind, decided in that no way did i want to do this and that's when he started pushing my head down.
5:34 pm
when i tried to pull away he started pushing my head down forcefully. >> reporter: the information from that case wasn't shared with parents or other students due to a federal law called ferpa. the family educational rights and privacy act. under that law a students records from attend apps to criminal conviction can't be released. >> even if the school district thought that law was in appropriate their hands are tied. they can't turn over that information at risk of losing federal funding. >> reporter: two other girls have since come forward claiming that the same student athlete sexually assaulted them in separate incidents. one allegedly on campus. monday palo alto officials issued a statement staying student athlete was quote, neither arrested nor convicted of sexual harassment or sexual assault on school grounds. even in the face of the ferpa law the lack of transparency surrounding such a serious allegation is frustrating to many people. the e-mail one alleged victim wrote to fox 2, sexual assault
5:35 pm
is so common most kids weren't too surprised. my life changed in one night but rape culture won't change overnight. we must be vigilant in educating all young people about the reality of sexual violence. others have taken to social media. dawn says this is nothing new, the school believes the perp has a right to an education, and that trumps the rights of the victim. and rita a says, not the first or only school in this or similar situations. sad but true. laws make it hard to notify families that there are potential rapists among their child's peers. part of the agreement with the department of education, the school district is required to revise its policies and reporting systems and provide additional training for employees. the superintendent penned a letter to parents last week saying the safety of all students is paramount here in the district. live in palo al together, jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. the penalty phase of the
5:36 pm
antolin garcia-torres murder trial is set to begin tomorrow. garcia-torres faces the death penalty or life without parole after a jury convicted him last week of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar. her body has never been found but traces of her dna were discovered in garcia-torres' car and his dna was found on her pants which were discovered abandoned in a field. >> antioch's new police chief is now on the job. brooks is a 22-year veteran. he has served as interim chief since the retirement of the former chief last month. brooks has risen through the ranks from officer to suit, lieutenant, and captain. the new chief calls his new position a dream come true. in san francisco police are searching for two drivers involved in a rolling shoot-out in russian hill that happened yesterday morning. tara moriarty uncovered surveillance video that shows the high-speed gun battle
5:37 pm
taking place at 9:30 in the morning. >> reporter: a normally quiet russian hill neighborhood becomes the backdrop for a rolling gun battle between what appears to be a dark gray sedan and a red bmw. >> i'm sitting watching tv, watching a car race and i hear the popovich pop outside. >> reporter: he realized after reviewing his security footage that it was a shoot-out. >> it's mother's day, 9:30 in the morning on a sunday. that stuff doesn't go on around here. >> reporter: witnesses say they heard about a dozen gunshots, one of them striking the white audi on the street here. >> i was only 60 feet away from them when they went by. >> reporter: ivan has lived here nearly 60 years just two blocks from the notoriously
5:38 pm
crooked lombard street. >> it used to be an a elegant city. it's sad to say it's turning out to be a piece of garbage. >> reporter: in a close did you know shot you can actually see the outline of the gun from driver's side window of the red car. >> it is very shocking and very upsetting. >> reporter: this woman has lived here her whole life. >> this is a beautiful neighborhood. in our city, we cannot accept this behavior. >> i have been here 36 years and i have seen car accidents, kids get hit on bicycles, once in awhile a car gets broken into, things like that. but that's the first time i ever heard gunfire. >> reporter: no bystanders were hurt in the shooting. police continue to search for the suspects involved. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. still to come here a deadly fire rips through a home in ohio. what firefighters are saying about the fast moving fire that killed seven people, including five children. also ahead, president trump called for action today to help
5:39 pm
protect the law enforcement officers across the country.
5:40 pm
5:41 pm
two adults and five children are now confirmed dead after a house fire in akron, ohio. fire crews were called to the scene just before 3:00 this morning. so far officials have not released the names of the victims but a relative says the kids were one, three, five,
5:42 pm
six, and 14 years old, and that they lived with their parents. the fire chief says it is not clear if there were working smoke detectors. >> the state of the fire when we advanced was fully involved, meaning there was fire coming out of every window and the roof and every other area. it's always a very difficult thing to get people out if you can determine where the people are. there's no guarantee that you know where the people are. >> the chief says arson has not been ruled out in this morning's fire. a neighbor is quoted as saying they were such a god loving family. they went to church every week. the father of a penn state student who died during a fraternity initiation said today his son was treated like, quote, road kit. 19-year-old jim died of head injuries after falling face first down a stairway. it happened after drink black prosecutors say was a life threatening amount of alcohol. criminal charges are now
5:43 pm
pending against 18 of the members of the penn state chapter of the fraternity. today his father called his son's death premeditated. >> president trump today honored law enforcement officials and paid tribute to those who have lost their lives in the line of duty. families of law enforcement joined the president in the oval office where he signed a proclamation for peace officer's memorial day and national police week. the president promised his administration would look for ways to reduce violence. also today the president spoke at the 36th annual national peace officer's memorial service held at the u.s. capitol. 118 law enforcement officers died in the line of duty last year. >> every drop of blood spilled from our heroes in blue is a wound inflicted upon the whole country. >> over the weekend this was the scene on washington's national mall. tens of thousands of people gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the nation's
5:44 pm
fallen officers. award winning actor powers boothe has died at the age of 68. >> let's talk after you have been sitting in my chair for awhile. >> he was known for many roles including roles on 24, sin city, and deadwood, but he may be best known for 1980 when he played the controversial preacher jim jones in the tv movie, guyana tragedy. his spokesman says powers boothe died yesterday in his sleep at his home in los angeles. still to come a hey school in mourning after a student was killed in a a car crash on her way home from her senior prom. >> up next the service being held tonight in her honor and how those who knew her the best, what they're saying about her. a slight chance for a little bit of wet weather tomorrow. we will talk about where and when that could happen.
5:45 pm
then it is going to heat up around here. not so much tomorrow, but the end of the week. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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a prayer service is scheduled for tonight to remember 18-year-old shane marcelino. she was killed in a car accident yesterday morning in fremont. as ktvu's ann rubin tells us marcelino's mother was driving home from her senior prom when the young woman was killed. >> reporter: on any other day, associate band director patrick wouldn't be able to say enough about shane marcelino. today the words don't come easily. >> i think the words would be kind, gentle -- here i go. compassionate. >> reporter: shane played the fluid in the band. she was also an honor student and would have graduated this june. but early sunday a crash claimed her life just hours after her senior prom. her mother was driving her
5:48 pm
home, making a left turn at this intersection when their car and another collided. shane died at the scene. her mother and two people in the other car were taken to the hospital. fremont police say the crash is under investigation and they are looking into whether alcohol was a factor. >> i have been trying to stay strong. she is in a good place, heaven. >> reporter: friends from st. anne catholic church have been paying their respects at the scene. she had been active in the church's peer ministry. >> guiding, also protecting, helping other kids. she just turned 18. it was devastating for us. >> reporter: shane had been scheduled to perform in a concert tuesday night. members of the school band will now decide whether to play in her honor. >> i think there's a sense that we will never forget. and we're very lucky to have each other. >> reporter: they say shane marcelino led by example and was the kind of person who cared deeply about others. they say she will be missed.
5:49 pm
>> such a sweet personality. a kind soul. we lost a wonderful person. >> reporter: friends have set up a go fund me account on the family's behalf hoping to pay for funeral expenses and medical bills. ann rubin, ktvu fox 2 news. >> it's just a heartbreaking story, and it happened on mother's day, too. >> i don't even know what to say. >> i know, it's terrible. >> that's just horrible. let's talk about our weather, bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. it's always hard to follow up a story like that. >> so scary this time of year. we tell our kids, be so careful. >> when i was a kid we lost a few kids in the spring of our senior year. things happen. she was with her mother this time, but it's such a scary time for parents and anybody out there. >> her mom was probably going to pick her up to make sure everything was safe.
5:50 pm
>> that's what is sowp usual. she was with her mother. >> so sad. >> this is not going to be the most upbeat weather but we'll get you through it. we've got temperatures that are going to work their way into the mid-60s. it is not going to be that warm. cooler than it was today by five degrees. then it warms up. the weather system to the north of us, it's coming our way, might bring a sprinkle. i've got a model loaded up. lucy that. we do have showers. we do not have any fog along the coast but it is a little bit breezy. temperatures are generally in the 60s and 70s right now. tomorrow night at this time when i show you this map it is going to be showing eight to 10 degrees cooler instead of warmer, like in santa rosa. it is probably going to have temperatures just in the mid and low 60s. so there's an interesting angle of san francisco from the tower. you can see over towards the bank of america pyramid. i guess we used to call it the bank of america building.
5:51 pm
that's an interesting angle. it's beautiful. this is going to be for tuesday morning. as we head into tuesday afternoon it's kind of partly cloudy to mostly cloudy on and off all day. there's tomorrow morning. you see the clouds thicken up. they just kind of hang out. then most toll part ally cloudy and cool. look at the highs. greens are 60s. yellows are 70s. the chance of a sprinkle tomorrow morning, and then this is ridiculous. it is not going to impact us. just some low-grade drizzle. that's tomorrow. tomorrow is the day of cooler weather, cloudy weather. kids are probably wearing jackets when they go to school. daytime hain livermore ends up at 67 degrees. fairfield 67, brentwood 67. those are the hot spots. then it warms up significantly after that as that high pressure builds back in. so there you go. temperatures will make it into the upper 80s. i suggest perhaps some low 90s as we head into friday and
5:52 pm
saturday. i'll pop sunday in here. >> look at that. >> a nice run. >> a nice run, and relatively dry. this thing tomorrow, just a sprinkle. >> bill, thank you. top cyclist sailed into the south bay as part of the amgen tour of california. the race returned to the bay area after skipping the region last year. stage 2 began in modesto today around noon. 30 different countries are represented. the men's division kicked off yesterday in sacramento. the winner of stage 2 sped across the finish line in the san jose foothills an hour and a half ago in an exciting finish where the rider from poll land took the win. the second leg includes a 9,000- foot climb it is. tomorrow's stage 3 stretches from pismo beach to morrow bay. still to come, after three failed missile launches, the latest north korean test that
5:53 pm
has u.s. military officials concerned. >> the latest as tensions continue to rise in north korea. the warning from the u.s., even tighter economic sanctions.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
president trump welcomed the crown prince of abu dhabi to the white house today continue.
5:56 pm
white house said today's meeting dealt with cooperation on counterterrorism efforts. >> i think this country loves the united states, which is very important. >> president trump is set to meet with the turkish president tomorrow. syria is bound to be a major topic. earlier today the state department released newly declassified reports and photos showing atroughs tees still being committed by syrian leader bashar al-assad. >> renewed concerns with north korea after they successfully test fired a missile. more from washington. >> reporter: u.s. officials are reportedly closely monitoring the aftermath of the latest north korean missile test. after three failed attempts last month officials believe pyongyang successfully launched what's known as a kn-17 medium range ballistic missile. k0rgd to the agency the north's
5:57 pm
leader witnessed a test even hugging scientists and engineers working on the launch. >> a medium range ballistic missile which means essentially it's got the capability to reach u.s. air bases in the pacific including gawsm. >> reporter: most troubling to the -- including guam. >> reporter: most troubling to the united states, the claim that the missile is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. this one reportedly flew for about 30 minutes traveling about 500 miles and reaching an unusually high altitude of over 1200 miles before splashing down in the sea of japan near eastern russia. >> in the same manner that we are reinforcing our nuclear capacity our routine test firing of medium range ballistic missiles are part of the process in a response to how to deal with the constant threats and intimidation by the united states. >> reporter: the u.s. ambassador to the united
5:58 pm
nations, nikki haley, warning of even tighter economic sanctions act gains the north. >> china is getting much more concerned now than they had been in the past. >> reporter: trump administration which has repeatedly said it will not rule out a military response also says hopes a diplomatic solution can be reached. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. a look at these pictures. it is almost inconceivable that anyone could survive this crash. a car literally split in half, a dazed woman still strapped in by her seatbelt sitting in the driver's seat. >> i couldn't believe i survived. i asked my questionee did i survive? >> good evening. i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. it was a car accident so severe that a sedan was split right in two but both drivers survived. the crash happened over the weekend on highway 101 north of
5:59 pm
clover dale near geyser road. rob roth joins us after just returning from the north bay where he spoke with one of those survivors. >> reporter: julie it is one of those car accidents where when you see the damage you wonder how anyone could have survived, but the woman driver was able to walk away with butches and bruises. she told us of the terrifying moments just before the collision and why she thinks she is still alive. even though she has to use a crutch for awhile, she will tell you she is a walking miracle. >> i should have died basically. i couldn't believe i survived. i ask my question, why did i survive? >> reporter: this is what she survived. her white chevy impal la torn in two after a wreck saturday morning. she was heading south on 101 from ukiah on her way to a bible study class in sonoma. she says a silver suv traveling from the opposite direction suddenly drift into her lane. >> all i did was think fast,
6:00 pm
think quick, and i turned my wheel left, and i was like, i'm trying my best to get out of his way, and -- but he was come too long fast. >> reporter: the impact sent her car spinning. she is a deem religious 25-year- old nurse from sonoma. she thought her life was about toned. >> if this is my last day on earth, like -- sometimes i just want to say i love you to my family before. >> reporter: luckily she was wearing her seatbelt and that no one else was in the car. she suffered bruises including to her hip when should heel in a few weeks. the other driver was thrown from his suv but suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the highway patrol has charged the driver of the suv with driving under the influence of drugs and


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