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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 16, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the man convicted of murdering sierra lamar -- will they spend the rest of his life in prison or be put to death? a jury will begin to decide the answer to that question starting today. we will talk about emotional testimony expected. >> reporter: did president trump reveal too much classified information to the russians? i'm doug luzader and washington. we will have more on that, ahead. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us . it's a little chilly out there on this tuesday morning, may 16. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson will tell us if you need a jacket or sweater this morning. >> i would. >> i am wearing a sweater.>> it's cold out there. sal, if you are listening , 50 miles an hour at the altimont
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pass. this system is dropping in and the breeze is cranked up for some. a beautiful sunrise. we will have mostly cloudy conditions. some light rain is possible. mendocino and lake county, eastern napa and maybe solano and contra costa county. you can see the system moving in. ahead of that there has been a robust breeze. there will be some high elevation snow for the sierra and northern mountains. the bulk of the system is north and east of us but we will get mostly cloudy from this. 40s and 50s for temperatures. i don't think they will change too much with the cloud cover coming to. 25 gust at sfo. in the delta, travis, 31 miles an hour. 43, kelseyville. 41 in mill valley. napa, 45. is one system leaves, keeping the desert in the upper 70s for
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some. you can see some of that is getting closer to parts of the lake county. the system will brushed us today. after this, high pressure will move in. one more system in the pipeline. 50s and 60s -- that's it for the temperatures. below average inland. 6:02 am -- what do you have, my friend? i have traffic that is more robust, if you will. this is beginning to fill in. let's go to the bay bridge toll plaza. you will see that traffic is going to be backed up for a 20 or 25 minute delay. another 10 minutes to get into the bridge. especially if you are coming in from somewhere else to get to the bay bridge. factor that in the. there have been no major problems. once you make it onto this band -- this is a look at 880 in oakland. traffic looks good in both directions. traffic is also okay in the
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south bay. very little slow traffic showing up on road sensors. here is 280 in san jose. it looks good. a jury in santa clara county is due to begin the process of deciding the penalty for the convicted killer of missing south bay teenager sierra lamar. >> the jury convict it antolin garcia-torres of kidnapping and murdering her last week. a new round of opening statements start in a few hours. >> reporter: opening statements in the penalty phase of this trial are set to begin at 9 am at the santa clara county courthouse. last week, the jury convict did antolin garcia-torres of the murder of sierra lamar. starting today, that saying group will have to decide what kind of punishment antolin garcia-torres will receive. whether he should get life in prison or be put to death. similar to the way the trial were, jurors were here witnesses called by prosecutors
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and the defense. prosecutors are expected to call sierra lamar's close friends and the jury with his statements from lamar's family members talking about how their lives have been devastated by what happened to her. they are trying to make the case that garcia-torres should off -- suffer the ultimate punishment. he was convicted of murdering moammar but her body has never been found. legal analyst say that could influence the jury's decision. >> it may be that this jury has a lingering doubt about sierra lamar and what happened and even though they did not have a reasonable doubt, if there is a lingering doubt, are they going to impose the death penalty on a case where there is no body? >> reporter: in his defense, garcia-torres' attorneys are expected to bring up his troubled home life. his father was convicted of sexually assaulting a young relative a few years ago. garcia-torres' ex-girlfriend, the mother of his child, is
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also expected to testify. his attorneys are asking that he get life in prison, not the death penalty. legal analyst expect the penalty phase of this trial to last about two weeks. cybersecurity experts say there could be a connection between the global ransomware attacks and north korea. investigators say hackers are using the software from the nsa to lock up computers and demand a ransom. one security company says some parts of the wannacry ransomware the hackers are using has the same code as the group behind the sony hack three years ago that was blamed on north korea. they say it's possible the code was simply copied. >> it's beyond anything we have seen before. the level of infection in the amount of damage it's inflicting. >> the wannacry virus has paralyzed computers in banks
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and government agencies and factories in 150 country since it was unleashed on friday. president trump went on twitter this morning, defending sharing information with the russian government. the tweet went like this "i wanted to share with russia at an openly scheduled white house meeting which i have the absolute right to do facts pertaining to terrorism and airline flight safety. humanitarian reasons, plus, i want russia to greatly step up their fight against isis and terrorism. i have been asking director comey and others from the beginning of my administration to find the leakers in the intelligence committee. was quote doug luzader and washington reports of these latest tweets follow a report that president trump disclosed highly sensitive information with russia. >> reporter: this isn't really a legal question. the president has a broad authority when it comes to d classifying intelligence but did he go too far even
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inadvertently? and because this involves russia, the democrats have been quick to pile on. what happened in this meeting? president trump in the oval office with russia's foreign minister and u.s. ambassador last week. according to a report in the washington post, as the conversation shifted to aviation security, the president disclosed some classified information about isis provided by in the country. he did not mention the source but provided enough information that the russians may have been able to connect the dots. perhaps putting the source in jeopardy. >> i was in the room. it did not happen. >> reporter: the president national security adviser spoke to reporters at the white house last night, defending the president. >> at no time were intelligence sources or methods discussed. and the president did not disclose any military operations that were not already publicly known. >> reporter: democrats lit up twitter. the senate intelligence committee chairman, if true,
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this is a slap in the face to the intel community risking sources is inexcusable, particularly with the russians. even some republicans are uneasy. >> it's really problematic that it's the russians because they do not have our interests at heart and they can't be trusted. >> if it did hinder our relations with an ally who's already infiltrated inside, it could be a problem. >> reporter: beyond that, another question for the white house -- who is leaking information about conversations in the oval office. the white house may have to try to reassure allies in the region and today the president speaks via phone to jordan's king of dahla. doug luzader, fox news. the u.s. senate will get a classified briefing this week about the fire at fbi director james comey. in the meantime, the search for a new director goes on. president trump says he intends to name someone quickly. some democrats say they will not consider the replacement unless a special prosecutor is in place to investigate
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allegations of russia -- russian interference in the election. sean spicer says at this point, the president sees no need for a special prosecutor under any circumstances. >> there is no need for such a prosecutor. you have two senate committees that are looking into this and i think if you look at what the acting director said last week, he made it clear they had the resources they need and that were continues. >> spicer refused to answer questions about the existence of tape recordings from the oval office after that tweet from president trump referring to tapes of his conversations with james comey picture san francisco police are hoping surveillance video will help them track down two drivers involved in a rolling shootout on mother's day. [ gun shot ] this happened in the russian hill neighborhood close to the crooked part of lombard
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street. that shootout was between a dark gray sedan and a red bmw. in this close-up shots, you can see the outline of a gun from the driver side window of the red car. one person who lives nearby tells us he thought a car was backfiring but after reviewing his security camera footage, he realized he was wrong. >> i've been here 36 years and i've seen car accidents, kids getting hit on bicycles, once in a while a car gets broken into, things like that. this is the first time i've ever heard gunfire. >> unfortunate -- unfortunately, no one was hurt in that on fire. major developments at the oroville dam. there are plans to repair the damaged spillway. coming up, we will tell you what needs to happen first. and upcoming film is being held hostage. the demands from internet pirates. delta airlines is looking for ways to get you to your gate faster and it start before you enter an airport terminal. one more system has to drop in and it is a cool system and
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also wendy. after today we can expect warmer temperatures.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the california department of water resources says it will stop the flow of water down the damaged spillway and or over dam by next week. crews will have about five months to repair the spillway before the next rainy season starts. that spillway collapsed this winter, causing evacuations downstream.
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some engineers are weary about how the state wants to make the repairs. one expert we spoke with calls the plant "patch and pray." the families of the people who died in the ghost ship warehouse fire in oakland plan to fire a lawsuit today against the building's owner and manager. 36 people died in the fire during an unlicensed concert in the warehouse. the building manager organized the event and charged an entrance fee. he also lived in the warehouse and rented out live and work space to artists. the building did not have a permit for events or for people living in the building. the lawyer's filing a lawsuit say there were unsafe conditions in the warehouse and they were ignored by the building manager and the owner. hackers reportedly are holding the latest pirates of the caribbean movie for ransom.
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they walt disney company says someone claims to have access to a disney movie and threatens to release the movie unless the studio pays a ransom in bitcoin. disney did not specifically name the movie but according to several reports, it's the latest pirates movie due to open next week. the company says it's working with federal investigators and they refuse to pay. the hack is not believed to be related to the recent ransomware attack spreading around the world. i've never heard of that happening with the movie. 6:15 am. let's check in with sal. you have a few things you are following before. there was a car fire. how does everything look ? >> the car fire is gone. it did not really cause any slow traffic. i want to mention that traffic will be getting busier and lafayette and walnut creek. let's start there. highway 24 is busy but not stop and go if you're driving from lafayette to oakland and the other side. you can get a decent commute through the tunnel and into
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oakland. there have been no major problems at the bay bridge however it is slow. there was a stalled motorcycle on the treasure island on ramp to westbound bay bridge. i don't think it's causing a big problem on the bridge. this is a look at 880 northbound and southbound. it's okay if you're heading southbound. there is an accident in hayward on the shoulder. san mateo bridge traffic is going to be okay. it's getting more crowded on the way to the peninsula. in the south bay, we are off to a good start. at 6:16 am. let's bring steve in what the weather. >> it is wendy. we've had gusts at the altamont pass. justine would like you to know -- vasco road is no jam at 4:30 am. >> vasco road is really described as a gym. and i agree with justine. >> it's can be very windy out there. look at that -- vacaville, 13.
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napa airport, west at 10. there are gusts between 35 and 50 in higher elevations. sfo, 25. west and southwest for some. it will be a blustery day. the altamont pass, gusts up to 50 miles an hour. this system is dropping them. the bulk will stay north and east of us. there are some possibilities for snow accumulating in the sierra and northern mountains. a couple inches today into tonight. the system is close enough to where we have to mention possible rain for mendocino and lake and napa county. also eastern salado and contra costa. 53, san jose. 51, livermore. 51, brentwood. the water temps are cold. 49, bodega bay bowie. 51 and half moon bay. with the system out of the northwest, they may go down another degree or so. this pattern will not change
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today. 50s for many, upper 40s for some. walnut creek, 49. martinez, 50. 32 in truckee. 56 in las vegas. very unseasonably cool yesterday in palm springs. 80. the normal is 96. today, phoenix will be 79. it should be 95. there goes our low. that is what is keeping them unseasonably cool. look to the north. it's close. that's why i mention lake county and eastern napa county. that system was sweep through today. where is that high pressure? it's out here and it slowly going to bilden which means our temperatures will begin to warm up tomorrow. more so on thursday. 50s and 60s. that's it. it doesn't matter where you are
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at. inland locations will be held in check today and is going to be a cool day in the santa clara valley. tomorrow we clear out and it will be breezy. warmer weather kicks in on thursday and that takes you into the weekend. >> we have some outdoor festivities and things plan. >> many people do. >> it's that time of year. only in vegas. next, why rehab facilities are using video poker machines. game 2 of the western conference finals is tonight. both coaches are sounding off about that injury to kawhi leonard. ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential
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♪ welcome back. delta airlines making a high- tech effort to help boost airline security. delta plans to test facial recognition technology this summer at its minneapolis hub. travelers who use delta self- service backdrop would have their faces matched with their passport pictures. delta says it will speed up security, allowing twice as many passengers to be processed every hour. casinos in las vegas have thousands of slot machines for gambling but a rehab facility is using them for completely
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different purpose. the gaming machines are being used for patients with cognitive impairment and limited motor ability. one speech pet there'll just said playing the games can help with sitting and standing balance as well as endurance while providing some fun incentive to stay out of bed. the machines the patients are using do not use actual money. they offer them a new and creative way to get better. >> i think on their initial tour, families giggle. only in vegas. >> i've had patients hit a royal flush and that was exciting. >> my mom likes to play the slots. not everyone agrees with this therapy. one expert says it's not a good idea to take people whose impulse control may already be limited by illness and turn them onto something that could be at the like gaming. let's talk about basketball. tonight's game 2 of the series between the warriors and the spurs the spurs are still angry about this, kawhi leonard ankle
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injury. and that jump shot he landed on the left foot of the center, pachulia. while the spurs head coach never said the word, dirty, he says pachulia has a reputation for being reckless. >> it's dangerous. it's unsportsmanlike. it's just not what anybody does to anybody else. and this particular individual has a history with that kind of action. >> i don't agree with the call that i'm a dirty player. i'm not a dirty player. i just love this game. and i'm playing hard. that's how i was taught since day one. >> the nba says pachulia will not face any discipline or punishment for the foul. kawhi leonard is out. he will not be playing in tonight's gain. the game starts at 6 pm at oracle arena. the warriors interim coach
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is defending the warriors and says a similar play happened to steph curry but the refs never called it. >> he shot the ball and he went up underneath. he landed on his ankle by falling to the ground. i even asked two of the three officials, that's the same call i just called on salazar. both told me the difference was kawhi leonard on salazar's foot. staff avoid it landing on marcus foot. that's why they did not call the foul. the same play. pachulia is not a dirty play. >> i'm glad steph curry was on her. the warriors forward, andre iguodala, he could miss some play time. he has a sore left knee. however, an mri did not show any structural damage. andre only played 10 minutes on
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sunday. the celtics are moving onto the eastern conference finals after beating the wizards. >> washington up by 2 -- the athleticism! all in one motion! >> game 7 between boston and washington did not disappoint. the teams went back and forth. the second half search from the celtics was enough to earn a trip back to the eastern conference finals. they will play the cleveland cavaliers. game one is tomorrow night and they get to be in boston. california license plates make it more political soon. coming up, the message you may soon see out on the roads. >> reporter: there is an effort underway at the state capital to make it easier for low income drivers in our state to pay off their traffic tickets.
6:27 am
we will tell you about the bill that one lawmaker is pushing that he believes will level the playing field. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along slowly and some areas. it's actually good and others. we will help you decipher that's coming up. it's windy out there. it's going to be a cool day. we will show you these temperatures coming up.
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good morning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. tuesday, may 16. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. we want to check in with steve. your hearing from a lot of people about the wind. >> it started from 4 am from the mission. and onto the altimont pass. very windy conditions. if you saw the tease, alex savidge's hair was all over the place. it will be blustery and windy under mostly cloudy conditions. this is a cool may pattern. temperatures bumped up to the low 70s. today they come down. this will be the coolest day for a long time. 72 in town at santa rosa. 68 in redwood city yesterday. livermore, 70 yesterday, 65
6:31 am
today. san jose, 65 today. a very cool pattern. one more system has to move through. most of this is favoring areas to the north and east. it's close. mendocino and napa and east of solano and contra costa county. a delta breeze. gusts up to 31 in travis. gusts in higher elevations. sfo, 25. san francisco, 25-30. fairfield, 49 degrees. livermore, 51. low 50s for some. los altos hills, 49. pacifica, 48. a lo in the desert southwest keeping them cool. possibility for some rain as the systems comes by. after this, high pressure will nose in and we will start a warmer pattern. 50s and 60s today. we have a look at the bay
6:32 am
bridge. and i shot showing the traffic. also a nice skyline shot of san francisco with the clouds. this shot serves two purposes. you can see that traffic is moving well on the span all the way up to treasure island into cloudy san francisco. a foggy san francisco. as we push and you can see that traffic is doing just fine all the way through. no major problems driving into the city. it's a very nice drive so far. at the bay bridge toll plaza it is backed up. teetering lights are on at normal speed. this is about a 20 or 25 minute delay. nothing major going on on the bridge. traffic is moving well if you are driving on interstate 880. also, i did mention that southbound 880 at high street, there is a report of black smoke coming from a car.
6:33 am
i don't see anything. we will keep an eye on it for you but so far, so good. westbound 92, the san mateo bridge, looks okay. it's low at the beginning of the bridge. on the south bay, 101 and 85 are beginning to fill in. let's go back to the desk. pro-choice license plates could be coming to california. it's sparking some controversy. a bill moving through the state legislature would require the department of motor vehicles to issue a california trust women license plate. like other specialty plates there will be an initial cost of $50. the annual renewal will cost $40. in the past, the funds will be used to provide reproductive services to women including abortions. lawmakers in favor of the bill say the proposed license plates are in response to the newly proposed federal healthcare act that say unfairly targets women and planned parenthood. >> the notion that we would have to ask permission or that
6:34 am
we should even be expect it to ask permission or have strange white men in washington, dc, making our most personal reproductive decisions is just simply appalling. >> lawmakers who oppose the bill do not think license plate money should go to fund abortion. there is a new push by state lawmakers to help low income residents pay off traffic tickets. alex savidge, you are in walnut creek. tell us about this plan to give some drivers a discount on their traffic tickets. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. an interesting idea in the works at the state capital. this would create a sliding scale for traffic tickets based on income. and this bill working its way through the state senate right now would give judges the discretion to reduce the amount of a fine by up to 80% if a
6:35 am
driver can prove they are unable to pay the original amount of the ticket. of course they would need to prove that to a judge to get the discount and people would only be eligible under this bill if their income is 2.5 times the federal poverty limit. the author of the bill, senator herzberg, said it's an attempt to even the playing field because hefty traffic fines that are an annoyance to the wealthy can be detrimental to low income earners. >> is the purpose of government to collect money off the backs of people or is it to enforce the law? we are using money to enforce the law. >> reporter: if this bill were to become law, it would not apply to fines for driving under the influence or reckless driving. the legislation is opposed by california's district attorney's association which believes that driving comes with a certain degree of responsibility. this bill will likely be up for a vote in the state senate sometime next month. an interesting idea in the
6:36 am
works to give judges the discretion to reduce the amount of the fines for those traffic tickets for people who essentially say, i do not have the money to pay the entire thing. here's what i can pay and i will pay that. a mistrial has been declared in the case of a man who threw a pie into the face of former sacramento mayor kevin johnson. the trial ended with a hung jury. the jury could not agree on whether to convict or free the activist named, sean thompson. he faced felony assault charges against a public official for throwing that high at mayor johnson while speaking at a school last september. thompson said it was not a crime , it was a case of civil disobedience. prosecutors have not said whether or not they will retry him. a tennessee man killed himself over the weekend by
6:37 am
setting himself on fire on facebook live to seek revenge on his ex-girlfriend. the man could be seen pouring kerosene on his body and lighting himself on fire. he ran off screen and into a bar where his ex-girlfriend worked. court records show he threatened to kill her and was sentenced to probation for domestic assault. >> this gentleman comes charging in the room on fire from head to foot, screaming incomprehensibly. >> it looked like a movie. there were some people who thought that it was a joke. >> the man died from severe burns. the community has raised more than $18,000 for his ex- girlfriend to pay for trauma therapy and to replace her audio equipment that was damaged in the fire. facebook announced last week they would hire 3000 additional moderators to stop the recent spike of violent attacks such as the deadly shootings on facebook live platforms. i man from antioch charged with armed robbery is now accused of trying to hire a
6:38 am
hitman to kill the victims in the case. daniel gonzales is charged with a home invasion style armed robbery in february. he's charged in that case along with six other men and is right now in jail. the san luis obispo county da's office said gonzales try to get a fellow inmate to murder the three victims of the robbery plus their lawyer. he is facing additional charges of soliciting murder. a colorado school district temporarily bans student from checking out the book that launch the controversial netflix series, 13 reasons why. it's a story of a high school girl who kills herself and creates a series of tapes for classmates who she said influenced her decision to commit suicide. her death is depicted in the netflix series and schools across the country sent letters to parents with tips on how to prevent suicide. the color district is one of
6:39 am
the few which stop circulation of the book that inspired the show. the ban was lifted after officials determined the book is not as graphic as the television series. there is a new study focusing on bullying, a growing problem within schools. the report shows 1 of 5 middle and high school students have been bullied. >> leigh martinez reports on the steps of one east bay school district, talking about tolerance among students. >> reporter: we are outside a california high school, one of the good schools according to the antidefamation league. it named this goal and six other schools as a no place for hate site. recognizing schools for their safe learning environments. as you said, 1 and 5 middle and high school students say they have been bullied. the report of the justice
6:40 am
department and national center for education studies says 21% of students aged 12 to 18 reported being bullied in 2015. the numbers are worse for students identifying as lgbt. 34% feel targeted to fellow students. bullying's effects can lead to a breakdown in mental health with students becoming either suicidal or reactionary, resorting to violence themselves. there are some good news. they say that bullying has had a long-term decline over the past decade. adding two other good things the study has found -- they found that some of the physical fights students have reported getting into have also declined as well as carrying weapons to school and alcohol consumption is also down. we do have some good news. >> that's nice to include good news on the studies. 6:40 am. video of a crash in sonoma county so severe -- the car was torn in half. both drivers survived.
6:41 am
coming up, we will hear from one of them and how this has changed her outlook on life. next, colin kaepernick may have found a team but he needs to beat out one other quarterback. also, eyes on samsung today. we will show you what's happening in san francisco later today. it's not a terrible commute. we do have some slow traffic and we've had some incidents but for the most part, the east bay commute looks pretty normal as you drive toward oakland from walnut creek in lafayette. you can see some crowding the bart station. usually by this time of year feeder on the desk and it's quiet, sunny and warm. that's not the case today. it will be a cool pattern.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the dow jones is back above the 21,000. that's almost 27 points. there is a live look. the nasdaq and s&p 500 starting the day in new record territory once again. the s&p 500 is back above 2400. tech stocks leading the way on the 20th anniversary of its ipo, amazon now are they equivalent of two walmarts. amazon is now worth $459 billion. walmart is worth $228 billion.
6:45 am
amazon is also using that cash on new business areas like the alexa voice computing platform. and it will compete directly against walmart with its next venture which is brick and mortar retail stores. today, samsung is hosting a conference in san francisco about the future of operating systems. organizers say the developer conference features high-tech leaders, discussions and all the latest advancements for app developers, platform designers of hardware and software. this particular operating system is for products and services including mobile phones and tvs. the conference is at the hilton union square hotel in san francisco. a new two year partnership is being launched between the college board and a charity created by mark zuckerberg and his wife. it will help students in low income and rural areas and create access for more -- for
6:46 am
access to basic college counseling. the college board said it will expand access to unique, personalized learning paths to help students get ready for tests like the psat, the sat and advanced placement courses. 6:46 am is the time. let's check in with gasia with what's coming up. good morning. when i join you, strong accusations by the developer of a building under construction along the oakland/emeryville boundary that has burned two times in less than a year. most recently this weekend. what he says he believes is the reason behind both fires and the changes that have been made at that site since the first fire this past july. take a look at a serious upgrade to uniforms. some employees are testing these out at a store in virginia. it looks like something from a sci-fi movie but these are
6:47 am
giving the workers some real- life help. we will explain how they work and what they help the workers do that they could not do much of on their own. these stories and more when i join you in a few minutes. we are hearing now one nfl team is interested in former 49ers quarterback, colin kaepernick. the seahawks. pete carroll said on monday his team is considering both colin kaepernick and rg3 is backups to russell wilson. this comes is the seahawks may be losing some confidence in their current backup quarterback, trevoine boykin. he has been arrested twice during the off-season. seattle does not have any experienced quarterbacks on their roster. maybe that is where colin kaepernick will land. let's go back over to sal to look at traffic. people are starting to get ready to head out the door. what should they know? >> they should know the traffic in some areas is low and in others it's not.
6:48 am
one of the not categories is in marin county on southbound 101 through central san rafael. the was a time when i would look at this picture and reliably see slow traffic. but now, at least today, it looks pretty good as you're driving through central san rafael over the help and going as far as the golden gate bridge. you will see that traffic is doing well there heading down to san francisco for marin county. a nice looking shot. a little windy. you can see the flag is blowing hard and the wind is going to get your attention on bridges and causeways in the altamont pass. very breezy this when he. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is back to for a 25 minute delay before you make it onto the bridge. the san mateo bridge -- a lot of slow traffic onto the span heading out toward the high- rise. i do not see a problem on the
6:49 am
bridge reported that traffic is going to be slow. there is a wind advisory from chp for this bridge. we are looking at the south bay commute and northbound one-to- one traffic is beginning to slow. it stays that way up into the main part of san jose. let's go over to steve. >> they look like a problem at san mateo -- >> i do not see an accident, however, that does not mean there isn't one. chp is not reporting one yet. >> and you mentioned the wind advisory. if you saw the golden gate -- [ music playing ] >> that is not the love boat. >> permission to come aboard? >> i do love what they are doing.[ laughter ] i am loving this weather. please do not let there be a
6:50 am
heat wave this weekend. you did say please. heat wave is where you get 90s and 100s for a stretch of time. we will see some inland 90s but i do not think they will last long. the water temperatures are too cold. sunshine and warmer temperatures are on the way after today. santa rosa -- 72-77. i went with downtown. 66 today. livermore, 65 today. san jose, 65 also. a system is sweeping from the northwest and it will give snow to the sierra and northern mountains. i don't think you'll get much but maybe lake county may get some rain. also parts of napa and eastern contra costa county. the system has some punch on the north coast. it's close. the system has cranked up the wind machine. it is roaring in the delta. 31 miles an hour with gusts up to 50 and the altimont pass.
6:51 am
in san francisco, 25-35. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. this is the key. as long as they stayed this cold, log has no problem for me. if we get upper 80s and 90s with an onshore breeze, the fog will be flying in. 40s, 50s. 32 in truckee. isolated snow showers there. a couple of inches of snow. 80 yesterday in palm springs. that is 16 below average. phoenix today, 79. they should be 95. this low did produce some sierra thunderstorm activity yesterday. we are on the western edge of it but it will clip us. one low kicks out and the system drops in. this energy makes me nervous. high pressure after today will move will move in. mostly cloudy and breezy with
6:52 am
some sun. 50s and 60s. i will look for a lot of cloud cover. breezy and windy conditions. after this, this will be the coolest day for a long time. we will rebound and see sunshine and warmer temperatures inland by the weekend. 6:52 am. next, a local community rallying behind an undocumented immigrant. coming up, you will see what's being done to bring a father back to marin county. and a teenager died from too much caffeine. the drinks that led to his death.
6:53 am
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 6:55. drinking too much caffeine is blamed for the death of a teenager in south carolina. the 16-year-old collapsed and died last month in a high school classroom. authorities say he drank a large mountain duo --dew, a latte and an energy drink. that is too much caffeine for a teenager his age. >> like all parents, we worry about our kids as they grow up. we worry about their safety and health, especially once they start driving. it wasn't a car crash that took his life. instead it was an energy drink. >> the purpose is not to slam
6:56 am
mountain dew or cafe lattes or energy drinks but we want to make people understand that these drinks, this amount of caffeine, how it is ingested can have dire consequences. >> now, the coroner also said the teenager did not have heart problems but even his healthy heart couldn't take the stress of all of that caffeine. well, today the san jose city council will vote on whether to change the people who live in the city can get their electricity. the council is vote on a community choice energy plan where the city would take on the role of buying electricity. the san jose mayor supports the proposal. it would allow the city to buy more clean energy than what is provided by pg&e. pge and would deliver the energy but the city would decide what power plants to buy from. several bay area cities have adopted similar programs. the time is 6:56.
6:57 am
a rally in marin county last night following the deportation of local man. we go to san rafael where a north bacon guess man has taken up the case. >> reporter: cheerful thanked her community for rallying behind her husband of 18 years hugo. the 37-year-old drywall foreman and father of three has been locked up almost two weeks. he left his san rafael home for work one morning and can't come back. his boss says that he and a coworker showed their ids to get on to travis air force base for a drywall job and came up in the system as undocumented. >> they got handcuffed and taken away. their vehicles were left on the job site. they couldn't call their wives. they couldn't call us. we were all pretty sick over
6:58 am
what happened. >> he is the best husband that god could have given me. >> reporter: the family fears that he will be deported in an expedited fashion with no hearing because years ago he was caught crossing the border from mexico. >> they should look at the circumstances before reusing a deportation order that is literally over a decade old. >> reporter: from ice a statement describes the man as two foreign nationals attempting to gain entry into a military base ask it will be up to a judge to determine if they are subject to removal from the u.s. two of his children are in high school. the youngest is nine. the couple is well known. >> they are wonderful people. they are volunteer. they offer to help. they are always looking for what they can to do make the school and community a better place. >> release this good man. >> reporter: elected leaders are pressing ice for a hearing
6:59 am
and anything else not humane. >> getting bad dudes out of the country using his words, we now know otherwise. because hugo is by all accounts a very, very good dude. >> reporter: friends who visited him say that he is scared. >> he was feeling really bad. his first time in jail ever. he was looking at me like pat. >> reporter: but he keeps his calls to his family positive. >> he tells our children to stay focused on their studies. to not worry. and everything is going to be well. >> reporter: she works as a house cleaner. the couple has been in the u.s. for almost 20 years. the other deported worker is from hayward, also married and the father of three. both men had used tax id numbers instead of social security numbers on federal job sites in the past with no
7:00 am
problems until now. in san rafael, ktvu news. the man convicted of kidnapping and murdering sierra lamar spend the rest of his life in prison or be put to death? the jury will start the process of answering that question today. also allegations of president trump sharing classified security information with russia. how the white house is responding to the claims and much more ahead on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on a chilly tuesday morning, may 16th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. i don't know how it feels other places. outside our door, it feels nice. >> okay. >> i just ducked out. it feels beautiful, steve. >> it is windy for some and cool for others. >> yeah. >> we have this system dropping in. nice sunrise under partly to mostly cloudy skies. one system still has to come through. but e


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