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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 4pm  FOX  May 16, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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golden gate bridge. >> they did not trigger any alarms. >> bridge officials are speaking out about the security flaws and the actions they plan to take to make sure it never happens again. the four on two starts now. another bomb shell from the trump white house, the new york times is reporting that president donald trump asked the fbi to end its investigation of former national security advisor michael flynn, the times said former fbi director james comey documented the request in a written memo. we begin with that breaking news that is causing another stir in washington, dc this afternoon, the white house denying the allegations but other organizations have confirmed the report that former fbi director james comey
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wrote a memo detailing the request, he wrote the memos after visiting with president donald trump last february. president donald trump asked former fbi director james comey to drop the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn, former fbi director james comey was keeping notes on what he considered efforts to influence the investigation, he said that president donald trump asked him to see your way clear to letting former national security advisor michael flynn go. former national security advisor michael flynn was one of the sobts into the -- subjects of the investigation into the trump campaign's contacts with russia. on twitter this morning, the president defended his actions of giving out classified information to russia. he said i had the right to give
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the russians the information, it was for humanitarian reasons and i want russia to step up their fight against isis and terrorism. those are the only statements from the president so far on the matter. >> reporter: during a photo op, president donald trump led the report denials to the investigation. >> we support turkey. >> reporter: president donald trump appeared in front of the press today, staying mum about last night's washington post report where the president is said to have talked about top secret intelligence. the national security visor h.r. mcmaster denied the premise of the article. >> i think that the real issue and i think what i would like
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to see debated is that national security has been put at risk by those violating confidentiality. and those leaking the information to make american citizens and others more vulnerable. >> democrats and some republicans are demanding more information about the oval office meeting saying that the president has potentially put national security at risk. >> i am calling on the white houses to make the transscript of the russian meeting available to the intelligence committees as soon as possible. >> reporter: sources said that the information was partly from israeli intelligence, the israeli ambassador said they still have full confidence in the information sharing relationship. lets talk about the big bomb shell with the leader of
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the republican party in california. the white house is trying to put out this huge fire pertaining to russia. what do you make of the report that president donald trump demanded that president donald -- former fbi director james comey drop the investigation. >> he said i hope you can see your way clear, that's different than drop it. should he be talking about this? probably not. is he going to get better about doing these things? , i hope so. when pez obama said i want to be more flexible, the press did not spend so much time on this. when he sold uranium, not a word about that. so that was a horrible thing to
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do, give them our uranium and nobody seems to care but trump says, let former fbi director james comey go and the world comes to an end, i do not buy it. >> what about the fact that he was having this conversation. >> like bill clinton. >> let me finish, the fact that he is having this conversation saying, i am hoping that you let former national security advisor michael flynn go is a big implication. >> if you look throughout history including bill clinton on the tarmac, they all talk to the fbi and the attorney general, they would like all of the investigations to go away, again, president donald trump is wrong for saying it, but it's not the grand problem that some on the left would like it to be. the uranium sale was, but this
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has no effect. >> but people are saying that now that the momentum is building for a special prosecutor, do you think that is going to happen now? >> you will not see a special prosecutor, you will see continued calls for one because that's good politics in the divided era. the left's goal is to grouped the trump administration like eight years ago they wanted to ground the obama administration, this is the era that we are in, president donald trump should not give them fodder and the republicans should pass health reform and things will get better. >> you are talk being about republican policies but that's now stalled with what is happening, especially after yesterday and today. >> by not reforming the tax code, you allow these things to take priority. if the republicans would govern, they would not have
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problems but they are sitting on their hands and wringing their hands instead of being leaders. >> thing are divided but you have other republicans, senator graham who said you cannot trust the russians or what their intept -- intent is. >> the president did not do anything illegal but if you are going to talk to the russians about anything sensitive, run it through the system first. that's senator graham, he is saying you should not have been speaking to the russian officials especially when it comes to a matter of national security. >> eight years ago we were going to try the russian reset with hillary clinton. it did not work. you should always try to work with a new administration. every president has done this. >> what does this do in regards
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to our relationship with israel. >> nothing. >> but what if something happens and a soldier from israel is taken out. >> he has changed very little but this is the age we are in, i wonder what its like eight years from now or four when there is a democrat president and if we get this vitriol on the right. i feel it will happen again. >> thank you, tom, another serious allegation launch against president donald trump that we are going to continue to follow throughout the day today. anger and heart ache were on display during the penalty phase of the antolin garcia- torres trial. the district attorney talked about the punishment. last week, it was decided that he was guilty of the murder of
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sierra lamar. the 15 year old girl vanished on her way to school and her body as never found. prosecutors called her friends to the stand. they told jurors that the killing left them scared. >> the prosecution took the evidence that the fact that her body has never been found to use that as an aggravate factor saying that he left no trace behind for her family. >> the lawyers told the jurors that the guilty verdict will insure that antolin garcia- torres will die in prison, the only difference is will it be from natural causes or lethal enjeks, we have our legal analyst here. prosecutors today said that the death penalty is the only fair and just verdict, how steep of
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a mountain to climb is that to get the death penalty. >> it's difficult, you are talking about a human life and in this case, the real hurdle that they have to get over is, there is no body, i have to think that some of the jurors, in the back of their minds, even though they believed beyond a reasonable doubt that he committed this murder, that they were going to be asking themselves a question, what if i am wrong, what if she shows up and the death penalty is administered. we cannot undo that. >> the lawyer said antolin garcia-torres' life has value even after the guilty verdict and should not be extinguished. we heard horrible things that enraged the jury and they had a
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quick guilty verdict but how effective will the arm be? >> it's interesting that the district attorney is putting on 20 witnesses. i know, when i think, you bring all of that emotion in front of the jury as to why his life should be taken, at some point, the jury may shut down to that many people. i remember when i tried a case, we had a horrible picture of a murder. there were district attorneys that put it on the board. people became desense tiesed to it. people are thinking, put on your most powerful emotional witnesses. now we go to the defense and thary trying to show mitigating circumstances that his life is worth saving, they are showing that he was mistreated by his dad. in fact his dad is still in state prison. that's an explanation, look at how he was raised look at his
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mentor, his dad and look how he acted. they have an easier task at a certain level and contrary to the district attorney, they should put on a lot of witnesses that can talk about the value of his life and why it should be spared but with a jury verdict, it tells me they are convinced, beyond a reasonable doubt, almost to a certainty, that he committed the murder. that is why, if i had to guess, i would say they are heading to the death penalty. >> the issue of where her body might be and if antolin garcia- torres has that information, when should he bring that up if he wants to get his life spared before or after the sentence. >> common sense tells me they are going to wait until after the sentence. after, if they bring back the
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death penalty, they might go to the family. i have to think, if one of my kids were killed, you think, the verdict comes back after death and now you are going to admit that you did it and now you are going to tell me where my child is, it's too late. those are facts that i do not want to know, you have said you have done it, i know my child is gone for sure. there is always hope in the paint's minds, but if antolin garcia-torres goes to them and says, i will tell you where she is, it tells you that, you did it, i have no hope. do i care how you did it, maybe those are facts i do not want to know. i think that the family may say, no, let them put you to death. >> those are hard things to
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think about. >> it's going to be emotional. notice, the attorney, the district attorney, not the one that tried the guilty phase, he was preparing for the death penalty phase while the guilty phase was going on. that's how good attorneys do it. >> thank you michael. now we are going to oakland and the deadly oakland warehouse fire. today, the families of 18 of the victims joined together to take action against those that they blame for the warehouse fire. among those being sued is pg & e. henry is live in the news room. the lawsuit allegation that pg & e was neglect. >> reporter: the lawsuit names the landlord and the couple who were the main tenants in the warehouse but also pg & e. 36 people died when a fire broke
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out at an unlicensed warehouse in oakland. a lawsuit says pg & e was negligent for failing to provide safe electrical service. >> they contributed to this fire, they did not follow their own rules, they exhibited a willful and blatant disregard for the safety of the people that lived in the building. >> they failed to bring safe power into the ghost ship. that's why they are being brought in, it's not a matter of deep pockets, it's a matter of culpability. >> reporter: this woman said she was reluctant to get involved in litigation but knew she had to take action. >> we want to make sure this does not happen. people's 22 year old chirp should not be dying because
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they wanted to listen to music. >> the company said their thoughts and prayers with were with the family. >> reporter: the utility said. we have no reports of electric theft or any or anomalies from this location. the lawsuit also names chor ng and the main 10 ent derick almena, also known as derick ion, -- tenant derick almena, also known as derick -- derick almena, also known as derick ion. the lawsuit says that the charges can noting legally supported. other attorneys are filing a separate claim against the city of oakland, saying that they turned a blind eye to the situation that existed there. thank you henry.
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coming up, trespassers scale the golden gate bridge as official stress that the bridge is safe interest attacks. if you thought that controversy in basketball was going to calm down, no, is gone up. death threats towards the warriors center. we will explain with all of the korches prior to game two -- coverage prior to game two. >> it's a cool breezy day but change are on the way -- changes are on the way >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. the warriors host the spurs tonight. a lot of the focus is on the center. he has received death threats
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over his collision with the spurs leading scorer, we live at the stadium. coach gregg popovich went off on him. that got spurs fans more riled up. >> reporter: yesterday i was riled up because what i felt about gregg popovich's statements were, they were irresponsible because i knew that spurs fans and basketball fans that review the against the warriors would take this to another level on social media and it would get ugly, for gregg popovich to sim out an individual and make the comments calling him a dirty player, i knew it would get to this, i think it was irresponsible of the coach and he should know better. >> any time you bring up manslaughter as an analogy for
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a guy committing a common foul, it's ridiculous, but this has gotten big. in san francisco, they have a sign up that says, zsa is innocent. >> it's spiraled out of control. with regards to the game. great 25-point come back by the warriors in game one, whether he was in there or not, you have to credit the warriors with their effort and that's being swept under the rug, that's annoying for basketball fans that do not like the subtext stories rising to where they are bigger than the game. >> you saw the foul, you can be the judge, he said he did not do it on purpose. the only guy that said he did not care if it was intentional but it cost them the game is
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gregg popovich. i do not think that's fair, i do not care who you are playing, you have to come back from that and they did not hold the lead. that's on them. i think that gregg popovich is trying to change the narrative. >> no question about that. the thing that is annoying, gregg popovich is a hypocrite because bruce who played for him for eight years made his career by doing the same play that zsa zsa made was known for that. >> he made a name for that, they are saying that was not illegal then but it is now. >> it does not matter. is a reckless play, it was a dangerous play now and then, i have to say, 32 seconds after
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that foul, 32 seconds later. aldri drnghts ge committed a similar play, he closed in on steph curry and stef spreads his leg when he lands. >> i have heard him saying that stef, because of his fragile ankles has to have learned to land that way, this is not an uncommon event and gregg popovich pleu this out of proportion, changing the narrative away from his team blowing a 25-point lead. if he is such a great coach, where was he in helping them
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not blow the lead. >> so they have to do it without him tonight. the warriors are looking to go 10 and zero in the playoffs, mostly under mike brown. this is his eighth game filling in. >> hopefully you do not jinx it. >> had the warriors not lost to utah in the last week of the regular season, they would have lost 25 out of 26. >> remember in the fourth quarter, they did not play starters in the fourth quarter. >> quickly, have you noticed any change in the security because you are talk bg death threats, i know that they have metal detectors but anything different? >> not on our way into the game. i know that there is a lot of plain clothes security people but the anticipation and the
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stress and the ang site is rached -- anxiety is ratcheted up. >> remember that the death threats on instagram just happened over the last few hours, we have not had a chance to talk to officials to find out if they have ramped up security or if its business as usual. >> it's going to be an entertaining night for a lot of reasons tonight. >> thank you guys, see you before the game. >> less check in with our meteorologist. i was surprised how cool it was this morning. >> all of the cloud cover this afternoon, really enhancing the cooling with temperatures five to 10 degrees cooler for our inland cities today. the cloud cover continues, we are going to be mostly cloudy through this evening.
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tomorrow we begin to see changes as a warming trend gets underway. 56 degrees right now in san francisco. 69 in santa rosa, lower 60s in oakland, lower 60s in livermore and 65 in san jose, if you are going to see the giants playing, you will need the jacket, mostly cloudy skies, cooler temperatures and the wind at 25 miles per hour. getting in and out of the park is going to be brisk for some. the system responsible for our cool down is bringing scattered showers over northern california and the sierras and at home. a little bit of patchy drizzle. we may have squeezed out a few showers over portions of the north bay. it's not a big deal. if we can go to the sierras, we have cloud cover and rain and a snow mix with levels high, no
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advisories in place along i-80 or highway 50, there was a rain snow mix along donor pass. a wind have i every in place, if you are heading in that direction, you have the winds to contoned with through tomorrow morning. outside here at home, partly cloudy skies, upper 40s in pacifica and santa rosa, livermore, upper 40s, afternoon highs feel better under partly cloudy skies tomorrow. 61 in san francisco. upper 50s in oakland. 71 in livermore and 73 in the north bay, napa and santa rosa. this is the beginning of a warming trend. i have a look at the extended forecast coming up. the golden gate bridge district is taking steps to make sure that thrill seekers
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do not repeat a stunt that is getting attention online. two young men climbed to the north end of the tower, they videotaped themselves dangling over the sued of the bridge, -- side of the bridge, the video was posted to you tube but it took off after an article came out today. they want people to know that the bridge is safe. >> the actions of these individuals did not harm the structure nor could they have harmed the structure but they highlight that we have a short coming with a safety threat with people dangles from the bridge above traffic. >> the district said cameras are focused on areas where people can harm the structure but in this case no alarms were
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triggered. bridge officials are talking about lawyers. they point out that after a similar nent jeers ago, -- incident years ago, the person was put on the no fly list and lo -- lost their job. coming up, the hacking group believed to be behind the global cyber attack >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break [ birds chirping ] [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked.
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[ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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. cyber security experts are searching for the group behind the sibber attack that hit 150 countries. early -- cyber attack that hit 150 countries. the attack came at the same time that north korea fired a new missile. >> it's not clear what the
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motivation here is. but it seems clear that this is not a professional cyber criminal. >> experts said some of the $4 billion worth of damage was done before it was stopped yesterday by a british based programmer that cracked the code. a computer program hit multiple starbucks stores but it's not related to that world wide cyber attack. a store in danville had to close its doors due to a cyber attack for an hour. the word from starbucks was that a regularly scheduled technology update last night caused some locations in the united states and canada to go off line. >> we come here everyday to get coffee before school. so it's difficult. i guess we will have to go
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someplace else. >> the danville store said they were raibl to use an older version of their software to go back online. >> we are joined by ryan, our tech expert. what is the laazarus group and do you believe that they are behind the story of what is going on. >> it's hard to know who is behind it but we trace back this software to a shadow broker's release on wikileaks of an nsa hack. this hack is taking advantage of one of the leaks. >> one of the things that is interesting is this $300 ransom demand which has been uniform around the world. that tends to make you think that is one person or group
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that is behind it because it's always the same ransom. >> here's the interesting thing, the was reporting yesterday that they determined that the accounts that the money was going into in order to buy bit coin was receiving $26,000 in total. imagine the amount of disruption that this caused and they only got $26,000. it makes you wonder, was this a mistake that kept proliferating or was this a test run for something else. ets hard to say but it does not -- it's hard to say but it does not look like a profitable venture. >> the people that paid that, there is no guarantee that the
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computer will be unlocked. also the money has not been withdrawn because that could lead to the source of the hacking. >> the fbi have been saying that your only resource is to pay in order to try to get your data back or expect that your data is a loss, so you are betting on the honor of thieves that they are going to send you this release code. nine times out of 10, it's not going to happen but if you have irreplaceable information or if you are a hospital like the one in the uk, you either have the choice of paying and hoping you get the stuff back or starting fresh. >> thank you ryan, where are you, i am curious about the background behind you. >> downtown portland. we are just here for my birthday tomorrow.
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>> happy birthday and thank you for joining us, always a pleasure. >> you are welcome. >> several airlines have faced a crisis. today, some carriers getting good news, from first to worst, we look at on time performance. >> parents are calling for a superintendent to be fired after an investigation. >> ktvu fox news is the bay area's choice for traffic >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees.
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the energy conscious whopeople among usle? say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. food. water. internet. we need it to live. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. . welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. an emotional school board meeting is under way in palo alto. board members want to review details of how officials at the high school handled an alleged sexual assault on campus. jesse led our coverage of this troubling story last week and he is outside of the meeting with late details. >> reporter: that meeting is happening right knew in a small
4:39 pm
room beyond the front doors and off to the left. they are taking public comment and then they are going to go behind closed doors out of the interview of the public and handle their business, let me read to you the comebts we are hearing inside of the room. one parent said, i am stunned that they allowed a known predator on campus, another said, you protect yourself but not the students. some of the parents are calling for the outer of the superintendent and the principal. one parent said she is not calling for anyone to be fired but she's wants answers. >> apparently a lot of things are happening and we are not aware of them, i just want to know. >> reporter: this parent said she had problems with a fellow student talk stalking her teen age daughter, they are looking
4:40 pm
into how decisions were made surrounding an alleged sexual assault. a former student said she was forced to perform a sex act in a school bathroom by a boy that is also a student. the student is still attending classes and playing sports for the school. the united states department of education wrarpd up a four year investigation into the district and how it handled cases of alleged sexual assault, they found that the district violated federal antidiscrimination laws by failing to investigate these reports. today the principal addressed students via the school student television show, in focus which is streamed on you tube. >> we had more counseling. please continue to come to the wellness center or the guidance
4:41 pm
office if you need help or support. >> that statement was made on monday, not today. the superintendent said he will talk to us when the meeting isover. it's supposed to go from 4:00 to 6:00 but its standing room only inside of a small room. it could take a while for all of the parents to have their say. we spoke to two ladies who left, they said there was not any dialogue. they just spoke and left. i have an update at 5:30 and 6:00. thank you jesse. a new bill making it's way through the state legislature could have drivers paying less for traffic fines. >> a cool day in the bay area but changes are coming, i track the warming trend in the forecast coming up >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. there is a new effort underway tow state capitol that makes it easier for lower income people to pay their traffic tickets. it would give drivers a discount on traffic fines. >> this bill would give judges discretion to be able to reduce the amount of a fine for a traffic ticket by up to 80%, that's if a driver can prove they are not able to pay the arnlg amount of fine because of
4:45 pm
their income. people would only be eligible if their income is two and a half times more than the federal poverty limit. the author of the bill said this is an attempt to even the playing field because he said that heavy traffic fines that run hundreds of dollars are in many cases are an annoyance to people that are wealthy but they can be harmful to lower income earners that find themselves in debt t. it's a good . >> it's a good idea. some people do not make enough money to pay a $500 speeding ticket. >> that would make it preferential for people that are lower income that break the law because they know they would not get fined as much. >> if the bill became law it
4:46 pm
would not apply to fines for driving under the influence or reckless driving. the legislation is opposed by the california's district attorney association which believes that driving comes with a degree the responsibility. -- of responsibility. the bill will be up for a vote in the state senate in sacramento next month. >> thank you. government rankings are out for the biggest united states airlines. delta is best for on time flights. virgin america has the highest rate of delayed flights. thank you. outside, temperatures are on the cool side. upper 50s for some and others struggled in the 60s but we have changes coming our way, this is a live look at sfo. it's gray and overcast and its sticking with us through the
4:47 pm
late night. lets look at where the clouds are coming from. we have a system moving through california bringing us rain and a rain snow mix to the sierras, at home we have a bit of moisture, squeezing out a few sprinkles but it's not going to amount to much. green on the screen over areas of the north bay through santa rosa along highway 101 and on to areas near salinas and napa and sonoma. a few sprinkles but the showers are not widespread today. the wind have i wind wind advisor -- wind advisory remains in the sierras. if you heading through the evening, you are mostly cloudy. mainly dry as we get into the overnight hours. then we clear out tomorrow morning. partly cloudy skies in the morning. south bay, partly cloudy to
4:48 pm
mostly cloudy. as we get into the afternoon, it clears out and it could be breezy tomorrow. more sunshine and temperatures will be beginning to rebound. it's the start of a warming trend. today is the coolest day, then wednesday, thursday and friday and into the weekend we are getting back to summer like warmth. right now. 57 san francisco. 55 in half moon bay. lower 60s in livermore and san jose, napa, 63, for the inland areas, you notice the dropoff. 61 in lafayette. here's a look at the 24 hour temperature change. down by eight in concord and five in livermore. santa rosa, 7 degrees cooler than where you were yesterday at this time. here's a look at what to expect tomorrow morning getting out the door with partly cloudy conditions. 53 in san jose, as we get into
4:49 pm
afternoon, temperatures are coming up. it's going to be feeling good out there. 65 for oakland and 61 in san francisco. the coast is expecting sunshine. lower 70s for the east bay near antioch and brentwood. temperatures continue to climb into the extended forecast, by thursday, lower 60s at the coast and lower 70s at the bay. we are into the lower 80s for the inland commutes. temperatures warm friday through sunday. upper 60s and lower 70s at the coast. 80s on the bay. 90s inland. depending on how you like it, we are going to get back to warmer weather for sure. >> julie joins us with a look at the stories we are working on for ktvu fox news at 5:00. the shocking and dangerous stunt at the golden great
4:50 pm
bridge is first. >> that video has gone viable. -- viral, two people climbing the golden gate bridge. >> turmoil at the trump white house. tonight at 5:00, the latest on a memo written by former fbi director james comey, what it accuses president donald trump of asking former fbi director james comey to do. >> next on the four on 2:00, months after being pardoned by president obama, chelsea manning is set to be released from military prison >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. chelsea manning is set to be released from a military prison tomorrow. she is being released after president obama granted her clemency, she was accused of leaking secret military documents and battle field video. she served seven years of her 35 year sentence. shorts in fresno said a woman will not face charges in connection with a racially charged killing rampage, she will not be charged in the killing of an unarmed motel security guard. the man was shot three days before the suspect shot other men. prosecutors did not say why they declined to charge her. that's going to do it for
4:54 pm
us, we are more coming up on ktvu fox news at 5:00 including more coverage of the breaking news from washington and the news that former fbi director james comey wrote in a memo that president donald trump asked him to end the investigation into former national security advisor michael flynn, we are going to be looking into that at 5:00 >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know
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throughout your day. the crisis in syria remains a problem for the trump administration. a new round of peace talks is centering around diplomacy. the president of turkey arrived in washington for a high stakes meeting with president donald trump following the united states' decision to arm and train the syrian kurds, who the turks consider an enemy. so far turkey has shown little flicksibility. >> it's not acceptable that the united states is cooperating with one terror organization in order to destroy another one. >> the meeting comes a day after the state department accused syria of carrying out killings and burning the bodies
4:58 pm
to destroy the evidence. the allegations prompted lawmakers to start air strikes. >> i said that the russians when they got involved, there is nothing that they can do. >> so tar the administration is supporting a diplomatic approach, pressure is being put on both sides to find a political solution. >> the intention is to go more deeply and actually be more businesslike, both in our meetings and in the way we hope we can get some progress. >> in addition to his meeting with the president of turkey, president donald trump is scheduled to speak by phone to the king the jordan e king the jordan
4:59 pm
5:00 pm
the golden gate bridge district became aware of this. >> our security system is developed to keep people from harming of the structure. it is not designed to prevent thrill seekers harming themselves. that being said their behavior could have harmed motorists below and it does highlight the public safety issue that does need to be taken -- does it need to be addressed. >> if they had backpacks it would not have harmed the bridge. >> cameras with alarms focus with critical bridge structures. trespassers say there are no major harm could have resolved it. >> i have done extensive research on


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