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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  May 16, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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officials are promising to increase security. >> yes. immediate changes plus an outside assessment. it has to be embarrassing that two boys dodged security for a high wire act. sprinting up a suspension cable doing sommer salts up top. making this their spring break add adventure. >> it was a natural idea. we went for it. >> two high school seniors enjoying notoriety and no regrets. >> i got the chance to do it. not a lot of people see that view. >> the golden gate bridge is
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not an a mustment park ride. >> they shimmied up the ropes to pull off their 10-point stunt. razor wire was no deterror ent. deterrent. >> if either of these men had slipped or fallen there could have been harm to motorists below. >> cameras are focused on the bottom. >> we focus efforts on the bridge where you can hurt it. >> this is incredible. so beautiful up here. >> seeing them do back flips and dangle their legs on the sides is unnerving. >> it is incredibly hard to get on the cables.
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>> he will help identify security weaknesses if they like. he hopes they are not prosecuted. >> we are just kids. nothing was damaged. no one was hurt. >> two kids making money from their video. it is a misdemeanor with a year in jail, 10,000 dollars fine. for most people the sheer danger 750 feet above the bay, no harness is deterrent enough. >> it is remarkable. thank you. new reports that president trump asked james comey to shut down an investigation. it only adds to the concerns that trump fired comey to block the probe into possible contacts between the trump campaign and russia.
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the white house is pushing back reports that he shared information with russian diplomats. >> another allegation, accusing the president of asking his now fired director to stand down on the investigation into michael flynn and ties to russia. >> on a day when we thought things couldn't get worse, they have. >> james comey wrote a memo the day after michael flynn was fired. he said i hope you can let this go talking about the probe into flynn. democrats saying this is close to the legal definition of obstruction of justice. >> when you are explicit in trying to persuade that director to back up a specific investigation of a specific individual, that is obstruction of justice.
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that is a very serious matter. >> the president has never asked comey or anyone else to do that. >> the use of non sourced materials is amazing. someone committed a crime. there is a weasel. >> the washington post claimed the president divulged information to russia. >> my advise would be if you are going to talk to the russians, run it through the system first. >> chafechaffetz said he would issue subpoenas to get information. fox news. security experts say
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evidence points to north korea as the cyber attack last week. it used malware to hold computers hostage. mountain view symantec blocked 22 million attempts. the method of attack has been seen before from north korea. >> if is unclear what their motivation is. it is clear this isn't something a professional cyber criminal would do. >> a programmer in great britain found a kill switch. microsoft users install the latest update. >> a 3-year-old boy has's
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mother is facing drunk charges following her latest arrest. >> she was laying on her back. >> laying on the sidewalk in front of the medical center in pleasant ton. >> she was out of it. she had a smell of alcohol on her breath. she wasn't giving me answers to all the questions i was asking her. >> that woman was the wife of an alameda sheriff. she walked out before being treated. >> i said can i call someone for you? she said my husband is a sheriff. >> she was released the next day. this is her third alcohol related incident in a year.
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she is facing a possible murder or manslaughter charge from september. she slammed into a car parked on highway 680 killing a 3-year- old and injuring his mother. the chief prosecutor said they are winding down an investigation and could have charges in a few weeks. she is serving probation in alameda county. she was arrested for driving with .13 with her child in the car. >> she his problems. >> the prosecutor didn't say why it has taken so long. ktvu fox 2 news. a jury in san jose reconvenes to hear testimony on
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garcia torres. the kidnapping and murder of 15- year-old sierra lamar back from 2012. some of her friends gave tearful testimony about their loss. the defense is expected to present mitigating factors. the penalty phase will last 10 days. we have new developments about a sexual assault. a girl was forced in a bathroom by an older male students and forced to perform oral sex. the student is leaving the school and will not complete his junior year. tempers flared. some parents are upset the student has been attending class since october. >> it is unconsio nable the
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district didn't educate him. >> the student issued a statement that says the district attorney's office has declined to file anything against the student other than consentual under aged sexual activity on campus. the student has elected not to complete the year on campus. public health officials are warning parents of a contagious noro virus. 200 students have gotten sick in 10 schools. ktvu went to the hardest hit school. >> clean up crews have been disinfecting classrooms after 80 students reported getting sick. lopez is getting his energy
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back after his mother said he came down with a nasty stomach bug. >> the fever and the stomach ache. >> he lost 5 pounds from vomiting. he is not alone. the school district started seeing students with similar students 10 days ago and suspect it is the noro virus. >> we are seeing new cases cropping up. we are being vigilent making sure we will do our best and it is contained. >> besides cleaning classrooms, the district sent a letter. >> this many cases is unusual. >> they say it is seasonal. >> for whatever reason this
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various spreads in colder months. >> we have to wash our hands before everything. >> that is the best prevention. the school canceled after school programs. >> kind of worried. i don't want to get the sickness. i heard it is a really bad sickness. >> nurses will be at the school to teach students about good hygiene. strong emotions from a man whose service dog was shot in san francisco. details on what happened and why the officer said he had to shoot. in n out the best burger chain. tracking a warm up. how warm will it get in the next couple days? she likes the. he's more hardcore.
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two police officers are on paid administrative leave after a man died in their custody. investigating the death of 41- year-old branch roth. police were called to a budget inn where he was acting strangely. officers restrained roth and attempted a taser and got him in handcuffs. he died after he was subdued.
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his family his hired an attorney. autopsy results will take weeks. a man's service dog ran toward a police officer and was shot. terra tells us the dog's leg had to be amputated. >> i love you. >> donald says his dog pretty girl is his everything. >> my life. my life. >> merchant says pretty girl helps him cope with ptsd. >> she is all i got. >> this st. patrick's day was turned upside down. you can see the dog and
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merchant nearby. >> my dog squealed. >> they thought she was threatening him. he shot her in the leg. >> there is blood everywhere. the poor dog is yelping and crying. it looked like the dog was going to charge him which is balone. she could have shot someone. >> the weapon was the dog. he spent 16 days in jail while the dog was treated. >> i would give my arm for the dog. >> the police officer said
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merchant said get em boy. >> you know, he panicked. >> a judge dropped charges. he said he and his dog have been traumatized. sfpd declined comment. pretty girl has been nervous. >> how she was to now, why i didn't protect her. she is a good dog. >> ktvu, fox 2 news. >> best dog in the world. >> advocates for lgbt community rallying for those with hiv. it is a felony to have
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unprotected sex with another person without disclosing their status. the law reduces that to a misdemeanor. >> laws on the books are archaic. we have to update laws to reflect the community in the state of california. >> supporters of 239 say the law infairly sigmaitizes people with hiv and less likely to get tested. >> temperatures cooler by a few degrees. hot spots inland, low 70s. around the bay, 65 in oakland. san jose and fremont chilly. it will be warmer by 8 degrees. the system is moving through.
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we had snow today, snow tomorrow morning. you can ski tomorrow. we had a few sprinkles, drizzle. a lot of drizzle and mist around 8:30. it is clearing up. the stability is coming back. temperatures increase. temperatures in the yellow, 70s. lots of 60s, green and yellow. 70s working their way back to the coast. thursday and friday we will see orange. it is warming up. this is an unusual pattern. the clouds move off. nice day tomorrow. there is thursday into friday.
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it stays the same. nice forecast. plenty of sunshine with highs bumping back up. back in the mid-to upper 70s in some places, most spots in the 70s. 5-day forecast, warmer wednesday. that's not hard to do. today was so cool. 83 and temperatures click up. not hard to see, low 90. a weather pattern that is going along with the theme of winter. i saw pictures of squaw valley. it is snowing. they will have powder in the morning on the 17th o may. >> it is close to june. we are a month away from
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solstice. five guys have seeded in n out as the best burger. the poll asked people to rate chains on familiarity, and how likely they will eat there. this is the first year five guys received the top spot. i hope they have a veggie burger. >> i like them protein style. >> i like a good veggie burger. >> coming up. the golden state warriors undefeated. 10 in a row now. >> giants do it again, 5 straight. big hit sinking the dodgers. all next in sports. more video of those teens who climbed up the golden gate bridge. [ whistles ]
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warriors took a lead and never looked back. >> i haven't seen a beating like this since carlo in the godfather. [ laughter ] all this talk about leonard and the warriors lucked out. they are playing without their coach and also iguodala. the warriors put the pedal to the metal. those people would clap and cheer and get into it. all the talk about zsa zsa. he hurt his heel. he has a contusion. green starts with the defense in the forecourt. looking like magic johnson.
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15 in the 1st quarter. the bench comes through in a big way. mccaw with the 3. he had 18 points. the bench had 11. curry wants more. 29 points in 31 minutes. not just a 3, he was fouled. a rare 4-point play. keep it nice and rested. he had 10 shots. wound up with 16. this is my favorite play. david west. beautiful. every single warrior scored. after the game a very dejected aldridge but the coach said the team didn't believe and was
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feeling sorry for themselves. >> the game starts with whoever wants to grab the momentum. i think we did that a little better. you don't want to give them reason from our standpoint. i am sure they have egos and understand the moment and opportunity they had. it is what it is. >> that's the most facial hair she has seen on him. >> true. >> he is doing the hockey thing. >> a beard for the playoffs. giants with 5 wins after digging a big hole in the n.l. west. 5 straight wins at at&t. you can see the fireworks above oracle. lefty, youngster, 5 hits, 1
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run, help from young christian arroyo. second base, nails turner at the plate. dodgers and giants, scoreless. smacking it deep right center. 8th of the year. 5th in the last 7 games. the power stroke coming alive. brandon crawford with the rbi shot to right center. derek saved it for the youngster block. m&ms and popcorn. seattle is the place where the a's are hitting the long ball. finalally the 9th inning is them. seventh home run of the year
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for healy. they were down 5-4 in the 9th. matt joyce ropes one to deep right center. it will leave the premisis. a 2-run shot. that is mark cana with the 3- run tator. >> a dinger. [ laughter ] >> 9-6. >> ticket to ride. >> there was one other basketball note tonight with regard to the lottery. it will be boston with number 1, lakers 2, philly number 3 in the 2017 draft. you describe a home run. >> a home run. >> grand salame. thanks for joining us.
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