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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 17, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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alt. he worked the the u.s. attorney's fess in the 1970s. he was appointmented fbi director by bush in 2001 two months before the 911 attacks. he stayed two years beyond the ten year term at the request of obama before he was followed by comey. he was recently asked to settle hundreds of lawsuits? the volkswagon case. we have more from the nation's capital tonight. >> hi yes another night of breaking news as the just appointed the former head of the fbi to look into the ties between russian ties to trump. the president reacted to the statement saying he looks forward to the matter concluding
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quickly. >> it is good we have a point of view of somewhere we all trust. >> he was appointed by the deputy attorney general looking into ugs influence in the 2016 election. my decision continue a finding that crimes have been committed or that prosecution is warranted but says the nature of the investigation requires someone who exercises a degree of independence from the normal chain of command. >> to have no one truly independent in politics and has all the resources that he needs to focus on the oversight of what russia did. >> there has been support for him. he worked in the private sector since 2013 and schumer tweeted he has confidence that the
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investigation will follow the facts where they lead. support coming from a republican senator who earlier didn't want a special prosecutor. >> i was out spoken of that now this seems to be a hybrid to bring sometime in to work with the fbi to make sure they can get the job done. >> he is planning to brief all senators aft the capital tomorrow and house members on friday about the firing of former director comey and the new appointment of mueller. >> thank you. the turmoil in washington had a major affect on wall street with traders worried about the dram wra effecting the economy. the downwas off 273 points and the nasdaq fell 158 points and
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the s and p500 was down 48 points. >> and joining us know is brine sobel. >> i think the american people should hope so and i think if dralts and republicans -- democrats and republicans give him a fair chance like he led for so much years it can fix the concerns about fairness. >> what will he be looking at and could the investigation expand. during the clipton investigation it started with white-water and went into the affair. >> and resulted in the impeachment of clinton who was -- in the senate. >> hew begin capitaling on witnesses -- calling on witnesses and sending out subpoenas and he will do it
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quickly. he knows of the history of these special are prosecutors and council that go on forever and cost millions and some don't result in a lot. >> what impact does this have on public perception. he 72 years old. what do democrat and republicans like about him. >> first of all he served under not only bush but obama as well so he has a foot in both camps and he has wide respect in washington d.c. and he will have the mandate to do what he needs to do and we will see if the information that he needs to conduct the investigation will be there. bear in mind there is an investigation going it in the house of representatives and the u.s. senate so people will be tripping over each other. >> and he coordinate az it.
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>> -- coordinates it. >> well he has staff to help him do that. >> i was watching cnn and a trump friend is quoted as saying once he understood the weight of the office he would rise to the occasion. now i don't. i don't like to speak, but is the white house in chaos now? >> well they are in a bunker mentality. there is a lot of incoming. it probably will involve a further shake up of individuals in the white house. they need someone in the white house as a kwar back. >> trump said he is comfortable with the appointment of robert and he hopes it moved forward. >> well i think that's what no one is going it say in that situation. hopefully you know you can get an investigation that can move
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quickly and won't go on with someone sn in wakt d.c. called today a slow roll because it is going to be a painful thing to watch refer time. >> thank you. >> tonight the trump administration is looking for a new director to replace comey. the white house added a new name to the list of replacements. liebermn. he ran as a vice president candidate with al gore and he later left of the party and became an independent. the white house says the president is interview allege three other people for the job as well. swun a former top fbi official. it looks like former san francisco prosecutor is not heading to the white house. trump was futures that he who
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was a host at fox news spoke to the press about becoming white house press secretary. >> she is staying with fox where she has a three year contract that pays $800,000 a year. and stay with us for continuing coverage on the russian investigation. working to bring you the latest on our new casts. new at six a shake up is mounting where a deputy da is planning to run for his boss's job. this comes after a grand jury recommended the removal of mark peter son. he admitted to spending more than 60,000 in campaign funds for personal use. more the district attorney plans to run for that position and plans to make a formal announcement in the coming days. we are learning about the arrest of a arson suspect. the 36 year old man set fire to
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a dozen cars. we have nowhere information. we have the new information about the suspect that we just learned late this afternoon. >> yes at a news conference the investigate revealed that the defendant is pukted of at many as 30 fires sense january but the family doesn't think he is responsible. >> now the 36 year old has worked as a cable installer and now is a criminal defendant accuse ed of car fires in april and march. 22 so far but maybe as many as 30 fires going back to january. investigators caught up with him as had he set fire it a fire last week. prosecutors charged him with 36 felony counts including arson and position of ammunition.
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the criminal complaint says that he has convictions with sex with a minor in la where he is from. investigators say the case is strong against bishop. >> it is important to note that since the arrest of bishop reports of vehicle fires in our area has dropped by to what is a typical rate of occurrence and none have shared the characteristics common to the series we are investigating. >> he recently moved to pittsburgh and has several degrees. i reached out to his family and they had not heard about the arrest and they were shocked that he was in tusk. he -- they said he had problems with someone vandalizing his car. >> i believe they got the wrong guy. i can't see him running around
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burning up cars for what reason. >> investigators have seen his car and want anyone that has video of the car near a fire to give them a call. bishop declined to be interviewed from jail. his first court appearance is tomorrow. live in concord fox news. authorities saying why or what the mote ate is here? -- motive is here. >> they are keeping things close to the chest. as far as the motive that is anyone's guess now. all right thank you. coming up out rage in the east bay overthis photo of the arrest of a man selling fruit on the sidewalk. how the arrest touched off demonstrations. >> warming up tomorrow and into the weekend. i will have the specifics after
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the break. first a major development in the case of a man convicted in killing a young girl. what people are asking for a mistrial. >> and all the cars trying to get foo into the bay area city. let's head to interstate 80 on the right the university avenue pass at the top of the screen. heavy as it usually is at this hour. we are back in a moment.
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. the case continues for a man who is convicted of killing a 16 year old but attorneys are wondering how developments in a separate case may affect theirs. >> are you going to be acting for them? >> in what could be a problem for the prosecution, is lead
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defect -- the led detective was found to give false testimony in other murder case. the question now is what it will mean for the prosecution. >> the fact that the fir's testimony was the base for overturning another murder con vings, now the question is what did he self-too and would the defense had tried the case differently if they have known of the issue? >> for now on the stand those that knew and loved the girl. two friends and a teacher and students. all describes the funny girl they knew. >> then the former roommate of the killer who talked about being punched in the face by the man. >> the lead detective's credibility issue will come up but the question is how the defense team will use it. >> i think a center piece for a
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motion for new trial or appeal. it is a significant question to be answered. >> in san soez live. air kalt officials issued four violations for a flare up that produced a bad odor around the bay area. the flare last december caused a rotten egg smael. that smell could be detected across the bay in san francisco. chevron says it want responsible tomorrow the smell. . they don't believe that the flair was the source of the odors. the uc authorities met and students are upset about a planned tuition hiem after
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learning that the president of the university system had a hidden reserve fund of more than 100 million dollars. >> these students were not going to sit quietly. the group is fired up overa recent state audit that found that uc if i recalls took millions in surplus funds. >> we will be divided. >> this in the face of a two percent tags hike passed last year yshgs put the money where should go. >> the demonstration was moved to outside the campus when faced with potential arrests. >> they are acting like it is not a big deal. >> but some students like this one who is undoubted says officials can't brush it off. >> if they have money and they are doing tuition hikes it should be free honestly. >> this is a public university and we have to protect that
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public trust. >> the govern said the tone of the audit was too harsh buffet long overdue. >> this is one of of the most extra ordinary institutions on planet earth. >> that's why it is critical that the uc group keeps transparent. the president disputed the findings of the audit saying that the rest of the funds will provide aid for victims of sexual violence and for students in the you'd illegally. >> but the ufg c now has enough money to pay workers more and better support students who face homelessness and hunger. >> you have to carry your food choices and what you eat. a lot of times choosing not the greatest options.
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>> for fire works inside as the region figures out the budget for the school. inside temperatures today warming up from yesterday. these are the numbers, #0i67 in morguon hill. a warmer day after a cool couple of days and now temperatures warming up and we will see low 90s back in the forecast. here is today and there is tomorrow. up to #20i8 degrees for some areas and five to eight degrees sft average increase in temperature and each day logging for degrees upward ad high pressure dominates the region. this is the system that brought snow to the mountains last night. that thing is going to move to the plains and valleys to create more severe weather. it is a power full system for
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them. you will start seeing severe weather coming out of kansas city and oklahoma but for us no problems on the coast. beautiful night and you are going to see a nice lookk sunset at the beaches and along the highway. society warm trend is with us and as you look out on the bay what do you see? san francisco there, you can see rockridge and you can see, what else can you see there? >> yes you can seat camp and yes a lot of land there. so the forecast highs are back into the 70s and mid 70s with lots of low 80s. so when i come back talking about the forecast heading beyond tomorrow and thursday to friday, saturday and p sunday.
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fans packing into a stadium to see the band u #26k. expecting a sold out crowd of 50 thousand people. officials expects much traffic as if the 49ers were playing at home. it all kicks off now. still to come a couple found shot to death inside their home. >> it is a shock. i am sad to here that it happened. >> up next what we are learning from neighbors and investigators. also dodgers and giants not playing nice today. why the bench is cheered this afternoon. -- cleared this afternoon.
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a tragedy today in the north by after a couple was found shot to death inside their home in a possible murder suicide. it happened just outside the city line and we spoke with neighbors and investigators. >> tucked away in the quiet hills. the sheriff unrolled crime tape to the driveway of 611buchee lane. family members discovered the bodies of a male and female both
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found dead and called 911. >> deputies responded together scene and found two individuals both around 65 years old who apparently had died as a result of gunshot wounds. >> neighbors told us that the couple was a husband and wife. he was a retired pool contractor who lived in the home for 40 years. his wife was ail and rarely came out of the house. their property is surrounded by horse stables. new spread quickly throughout the valley. >> it is just a shock. sad to here that anything bad happened to anyone but two gunshots that i didn't hear is crazy. the bodies were left in the house while authorities got a such warrant to figure out what happened and the time of death. the sheeting should not spark fear in the community. >> there is no further threat to
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the neighborhood or the community in general. it appears to be an isolated incident involving people who know each other. 7:30 news is next with an arrest in the east bay. >> he was on the floor. he was just clueless. didn't speak english. how a photo posted on facebook is now sparking protests. plus the body of a fallen bay area deputy back home after a car incident took his life. and warriors super star giving back to bay area kids. stay with us.
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now to our top story. former fbi director robert mueller said he accepts the responsibility of acting as special counsel in a new investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. president trump responded this afternoon saying the investigation will confirm that there was no collusion when his presidential campaign and any foreign entity. lawmakers say separate house and
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senate probes will also continue. also contra costa fire officials say 36-year-old james bishop is under arrest tonight accused of deliberately setting cars on fire in recent months. authorities say bishop has prior convictions for sex with a minor and receiving stolen property. we spoke to his father who said police have the wrong man. bishop is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow. a picture on a facebook page has -- [ indiscernible ] at the sheriff's department. >> rob tells us the picture shows the arrest of a man who was selling fruit on a side walk without a proper permit. >> this image has sparked in the hearts of people across the country and far beyond. >> this is that image, the immigration rights activist is speaking of. it has gone viral on the chefs
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department's facebook page. >> about one million views and about 10,000 comments. >> the photo shows a sheriff's deputy shutting down a fruit stand. on the ground to the right is the owner of this stand in handcuffs arrested for resisting arrest. they say pedro had no permit to sell food and is on federal probation and tried to run from deputies. >> he resisted our officer and kind of escalated this situation. >> it happened here. a neighbor called to complain about a fruit stand. the sheriff's department came to check it out. >> he looked clueless. i don't think he spoke english. >> the arrest has sparked anger. a small group of immigration rights protesters demonstrated in front of the headquarters in
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oakland. they accused the sheriff's department of targeting latinos. >> we don't see the sheriff going up to a lemonade stand for example nor should they. in this case it raises questions about if there is profiling. >> he was doing nothing but selling fruit and trying to make a living. >> it is unclear if he is undocumented. protesters fear if he is, he could face deportation over a fruit stand. >> we will not be contacting ice in regards to telling them to deport this man or anything like that. that is not our business. >> but the question remains, how much this incident will continue to rattle a community already anxious about growing community enforcement nationwide. the heartbreaking home coming for a fallen alameda county sheriff's deputy. 50-year-old was on his way home from an overnight shift last
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friday when he was killed in a car crash on interstate 580. he died when a tesla commuter bus rear ended his beetle. today a procession of his fellow law enforcement officials escorted his body back to his hometown of stockton. dmv offices across the state experienced what officials say were connectivity issues today causing longer than usual delays at the dmv office. there was a line stretching out the door where people had been waiting for at least two hours. the glitch affected customers getting or renewing their drivers licenses and vehicle registration. >> right now i have two hours waiting so because -- [ indiscernible ] i lost a lot of time. >> late this afternoon the dmv said it had resolved the problem with its network but by that time some customers had been waiting for three hours.
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[music playing] new at 6:30 a man armed with a can of gasoline could be charged with attempted murder after police in hayward say she -- he tried to set fire to a denny's restaurant today. >> that man is now being held for psychiatric evaluation. >> good evening. the denny's here is back to business as usual but things could have been much worse. we could be talking about a fatal fire that happened inside this restaurant had it not been for the quick thinking of a mother and her son. we spoke to that mother tonight on camera. she didn't want to show her face. her son is 21 years old. he works the overnight shift at tesla. he was just getting off of work this morning when they decided to come to denny's which was a regular spot for them. they came near have breakfast. while they were sitting down she
6:34 pm
said she heard lots of commotion, they heard people yelling. she heard someone say a man was shooting gasoline at people. police tell me five or six people were shot with what smelled like gasoline and i'm hearing a mother and her small child were also doused with gasoline and ran out of the restaurant immediately after it happened. now she said he saw the man struggling with the lighter and that is when her son immediately jumped into action. >> that is when my son threw the chair and kind of hit him so he could drop everything and startle him with enough time to get the fire extinguisher and he kept pushing him out. >> she said her son managed to get that man out of the restaurant. the denny's employees locked the door. they say the suspect was covered in blood and pretty out of it. he was trying to come to outside -- they were watching him from the window. he was trying to get on his bike to escape but that is when
6:35 pm
police pulled up just in time to arrest him. we are told that man is under psychiatric evaluation in alameda county. the hayward police department said they won't release his name or his photo till he is out of that psychiatric evaluation. right now he is facing attempted arson and attempted homicide charges. i am told this man has had several run ins with police. when i asked her if she said anything during the struggle, if anything was coming out of his mouth, she said no, he seemed like he was mentally unstable. back to you. still to come, the latest on the wells fargo bank scandal has lawmakers take up the issue at the state capital. >> it is important for the public to know and understand what is happening here. >> and new development on talks to ban laptops on flights to europe.
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[music playing] new at 6:30 tomb lawmakers heard
6:38 pm
testimony today on the scandal. the bank came under fire last year after news surfaced employees opened millions of fake customer accounts to meet sales targets. today lawmakers reviewed a report that found an aggressive sales culture was the cause of that scandal. >> it is important for the public to know and understand what is happening here. tools gain consumer trust in their government to let them know some of the things that we are doing right now to try to reign in these type of horrible sales practices. >> members of the wells fargo board of directors declined to attend today's meeting. the money is on top of the
6:39 pm
more than $1 million that vw previously agreed to pay for investments. vw has acknowledged that its cars were programmed to turn on emissions controls during testing and then turn them off while back on the road. u.s. and european officials today decided to table talks on whether to ban laptops on flights from europe to the u.s. the decision came after a meeting in brussels between homeland security officials and representatives from the european union. both sides shared information about ai -- aviation threats and detect -- [ indiscernible ] bart said they fixed a problem that caused blackouts. on april 22nd passengers at the montgomery station in downtown san francisco were left in the dark. five days later the same thing happened to our richmond
6:40 pm
station. they say they did a inspection and found emergency lighting was not working at a total of 14 stations even though reports indicated otherwise. >> we started replacing the batteries so their permanent systems are working and then we have done a complete overhaul into the process of documentation, audits, inspections, preventive maintenance. >> bart said emergency lighting is now working at all of its stations. it is still looking into why the inspection reports were incorrect. warriors superstar kevin durant giving back to bay area kids. coming up next the new basketball courts he helped unveil late today. it is warming up out there. you will notice it further tomorrow and into the weekend. we will be back here with the increasing highs that could get into the 90s.
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a superstar both on and off the court. tonight durant is giving back to the community he moved to less than a year ago. durant's generosity provided a huge surprise for some kids in oakland. >> his foundation helped renovate basketball courts that are now ready for kids to play on. we spoke with a few of those kids that have a special relationship with the warriors star and will benefit from that gift. >> when kevin durant made his entrance, dozens of kids at the rec center in downtown oakland went crazy. >> thank you guys for coming out. this has always been a dream of mine. >> 200 chirp -- children were on
6:44 pm
hand to witness him unveil the four basketball courts complete with a ceremonial tip off. kd wasted no time shooting hoops and running drills outside. >> he is good at basketball. he is good at everything. >> some of the youngest basketball participants. >> it just gives you exercise and -- it really helps your body energy. >> are some of the biggest warriors fans. >> that there is a team named after me. golden state warriors. my last name is golden. >> these children -- [ indiscernible ] they were invited by the warriors because of durant's special bond with them. he visited the kids last christmas and surprised each of them with presents. >> he gave me -- [ indiscernible ] it was really fun.
6:45 pm
kevin durant took a picture with us. >> he gave me -- a doll house and a -- [ indiscernible ] >> want to say thank you for giving us gifts and everyone loved them. >> just showing them we care. not just me but the whole warriors organization and the whole city of oakland cares about them. >> durant has been in the bay area for less than a year but said it means the world to him to be able to impact the community. >> i just wanted them to have a safe place to play somewhere that they can call their own. something -- they can feel proud of walking through their neighborhood. that is how we felt as kids growing up. its -- we felt like it was ours. >> more renovations are on the way in other bay area cities this summer but these kids are
6:46 pm
already enjoying kd's charity. >> and just makes me -- like so excited to see the court. >> him play? >> [ indiscernible ] >> back to you. >> in the south bay administrators are working to contain an apparent norovirus outbreak at ten different schools in the san jose unified school district. they now say more than 350 students have been sickened at nine elementary schools and one middle school. public health officials say the students have symptoms including vomiting and diarrhea that are typical of norovirus. they warn it can be highly contagious. >> everyday since we had our first cases we have been doing regular scrub downs with bleach solution of all of the play areas and common areas, classrooms where kids have reported illness. >> it is believed the first cases of the illness were at the
6:47 pm
elementary school on may 4th when two children in the same classroom became sick. i'm still thinking about that kevin durant story. it is somewhere such a nice story. >> and then the idea of what kevin said was about put something in your neighborhood that you are proud of. that is huge. >> so many of those basketball courts are in disrepair. so many schools are having them done like that. it is amazing. those kids will remember that forever >> i agree with you. wonderful story. i just love what he said. it is true, you get that pride in your neighborhood. it grows outwards. great story. >> 76 in antioch today. temperatures on the increase. they warmed up today. they warmup again tomorrow as high pressure settles right over us and you can see where there is no clouds -- that is where
6:48 pm
the high pressure is right there. this is that low pressure that was bringing snow to the mountains last night. that thing is going to eject, it already is. for us no fog at the coast. temperatures are mostly in the 60s right now. mid 60s, upper 60s and then they will cool off rapidly tonight. just a nice looking day outside. san francisco tomorrow morning. that is the cloud cover. there will be a few clouds. as that system clears out to stability will increase and then it is mostly clouds. it will be a little bit of a patchy -- [ indiscernible ] high in san francisco tomorrow caps out at 69 degrees. that is a warm day. we will see numbers get into the 90s as we head into the weekend.
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thursday afternoon, friday morning, no fog yet. friday night there comes the fog. see the fog trying to work its way back? then it goes away. that is as far as i can go with that saturday. fog is going to be minimal. 80 at napa. 83 in concord. 83 in brentwood. these the forecast highs for thursday. friday will be warmer. saturday will be warmer. sunday will be warmer. here is the five day forecast. you can see -- lets see where we go. there is tomorrow 82. then up to 89. almost 90 on friday. just a nice looking five day forecast. kind of just -- you can kind of feel looking at the models and looking at the ridge of high pressure and dynamics out there, it is starting to feel more like -- more like last week when we had unusual weather. we are settling in -- it looks like it may be a more typical --
6:50 pm
>> it is completely different from yesterday. >> yeah. you will notice spring weather for sure. well the giants and dodgers held an unscheduled meet and greet today on the field. mark will tell what you say they were chatting about coming up next in sports. sports.
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us what they were chatting about coming up next in sports. in sports. what are the chances 50,000 people had the day off today? >> [ laughter ] they used to call it the businessman special. long lunch. >> very long lunch. [ laughter ] >> giants did not take care of their business however on the field. remember in the old days they used to hit the casinos when a gambler would get really hot. they would send in the cooler. the cooler to day clayton kershaw who completely mesmerized the giants as usual. get the feeling he did not skip work to go to the game. >> he worked on that mustache. [ laughter ] >> johnny didn't have it too well after this pitch. 0-2. two outs, two on for l.a. in the first. two runs are going to score. and the beat was on. watch the next time he comes to
6:54 pm
the plate. johnny up near his head. it is a wild pitch. a run comes in. he took exception of that. he had also thought he was stealing signs at second base earlier and the two exchanged words and tell me if these two benches clearing looks anxious to fight each other? [ laughter ] lets just go back to the dugout. [ laughter ] and the game is over. pretty much win -- laces a single to left. two runs will score. clayton kershaw nailed it down. he is now 7-2 already. giants did manage a run late. 6-1 was your final score. meantime the warriors will be heading down to san antonio tomorrow afternoon. they will working out in oakland at their facility. then they will head out and joining them on the flight, this is good news for warrior fans, steve kerr will make the trip.
6:55 pm
he will not be coaching of course and they don't know how involved he will be. the good news is he is a little more involved of late since that procedure that was done last week. a bit more mobile apparently feeling a little bit better. mike brown definitely returns as the interim coach so far. why not? he is undefeated. as are the warriors 10-0. the play of the bench people a little uptight that andre sore knee, not able to play. i will tell you what? this kid patrick really made an impression looking relaxed. he had hardly seen any action at all in this series against san antonio in game one. going to the hoop real nicely right there. he had 18 points. this was a nice play. watch him calmly wait for the trailer and there. he is assisting. he is playing defense.
6:56 pm
this kid is really nice. he is kind of shy. he understands his place on the team as a rookie. his teammates have been telling him to shoot more. >> the whole team -- the whole team told me to shoot. i'm a rookie so at first it is kind of -- nerve racking. i just got comfortable. the guys have a lot of confidence in me to play my game. that is what i did. i locked in and got focused. >> he was amazing. obviously with andre out, it was the next man up philosophy and the biggest thing for him was his aggressiveness. he gets an open shot, take it. make or miss, that is a good shot for us. that was a huge pick up for us with andre out. that was big for us. >> you kind of get the feeling that the cavaliers and the warriors are keeping an eye on each other from afar? kind of like whatever you can do, i can do better? cavs saw last night's game for
6:57 pm
the warriors and they get under way in their eastern conference final against boston and go at it leading 30-19 after one. lebron had 15 points. having it his way, 15 points in the first quarter that is. 19 at halftime. hear is lebron. he will get it to irving and irving from there up top. thompson for the easy one. the score at halftime 61-39. boston looking like they don't belong on the same court with the cavaliers. meantime lets quickly check this little piece of video out. anyone under 6-feet will tell you they want to slam dunk. this is 5' 8 daniel summerhayes on the pga tour ten years. but he is cheating. you thought he slammed dunk. [ laughter ] still pretty athletic right there. >> that is still pretty impressive. >> very athletic. >> thanks for joining us. >> see you later everyone. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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disneyland resort. hero up!
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