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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  May 21, 2017 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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an accidental fire likely caused by a cigarette leads to an unexpected find inside an east bay home. the criminal investigation now underway. good evening i'm ken wayne. >> i'm maureen naylor. heather holmes is off tonight. firefighters discovered hundreds of marijuana plants legally growing in almost every room of a home in antioch. the flames broke out at the home on bugle way about 2:00 this afternoon. ktvu azenith smith is live at the home. azenith, the fire captain told you the estimated street value is about $250,000? >> yes, it was a significant operation that has now been shut down. workers spent the evening boarding up the home. neighbors we spoke to have their suspensions, but no idea it was this elaborate. cell phone video captures the heavy smoke coming from this two-story home on bugle way in antioch around 2:00 in the afternoon. >> i was scared.
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you know, my baby was screaming and stuff. but i was hoping nobody was there or heard it. >> reporter: when firefighters got there they learned the fire started outside the house in a planter bed likely caused by a lit cigarette. the fire is quickly -- has quickly spread. they discovered bars on the window and it was a marijuana grow house. >> it's quite a bit. it's several rooms full. they took a single-family dwelling and turned it into a complete grow house. so there were five or six rooms that all had marijuana growing in them. >> reporter: as with most grow houses the electrical system was tampered with, meters bypassed. it wasn't until pg&e security electricity firefighters got the fire under control. >> and it is always disturbing for us because the potential for firefighters to be electrocuted is pretty high in a structure like this. >> reporter: during their investigation authorities found something, an intricate
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ventilation system. among the evidence seized a tiny passport. an older asian man in his 60s stayed at the house. >> he looked like a real nice old guy, so you never thought about that. >> we were really surprised something like that is happening, you know, like you can't even imagine something like this. it's really bad for the neighborhood. >> reporter: well you can see the fire damaged there. fire officials tell us the cost of the damage about $50,000. it's unclear if the owner knew it was a grow house or if this house was being rented out. whoever is behind the operation is likely to face utility fraud charges for the electricity theft. >> and azenith, i know we've seen some of these grow houses around the bay area. firefighters say it is a big problem in contra costa county? >> reporter: well fire officials told me they have
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their fair shares here in contra costa county. about five to six a year. they say they are usually cookie-cutter homes and unsuspecting neighborhoods, nice neighborhoods like this one. what's interesting is they usually find these grow houses because of an electrical fire, you know, the electrical system is damaged. but it in this case it was an accidental fire. >> all right, azenith smith reporting live. azenith, thank you. new at 10:00, a morgan hill man is in custody for reportedly stabbing his wife and three children including an infant. police say a neighbor called 911 yesterday afternoon to report that a man and a woman were yelling at each other in an apartment. when officers arrived they found 36-year-old eduardo ramirez in a parking lot stabbing himself. they used a taser to subdue him and found his injured family members inside. there are reports saying all will survive. investigators are now looking
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into what provoked the attack. new at 10:00, police are investigating the stabbing of a san jose state university football player in downtown san jose. the school released a statement to us today saying in part we are aware of an incident if many which san jose state football player chad miller was the victim. he is expected to recover. our thoughts and prayers are with chad and his prompt recovery. a source familiar with the incident tells ktvu the stabbing happened around 1:00 this morning off campus downtown san jose after a night out with friends. miller was reportedly stabbed more than once in the stomach and at santa clara valley medical center in intensive care. according to his online bio he has played for four years and from vallejo. air quality officials have declared a spare the air alert for tomorrow. you can see some haze in the sky from these pictures earlier today looking across the bay bridge to the skyline of san francisco. high temperatures along with little wind are expected to
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contribute to poor air quality. commuters are urged to car pool or use public transit and people are asked to not use gas powered yard equipment like lawnmowers tomorrow. >> it was definitely warm this weekend. temperatures are reaching in the mid-90s in some areas. >> mark tamayo with a look at some of the hot temps, mark? >> they have been warming steadily since wednesday. today we're in the hottest days of the week with some 90s to report and of course it is never a once size fits all forecast because the fog would be the factor keeping the temperatures on the cool side. but take a look out towards the golden gate bridge at ocean beach. 5:00 today they would have a temperature of 58 degrees. the same time walnut creek would have a temperature of 93 looking out towards the drying hills of mt. diablo. so the microclimate is really starting to resurface this weekend. take a look at the official highs today. san francisco maxed out 69. santa rosa in the upper 80s. look at all the 90s for concord, fairfield, antioch, and san jose maxing out to 89
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degrees. here is the look at live camera towards san francisco as well. ask and then the fog, definitely increasing. in fact you get an idea here. here we have a marine layer kind of shaping up. i have noticed in the past few hours it has steepened just a little bit translating to some coolings in your monday forecast. here is the overall picture right now in the satellite with a few high clouds. in addition to the fog, you can count on some of the hot temperatures inland for tomorrow. another round of 90s for your weekend. but we do have some cooling relief coming on bard. we will talk about that in a few minutes. we will stand together against the murder of innocent muslims, the persecution of jews, and the slaughter of christians. >> president donald trump called for unity against islamic extremists today during a speech to islamic leaders. the address was the center piece of a two-day visit to saudi arabia, urging muslim
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countries to take the lead against the fight of extremism and blames iran for instability in the region. he described the fight as one between good and evil and not one about religious differences. while some of his comments drew criticism among some muslims, members of congress are calling it a job well done. >> i think it's successful, i think it's important. there's no doubt if we are going to impede the iranians continued efforts to exert a certainly significant strength in the region that this is an important step forward. >> i work as a conflict developer. we develop videos ask and graphics and motion -- videos and graphics. >> the president wrapped up the visit with the inauguration of the global center for combating extremism ideology. the center will use artificial intelligence to help identify extremist contents and locate
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its source. the president heads next to israel and the palestinian territories. president donald trump's budget proposal for fiscal 2018 is scheduled to be delivered to lawmakers on tuesday as part of a new wave of spending proposals. cuts are in stored for be several benefit programs including medicaid, federal employee pensions, welfare benefits, and farm subsidies. a whopping $193 billion is expected to be slashed from food stamps over the coming decades. that's a cut of more than 25%. the budget contains $1.6 billion for border wall construction along with $300 million for additional border patrol and immigration agents. members of congress promised an aggressive investigation into the firing of fbi director james comey and any russian ties to the trump administration. comey was leading the investigation into possible election medaling by russia. lawmakers want to know if president trump fired him to stop the investigation. the new york times reported the president told russian
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diplomats firing comey relieved some of the pressure he felt because of the investigation. on fox news sunday secretary of state rex tillerson said the comment was misinterpreted. is >> my takeaway from that conversation was not that point at all. i think, again, the president was simply saying to the russians these issues at home are not going to get in the way of my effort and the effort of my government to see if we can find a way to move this relationship forward. >> i know what the president told me when he called to say he was firing him. and that turned out not to be the reason. we need to depend on our president for truth. that is really important. >> democrats are not convinced. they want to review documents associated with the meeting. in the meantime comey will have his chance to speak about these reports after the memorial day holiday. the missing boater in the delta continues. we have more on what happened just moments before he went into the water this weekend.
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a wildfire continues to burn in san diego county tonight as dozens of evacuation orders remain in place. we'll tell you about the head way rather firefighters are making on those flames next.
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rescue teams have been searching the delta near pittsburgh since yesterday for a father who disappeared in the water. the man was boating when his son fell overboard and jumped in to save him. as ktvu leigh martinez reports the boy was rescued, but his father has not been found.
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>> reporter: boaters and jet skiers at the pittsburgh marina say they were not allowed onto the docks saturday evening after a boating accident on the water. several emergency crews have blocked off access while they search for a man in the river. >> they couldn't get in. they sat out here for about an hour observing. they were just looking for the guy. >> reporter: the u.s. coast guard joined contra costa fire and other agencies searching for a father who jumped into the water to save his young son. fire officials said the boy had fallen overboard, but was pulled out of the water safely. his father, however has not been found. despite the calm look of the water, pipkins knows better than to trust the merging rivers of the delta. >> i watch for vegetation in the water, driftwood. the sea lions or otters coming this way or out towards the ocean.
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that means there's a current moving in. there is always an underturn. >> reporter: as the temperatures heat up, she sees more and more people coming to the marina. she strongly urges adults and children to wear a life vest. >> if something happens to me, then i will still be up floating even if i'm out. >> reporter: the search for the missing man was called off when night fell. we were told this morning the search was taken place further into the delta and being handled by sacramento county sheriff's office. in pittsburgh leigh martinez ktvu fox 2 news. police say this hot weather is an important time to remember to keep an eye on your pets. veterinarians say dogs in particular can overheat. >> if you have anything that is accessible, then you really need to seek a veterinarian. they need to have plenty of water available all the time. >> ask and remember about their paws on that hot pave -- and remember about their paws on
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the hot pavement. take your dog for a walk first thing in the morning or late it in the evening when it's cooler. burning in san diego tonight the so-called gate fire southeast of san diego broke out yesterday and quickly spread. officials said at one point the flames were growing at a dangerous rate of speed, but it is now 70% contained. the highway patrol has closed several roads. an evacuation order remains in effect for some residents. crews attack the flames from the ground and the sky. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. temperatures have been warming steadily over the past few days. tuesday is the coolest day in the last week. and then really bouncing back up this weekend for saturday and sunday. in fact today we would have more 90s to report. right now we have areas of fog near the coast. some higher clouds are moving in from the north and the latest on the satellite. the current numbers out there are showing you some 70s
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towards concord and walnut creek. livermore 72. san jose 66, cooling off into the 50s for santa rosa down towards san francisco. here is our live camera looking out towards the bay bridge. you can just get the hints here with the fog here. in fact you can just see that layer well defined here with the marine layer working its way back into the bay for your sunday night. and for tomorrow morning fair skies from some coastal fog. we'll have more for your bay side location as well especially around san francisco. temperatures to start out your monday morning into the 50s. so microclimates for tomorrow, 60s for the coast. san francisco downtown approaching maybe the lower 70s. there are temperatures that will not warm back up. we're thinking 90s once gwen. but the location inland is right about 94, 95, possibly 968 degrees by about 3:00 to 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's the deal with the fog. it'll be dense near the coastline and also some patches heading back into the bay tomorrow morning. this is monday morning at 7:00. still patchy coastal fog.
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you'll see the colors really brighten up here with a big range there. once we get into the mid-60s coast side the hottest location inland. we'll show you the 90s. the red contour is making the comeback for tomorrow. here is a quick snapshot and a quick preview of the highs tomorrow. san francisco 71. san jose 90. here we go with the 90s out towards fairfield, concord, antioch, livermore. we have the spare-the-air alert issued for monday. if you want cooling relief and you want a cool down in the five-day forecast, we'll have that for you as well in just a few minutes. a texas body armor company is expanding their customer base from police officers to parents worried about school shootings. a small metal plate inserted into her daughter's backpack gives her a piece of mind. like many parents she has memories of the sandy hook school shooting. she feels this plate will give her daughter at least a little bit of production. >> this is the plate here and it is not heavy, but just slides into this velcro pocket and you can't see it.
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>> we had customers come to us to ask if they could put the panels into backpacks. >> it's held up to the firings of 15 rounds of .9 millimeter rounds of ammunition. nothing replaces good school security and emergency planning drills she says. a man from the sacramento area credited for helping with an armed attack. they are celebrating their college graduation from sacramento state. in august 2015 anthony sadler was one of three northern california men who helped tackle a gunman on a paris- bound train. france awarded the three men the legion of honor and sacramento welcomed their return with a parade. clint eastwood is now directing a film based on the ordeal. well, with his warm weather san francisco's park could get packed over the next week or so. >> yeah, still ahead the dramatic increase being proposed to punish people who don't clean up their trash.
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the detense be is scheduled to call their first -- the defense is getting ready to schedule their first call for the murder case against anthony garcia-torres. jurors found garcia-torres guilty on all counts including murder of the 15-year-old sierra lamar and the attempted kidnapping of three other women. they're now deciding whether to recommend the death penalty or life in prison. a $1,000 fine for littering as ktvu debora villalon reports that is the proposal from the san francisco supervisor fed up with trash left at deloris park. >> and it looked a lot like summer to start up the music to find the frisbee. >> but with the bigger crowd, comes more garbage to deloris
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park. tons of it. this looks more like a landfill. trash, visitors just walked away from it. >> if people think they are waiting for their mothers, then yeah. they're like grownups now. >> reporter: they propose a $1,000 fine for littering here. >> we shouldn't have the garbage we have left. but if you look around the park there's a lot here. >> reporter: the major park renovation, larger ones to put them on the perimeter. a longer walk for people to pack out. of course many people do so without a thought. >> i live here and i care about my city. i respect it. even anywhere you go. you should pick up after yourself obviously. >> a $1,000 fine. definitely attention getting. >> whoa. >> yeah, it's a good thing because they will keep the public accountable. >> you step on a broken bottle,
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almost certainly you'll need stitches. >> reporter: supervisor chi wants to ban grass in the park as unsafe and hard to clean up. that idea is a little harder to swallow for many. >> i wouldn't be too happy. it's a little weird to bring boxes of drinks or cartons or plastic. i don't know, it would be harder. >> if they need to have some boots on the ground. >> reporter: neighborhood activists say they have lessoned overtime with room to improve. the park rangers would enforce the changes. rarely it's written. >> and they have not issued one ticket for littering this year in deloris park. it's a hard crime to prove, a misdemeanor. >> reporter: under the new rule the fine would be automatic, not decided by the d.a. >> they would have to see people getting up leaving their
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entire little camp sites of stuff that they are walking away from. >> who will stake that out and watch for it? >> that's the thing. >> that is debora villalon reporting. $1,000 is the maximum. the actual amount could with lower as set by recreational parks and approved by the board of supervisors, but this could happen in time for the summer season. it was a tearful good-bye for an alameda sheriff's deputy today. he was off duty from his way from work when his life was cut short by a traffic accident. >> hands pressed together. heads bowed as they echo through this temple. the death of alameda county sheriff deputy is felt deeply by all. his casket excourted by his own brothers and sisters in blue followed by their grieving
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family. dressed in white. loved ones honored his life before he's put to rest. the 50-year-old's life was cut short on may 12th just one day before his birthday. chp says a commuter bus crashed into his car while he was on his way home from work on eastbound 580 near tracy. >> to all of our brothers and sisters, to give them strength and comfort. >> reporter: law enforcement agencies came to pay their respects. he leaves behind a wife and four children who are having a tough time accepting the loss. >> i can't talk to my dad. i miss him so much. >> reporter: his kids fight through tears as they try to put into words when their dad
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meant to them. a family man, kind, giving, just a few ways they describe him. his kids say they will stay strong because that's what he would want. something people do not like to talk about. up next how doctors here in the bay area are helping people fight fertility and infertility rather and how the emotional challenge would hit home for one ktvu reporter.
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in tonight's segment two, local doctors say the perfect storm of technology is letting people start a family. when we sent ktvu pam cook out for a tour of one of the more successful fertility clinics in the country, she had found out it is something many people are reluctant to talk about. >> parents love to talk about their kids. the emotional journey they took to get there has been a very hush-hush topic for so many people. >> i just feel, you know, women, this is what we were brought on this earth to do. if you can't do it then you are really not worth anything. you know what, i had to squash that. >> reporter: for cristina, having a baby took years and turned into a medical process filled with ibf. >> i was at my breaking point where i wanted to give up. he said let's not give up.
10:29 pm
i have a good feeling about this. if i didn't listen to him, then, you know, we wouldn't have janice. >> yeah. i wouldn't. >> reporter: she went to pacific fertility clinic it many san francisco and found she was certainly not alone. >> we're born with a million eggs and we don't produce a million kids. >> reporter: for a 25-year-old the ratio of egg to baby is about 3-1. for a 40-year-old it's about 20-1. and that is certainly more common these days. according to the cdc the first- time mother's average age it in california went from 25 in the year 2000 to 27 by the year 2014. it is even older in san francisco. sutter health cpmc reports nearly half of their first-time moms are over the age of 35. >> and those kids are literally one in a million. what happens to the other eggs? they are never used.
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most of them do not have the potential for making a baby. >> reporter: that's what our own reporter alex savidge and his wife found out. her eggs were not viable to make a baby. to make things harder they couldn't just use an egg donor. she was not going to be able to physically carry a baby. >> and it changes like a dad changes. i don't have that motherly touch. >> as a woman you do. it's hard to admit and face the reality that i can't carry a baby, that's my reality. >> they were able to find a surrogate mother, but most of us had no idea the pain alex and his wife were going through. >> there's certainly a stigma about not being able to have children in a natural way. we certainly felt that. i don't know, maybe we aren't going to have kids or maybe this is not meant to be or maybe it is not our reality.
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but i guess not. >> i never fully understood until i had my own kids. i've been doing this for about five years before i had my own kids. then when my baby was in my arms, that's when i really understood what this was all about. >> reporter: now fertility clinics do so much more than just helping couples get pregnant. >> we have recommendations to our patients. it has nothing to do with fertility. but the excessive diseases you might carry things like cystic fibrosis. >> reporter: he started one of the first ibf programs at vanderbilt university 30 years ago. he says there are 274 of these defects they can test for and perhaps prevent. you can now pick and choose one healthy egg and sperm so multiple births using ibf are no longer the norm. but critics argue this is playing god. >> first of all we're not playing anything.
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we are very serious about everything we do. secondly we help people the way a surgeon helps people, a pediatrician helps people. and if that is being god, god gave me the ability to do it. >> reporter: technology has stepped it in, but insurance has not stepped up. >> ibf is for people who have money, you know, i'm not saying we have a lot of money. but because we took my family is and his family ask and it took our save -- family and it took our savings and a gofundme account. everything you could imagine to try and create the family we wanted. >> certainly times when you feeling why are we being punished because we're unable to have children in a natural way. why are we being punished? it felt like we were being punished. >> the fact money is keeping from people having the greatest gift in the world is heartbreaking to me. >> egg donation and surrogate services can run $60,000 to
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$100,000. some companies are stepping in to attract more top talent especially women. for example facebook and am were among the very first to offer egg freezing as a part of their benefits package for employees who want to delay starting a family. representative barbara lee held a town hall meeting in berkeley today to talk about presidential accountability. rob malcolm joins us live with how that went. >> reporter: good evening, this town hall has since wrapped up, but it's more of a rally cry from barbara lee to ask people if you don't like the way things are being run in washington, then they have a duty to change it. this was a national level cyber attack, not against the dnc. not against hillary clinton, but against american democracy. >> reporter: the town hall discussion was brought by barbara lee.
10:34 pm
joining her on stage, john dean and malcolm mann, an expert in national security. telling the department crowd russia predicted president trump would take office. >> and they, what they knew, people who would come and abuse power, they would put in those guardrails as we are seeing the guardrails come into play. >> reporter: russia's role has yet to be determined. but congresswoman lee says the topic of presidential accountability was timeless. >> this discussion is timely especially here in my district because we're the heart and the soul. >> the battleground signs were up with the hashtag of resist. the guardians of 750 middle schools in berkeley would listen to every word. representative lee urging his recipients to stand up. >> and people who are engaged in my district. they want to see democracy prevail. >> reporter: john dean a former
10:35 pm
white house council, president richard nixon also weighed in saying nixon and trump share similarities. >> nixon behind closed doors was very authortive. trump is very authortive out it in public -- authorative out in public. we're a long ways away from seeing president trump impeached. >> i don't think there will be an impeachment as long as republicans control the congress. >> reporter: trump is in turmoil and a crisis. representative lee called the town hall in part to address the issues with the help of washington insiders who are also taking action. >> they have berkeley and alameda and they have introduced the past resolutions calling for these investigations to take place, which could lead to the possible impeachment of the
10:36 pm
president. >> reporter: for john dean who has seen it all in washington, even for him this is something new. >> i have never seen a week like we have last week and then the week before that where it is like a fire hose shooting information out of the white house. and it is unprecedented. >> reporter: and so there was a lot of passion tonight. we will take the time for all these discussions as you heard she is doing her part and now saying it will be up to voters to do their part as well. in berkeley rob roth ktvu -- rob roth ktvu fox 2 news. what he told reporters in a jail-house interview when we return. and in weather we're wrapping up a warm to hot weekend across most of the bay area. look what's happening right now, some fog trying to blanket san francisco. what that means for your monday forecast and a major cooling trend showing up in your five-
10:37 pm
day outlook.
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the man accused of driving into people in times square, new york injured 22 others and killed one person. he's been trying to get psychiatric help. in a jailhouse interview richard rojas told the new york
10:40 pm
post he recently spoke to a mental health counselor at a local vet ran center, but they never got back to him. >> reporter: prosecutors say the 26-year-old told them they smoked marijuana laced with pcp some time before the crash. >> the town of west warwick, rhode island is dedicating a permanent memorial. 150 people were killed in the fire on february 20, 2003. another 200 were injured. gino russo our survived the fire, but her fiance did not. they raised millions to turn the side of the tragedy into a place for reflection and prayer. >> you don't get overit, but you learn how to adjust. and i was out there at 9:00 last night and i left here feeling happy for the first time in 14 years. >> and the one-acre park attacks a courtyard gardens and granite monuments with the names and birthdays of every
10:41 pm
victim. at&t workers will be back to work tomorrow after failed contract negotiations. members of the communications workers of america, they would walk off the job on friday and they say at&t has refused to offer any proposals and failed to address issues that have chipped away at their pay over the last year. the dead -- the deadline to come up with an agreement was last friday. >> it is very important we have our jobs here and the members are treated fairly, they are employees. we have built this company to be what it is today and they just continue to disrespect the employees. >> at&t claims they have made a generous proposal to include pensions. >> there is a new field against their headquarters. coming up mark ibanez speaks directly to john lynch, what he has to say about the future of the team. >> and the warm weather is expected to stick around, but look at the fog walking downtown san francisco.
10:42 pm
we'll have the complete bay area forecast when we come back. pg&e learned a tragic lesson we can never forget. this gas pipeline ruptured in san bruno. the explosion and fire killed eight people. pg&e was convicted of six felony charges including five violations of the u.s. pipeline safety act and obstructing an ntsb investigation. pg&e was fined, placed under an outside monitor, given five years of probation, and required to perform 10,000 hours of community service. we are deeply sorry. we failed our customers in san bruno. while an apology alone will never be enough, actions can make pg&e safer. and that's why we've replaced hundreds of miles of gas pipeline,
10:43 pm
adopted new leak detection technology that is one-thousand times more sensitive, and built a state-of-the-art gas operations center. we can never forget what happened in san bruno. that's why we're working every day to make pg&e the safest energy company in the nation.
10:44 pm
it's a new world for the 49ers these days. the team has created goodwill this off season with the hiring of the new general manager john lynch and coach kyle shanahan. >> the pair got high marks on drafting. mark ibanez sat down for an
10:45 pm
exclusive interview with the new gms. >> today is about future of the team. people who know me well know we're not into a whole lot of pharmacies, but we will assemble a team to make you proud. >> and there is something that will stand out to you that will surprise you and they will take you back and they think wow. >> just the totality of this job. it's called a general manager for a reason and that i thought we were just picking players, you know, allowing more than that. and i knew that. but i think just the totality of it. there's a lot of big decisions, you know, my former life we made about 3,000 a day. which car do i want to drive? you know where we are going for dinner and the hardest part for me is that you need to tell people who are good people and good players that, you know what you don't see that in their plans. but what we try to do is to look them in the eye. kyle likes to do the same thing and say here is why. i think as long as you are honest with people that's what i felt. as long as someone was being
10:46 pm
honest with me, i didn't have to agree with their assessment, but i can live with it. that's what we're trying to do. >> the san francisco 49ers have released brock. >> by the same token you have a tough decision to make with the individual who ran into a problem. i think that will send out a signal that again could take you back to having been at the draft day party. a lot of fans who were very positive about that because they felt that it showed signs of a new direction. >> well, it was gut wrenching. that was a starting player for us. but unfortunately some things happened, we made a decision. it wasn't meant to send a message like that, no. and if it did, then that's an okay thing. >> transitioning now into some of those decisions that are more towards the playing field. you guys have had a number. i mean maybe 25 to 30 transactions. i mean maybe the minimal. >> yes, right.
10:47 pm
>> and how difficult has that been for you and are you liking the way the communication has gone with your coaches, your talent evaluators and kyle? >> yeah, it's been extremely extraordinary so far. the working relationship with here what we call it upstairs, downstairs, the front office and the coaching staff. there's been tremendous interaction. i was hopeful that would be the case because i knew kyle and i would have that. we saw football in a very similar light. we see life in a very similar light. but what we're doing, we're challenging each other. there's been a number of examples. we don't agree on everything, but one thing, you know, it's easy to say we're going to agree than to disagree. you don't want to do that. and why we believe this. >> what does it take in your mind along with kyle and various coaches to be a 49er as you imagined this team going forward? >> it's interesting that you
10:48 pm
ask that question. it's one of the things kyle will talk a lot about. he calls it wit. what it takes to win championships. and you know, we're looking for guys that obviously have talent. kyle has done a great job, i think with his staff. they have done a great job just seeing it in each position and each specific traits, but it may not be what the rest of the league will view as the ideal trace for us. and this is what we're looking for. we want guys that absolutely love the complete game and the game of football. we want guys who have contagious competitiveness and guys who are leaders. they make people around you better because everyone has checked every box. that's a part of the tune now that we have them. what has developed them? we would like what we saw. >> a lot to chew on there. part ii of this exclusive interview airs tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. tune in for a closer look at tom lynch's first few months as a few in gm for the niners.
10:49 pm
well parts of the bay area are heating up. especially inland with mid-90s to report. tomorrow will be hot out there away from the coastline. but we still have fog to talk about as well developing right now. so tomorrow will be warm and hot. if you want cooler temperatures we have that for you especially later in the week. wednesday, thursday, and into friday. on the satellite right now we have higher clouds moving into northern california and also some patchy fog and locally dense fog working their way back into the san francisco bay. it will be all the factors for your monday. and so the fair skies and the coastal fog and also right around the bay. temperatures in the lower 50s to the lower 60s. then into the outfield now as we are expecting hot temperatures inland, but a big temperature range. mid-60s all the way to the mid- 90s. let's take a live look outside. our oakland camera. some patches of fog is working its way back into the bay right now. there's that low cloud deck out there. so we have some areas of fog out there and we will check in.
10:50 pm
something is windy in here, but it's not. we've got the layer of warm air up above our heads right now. with that, that'll suppress the marine layer. with that a shallow marine with a good portion of at least neither coast or the bay and that's what's happening right now. the area of high pressure is just offshore. that'll continue to build into at least northern california. so we've got high temperatures for you tomorrow mid-90s. but then the high will begin to back off and we will gradually cool things off for wednesday and thursday. here we go with the forecast models showing you this. the fog near the coast and near the bay tomorrow morning and then for the afternoon hours, we will be moving the temperatures inland. >> and we had that microphone problem, mark. come over and talk in my mic. >> sure, i'll stand next to you. we'll improvise here. keep going. this is live tv. so here we go with the temperatures tomorrow 90s out towards fairfield and vacaville, san rafael 88.
10:51 pm
santa rosa in the upper 80s. and right around the rim of the bay near 80 degrees you'll find a lot of 90s in livermore and antioch and brentwood at 90 degrees. these temperatures, they are not a big change for you today, but the coast would cool off with that fog persistent. san francisco, that's 71 downtown near closer to the coast mainly in the mid-60s. more relief though with that five-day forecast coming on board for wednesday, thursday, and friday. and then by your weekend the upcoming weekend will gradually warm up the numbers with the other hot day inland and some cooling by the entire bay area later in the week. >> that is an important forecast as we needed to hear it. >> there you go. >> with the holiday coming up. >> we didn't want to end in the middle of it. thank you, mark. it sounded like a wind tunnel there for a second. still ahead it was do or die for the boston celtics as they face elimination tonight against the cleveland cavaliers. jason appelbaum with all the highlights coming up next in
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
10:54 pm
jason is here with sports. not an elimination game, but still very important tonight? >> absolutely. more important for the folks who wanted to see a collision course in terms of the two teams meeting in the finals. that was not going to happen. but it was a great narrative while it happened. warriors ask and cavs were going undefeated in the
10:55 pm
playoffs meeting in the finals for the first time ever. that will not happen. the celtic pride got in the way tonight. lebron james one of the worse playoff games of his career held scoreless in the 4th for just their second time ever in the playoffs. just one point for lebron in the last 18 minutes finished with 11 points. the 4th quarter celtics down by three. draining the three and ties it up at 95 with a career high of 27 points. so you can take a look at the cleveland fans, 30 seconds ago game tied up at 106. avery bradley and the driving kick and jonas knocks down the two. celtics are up by two with just 10 seconds to go and kyrie irving with the clutch. drives up the lane and goes up and under for the tough two points. ties it up at 108. irving with 29 in the game. still tied. time is winding down, smart, swings it to bradley and comes off the screen and nails that three. just look at their role.
10:56 pm
it's a great bounce. the game winner with the best to go on the clock. they win 111, 108. game four on tuesday. and there will be a game five back in boston on thursday. and so now with the win tomorrow night in san antonio the warriors will become the first team ever to enter their finals with a perfect 12-0. we will see if they could pull it off. they will be without their player who sat out for game three last night. he's officially listed as doubtful with that sprained ankle he suffered in their third quarter of game one just a week ago today. the head coach was asked about whether or not he might suit up tomorrow. >> and it would not make much sense if he is unable to play yesterday. i don't think there will be a feeling by them tomorrow. >> they are not just going to lay it down for us and their building will be energized. so we need to make sure we can come out the right way. and to make sure they were.
10:57 pm
we were not happy with everything that we did in the 4th last night. but we did do some good things and hopefully we could do even better things for you tomorrow night. >> coming up in half an hour, the talks for the first time since the death threats he received for his foul on the winner that resulted in a sprained ankle talking about their role and he played in their whole ordeal. now baseball, they will go for a rare sweep of the cardinals. he is also struggling against st. louis and their trouble early with the bases loaded. the shot to left is a fair ball for randall. and guess what that will clear their bases. all the runners come around to score up 3-0 and as they come out. they will need to settle down. the bottom of the five for cain. this is a home run for matt carpenter and their two-run blast. the 9th of the season to go up with seven runs.
10:58 pm
this is it. against the cards for their career at .662. avoiding the sweep. and so no sweep for the giants. how about the a's that are going for a four-game sweep for the red sox? sunday means little league day at the coliseum with 20,691 on hand all told. chad penderson was red hot in their four home games. the two-run blast. they take a 3-2 lead. but boy did they come back. he goes the other way. this one is a two-run blast into the upper deck. look at where it lands, wow. red sox will tack on five more in the 9th to win it 5-3. they also commit three errors and the red sox will avoid their four-game sweep. all right, marshawn lynch went on a bike ride yesterday with a few hundred of his closest friends. he tweeted out he would be at oakland tech.
10:59 pm
that's all it took. hundreds of other bikers showed up. the other bikers, they were off to berkeley. and then he came back to oakland and called it a bikeout. of course, marshawn is from oakland. after a year out of football he's back and playing for the oakland raiders. we will have lots more ahead on sports wrap at 11:30 with scott reiss. but for now we'll send it back to ken and maureen for more news. >> thank you, jason. coming up at 11:00. >> what started as a house fire led to an unexpected discovery in the east bay. the secret operation uncovered throughout the home and the clues the criminals left behind. hello i'm maureen naylor in tonight for heather. >> i'm ken wayne. hundreds of marijuana plants were found illegally growing in an antioch home. firefighters made the discovery in almost every room of the house after a fire broke out. >> it happened on bugle way at 2:00 this afternoon. ktvu's azenith smith reports investigators are now saying a
11:00 pm
cigarette may have sparked the flames. cell phone video captures the heavy smoke coming from bugle way and antioch around 2:00 this afternoon. mary lives next door and called 911 immediately. >> i was scared. my baby was screaming and stuff. i was hoping nobody was there or heard it. >> reporter: when firefighters got there they learned the fire started outside the house in a planter bed caused by a lit cigarette. the fire quickly spread to their attic when they would try to get inside and they discovered their kid adores the bars on the windows. ask and they knew right away it was a marijuana grow house. >> quite a bit with several rooms full and they would take it essentially with their single-family dwelling and turn it into a complete grow house and there were five or six that would all have marijuana growing in them. >> as most grow houses, the electrical system was tampered and the mete


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