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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 22, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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on 80 westbound, not a bad commute heading to the maccarthur maze. the bay bridge still is light. this is the time things change a little bit and we will keep you posted. it is 4:30 am. the house fire in antioch led to the discovery of a large marijuana grow operation. the fire began at 2 pm yesterday afternoon and cell phone video from the neighbor shows heavy smoke coming from the home, and take a look at that. firefighters say they knew it was a marijuana grow house right away with bars on the windows, doors barricaded, and the electrical meters were tampered with. after forcing their way into the home they found the marijuana plants in almost every room of the house. >> it is quite a bit, several rooms full. they essentially took a single family dwelling and turned it into a complete grow house. five or six rooms had marijuana
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growing in them. >> the firefighters say the fire started outside in the planter bed caused by a lit cigarette in cost $50,000 worth of damage to the home. bill cosby expected to be in the pennsylvania courtroom today as his lawyers begin interviewing potential jury members for the cosby trial and his lawyer's of asked for a change of venue open to find unbiased people to serve on the jury will decide whether the 79- year-old actor comedian drugged and arrested -- assaulted a basketball manager in 2004. the man accused of driving into the crowd of people in the new york times square says he is been trying to get psychiatric help, and richard rojas is accused of killing the teenager from michigan while injuring 22 other people driving a car up on the sidewalk and continue to run into people
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for three blocks last thursday, and when he was stopped by the police he said he wanted to "kill them all." now he tells the new york post he wanted to fix his life, get a job and get a girlfriend. he apologized to the families of the victims. a deputy killed in a crash earlier in the month was laid to rest and the funeral was held for deputy ken who was on his way home when the commuter bus crashed in his car and he died one day before his 51st birth day. >> our brothers and sisters are grieving the loss. >> deputy can -- deputy kim is
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described as a kind and family band that leaves behind a wife with four children. the oakland carcass woman harper lee hosted an event that she says was timely and important. >> the two cities in my district, berkeley and alameda have introduced the legislation calling for the investigations to take place which could lead to the possible impeachment of the president. >> he was -- john dean said that he could see several similarities between nixon and the current president who joined her on stage pick >> nixon behind closed doors was very authoritarian, and trump is authoritarian out of public, and they are similar personalities.
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this could be troublesome but this is what some people wanted.>> dean went on to say that he did not think that president trump would be impeached song -- so long as republicans have the majority in congress. depending on what comes up and wind, what comes up in public on the russian involvement in the elections could change history. accepting new transgender troops and the pentagon lifted the ban last year during the president obama presidency and the new rule includes education for all troops about transgender issues. that will take effect july 1 and thousands of transgender troops are on active duty right now but they serve under the unofficial, don't ask, don't tell policy, and that will be eliminated when the ban is
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lifted. a possible electronics man -- ban on flights from europe to the u.s. and representatives could not come decision last week in brussels. the same group will meet again in dc this week. it is 4:35 am. the bay area job picture is bright in the latest report shows unemployment below 5% in all nine bay area counties. san mateo county has the lowest jobless rate at 2.5% and solano county has the highest at 4.7% and that matches the national average. all other counties range between 2.7 and 3.6 on unemployment. the 3% unemployment means that everyone that wants a job has one according to the u.s. economist. the bay to breakers is been
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reported as a big success and the event brought 40,000 people to the city from around the world, and a few years ago the bay to breakers organized and banned alcohol and this year they placed more than 1000 affordable -- portable toilets along the route and those that say the best part of the event was coming up with the costumes.>> we take what is on topic right now, what is in the news right now. we figured there would be 1 million trumps out here but not too many beat up people from united airlines. back oh boy. >> it was not all fun and there were some serious winners, the male runner completed the race in 38 minutes and the female winner completed the race in 39 minutes 48 seconds. always the costumes.
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it is 4:36 am. the investigation is underway in san francisco after the police officer opened fire late last night, coming in, the eighth dates -- updates on the officer-involved shooting and who is in custody this morning. the next uber ride good big and could be more expensive. traffic moving along pretty well on i 92 westbound heading to the high-rise. one forecast for the coast, one for the bay, and one inland, you get the idea, big differences in the temperatures.
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it is 4:39 am and welcome
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back to mornings on 2. the goober ride cost to mason go up and it could depend on how much uber things you are willing to pay. right now the price is based purely on time and distance, and uber said the fair setting system is being used in 14 cities including in the bay area . 18 workers back on the job after a three day strike over the failed contract negotiations. >> members of the communications workers of america walked off the job on friday saying that at&t has refused to offer any serious proposals and is failed to address the issues that has chipped away at their pay of the last year. the deadline to come up with an agreement was 10 days ago. >> it is very important that we have our jobs here and that our members are treated fairly. we built the company for what
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it is today and they continue to district back the company spirit >> at&t said they have made a generous proposal that includes wages and pension bumps. this memorial day many people will be serving burgers and hotdogs but there is a recall, nathan's hotdogs and curtis hotdogs pulled more than 200,000 pounds after some customers found metal objects. it includes the nathan's skinless 8 beef franks with an use by date of august 20 17, and people should throw them out or return them to the store. it is over, last night was the final curtain call for the greatest show on earth.>> the ringling brothers and barnum
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and bailey thank you for joining us one last time. >> after almost 150 years, they took down the big top for good with the final performance in new york. many in the audience said they will miss the circus.>> i've been going to the circus since the 1950s when i went the first time with my dad and it is been a big part of my life. >> the circus stopped using elements last year after the protesting but other animals remained, and that includes tigers, but they will be sent to a center that specializes in their care. it is 4:42 am. what we have this morning, sal?>> people are out there was slowing already on 580 and on 205. people are getting out early to the livermore valley. not a lot of slowing from
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livermore to dublin but the people are out there and there are a lot of people on highway 24 this morning. it is not stop and go but it is getting crowded. people trying to beat the crowds which happens it 5:00 or 6:00 and people getting up at four clock to get away from the crowds. 880 northbound and southbound looking good in both directions. driving the bay bridge toll plaza westbound, the commute looks good into san francisco so far. it is 4:43 am. we have a pretty good fog bank on the coast in making a push for the base so there's a big difference. if you have a territory east to west or west to east, keep an eye out because temperatures all over the place. 60s at the water's edge, 70s and 80s by the bay and low to mid 90s away from the coast. the fog has come back with cold
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water temperatures, cool on the coast, hot inland before this bridge breaks down. -- ridge breaks down. we have a hint of the delta breeze, and tuesday through thursday you will see a 25 degrees drop. still warm air aloft capping things but the bodega bay water temperatures still set at 49, and the buoy temperature came up from 51 to 55, and monterey went down. this time of year, west southwest at 17 in travis which is in's -- impressive. 40s, 50s and 60s on the temperatures, 53 los altos hills, pacifica at 49, san carlos 48. 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s for the
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interior. this fog is ready to go but need some help, and that bridge -- ridge will break down starting tomorrow. when the delta breeze gets 25 to 30 things will cooldown even in the valley but not happening yet. 60s, 70s on the coast and well into the 90s away from the coast. this'll be the hottest day of the week, and it we have the cooler temperatures kicking in.>> the weekend was rough, it was hot. >> in my house i heard a lot of, "oh my gosh, i am dying." we do not have air conditioning. it is 4:45 am. the latest installment in the alien franchise is the big winner at the box office over the weekend.
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>> the classic is back, "alien" following the story of the colony ship as they come under attack from terrifying aliens. the movie brought in $36 million. " guardians of the galaxy volume 2 " slipped to number two but still bringing in $35 million. "everything, everything," earning $12 million over the weekend. there is a unique therapy animal in ohio that is helping those that are in need. and alpaca and named "sprite" and she wonders the halls. people up and posing for pictures, and they can pet her as long as they want. the owner of sprite registered
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her as a therapy animal for senior high school project and has been taking her on visits ever since statewide. >> that is so cute. a nice size, she is. it is 4:47 am. a can be something that people don't want to talk about, the sometimes very painful journey to have a family , but up next we talked to the doctors in the bay area that make that happen.
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the air-quality officials have declared a spare the air alert with high temperatures and wind expected to contribute to the poor air quality. commuters are urged to carpool and use public transit if you can, and you are asked not to use your powered by gas yard equipment. the community services commission helps identify housing and social services needs, and it reviews the funding request, and the parks, recreation and open space commission will advise the city council on public parks. there are openings and you can apply on the city's website. we have also posted the link on under web links. the local doctor says the perfect storm of technology is
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to help people start a family. when i took a tour of the most successful fertility clinics in the country, i find out this is something many people do not want to talk about.>> i feel we women, this was what we were bright on the earth to do, and if you cannot do it you are not really worth anything.>> reporter: for christina having a baby took years and turned into a medical process filled with doctors appointments and expensive in vitro fertilization drugs. >> i was at my breaking point when i wanted to give up and he said don't give up and let's do this one more time. he said he had a good feeling about this, and if i had not listened to him, i would not have janice. >> reporter: she went to the pacific fertility clinic in san francisco and found she was certainly not alone.>> we are
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born with 1 million eggs but we don't produce 1 million kids.>> reporter: the ratio is 321 for the egg to the baby in for a 40- year-old is about 20 to 1, which is more common these days. according to the cdc the first time mothers average age in california went from 25 in the year 2000, 27 by the year 2014, and older in san francisco. the report is nearly half of the first-time mom's are over the age of 35. >> those kids are one in 1 million, literally. those other eggs are never used and most of them do not have a potential for making a baby. >> reporter: that is what our own reporter alex savidge and his wife found out. her eggs were not bible to make a baby, and to make things even harder, they could not just use an egg donor because she could not physically carry a baby.
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>> i don't have that motherly touch. >> it is hard to admit and face the reality that i cannot carry a baby, that is my reality that it would not happen for me. >> reporter: they were able to find a surrogate mother but most of us at work had no idea of the pain that alex and his wife are going through. >> there is certainly a stigma about infertility issues, and not being able to have children in a natural way. we have certainly felt that. maybe we just were not going to have kids or maybe it was not meant to be, and not our reality. i guess not. >> i never really understood and still, until i had my own kids. and when my baby was in my arms, i understood what this was all about. >> reporter: now fertility clinics do so much more than
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just helping couples to get pregnant.>> we now have recommendations to the patients that have nothing to do with fertility but for recessive diseases you may carry like cystic fibrosis. >> reporter: the doctor started one of the first programs in the u.s. at the vanderbilt university 30 years ago and said there are 274 birth defects they can test for and perhaps prevent. you can pick and choose one healthy egg and sperm and so multiple birth using fertility. this is not playing god. >> we help people the way a surgeon our pediatrician help people and if that is being god that god gave me the capability to do it.>> reporter: the doctors have stepped in but the insurance is not stepped up. >> they help people that have
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money, and i'm not saying we have a lot of money but it took our families, our savings, it took a go fund me account, it took everything you could imagine to try to create the family we wanted.>> there are certain times we felt why are we being punished because we are unable to have children in a natural way, so it felt like we were being punished. >> the fact that money keeps somebody from having the greatest gift in the world is heartbreaking to me.>> the ivf fertility's can one $20,000 in the egg and in vitro or surrogate services can run upward of $50,000. they were offering egg freezing is part of the benefits package , and for women that wanted to start delaying for a family.
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but the story has evolved into finding out so much.>> alex will join us to talk more about his journey. as we talked about it, he said that the more the people talk about it, you can share the resources instead of keeping it a secret and feeling bad about what you're going through.>> you are not alone and so many other people are in the same boat. still ahead, the warriors are hoping to lock in the spot in the nba finals and we will give you a preview of the game for tonight against the spurs, and the saddest about their starter kawhi leonard. remaining in the hospital this morning, the san jose student and football player and we try to find out who is responsible. traffic doing okay if you're driving on the east shore freeway, but we have seen
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a little bit of low fog. the coast and bay dealing with fog but not inland yet, and maybe by tuesday and wednesday we will have a cooler pattern but today 60s at the beaches and 90s inland.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2 on this monday morning, may 22, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. head to the beach. >> if you want to breeze, yes. 50s and 60s. 80s and 90s inland. that is fog we see. for those of you inland, you are thinking where is that westwind, it is trying. it not yesterday, it will be today, all signs warning to a rapid drop in temperatures. tuesday, wednesday and thursday we will see a 25 degrees drop but at the coast already cooler , and a big difference on the temperatures.
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you can get from 59 to 96. water temperatures have come up a little bit, sfo has picked up and the delta is the key to all of this. it was 17 and now it is 13 and that is what we need. 40s, 50s and 60s, novato in santa rosa at 49, woodside 48. the lows are cool but we will rebound with 60s, 70s and 90s through the interior for one more day. we have traffic getting busier. for those people driving on the tracy triangle, and is already up to full strength on 580 and 205 with a lot of slow traffic. speeds down onto 05, typical for it to be slow to 15 miles an hour with all the volume coming in over the altamont pass.


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