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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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you can get from 59 to 96. water temperatures have come up a little bit, sfo has picked up and the delta is the key to all of this. it was 17 and now it is 13 and that is what we need. 40s, 50s and 60s, novato in santa rosa at 49, woodside 48. the lows are cool but we will rebound with 60s, 70s and 90s through the interior for one more day. we have traffic getting busier. for those people driving on the tracy triangle, and is already up to full strength on 580 and 205 with a lot of slow traffic. speeds down onto 05, typical for it to be slow to 15 miles an hour with all the volume coming in over the altamont pass.
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it does get better, and i do remember when you would have slow traffic from livermore to pleasanton. but that is not happening anymore because they have widened the freeway but more people are stuck behind the altamont pass. we take a look at 680 between san ramon, dublin and san jose, looking good. 880 traffic in both directions of the coliseum looking good with traffic moving smoothly up through the bay bridge toll plaza. there's still plenty of room even though we have a lot of people. it is 5:01 am. the san francisco police are busy investigating the officer-involved shooting in the bayview with one suspect in custody, and they are searching for another. christien kafton is in the area and what are the police saying?>> we just spoke with investigators and they are looking for multiple suspects in the case. you can see the officers are still on the scene with crime
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scene technicians going over the scene of the home invasion that originally went out as a home invasion at 11:00 last night. at least one of the occupants of the home that was involved in the home invasion was injured in the initial home invasion. officers arrived on scene and said they approached the front door of the home and that is when the suspect went out the back door and opened fire at the responding officers. >> as the officers were preparing to enter several suspects exited the rear and they encountered the police officer's and one suspect opened fire at the officers and one of the officers returned fire at the suspects. >> reporter: several suspects did manage to get away, and the officers locked down the neighborhood and issued a shelter in place for the people in the area for about five hours. there was no sign of the suspects, and apparently they
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were able to escape before the perimeter was completely formed around the neighborhood. officers do not have a suspect description. you can see there still on the scene with crime scene technicians also on the scene. they've called off the neighborhood search for the suspects and csi's looking at the inside of the home where the home invasion took place, and looking at the backyard where shots were fired. it was fortunate no one was injured in the exchange of gunfire. one victim of the home invasion does have some sort of non life threatening injuries. we are looking to learn more about who the victims were of this home invasion robbery. the officers tell me they do believe this home was targeted for a particular reason. they said they don't believe there is a larger threat to the greater neighborhood. >> christien kafton in the bayview of san francisco, thank you. president trump landed in israel a short time ago and we listen in for a moment.>> the
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sacred land in getting to spend time with the remarkable people of israel. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> the president is in israel speaking this morning. we were just list again for a moment. this is the second leg of his trip meeting with the israeli president, and he is hosting an event, and we will monitor his trip as it continues. we will bring you more as it comes in. the bombing in thailand at the hospital has injured over 20 people this morning at the military owned hospital in bangkok, and it is also open to civilians. today is the third anniversary of the military coup in thailand but authorities say it is too early to know whether
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that has any connection to the blast. investigators say they found traces of batteries and wires at the scene but they do not know who is behind the attack. it is 5:04 am. no luck yet in finding the band that had jumped in to try to rescue his son who fell overboard. the boy was pulled out but his father is not been found in the coast guard has joined the search along with the contra costa fire department along with other agents. -- agencies. one woman at the marina said that the current can be very strong where the rivers merge in the delta. >> i look for seaweed and driftwood, and the sea lions and otters come out. if you can see the kale -- kale -- kelp
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moving on the water that means the current or strong with the undercurrent. >> they called off the search because it was too dark last night and of not said whether they will continue the search today. the stabbing of the san jose university football player, the officials say happened late saturday night or early sunday morning and downtown san jose after a night out with friends. chad miller was reportedly stabbed more than once in the stomach and is in intensive care. the school has released a statement to us, and car -- in part, "we are aware of the incident in which san jose state student chad miller was a victim. he is hospitalized and expected to recover. our thoughts and prayers are with chad and his family for his prompt recovery. the defense is scheduled to call the first witness in the penalty phase of the sierra lamar murder trial.
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prosecutors wrapped up the case against antolin garcia-torres on thursday and emotional testimony by the parents of sierra lamar whose body has never been found. the jury found antolin garcia- torres guilty on all counts including murdering the 15-year-old, and the attempted kidnapping of three other women. the jury is deciding whether to recommend the death penalty or life in prison. it is 5:07 am. a san bruno man accused of killing his neighbor and dismembering his body is due back in court, david stubblefield shot his neighbor, 77-year-old benjamin roy ball in march. they say cut up the body of try to get rid of it using chemicals and they say he may have been angry about a dispute involving a space heater and during his last court hearing he pled not guilty to several charges including homicide, robbery and burglary and being
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held in a $10 million bail. it is 5:07 am. a criminal investigation that is now underway after the marijuana grow house was discovered. the president's budget set to go to congress including over $1 billion for the building of the border wall, and we have new information about the big budget cuts. we have slow traffic, especially driving in out of tracy but the morning commute on the san mateo bridge not looking bad heading off to the high-rise. a good fog bank but not making a push inland, a big difference in temperatures for some, upper 80s and 90s and for others 50s and 60s.
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it is 5:11 am and welcome back to mornings on 2. north korea has confirmed a missile launch over the weekend. >> it was a medium-range missile that was fired yesterday morning and the u.s. pacific command has confirmed it landed in the sea of japan. north korea says they are ready to mass-produce and deploy more of these missiles, and this comes one week after north
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korea successfully tested a longer-range missile. president trump is now in israel and we have shown you the second leg of his overseas trip as president, and watching as the president and the first lady arrived in tel aviv earlier this morning. he says he believes he can help the israelis and palestinians come to an agreement on a piece plant and tomorrow he is scheduled to meet with the palestinian president. just a short while ago president trump talked about the opportunity for peace in the middle east, and his comments to reporters with the israeli president. >> it is a good feeling for peace throughout the middle east . i think people have had enough of the bloodshed in killing, and i think you will see things start to happen. >> we are grateful and pushing for peace. we have to do this altogether.>> the president trump first off
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on the trip with saudi arabia where he spoke with the gathering of arab leaders urging the muslim countries to take the lead in the fight against extremism. it is 5:13 am. tomorrow the president's budget proposal for fiscal 2018 is due to be delivered to the lawmakers, a new wave of spending proposals calling for cuts in several programs including medicare, federal employee pensions, welfare benefits and farm subsidies. $93 billion expected to be/from the food stamps, a cut of 25%. the budget contains $1.6 billion for building the border wall and $300 million for additional border patrol and immigration agents. we check back in to find out what is happening with south. -- sal. >> good morning.
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the gilroy commute people are up but notes stop and go signed yet. the trip from gilroy to san jose not looking too bad. a nice-looking drive through morgan hill and getting up into san jose. as a matter fact, it has been a pretty nice drive into the area with no major problems. if you're driving out toward this area you will see traffic does move along pretty well. i want to mention that 101 is already getting slow traffic. going to the 280 commute on northbound, coming around the corner after the race street exit, traffic not too bad up to highway 17. the westbound bay bridge getting a little bit of slowing already. we will see if they switched on the metering lights for whatever reason, and it does not say that they have, but it definitely looks like it.
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>> it looks like they just put the lights on. >> i will get to the bottom of this, but people are getting on the roads earlier and earlier these days. >> i have noticed that is well. we have a pretty good fog bank, but running in to that high-pressure so we will be one more day before we see the big differences in the temperatures. speaking of fog, here it is. look at that. >> what is that? >> something is sticking out of that. >> that looks crazy. >> they are here, they have landed. [ laughter ]>> no music? we need some alien music. [ music playing ] >> there we go. it does look like that symbol, the rock.
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i think it looks like an alien ship.>> it is a bit early for that music. clear skies and 45 this morning for fort bragg and it sure looks like the rains are over. it could be something around june 1 but cooler than anything else. it is been a long time since we have not had rain in may and june. about 20 years i believe but i will have to look that up. the coast is 60s and 50s, inland 80s and 90s. the low clouds are back in a big way for some in the city and also in parts of the bay. the key is inland and usually it takes one more day. i would rather forecast rain then when it cools down inland, seriously, it is a brutal forecast with the microclimates. you can find the 10 to 15 degrees spread on this pattern. we have plenty of low clouds,
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and water temperatures is still pretty cool, especially at bodega bay. the delta is the key for the travis and inland looking for cooler temperatures, we need 25 to 30 for that to kick in. 40s, 50s and 60s in the bay, the valley, and temperatures will cool off dramatically. 51 all around, and cupertino at 52, boulder creek at 48, 30s in the mountains, 50s, 60s and 70s in the valley. making a push and this high will hold its ground one more day before the fog comes pouring in. 60s and 70s on the temperatures, upper 80s in a few 90s, and again a lot of this depends on the windspeed and direction. the cooling will begin tomorrow and it may take another day for lake county, vacaville, and tracy but everyone cools down wednesday and thursday. >> but the microclimates
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today?>> temperatures all over the place today. a recall could ruin the beginning of the grilling season and what was found in the recalled hotdogs that can make you sick. the interview with the 49ers general manager john lynch and you hear about his first few months as the head of the 49ers.
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welcome back to mornings on
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2, it is 5:20 am. the royals with the warriors and the spurs, and once again the spurs will not have quite leonard who set out for game three and officially listed as doubtful. he sprained his ankle in the third quarter of game 1. the game tonight starts it 6 pm and we will have complete coverage leading up to the game followed by the postgame reaction during the 10:00 and 11:00 newscast on ktvu. the oakland a's cannot sweep the red sox and they lost yesterday 12-3. the red sox erupted with 15 hits, 12 runs and many coming off of the relievers. the a's managed only three runs with six hits, and they committed three errors and now have the major-league leading
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42 errors. the a's are off tonight to rest up and regroup, and the miami marlins coming to town for the two-game series tomorrow. the results were not much better for the giants who lost, 8-3 against the cardinals, and the cardinals pitcher adam wainwright was strong throughout the game and it one point he retired seven giants in a row with some great plays behind him. the giants pitcher king still struggling on the road. the giants will play the chicago cubs for a four game series. a new world for the 49ers, the team making a big move in the off-season and hiring the new general manager john lynch and new head coach kyle shanahan, getting high marks. we sat down with an exclusive interview with the new general manager.>> today is about the
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future of the team and the people that know me well know i'm not into a lot of promises but i will make a few. we will assemble a team to make you cry proud. >> reporter: was there something that stands out that surprises you? >> the totality of the job which is called general manager for reason. i thought i was just picking players but it is a lot more than that. i knew that but i would say the totality of it with a lot of big decisions and in my former life i made about three decisions a day. which car do i want to drive, where we going for dinner. the hardest part about this is to kill good people and good players that they do not fit into our plans. i tried to look them in the i myself and kyle likes to do the same thing and say okay, here's why. i've always felt so long as someone was being honest with me that i did not have to agree
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with their assessment, but i could live with it. that is what we are trying to do and the job has been fun.>> reporter: the 49ers announcing they have released the quarterback tramaine brock. you had a tough decision with individual that ran into a problem. >> having been at the draft day party a lot of the fans were very positive about that because they felt the showed signs of a new direction. >> it was gut wrenching, that situation with that starting player for us. unfortunately things happened and we made a decision. it was not meant to send a message, but if it did, that is okay.>> reporter: transitioning into some of those decisions that are more toward the playing field, you guys have had a number, 25 to 30 transactions minimal. how difficult has that been for you, and argue liking the way
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the communication has gone with your coaches and your talent evaluators, and with kyle? >> it is been extraordinary this far, the working relationship between what we call the upstairs, downstairs, front office and coaching staff. there has been a tremendous interaction. i knew that kyle and i had that because we see football in a similar light along with life in a similar light. what we do is challenge each other. we do not agree on everything, but it is easy to say we will agree to disagree, and move on, but we don't want to do that. what we do is to sell each other on why we believe passionately about this. >> reporter: what is it taking your mind for you, kyle, and the coaches to be a 49er going forward?>> it is interesting you asked that question because that is one thing kyle will talk a lot about, the "wit"
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what it takes. we are obviously looking for guys that have talent and kyle and his staff have done a great job saying these are the specific traits for these as if it positions we are looking for. it may not be with the rest of the league views as the ideal traits but this is what we are looking for, and we want the guys that absolutely love to compete and love the game of football. we want the guys that have contagious competitiveness, and the guys that our leaders make the people around them better. not everyone checks every box but that is part of it, now that we have them we want to develop them, and we like what we have. it is 5:26 am. we have breaking news and we have a big fire. >> this is a large outside fire near the railroad tracks in the open fire department training facility. the fire department knows about it and they will have to be
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driving on the railroad tracks to get there and they have yet notified union pacific which means stopping the train traffic. you can see one of the vehicles on the railroad tracks, and opened fire is talking with union pacific to get the trains to stop coming through so they can put out this large outside fire. this will delay the capitol corridor trains until they get this fire out. it is next to the freeway and it looks like it outside fire, no construction involved from what i can hear but we will keep an eye on on this. this is close to the studio. you can see the train division power where the opened fire department trains the firefighters. it is also close to couple of buildings but it is a large outside fire. >> so far no word of injuries. right by the oakland training facility. it is 5:27 am. the bay area tradition that
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is been around for over 100 years, and we will show you the crazy costumes from the bay to breakers, now evolving to a more family-friendly event. as we head into the heart of the summer travel season, law enforcement agencies in california will be on the lookout, cracking down on the seatbelt violators, and we will tell you about the start of the "click it or ticket" campaign that will kickoff today. ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint?
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aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. [ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions...
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are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ] this is ktvu mornings on 2.
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good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. here are live pictures in oakland. there is a fire next to the oakland fire training facility. the crews are responding but this is a tricky fire. it appears they are getting it down a little bit but it is isolated. they may have to go on to the railroad tracks to put out the fire but you can see it driving down the freeway. we will keep an eye on this breaking news throughout the morning, right here in oakland. welcome back to mornings on 2 on this monday, may 22, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook, and thank you for joining us this morning. everybody wants know when will it cooldown. >> the fog is the hardest thing the forecast, no doubt about that. at least here, and snow is the
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hardest forecast but take a look at this, it is pouring in. the forecast models do not always handle this well so i may have to start tweaking the temperatures. this is much more fog than we saw yesterday for sure. 60s, 50s and 60s by the coast, 70s and 80s inland and still hanging on to some of the 90s. the delta breeze make it into put down some of those temperatures. big-time fog and it is flying over the city. sfo at 12, the delta breeze is okay, no great shakes out on the delta with that breeze yet. 40s and 50s, 60s on the temperatures, 50s and 60s on the coast, and inland upper 80s with a few mid 90s. this open training fire is down the street. >> it is pretty close to the station.
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i would ask the guys in the control room to bring this up, the traffic is going to be moving by in both directions, and here's the large outside fire near the freeway, near the open training facility where they train the firefighters. they had to get some of the fire equipment on the tracks to fight the fire which is close to the railroad tracks, and they have asked union pacific to stop the train from coming through until they get this taken care of but it appears they have knocked out that fire rather quickly just outside of the square. we will let you know what happened but a few of the engine companies are doing good work to get that fire out. it does not appear anyone has been injured and we are trying to confirm that. 's move along and take a look at the commutes, traffic busy on interstate 880 in oakland northbound and southbound, but not stop and go, the traffic looks pretty good.
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at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights went on a little bit early, and we have a big jam out to the maze, a little early for this to be so packed and here we are on this monday morning at 5:34 am. starting today law enforcement agencies across california will be cracking down on people who do not wear their seatbelt.>> ktvu alex savidge is in berkeley with more on the beginning of the "click it or ticket" campaign. >> reporter: good morning. we are heading into the busy summer travel season. i know a lot of the people out there are making plans to take the trips and hit the roads. you have to remember to buckle up. chp and the local police officers will be out in full force starting today. they will be looking out for those seatbelt violators is part of the national, "click it or ticket" campaign which is a
5:35 am
two-week long crackdown that will start today running through june 4. this coincides with the busy memorial day weekend which is a very busy time on the roadways as people vacation. according to the federal data, almost half of all the people killed in car crashes in this country were not wearing a seatbelt. the police over the next couple weeks in california will be taking the no excuse approach to the enforcement and writing tickets day and night to send a very simple message, seatbelts save lives. the police are trying to drive the point all beginning today with the kickoff of the "click it or ticket" campaign. as you head out make sure everyone in your car is buckled up. >> i cannot imagine people driving around without a seatbelt, that seems crazy. >> reporter: that is hard for me to imagine as well but the data says that the biggest
5:36 am
factor in people killed in crashes is that they are not buckled up. it is hard to wrap your head around but people still get in the car without the seatbelt on. >> we hear that all the time where they are thrown from the cars, just awful. thank you for that important reminder. it is 5:36 am. the house fire in antioch leads to the discovery of a huge marijuana grow operation. the fire started around 2:00 yesterday afternoon on bugle way. a cell phone video from the neighbor shows heavy smoke coming from the home and firefighters said they knew it was a marijuana grow house right away because of the bars on the windows, doors were barricaded and the electrical meters were tampered with. after they forced their way into the home they found the marijuana lance in almost every room of the house. >> they essentially took a single-family dwelling and turned it into a complete grow
5:37 am
house. there were five or six rooms that all had marijuana growing in them. >> they say the fire started outside in the planter bed and it could've been caused by a lit cigarette. bill cosby is expected be in the pittsburgh, pennsylvania courtroom as lawyers interview possible jury members and the trial and his lawyers have asked for a change of venue trying to find unbiased people to serve on the jury that will decide whether he drugged and molested a temple university his home in 2004. the trial is set to begin on june 5 in pittsburgh. a man accused of driving into a crowd of people in the new york times square said he was trying to get psychiatric help. richard rojas is accused of killing a teenager from michigan, and injuring 22 other people driving a car up on the sidewalk and continue to run into people for three blocks.
5:38 am
when he was stopped by the police last thursday said he wanted to "kill them all." he told the new york post he wanted to fix this life, get a job, and get a girlfriend. he also apologized to the families of the victims. usa european officials meeting to discuss a possible electronic ban on flights from europe to the u.s. and they could not come to a decision last week in brussels. both sides did share information about the aviation threats, detection methods and security standards, and the same group will meet again in dc this week. it is 5:38 am. the fair for the uber ride may soon go up. the cost of the ride may depend on how much uber thinks you are willing to pay. right now the price is based purely on time and distance, and uber said that the fare
5:39 am
setting system is used in 14 cities including in the bay area. 18 workers >> on the job after a three day strike of failed contract negotiations. >> members of the communications workers of america walked off the job on friday, and they say that at&t has refused to offer any serious proposals and failed to address the issues that have been chipping away at their pay over the last year. the deadline to come up with the agreement was 10 days ago. >> it is very important that we have our jobs here, and that our members are treated fairly. they are employees and we have built this company to be what it is today and they continue to disrespect the employees. >> at&t claims they made a generous proposal including wage and pension increases. it is 5:39 am. this year the bay to breakers race over the weekend
5:40 am
was a big success with no major incidents reported. 40,000 people flocked to the city from all over the world. a few years ago the bay to breakers organizers band the floats and alcohol, -- they banned the floats and alcohol, and they also placed over 1000 portable toilets that cut down on the urination in the streets.>> what was in the news right now, and the low will and recent topics, and we or there would be 1 million trumps out here but not too many beat up people from united airlines. >> the race is not only about fun, and they had some that were competing to win, and the kenya winter completed the race and 34 minutes and the female racer finish the race and 39 minutes, 48 second. it is 5:40 am.
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coming up at 6:00, the reason we could see more tics in the area than in the years past. your next uber ride could be more expensive but it depends on where you're heading. changes on pricing when we come back. good morning. traffic moving along pretty well around the bay area but the fog is still an issue. this is the maccarthur maze, and you may not recognize it. on the golden gate we had thick fog as you just saw coming over the bay and into san francisco. look at that monster coming out of the fog bank.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:43 am. this memorial day weekend
5:44 am
many people will serve the burgers and hotdogs but before you do there is a recall. nathan's and curtis hotdogs and pulled 200,000 pounds after metal objects were found in the frank, and this is the use by date of august 20, and that curtis beef franks with the use by date of june 2017. the usda said that throw them out or return them to the store. the bay area job pictures bright according the state officials and the latest report shows unemployment less than 5% and all of the nine bay area counties was san mateo the lowest jobless rate at 2.5% and solano county has or .7% which is the highest matching the national average. the other counties rains between 2.7 and 3.6 unemployment. 3% unemployment means that everybody wants a job has a job
5:45 am
according to the national economists. last night was the final curtain call for the greatest show on earth. >> ringling bros. and barnum & bailey thank you for joining us one last time. >> after almost 150 years the ringling brothers and barnum and bailey circus took down the big top for good with the final performance in new york. many in the audience say they will miss the circus. >> i've been going to the circus since the 70s when i went with my dad back in the square garden. it is been part of my life. >> the circus stopped using elements last year after protesting from the animal rights groups but other animals remain, including tigers, which will be sent to a center specializing in their care. there is a unique therapy animal in idaho that helps those in need, and the alpaca, "sprite" wonders around
5:46 am
cheering people up and posing for pictures, and the kids love to pet her. the owner of sprite registered her is a therapy animal for his senior high school project and he's been taking her on visits ever since, and there is the reaction. >> she is adorable. it is 5:46 am. let's check in with sal, and that fire along the freeway could certainly cause problems with the smoke. >> the good thing is that the smoke is gone. the traffic is moving by. let's go to the commute out here in the valley. driving on 580 or 680, we've had some very slow traffic on 580 this morning coming in to the tracy area. there were problems even before this but the traffic on 205 and 580 is very slow. look at all the slow traffic on 680 southbound down to the
5:47 am
sunol grade backed up out of the dublin-pleasanton interchange. give yourself plenty of extra time heading down the sunol grade, and it is very slow this morning, but it will get better by the time you reach fremont. that is a tough commute, so i wanted to let you know that was there. looking at the east bay commute, not bad for the rest of it. moving along to 880, no more fire traffic moving well in both directions. no major problems driving through this area. here is a look at 880 near the colosseum, that traffic also looking good. we have a large backup at the bay bridge, will check that out along with the other bridges coming up. let's bring in steve, and that fog look slow. >> it is it on the golden gate as you can see from your cameras, and the fog was very thin and within the last hour
5:48 am
it decided to come flying in and now over oakland and covering most of the city. this is a much stronger push than yesterday, so the coast and babel cooldown, inland if the breeze kicks in all bets are off. 60s and 70s by the coast, 80s and 90s inland. we will top out those temperatures today with much more fall, a tricky forecast, cool on the coast and warm to hot inland. the big news is starting not today but tomorrow cooler for all with in the temperatures dropping about 25 degrees by wednesday. if we can get that breeze, sfo showing west at 12 and without the delta breeze up to 25, we will keep an eye out and see what happens. 50s on the temperatures, 60s for some, upper 40s and low 50s. 46 at sebastopol, and that is pretty cool.
5:49 am
that ball can make for some cool conditions, upper 40s in petaluma and hillsborough 48, cool lowe's considering the afternoon highs have been warm. 50s and 60s on the coast, the interior in the 70s, and fog up and down the coast. that ridge will breakdown tomorrow and holding his ground today but losing its grip along the coast and bay because the fog is moving in. 50s, 60s and 70s by the water, 80s and 90s for those well inland, and we will cooldown more tomorrow and really dropping wednesday through friday. the weekend has a rebound but nothing compared to this week end. it is 5:49 am. the tearful goodbye to this alameda county deputy killed in a traffic accident, and we will tell you about the funeral as family and friends laid him to rest.
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welcome back to mornings on 2, it is 5:52 am. the alameda county deputy killed in a crash early in the month was laid to rest, and the funeral was held for deputy sroeuy khin, and law enforcement officers coming from around the bay area and the state to pay their respects. the deputy was on his way home
5:53 am
from an overnight ship -- shift when the commuter bus crashed into his car near the altamont pass. he died one day before he turned 51. >> from all of your brothers and sisters in blue.>> the deputy was described as a kind family man that leaves behind a wife and four children. it is 5:53 am. it is spare the air day, and air-quality officials the clearing and alert. the high temperatures and very little wind will add to the bad air quality and commuters are being asked to carpool or use public transportation. there asking that you not use gas powered yard equipment either. serving on two public commissions in the community service commission helps to identify housing and social services needs, and they review
5:54 am
funding request. the parks, recreation and open space commission advises the council on public parks. you can apply for these positions on our website and we posted a link on they will close the streets in hayward today to conduct a training exercise, "b" street between fourth and fifth street will be closed from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and the exercise will not pose a danger to the public. there is a repaving project for golden gate park estate prepare some badly damaged sections of the crossover drive that runs between the presidio boulevard and crews will keep one lane of traffic open in each direction during the week, but of course that could create backup because the crossover drive connects the sunset and richmond district's.
5:55 am
the work is expected to last through the middle of next month. it has been three months since the flooding forced thousands of people in san jose to evacuate. >> after the heavy rains for days, the anderson dam overflowed into the coyote creek flooding several neighborhoods, 14,000 people were evacuated with 200 family still in temporary housing. there getting housing vouchers and money for transportation but they are still not home. >> the reality is we had a affordable housing crisis before the flood hit and this is making it more acute. we recognize there are bigger challenges that we have to tackle to address the affordable housing problem. in the meantime we can certainly continue to push hard, and we are still soliciting from the people that want to donate for example, used cars, and the goodwill will help to repair them and get them in the family's hands, and we will continue to push on
5:56 am
these things. >> the mayor said they have improved the relocation protocol with an emergency, and they are looking at a more hands-on approach with flood prevention, and gasia mikaelian will have that for you at a special report at 7:00 this morning on mornings on 2. coming up next at 6:00, the san francisco neighborhood is on lockdown overnight, the home invasion and police shooting that is now under investigation. hundreds of people were evacuated due to this wildfire in southern california, up next is the video posted on social media prompting and criminal investigation traffic moving along pretty well but foggy and be careful driving anytime soon. a good fog bank ramping up and still pretty low so it may not help you inland, but a sign
5:57 am
that things are changing to the cooler pattern. [ birds chirping ]
5:58 am
[ inhales, exhales ] [ announcer ] cigarettes are not just dangerous when they're smoked. [ rat squeaking ] they're dangerous long after. cigarette butts are toxic. they release chemicals that poison our water... and harm wildlife. and millions... are polluting our environment. [ sniffing ] [ seagulls squawking ]
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a home invasion and a gun battle with the police. the big fire in oakland just in the past hour that is related to a series of recent fires involving the homeless camps. still ahead on mornings on 2. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for waking up with us, and for joining us. it is going to be hot for a lot of the people on this monday, may 22, i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave clark. it all depends on where you live. >> that fog is pouring in. the golden gate is socked in and that cloud deck is very low. we can see some of it moving over the bay, and again, this is always a tough forecast because once the fog makes it smooth, it could be held in check but much lower yesterday. i think this is a sign of the
6:00 am
things to come. but after careful consideration, flavor says you cannot leave the house without knowing about the weather.>> thank you for that. >> it is the weather and then the traffic. again, if that breeze kicks in, instead of 96 it might be 90, but 60s, 70s and 80s by the water. low clouds hugging the coast and making a move inland. not howling onshore breeze but there is a breeze with 40s, 50s and 60s on the temperatures. a lot of cool lows, and the low clouds and fog will burn off but that is a sign of things to come with one more day of inland heat before temperatures drop for everybody. 50s, 60s and 70s by the water. i have heard you, but that was flavor, not me.


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