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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  May 23, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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welcome back. president trump speaking at the holocaust remembrance. let's listen in. >> to address the israeli people and all people in the middle east who yearn for security, prosperity and peace. jerusalem is a sacred city. its beauty, splendor, and
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heritage are like no other place on earth.[ applause ]what a heritage. what a heritage. the ties of the jewish people to this holy land our ancient and eternal. they date back thousands of years, including the reign of king david, whose star now flies proudly on israel's white and blue flag. yesterday, i visited the western wall and marveled at the monument to god's presents and man's perseverance. i was humbled to place my hand upon the wall and to pray in that holy space for wisdom from
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god. i also visited and prayed at the church -- church of the holy sepulcher, a site revered by christians throughout the world. i lead a wreath, honoring -- >> we are listening to president trump now speaking live at the hall of remembrance, the memorial to the victims of the holocaust, talking about some of the events today and what it meant to him. he said earlier today he met with the palestinian president, mahmoud abbas, they are trying to work out peace talks in the middle east. we will continue to follow the president's trip in the middle east. and was say good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, may 23. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. you may feel a little cooler today. but not everyone. >> that's a tall order
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sometimes. north and east. >> sometimes the people -- the folks who live way out in the hotter areas, they sometimes enjoy that. >> that is correct. and i hear from them. this satellite image does not show all the fog. there is more than what showing up here. some of it is very thick, especially if you commute in and maybe head into parts around the bay or over to san francisco. watch out for some of that thick fog. santa rosa, 85 yesterday. 80 today. palo alto, 85, 80 today. livermore 96 yesterday, down to 90 today. and san jose, i used east san jose, 88 yesterday, down to 82 today. sometimes the air plot does not does the airport does not reflect most of san jose. we do get that cloud deck coming and it will rotate in. the delta breeze is trying but
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unless it gets up to 20 or 25, it will collapse. that allow temperatures to warm up away from the coast. 50s and 60s. watch for mostly sunny skies after that fog peels back. if you closer to the coast, 50s and 60s. 70s around the bay. 80s and lower 90s inland. 4:34 am on tuesday. hello, sal. >> hello, steve right now we do not have a lot going on which is good. we like it quiet. we are looking at solano county and the vacaville/fairfield commute as you drive out to vallejo. many people are doing well here driving over to the carquinez bridge and heading out to the area. no major problems getting down to the bay bridge where the traffic is light. maybe a couple of lanes have a small backup but no trouble getting across into san francisco. let's go back to the desk.
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right now, the chp reports someone is in custody after a police chase that ended in the east bay. we do not have many details in the newsroom but leigh martinez is at the scene with what we have been able to find out. >> reporter: we are underneath 880, the southbound lanes off of the fruit will/29 street exit. this is in elmwood. look at this white truck. what chp has been able to confirm is this began as a pursuit and ended when this truck ended up crashing into what looks like a traffic hole and a metal sensing warehouse. a couple minutes ago we did see a man in the driver seat be extricated and he is inside that ambulance. it did take them quite a bit of time to pull that man out. we are told he will be in custody. look at the damage to the front end of this truck. the one side complete -- seems
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to be completely smashed them. we're hundred 880, the southbound lanes. we did see back up when we were approaching this accident. we had to get off on side streets to come around to access this accident scene. that is what we are being told from chp at this time. again, this began as a pursuit and ended in a crash. it looks like one vehicle that collided with a utility pole. that's all the information we have at this time. >> the person is in custody. thank you. tonight, the alameda unified school district could decide if it elementary school will be shut down. parents of students at glum elementary on sam's creekway have held rallies to try to save the school. it's up to the school district. officials recommend closing the campus and sending the students to other schools this fall when classes begin.
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parents hire their own experts who determined seismic safety. >> the experts that we have gathered have all said that the data is not there. the district does not have sufficient information to say there is any safety risk posed. >> the parents say their experts came up with an inexpensive way to retrofit the school. now the district says it has a second recommendation to shutdown the school for safety reasons. tonight the district will hold a meeting at alameda city hall to get an update from all sides in hear from parents. that meeting starts at 6:30 pm. fire crews in san francisco are at a fire right now in the twin peaks neighborhood. that fire along brighton avenue is under control. two people are in the hospital. the red cross is helping four adults, one child that have been displaced. this is in the twin peaks section of san francisco. the fire crews are there and we will bring you more information as we get a.
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state health officials are confirming in antioch man has died after eating nacho cheese sauce contaminated with botulism. 37-year-old martin galindo was one of 10 people who became sick after eating the snack food from the valley oak food and fuel station in walnut grove near sacramento. investigators are looking for the source of the contamination but the man was married, had to make children. relatives say they are devastated by the sudden loss. >> it's tough. as a son, as a brother, especially being the great person he was. it's hard for everybody. >> botulism is a nerve toxin that can cause vomiting, blurry vision and full paralysis. doctors are treating other victims with antitoxin. base a full recovery is possible but it could take as long as a year to fully recuperate. police in palo alto released a photo of a man
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wanted for robbing a bank of america yesterday afternoon. authorities say this man went to the bank on light and avenue just after 1 pm, gave the teller a note demanding money and ran away with an undisclosed amount of cash. no weapon was seen or mentioned at the time. the robber, you see in the photo, is an african-american man about 5 feet, 5 inches. 160 pounds wearing wraparound glasses to hide part of a state -- face. >> a visit to a popular spot in san francisco led to terrifying moments for a family visiting from missouri. this happened at the ferry building. witnesses say a woman who appeared homeless try to grab a 2.5-year-old boy from his mother's arms. two employees at the golden gate meets company took action. they pinned the female suspect to the ground until police arrived. >> people were trying to pull the suspect off the kid and
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there was screaming of all. >> we are reviewing video but on the video it appeared the subject had attended and actually grabbed the child. there was a struggle that ensued. >> the suspect, identified as jessica peavy was taken into custody. she faces a felony kidnapping charge which carries a minimum five year sentence. the legalization of recreational marijuana in california is giving some people a way to clear their name or get out of jail. one part of the law says that people with previous marijuana convictions may have the charges reduced or dropped. according to a survey by the drug policy alliance, more than 2500 californians are trying to wipe the records clear of pot related drug charges. californians who are in jail on federal marijuana charges do not get the same benefits. a controversial idea aimed
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at helping heroin users in san francisco is one step closer to becoming reality. the city has formed a task force to study what is called a safe injection site. the idea is to give addicks a safe place to inject drugs where counselors and medical staff would be close by. supervisor london breed proposed the idea. she said the 15 member task force will spend three months studying how much the plan would cost and how it would work. >> if we can reduce the number of people that we know are out on the streets using, we can reduce the number of needles that are being picked up are left in playgrounds and on the sidewalks. to me, that does something. >> some drug users like the idea because they say it would take away the shame of using drugs in public. the california police chiefs and state sheriffs association say the idea sanctions illegal drug abuse. if the city approves it, a safe injection site could be opened by the end of the year are possibly early next year.
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4:41 am. we are following the latest developments of the deadly attack at a concert in england. the reactions coming in this morning from world leaders including president trump. and tesla bringing back free superchargers for car owners with a catch. up next, the recent new owners need to know another tesla driver first before getting that free supercharging. good morning. traffic is moving along pretty well if you are driving on to the san mateo bridge. you can see traffic is not too bad. we will tell you more about it coming up. if you are inland, mother nature will supercharging your temperatures again although not as warm as yesterday. they are slowly coming down on those afternoon highs.
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welcome back. the giants got a big w beating the cubs 6-four digit wrigley field. the giants scored the first six runs behind home runs by joe panik, just in reggie allen a. joe panik also hit a couple of doubles. the giants bullpen made an interesting 11 the 4 8 in enclosed. the giants now have 18 of the last 10 games. the oakland a's lost -- had last night off. it was a child a. to host the marlins at the oakland coliseum tonight. the first pitch is scheduled for 7 pm. napa high school may have to cancel its upcoming football season. the napa valley register said the school does not have a new head coach in place by june 15, diversity, junior varsity and freshman football programs will be at risk.
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the napa football program has been in the spotlight because of allegations of hazing by players over the last two years. police say 14 players and one coach could face charges. several players were expelled when the scandal became public. the school has been without a head coach since troy motz resigned in march. the school said six offers have been made but all of them have been turned down. 4:46 am. let's check in with sal. did you do something different to get the giants on track? whatever you did, it's working. >> that was my producer who had an idea that's not correct. no. i did not change anything but i do not tweak during games. >> that probably helps. >> i used to tweet during games. especially when they were losing. i'm going to sit here and watch now and see what happens.
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>> that's helping. thank you. let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on westbound 580. you can see traffic on westbound 580 and it will be slow as you come up and over the altamont pass. there are no major problems here but it is getting slow as you drive through the area. this take a look at interstate 880. no major problems north- and southbound. there have been traffic breaks for construction earlier but right now it looks okay. of the bay bridge toll plaza, traffic is light. i do want to mention something in san francisco at the corner of 15th and julian. there is a homeless encampment that appears to be on fire near the intersection. the fire department is arriving. avoid the area of 15th and julian in the mission district. 4:47 am. it's tough not to tweet sometimes, sal, when you are
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watching sports. it's tough not to. we do have -- yesterday some areas already cooled off. livermore got warmer. 96. the delta breeze collapsed and as long as that goes below 10 miles an hour, inland temperatures do not cool off. it's trying to work its way up to 20 or 25. if that happens, we will cool a. santa rosa, in town, not the airport, 85 down to 80. san jose, that is east san jose. 88 yesterday, 82 today. it's trying. the fog is there. some of it is very thick. you could get some reduced visibility toward highway 1. high pressure sometimes is will look to leave. water temperatures have gone up. 50 and bodega bay. san francisco buoy bouncing around the 54. these are about average for this time of year. they were colder about a week
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ago and are now holding steady where they should be. falconer low clouds will give way to mostly sunny skies. a west when it sfo. this is the key. we will see what shows up around 6:00. if we get that up to 20 or 25, inland areas will drop. 50s a few 40s on the temperatures. 60s in some locations. brentwood, 64. danville, 59. the same for san ramon. lafayette's, 56. 37 in truckee. 76 in las vegas. fog and low clouds will reside by the coast. the ridge is buckling. there is a system coming up from the west and southwest. that will help lift the fog a little bit. if it doesn't happen say it will happen tomorrow. a foggy pattern by the coast. nice for some. inland it will be warm and maybe hot the trend is to start calling it down. 50s to 80s to low 90s toward
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antioch and brentwood. for most, temperatures are on their way down and they will continue to take a tumble starting tomorrow and going into friday. they will rebound on the weekend. not hot but it looks nice. >> good sleeping weather. >> i can't wait for that. >> it's a little tough when we're trying to go to sleep and it still light outside. 4:50 am. expect major delays if you're flying through sfo this memorial day weekend. a runway repaving project was originally supposed to be on hold saturday and sunday as we look at these live pictures. however, the cruise out there fell behind on their work. that means one runway will be closed for construction work. sfo expects delays of 30-90 minutes and about 100 cancellations per day. tesla is reportedly bringing back the unlimited use of its supercharging stations
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but there is a catch. according to cnet, people who buy a new model as our model x will have to go through the company's referral program. that will give them access to the free use of tesla's networker supercharging stations. those who do not use the program will get about one 1000 miles of free supercharging credits per year. after that, the use of the charging stations will come with a small fee. the city of oakland is looking for talented artists to help create new murals. >> give us a chance to do some beautiful work in our city. i want to beautify my city and do what i love. >> find out more about this project to bring urban art to the walls throughout oakland.
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caress, with floral fusion oil is more than one thing. it's soft skin and fine fragrance. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress. welcome back to mornings on 2 . part of highway 1 in big sur is still closed this morning after a weekend landslide. caltrans said it happened saturday night on highway one at mud creek. monterey county sheriff's office plane took this video showing just how much earth slid down the mountain and across highway 1. that's a lot. it's estimated millions of cubic feet of dirt and rock crashed down onto a road that was already closed because of a landslide earlier this year. about one third of a mile of the road is cut off.
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caltrans said it has to wait for the hillside to settle and stabilize before they can start clearing the highway again. the nonprofit group, visit oakland, is looking for local artists to create murals on the walls and spaces donated by businesses or property owners. >> amber lee has more on visit oakland's public mural grants program. >> reporter: fernando santos grew up in east oakland. the middle school art teacher is a part-time mural artist. oakland made me who i am. oakland made me the artist i am now. >> reporter: this wallace on the side of hfd engineering. >> you come of the bridge from san francisco. you go over the bridge and you see the crane. when you're coming at a oakland, you see downtown. >> reporter: the 34-year-old used to spray paint graffiti is a teenager. but as an adult, he says he's found a productive way to express his love for oakland.
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>> this is my side of town. >> reporter: he creates murals commissioned by businesses and schools. visit oakland is looking for homegrown artists such as santos. it will pay anywhere from $500- $5000 depending on the size and scope of the mural. >> we are looking for murals that promote oakland culture, oakland history. >> reporter: the group is asking the artist to partner with a business that has a blank wall when so many an application for the program. the artist creates the work, the business provides the canvas. >> we really want these to be love letters to the city of oakland, telling the world what's special about this city. >> visit oakland says murals gracing various walls around the city have proven to be attractions for tourists and locals. last year, visit oakland debuted the mural the selfie wall, effort of the oakland marriott city center. it also approached and sponsored the murals on the independent brewing company located in the jack london warehouse district.
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>> i think it's turned a big blank wall into something beautiful. >> reporter: the co-owner set a partnership between merchants and artists is good business for both. >> it will give local artists who are having a hard time with the cost of rent and the present living pick it will give them projects and things that will enable them to show their pride in their hometown and hopefully stay here. >> reporter: as for santos, the art teacher, he'd love to create murals jail time. he plans to apply for the program. >> give us a chance to, you know, d beautiful work in our city. and i want to beautify my city. i want to do what i love. >> reporter: in oakland, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. that's great. coming up, the warriors are heading back to the nba finals after a four-game sweep of the spurs. we will hear from some of the teen's stars who say they are not done yet. it's a difficult morning for many in manchester, england, were at least 20 are dead after a deadly explosion at a ariana grande concert. we will tell you what happening
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[ screaming ] it was chaos.
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an investigation underway in the uk after 20 people were killed in a bombing at a ariana grande concert. we have details on an arrest made and also how world leaders are condemning the attack. >> so many young, beautiful, innocent people living and enjoying their lives, murdered by evil losers in life. >> new information continues to coming this morning to our newsroom as a frantic search for missing loved ones is now underway. ktvu fox 2 news continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. and moaning. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2. 5 am on tuesday, may 23 . i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is here and he will tell you if you will like the forecast. >> that depends -- on what your definition of like his. >>i


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