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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 23, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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it is tuesday, may 23. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. it is a busy morning. steve paulson has a lot to talk about as he tells you his forecast. >> most will be cola. >> i got it. >> most. it's tough for some. lake county, i can't help you. others will cool down. it will not be 96 in livermore today. i only went to 90. 6 degrees cooler today. there is a big fog bank out there and it continues to thicken up. we need a little help to see if we can get this.'s system is coming up and that will enhance the fog bank. 50, 54, 54, about average but they are cool enough, the water temperatures, where the fog has no problem forming. vacaville has a west and southwest. that is a good key. things may be turning cooler for some england. a lot of 50s and a few low 60s. fog will be slow to retreat.
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ncssm coming in from the west and southwest and that will enhance the fog and usher in a cooling trend. for today, 50s through 80s and for a few, 90s. we have a stalled bus on the bay bridge in one of the right lanes, westbound on the san francisco side of the bridge. that is all the way across and is causing slow traffic not only on the span but also at the toll plaza. i want to show you that traffic is barely moving. sometimes we look at this and you can see that it is slow but moving along. look at those cars. they look like they are absolutely at a standstill. this is a major problem for the bridge. they have slowed of those metering lights down because traffic on the bridge has become very slow. i would not recommend at this point using the bay bridge into san francisco. i would recommend maybe taking bart or maybe use 880 to get down to the san mateo bridge which is not that bad right now.
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you have a window of opportunity to use the san mateo bridge or perhaps think about using the richmond bridge to the golden gate. right now that is clear. the richmond bridge looks good over to 101. southbound 101 into san francisco -- your window of opportunity will not be long because people are going to figure this out and will start getting busy on the other bridges. try to get out there early. the bay bridge is in bad shape because of a stalled bus. topping our news this hour. more victims of the manchester concert bombing are being identified and honor this morning. >> there are reports in the uk that isis has claimed responsibility for that deadly attack at a ariana grande concert. allie rasmus is in hours today with new information. the bombing has killed 22 people so far. dozens more have been heard. >> reporter: yes. and what is so heartbreaking and devastating about that number is that several children are believed to be among the 22 victims of this attack.
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the uk guardian is reporting the latest victim identified is an eight-year-old girl who had been attending the concert with her mother and sister. the mother and sister are in the hospital. another victim identified college student, georgina callander , seen here in a picture taken several years ago with her idol, ariana grande. she was attending the concert. many other parents of missing concertgoers are searching for their children, visiting hospitals in the area and posting pictures on social media, hoping for information on their children's whereabouts. >> [ screaming ]oh my god. >> reporter: cellphone video from inside manchester arena shortly after that loud explosion shows the chaos and terror that concertgoers experienced as a rush to escape. 22 people were killed in this
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attack, another 59 were injured. 21,000 people were inside manchester arena for this ariana grande concert. the singer had just wrapped up her final song and was already backstage with some of the concertgoers were heading for the exit heard the loud bang. that was followed by a blinding flash and smoke and suicide bomber had detonated an explosive device at one of the exits. >> everyone started screaming and crying, did not know what to do. people were jumping over us. awful. >> it was really confused. we heard a bang and smelled smoke. everyone was screaming and crying. >> >> reporter: british authorities confirm this suicide bomber died in the attack. they've also arrested a 23-year- old man from manchester in connection with this bombing. and in a statement in english and other languages, uk papers are reporting that
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representatives from isis claimed responsibility for the attack, praising the bomber as in "soldier of the caliphate." brinners the authorities are trying to verify how much contact the perpetrators of this bombing had with isis. that is still a work in progress. it does raise a concern about isis and terrorists acting alone, going after so-called soft targets. concerts and shopping centers and places that do not typically have the same high level of security is government offices, buildings and tourist spots. >> it's sad because as you mentioned, so many families and kids out enjoying a concert. an expectation of safety with something like that. 6:05 am. president trump is just about to leave israel and head for italy this morning. the president wrapped up his middle east visit today, pledging u.s. support to the people of israel. >> i stand in awe of the accomplishments of the jewish people and i make this promise to you. my administration will always stand with israel.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> earlier today, president trump visited israel's memorial to the victims of the holocaust. the president and first lady took part in a wreath laying ceremony along with the israeli prime minister. earlier today, the president met with palestinian president mahmoud abbas, in the west bank. president trump said president mahmoud abbas a shorthand the palestinians are committed to trying to come to a peace agreement with israel. back at home, 6:06 am , as we are looking at pictures of president trump. here at home, a standoff in antioch ended last night after several hours with a suspect being arrested. according to the east bay times, is started before 12:30 pm yesterday afternoon. someone in a white sedan fired shots at three people. no one was hurt. lisa later found the suspect barricaded inside a home on san joaquin avenue and west regalis road. the swat team was called in.
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the standoff ended peacefully just before 10 pm last night. the wife of an alameda in court today in connection with a deadly dui crash the killed a three-year-old boy. yarenit malihan of pleasanton is accused of slamming into a car parked on the shoulder of interstate 680 in san ramon back in september. three-year-old, elijah dunn, was killed in the crash. his mother was injured. malihan turned herself into authorities yesterday. she is being charged with gross vehicular manslaughter, while intoxicated, and driving under the influence. court records show a blood test revealed she had prescription medicine in her system. >> it's a relief that she's been charged, finally, because it is taken quite a while. but there's also some sadness and disappointment in that she was not impressed with second- degree murder charges giving the circumstances. >> a few months before that
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september crash, malihan was arrested for driving with an alcohol level of 0.13. while i was in the car with her. early this month, she was also arrested for public intoxication in pleasanton. the california state assembly approved a gun control measure for schools. this bill takes away the power of school superintendents to let people carry guns in a school zone. the intent of the original ball was to allow domestic survivors to arm themselves, protect themselves come on campus. critics say this provision has been exploited by school districts to allow cafeteria aids, teachers, even yard monitors, to carry guns on school grounds and in effect become security guards. republican who voted against the measure says it addresses a nonexistent issue. legislation now moves on to the state senate. the napa high school football season is now in jeopardy of being canceled entirely in part because of a hazing scandal involving a number of players.
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alex savidge is a napa this morning with what is next maybe for the program. >> reporter: a lot of uncertainty. good morning. the longtime head coach here stepped down amid those hazing accusations that have rocked napa high school and the district -- the district has had a tough time finding his replacement. that potentially could put the upcoming football season in jeopardy. according to the napa valley register, the district is warning parents and players that the season may be canceled if a head coach cannot be hired. troy mott, who coach the team for the past 11 years, resigned in march after allegations surfaced that some of his football players were assaulting teammates. nampa police recommended criminal charges for 14 players and also one coach. the scandal prompted the district to, in essence, clean house. the told the entire coaching staff that they would all have to reapply for their jobs and
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come again, the head coach of the football team, the former head coach, has stepped down. the principal told the napa valley register that the head coaching position had been offered to a number of candidates already but, so far come all of those candidates have turned that position down. the upcoming football season, potentially, in jeopardy if a head coach cannot be found. >> i'm sure a lot of people are worried and upset by all of this. thank you, alex. we have some new video to show you of the warriors arriving home after they say the san antonio spurs last night. 129-115, to win the western conference finals. the warriors took this video and gave it to us a little while ago. their chartered flight from san antonio landed at oakland airport just before 3 am. you see the trophy right there. the players came home with the western conference trophy.
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>> steph curry scooped it up. >> last night the warriors were led by steph curry. he had 36 points, 6 assists, 5 rebounds and 5, 3-pointers. a pretty good game. kevin durant had 29 points. the warriors swept the spurs and 4 straight games. the warriors become the first team in nba history to start the playoffs perfect, 12 digit- -- 12-0. >> 12 i know is great. it doesn't mean anything going into the next series. we have to understand that. >> i'm proud of the work we put in from the beginning of the season. we kept grinding. we did not talk about championships or anything. we wanted to build good habits and have fun playing some basketball. >> there is chris mullen, one of the most popular boyer's
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players of all time. he presented the western conference trophy to this year's warriors. they warriors can rest. they have to wait to see the winner of the cavaliers/celtics series in the eastern conference. cleveland is leading the series. the warriors have a long wait before the start of the championship series. game one is at oracle on thursday, june 1. game to is also at oracle on sunday, june 4. games 3 and four digit will be on the road either in cleveland or in boston. 6:12 am. the former national security advisor pleading the fifth. next, what michael flynn says he will need in exchange for testimony into russia's interference into the election. a surprising study when it comes to alcohol and cancer. next, how much can increase your risk and what you can still do to reduce those odds.
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it's been a long stretch of hot temperatures inland but there is a bigger font bank this morning and it's trying. it does look cooler even for those inland.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the trump administration is set to deliver a $4.1 trillion federal budget plan to congress later today. that plan is to balance the federal budget in 10 years with several cuts. the programs with the most dramatic cuts include medicaid,
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food stamps, disability benefits, welfare and student loans. the proposal would also increase spending on the military, the structure investments and parental leave. this morning, former cia director john brennan is scheduled to testify about the evidence the obama administration had to conclude that russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election. his testimony before the house intelligence committee could shed light on concerns about president trump's first national security advisor, michael flynn. yesterday, flynn turned down a subpoena to turn over documents to the senate intelligence committee. flynn cited his fifth amendment rights against self- incrimination. sources close to flynn say he is willing to testify but only in exchange for immunity. >> people want to make a big deal out of it like someone asserting their privilege must be hiding something. and that often is not the case. they are listening to a competent lawyer who tells them you should have protection.
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>> the former fbi director, james comey, has agreed to testify before the same committee. his testimony is expected sometime after memorial day. 6:17 am. the trump administration is asking a judge in san francisco to reconsider his ruling blocking the president's order to cut funding from sanctuary cities. the department of justice asked the u.s. district court judge for permission to file documents asking the judge to reconsider or clarify his ruling because of a new memo by attorney general jeff sessions. that memo reasserts the department's position that president trump office executive order applies to a relatively small amount of money. the judge rejected that argument any ruling in april that blocked the executive order. 6:17 am. back over to sal. of late no big problems with the commute. we have a stalled bus on the bridge. unfortunately that has caused a big problem on the bay bridge westbound. i want to show you the toll
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plaza bacca. we always see it and we always see traffic that is low but that stalled bus -- it looks like they may be getting it out of the way -- the traffic is still very slow trying to get into san francisco. you may want to consider using an alternative bridge, perhaps 880 southbound and get over to the san mateo bridge which is still not bad. there have been no major problems. also, the commute has been okay on the richmond bridge as you drive through the area. we are also looking at the dumbarton bridge. slowing approaching that span with no major issues. in the south bay we have a decent commute. not everything is going to be slow. i want to put on your radar, steve, and anyone who is coming up on the memorial day weekend come if you are flying in and out of sfo, we are expecting major delays this weekend because of runway work. your flights, whatever that is,
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it may be delayed either coming in or out. >> does that start on saturday? >> over the weekend. yes. >> thank you. i know some people coming in on friday. speaking of sfo, i see a little fog out there. so far it looks like it's on the hills. the fog bank is there. for some it is enhancing, coming over the city and san pablo bay. the satellite image does not pick it all up but it is there. cam wake get it a little higher? it does look higher compared to yesterday. cool and most locations in santa rosa, down to 80. palo alto, 80 today. livermore, 96 yesterday, 90 today. east san jose, from 88 down to 82 today. it looks like fog will help cool things down. we're waiting on that breeze to kick in. water temperatures have gone up and leveled off. 50-54. plenty cold enough to get that fog machine rolling. once it gets some help, wested
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sfo. when vacaville gets a west and southwest, that is a sign that things are beginning to kick in. it's trying. 50s on the temps to near 60 for some. upper 40s for a few. kelseyville, 53 along with napa. 48, bodega bay. 56 in ukiah. low clouds and fog will make for a great day in the coast and over the bay. this system will start enhancing that fog. temperatures in lake county will take another day. vacaville, 93. 60s, 70s and more 80s, even concord coming down to 87. stop the presses! 87 in danville. oakland, 72. alameda, 68. if you go from oakland over the east bay you will see a big
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difference once you go through the tunnel. 80s in the south bay. 50s, 60s, 70s and low 80s on the peninsula. cooler all the way into friday and then we rebound into what looks to be a nice weekend. >> when i lived in the city and we would ride bikes over to marin county, you would hit an actual wall of warm air. the change is unbelievable. when you come out of the tunnel in the east bay, quite a difference. 6:21 am. a new study is putting an end to all the good dues we hear about drinking wine in moderation. the american institute for cancer research released a study this morning saying one glass of wine or other alcoholic drink per day significantly raises the risk of breast cancer. a small glass of wine or beer a day reportedly increases premenopausal breast cancer risk by 5% and postmenopausal breast cancer risk by 9%.
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but the same study also says intense exercise can actually reduce that risk of cancer. caltrain celebrating some big news, funding to electrify their tracks has been approved. coming up, big changes as a result coming to the peninsula. next, protecting equal pay in california. a bill making its way to the senate to make sure one question from judy -- from future -- future employees does not limit your earning potential. celebrate the summer of heroes, only at
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welcome back to mornings on 2. 6:25 am. state lawmakers are strengthening california's it will plate -- equal pay protection. a bill passed yesterday that prohibits employers from asking job applicants how much money they made at previous jobs. supporters of the bill say that will prevent wage discrimination in the past from holding down a person's future pay. also it would require private employers to give applicants pay scale information. this bill now goes through the state senate. governor brown to be towed a similar bill in 2015. a bay area woman is suing bart over one of its apps saying it invades user's privates. pamela moreno of albany said
6:26 am
the part watch app which was released in 2014 secretly collects personal information about its users. it was advertised as a way for riders to discreetly report criminal activity with their cell phones. the suit claims when the part watch app is active, it allows part in the app maker to track a phone's unique numeric identifier and its location. >> across industry standards, companies don't do this. they don't collect the type of information that is being collected by defendants in this case. >> but released a statement on its website denying the claims and says users can opt out of location sharing and there are several places that information is posted. bart also said the app is a helpful tool to report security concerns. legalize recreational marijuana in california is giving some people a way to clear their names or get out of jail. one part of the law says people with previous marijuana convictions may have the charges reduced or even
6:27 am
dropped. according to a survey by the drug policy alliance, more than 2500 californians are trying to clear their records of marijuana related drug charges. those who were jailed on federal marijuana charges, they do not get the same benefits. there was a gas station snack and people got sick. one person died. coming up, the investigation now underway after an antioch man died of botulism. an early morning fire in sunnyvale has damaged a few businesses in a strip mall. we have a latest on the fire investigation.
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this is ktvu fox 2 news , mornings on 2. good morning. it is tuesday, may 23. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. thank you for joining us. let's check in with steve. fog has rolled in -- >> for many. >> is supposed to be nice this weekend. >> it will be or near average. the fog bank is trying to get that breeze going. that low cloud deck will be slow to burn all for some. a huge difference in temperatures. some areas topped out on
6:31 am
sunday. some inland areas topped out yesterday. 60s, 70s, authorities to near 90. lake county, it will probably take another day to cool off. vacaville does have a west/southwest breeze. 47 in 1903 was the record low. we get a low cloud deck and i don't think it's going anywhere soon. when you get that west and southwest at vacaville and travis, that is an indicator that things are about to change. 50s on the temps. 60 for some's. brentwood, 60. nothing earth shattering. by the concord pavilion, 51 degrees. temperatures will be warm or hot inland. a system coming and will change that for those away from the coast. 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and near 90 for some. >> the bay bridge it is slow. we have some stalled vehicle's and other minor things that have caused a slow start to the
6:32 am
bay bridge. i keep focusing on it because if you are driving to the bay bridge, you will notice it will take you longer. things are beginning to improve a little bit as they have's speed up the metering light. this is a 30 minute delay. there is a spider. it's hard to ignore when you're doing a traffic report. there is a spider on the screen but i digress. let's take a look at the commute on interstate 880. traffic is moving along okay in both directions as you drive through. and there have been no major problems on westbound 92 at the san mateo bridge but it is beginning to fill in. the dumbarton bridge doesn't look that bag getting over to the peninsula. 6:32 am. let's go back to the desk. we begin this half-hour with an update on the terror attack at a trying to concert in manchester, england. authorities arrested a 23-year- old man in connection to last night's suicide bombing.
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>> it is now beyond doubt that the people of manchester and of this country have fallen victim to a callous terrorist attack. and attack that targeted some of the youngest people in our society with cold calculation. >> investigators are not commenting about the man who is in custody or the attacker who blew himself up in the suicide bombing. authorities do say they know the borrower's identity but are not releasing his name at this time. the attack has so far killed 29 people, injured 59 others. many of the victims are young people. one of the people killed has been identified as an eight- year-old girl. a short time ago, isis claimed responsibility for the attack that was pulled off by "a soldier." here at home, several stores in sunnyvale were damaged by an early morning
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fire. leigh martinez is at a strip mall on lakeside drive where this happened. what do you know now? >> reporter: just a few minutes ago we talked to the owner of a limousine service. he says they work 24 hours and his overnight manager heard a loud pop then a series of three more pops coming from the other section of the strip mall. often the corner there is a computer store. he said he started seeing flames. that's when he called 911. we do have a photo taken by sunnyvale firefighters earlier when this became a 2-alarm fire. this is on lakeside drive. the fire broke out just before 3:30 am. high flames complicated the fight for firefighters to access the store. >> we saw swede 3 and 5 fully charged with smoke. we attempted to make entry but the smoke was too thick. we pulled our crew out and
6:35 am
coordinated some vertical ventilation in the roof. we attempted to make entry again but at that point the flames were shooting through the roof. >> reporter: firefighters had it knocked down after 4:30 am. it's still under investigation and no one was hurt. if you come back out here alive, we do have firefighters accessing some of the other businesses to check inside. we are told they are looking for hot spots. at this point we did hear from the battalion chief who said he thought there was only fire damage to two of the buildings. when we spoke to the owner of the car service company he said he knows for sure that his office has a lot of water and smoke damage. he did reach out to his insurance company. it was too early to hear anything back yet. right now we are seeing firefighters trying to access some of these other buildings. as for lake shore drive, they did have it open for a time but
6:36 am
because the fire crews are pulling out their hoses, we did see sunnyvale police blocking off lake shore again. back to you guys. firefighters in san francisco are in the ingleside neighborhood, the scene of a house fire the started around two hours ago on brighton avenue. two people were taken to the hospital but we do not know their conditions. officials say four adults and one child were in the house. they lived at the house. the red cross has been called to help them. the fire was quickly brought under control. they were able to keep the flames from spreading. the cause of the house fire is under investigation. state health officials are confirming an antioch man has died after eating nacho cheese sauce contaminated with botulism. 37-year-old martin galindo was one of 10 people who became sick after eating that snack food from the valley oak food and fuel station in walnut grove. that's near sacramento.
6:37 am
investigators are looking for the source of the contamination. galindo was married and had two children. relatives say they are devastated by this sudden loss. >> it's tough. as a son, as a brother, especially being the great person he was. it's hard for everybody. >> botulism is a nerve toxin that can cause vomiting, blurry vision and even paralysis. doctors are treating some of the other victim with antitoxin but it could take as long as a year to fully recuperate. a mother of convicted killer antolin garcia-torres is a pleading with the jury that is deciding his fate to spare his life. the case is now in the penalty phase and laura garcia was on the witness stand in san jose yesterday. she cried as she testified that her ex-husband was verbally and physically abusive. garcia-torres was found guilty of kidnapping and killing 15- year-old sierra lamar of morgan hill. the jury must decide if he
6:38 am
should get the death penalty or be sentenced to life in prison without parole. police in palo alto released a photo of a man wanted for robbing a bank of america yesterday afternoon. authorities say the man went to the bank on linton avenue just after 1 pm, handed the teller a note demanding money and ran off with an undisclosed amount of cash. no weapon was seen or mentioned and the robber, there is photo, described as african-american, 5 feet, 160 pounds. he was wearing wraparound glasses to hide part of his face. police in oakland are investigating a stabbing at embiid donald's were two men were hurt. this happened after 4 am yesterday afternoon near 98th avenue and international boulevard. police say is started with an argument inside the donald's that continued outside. they say four teenagers were fighting with two men. the two men suffered superficial stab wounds.
6:39 am
a visit to a popular tourist spot in san francisco led to terrifying moments for a family visiting from missouri. this happened that they ferry building yesterday morning. witnesses say a woman who appeared to be homeless try to grab a 2 1/2-year-old boy from his mother's arms. two employees at the golden gate meat company took action. they pinned the female suspect to the ground until police arrived. >> people were trying to pull the suspect off the kid and there was screaming and fall. >> we are reviewing video at this time but on the video it appeared the subject had attempted and actually grabbed the child and there was a struggle that ensued. >> the suspect identified as jessica peavy was taken into custody. she faces a felony kidnapping charge which carries a minimum five year sentence. we now know the name of a man who was shot and killed over the weekend by police in pleasanton. police say the family a 58-year- old shannon estill called them
6:40 am
to their home saturday morning saying he was acting erratically. allegedly he pointed a shotgun and then a fake gun at police officers who responded. the police department said officer keith batt shot and killed estill. officer batt began his career with the oakland police department in 2000 but he moved to the pleasanton police department after accusing a group of senior police officers who were known as the writers, of misconduct. is santa clara county come and arrest in connection to the killing of a beloved 88-year- old woman affectionately known as miss flo. >> 20-year-old perla arreola was arrested for accessory to murder and conspiracy to obstruct justice. she is accused of disposing stolen items and lying to investigators who were looking for evidence. another defender, zachary quinn, has been charged with
6:41 am
killing 88-year-old flow douglas. authorities say he broke into her home last september, assaulted her and ransacked the house. she later died from her injuries. investigators say quinn drove miss flo's car to arlo was after the attack. his clothing was still bloody and and items stolen from the home. he is due in court today. tonight, the alameda unified school district could decide if an elementary school there should be shutdown. the parents of students at lum elementary on sand creek way have been holding rallies, trying to save the school. school officials announced the school is not earthquake safe. officials recommended closing the school campus and sending the 500 students to other schools this fall. parents hired their own experts to determine seismic safety. >> the experts that we have gathered have all said that the
6:42 am
data just isn't there. the district does not have sufficient information to say there is any safety risk posed. >> the parents say their experts came up with a very inexpensive way to retrofit the school. now the school district says it has a second recommendation to close the school for safety reasons. tonight the school district will hold a meeting at alameda city hall. we will get an update from all sides and also hear from parents. that meeting begins at 6:30 pm. right now it is 6:42 am. there are more problems for napa high school caught up in a hazing scandal. coming up, the reason the school's football program may be canceled. and what it means for students. amazon is taking its smart home system to the next level. what alexa will now be able to do in your home if you shop at ikea.
6:43 am
right now, traffic is going to be busy if you were driving on the san mateo bridge. it looks like that window of good traffic has closed and it's pretty crowded on your way out to be highrise. alexa, will it be color inland? yes. for some it will be today. we will talk about your tuesday forecast after this.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we want to look at the stock market this morning. the dow jones is up 20 points. there's a lot of concern overnight that the deadly
6:46 am
bombing in the uk could affect markets around the world. the european markets are also up this morning and, again, there is a live look at the dell. the s&p 500 is also a. the nasdaq is slipping a little bit. tesla is reportedly bringing back the unlimited use of its supercharging station but there is a catch. according to cnet, people who buy a new model s or x will have to go through the company's referral program. that will give access to the free use of tesla's network of supers charging stations. those who do not use the program will get about 1000 miles are free supercharging credits per year. after that, the use of the charging stations will come with a fee. soon you will be able to turn on ikea's smart light with your voice. ikea said by this summer, the smart lights will be compatible with amazon's and speakers. right now the lights can be activated and turned on with an app. but ikea said the balls will soon be connected wireless to amazon alexa.
6:47 am
ikea said the lights will be compatible with google and apple's smart home systems in the future. if you have alexa we give news updates. you can say, alexa, what is the news? you will hear me and mike. speaking of gasia mikaelian, she has a look at what's coming up. good morning. good morning. coming up in minutes, as we continue to follow developments in the manchester bombing at a ariana grande concert, we are also hearing heartwarming stories of people taking action in a time of uncertainty to help total strangers. what one woman did for dozens of teenagers that gave them and their parents the gift of peace of mind. also, the warriors are in the finals and fans will do just about anything to get the latest warrior's gear including missing work. people were lined up outside a pleasant hill sporting goods store but one item is very hot and it's nowhere to be found.
6:48 am
we will hear from a fan who has some explaining to do to his boss because he missed work trying to get this one special thing that is not available. we will tell you what is available as retract down that item. these stories and more when i join you in a few minutes. >> your teasing us. >> i can't wait to hear what that is.>> 6:48 am, sal, did you fix things at the toll plaza? >> i do know what that is but i will not spoil it. she will come over here and beat me. we will have to stay tuned. the toll plaza -- i will say that traffic is a little better than it was. we had a stalled vehicle on the bridge. a minor accident. traffic is moving better but i would say it's still very slow at the toll plaza for a half hour delay as you drive toward san francisco. it's not a normal morning. give yourself an extra 10 or 15 minutes. i don't think it will be longer than that. leave your house with 15 extra minutes and you will be fine. let's move along and take a
6:49 am
look at the commute on the freeway on 880. you have a window of opportunity to drive from san leandro to oakland without any major delays. and the morning commute will be okay on 680. it's a little slow and highway ford edge is low. it's low from the antioch, pittsburg boundary all the way through pittsburg and partly at bay point. steve, does that got you? >> i think we may have already mentioned it but roger moore has passed away. he was james bond. >> he was also the same as well, simon templer before that. >> he was the guy -- he was the man that i first knew as bond. my dad's james bond was sean connery. and he was my james bond. >> might also. i want to get to the fog. and i want to show you something coming up on the radar. we have more fog. it looks like the delta breeze
6:50 am
is beginning to pick up. i want to take you to savannah, georgia. they had six point they had 6.23 inches of rain yesterday. they had 9 for the month. it's the fourth wettest may ever and they still have six days to go. a lot of rain and savannah. sabrina said, i'm not complaining but i am ready for some heat relief. >> i don't blame you. there will be a lo cloud deck and it will be cooler. foggy on the coast but not as hot as yesterday. the fog will really kick in tomorrow and that will take us into friday with the rebound on the weekend. down 5 for santa rosa and palo alto. from 96 yesterday down to 90 today in livermore. san jose, 88 yesterday, today, low to mid 80s today. 82 and 58 is the average of the san jose airport. draw your attention to the record low of 35 back in 1895.
6:51 am
low clouds and fog and it looks like there's more to work with. the delta breeze is trying and when you get a west/southwest at vacaville in a west in napa, it's usually a matter of time before that really kicks in. 50s for most. a few low 60s. 58 on the peninsula. pacifica, around 50. hillsborough, 50. this system is coming in from the west and southwest and that will start to lift the fog bank and give us a significant cooling trend. and may take another day before areas like ukiah and clear lake cool down. for everyone else, 60s, 70s and 80s. i think there will be a breeze behind some of those upper 80s and lower 90s. the theme is more 80s and 70s. areas that were hotter than that a couple days ago and it will be cooler tomorrow. you should hear fewer
6:52 am
complaints, steve, i'm guessing. 6:51 am. a local artist is getting a chance to show off their skills and where they are from. >> oakland made me who i am. oakland made me the artist i am. next, the group sponsoring local artists to create new urban art work. the plan to modernize caltrain is taking off after months of delays. details on the railway electrification.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. our time is 6:54. in oakland, the nonprofit group visit oakland is trying to find local artists who can paint and create murals on walls subpoena spaces donated by businesses or property owners. visit oakland will pay between $500 to $5,000 depending upon the size and scope of the mural. they're trying to find projects that promote oakland's culture and history. visit oakland already has murals on walling at several businesses around the city. some business owners say the partnership between the business owners and artists is good business for both of them. >> it will give local artists who are having a hard time with the cost of rent examine the cost of living, it will give them an ability to show pride in their hometown and hopefully stay here. >> that beautiful baby is a work of art too.
6:56 am
visit oakland is hoping to pay for five new murals with this project. the san francisco giants got a big w last night beating the chicago cubs 6-4 at wrigley field. joe panik hit a couple of a doubles and a home run. the bullpen made it interesting, allowing a four- run 8th inning. the closer came in the 9th to get the final three outs. they have won three out of the last ten games. the a's host the marlins tonight at 7:00. a decision by levi's stadium and u2 to let the concert go past 10:00 a.m. caused a lot of problems.
6:57 am
the concert ended at 11:00. so vta had to run special concert trains an hour longer than planned and that cost $61,000. vta expects to be reimbursed by the stadium and the 49ers but that was rejected. so they will charge the stadium and s&p center for extra services. >> that policy basically defines a cost and defines how we can recoup that money from this -- from this specific venue. >> we have to look at the whole situation. what are the moneys that they're requesting. what are -- how are they justifying the funds and the payments? >> now, the vta will take up the proposal at the meeting on june 1st. it is 6:57. cal train is celebrating a big victory. the federal transit administration approved a grant for almost $650,000 to
6:58 am
electrify the tracks. >> that's right. >> reporter: here is a cal train. and trains are packed during the evening commute. oftentimes standing room only. >> i feel like we're sardined packed -- sardines facted in. that will help. >> reporter: cal train reaching a major milestone after a grant agreement was granted to fund the $2 billion to electrify the tracks along the corridors in san francisco to san jose. >> today is electrifying for those of us fighting for two decades to electrify the cal train commuter rail system which has been running since abraham lincoln was the president of the united states. >> reporter: southern railroad will be transformed from a diesel based service to an electrified system, doubling capacity from the 60,000 daily
6:59 am
riders. it will be more environmentally friendly and create 9600 jobs across the country. >> with the new administration, we hit a bump in the road. thankfully they have seen the wisdom in the project. >> reporter: it hit a roadblocks after the gop members thought it would be shared with the high speed project. if it was lost they would have lost contracts. bay area leaders applauding the news. senator feinstein treating modernizing cal train has been a big problem for the bay area. i'm glad we got this done. governor brown said this is not only good for california, it is good for america. riders hope it won't be derailed much longer. >> the train is crowded and the highway is not really an option. it takes me just as long to get to work. >> kind of an outdated process here. if they can electrify it, it will stream line commutes.
7:00 am
>> i don't know where she is. i don't know if she is alive even yet. >> patients december par atly searching for their children after a bombing at a concert. we're learning about some of the victims who may not behind the attack. >> reporter: plus, the ongoing hazing scandal here at napa high school could lead to the upcoming football season being canceled entirely. we will tell you what is next for the embattled football program as mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a busy tuesday morning, may 23rd. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morningful. i'm dave clark. let's go right to steve paulson talking about your forecast. >> it looks cooler for most. for most. >> yeah. >> you two. bigger fog bank over the bay and some inland. tomorrow they will make a huge surge here. it will be cooler. there is a blanket out there as you


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