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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  May 24, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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is doing to protect some of their students. >> this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here, wednesday morning, may 24th. i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. it's been cold for some, but warm inland. >> we are going from, it's too hot to, wow, it's cold. most locations will drop in temperatures. 50s on the coast. inland 70s and some 80s, down a few degrees from the past few days, a lot of high clouds coming up along with the low clouds. that gives us a mostly cloudy morning.
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the delta breeze that did not exist in the past few days is now flying. 50s on the temperatures for most locations right now. 51 danville, concord, 52. you can see the system coming in, look for a lot of cloud cover, they are coming in from the west/southwest, that opens the door to the strong sea breeze. we see slow traffic and a lot of these commutes are now waking up. lets look at the bay bridge which is better than it was yesterday. it's not quite as bad. we have not had any incidents on the bridge, hopefully it stays a nice normal commute. is 15 to 20 minutes at the toll
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plaza. 10 to 15 minutes on the bridge and then you are in to san francisco. this is 880 north and south, the traffic is moving along nicely. an earlier accident in vallejo is cleared. we are looking at the contra costa commute. it's a bit slow. highway four is slow near the boundary of antioch into concord. that's not unusual. we look at 680 slow as you head south to the beginning of the sonoma grade. there is a new crash on101 and i see some slowing traffic. 85 and 280 at this time are decent alternatives. new this morning, police in south san francisco just starting to investigate an
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officer involved shooting that started with a 911 call last night. >> police told us that the suspect was shot and killed. one officer was hurt. lee has been in the neighborhood all morning. what can you tell us? >> reporter: police say it was a 911 call that brought them out to the neighborhood. they confronted the suspect that they said lived on this block. this video was taken last night. south san francisco police responded to a 911 call last night. the caller made statements about an around man outside. when the police arrived they confronted a man with a shot gun standing in the street and he did not comply with the officers demands to drop his weapon. >> it's not known how many officers fired. several south san francisco police officers were on the
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scene. is believed that the resident lived on the 3700 block. >> reporter: it's still blocked off this morning. police are investigating. the san mateo sheriffs office is also investigating. one of the officers received a minor injury, we do not know the nature of the injury but it was not related to any gun fire. he was treated and released from the hospital. at this time we do not know how many officers fired at the suspect or if the suspect exchanged fire with the officers, the officers that were involved have been placed on pawed administrative leave. president donald trump met with pope francis at the vatican today. the two men posed for pictures and president donald trump spent 30 minutes meeting privately with the pope. there was speculation about the meeting as they have been at
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odds over many issues. after the meeting, the two exchanged gifts. the president said he would not forget what the pope told him during their discussion. >> following their visit, president donald trump and the first lady toured the vatican. president donald trump is now heading to belgium for the nato summit tomorrow. british prime minister teresa may said another attack could happen soon, she raised the terrorism level to the highest level possible after the attack. there was a controlled imloation by the police to gain
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access to a building in -- explosion by the police to gain access to a building. >> investigators are trying to get a sense of the full scope of this investigation, how many people may have been involved in this attack and britain is bracing for perhaps another attack. >> reporter: images of grief, remembering victims of the attack. an eight year old girl now identified among those killed. at the same time, signs of resolve, security on high alert, while the police have identified the suicide bomber, others may be at large. >> it's a possibility we can not ignore that there is a wider group of individuals linked to this attack. >> reporter: teresa may announced that the uk's joint
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terrorism center believes that the threat remains. >> this means that their assessment means that a further attack may be immeant. >> reporter: congress showed solidarity on the same day that the united states director of national intelligence testified that the threat has not been verified. >> the threat needs significant attention. we have to protect our people from these kinds of attacks. >> reporter: there have been three more arrests overnight in relation to this man chafter investigation. we do not know what role the individuals played but the total number of arrests stands at four. they are talking about how to prevent future attacks there. i know that there is a lot of
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concern here as well. have you been told any plans on what the police and security here in the united states are doing. >> reporter: the department of homeland security issued a statement saying that they are not expecting to increase security at a federal level but at the state and local level, those are autonomous decisions made by those officials and we are hearing that there is some security being ramped up before big events. thank you, doug, lets talk about the events happening here locally. memorial day weekend is this weekend. security is a bigger concern now after the terror attacks in man -- manchester.
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many people are expected at the three day bottle rock festival in napa. police said the bombing will not effect how the festival will be protected. >> over the past five years we have done a lot of post event planning. we look at what has worked and not worked over the last few years and we try to stress what has worked. >> authorities said festival goers can help make things more secure by reporting anything that looks suspicious. john brennan told a house committee that russia brazenly interfered in the election process, he said he warned russian officials to not meddle in the election process if they wanted to improve the
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relationship with the united states. he also said he was made aware of i want actions between russian officials and people involved in the trump campaign. >> i am aware of information intelligence that revealed contacts and interactions between russian officials and united states persons involved in the trump campaign that i was concerned about. >> also, yesterday, the national intelligence director appeared before the armed services committee. he declined to say whether or not president donald trump asked him to deny collusion between russia and his campaign. the department of justice had asked a district court
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judge for permission to file documents asking the jaj to clarify his ruling in light of a new memo by attorney general jeff sessions. he said that president donald trump's executive order to restrict funding from sanctuary cities only represented a small amount of money, the journal declined. the board of education approved a resolution yesterday specifically limiting cooperation between school officials and fal immigration authorities. the new policy calls for an immigrant and refugee expert and training for teachers and staff on how to support undocumented students. do you believe that colin kaepernick is still looking for
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a job. he is getting some support, in minutes, we tell you what is going on in new york. coming up in 10 minutes, an artist wants to light up the san francisco sky line in a creative new way, what is going on on top of the sales force tower. >> we have a cooler pattern under mostly cloudy skies this morning >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. hundreds of teachers in petaluma set to walk off the job today for a one day strike protesting stalled contract talks, the union represents 360 teachers, they have been without a contract for a year, the main sticking point, a 2% salary increase, the district said it can not afford it pause of a state required increase this teacher pensions. the schools will stay open despite the planned strike. a series of rallies planned across the country today in support of colin kaepernick. they are being held by a charity sponsored by colin kaepernick. the group, 100 suits for 100 men said is standing in
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solidarity with him. rallies are planned with the league offices in new york, washington, dc and chicago. sal, how are the roads? >> okay. i think that the commute is better than it was yesterday. yesterday at this time we already had a couple of problems causing big delays, today seems pretty routine, we have slow traffic. lets go to the east shore, a 20 minute drive between the bridge and the macarthur maze. it's getting crowded heading out to the maize. bay bridge toll plaza, 15 to 20 minute delay, that's typical. 880, you have a window of opportunity to get into downtown oakland before it gets busy on this stretch of friday,
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contra costa county, slower traffic on highway four from antioch through pittsburg and bay point. then 680 as drive out of the dublin area. lets bring in steve with the weather. >> cooler. windy for some, especially out towards the delta. low clouds came screaming in overnight here. some of it is very thick here. now over here, there are some delays but they are not accusing any problems, we are looking for the temperatures to cool down today. cooling continues into tomorrow and friday, then the weekend looks warmer. the warmest day appears to be sunday. temperatures coming down today.
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napa, 78. redwood city. 72. livermore, 92 yesterday. 78 today. san francisco, 59 yesterday. 52. the record high is 88. 46 the record low. not only low clouds but higher clouds coming in. that ends the inversion, the lower cloud deck will lift. mostly sunny this afternoon. temperatures are holding steady. 50 to 54 in the bay. west, it's an on shore breeze, that's the key out to vacaville and travis. san francisco showing feurt
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nine, half moon bay, 50, fairfield -- 49, half moon bay, 50. fairfield cool. 51 in monterey. that's an indication that the cooler air is heading in here. we have a mostly cloudy morning, that's the system there. as it moves through today into friday, it's going to continue the cooler weather inland. for some, it takes almost a cold front to cool down but for everyone else, it's going to cool down. it took a wiel -- while for the east to cool down but you are there. >> that's nice. thank you. president donald trump's first budget proposal is under a microscope. why some republicans may reject a call to cut a popular
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program. >> the sky line in san francisco is changing in more ways than you think, we get an inside look at the impressive light display coming to the sales fours tower >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break ...where each drop was formulated to be smarter.... ...even smarter than that... if a color didn't go on evenly, it would balance itself out to reveal its truest, richest state. if a paint could realize the fullest potential of any color... have to wonder... is it still paint? aura interior from benjamin moo®e . only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores.
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. f. happening today, the
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governor is one of the keynote speakers in a climate change conference in san francisco. he will speak will how the climate is big business, governor brown has been a leader in climate change awareness and has made agreements with other countries on reducing carbon emissions. lawmakers on capitol hill are going on president donald trump's budget plan. it would increase spending in some areas and adds $200 billion for infrastructure, $2.6 billion for border security and $19 billion for new parental leave plans, food stamps will be cut by one third and federal subdiesed college
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loans would end. >> we are not going to measure compassion by the number of programs or the number of people on the programs but by the number of people we help get off the programs. >> slashing food stamps will be a hard sell in the united states senate. the president's plan would also have more of an effect on republican leaning states. seven of the 10 states with the highest food stamp participation supported donald trump in last year's election. kamala harris said, this is a cruel betrayal of the middle class, i will stand out and speak out against it at every turn, we are better than this. president donald trump's budget spends billions of dollars on a wall that does not work while
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cutting money to cure cancer. the sales force tower will be the canvas for an outdoor art display. >> reporter: jim is the artist hired by the san francisco planning commission for the project that will lute up the p -- light up the top of the city's tallest building. like the bay bridge, it will use thousands of led lights but rather than just light, it will feature images. >> is a diary of the day played back at night. >> reporter: there are going to be a number of cameras taking pictures throughout the day, then they will be projected on to the building at night. he is also working with a dance
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company to pre- record imagery. >> one of the images that i will be displaying will be a light house that circles the building. so the building, when its foggy will be a light house. >> reporter: the artist said the 5,000 watts of power it uses is equal to running five toaster ovens. >> jim said he is excited but nervous because he will know that his art although effect the whole san francisco sky line, it's going to be an eye catch exhibit. very impressive. >> class is in session, folks, apple unveils any classes for anybody with an idea. what students will be learning
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from the company. >> a flight heading to sfo caught fire. one passenger tells us what happened as they have to evacuate. >> firefighters respond to another homeless encampment fire, what the people who live nearby have to say >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break jack vo: things get a lot more interesting at night.
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. this is ktvu fox news mornings on 2. >> thank you for joining us, i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. a united airlines flight finally landed safely at sfo after the plane had to be evacuated last night in new jersey. as we look at these live pictures, officials at sfo said there were no problems when the plane landed. the flight landed at 3:35 this morning. but last night one of the engines on the plane caught
6:31 am
fire in new jersey as it taxied down the runway, the tower spotted the flames coming from the emergencies, passengers had to use the emergency chute to evacuate. we spoke to a passenger by phone. >> the chutes are not fun, they are fast and you hit them hard. i was lucky enough to land on my feet. others were rolling off on to the runway. >> the passengers said several people sliding down scraped their arms and some passengers were having difficulty breathing because of the smoke from the plane. >> united airlines said that the tower notified the crew and the crew deployed the slides and ee vak yeahed -- evacuated
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the aircraft. checking in on the weather. >> the fog is high. i have not seen anything yet on twitter about that. a system is coming in, cloudy to mostly cloudy this morning. windy and cooler, even in the areas to the east, that will cool down. we started the cool down a few days ago on the coast. san jose, 58. the record high, 76, 37 the record low. we have a low cloud deck that can finally get over the hills because of the system coming in. mostly cloudy this morning, partly sunny this afternoon but the breeze is on shore. it's a hold your hair day,
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winds are west southwest. sacramento will cool off. 50s on the temperatures. upper 40s in the surrounding areas, it's going to be chilly for some. this system brings us a cool trend, 50s through the 70s for most. sal? >> i have heard that the traffic is moving well. you were asking about the wind. i have not heard about any wind related incidents. the traffic is looking good on the golden gate bridge heading south. yesterday it was low fog, today, it's foggy but the fog is not effecting the drivers. 80 westbound by the macarthur
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maze is okay. we had an earlier stall near the hoffaan split. there is word of a crash near west 80. it sounds like it's an injury crash. lets go back to the desk. thank you, early this morning, just hours ago, oakland firefighters rushed to a call about heavy black smoke near interstate 880 and they found another homeless encampment onfire. allie rasmus has been out there for a few hours. what do do you know? >> reporter: we right next to the guardrails, we in west oakland. now that the sun is up, you can see the people that live in this homeless encampment going
6:35 am
through the rubble and retreating their belongings, there were at least three tents that burned in the fire and a lot of personal items along the road. a person near the flames took this picture where the fire broke out. nobody was hurt but drivers could see the smoke from the fire drifting on to the freeway. they do not know how the fire started because everyone was asleep. this is the second homeless encampment fire in the area. we spoke to a man in the area who said that the homeless encampments are a growing problem and a fire hazard. >> there are bicycles and all kinds of stuff that they go around gathering. it's too much. >> provide jobs and shelter, do not talk about people, help
6:36 am
them. you can talk about it all day long but if you are not helping, do not run your mouth. >> reporter: last month, mayor libby schaaf set up a plan to set up tepts and rvs, the sites would have had portable toilets but the budget only allocated $250,000 for the sites. so that proposed solution is still in flux. out here, fires are not sure how the fire started. there was not any evidence of candles going. power lines were not effected. for now, you can see, because of the debris out here in the middle of the street, fifth street, fifth street between brush and market is still shut
6:37 am
town this morning. possibly they are waiting for the city crews to come and help clear the streets. >> thank you allie rasmus. state officials said this year's winter storms caused record road damage. highway damage has reached $1 billion for the first time in california history. that does not include a massive landslide that took out part of highway one south of big sur this weekend. last year storm damage reached $660 million. a suspected bank robber in palo alto has been arrested after the police used a stun gun for his capture. he robbed a bank of america earlier this week. an employee said he recognized the man from this photo and that he paid for several items
6:38 am
with crisp $100 bills. police used a stun gun on the suspect after he resisted arrest. defense lawyers for three santa clara county jail guards accused of the beating death of an inmate are set to give closing arguments today. the inmate, michael tyree died in custody. prosecutors painted a sadistic image of the deputies. the death triggered major reforms at the jail. the sheriff gave the board an update. surveillance cameras have been installed at the jail and guards now wear body cameras. >> we hope that was a one time event but beyond hope, we are
6:39 am
doing everything that we can to make sure that never happens again. >> the jail has also been reclassified and they have also reclassified nonviolent inmates. police in san rafael have released a sketch of a man wanted for assault and burglary. the victim said she was awakened by a flashlight and saw a man standing at the foot of her bed. when the man saw the woman's boyfriend was in the bed too, he ran away. a new agreement in san francisco will now allow developers to build past the height and density limits in
6:40 am
exchange for building more affordable housing. the legislation requires developers who compete the current limits to make 30% of their units affordable housing, the projects that meet the requirements can build up to 20 feet higher than normally allowed by the zoning laws. police in danville arrested a female bank robbery suspect and said she had a painted on beard. she robbed the bank of the west while wearing sun gladded and a painted on beard. she handed a note to a bank teller demanding money but did not have is a weapon. still ahead, google is tracking your movements off line. their latest attempt to boost advertisements. >> a new idea for one northern
6:41 am
california town. >> plus, the hottest ticket in town, game one of the nba finals, what warriors fans are spending. >> traffic is going to be busy if you are driving on 80 westbound coming out to the macarthur maze. >> that fog bank is making a strong push today. even out to the east it's going to be a bit cooler today >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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. welcome back to ktvu news, all of the news, weather and information you need to know throughout your day. starting today, apple has a new way for people to learn to code. they are launches their first college level study program to code. it's free through i books. tim cook said app development is one of the fastest growing sectors of the economy. united airlines is expected to face tough questions from investors after cell phone video showed a passenger being force apply removed from a flight, causing public outraging and leading to changes in the airline's pile. the ceo has repeatedly
6:45 am
apologized and reached a settlement with the passenger. water customers in the east bay may not like this. the water company is spending $100,000 to resend if i recall notice of its rate hike to is customers. the new notice is going out after the water agency discovered that the first mailing left out as many as 20,000 customers. in the meantime, a new bill to help lower winter heating costs is heading to the state asem bring, it would make sure that customers are build at the lowest rate for 70% of their heating usage during the winter months and it would require utility customers to estimate the cost of the bills so customers do not have sticker shock. it's in response to bilsz that
6:46 am
trip -- bills that tripled when the weather turned cold. an ordinance was passed allowing restaurants to stop giving out straws unless they are asked for, it's because straws are considered wasteful. americans use a billion straws a day. >> there are paper straws that are fashionable right now. the warriors will not be hosting game one for a week but fans are dreaming about the game. the lowest priced seats for game one are $475. $12,000 will get you into the
6:47 am
vip cease, court side. the warriors remind you, only buy tickets from authorized resellers. >> sal, we will be couch side. >> yes. we have great seats. yes, we all have to work early as well. so you can just walk out to work after the game ends. >> that's true. >> lets look at the commute now. 101, a lot of people get up early to beat the commute. not too bad right now in san rafael. no major issues as we look out. south bound 101 traffic looks good. nice picture. lets talk about the golden gate bridge heading south to the
6:48 am
toll plaza. it looks good. no problems into southern marin county, earlier we had a stalled vehicle in the albany hill area, not causing a major distraction. this is a look at the bay bridge, west 80 at west grand has been moved to the parking lot so they are right there, now they are out of the way, the traffic is going to be okay. there is a look at 88 north and south bound. traffic is moving along okay and the san mateo bridge, we have slow traffic heading out to the high rise. well, today, everyone guess in on the cooler weather. happy wednesday. i cannot understand why i am so jittery, pam, i only had one
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cup of coffee. good morning, current conditions in vallejo, 55. we are halfway through the week. lower clouds and fog and a big fog bank helped along by a system in the west/southwest. temperatures are warming. cooling continues into tomorrow. we bottom out friday and a slower warm up into next week. san jose, 76 today. east bay, the last to give up the ghost on the heat, 92 in livermore today. 78 today. 78 to 72 for napa. temperatures north and south started to cool down.
6:50 am
59 in the city. below average. you can see the higher clouds coming in from that system offshore. if you do not have the lower clouds, you can see the higher clouds. these two give us a mostly cloudy morning and an on shore breeze, is a big time wind event towards traffic is, 40 miles per hour. if vacaville has a sea breeze, you know it's breezy, upper 40s in san francisco. towards the east, 49 degrees, that's 10 degrees cooler. a lot of lower 50s. danville 51, walnut creek. 52, that translates into a cooler day, drizzle later tonight and tomorrow. 60s and 70s for most throughout
6:51 am
the day. it's tough to break the heat at this time of year. cooler for everyone but temperatures are on the way down. 60s and 70s, 56 close to the bay, cooling continues inland through friday and a rebound on the weekend. a sicklist ran into an oakland police car. he -- cyclist ran into an oakland police car. the man has to pay for more than just the damages. >> plus an inspiring story >> we have more coming up on ktvu news right after the break
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>> shea faces a misdemeanor charge of invasion of privacy. the victim is expected to testify if this case goes to trial and the defense is hoping to reach a settlement. prosecutors want a guilty plea and community service on a highway crew. a student at san ramon high
6:55 am
who made a de flam -- the boy was told that he could not be president but the teen went to court claiming his free speech rights were violated. the attorney for the high school junior says the video was supposed to be a spoof but the school district calls it racially insensitive. >> we did not believe it constituted hate speech. we are put in a situation where we are navigating the line of the student's right to free speech and also how that makes others feel. >> because of the free speech. even my son said that was an infringement on his free speech. we felt the same way. >> parents upset with the decision to allow the student return to the leadership role discussed their concerns last night. the school district says the matter is now resolved.
6:56 am
the time is 6:55. an oakland bicyclist was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine after bumping into the back of a police car last year. it happened last august at 51st and telegraph in oakland. alex reyes says there was no damage and everybody went on their way. nine months later he received a bill and photos from a claims administrator from the city of oakland saying its investigation shows that reyes was at fault. >> the picture they provided us, it looks like i don't know how my bike could have done that damage. no contact with oakland pd. i feel like this, you know, seems fake. it seems fake. it seems like a shake-down. somebody trying to get money out of me. >> according to oakland police, there was an investigation, photos were taken at the scene. ktvu tried to contact the city administrator's office and we
6:57 am
were told that the repairs cost $238. in addition the patrol car was out of service for four days. that brought the total to $1,000. we were told that reyes can appeal the judgment with the claims company. a 14-year-old boy from san mateo who has overcome tremendous odds turned to boxing to rid himself of a tough life. paul chambers shows us he is on the right path and headed to the junior olympics. [laughter] >> reporter: his law enforcement and smile is infectious. >> i smell victory. >> reporter: and his head seems to be in the right place. >> i love boxing but my education is more important when it comes to succeeding life. >> reporter: that's why steve johnson the third chose the word school boy when he competes. wes unof the best junior boxes. >> i'm not going to go into the
6:58 am
ring personally because i don't want to hurt you. >> hurt me. >> oh, it's like that. okay. >> reporter: before he discovered boxing, steve and his father had a tough life living in san francisco public housing. >> i love my dad but i don't want to be who my dad was. >> i have been shot and incarcerated. >> reporter: he moved to san mateo, leaving steve behind and heading down the wrong path, getting into fights and falling behind in schools until three years ago when something changed school boy's life. >> it was 2:00 in the morning and i was crying. i was hearing gunshots. and i felt if i was to stay there, i would be another person on the newspaper. local boy dead. >> so he called his father and asked to come live with him. >> i knew if i could get my son out of those projects, i have a chance to see the real steve johnson. i didn't see this real steve johnson until i was 30. >> reporter: he took up the sport of boxing and now
6:59 am
nationally ranked in his weight class. however the entire time he keeps his eye on the real prize. >> when you wear your title from boxing, you also wear your title were academic. >> yes. you go into the ring but you always have your education. >> reporter: competing in the sport that he loves is pricey. b street gym is where the teen trains. he put this tip jar on the counter to support his dream of becoming a junior olympic champion. and school boy makes candy bars to also pay for the trip. >> it gets me emotional because he is a powerful kid and especially. >> i know my dad wishes he could be in my place sometimes. and i love that. i love to know that my dad wishes he could be me. >> reporter: school boy says making his father is proud. and with his hands and head he hopes to use both to succeed in the ring and academically. >> it makes me smile times because i love my dad.
7:00 am
and like he really just brings out the best in me. >> reporter: school boy is headed to west virginia to take part in the junior olympics next month. in san mateo, paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. south san francisco police investigate an officer-involved shooting here late last night after police found a man with a shotgun on the street. we have the latest. and more arrests in connection to the manchester concert bombing that killed 22 people. and new video of a police raid as investigators try to piece together what happened. this and much more ahead on mornings on 2. >> this is ktvu mornings on 2. n 2. >> the middle of the week. >> yep. >> 7:00. wednesday, may 24th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. what do you think of the cooler temperatures. >> i liked it. >> i liked it too. steve paulson is over here. will anyone see sunshine. >> yeah. but it will be cooler for everybody today. that is the big news. some


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