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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  May 24, 2017 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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of sexual harassment to university officials. eight months later the university concluded there investigation while he remained teaching. it wasn't until june 2016 when he went on in voluntary leave and today he was fired. >> he was not harassing his own students, but harassing other graduate students in the program. it involved unwanted touching, inappropriate and cement remarks, inappropriate remarks about his own sexual proclivities and desires, efforts to ask students to date him, discussions about marital problems, he a one point said i could get fired for this and proceeded to make an improper advanced.>> reporter: he not only pursued his students he's -- sued his students and sued the attorneys.
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attorney for the students called it a slap lawsuit which is an attempt to silence critics and burden them the cost with legal fees. he then sued the university for discriminating against him for a disability he identified as mental illness. none of those efforts work. in speaking with the students attorney they believe there are two other students who were harassed, but they chose not to go public. coming up at seven we will speak with university officials about the number of employees reprimanded over the years and how they are working to strengthen support for the survivors. the uniform school district has rejected a proposal to build a new high school near the alameda county jail. the decision came late last night. many parents were worried about their children safety because the new school would have been located at half a mile away from the jail.
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supporters say the site was available at half the cost of three other possible locations. the district will go back and choose between the other three. a nine-year-old boy is recovering tonight after he was wounded by a stray bullet while walking his dog. the boy was with his parents near 27th and fruitvale just before 11:00. authorities say he had been celebrating his ninth birthday and that they were walking to the store when he was shot in the leg and chest. he is in stable condition. >> it is always disheartening to see crimes against children and youth in our community because it impacts the trajectory of their future and hours. >> investigators say he was not the intended target and they say the suspect is on the loose. a gofundme page has been set up. police say an armed suspect
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ignored several commands to drop his gun before he was shot and killed late last night. tara spoke with people who heard the confrontation and the shooting >> reporter: a neighbor concerned about a man who appeared unstable carrying a rifle while standing in this cul-de-sac called 911. neighbor said they heard two rounds of gunshots. >> it sounded muffled like fireworks. the second set sounded big. but they were yelling at someone to put the gun down and put the weapon down and get down . >> reporter: the police say the man refused to obey commands. shots were fired and the man was killed. >> it is unknown how many officers fired. there were several police officers on scene at the time. >> reporter: one neighbor told us by phone she woke up when
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she heard gunshots. >> i crammed my baby and woke up my husband and ran into the bathroom terrified scared. >> reporter: they lived in the row of houses now riddled with bullet holes. right next where the man was killed. >> we had three bullets that hit our house.>> reporter: she did not want to appear on camera but said to bullets are in her fireplace. >> the third one hit in the second bedroom. that made a big pop. i was lucky that i wasn't in the bedroom at the time.>> reporter: investigators interviewed several witnesses and collected shell casings. >> i've been here for 25 years and i grew appear. it is shocking. >> reporter: the suspect lived in the cul-de-sac, a widower and his wife died two years ago after rattling m-s and he told
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a neighbor he took antidepressants. it is unclear if he fired any shots. several prison guards and a number of inmates are in the hospital following a fight at pelican bay state prison. it began with a fight between two inmates and a group of prisoners turned against the guards trying to break up that fight. a of the guards were hurt, six were treated at the hospital and released. the other two suffered what is described as significant injuries and expected to survive. correctional officials say five inmates were shot and injured. there is no word on their condition. two other inmates were hurt, but not by bullets. the latest on the manchester bombing. investigators say the suicide bomber who killed 22 people on
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monday was probably part of a network. this is the man, the manhunt for more stretches from britain to libya. authorities say the 22-year- old, salman abedi was born in britain his parents from libya and he had reportedly traveled to libya recently. three of his relatives are among seven people in custody. his older brother was arrested in manchester, his father and younger brother were taken into custody and libya. officials say the brother had links to the islamic state and knew about the attack. >> reporter: heavily armed officers raided an apartment building wednesday afternoon at one point using a controlled explosion. part of the investigation into a possible terror network. his older brother was arrested in manchester and younger brother has been arrested in libya because of suspected ties to isis.
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the father also arrested for interrogation. several other suspects taken into custody and they say he did not act alone. >> it is very clear that this is a network we are investigating and it continues with extensive investigations going on. >> reporter: authorities say he spent three weeks in libya before detonating the improvised explosive device. thousands of fans were leaving the concert. the blast killed 22 including a police officer and wounded more than 100. 20 of them critically. charlotte campbell lost her 15- year-old daughter olivia. >> every possible scenario that she will walk through the door. that she is in a hospital somewhere wanting me and no one
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can get a hold of me because they don't know who she is. or that she is dead. i just don't know. >> reporter: the prime minister raise the threat level and activated almost 1000 british soldiers to secure and patrol key sites. a key focus remains finding the bomb maker before another attack can be carried out. >> we need a better understanding and there is the possibility of a further attack. we want to be able to protect the public. >> reporter: manchester in morning tonight. thousands of candles and flowers in honor of the victims and a steady stream of people coming here determined not to let this attack divide them. travelers are being asked to place any electronic devices larger than a cell phone in a
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separate been so they can be examined. the tsa says they have been testing the procedure at 10 airport for more than a year. lax is on that list and no orts from the bay area are on the list. the tsa says it is meant to degsledder bags make it easier for them to scan them. a spokesperson says people enrolled in pre-check and still leave their laptops in their bags. buck we have a long way to go. governor brown in the bay area with a plea about climate change. at 630 message to activist. what he had to say about president trump's stand on the issue. we are talking about that temperature drop. cool weather continues into the weekend. we investigate and undercover details that suggest a man was run over by the bus
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he had just stepped off of. it is not the first time something like this has happened. my first reaction was i knew what had happened. a look at the commute and there it is. pretty slow. that is heading up toward richmond. this is interstate 280. the cars coming toward the camera our drivers headed in the southbound direction and that is slow going.
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we uncover new information about the death of a retired employee whose body was found on a street in downtown. >> at first police suspected a hit and run and there is new evidence suggesting that man may have been killed by the bus he had just stepped off of.>> reporter: the six-year-old was found dead in hawthorne way on first street back in march.
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what exactly happened was a mystery. they did not make any public statements and a internal memo shows they suspected he was struck and killed by the bus he was just on. our team has obtained his autopsy report showing his blood was on the bus. the case prompted us to look further into accidents. we learned that the buses have been involved in dozens of pedestrian accidents over the past four years and 22 of them resulted in injuries. this is not the only time someone may have been hurt i the bus they were riding on. a couple sued them after the bus they deported random over. >> i can hear the bus moving and then the wheel coming. >> i heard about a similar incident it was shocking and i just wish that this does not happen again to anyone else.
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>> reporter: they are in the top 3% with fewer accidents and they gave us general information about how drivers are trained and would not comment on specific cases. we went to the leadership looking for answers and we will have their response and the full story tonight at 10. if you have a tip for our team we would like to hear from you. just email us or call 510-874- zero 222. to the trump presidency, the nonpartisan congressional budget office released its analysis of the republican bill to roll back obamacare. it found the plate -- new healthcare bill with double people without health insurance over the next decade. the executive director is a harsh critic of the gop plan. she was aghast today.
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>> they said all along that any replacement plan should add coverage and be more affordable and this plan does the opposite. it with penalize older, sicker and lower income americans. >> they found the report that the gop bill would cost 23 million fewer people to have health insurance by 2026 and many consumers would face skimpier health coverage and hired a doctor bowles. the first proposed budget is sparking a backlash. >> the fox news reporter says the critics don't like the proposed cuts to social programs. >> reporter: his budget being picked apart revealing some of the top priorities many of which are not sitting well with democrats. >> the budget is a collection of his promises. that is how we wrote it. >> reporter: they were grilling the budget director as he makes the case for the $4.1 trillion
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budget request. the proposal is for the 2018 fiscal year would include $200 billion for infrastructure, 2.6 billion for border security and nearly 19 billion for a new plan. $600 billion in cuts. >> do not address what they did not want to touch. >> reporter: a heated exchange. after divorce refused to say if she would block private schools that discriminate against lgbt students from receiving federal aid dollars. >> the bottom line is we believe that parents are the best equipped to make the choices for their schooling and education decisions.
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>> i am shocked that you cannot come up with one example of discrimination that you would stand up to. >> reporter: he has told congress his goal is to get a balanced budget within 10 years. today president trump was in vatican city. the white house says they discussed terrorism and the radicalization of young people during their meeting today. the two leaders with different views of the world pledged to work together for peace around the world. high temperatures today and they are not all that high. fairfield 75, santa rosa 65 these are the highest. around the bay we were in the 80s. significant cooldown brought to us by a low pressure center. this is increasing the cloudiness and high clouds pushing across the central part
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of the state. the fog will stick around at least for the next couple days in the form of low clouds. in terms of low clouds throughout the bay area counties. it will definitely be a cooler pattern taking us through friday. right now it is 67 in fairfield and yesterday we had the massive cooling around the bay. these inland bay valleys getting soft with a big cooldown. -11 degrees in livermore. you see there running about 1000 feet. the fog is getting over those hills. the marine layer is deep. a lot of the fog gets in. it will be a slow burn off left
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with lots of 60s and 70s. generally a little cooler than it was today. the weather pattern continues and we will talk more when i see you next. a contract worker accused of burglarizing expensive homes. >> when you see the fedex guy you don't reacted also it is a devious approach. he looked like his old self today. mark has the details on the pitching performance. train officials and bay area police teaming up to make sure this doesn't happen to you.
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we are learning a woman arrested in a bank robbery is a former police officer. this is surveillance picture of the suspect. jennifer mcclary. police say she robbed the bank on diablo road while wearing a painting on eared, sunglasses and a baseball cap. fox news says she was a police officer for two years and worked in the city in orange county for two more years. she has been booked on charges of robbery. a contract worker for fedex is being accused of stealing from some of the multimillion dollar homes where he delivered packages. and ruben reports.
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>> reporter: authorities have arrested the 57-year-old kevin baker a contract worker for fedex. they say he was doing more than making deliveries at these homes. they say he was making unauthorized pickups entering the homes and stealing. >> on all occasions the front doors were unlocked and he would take advantage of that when making a delivery. he stole a laptop. >> another time it was a wallet and on the third two ipads. it was those that led to his arrest. cameras caught his image the gps in the ipad helped police tracking down. >> that is the big thing is get a camera because it is to stop the guy who is stealing your packages not the guy dropping it off. >> authorities say he is a convicted felon with a history of theft related offensive -- offenses.
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fedex says all of them undergo background checks. >> a crossing the line of trust. >> the people he stole from should be compensated and they should do a better job of hiring people that are not thieves.>> reporter: authorities stress the importance of locking your door and neighbors might not have looked twice. >> you don't react at all when you see the fedex guy. it is a devious approach and took advantage of the company he worked for. >> reporter: he has been charged with three counts of residential burglary. the news at 6x 30 is next with governor brown criticizing president trump and his policies on climate change.
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the lead to activist in san francisco. a new plan to install cameras in an affluent town. another early morning fire shedding light on the growing problem of homelessness. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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uc berkeley has dismissed an assistant professor accused of sexually harassing 4 female students. the university dismissed him after conducting its own investigation concluding he violated the school's policy on sexual harassment. police in south san francisco shot and killed a man around midnight last night. they say he was in the middle of the street armed with a shotgun and ignored several commands to drop the shotgun. the officers had no choice but to shoot him. the man in question was named john eno and he was in his 50s. we're also following developments in the deadly suicide bombing in manchester england on monday.
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a father and younger brother are now in custody. the brother had links to the islamic state and knew about the concert attack. police have also made 5 arrests in england including the bomber's older brother. california governor jerry brown spent today in san francisco rallying climate activists. >> we were at the international climate change conference where the governor gave the keynote address. >> we're in the forefront. we have a long way to go, but we're ahead of other people. >> reporter: the subject was how to make the need to reduce climate change into industries with lots of jobs for decades to come. 26 officials including its environmental minister in hopes of keeping alive the cord struck in 2015 among a hundred and 4 nations and governments. >> we must act now.
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we can't let paris slip through our fingers and that's why we are here. >> reporter: because the trump administration has many climate change skeptics, many people abroad see the state of california as a leader. >> the european union an affinity with california's approach to climate change. >> reporter: he made sure everyone knew there was a difference between his statement and president donald trump's. >> if the president doesn't take the action, probably they'll be thrown out in two years anyway, or 4 years, whatever it will take. >> reporter: i put the question directly to the governor. would he be willing to oppose trump in the next presidential election? the ever-clever governor gave a


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