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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 26, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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[ music playing ] we are starting your morning with a live picture of the bay bridge. you can see the tower in the backdrop it's just before sunrise. 45 minutes away from sunrise but a beautiful shot this morning of the bay bridge lit up and ready to go. it is friday. welcome to mornings on 2. >> i was trying to sing along but i can't sing. >> that is a tough one to sing. >> we can say good morning and welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, may 26. i'm dave clark. >> i'm allie rasmus . we also had steve paulson with us. >> i know the song, it's canned heat. >> that is a tough one to sing. >> i can't remember the singer's name. he's a big man. he had a great voice. if you are going out to the country, you will find sunshine if you're going to the coast, you will not. it's on the cool side.
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take a look at the week that started with warm temperatures. the coast cooled off but england was warm and hot on tuesday. we're ending it bottoming out today on the temps. bottlerock weather, it will not be hot. i would take a jacket. it does warm up during the day but it will not last. 67 for the high in napa and dropping rapidly. if you're heading to the mountains, it will be sunny. the lows are cool but the afternoon heat will get a little warmer. a few clouds will start to filter in on monday. low clouds up and down the coast. i do not see any change on that. there is a possibility for some drizzle. there is a breeze come it's not a howling breeze but it will be a blustery day. some areas are not too bad. 50s on the temps and i think we will end up with some 60s. cupertino, 48. gilroy, 52. in the santa cruz mountains it will not be warm. 50s, 60s or low 70s.
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sal, you are looking at your screen. do you see something? we did have that jackknife truck and fortunately -- i'm surprised it did not cause any slow traffic or has not caused any slow traffic here. i want to mention that traffic is going to be -- we will keep an eye on it. i don't trust the. by the way, it was alan wilson who was the lead singer of canned heat. unfortunately he died young but he left his mark. >> what is his name? there were two. >> allen was the founder and the lead singer but i have a list somewhere here. viewers, help us out. okay. i will look that up once i get done with this traffic update. let's go to the commute.
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here's what we think will happen. there is absolutely no traffic where there should be a bunch of traffic. your thinking, this is great i love it! everyone is getting ready. they are ready to leave the bay area. if you're going to be on the road later today please, my word to the wise, don't be surprised if all the sudden there are a lot of people in the middle of the day where you would not expect to see people on the road. i'm just telling you. i'm letting you know how it's going down every year i've been doing this. this is a look at the traffic on interstate 880 north- and southbound. it's not a bad commute. if you are driving on westbound bay bridge, that traffic is going to be light. again, it's light but there will be a lot of people on the road today later. let's go back to the desk. many around the bay area are saying, they will to a for the weekend. aaa said 39 million people will travel this weekend. about 1 million more than last.
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80% will be driving. that may also mean more traffic accidents. a recent survey found memorial day weekend is the deadliest time on the roads followed by labor day weekend and the fourth of july weekend. in the bay area, expect chp to be out there cracking down, looking for drivers breaking the law. the white house is vowing to appeal the latest legal ruling against president trump's proposed travel ban. in the decision yesterday, the virginia fourth circuit court of appeals about a lower court ruling that block the executive order from taking effect. the band was meant to keep travelers from six muslim majority nations for 90 days out. countries including iran and libya. the attorney general says he will ask the u.s. supreme court to review the case. san francisco's ninth circuit court of appeals is of it -- is considering a separate challenge. happening now, president trump is meeting with world
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leaders at the g7 economic summit in italy. president trump was seen talking with the german chancellor. they were walking to a reception for the event. the group of seven meeting features the u.s. canada, france, germany, italy, japan and the united kindom . during the two-day summit, they will talk about issues including the fight against isis, terrorism, the syrian civil war, the global economy and much more. this annual meeting used to be the g8 summit but russia was suspended from the group in 2014. after it invaded and annexed crimea. by the way, recently, russia announced it would permanently leave that group. the washington post is reporting the fbi is looking into meetings between the russians and president trump's son-in-law, jared kushner. the post said investigators want to know what was talked about in those talks last december after president trump's election victory.
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kushner met with the russian ambassador to the u.s. and a russian banker. the post reports the fbi investigation does not mean jared kushner is suspected of a crime. the man accused of attacking a reporter has just won a seat in congress. republican greg gianforte picked up montana's only house seat despite being charged with assault the day before. he will now had to capitol hill. reporter doug luzader has the latest. >> reporter: gianforte easily last night , defeating a democrat who tried to capitalize on his assault charge. while he did apologize, he is also putting the gop and something of an awkward position. >> tonight, montanans are sending a wake-up call to washington, dc, establishment. >> reporter: it is a wake-up call for sure, a clear victory for montana businessman turned politician, greg gianforte. but his declaration of victory included an apology. >> and i'm not proud of what happened.
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i should not have responded in the way i did and for that, i'm sorry. i should not have treated that reporter that way. and for that, i'm sorry, mr. ben jacobs. >> i'm sick and tired of the guys. the last, the came here you did the same thing! >> reporter: ben jacobs, a reporter for the guardian said he was body-slammed by gianforte when he sought an interview on wednesday and incident witnessed by fox news crews. gianforte was charged with misdemeanor assault. >> get the hell out of you! >> reporter: democrats responded the web ad highlighting the assault. a three state newspaper rescinded their endorsement and house minority leader nancy pelosi blamed the president. >> that's his model. donald trump is his model and we've really got to say, come on, behave. behave. >> reporter: what gianforte had going for him was early voting. about a third of montana voters had already made up their minds and locked in their
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choice. house speaker paul ryan says gianforte should apologize but also said he would not oppose the results of the election. >> i'm going to let the people of montana decide who they want as their representative. that's not our choice.>> reporter: a couple other factors to keep in mind. gianforte was running in a state that went for donald trump by 20 points last year. he was also facing a democrat, rob quist from who brought bernie sanders in to help campaign. doug luzader, fox news. now to the investigation into monday's terror bombing in manchester. overnight, police arrested a man during a raid at a barbershop. officials say since the attack, 10 people have been arrested, eight are still in custody. in the meantime, there is video never before seen of the suicide bomber, salman abedi . this is from july 2016. our sister network in europe, sky news, aired the video of
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abedi taking out trash to the curb outside his home in manchester. in related news, british authorities have resumed sharing intelligence information about the bombing with the united states after getting assurances that the information will be better protected. more tributes are being held across england, remembering the 22 people killed in the bombing. hundreds of took part yesterday in a motorcycle rally for 15- year-old olivia campbell. they rode motorbikes and scooters into a town square in manchester. her mother and stepfather belong to a skype -- motorcycle club and took part in the right. olivia's mother on facebook -- go sing with the angels and keep smiling. mommy loves you so much. police in san jose released surveillance video in hopes of tracking down two suspects wanted in connection with the stabbing of a san jose state university football player. police say the victim, chad miller, was with friends in
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downtown san jose when a fight broke out sunday. this say the suspects were armed with a knife and one of them stabbed miller. miller was rushed to the hospital and is expected to survive. investigators released a few still images of the suspects. police said one is an asian or latino male in his 20s. he is 5 foot, 10 inches tall and 175 pounds with a mustache, beard, and ponytail. . the second suspect is described as latino in his 20s with hair that is shaped on the sides and tattoos on both arms. family members and friends holding out hope for a bay area teenager. the emotional gathering one year after that teenager was kidnapped. new numbers underscoring the sharp increase in people living on bay area streets. how authorities are trying to reverse the trend. good morning. traffic is going to be okay if you're driving in many areas. like the san mateo bridge. it does not look bad here as you head out toward the bridge.
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if you are going inland it will be sunny but cool. if you are close to the coast and bay, 50s and 60s. we will talk about the weekend coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 a couple accused of beating e3 will snap a girl to death will soon find out their fate. sara lynn kruger and her boyfriend, brian scott have been on trial for the murder of
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kruger's daughter. the trials have been hurt in the same courtroom but by two juries. the jury in kruger's case came back with a verdict yesterday but it will be sealed until the warner jury also reaches a verdict. the district attorney started closing arguments in his case yesterday saying all the couple wanted to do was get high on meth. every day. if convicted, they could get life in prison without parole. next week the oakland city council is expected to consider offering a $1 million settlement in a sex scandal involving a area law enforcement agencies. the oakland city attorney recommends settling a claim filed by jasmine abuslin for $989,000. she was originally seeking $66 million. the lawyers told ktvu he will bring any offer to his client.
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the former sex worker has also filed claims against the cities of richmond, livermore and san francisco as well as alameda county. she claims she was exploited by officers in those jurisdictions when she was a minor. new developments in the case of a missing >> reporter: driver. police have located the card they say belongs to a person of interest in the case. that vehicle was found at sfo and belongs to bob tang. he is an acquaintance of piseth chhay who has been missing for 12 days. investigators say they have evidence connect thing tang to the disappearance. he's skipped out on a planned meeting with san francisco police investigators. they think tank may have fled the country. the city of oakland is trying to clean up homeless encampment surround the city. yesterday a bulldozer cleared garbage and debris from this camp near west grand avenue and northgate. in your survey says homelessness is up almost 40% an alameda county over the past two years and there are 5600 homeless people in the county. half of them live on the streets of oakland. oakland city officials promise new tactics to fight the
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homeless problem including building more affordable housing and building an outdoor navigation center where the homeless can camp and parked cars with access to city services. at 5:15 am. sal was telling us it seems like traffic is a little light or lighter for the morning commute at least >> yes. i think a lot of people have taken four days. this seems to happen a lot. i know, personally, people say i'm not going in on friday. that's what's happening. the gilroy commute from gilroy to morgan hill in san jose looks pretty good. unfortunately for you if you're driving later, maybe you were going to the market or to see someone in the bay area, today is not the day to go for a leisurely lunch. people will be on the road. as we look at the south bay commutes, traffic is a little slow. i see comes -- i see some construction delays on southbound 85. it will be slow as you head
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down this way because of construction going on. that's an unusual delay. also looking at 280 northbound. that looks good going up to highway 17. there are no major problems getting out to the macarthur maze and the bay bridge toll plaza. here is the bay bridge toll plaza. it has not been a bad commute so far at all. now, as we toss to steve we figured out, alan wilson is the lead singer, bob hite is putting the food. just playing the flute. that is alan. and they will show -- they will show the guy playing the flute. the big guy, they called him the bear. >> he was a big man. okay. [ music playing ] >> very nice. thank you. are you going to the country? are you going to tahoe or north?
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the coast? it's going to be cool. it will be sunny away from the coast but temperatures are cool. napa, 67. fremont, 68. livermore, 70. that is 10 degrees below average for this time of year. san jose, 70. bottlerock whether. it will be nice but it will also be on the cool side. by tonight it's going to drop off quickly. 67 is cool for this time of year. sierra looks nice. the lows are cool or cold. each day it will get a little warmer heading into sunday and monday. extensive low clouds. there will probably be some clearing. west and southwest that oakland. west at hayward. south at half moon bay. west at fairfield. west at concord. low clouds on the central coast. they may get a break or two. there are some pockets that get clearing but this is a big fog
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bank. 51, 53, 54 -- water temperatures where they should be this time of year. 50s on the thames from north to south and even calistoga. 49 degrees. bodega bay, 50. 54, novato. a cool pattern for many and sonoma county. 30 up in truckee and they will end up with 60s for the high. if you're heading to the mountains. it looks good. each day will be gradually warmer. a series of lows have worked their way onto the west coast and that means cool weather here. 50s, 60s and low 70s. temperatures will gradually warm up but they will stay below average on saturday. near average on sunday. maybe a little warmer as we go into monday. another cool pattern on tuesday and wednesday. that is the bear on the left. >> the music lesson continues. >> unfortunately they both died very young. 1974 alan wilson, i think. >> but that song, i may hit the road that weekend -- this
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weekend. i'm going to take that song with me. >> that is a good road trip song. a classic. 5:20 am. it will be the warriors of the cavaliers in the finals. this is what you have been waiting for. last night the cavaliers. the celtics, 135-102. go ahead, lebron, one hand. they won the eastern conference finals. lebron had 45 points. he passed michael jordan to become the nba's all time high off scoring leader. the warriors will play the cavaliers in the nba finals for the third straight season. the warriors are seven point favorites to win game 1 at home. game 1 is next thursday night at 6 pm at oracle arena in oakland. game 2 is sunday, june 4, also asked oracle. games 3 and 4 are in cleveland on june 7 and june 9. here we go again.
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walking off the job at the port of oakland. what union workers are doing and the controversial symbol found at the port that prompted longshoremen to hang up their hardhats. if you have a fitbit or apple watch, you may want to hear this. what researchers discovered about those fitness trackers and how accurate they are. live-stream your favorite sport
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welcome back. a grassroots movement to help people in need is gaining popularity. neighbors in san jose stock the
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small outdoor pantry on union avenue. this is for anyone who needs the food. the free little pantry was started by three women who live in the community. they got the idea from facebook. since then the pantry has taken off. every day, neighbors make sure the cabinet is stocked with nonperishable items and toiletries. >> we just wanted a way for people to not have to share their income and prove they need it. it's here. if you need it, help yourself. >> the neighborhood nonprofit san jose clubhouse donated the property for the pantry and community groups including students are now organizing food drives to stock the pantry. their goal is that other communities will see these pantries in their neighborhoods and do the same thing. the state health department believes nacho cheese tainted with botulism came from just one bag. it was not found in any other bags they tested.
5:25 am
the cheese sauce was sold at a gas station near sacramento. a man from antioch died, nine others became ill from the outbreak connected with that. one woman is suing the gas station and the maker of that cheese sauce. her lawyer expects to add five more people to the lawsuit. a $4.5 million federal grant is going to oakland international airport to rehabilitate the main runway for commercial planes. the money from the was department of transportation will be used to make sure the airport's runway infrastructure can function safely and efficiently. the last pavement overlay at oakland airport was in 2001 but airport officials say it's due for another one. they will overlay 7800 linear feet of paving and also replace the center line lighting. the price of crude oil dropped about 5% to $48 a barrel after opec announced it would extend production cuts through next march. that disappointed investors who were expecting deeper cuts. it's the biggest one-day drop in three weeks.
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radio shack is going out of business and the sale appears to be in its final stages with basically nothing left to sell. it's now stilling store displays and fixtures even store supplies like reports and ladders. radio shack posted a couple of pictures of some of the items for sale. the electronics chain is closing hundreds of stores across the country including more than 20 in the bay area. radioshack filed a second bankruptcy in march and under an agreement with sprint, many of the stores will be replaced by sprint stores. new research from stanford is raising doubts about the effectiveness of fitness trackers. researchers at the stanford school of medicine tested seven devices worn on rest. these trackers provide information about health. researchers say they found that these trackers did not offer an accurate count of the number of calories burned while the person is exercising. scientist think the problem could be the algorithm used to calculate the data.
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5:26 am. investigating possible forced labor on bay area streets. the human trafficking investigation touched off after two people were arrested while selling fruit. she came to oakland for a wedding but got a rude welcome. the, burglary that left a maid of honor scrambling. good morning. you can see that traffic is going to be busy if you're driving in both directions passing the coliseum. we will tell you more about the morning commute and what we expect later today. weather wise it is rather cool and it will be partly to mostly cloudy on the coast and bay. and temperatures -- we will look at those. not very warm.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's friday, may 26. i'm dave clark. >> i'm allie rasmus. let's get a check on the weather as we start this memorial day holiday weekend. it's a little cool. >> it is very cool for us. we started off pretty hot this week. in the 90s. you remember? we started with some 90s through the interior monday and tuesday and we end it with 60s. and very low 70s. there will probably be some breaks in this cloud as repair
5:31 am
and left. for this fog bank to be hanging on -- i talk about the systems coming in with the water temperature so cold. once it ramps up, it does that big-time. a gradual warm-up as we head into saturday and sunday. i still think the low average to near average into sunday and monday. bottlerock -- i would take a jacket. 67 in napa. further north it gets a little warmer but it will drop off quickly tonight. be advised. there are low clouds up and down most of the coast. you can see the wind coming out of the northwest has pushed that cloud deck well inland. there is a decent breeze. not as howling as it was a couple days ago but it will still be a breezy and blustery date with a lot of low clouds. inland it is nice. it will be sunny. east bay temperatures in the low 50s. wannacry, 55. what, 52. the entire west coast is under a cool pattern. 50s and 60s or low 70s to start the weekend. 5:31 am. i think today will be a friday-
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lite -- >> exactly. that lunch we had planned around 2:00 -- >> don't worry. good morning. let's drive around 2:00. westbound 80 as you drive vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. no major issues heading out. just as the man said, it's going to be a light commute for the most part today. there is a little bit of slowing. it's not going to be like a ghost town. there is some slowing on 37 leaving vallejo with the patterns we seen for the last 20 years of doing this, has been that there is low traffic. this incident i'm talking about here, southbound 238 near 880, not causing a traffic jam. they have a truck on the side that was stalled and it's
5:33 am
causing a little slowdown. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it is light. usually by 5:30 am we see the metering light switch on and we see a backup. today that's not happening. stay with me. we will see what happens later in the commute. this is 280 in san jose. northbound is light. let's go back to the desk. we are following breaking news out of the south bay. there is heavy police said to vitti in gilroy at this hour. this is happening on urban court in monterey road off highway 101. regular police dispatcher tells ktvu police officers are responding to an incident that happened around 3 am. they were not give any other details. the dispatcher would not confirm reports that someone in that area has been shot. our photographer dead for one person being taken into custody. christien kafton is heading to that seen in he will have a live report for us with more details coming up in the next hour.
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an investigation of possible human trafficking has been launched by the alameda county sheriffs department due to concerns that the people you see selling fruit on the streets maybe victims of slave labor. cristina rendon tells us what made investigator suspicious. >> reporter: a video and photos shared exclusively with ktvu by witnesses show alameda county down an illegal fruit stand and san lorenzo earlier this month. a woman appears to be in the backseat of a patrol car. partner standing next to officers. >> i was trying to buy the fruit off of them. i know they were going to be taken away. >> the lady is harmless. she does not bother anyone. i usually buy fruit from her. knowing she is getting harassed from the cops, it made me stop and take a picture. >> reporter: neighbors say the vendors sell in the area
5:35 am
frequently. >> they seem to be intimidated. they come in with a panel truck the produce is dropped off. they are dropped off and they stay until they basically sell everything. >> reporter: sergeant ray kelley with the alameda county sheriffs department said officers repeatedly asked the woman, identified as lydia garcia, to leave. she refused several times and appeared to be scared. >> it makes us suspicious that she probably may have fear the person she was working for more than she feared being arrested by law enforcement. >> reporter: he said instead of looking at garcia as a criminal, they are investigating whether she and other vendors are being exploited and possibly traffic. aguilar was arrested on the same day as garcia about an hour earlier on the opposite end of san lorenzo. charges against him were dropped. kelly said garcia and aguilar may know each other and were each wearing immigration and customs enforcement ankle monitors. >> it's something we need to look into. is that being used as a threat for forced labor? for fear of retaliation? or fear of being turned into federal authorities?
5:36 am
>> reporter: residents want the vendors to get help if they are being trafficked. >> we buy from them. my daughters buy from them. the fruit is excellent. they are nice people. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said they're working to provide information and resources to the vendors. they've also contact the human trafficking investigation unit at the district attorney's office for help. it's been one year since pearl pinson was kidnapped in vallejo. yesterday, her family marks the anniversary at a little league field. they say it was a place where she loved to spend time. she was last seen being dragged by a man on a foot ridge over interstate 780 in vallejo. the suspect, fernando castro, died after a shoot out with police the next day. her sister said she holds monthly vigils at the over past where her sister was taken in order to feel her sister's spirit. >> whatever closure i can get
5:37 am
on my family can get, that's all we ask for. if she could be found alive, that's great. if we find her dead, at least we could put her to rest. >> a $10,000 reward is being offered for information leading to closure in the case. a woman visiting from the east coast to be in a wedding reported that her bridesmaids dress was stolen during a car break-in. alina rice had just arrived from massachusetts to be the maid of honor and her friend's wedding. the bride and groom to to the heart and dagger saloon on lake park avenue and they parked in a lot across the street. 45 minutes later they went back to the car and the window was smashed. rice's work laptop and her suitcase with her bridesmaids dress were gone. people in the neighborhood say thieves regularly target cars in parking lots along lake park avenue. >> we only have a few days to find the address and it was something that is so special to her. >> she is not alone.
5:38 am
i would say 5-10 cars get broken into every night between the lot across the street and this parking lot right here. >> miss rice say she and the bride scoured the internet and secondhand shops to find matching dresses for all the bridesmaids. the dress is not easy to replace. they are hoping possibly the thief will give the dress back. longshoremen walked off the job yesterday at the port of oakland for several hours, protesting the discovery of a hangman's noose on port property. union officials say it was the second noose found at the port and the last two weeks. this happened yesterday at the oakland international container terminal which is the port's largest,. it caused a pickup for container trucks getting in and out of the yard. >> the majority of the people that work at the port are minorities. they are a very -- diverse group of people. on the trucking side we have 36 different languages spoken. very diverse. i don't know who would do such a thing. >> the tawana cole was reopened
5:39 am
around noon but the backup lasted the rest of the day. a statement by the sudden part -- the display of nooses at the worksite are inexcusable and expressly prohibited conduct under the terms of the collective bargaining agreement. board officials promised a thorough investigation. the bottlerock music festival in napa starts today and after the manchester england terror attacks, security is a big issue for big, bay area events this weekend. more than 40,000 people are expected at the three-day bottlerock festival. headliners this year include the foo fighters, tom petty and maroon 5. the festival is also known for its great food and celebrity chefs include ayesha curry. napa police say they will not be doing anything different security -wise but are asking anyone who goes to the festival if you see anything suspicious,
5:40 am
report it. lake tahoe will be busy this memorial day weekend. coming up, where you can hit the slopes as we're just about to head into summer. video of an assault at a donald trump rally at berkeley last month. the suspect's ties to a local college and how that college is responding. good morning. i want to show you highway 101 in san francisco because it looks nice now but this is one of the major freeways that will be jampacked today as people try to get out of the bay area for the long holiday weekend. we are starting the long holiday weekend on a cool note with 50s, 60s and low 70s. there are some warmer temperatures by sunday and monday.
5:41 am
5:42 am
refugee arrivals in the bay area and across the nation are plunging of the trump
5:43 am
administration. that's according to researchers. nationwide, 3316 refugees were admitted in april, down two thirds from october. 9945 people were admitted then. according to a pew research center analysis of government data. in california, 338 refugees arrived in april, down 50% from a tober's total of 814. the dip is been striking an alameda county where people from iran, iraqi and other countries plagued by roar are typically welcomed. a former soccer coach in union city is in jail, accused of molla station. victor juarez was arrested. police received a complaint that he molested an 11-year-old girl who he coached. at the time, he was working for a private girls youth soccer team in union city. he recently moved to alameda as a soccer league manager. detectives are investigating to determine if there may be other victims.
5:44 am
and mountain view, a 26- year-old man is accused of posting sexually explicit photos of a 16-year-old girl on facebook. according to court documents, the two had been in a relationship. when they broke up, the suspect , grant ritter, broke into the victim's facebook account and posted inappropriate photos of her. investigators say ritter also admitted to trying to blackmail a 13-year-old girl into sending him nude photos. he is being charged with producing and distributing child pornography and cyber stalking. a college professor is due in court today to face charges connected to an attack at a rally in berkeley last month. police say 28-year-old eric clanton hit a supporter president trump in the head with a bike lock. the victim in the red shirt was seen on the ground with his head bleeding. cellphone video the attack went viral on social media as police try to identify the attacker. clanton taught ethics and philosophy at diablo valley college. a spokesman released a
5:45 am
statement saying "we are cooperating with the oakland police department on their investigation. the safety of our students and staff as a top priority for the district. let's find out the facts." although he taught in the past but he was not employed there this semester. he is also worked at san francisco state. the fbi and local companies are teaming up, working together to educate people about cybersecurity. the fbi's cyber division teamed up with symantec and ubs wealth management to teach individuals and businesses about how to better protect themselves online. the seminar at the old b of a building in downtown san francisco comes after a recent breach of 250,000 computers and more than 150 countries. speakers gave tips on how people can protect themselves from cyber attacks like having passwords at least 16 care as long.
5:46 am
regulators say they help save pg&e customers more than $1 billion in extra fees but the company wanted to pass on the $3.70 billion cost to shut down the diablo canyon nuclear power plant to its customers. the public utilities commission decided it can only pass on some of the cost. the utility will be allowed to recoup $2.42 billion in decommissioning costs over 10 years. the decision comes after consumer groups complained about steady rate increases by pg&e during the winter months. there will be a total solar eclipse the summer. on august 21, the man will completely block the sun. it will be visible from coast to coast in the u.s. the eclipse could also affect solar power production. the say public utilities commission is advising everybody to reduce electricity use for two hours on that day to ease the strain on the power grid. 5:46 am.
5:47 am
we will send things over to sal. typically on a friday, the bay bridge metering lights would be on at this time but does is that the case? two it is light. if you are trying to drive anywhere. i think the morning will be your only reprieve from slow traffic. let's go to the tracy commute. i want to show you it is very unusual for it to be 5:47 am and not see any slow traffic coming this way from the altamont pass. just enough people have taken the day off or they're not going right now to come into the livermore valley. the commutes have been light. i do see slowing on 880 southbound as you drive south because of a crash. southbound 880 approaching the dakota road offramp. you will see some slow traffic as you drive south. again, the slowdowns we are seeing are because of crashes and not because of the commute. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see it is lighter than usual. so far, so good.
5:48 am
101 in san francisco, this freeway will start getting close to full around noon today. maybe even a little earlier as people will be getting out of town and going wherever they are going. sal, you know how i can tell it's a holiday friday? on facebook and twitter it is crickets. there is nobody. that's very rare, as you know. >> taking a four day weekend sounds attractive. >> see you later. thank you. we do have a really cool pattern for this time of year. we started the week very warm. we did? yes, for some. not so much on the coast. even on tuesday, inlet, parts of the east bay and up north, they were in the 90s. not today. upper 60s and 70s. a slow warm-up as we head into saturday, sunday and monday. san jose, east san jose, 70
5:49 am
today. fremont from 70 down to 60. napa, 68 yesterday, 67 today. i would take it jacket. maybe by sunday it will be okay but it will be cool today. the further north in the belly you go, gets a little warmer. it will cool off rapidly. if you're going to the mountains, it will be nice but the mornings will be cool. 30s on the lowe's. upper 60s to near 70 by monday. anyone who goes to the mountains, once the temperature drops at sunset, it's can go quick pick low clouds. maybe a few breaks but that is up and down the coast. we have a northwest breezes. the fog bank is around 4000 feet. west and southwest breeze. westerly breeze. it's not strong but it will be there. san jose, south. livermore, west at 14. low clouds favoring the for -- favoring the coast. brentwood, 54. half moon bay, 54. 50s or upper 40s. los altos, 49.
5:50 am
menlo park and atherton, 55. san mateo, 53. sacramento, 54. 56, monterey. 56, fresno. that's not something you see all the time at the end of may. the northern mountains look good. the knights will be cool. the entire west coast is under this area of low pressure. there actually two the came in this week. a cool friday. the majority will be in the upper 70s by monday. temperatures today, 60s for many. vacaville, 72 with a breeze. low 70s toward eastern celano and contra costa county. walnut creek, 67. 74 san jose. morgan hill in gilroy, a very cool pattern for them. santa cruz, 65. 50s and 60s on the coast.
5:51 am
60s on the peninsula. slightly warmer and more sunshine into the holiday weekend. >> i am not complaining. when it gets too hot, folks who do not have air conditioning -- you need that fog. just in time for the memorial day holiday weekend, a new east bay water park built during one of the state's worst droughts is due to open its doors.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. 5:54 am. a judge is considering holding the leader of an antiabortion group in contempt after links to controversial videos appeared on his lawyer's website. the judge had banned the release of the secretly recorded videos. david della den, a leader of the center for medical progress released them and 2015 and says they show planned parenthood employees selling fetal tissue for profit. the planned parenthood said videos were deceptively edited to support false claims. he is facing charges of felony accusing him of recording people without their permission, breaking california law. he's been ordered to appear in court on june 14 for a hearing on the contempt charges. lands for california earthquake early warning system could be scrapped because of cuts under president trump probe budget. the budget calls for limiting federal funding for the system. it was scheduled to be rolled
5:55 am
out next year. the budget proposal also seeks to eliminate federal funding for critical tsunami monitoring stations in the pacific. the budget does not explain the reason for cutting that alert system. a new water park is due to open of the east bay. it's called the wave. at emerald glen park in dublin, it's grand opening is tomorrow. the $36 million water park will have six water slides, three pulls, a water playground and a 2000 seat outdoor performing arts center. when the park was announced in 2015, people in dublin asked the city to stop building it or cut back on the size because of mandatory water conservation measures in place. in april, governor brown declared the almost 5 year drought was over. the unofficial start to summer is nearly here. rosemary orozco has plenty of ideas for your memorial day weekend and her weekend watch. >> heading into the holiday weekend and here's what's
5:56 am
happening. celebrate carnaval in san francisco with global cuisine, music, dance and a grand parade. the 39th annual event will fill the streets of harris and birthdays. the parade is on sunday at 9:30 am. celebrate the east lake music festival at lake merritt we can enjoy music and dancing and good times. this is on saturday. head to the sausage festival. that party is complete with food and music at jack london square on saturday. enjoy the bay area kid fast on saturday. this will be held at mount diablo high school. bring your lawn chairs and blankets and head to the san ramon art and wind festival. kite festivities, live music, food, kidzone and other entertainments. that runs all weekend long at san ramon central park. the third annual burger and brewfest is in downtown fremont on saturday. sample breweries, burgers and other vendors while enjoying
5:57 am
live entertainment. fill up on tacos at the san jose tocco festival of innovation where you can try short rib tacos, nacho tacos, vietnamese shrimp tacos and traditional talkers. the feast is complete with live music on saturday at history part. bottlerock napa 2017 kicks off on friday. that brings together 100,000 attendees for the three-day celebration of music. for the weekend let up and details log onto on the sonoma coast, oysterpalooza 2017. bert -- bands, wine and more will be served at valley forge. in sports, the giants and? are at home. a's are on the road. the warriors continue their postseason run. we have breaking news in gilroy. an entire neighborhood is blocked off after gunfire was reported.
5:58 am
coming up, the very latest on what we know. ♪ ♪ ♪
5:59 am
good morning. we are following several stores
6:00 am
from gilroy. police have swarmed the neighborhood and there have been arrests after an early morning shooting. overcoming an assault charge before the polls open. a congressional candidate pulls off a stunning victory. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us on friday morning. may 26. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. let's talk about friday weather and the holiday weather. >> not hot. that's for sure. that low cloud deck is around 4000 feet. there will be a few holes in it today but as sal would say, the damages done. i think we will have pretty cool temperatures today. 50s and 60s on the coast and bay. near 74 some inland. each state we will warm up a little bit. bottlerock weather looks cool to start and not bad toward sunday. i only went 67 in napa. it


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