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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 30, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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the united states planning to showcase its defense against possible north korean missile strike today. a look into the efforts to reduce tensions among the korean peninsula. mornings on 2 starts now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, may 30. i'm pam cook. good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about weather. steve paulson is also here this morning. it's pretty cool for us this time of year. a series of these weak system's coming in and he picked up that breeze. i know it's been a windy pattern yesterday was a huge drop. a low drop through and there's another one on the way. the low clouds have yet to be mixed out. there's still some making a push inland and temperatures will be below average for many.
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even west of 21 and 15. what about the delta, that one cranked up yesterday. 25-33. 30s and 50s. many 40s to the north. sebastopol and bodega bay are included. san rafael, 51. one system went through and brought thundershower activity to the sierra. there's another one on the way. this one may produce more than clouds. i will tackle that later. 50s, 60s and 70s for many. 4:01 am. here is the man himself, sal. and we are. there's not a lot going on. traffic is doing pretty well. if you're trying to get back to work on a tuesday, this is a look at 580 westbound. it doesn't look bad. there's not a lot on the road sensors that we can see in the
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way of slow traffic on to a five or 580. if you've ever wondered how are the is early enough, this is early enough to avoid the traffic on the altimont pass out to the 580/6 in a interchange. it looks good all the way into castro valley and hayward. also looking at interstate 880 in hayward. both direction is moving along very well. if you're driving at the bay bridge toll plaza, it is light so far. let's go back to the desk. several witnesses over fremont police shooting are questioning whether an officer had to open fire. we are waiting for an update on the suspect who was rushed to the hospital. authorities say the suspect was armed with a pipe and was threatening people at the mallory east shopping center near mowry avenue and blake cal road off interstate 880. debora villalon shows us the cellphone video taken right after that police gunfire. >> what edition of our? >> reporter: cellphone video and the moments after the
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shooting shows a man on the ground, writhing in pain. the passerby. after this video says she saw the man stop and hold his hands in the air before an officer shot him. >> to me, as a mother, it was not justified. >> reporter: the confrontation happened at a parking lot, sandwiched between a lucky's supermarket in an orchard supply hardware store. >> i heard gunshots. i did not know it was gunshots. >> this truck driver was backing his box truck and to make a delivery and was startled by the gunfire steps away. >> you think there were people running around and scattering but there was nothing like that. i think people were shocked that it was the middle of the day. midafternoon. this quickly unfolded. >> reporter: fremont police say it began when someone in the area like down a passing patrol officer. >> the initial information the
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officer received was that there was someone we pipe around and threatening people. that officer found the man and pursued him on foot across the parking lot. >> the officer was chasing the young black man and he was telling him to stop and to drop it. stop, drop it. drop what? >> reporter: this witness said she did not see the metal pipe until after several shots rang out and the man fell. >> he was crying on the ground. he was bleeding on the ground unlike, oh my god. >> reporter: release for multiple shots were fired by one officer. during these initial hours of fact-finding, they cannot provide details yet. >> the interviews will take some accident begin time. we had multiple witnesses and interviewing witnesses now. we will also interview the officer. >> reporter: witnesses said they heard three shots. fremont police will confirm that. only one officer fired multiple shots and a weapon, a pipe, was recovered at the scene. in fremont, debora villalon, ktvu fox 2 news.
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police in vacaville expected to give us more information today after police officer shot and killed a man yesterday morning following a chase on interstate 80. police were following a white honda that was reported stolen from the city of davis early yesterday morning. officers try to pull the car over but the driver sped away down interstate 80. the chase eventually ended the vacaville premium outlets. police used their cars to block the driver and stop the car. moments later, there was some kind of confrontation in two police officer shot and killed the suspect. >> officers, obviously, are allowed to defend themselves if they feel their lives are in danger. they are at risk of great bodily injury or death -- >> when the suspect's car was towed away, they bullet holes in the front windshield. the name of the suspect has not been released. today, closing arguments are scheduled for the penalty phase of the sierra lamar
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murder trial. the jury that convicted antolin garcia-torres of killing morgan hill teenager, sierra lamar, is also deciding his feet. the body still has not been found. the jury will decide whether garcia-torres should get the death penalty or be sentenced to life in prison. a jury hearing the case of three santa clara sheriff deputies accused of beating to death a jailed in dade scheduled to continue deliberations today. the deputies are charged with murder in the beating of michael tyree and 2015. defense attorneys say michael tyree may have slipped, pollen or killed himself. his body was discovered in his jail cell. if convicted the deputies could spend the rest of their lives in prison. the you see governing board will no longer pay for lavish meals and parties. that decision comes after a san francisco chronicle report found the price tag for dinners that were paid for added up to almost a quarter million dollars since 2012.
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that includes a $17,000 banquet in january. the night before the board voted to raise student tuition. those dinners were charged to a private endowment. it was not paid for with public money or tuition. you see president janet napolitano says the board will stop that practice to avoid any questions about the use of university funds. deputies will work mandatory overtime from now until september. that's according to the san francisco examiner. there are now 840 deputies working in the county jail but that is 75 fewer than would be at full staff. the paper says sure vicky hennessy has declared a staffing emergency. that will require deputies to work 12 hours of overtime every pay period. managers will work an extra eight hours per pay period. she said until enough of volunteers have offered to work
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extra hours, it was necessary to acquire everyone to work overtime. a sad story. a deadly high-speed crash in alameda on one of the busy streets in that city. new information about the teenagers who lost their lives on memorial day. a busy day ahead for the trump white house from dealing with a new isis attack to senator john mccain taking aim at russia. i'm kelly wright deon washington. the latest details and straight ahead. good morning. we do have traffic that is going to be busy. it is going to be windy and altamont pass. some of the barrier bridges as well. police be careful. it will be breezy and windy for many today from the coast altered the inland areas. may be s'more sun but another system is approaching.
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welcome back to. military leader and u.s. ally, manuel noriega is dead. the 83-year-old general recently had a hemorrhage after brain surgery. noriega had been a key u.s. ally but was removed from power when you's forces invaded panama in 1989. he was later sent to prison in the u.s. on drug and money laundering charges. he spent time in french and panamanian prisons for murder, corruption and embezzlement. noriega was released from prison last january to prepare
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for his brain surgery. there's been little public reaction to his death in panama. australia plans to ban convicted pedophiles from traveling overseas. proposed new legislation would seize the passports of 20,000 pedophiles who are on australia's child sex offender registry. the government says it wants to protect vulnerable children in southeast asia are being exploited. the ribbon reports that hundreds of australian pedophiles have traveled to nearby southeast asian countries to abuse children there. with president trump back at the white house, his administration is focused on pushing the president's agenda. >> the questions over russia do not appear to be going away. senator john mccain is the latest to voice concerns about it. kelly wright is monitoring all of that from washington. >> reporter: today, it is back to business at the white house for president trump following his first official overseas trip and his first memorial day
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as commander-in-chief. >> we pay tribute to those brave souls who raced into gunfire, word into battle, and ran into hell. >> reporter: the trump administration is now dealing with a deadly new attacked by isis targeting civilians with a massive car bomb in iraq earlier tuesday. the target, an ice cream shop popular with families in central baghdad. the attack coming just as u.s. backed iraqi troops are making a new push to oust isis from the iraqi city of mosul. >> i think he is the premier and most important threat, more so than isis. >> reporter: republican senator john mccain is now calling russian president vladimir putin a bigger threat to global security than isis. >> it's the russians who tried to destroy the very fundamental of democracy and that is to change the outcome of an american election. >> reporter: mccain said he
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wants sanctions against moscow for interfering in the 2016 u.s. presidential election and the arizona republican is also questioning president trump's senior advisor, jared kushner, amid reports kushner had undisclosed contacts with russia's ambassador to the u.s. >> my view of it is i don't like it. i just don't.>> reporter: this as president trump is working to shift focus to his domestic agenda. singh on twitter that his tax reform plan is moving ahead of schedule. and washington, kelly wright. fox news. the white house could be getting ready to reversed the u.s. policies on cuba. fox business reports that a full review into president obama's executive actions regarding u.s. cuban relations has nearly been complete. the obama administration restore diplomatic relations with cuba and softened regulations on trade and travel. but the trade embargo with cuba that's been in place for almost
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60 years has not been lifted by congress. just last week, 55 senators filed legislation to and all remaining restrictions on travel to cuba. today the u.s. military plans to test its missile defense system as a demonstration of strength to north korea just yesterday, north korea testfired another muscle as the leader, kim jong- un, was watching. the range of the missile was short of reaching the u.s. but it could endanger south korea and american forces in that region. today the u.s. will launch a missile from the marshall islands in the pacific and then interceptors will be launched from brandenburg air force base in california to show north korea the defense capabilities of the united states. 4:15 am. tuesday, back from a holiday weekend. probably more traffic, sal.
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>> yes. we are going to have more traffic on the roads. a little windy in the altamont pass. chp has put out an advisory and a couple people who drove the altamont pass to get to work say it is a two hand on the wheel thing. just be careful out there. let's go to the gilroy commute. i want to show you that northbound 101 does look okay from gilroy to san jose as you drive through morgan hill. we had a lot of people coming back to the bay area yesterday. you will be happy to know that everything is calm getting into the south bay with no major issues. this is 280 and san jose. you can see traffic looks good getting up to highway 17. also at the bay bridge toll plaza westbound you will see that traffic is light. some of those wins are a little breezy. >> that would be 50 miles an hour at the altamont pass. by the way, basco road, which a lot of your people travel --
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>> people care about that -- >> 37 miles an hour. a series of systems continue to work their way in. if this were january or february we would probably be looking at rain. and the possibility exists late tomorrow night or tomorrow evening. i think wednesday. the fog is there. low clouds -- [ fog horn ] we've been hearing that a lot lately. we picked up some cloud cover and drizzle yesterday in the sierra. another system is on the way. that is right there. you can see that dip in the jet stream. that is low pressure and that keeps the beachgoing. in other words, it's windy. west, west 21 at oakland airport. yesterday and cranked up in the
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delta. 25 with gusts up to 35 in travis. they were only 76 yesterday. i don't think they will be that one today. 30s and 40s on the temperatures. east bay times in the 50s. they are close to upper 40s. 51 in danville. lafayette, 51. 52 by the concord pavilion. vallejo, 53. 30s in the mountains. 53, monterey. in this sierra you can see some of that thunder from that low yesterday. quieter today but another system is making its way in.'s see that circulation. here comes the next system taking aim on the north coast tonight. that will give us mostly cloudy skies and the possibility of rain moving in late tonight and tomorrow as that system rotates through. there will not be a lot but i think we will get a little bit out of this.
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one of the when, that's not drizzle. by the coast it may be drizzle. we may be dealing with this as we go through tuesday night into wednesday. after that, things look quiet. gradual warming toward the weekend. the ridge seems to be transitory to me. 50s, 60s, 70s and near 84 if you. inlet temperatures continue to be low average through thursday. that i think we was the rebound i don't see much change on the coast. thank you. 4:19 am. around the bay area on memorial day people gathered to remember the lives of the men and women who died while serving our country. that includes a peace vigil at the crosses of lafayette the crosses represent the lives lost in afghanistan and iraq. and san francisco, more than 1000 gathered at the presidio to honor those who died in america's wars. rob ross spoke to the families who lost loved ones and for them a memorial day is not a day to be said. it's a day to remember.
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>> reporter: on this chilly memorial day, some came early to the military cemetery in the presidio to spend a quiet moment with someone they loved and lost. this woman's father is buried here, arthur harvey fought in world war ii. >> he went to war and it means a lot that my father did that. >> reporter: the thoughts of this soldier are with fellow soldiers who never made it home. >> i get a sense of not happiness but a good feeling when i'm here. it's like a welcome home. >> reporter: more than 1500 people gathered to pay tribute to those who fought and died in america's wars. this mother and father from santa rosa lost their son when an ied exploded near him in iraq 11 years ago. still they say, memorial day does not bring them sadness. >> he was a fine young man. he always looked for his own
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path in life. and he was really proud of where he was. >> reporter: >> as far as i, no. it's not said. we should be looking to remember. and if we don't remember the people who sacrificed, we're not like -- we are lacking something. this former soldier said he could feel himself slowly dying from a snipers bullet in iraq only to somehow survive. >> monuments and memorials are a great way to remember those who came before us. but the most powerful way to honor their sacrifice is by allowing their spirit to live through us each and every day. >> reporter: for those here, memorial day is my time for back here barbecues or ballgames but a day to remember or say thank you or bring children to see these gravestones and perhaps begin to understand. >> i think they will better understand what freedom is all about on memorial day. >> these people saved our country. and that makes me emotional.
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because it said that we have to live in a world where there is still more. >> reporter: the poet, henry log -- henry wadsworth longfellow once said -- yours has the suffering been, the memory shall be hours. in the presidio in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu fox 2 news. [ bugle playing t.a.p.s. ] >> that is a lovely place to spend memorial day. a big change could be coming to the airport. the new technology that could speed up the screening at airport checkpoints. it was chaos on the ball field. did you see this at the pitchers mound? an all out brawl breaking out during the giants and nationals game at at&t park. the likely suspensions and fines as a result. lt.
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welcome back to trempe. major league baseball expected to handout suspensions for both the giants and the washington nationals after a big fight yesterday in the game with the giants lost 3-0. >> and the pitch and he heads harper. and harper is going to go out. and now we have a beef. >> that's how it started and it
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went on and on. washington nationals star bryce harper was hit with a 99 mile an hour fastball by giants reliever hunter strickland and this happened. both players really landed punches. then the benches cleared these two since 2014 when harper hit two home run's office strickland in the playoffs. players haven't faced each other since. strickland and harper both were kicked out of the game. >> it so in the past is not even relevant anymore. they won the world series that year. i don't even think you should be thinking about what happened the first round. he should take about wearing that ring every night. >> both players probably will be suspended and find. the teams play again tonight at at&t park. it was a game of home runs in the a's game yesterday. oakland battle the indians. both teams had three home runs. the a's are trolling 5-0 into the seventh. they started with this home
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run. that shot followed by a home run from ryon healy and another home run for the a's and the knife from chris davis going deep for the 16th time this year. but in the end, the a's came up short. the indians one with a final a 5-3. acting warriors head coach mike brown expected to be at practice today after he became sick with a stomach virus. steve kerr, the head coach, appeared at practice yesterday but he said as of now it does not look like he will be able to coach game one of the championship series against cleveland. thursday's game is at oracle at 6 pm. the teams warning about fake tickets and fake merchandise. coming up we will talk with a spokesman for the warriors about what fans can do to avoid getting ripped off. 4:27 am. tiger woods is back in the headlines. what he is saying about his dui arrest on memorial day.
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a mother and her boyfriend on trial, accused of killing the woman's three-year-old daughter. next, the latest from a courtroom in the north bay as that trial approaches and end. windy on the altimont pass. other than that, we have a decent commute on this tuesday that seems like a monday. it's windy out in the delta as well. 36 miles per hour and travis. 50 at the altamont pass. low clouds, gray and the cool pattern.
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good morning. welcome back and thank you for joining us. tuesday, may 30. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook it is 4:30 am steve said we can feel that it's cool for this time of the year. >> very cool


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