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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  May 31, 2017 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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morning. the confusing tweet that he delivered last night that has since been deleted. mornings on 2 starts now. this is ktvu mornings onto. good morning. thank you for joining us. wednesday, last day of may. may, 31st. >> and the middle of the week. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. i saw a little rain this morning. >> i didn't see it but i was surprised to see sprinkles on my car. >> i know steve did. >> a little bit. most of it is moving through, but it made it. we did a couple things. we chewed up most of that low cloud deck which has been very persistent. i think a lot of this will be out of here in the next hour or two. most of the commute should be rent-free. watch how that band goes through. not a lot left of it. still some light rain over toward east bay, san jose, the
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santa cruz mountains, but it is pushing eastward pretty rapidly and we are on the backside of it. it will still sweep through giving us a relatively cool day. i doubt it has chewed up the low clouds. the breeze is okay but nothing compared to where it was a couple days ago or even yesterday. 50 some attempts, low 60s. cloud cover holding up those temps. you see the system barreling through here. clearing taking place behind that and that's a sign of things to come. 60s and 70s. light rain early. partly sunny and partly cloudy skies. it's 4:01. here he is. >> steve, good morning. we are doing okay. starting off the morning on 580, the tracy triangle. let's take a look at that. traffic does look okay. right now is not a bad commute here. where 205 and 580 me.
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yesterday we had a bad one when it comes to livermore to dublin commute. we have wiped the slate clean. off to a fresh start here. no major problems. driving on 280 in san jose, that looks good as well. it's 4:02. let's go back. waiting for updates from oakland police who surrounded in east oakland house overnight tracking a man who is believed to have shot and killed a man found inside a car. police were called yesterday afternoon to the area near 51st avenue and international boulevard. police found the man who had been shot in a car. that man later died at the hospital. investigators tracked the suspect to a home on that very same street where the victim was found and there was a standoff with police. we have very few details. we don't know if an arrest has been made. the bay area newsgroup reports several people were escorted
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out of the house during the night. reportedly, this was oakland's 26, side of the year. this time last year there were 17. late last night council agreed to pay $989,000. the 19-year-old was a teen prostitute and initially said she had sex with as many as 30 bay area officers. she says that they exploited her some while she was just 16 years old. an attorney says the previous legal team originally filed a claim for $66 million but he recommended that she take the settlement. >> she can put this behind her because it was quite emotional and traumatic to be involved with the oakland police officers. >> criminal activity happened under the watch of the city of oakland and whatever jasmine gets, more power to her in that
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way. the taxpayers have to pay for that and i think that's why it's important that we have a proper oversight. >> there is still a criminal case pending by the alameda county district attorney along with four other claims of exploitation by officers in richmond, livermore, san francisco and alameda county. a jetblue flight on its way from new york to san francisco finally landed at sfo after making an emergency stop when a lithium battery from a passengers laptop caught fire in carry-on bag. the plane was diverted to grand rapids, michigan after passengers noted some smoke coming from bag. an airport spokesperson says no one was hurt and the fire was out by the time the plane landed in grand rapids where it was met by firefighters. the plane continued on to sfo when it arrived shortly before midnight. today a jury in san jose is scheduled to begin deliberating the sentence of the man convicted of killing sierra lamarr. the jury sentenced him to either
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life in prison or give him the death penalty. the prosecutor argued for the death penalty saying garcia torres forever silenced sierra lamarr when he killed her five years ago. the defense argued the jury should consider that garcia -torres grew up in a climate of poverty, neglect, and abuse and remember he has a child of his own will be affected by the decision. he went on to say that either way garcia-torres will die in prison. sentencing is set for july 27th for a woman from napa and her boyfriend convicted in the torture and killing of a woman's three-year-old daughter. the verdicts against sarah lynn kruger and ryan scott warner were announced yesterday. prosecutors say the two of them beat the three-year-old to death.
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kruger and warner both face life sentences without the possibility of parole. police in berkeley are asking for help from the public to find the missing 87-year-old woman. lasting about 7:00 last night at her home on carlton street. she has alzheimer's disease and cannot speak. she was last seen wearing a white t-shirt, purple athletic pants and tan flippers. there is a picture of her. mcdougall wears a medical alert bracelet with her name and address on it. police say she shuffles when she walks. anyone who has seen her is asked to contact police immediately. 27 people now facing charges after an undercover prostitution operation. san jose police officers worked for four days last week to solicit meetings from suspects. prostitutes near oak street and south first street. six women were arrested for soliciting dates, then several female officers posed as prostitutes. that led to 21 men being cited
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for soliciting. most of the people who were arrested live in santa clara county. police in hayward ran their own prostitution sting on saturday and nine men were arrested. the men responded to an online ad and agreed to meet a woman at a motel in hayward. the woman was an undercover police detective. members of the vice enforcement team were also part of this sting operation police say all nine of the men arrested were charged with prostitution -related offenses. two people under arrest and face various criminal charges. the newark police officer patrolling the newark mall spotted the rv in the parking lot. he discovered the motor home was reported stolen from oakland. the officer then detained the two people in rv. 31-year-old priscilla vasquez was booked into the santa rita jail. the bay area newsgroup
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reports that she will be arraigned this afternoon. 33-year-old brian newton had three warrants for his arrest. police say they found burglary tools on him. 13 former ucsf information technology workers are suing the board of regents for outsourcing their jobs. the former employees were among a bigger group of about 80 to 100 tech workers who were laid off earlier this year. they are claiming discrimination and harassment it because they say they were forced to train their replacements. the university wanted to reduce costs when it outsourced the jobs to a company that uses lower paid foreign workers. the university said the layoffs were legal and in accordance with uc policies. despite resistance from neighbors, the board approved a plan to install lights at san marin high school football field. hundreds of parents and students packed into a gym last night for a special school board meeting. critics of the plan argue that the 80-foot tall lights would
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be disruptive bringing nighttime light and noise to the neighborhood. supporters say students are losing valuable class time leaving early just to participate in their sports before dark. >> it will change it completely. you won't be able to see the sunsets or the stars. it's going to be dramatically different. >> having the time to go home and work on homework and study for tests before i went to practiced allows me to a better understanding of the material and pass each of my tests in my classes. >> there will be some restrictions. no lights and loudspeaker on holidays or weekend, no outside events and lights out by 9 by the latest. a bill passed by the state senate would ban smoking at state parks and beaches. it was introduced by the state senator of concord who says the measure would not only deal with health problems caused by smoking but also the harm to the environment by cigarette butts. the bill would only ban smoking at parks and beaches that are owned by the state. the governor vetoed the similar
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bill last year saying it was just too broad. the berkeley city council is considering banning the use of plastic drinking straws at bars, restaurants, and coffee shops. environmental groups have been pushing to reduce the number of plastic straws that end up on beaches and in waterways endangering marine life. the city of davis recently passed a law requiring restaurants to ask people if they want a straw rather than automatically given one. welcome a bay area student said she was taken by knife point and forced to drive to oregon. the investigation now being called off into the alleged kidnapping of a san jose state student. new questions and reports president trump has been giving out his cell phone number encouraging world leaders to call him directly. full details on the story straight ahead. good morning. you can see traffic moving along pretty well. if you are driving in many
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areas, including the bay bridge, a nice trip into the city. and the craziest dream last night. it was raining out. it was no dream. very light rain and most of it moving through already. we will talk about that and see what's in store for the rest of the day.
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>> the north is threatening to send a bigger gift package to the u.s. after launching a said missile test earlier this week. the pentagon says it shot down a marked warhead over the pacific ocean late tuesday and a successful missile defense test targeting a long-range missile similar to what north korea is working to develop. meantime, the united nations news secretary-general is urging the u.s. to honor the paris climate agreement aimed at reducing carbon emissions. >> we believe that it would be important for the u.s. >> this is the subject.
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ultimately, he wants a fair deal for the american people and he will have an announcement shortly. >> president trump that he will decide weather the u.s. will withdraw from the 2015 paris climate accord. fox news. president trump tweaked trending this morning. the president posted the sweet at midnight eastern time. it just says, despite the constant negative press, the president has since deleted that tweet and replace it with this one. who can figure out the true meaning? enjoy. that has not stopped anyone online from trying to figure out what this means or how it's pronounced even. it's been trending all night long with people making up their own definitions and beams about it. >> we were talking about it. >> we talked about this just
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the other day, sal. you make a typo. i delete that tweet. >> the problem is, and this has happened to me, if you make a typo and you don't realize it's a typo, then you wake up in the morning and you have all these dimensions. >> right. >> i'm popular today. then you realize. >> maybe it's french. >> there you go. good morning, everyone. let's start off with the gilroy super commute. let's start off with northbound 101 from gilroy to san jose. you can see traffic is going to be okay. the road sensors not showing us a lot going on through morgan hill and getting into the san jose area. there have been no major problems as you drive into the san jose region. west on 92 as you head out to
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the high-rise, that doesn't look too bad. and if you are driving to the bay bridge, it is light. so right now if you really want to get on the road before the crowd does, this is good time to do it on this wednesday that feels -- it's already wednesday. can't believe it. good morning, steve. >> it's my friday. got a couple days off. >> enjoy. >> thank you. what day is this? is the day of rain. somebody just said we have puddles in red blood. >> there's rain and puddles. >> i can see it. there's also rain out to sacramento and sacramento valley. concord and livermore. other than that, it was very light. there is the line. stockton and modesto and headed into the valley. there is our system sweeping full.
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we usually get rain in may and june but this has been a quiet may. the first time in six months. we get a teeny bit of measure. i don't know if san francisco did. the system will move through this morning, then we get clearing on the backside. the low clouds are still there, but probably mixed it out a little bit. you see some breaks. it looks like morning clouds and afternoon sun. still a breeze, but nothing can hold a candle to what we saw yesterday. gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour. 50s on the low for the most. they are held up even toward the north. 56, kelsey, petaluma 54, 55 san rafael. 54 balmy degrees up in truckee. 55 monterey. the system will produce light rain in the sierra. more thunderstorms mainly on the lee side. what's going on? again, this is moving pretty quick and it will be pretty light. there is not a
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significant amount. there's the system from the west. high pressure will slowly building giving inland temps a little warm up. cloudy early and then some sun with light rain. a lot of this has moved off pretty quick. it's about 3:00 a.m. to 5:00 a.m. event. mostly sunny and warmer weather will take us into thursday, friday, saturday. another system moves in. >> and today is the birthday of your body, clint eastwood. 87 years old. >> i'm sure he's down there in carmel watching us. >> makes my day. get off my back, everyone. >> he will always have many, many. 4:20 is the time right now. the state assembly passed a bill banning pet stores from selling dogs, cats, and rabbits unless they are rescue animals. the measure aims to stop california pet stores from selling animals in so- called puppy mills. the bill does allow people to
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buy animals directly from breeders. it moves now to the state senate. state senate approved a bill that would require california middle and high schools to start the school day after 8:30 in the morning. this follows a recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics for later school start times. they say teenagers are wired to go to bed later at night. the new school start time requirement will go into effect in 2020. that's not going to be in time for my eldest. two teenagers in my house. they do start staying up later and later. that would be helpful. 4:21. drone delivery may be coming to your doorstep soon. the big retailer that filed a patent to track and shift packages by drone. the rarest and running out of time. the quarterback has given a deadline to get it done or he will wait until he is a free agent.
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this is violet. she's been waiting for this moment for awhile. a moment other kids wouldn't think twice about. her first bowl of cheerios. because now that cheerios are gluten free, violet, and many others are enjoying their first bowl today.
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welcome back. giants lost to the washington nationals last night while feeling the effects from the bench clearing brawl. three runs in only four innings of work. he did not use it as an excuse. he accidentally crashed into michael moore trying to break up the fight. the nationals scored twice in the first, never trailed during
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the game. a bright spot for giants fans is that new public enemy number 1. struck out three times. he was booted throughout the night. major league baseball suspended him for games. both players can still suit up after appealing those suspensions. michael morris may have suffered the worst from the fight. he collided while trying to be the peacemaker there. he'd been placed on a seven day concussion list. 4:25. that is lost to the cleveland indians 9-4. they struck out 19 times. it actually led -- they actually led 3-0 in the fourth. but the designated healer coming home, coming home. he was thrown out. cleveland then score the next seven runs. the former ucla pitcher trevor bauer had 14 strikeouts. the best in the american league so far this season.
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that's not trevor, but she looks good. by the way, cleveland relief pitcher struck out five more 80s so they had 19 strikeouts. the raiders have less than two months to sign quarterback derek car to a contract extension. confirmed yesterday he wants the deal done before training camp. if not, he will play out the final year on his rookie contract. he is scheduled to make less than million dollars for the 2017 season. the team still has options to keep him in the silver and black even after the contract expires, including a contract next spring or using the franchise tag, raiders straight -- raider start training camp july. the nba finals starts tomorrow night. the warriors opponents are already in town. the defending nba champs.
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game one happens tomorrow night in oakland. golden state is a 74 favorite. >> and they are back. >> i know. time is for 27:00. kelp forest dying along the california coast. >> once one thing goes out of whack, everything can go out of whack. that's what we are seeing. >> what scientists are doing to figure out the problem. bay area students, teachers, and administrators are heading to sacramento today to talk with legislators. the message they plan to deliver about education. good morning. traffic looks pretty good on the san mateo bridge heading to the high-rise and over to the peninsula. more about the morning commute. the pitter patter of light rain. most of it has moved through and now we have cloudy skies. we will talk about what's in store the rest of the day.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. welcome back. we will show you a picture from mammoth mountain because there is so much snow in the southern california ski area. the resort will stay open until august. sent out this tweet yesterday saying it's the best conditions in the country. if it does stay open until august, that would be the longest ski season in history for mammoth mountain. the resort is reporting snow 8 feet deep at the base. every trail scheduled open -- scheduled to open today. >> i have a picture skiing with tank tops and shorts in june at mammoth. >> i want to go. >> i know, it's nice. >> we will say good morning to you. thank you for joining us. it's the middle of the we


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