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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  May 31, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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smoke on a plane and an unscheduled landing. we'll laugh the latest details on a frightening flight. president trump's post on twitter going viral this morning, the confusing tweet that he delivered last night that has since been deleted. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us, wednesday, may 31. i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. interesting bay area weather. steve paulson is here in his office. >> twitter is a wonderful thing. it really, really is. >> are you getting good information? >> you learn away to double check everything, right. >> that's true. >> not everybody did. >> well, you know, talking
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about us. >> twitter has made my job a lot easier because people check in, with facebook, too, whatever, social media, because it does help and some people, brian garcia said, i'm a little surprised by this, picking up a bit of rain in santa clara. cloudy, mild, light rain, lows are warmer. the afternoon, sun! did we say sun? breezy, too. what's that? sun? there's the system moving through, still a bit hanging on, and the drizzle. the main line is to the valley now and the northern sacramento valley, reports of measurable mounts. breezy today, not as windy, 50s on the temperatures, low 60s. the cloud cover holding up the system. going back 48 hours. why 48? we've had a series of system. one on monday, the spin there, and there's the tuesday, the
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low clouds, the higher cloud deck. we're almost on the backside of that, so perhaps clearing later on, 60s and 70s on the temperatures. speaking of embracing twitter... this man does because it makes his job easier, as well. >> absolutely. i enjoy the interaction. it kind of has replaced chat rooms, if you remember that, interaction, and it brings you news, too. let's go to the tracy triangle. many times people will get on twitter and say, this tracy commute has become very, very slow over the years and westbound 580, 205, if you push in here, you can see how slow it is, 205, which is a freeway that i did not talk about 10 years ago, unless there was an accident there or something, now an every day thing of traffic on westbound 205, approaching 580, 12 mph here, a little bit better when you get to the other side of the altamount pass, up to 27. you see what we're dealing
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witha lot of slow traffic. the track from dublin to fremont looks better, no crashes to report and hopefully it will stay that way. the bay bridge toll plaza is light, getting up to the toll plaza. highway 101 looks pretty good. frightening moments for passengers on a jetblue flight bound for san francisco, making an unscheduled landing in the midwest when there was smoke coming from a carry-on bag. ktvu is live from sfo. the plane finally arrived overnight, right? >> reporter: yes. that's right. that plane making a safe landing here at sfo after making the unscheduled landing in grand rapids michigan. it was scheduled to fly from jfk to san francisco, and about an hour into the flight crew members and passengers say they saw smoke coming from an
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overhead bin, apparently a battery or a charger from a laptop computer was smoldering and the passengers say there was tense moments as they tried to figure out what was going on. >> it was pretty scary, though, to see smoke on the plane, at 35,000 feet, you know, and we look back in row 25 and saw everybody standing up and smoke coming around. >> reporter: the plight crew decided to put down in michigan at around 8:00 local time. passengers tells ktvu that she sat on the tarmac for about two hours to make sure the problem was reinvolved and took off again and had an uneventful flight to sfo. the official twitter feed from the airport in grand rapids confirms their fire crews respond to a lithium fire on board. that fire was put out and all 158 passengers on board were
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safe and back on their way to sfo after refueling. the passengers, when they arrived here at sfo, were tired but in generally good spirits once they landed here. in about an hour we'll go over more on the guidelines about what you should and should not bring with you when you fly to avoid this kind of situation for anybody who is traveling. >> that's always been a concern, these lithium-ion batteries, whether it's in the plane or underneath, so very interesting. thank you. time, 5:05, observing land police just gave us an update on -- oakland police just gave us an up date on the search for the suspect, and it's called off and the person got away. reports of a shooting yesterday afternoon near 51st avenue and international boulevard and skyfox flew over that area. police found a man who had been shot inside of a car and that man later died at a hospital. the shoulder was tracked to a home on that very same street
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where the victim was found and there was a standoff with police that lasted into the night but the shooter was not there. this was oakland's 26th homicide of the year. this time last year there was 17. new this morning, the woman will speak out regarding the sex scandal. the council agreed to pay her $989,000. the 19-year-old was a teen prostitute and initially said she had sex with as many as 30 bay area officers. she says they exploited her, some while she was still just 16 years old. the attorney says her previously gel team originally filed it for $66 million but he recommended she take the settlement. >> she can put this behind here because it was quite emotional
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and traumatic, to be involved with the police officers. >> happening under the watch of the city of oakland and whatever she gets, more power her in that way. the taxpayers have to pay for that and that's why it's important that we have proper oversight. >> there is still a criminal case pending by the alameda county district attorney, along with four other claims of exploitation by officers in richmond, livermore, san francisco, and alameda county. time, 5:07. today a jury in san jose is scheduled to begin deliberating the sentence for the man convicted of killing sierra lamar. they sentenced garcia-torres to either life in prison or give him the death penalty. the prosecutor argued for the death penalty, saying garcia- torres forever silenced lamar when he killed her five years ago. however, the defense argued the jury should consider that garcia-torres grew up in a
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climate of poverty, neglect and abuse and that he has a child who will be affected by their decision. either way, garcia-torres will die in prison. sentencing has been set for july 27th now for a napa welcome and her boyfriend convicted in the torch earn and killing of the woman's 3-year- old daughter. the verdicts against the two were announced yesterday. prosecutors say the two of them beat 3-year-old slusher to death and hid her body in a freezer back in 2014. kruger and warner both face life sentences without the possibility of parole. police in berkeley are asking for help from the public to find a missing 87-year-old woman. mcdougal was reported missing at 7:15 last night from her board and care home on carlton street. there's a look at the map of the area.
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she does have alzheimer's disease and can't speak. take a look at the photo, last seen wearing a white t-shirt, purple pants and tan slippers. she wears a medical alert bracelet with her name and address on it. again, berkeley police are saying that she shuffles when she walks and anybody who has seen her is asked to contact police immediately. our time is 5:09. the story about a bay area student who said she was taken by knife point and forced to drive to oregon, the investigation that's now called off into the alleged kidnapping of a student from san jose state. what on earth does this presidential tweet mean? right now we don't see anything unusual on highway 24. it looks pretty good so far as you drive from walnut creek true oakland. we'll he you -- as -- as you
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welcome back to mornings on 2. take a look at that word there in the tweet, what does it mean? that is the unusual word, probably a misspelling that appeared in a tweet from president trump last night but the unusual late-night message comes as the white house is trying to revamp communication efforts.
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we are joined with doug in washington. how are you pronouncing this? >> reporter: i have no idea. i can imagine the servers over twitter are smoking now because of all of the activity overnight involving this word. the president deleted it and replaced it with, who can figure out the true meaning of this word, enjoy. but it underscores how challenging it is to work in the white house communication's office right now. we never really see trump with his smartphone but it's apparently never far away. around midnight last night here in washington came this tweet, despite the constant negative press, perhaps trying to write coverage, but the incomplete tweet was left to stand overnight. >> fake news. fake news. >> reporter: there's little question that president donald
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trump is probably his best advocate, and the attention is real here. sean spicer abruptly ended the briefing after a question about a possible staff shake-up, leaving reporters stunned, and while sean spicer's demise as press secretary, communications director dubke is leaving. >> he's a pro-pro, a long-term thinker, and as your audience knows this white house is on hyper drive in terms of making news and it's hard to plan in an environment like this. >> reporter: hard to plan and a president who is used to calling his own shots, even this morning reports that trump has given his personal cell phone number to a number of world leaders, an unusual move by a president who defies convention. >> reporter: the ap reports he gave his cell phone number out to the leaders of mexico, canada and france, at the very least, and they report that at
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least one of those leaders, justin trudeau, of canada, has actually used the number. back to you. >> thank you, doug. new this morning, at least 80 people were killed, 350 injured, after a massive explosion in kabul, afghanistan, happening in a part of the city where many countries have their embassies. officials say some workers were hurt in the explosion, and now turkey says they will evacuate some of their embassy staff after some of its building was damaged, not clear what the intended target was. the explosion was caused by a car bomb. time, 5:15. let's get you to where you need to go this morning. sal, you're watching the long commutes. how does it look? >> i'm making sure i didn't miss misspell anything. >> the commute is going okay. the gilroy commute, traffic is
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doing okay. however, we have found slow traffic on northbound 101, between gilroy and san jose. it looks good for the most part, but northbound 101, it looks like theirs a crash approaching the 85 interchange, and you can see it right there, kind of at the bottom right of the screen. traffic is going to be slow here as you drive on northbound 101, approaching the 85 interchange. give yourself extra time from the morgan hill area, up to san jose, and we'll let you know more about this crash as i get more details, but it is going to be slow in the area. also looking at the san mateo bridge, the traffic doesn't look bad heading out to the high rise. if you're driving to the bay bridge toll plaza, still not a big delay at the bay bridge toll plaza, usually about 5:30 is when they turn the metering lights on. let's bring steve in with today's weather. >> thank you, sal. a bit of rain overnight, and
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produced rain even out to the valley, .01, up to point a three, rain, and the low cloud deck has been chewed up, a bit. breezy, cooler air mass moving through, and there goes our system, the band that made it. you can see behind that the low cloud deck, not as extensive, but still in place. out to the valley, the line from sacramento and stockton, modesto, the san joaquin valley, the system rotates, but the deep in the jet treatment will allow for slightly cooler air to move in, and the high pressure will start to build in tomorrow, up to the northern sacramento valley and up to the sierra, light morning rain, more of a punch the farther north you go. west, west, wswa component have
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breeze, and you can't get that out of the way but it's not 40 mph like yesterday. the cloud cover has held temperatures up, some in the 50s. gilroy, 53, 52 in boulder creek, 55, santa clara. cupertino, 54. campbell, 57. 77, las vegas, but breezy there. 54, truckee. pretty close there on the temperatures, and the thunderstorm activity to the east of them yesterday, and some that is moving into the sierra. going back 48 hours on the water vapor, because of this system on monday, that went through and ramped up the fog, higher clouds came in yesterday and light rain started last night and this is where we are right now, clearing taking place behind that. i think we'll see improving conditions later today and warmer temperatures kick in tomorrow, into about saturday and another brief cool-down on
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sunday. 60s, to 70s, inland temperatures, but they will move up, and saturday, will be warm, but cooler into sunday. heading into june, the wind, it was crazy. >> yes. 5:19. drone delivery could be coming to your house soon, the big retailer that filed a patent to track and ship packaging by drone. plus, the oakland raiders and quarterback derek carr are running out of time to agree to a new contract. carr has begin a deadline to get it done or he'll wait until he becomes a free agent. ♪ [ music ]
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the giants lost last night to the washington nationals 6- 3, still feeling the effects from monday's big fight. samardzija accidentally crashed into michael morse, trying to break up the big fight on monday. the nats scored twice in the fix never trailed during the game. there was a bright spot for giants' fan, their new favorite enemy, harper, struck out three times and was booed throughout the night. major league baseball did
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suspend harper four games and strickland, six games. they are both appealing the suspension. morse may have suffered the worst from that fight, knocking heads with samardzija while trying to be a peace maker. morse has been placed on the seven-day concussion list. the a's lost to the indians, 9- 4, striking out 19 times and led thread-0 in the 4th inning and almost scored another run but the d. h., healy, running home, tagged out. cleveland scored the next seven runs. former ucla pitcher bauer had 14 strikeouts, the best in the american league so far this season. the relief pitcher struck out five more a's, bringing a total of 19 strikeouts. the raiders have less than up months now to sign quarterback derek carr to a contract extension. the raiders quarterback confirmed yesterday he wants a deal done before training camp,
5:24 am
and if not, he'll play out the final year on his rookie contract. he's due to make less than a million dollars for the 2017 season. the raiders still have options to keep him on the team, even after his contract expires, including a contract next spring, or using the franchise tag. the stanford baseball team is hoping to return to the college world series for the first time since 2008, but they're playing for more than just a championship this year. they are also hoping to send their coach off to retirement with a win. mark marquez has been the head coach at stanford for 41 years. in 1987 and 1988, they won back-to- back national championships. the players want to give him another win. the team even retired his no. 9 jersey over the weekend.
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while he says he'll miss his players, he's also looking forward to the next chapter in his life. >> it's difficult, but at the same time, it's kind of exciting, you know, what's next. i think i'll probably wander the streets for a couple of weeks, try to get out of the house. my wife will find too many things for me to do. >> the baseball team will host an ncaa regional that starts tomorrow. the nba finals start tomorrow night. the warriors' opponent, the cavaliers, and they are already here in town. photos were posted yesterday with the caption "we're back"! and the defending champs are hoping for a win against the warriors who have not lost in the playoffs. game one, tomorrow night, oracle, oakland. 5:25, kelp forests are
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dying along the california coast. >> once you have one thing go out of whack, everything can go out of whack and that's what we're seeing now. >> what the scientists are doing now to understand the problem so they can save valuable fishing areas. bay area students and teachers are heading to sacramento today to talk with lawmakers, the message they plan to deliver about education. there's a crash on south of the bay bridge in san francisco, westbound, and traffic on the bridge is beginning to slow down. that means there's going to be a bigger backup at the toll plaza. it's all connected. we'll tell you where the crash is and how long it's expected to be there. a series of system moving through giving us cool conditions and windy conditions and even light rain last night, overnight, if you will, but more coming up on your wednesday forecast.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. > ♪ [ music ] ic ] ♪ >> pam, the sky is the limit, but i don't know the name of this song. >> i'm trying to think of the name of it. i know it's "i don't want to go." >> but i want to go out there, walk among the clouds. this is a beautiful way to wake up? this is just incredible.
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the skies, bringing it to you live here on mornings on 2. we welcome you back. thank you for joining us. it's wednesday, the last day of may. it's may 31. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. thank you for waking up with us. i know somebody who will probably know the band, the name of the song, and the year it came out. >> i know that we had rain last night. that's the key here. >> more importantly. >> but seriously, even with that system coming through, the clouds are still there. >> right on the water there, a pretty shot. >> let's take that shot again. look at that. you can see the higher clouds here, clearing out, partly sunny skies later today, but, yes, there was light rain last night that moved through and that fog bank continues to not get chewed up yet. the baseball forecast, and in talking to a friend of mine who
5:31 am
works at at&t, he said, man it's been brutal here. but wnw, 20 mph, the winds, and low clouds, still holding on. the rain has moved off to the east. the valley, some of that picking up, and the system did produce some rain, more show than go, but some areas got measurable amounts. a lot of that is out of our area, west. 50s on the temperatures, low 60s. there's a bit of clearing taking place behind that. the higher clouds will clear. the low clouds hang around. 60s and 70s again on the temperatures here. 5:31 on 5/31. >> i like that. thank you very much. here we are. we have traffic that's getting slow around the bay area. good morning to you. let's get you out the door if you are a solano commuter. the traffic is moving well. slow traffic on 37 heading west
5:32 am
to marine county. good on the carquinez bridge. the bay bridge, they just cleared an accident. the metering lights went on b a 15-minute delay before you make it onto the span. 5:32. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you. happening today, a group of education advocates, parents and students from the south bay, they are leaving in just about a half hour heading to sacramento on the 15th annual bus trip pushing for public education funding. the board president and the silicon valley education foundation are leading this trip. they plan to talk to state lawmakers about public education issues, and they are expected to leave san jose in just about a half hour and spend the day in there. >> students at three elementary schools that don't have air- conditioning or working heaters will have to deal with that problem at least until the next
5:33 am
school year. the affected schools are three of them, the elementary schools, and they have classed until june 15th. teachers say one particular school has never had air- conditioning and in the warmer months, students can get overheated and during the winter, some students wear gloves to keep their hands warm during class. the district said, they had modernized 19 of the 24 schools and two more will be worked on this summer. the money comes from two bond measures but some teachers say instead of creating a good environment for young students to learn, some of that has gone to building multipurpose rooms at the middle school and the district defends that decision. >> if you look at the bonds that we put out and what we asked of the community, that was part of what the community asked for. they wanted newer facilities and competitive facilities where kids could access top of
5:34 am
the line education. >> teachers and parents say young students could be better prepared if they had an easier time learning in school. in the meantime, teachers hope the cooler weather continues until school is out in a couple of weeks. we're learning more about the two teenagers killed on memorial day in a deadly car crash in alameda. police say a truck carrying seven young people ran a red light at high speeds on monday and clipped a mini van at park street and lincoln avenue. the truck flipped over, killing ortega and sietella both center -- both 17 years old. one was a stand-out athlete. >> simon was a grade kid. he loved playing football. he was a big kid. that was something that brought
5:35 am
him joy, something he really liked. >> students at logan high school have had a really tough year. two other classmates were also killed in car crashes, one after the school's prom and another over the labor day weekend. a student from another school was also killed in that crash. the san jose police department says an alleged kidnapping victim has told them she made it all up. the 22-year-old san jose state student told police in oregon on friday that she was taken from her apartment in san jose at knife point and forced to drive hundreds of miles to oregon. the woman said she managed to escape after the car ran out of gas. police detectives met with her yesterday and during the interview she recanted her story but no other details about why were given. as we told you yesterday, san francisco sheriff is
5:36 am
ordering mandatory overtime for her 840 deputies because after shortage. some deputies are angry about it. ktvu sat down with the sheriff talking about her decision and she uncovered documents showing what deputy who earned almost $300,000 in overtime last year. >> reporter: san francisco's 840 sheriff deputies work protests and more, and they oversee the county's four jails. in recent years the jail population has declined to the tune of 1,000 beds why is the sheriff mandating overtime for her employees? >> it's a problem of where we have not cut up. >> reporter: request no hiring done during the former sheriff's term, there was 91 spots to fill when she took office last year. in a memo dated may 19 she explains, quote, the emergency created by the extreme staffing shortage, so she's implementing
5:37 am
fair-share overtime for the next three months. >> that means spreading the pain across the board basically and getting people to work at least one eight-hour shift. >> it's a plan that doesn't sit well with some deputies already doing an extra 12-16 hours per pay period. >> that's 60 hours of pay period of overtime, plus you want to take away one of their days off in order to fulfill that. well, our concern is that there's an officer-safety issue. they have families and children and when are they supposed to rest? >> reporter: there's 94 vacancies, now, according to the sheriff, and with people retiring and leaving the department they simply can't plug the open positions fast enough. at full staff, they have 915 deputies. >> we have a staffing issue, we understand, but we've had it for quite a while. >> reporter: according to the california website three deputies made large amounts of
5:38 am
overtime last year, have an annual base pay, and the highest amount went to santiago, pulling in nearly $270,000 in overtime alone. >> it's not costing the money more money. it's not costing the taxpayersmy more money. these people are choosing to work this and frankly they are being held accountable at work. >> santiago was most likely working every day, and the union defends him. >> it's different when deputies can set up their own overtime and prepare for it and plan for it than when you are all of a sudden told, you've got to work and not prepared. >> reporter: she said she'll work with the mayor's office and deputies union to iron out
5:39 am
a solution but she doesn't see adequate staffing for a few years. hundreds of miles of kelp forest underneath california's coast is vanishing. warmer ocean waters have fewer nutrients that the kelp need to survive but there's also been an explosion of purple sea urchins which feed on kelp. they call it a perfect storm of environmental impacts and that human intervention may be needed. >> we have lost 93% currently of our kelp forest on the north coast and they could include pulling urchins in specific areas so that we can support the re-growth in those areas. >> right now the focus is on visual surveys and keeping policy makers updated about the threat. the warning about the future of australia great barrier brief. two years ago they announced a $2 billion project to preserve
5:40 am
the world's largest coral reef system, however it's report a group of scientists don't believe the reef's position can be improved. the sustainability project proposes stricter fishing regulations and improving water quality. mammoth ski area has so much snow the resort will stay open unstill august. this tweet was sent out saying they have the best ski conditions in the country. if the resort does stay open until august, that will be the longest ski season in history there. the snow out there reportedly is still eight feet deep at the base. every trail is scheduled to be open today. 5:40 is the time. the secret service responds as
5:41 am
griffin offers an apology. coming up at 6:00, how authorities are handling it. united airlines hit with an almost half million dollar fine for safety. the problem, more than 20 night's that have united in trouble with the faa this morning. we have traffic getting busier all over the place, including at the bay bridge and some of these commutes are improving a little bit, but after some earlier issues, and we'll sort it out for you. we had light rain overnight, clouds holding on low and high, so we're not into the sunny category yet, that's for sure.
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welcome back. our time, 5:43. new details about the initial inspections of the new waterpark in dublin. a 10-year-old boy was ejected
5:44 am
from a water slide on opening day, but he only had a few scratches. two months before the waterpark opened an inspection revealed almost 17 issues, including sharp exposed bolt threads, just one of them. the day before it opened last friday, the same inspector said the issues have been resolved, and i'm quoting, no safety hazards were observed. they are still investigating that accident. inspectors are also checking other water slides around the state. cisco systems said they laid off 250 workers in san jose as part of a plan to do way with 1100 jobs worldwide. it's report they filed a notice with state employment officials that the lay-offs were effective may 18 and are permanent.
5:45 am
the company expects earnings to drop this year compared to 2016, and cisco also cut 940 workers in san jose last year and 300 the year before. united is facing a $400,000 fine for allegedly flying an unsafe plane. the faa says the airline replaced a fuel pump pressure switch on one of the carrier's boeing 747. the faa says the airline did not complete a required inspection of the repair before the plane flew again. united flew the plane on 23 domestic and international flights before the inspection and they face a fine of $435,000. 5:45. walmart thinks they have a way to track delivery drones. walmart says the system using what it calls block chain technology. walmart announced last year it was working with ibm to develop a supply chain solution and last week it applied for a patent on the technology. according to the u.s. patent
5:46 am
office they call it unmanned aerial delivery to secure location, unquote. >> okay. 5:46. let's check in with sal for a look at traffic. what are you keeping an eye on now, sal? >> we have traffic that is very busy this morning on 580, nothing new, for the tracy commute. it's been very slow on 205, as well, filling in completely and speeds are very low, which is a usual thing coming over the alta mount pass. it's slow, at least we don't have any accidents at the 680 interchange as we did yesterday so that's better already off the bat than we had yesterday. we're looking at a crowded bay bridge. we had an earlier crash after you get off the bay bridge in san francisco. that was cleared quickly. traffic became slow at the metering lights because it was slow on the bridge for a time. this is a lock at 280 in san jose. it doesn't look bad here getting up to highway 17. not a terrible commute. remember, northbound 101, 85, they were clearing an accident
5:47 am
and causing slow traffic in that area. 280 looks pretty good. 5:46. let's bring steve in. >> thank you very much, sal. >> you are welcome. >> i appreciate that. good morning, everybody. was it raining last night? yes, it was, and we talked about this yesterday and lo and behold, it made it, and it's outs to the valley. livermore, there was .03. morgan hill, .04. san jose was in there, and danville, too, and oakley, .02. and concord, as well, and a little bit of rain there. our good friend john said, good morning. we had light rain overnight. yes, you did. watts not to like about the temperatures. for the end of may, it's cool. somewhere down the road it will warm up and starting tomorrow
5:48 am
we will, and another cool-down by sunday. the line rain ends and temperatures are up, and the low cloud deck has not been chewed up. there's a little dip in the jetstream, an indication of that front coming through that held together and now you can see it's pushed east and heading up into the sierra, that line forming, sacramento, san joaquin valley, giving them some rain, and the amounts are about the same as us. west at 12, west at 13 mph, still a breeze in place but not the snort 40 mph we had yesterday. 47 degrees up in arcada.
5:49 am
the higher mid-level clouds move out and there's low clouds there, not as extensive, but still there. we'll get afternoon sunshine here, but a breeze there. 60s and 70s on the temperature, below average, and will continue to be below average. tomorrow is the transition day. we'll get a quick warmup friday, maybe saturday and then it's cooler on sunday. june is looking near average to cooler, some of the projections. i believe it. >> thank you, steve. time, 5:49, would you go with us to arizona and check out a tradition for seniors at a high school! >> my gosh. my kids do the same thing. >> do they? >> it's a big mess. but it looks fun if you don't have to clean it up. >> they are out of there. >> the grads show up with all
5:50 am
the paper they used throughout the year and dump it all in the stairwell, and administrators allow it to happen, saying it gives students a moment to say good-bye. all the paper is cleaned up and recycled. it's kind of an internet -- instagram thing. >> they release the tensions. >> done with high school. >> let it go. 5:50. preparing the golden gate bridge for an earthquake or any other seismic activity, the decade-long project that's now entering the final phase. ♪[ music ] handballer 1: you know what i could go for?
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scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van!
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handballer 1: you know what i scrambled eggs and pancakes. crave van! jack: hey, guys. try my jumbo breakfast platter with sausage or bacon, plus 8 mini pancakes, eggs and a hash brown for just $2.99. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! welcome back to mornings on 2. the time is 5:53. we have breaking news from washington. president trump reportedly is withdrawing the u.s. from the paris climate change according to the associated press. they are quoting the white house now. the president refused to indoors the landmark climate change agreement during last week's g 7 summit and we're expecting an official announcement from the white house and we'll bring that to you when it comes in. the golden gate bridge in the final phase of a retrofitting project to make it safer during a big earthquake or even during high winds. >> we explain the work that will begin that will extend the
5:54 am
life span of the bridge. it's expected to save lives, as well. >> reporter: the final face of this multi-decade retrofit program is the section just above my head between the two towers, chosen to be last because it's more flexible and earthquake resistance than other parts of the bridge. this will include recently testing items that will cause the bridge to shake less, even one as big as this 1906 great earthquake computer simulation, but that can only happen once the platforms are designed and tested to with stand winds seen once in every 10,000 years, more than 100 mph, and that can only be accomplished by building an eight foot mini suspension structure inside a wind tunnel to test platform
5:55 am
designs that guaranteed the safety of the workers and the integrity of the bridge. nobody wants a repeat of the a coma narrows bridge that ultimately collapsed under high winds. >> we expect construction to be complete in 2024. >> reporter: this all began after the 1989 earthquake. the golden gate bridge, which was not damaged by that quake, nonetheless caused the bridge district to initiate a multiphase project to prevent collapse in the next big event. >> we started with the most vulnerable sections of the bridge. >> phase one completed in 2001 replaced the entire structure on the marin county side. phase two, completed in 2008, did the same for the san francisco side. phase three completed in 2013 made sure the bridge even in a major quake, which might damage it, will not collapse it. >> if somebody is driving across the bridge and a major earthquake happens now, they won't die. there won't be any fatalities.
5:56 am
>> reporter: while this is going on the bridge will add the suicide barrier net which was also wind and computer tested. the suicide barrier will be done in 2021. 5:56. caltrans is starting a new phase of a repair project in the south bay on part after freeway damaged by the winter storms. the work in santa clara county starts literally in minutes on state route 130, mount hamilton road, one-way traffic in certain areas. a mutt slide washed out part of that road in the hills. the repairs are expected to be finished by october. bart has more officers patrolling the parking lots in the wake of recent car break- ins. nine cars were burglarized at the milbrae station on monday, one car broken into at another area and one car was also stolen from
5:57 am
the lot. >> i did hear about the break- ins, definitely nerve-racking. i park here pretty frequently. >> bart police say despite this, car burglaries are down compared to last year. as always, bart riders who park their cars are urged to lock up any and all items in the trunk or out of sight. 5:57, a fire at 30,000 feet, a flight heading to sfo makes an emergency landing. coming up at 6:00, more on what sparked that fire and passengers are telling their scary stories. new developments involving a 19-year-old woman at the heart of a sex scandal. we'll tell you what oakland city leaders did overnight. maxx you. you are whimsical, vibrant, statement making. we see what makes you unique. so we have something for everyone, at a price that's just right for you. maxx you. maxx life.
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smoke in the cabin, an unscheduled landing in michigan. president trump addresses an unusual tweet he sent last night, what does it mean,
6:00 am
mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning. thank you for joining us here wednesday morning, middle of the week, end of the month, and i'm pam cook. >> good morning. i'm dave clark. let's talk about the weather, too. i think you'll like what you hear. at least you'll be interested. >> we had rain at the end of may, .03, up to .05. still some low clouds around, not that big extensive fog bank the last couple of days. there's breaks in the clouds, a little breeze today. i think morning clouds will give way to afternoon sun, just a very impressive kind of system here and pattern we're in. i just see subtle changes going into the first couple weeks of june, a little warmer and then cooler here, but that low cowed deck, there's still a little bit, as you see here at the airport. otherwise, look for temperatures today to be in the 60s and 70s.


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