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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  May 31, 2017 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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and strickland for four games. michael morris may have suffered the worst of the night. he has been placed on the 7-day concussion list. >> any day is a good day for aretha franklin. last day of may, may 31. this is my backyard here at work. the oakland estuary. r-e-s-p-e-c-t, gentlemen. national spelling bee. i love spelling. >> i can tell. in goodness. >> i love spelling. i was the first grade champion
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at joe mitchell elementary. >> what happened in second grade. >> all downhill. my teacher mrs. clark took us out for ice cream sundaes. are you roped into the spelling bee drama. >> no. >> this is interesting. i love beer and ribs and you love spelling. >> i love spelling. >> do you watch the competition. >> this is a little bit of the actual competition. there is a documentary called spell bound. it is about an hour and a half. if you can find it, the -- the emotion and the drama. >> very tense. >> real quick question. >> yes. >> do they study the dictionary. >> they study everything. >> do you think these children every day at home have a dictionary in front of them. >> the children are also pressuring them self. the peer pressure. i didn't think i could get
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white knuckle over spelling but i have. they are smarter than all three of us i'm sure. let's begin in the south bay. the jury is expected to begin deliberate rating the sentence of the man it convicted of kidnapping and killing a south bay teenager. >> that's right. antolin garcia-torres could be sentenced to death for killing sierra lamar five years ago. >> alex savidge is live in san jose at the courthouse where jurors will make that life and death decision. alex. >> reporter: good morning to all of you. certainly this jury faces a very difficult choice deciding whether sierra lamar's killer should be put to death for his crimes. and those jurors are gathering right now at the courthouse in san jose to begin deliberations in the penalty phase of the trial. prosecutors were telling the jury yesterday that garcia- torres deserves the death penalty for kidnapping and killing sierra lamar. prosecutors showed the jury photos of the 15-year-old girl from morgan hill who
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disappeared five years ago on her way to school. sierra's body was never found. still the jury convicted garcia- torres of her murder. now the same jurors will decide whether he lives or dies. >> garcia-torres created a lot of victims here. not just sierra and her family. the other women that he attempted to kidnap. but his own family and children. the responsibility falls directly on him. he shouldn't be seen as someone enjoying sympathy when he created the carnage. >> reporter: for their part, defense attorneys are arguing that the jury should spare garcia-torres' life considering the fact that he grew up surrounding by poverty, abuse and neglect. they also have been reminding this jury that garcia-torres has a child of his own. again, garcia-torres' attorneys are hoping this jury may have a
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shadow of a doubt and potentially will spare his life. we will have to see as the penalty phase of the trial winds down here. either a life sentence or a death sentence. >> thank you, alex. there are two other verdicts we're waiting for. a jury deliberate rating murder charges against three sheriff's deputies accused of beating a jail inmate to death. if convicted they face the possibility of life in prison. in the east bay a jury in oakland is continuing deliberations in the trial of four men accused in the shooting death of pierce. she was killed while trying to protect her children from a shootout in front of the oakland home. prosecutors say it was in self defense following a fight between two groups of people. the sheriff is confirming that she is declaring a staffing emergency. she is ordering overtime for all of the deputies. there are not enough deputies to staff the county jails
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without the ot. there are are currently 840 deputies in the sheriff's department. hen see says a full staff would have 915 deputies. she requiring each deputy to work at least 12 hours of overtime per papered until more deputies can be hired. >> that means spreading the pain across the board basically. and getting people to work at least one eight hour shift on one of their regular days off. >> the deputies union does not like this overtime order. it creates a deputy safety issue. the sheriff says the new class of deputies is graduating soon and will fill half of the needed vacancies. it took three and a half hours longer but a jetblue flight from new york to san francisco finally arrived at sfo around midnight. the plane was force today land in grand rapids, michigan after a passenger's laptop caught fire. the computer was inside of a carry-on bag that led to smoke.
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the lithium battery overheated. there were about 158 people on board. and passengers say everyone acted calmly as the crew landed in grand rapids and checked it out and then took off for sfo. president trump is expected to withdraw the u.s. from the paris climb accord. he will announce his decision over the next few days. over the recent g7 summit in italy, president trump refused to endorse the deal. former president obama and the leaders of 140 countries agreed to take action to reduce global warming. president trump says the agreement is bad for the economy. president trump has been giving his cell phone number to world leaders and urging them to call him directly. the associated press reports this has raised concerns about the security of the phone
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conversations. calls between word leaders are usually highly orchestrated and done on secure lines. the leaders of mexico and canada have his cell phone. he apparently gave his number to france's newly elected president. a president trump tweet is trending this morning. the president posted this tweet at midnight eastern side. despite the constant negative press, covfefe which is most likely a typo for the word coverage. he has deleted this and replaced it with this one. >> talk about this and more with our ktvu political analyst joining us on the phone. are you with us, brian. >> i am indeed, gasia. >> we will talk about covfefe in a moment. we will start with the paris climb alternate agreement. the president is meeting with rex tillerson who wants to stay in the deal. do you think that secretary tillerson can persuade president trump to stay or is
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his mind made up. >> i don't think his mind is made up. i think he is getting tremendous push back not only by the secretary of state but apparently by his -- by his daughter. and his advisers. there is quite a debate within the white house and of course people from around the country. not heads of industry and other people are checking in. i'm guessing that where he thought he was going originally by pulling out is now tempered by the amount of pushback that he is getting. >> is this just a political decision? is it something that he was saying that this will be -- this will make me look good in front of my base jobs, jobs, jobs. but is a decision to get out going to cause more damage to him and his stature. >> well, i think, sal, the answer is that he is being advised by those who wish to stay in the accord that this will take america out of a leadership role on climate
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protection. and that may not be a good thing for other things president trump wants to accomplish around the world. and that is the key. if he's only appealing to his base, well, he made it clear during the campaign that he wanted to pull out of that agreement. you get into office and you have competing interests. and we will see if those can pull him away from a decision to pull out. >> you mentioned his daughter, brian. do you think he listens to his daughter more than he does his secretary of state? >> well, i think his daughter is very important. he trusts family. we have seen that clearly early on. and i think the -- his daughter and other people in the white house are saying, hey, be careful about this decision because it has worldwide ramifications. >> right. >> and finally, brian, before we have to let you go. it looks like president is having as much fun with covfefe as the american public is. >> this is the manifestation of
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the new social media and what we all experience in our own lives. which is sometimes if we're rushing, we tweet something incorrect or texts are mangled. the difference here is he is the president of the united states. and that causes some concern along the way. >> political analyst brian sobel. thank you for joining us. >> absolutely. >> kathy griffin is admitting she went too far after posting a photo with a fake severed head that looked like president trump. >> she is asking the photographer that she worked with to take down the images and the secret service is now investigating. >> jackie ibanez has more from griffin. >> the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends people. it wasn't fun i i get it. >> comic kathy griffin under fire after a picture of what is supposed to look like a severed head belonging to president donald trump.
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criticism quickly followed. including from former first daughter chelsea clinton calling it vile and wrong and saying, quote, it is never funny to joke about killing a president. >> i find this photograph deplorable and don't condone it at all. if we're talking about free speech, she has as much right to pose with that shot as ted nugent has to say about things about hillary clinton. >> kathy griffin posted this apology. >> i apologize. i'm a comic. i crossed the line. >> she originally called the imagery an artsy statement mocking president trump and says she does not condone violence. >> there should be consequences for this violent imagery. people who employ kathy griffin should ask if they should continue. >> i made a mistake and i am wrong. >> donald junior called it disturbing but not surprising.
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what if a conservative would have done this when president obama was in office. >> president trump also tweeted that his young son bareon is having a hard time seeing that image. >> yeah. i know she is apologizing. but is she apologizing for the incident or trying to save her career. >> chelsea clinton mentioned something. she said it was vile and wrong. >> she already had one sponsorship -- she lost one. there will be fallout from it. >> coming up on mornings on 2, we will circle back to a story we reported a few weeks ago. hackers holding the pirates of caribbean for ransom. why two south bay schools have no choice to give up air conditioning and heating for the time being. rich, radiant color and it cares for my hair. no color protects better. or covers gray better. so much care in one little box. excellence crème from l'oréal paris.
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>> tracking a bit of a slide on stocks. not too bad. the dow hanging on to the
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21,000 mark. it was down by 28 points. s&p 5 and nasdaq also down. a lot of people wondering when the summer weather will actually come. it is the end of may. it might get here some day, right, steve. >> sal, you know that summer means foggy in the city. >> i'm talking about antioch. >> yeah. they will warm up. the water temps are brutally cold. that equals a cool pattern. on this last day of may, we had rain. just patchy fog. sun and clouds. there is a breeze. temperatures 60sand 70s. over the city and the coast you get blue skies. a couple one hundredths to .03 and .04. hollister had .08. there goes the system to the far right of the screen.
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inland temps are poised, ready, set, not yet go. tomorrow they will warm up. san francisco buoy is a brisk 49 which is colder than bodega bay. they have been cold there. as long as they stay there, the fog has no problem forming. there is a westerly breeze. not a independent so much as yesterday. 50 and 60. some locations bumping up quick here. in the sierra, they're getting rain. that is the same system that visited us 4:00, 5:00 in the morning. in the pacific there are clouds. they will work their way in. inland temps will warm up. 60s and 70s. a couple days in the 80s for the inland areas. maybe saturday. and then cooler again on sunday. >> thank you, steve. >> you bet. >> more than 150 students, parents and education advocates will be arriving in sacramento at any moment to speak to state lawmakers about education issues. allie rasmus was in san jose to talk to the group about their goals before they hit the road. >> they met the transit center
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in san jose early this morning. 6:30 a.m. is when the charter buses pulled into the parking lot and 150 people got on board. they are on their way to sacramento to spend the day and meet with lawmakers to talk about education issues. now, included in this group of 150 people were more than a dozen students from quinnby oaks middle school in san jose. also education advocates from nonprofit organizations, several parents, teachers, former administrators and county leaders in the group. they brought up a number of different education issues. many had to do with funding and resources for local schools, things that affect teacher salaries and after school programs. >> we would like to see like some more i guess teacher support and be able to use facilities at the school to we can like branch out the program more. >> expansion of the elective programs. because at our school, we have electives like band and choir
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and pbl and art. but i feel like we could do better than that and add things like language, like spanish or french. >> i taught for 12 years before i became a stay at home mom. and i know that if the incentives were better, we have lost a lot of teachers to other industries. >> reporter: the trip has been going on for 15 years they have been making this trip to sacramento. we spoke to him about some of the issues that he wants to bring up with state lawmakers. one of them has to do with the formulas that the state uses to allocate money to local schools from property taxes. he says the formulas are outdated and it is a problem going back to 1979 when the state passed proposition 13, which limits property values. a variety of different issues. the group -- members of the group plan to bring up with state lawmakers out in sacramento today. in san jose, allie rasmus, ktvu fox 2 news. still in san jose, students
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at three elementary schools without air-conditioning or working heaters will have to deal with that problem in the at least next year. they will be in class until june 15th, two more weeks now. teachers say it was built in 1961. it has never had air- conditioning. during the warmer months students gets overheated. during the colder months, students actually wear gloves to keep their hands warm. the money is coming from two bond measures. the teachers say instead of creating an environment for young students, some of the money went to build multi purpose rooms at middle schools. the district defends that decision. >> if you put out the bond that's he we put out and what we asked of the community, that's what the community asked for. they wanted newer facilities and competitive facilities where kids would be able to access top of the line
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education. >> teachers and parents say young students could be better prepared if they had an easier time learning in elementary school. they hope the cooler weather continues until school lets out in two weeks. all work and very little play. the surprising number of americans who have work on their mind even when they're supposed to be relaxing during vacation. >> not me, man. >> i'm out. >> good for you guys. >> you too. >> i need to get there.
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>> a recent study by account temps shows that most americans with not taking full advantage of their vacations. in fact 54% of workers more than half say they check in with the office at least once or twice a week while on vacation. that number 54 is up from 41% last year. 37% of workers feel they don't get enough vacation time. the study reveals u.s. workers plan to take on average ten
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vacation days this summer. all of this pushes to our question of the day which is this: do you unplug from the office when you leave for vacation? 32% say yep, i'm completely out of reach. almost half though, 49% say i check in occasionally. 19% say no, i am always available. on twitter david said most of the time but i tend to check work e-mails when i have downtime. >> jan says nope too much relies on me if i'm needed. >> retired to you but in the past it depended on the job. it is one of the things that i unplugged. >> for more on this we are joined by senior district president cindy. thank you for coming in. 54% is higher than i thought. the jump from 41%. the question is why. if i were to guess, it would be i'm afraid of getting fired. i need to be tapped into work. >> i see. >> if you think about it, for
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me when i wake up this morning, what is the first thing that i see? my cell phone. the first thing that i see when i go to bed at night. that's what most employees do. they take their cell phone with them and their laptop with them and feel compelled to be engaged in work. >> so it is habit. >> it is habit. >> a lot is habit. >> part of the culture. >> a bit of it is culture. >> maybe everybody else checks out. but if i'm in an environment where mike and gasia are always plugged in, then i'm going to take my cues from my peers. i should be plugged in too. >> peers and subordinates and their superiors. if the boss doesn't unplug from work, the employees will not either. >> i see a total disconnect from the numbers. 37% say we're not getting enough vacation. but half of us are checking our phones and checking in with work while on vacation. why the disconnect? >> it is so true. there are things that we can do as both employees and employers.
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employees, if you put together what i would call a vacation action plan, so before you go on vacation, let your peers know what you will be doing, when you will be engaged, when you won't be engaged. >> that's like the last thing that i want to do. i'm going to be here and there. >> put boundaries around it. >> true. >> on when you might be able to be engaged. and let them know what they can -- what they can expect. you know, another thing that happens quite a bit with employees is they forget to put their vacation on the calendar. so sometimes the employer forgets they are on vacation. they ping them, they are on e- mails and feel compelled to respond. >> on my phone, it has the iphones a lot of phones have i check all of my inboxes with one thick. if i'm looking for a personal e- mail, my work e-mail is there. it is tempting these days to stay checked in.
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does that pose a problem? >> it is very true. it is easy to stay checked in. there are also many tools that you can use. have a personal e-mail address and a work e-mail address and keep them separated. >> my yahoo is this line and my work is this line. i mentioned earlier that we went to kings canyon for the long memorial day weekend. there was not a cell signal to be had. at first i freaked. but after a couple hours, i got into it. i had no idea what was going on in the world until we made it back to fresno, which was nice. it was forced though. >> what i don't like is when i come back to work after a week off, an extended period and i go into the meeting and people say you must be so fresh. i'm not fresh. i need to work on that. do you have advice for reentering after being unplugged. >> absolutely. i would set a meeting with your boss as soon as you get back to debrief on what happened. it will get you up to speed much quicker. and it will make you feel like
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you haven't missed a beat while were you gone. it is important that you unplug while you're on vacation because it helps your productivity go up. you know, i was just recently at the san francisco business times. best places to work event. >> yeah. >> and one of the -- some of the best places to work, what they're offering now is unlimited cpo or unlimited vacation. not everybody is going to take that time. but having the ability to do it and the flexibility to do it frankly as an employer is something that we need to do to attract the best talent in the market. >> i like that idea. our boss' office is on the second floor. northwest corner. go and pitch that. thank you for joining us, cindy. >> thank you. >> tell her that we sent you. >> thank you. coming up on the 9, bay area coach preparing for retirement. the team hopes to send him off with one more championship.
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and the lessons that he taught them on and off the field. she claimed she was kidnaps and drove hundreds of miles before she escaped. the admission prosecute from a san jose state student about this wild story.
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>> welcome back to the 9. typically this time of the 9 we check your twitter responses for the question of the day which is do you totally unplug from the office while on vacation. definitely when i'm on my harley davidson, it is me and the wind riding down the road on a good run. no work concerns in that tweet. >> somebody tweeted saying his boss actually ended up tweeting pictures to someone at work, one of the clients because he has all of his clients numbers in his phone. he saw a number, oh, this must be my niece. started tweeting personal pictures of the family.
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>> texting. >> yeah. this is a picture of me in hawaii. and then the client is wondering why am i getting this. it turns out that he had all of his numbers mixed up. he thought it was his niece's number. they are similar. so separate is the moral of the story. >> separate work from play. >> i actually put your name and your title. you're like mike mibach work. and then i have friends. latrice doesn't need the text that you're going to get and you don't want to see the text that i send to her. that's a funny story. let's talk more about the day's news, why don't we. >> let's go to dave clark who is in studio a. >> thank you, sal. here are some of the top stories we're following. this afternoon at 1:00, the woman at the oakland police sex scandal will hold a news conference now that the claim has been filed that she filed for almost $1 million. jazz main will be paid a
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settlement. she said she had sex with as many as 30 bay area officers some while she was just 16 years old. her lawyer says her previous legal team originally filed the claim for $66 million. but he recommended that she take the settlement. >> she can put this behind her because it was quite emotional and traumatic event to be involved with the oakland police officers. >> criminal activity happened under the watch of the city of oakland. and whatever jasmine gets, more power to her. yes, the taxpayers have to pay for that. that's why it is important that we have proper oversight. >> now, a criminal case is pending by the alameda district attorney, along with the four other claims of exploitation by officers in richmond, livermore, san francisco and alameda county. well, the berkeley city
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council is considering banning plastic drinking straws at bars, restaurants and coffee shops. environmental groups want to reduce the number of plastic straws that end up in beaches and water ways endangering marine life. city of davis passed a law to require restaurants to ask people if they want a straw instead of automatically giving them a straw. we are still following developing news from afghanistan where the death toll in a suicide bombing killed 90 people today and injured 400 more. a suicide truck bomb exploded near the german embassy in kabul during the morning rush hour. workers from the german and pack tan eembassies were also among those hurt. turkey will evacuate some of its staff from kabul. china, india and japan also are reporting damage to some of their buildings there. those are just some of your morning headlines. hey, mike, sal, gasia, back to you. >> thank you, dave. the man accused of stabbing
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three men on a light rail train in portland oregon made his first court appearance yesterday. >> the victims were trying to intervene when the suspect were harassing two women, one in a hijab. >> he had several outbursts during the court appearance. >> you call it terrorism, i call it patriotism. >> reporter: shouting from the minute he walked into the courtroom christian was arraigned on multiple not charges in portland, oregon. accused of threatening girls on a train and fatally stabbing two men as she tried to defend the girls. >> this is america. get out if you don't like free speech. >> christian is facing several charges including two counts of aggravated murder, carrying a possible death sentence. causing unease in the liberal city with the mayor calling for a permit to be revoked for this
9:35 am
weekend for an alt-right group looking to stir up trouble. >> there is never a place for bigotry in our community. especially right now. >> the group has no intention of canceling, describing it as a trump free speech rally. the girls who were harassed are speaking out calling the victims heroes. saying if they hadn't intervened, christian could have targeted them. >> i want to say thank you to the people who put their lives on the line for me. they didn't even know me and they lost their lives because of the way we looked. >> a grand jury will convene in the coming days. he is due back in court on june 7th. in new york, steve rappoport, fox news. san francisco police arrested a preschool teacher aide in a deadly stabbing. wolf stabbed a man on tree avenue in the outer mission early monday morning. police say she did not leave the immediate area and she was
9:36 am
taken into custody where aaron johnson was attacked. she has worked at as a teacher's aide at the early education program in the bay view neighborhood for 15 years. she has been paid on unpaid administrative leave. police have not said if they have a motive in the killing. a woman who claimed she had been kidnapped say they made it all up. the san jose state student says she was takeenfrom her apartment at knife point in san jose and forced to drive hundreds of miles to oregon. the woman says she managed to escape only after the car met out of gas. detectives met with the woman and she recanted her story. no more details have been given. we are learning more this morning about two kids killed in alameda yesterday. ktvu's henry lee reports that both were students at high schools that have seen this
9:37 am
kind of tragedy before. >> reporter: a memorial marks the spot where a truck full of young people crashed on memorial day. two of the seven people in the truck died. briana ortega of hayward and simon of union city. both were 17. five other people inside of the truck were taken to hospitals with injuries ranging from serious to critical. the driver of the truck ran a red light at a high speed and clipped a toyota minivan at park street and lincoln avenue. the woman in the minivan suffered minor injuries. the truck rolled over several times and crashed into a tree. briana died at the scene. she was a senior at the dakota school for independent study in union city. simon died at highland hospital in oakland. he was a sophomore at james logan high school in union city. >> i'm on was -- simon was a great kid. he loved playing football.
9:38 am
he went out for the football team. he was a big kid. and that's -- and that was something that brought him joy and he liked. >> reporter: grief counselors were on hand on campus where students have been hard hit by deadly crashes involving classmates during the school year. on mother's day a student was killed in a crash as her mother drove her home from prom. over the labor day weekend, james logan student and a dakota student died in a car crash. >> this community, the high school, the dakota school for independent studies, i think it is fair to say they are reeling from this loss compounded with the previous losses. this loss by itself would have been hard to take. but given the -- the history of this last year, it has been a tough year for new haven. >> reporter: in union city, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. new details now about cal osha's initial inspections of that new water park in the city
9:39 am
of dublin. a 10-year-old boy slid out of the water slide on opening day there at the wave. 2 investigates has learned that two months before that water park opened, an inspection revealed as many as 17 concerns with the slide called the emerald plunge. the report listed sharp aluminum fencing, shopper exposed bolt threads and a crack in the ride itself as potential hazards. the day before the park opened on friday, the same inspector said the issues had been resolved. cal osha is still investigating the accident. and they are checking similar slides around the state. hackers threaten today release the latest pirates of the caribbean movie ahead of the premiere. it was last friday as you know. the hackers said they would release the movie in 20 minute increments if disney didn't pay
9:40 am
up. they refused. nothing was released. security experts say that is a tactic that many companies are considering when they are hacked. >> you can't catch the guy, then you have to decide, do i negotiate with what are really terrorists or say don't bother me, i don't negotiate with terrorists. >> disney believes the threat was probably a hoax but the problem isn't likely to go away because hackers are more commonly holding on to information for ransom. entertainment companies are high profile targets because they put so much money into a single movie. >> excuse me. coming up. >> bless you. >> thank you. >> on mornings on 2 the 9, you can't hold a sneeze in. >> no. >> i love this story. how a complete stranger helped a soldier find his way back home to his family. up next how derek carr
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helped some seniors pass their final exams. how do you become america's #1? start by taking care of families for 70 years. earn the trust of 32 nfl teams. be there for america's toughest and help, when help is needed america's #1 isn't a status earned overnight. it's earned in every wash, and re-earned every day. tide, america's #1 detergent
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>> a's hitters did not have fun last night as they lost to the cleveland 9-4 and struck out 19 times. >> 19 times. >> that's a little bit. the a's were 3-0 in the 4th and almost scored another run. designated hitter healy was thrown out at home. and then cleveland scored the next 7 runs. cleveland relief pitchers struck out five more a's for a total of 19. >> i remember when jason schmidt struck out 16. >> yeah. >> that was pretty good. >> i may have been at that game
9:44 am
too. >> the giants lost to the nationals last night. still feeling the effects of monday's bench clearing fight. jeff gave up three runs in just four innings and threw 100 pitches. while he didn't use it as an excuse, he accidentally did crash into michael morris during that fight on monday. the nationals scored twice in the 1st last night and never trailed in the game. bryce harper struck out three times. he was booed throughout the night. major league baseball decided to spend harper for four games. strickland was suspended six games. both players still in uniform after appealing the suspensions. however, michael morris as we mentioned may have suffered the worst in the fight. >> look at this. >> he knocked heads with jeff. morris has been placed on the 7- day concussion list. >> morris is a big boy. >> two big guys. notre dame. >> the raiders have less than two months to sign derek carr
9:45 am
to an extension. he wants a contract before training camp. he is scheduled to make less than a million dollars for the 2017 season. the team has options to keep carr even after the contract expires. raiders start july 28th up in napa. derek carr helps high school students with their final exams. a group of seniors asked him to retweet. they only need one response from him to get an a plus on their final and he gave them the help they asked for. retweeted saying he hoped he wasn't too late. stanford is hoping to return to the college world series for the first time since 2008. they are playing for more than just a championship. >> delivering a win for mark marques in his final regular season home game. >> reporter: in college base bail circles had name is
9:46 am
legendary but his name is iconic. mark marques known as 9 through his 41 years add stanford head coach. it has been a good run. but that run is about to run out. he is retiring at season's end. >> it is difficult but at the same time, kind of exciting. you know, what is next? i think i'll probably be wandering the streets for a couple weeks, figuring out what to do. try to get out of the house. my wife will find too much for me to do. >> curve ball. he has it. >> reporter: objectively the pinnacle of 9's career came back in 1987 and 88 when they won back to back national championships. but the coach's definition of success has evolved. now it's about the personnel more than the prize. >> i think as a younger coach, you focused on getting to the
9:47 am
world series and the playoffs, how many guys in the big leagues. then you get older and you get people to come back that played for you. >> thank you very much. >> the highlight of my career no question is when they honored me here as a surprise and i had 150 players come back from all over the world to thank me. >> reporter: to thank him for baseball lessons. >> if you weren't five minutes early, you were late. he would ambush you with. >> reporter: for life lessons. >> coffee and red meat. that's what he used to tell us. that's all you need. >> coffee for sure. if you coach. you have to have coffee. >> reporter: and most importantly for his genuine love of the game and those who play the game. >> he cares about the guys on and off the field. and he cares about you developing as a person not only as a baseball player. >> he is a remarkable man who helps raise boys into men. he is like a second father to me. >> his energy level hasn't gone
9:48 am
down in 70 years. still loves to coach every single day. there are days that you don't feel like coaching, but i don't know if he has ever had one of those. with the cardinals playing the best baseball in years, maybe just maybe the perfect script will write itself. >> we're going to the world series. >> fastball hit high in the air. >> no better way to send the coach off. >> a grand slam homer. stanford wins. >> go to omaha and get a win for him. that's the pinnacle of any college season. >> we think that 9 deserves to get back there. i think it will define his year. making it to omaha is a good story line right there. >> i know how difficult it is. but if you go there enough, you have a chance to win it. we've only won two but it is special. special. good memories. >> reporter: at stanford, scott reese, ktvu fox 2 news. >> congrats to number 9. what a
9:49 am
career. go to omaha and get the championship. they play sac state tomorrow night and then byu also in town and cal state fullerton. >> good luck. >> the nba finals start tomorrow night. the cavaliers are back in town. tristan thompson posted this picture to twitter yesterday with the caption we're back. the defending nba champs are hoping for a repeat against the warriors. the warriors team has not lost yet in the playoffs this year. game one tomorrow night at oracle. golden state actually a 7-point favorite. warriors fans hoping to buy a ticket, you have to make a choice. buy a ticket or maybe pay rent or mortgage for the year. some tickets are going for more than $1,800 each. $2,200 for game two seats. just checked the warriors site. the lowest price ticket we could find for game one is
9:50 am
about $400 that. is a week's worth of groceries. rubbing elbows with the rich and famous will cost you lots more. those are about $10,000 each. the ticket broker says the lowest prices this year are actually less than the finals for the last two seasons. i guess you call that a bargain. >> i guess to. >> nba announced that pat monday hand will perform the national anthem. he is the lead singer of train. play that song, drops of jupiter are some of their hits. >> you know train. >> of course. >> yeah. >> come up on the 9, he is mean and loud and proud and the host of a new cooking show on ktvu. the latest dish from gordon ramsey. >> is he dressing up. >> that is mrs. doubtfire. remember? who are these people?
9:51 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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>> a soldier from missouri is back home today thanks to the generosity of a stranger who bought him a plane ticket. tillson was trying to get home to see his family in st. louis. he is stationed in texas and hadn't seen his family in eight months. he was trying to fly stand by and had been at the airport for two days because of the flights being booked then a stranger saw what was happening and offered him his ticket but airlines don't allow that so he bought him his own ticket for $375. >> just shook hands at first. and then he walked away. and then he came back and asked
9:54 am
if he could hug me. i think we both had to fight back the tears after that. it was pennies -- pennies on the dollar compared to what i got back after getting that hug. >> rainy says he is keeping the receipt for the ticket on his fringe to remind himself what is important in life, family, and serving others. >> loud mouth gordon ramsey serves up his latest television show. >> i want to be a clown when i was a kid. >> a clown? >> it's called the f word with gordon ramsay. it is promoted as a cooking competition mixed with a is a right show. he will interact with fans and foodies. we had the chance to speak to ramsey about his new show and what he plans to dish out. >> it is about driving those families to compete against each other and cook for the
9:55 am
dining room. if it's good, they will get the praise. if it is bad, it is not leaving the concern en. >> gordon says the f word is fun, food and family. it is followed by the premiere of the f word. so you've got a couple of hours of gordon ramsay tonight. >> i love good honest criticism. i hate when they say it is really great. >> have you seen this? people send him pictures of food they cooked at home and he sends them really super honest commentary. many are not flattery. >> andy cohen just tweeted. and gordon ramsay says that needs to crawl off the plate. >> he is on thursday night love connection. state senate approved a bill that will require high schools and middle schools to start after 8:30 in the morning. >> this is --
9:56 am
>> keep going. >> hold that thought. >> follow the recommendation from the american academy of pediatrics say teens are too tired and they go to bed late at night and shouldn't have to wake up so early. the new requirement goes into effect in the year 2020. your thoughts, mike. >> go to bed earlier. >> manage your time. >> i used to get home at 7:00 after sports and homework and dinner and i would still be up at 6:00. >> kids are doing more now in high school than we did. >> perhaps you're right. >> i agree with this move. >> the spelling bee is underway in maryland. the preliminary round started yesterday and will continue today. the final round is tomorrow night. this year there are also some new rules in place to try to prevent a tie for the fourth year in a row, including a written test for finalists. 291 students are competing.
9:57 am
>> i was a freshman at cal and i had an 8:00 class and i thought i was going to die. >> it is different -- >> we're coming on the air at 4:00 a.m. every day. >> go to school early. i don't understand. and there's a lot of parents that have to work and drop off their kids. now usual pushing things back. >> if i have to be at the office at 9:00, i can't -- i agree with the idea. working with the children's natural rhythm. thanks for joining us. >> sleep in, have a big breakfast. >> the news is over. see you at noon. discover more than one thing with caress. soft skin, fine fragrance. caress.
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>> live from new york city it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin? this is the hot topics show. we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. >> now here's wendy! >> wendy: thank you for tuning in. [ applause ] ha! say hello to my co-host, my studio audience.


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