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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  May 31, 2017 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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this traffic. the fate of a convicted murderer. now in the hands of the jury as they work to decide whether or not he will be sentenced to death. also, it's widely known that lebron james is in the bay area right now ahead of game one of the nba finals tomorrow. now an investigation is underway at his home in southern california. good afternoon. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and i'm mike mibach. we begin with breaking news on the bay bridge. there is a big backup. the highway patrol says that the reason for the traffic jam is because a man got out of his vehicle and has climbed on to the middle anchorage. traffic moving very slowly. you can seement so of it here. in areas it has come to a standstill. this began about 10:00. the man is sitingen the anchorage as officers are
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negotiating with him. trying to get him to come down. this is tape here. this is not a live picture. the chp describes the man as distraught. he's about 25 feet above the roadway. the coast guard, as well as san francisco police boats have also moved in to the area. this is about halfway between the city and treasure island. want to give you a live look of the toll plaza i mentioned. you can see the backup getting in to san francisco right now. and it's not just here. this traffic backup goes all the way into the maze. all the way into the lower east shore. westbound 80 lanes. past albany. this goes into 580 in richmond. 808 starting to back up a little bit. if you think about detours, you have the san mateo bridge. we have bart. you have the richmond san rafel bridge and across the golden gate bridge. >> chp officer of the highway patrol. we'll talk about the traffic impact in a minute. first i'd like to start with
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the negotiations to get this man to safety. >> reporter: yes, good afternoon. we are currently speaking with the gentleman. both our officers as well as hostage negotiators -- or negotiators from the san francisco police department are in communication with the gentleman and trying to determine exactly what is going on with him so we can talk him down safely. >> it started about 10:30. here we are about an hour and a half into it. are officers prepared to let him stay there to go on as long as it takes or is there some perhaps pressure to resolve the situation for everyone who is stuck in traffic? >> well, we obviously understand that there is a significant impact on traffic currently because we -- on the bridge going westbound. however, we are also talking to the gentleman and we want to make sure we do everything we can to make sure that we're
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able to talk him down safely. his well being is certainly important and that's what we're trying to determine right now is why he's up there and what we can do to get him back down. >> officer williams, has any information been relayed to you from officers at the scene in regards to specific conversation that he's having right now? or what he's actually talking about? >> you know, that's between him and the negotiators. >> sure. >> i'm not sitting in on those conversations. >> so he essentially drove his own vehicle on to the bridge, parked it and climbed up on his own? >> what's been reported and what we're hearing is what he was doing is he drove his vehicle on the bridge, it broke down in the number one lane at center anchorage, one of our tow truck drivers came up behind him to assist him and then noticed that the gentleman climbed out of his vehicle and at that point climed up on to
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the anchorage itself. >> any other individuals with him at the time in that vehicle? >> can you hear me? >> yeah. any other individuals with him in the vehicle? >> no. no, he was by himself. >> okay. >> does he have a weapon, do you know? >> we've not seen any weapons. he's not brandished any weapons. in fact, there's a camera that's stationed right above where he is and our camera operators are also not seeing any weapons on him. >> okay. officer vu williams, thanks for joining us. our big story happening at noon right now, there is a major traffic mess happening on the bay bridge. there is a man who is sitting in the very center of it. we just heard that this man's well being is of the utmost importance and there is no rush to clear the traffic backlog. >> that's the lower east shore through university avenue and berkeley. the westbound lanes backed up all the way past albany on to
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580 in richmond. the smaller box, the approach toll follow plaza as folks try to inch their way. not even a lot of inching going on on the way to the bay bridge. a number of lanes closed because of this incident. >> there's more traffic breaking news happening in the east bay right near 880 in the castro valley area. sky fox to bring us a picture of this overturned big rig. this has caused a closure of the connector ramp from 880 northbound to 238 southbound. 238, that little stretch of road, that's what you typically take to get from 860 to 560. the reason the road is closed is because the big rig is leaking a material or chemical and that's requiring a hazmat response. the driver does appear to be okay. so far there is no estimate on the time of reopening the lanes. we can tell from this live picture from sky fox, 880 northbound as ewe coming up from hayward toward castro valley is very slow at this
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time. traffic maps on show a big backup almost to 92. these live pictures bear that out. trouble on 880 northbound. here's that traffic we're talking about. you can't get from 880 north to 238 to jump over to 580. keep that in mind if you're making your way. we move down 880 into the south bay. right now a jury is deliberating the sentence for antolin garcia torres. the man convicted of killing sierra lamar. >> alex savidge with more on the difficult decision the jury is facing, alex. >> reporter: it certainly will be a tough one. good afternoon to both of you. this jury must decide if if sierra la mar's killer deserves the ultimate punishment. one legal analyst i talked to this morning said this process could take quite a bit of time. earlier this morning jurors began deliberating the fate of antolin garcia-torres. they are trying to figure out
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if it he deserves a life sentence without parole or the death penalty. these jurors are going to have to make sure they have no doubts at all before they make this very tough decision. >> this is not a complicated factual question, but it's a very complex moral question that this jury has to decide. >> garcia-torres was convicted of kidnapping and murder. the 15-year-old disappeared five years ago on her way to school. prosecutors say that her disappear, the fact that her body was never recovered points to the heinous nature of this crime. defense attorneys say that garcia torres shouldn't be put to death if there's no body. >> what the defense is trying to suggest and what this jury has to think about is does garcia-torres deserve society's ultimate sanction. they put together a lot of evidence about his background, his family life and all of those factors have gone in to
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what this jury must consider when they're handing out this verdict. >> if this jury returns a death verdict for garcia-torres, the judge can still decide instead to give hip a life sentence. the judge, she has the ultimate say here. judges typically give quite a bit of weight to a jury's decision during the penalty phase of a trial. we should also point out if this jury cannot reach a unanimous decision on whether to give him a life sentence or the death penalty, then in that case he would be sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. the first day of deliberations underway in san jose. happening right now in the east bay, air quality officials are considering new regulations to limit emissions from bay area oil refineries. the bay area air quality management district's board of directors is holding a public hearing right now. they're listening to testimony and are set to vote on regulations to limit emissions from bay area oil refine rips.
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this follows the valero refinery flaring incident on may 5th that sent flames and thick plumes of smoke into the air, causing evacuations and shelter in place orders. >> your decision today will affect our health for a generation or more. the mortality impact from failure to act would be severe for low income communities of color. >> several experts and neighbors are giving testimony about the potential impact of the board's decision on the regulations. sources close to president trump report he plans to have the u.s. exit the paris climate accord. >> allie rasmus joining us live to explain the impact much leaving this agreement. >> reporter: if it the u.s. pulls out of the paris climate accord, it would make us just one of three un member nations left out of this international agreement. the other two nations that never signed on were syria and nicaragua. they thought the agreement wasn't tough enough when
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everyone signed it two years ago. the agreement was signed by president obama back in it 2015. it committed the u.s. and 195 other nations to reducing carbon emissions by 25 to 28% over the next decade. the goal, to fight global warming and climate change worldwide. on the campaign trail last year, then candidate trump pledged to exit that agreement citing complaints from people in the coal and fossil fuel industries. now sources close to the president say he plans to fulfill that promise. so what would it mean for the u.s.? our environment and our economy. we asked that question. he says the paris climate accord has its flaws. many environmental groups say it was too weak to begin with because there was no enforcement. but leaving the pact the u.s. risks losing its leadership and credibility abroad. >> for the u.s. to back away from even that weak initial step will send a negative
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signal that the u.s. does not intend to take seriously the threat of climate change which the vast, vast majority of scientists agree is very real. >> other economists have warned that leaving the paris accord does not mean jobs in the coal industry will be coming back. that industry has been on the deline can for years. mostly because of the cheaper cost of producing natural gas and changes in technology. reportedly the president's own secretary of state rex tillerson supports remaining in if the paris accord. he is supposed to meet with tillerson to discuss the issue. the man you see there is mr. trump's epa administrator. he supports the idea of withdrawing from the paris accord. even the president's advisors appear to be at odds over whether the u.s. should stay or leave this climate change agreement. mr. trump said via a tweet he will announce a final decision
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later this week. president trump has been giving his cell phone number to world leaders. the ap reports this is raising some concerns about the security of those phone conversations. calls between world leaders are usually highly orchestrated and done on secure lines. the leaders of mexico and canada have president trump's cell number. he also reportedly gave his in your opinion to france's newly elected president. the white house has not commented. president trump tweet has been trending today after the president posted this tweet at midnight eastern time saying quote, despite the constant negative press, covfefe. some debate whether it was a typo for the word coverage. who can figure out the true meaning of the word covfefe. enjoy. cnn has cut ties with kathy griffin after she posted a photo with a fake severed head that looked like president trump. >> the comedian admitted she quote, went too far.
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>> i sincerely apologize. i'm just now seeing the reaction of these images. i crossed the line. i went way too far. the image is too disturbing. i understand how it offends people. >> griffin says it's her latest mistake but likely won't be her last. the u.s. secret service also responded to this and posted on twitter they have a division to evaluate social immediate yap threats and that threats made against secret service protectees receive the highest priority. still ahead, we're monitoring the building bay bridge backup. all the backup at the toll plaza caused by a man sitting on the middle anchorage of the western span of the bay bridge. traffic is backed up well into the east bay. another report coming up. believe it or not, a few little sprinkles early this morning in some pockets of the bay area. we give you a live look at san francisco bay. a lot of blue sky. mark tamayo is here with your forecast.
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vandals apparently targeted lebron james' los angeles home with a racial slur. los angeles police say someone spray painted the n-word on the front gate early this morning. this is video of lebron's home. james, of course, was not there at the time. he's in the bay area with the cavs preparing for game one for the nba finals. someone painted over the word
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before police actually arrived. police are investigating this as an act of vandalism and a possible hate crime. game one of the finals tomorrow night in oakland. cavs player tristan thompson posting this picture to twitter yesterday with a caption we're back. the defending nba champs are hoping for a repeat against the car yours. a team that has not lost in the playoffs this year. the warriors are a 7-point favorite. let's run over to our meteorologist mark tamayo. talk to us about when it's going to feel like true summer. >> it's very nice out there. we had a few showers this morning across portions of the bay area. that system nixed out the low clouds and fog. with that we had the fog that's been kind of hanging out near the coast and near the bay for the past few days. we have more sunshine for today. a bit of a warming trend expected over the next few days toward the weekend. especially inland. the coast will cool off once again once the fog makes a comeback. you probably notice some showers, maybe a few showers,
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sprinkles last night into early this morning. there's the green on the radar. now shifting out to the east of the region. leaving us with this. mostly clear skies up and down the bay area shoreline. we have the cloud bank in the pacific. lots of sunshine for your wednesday. fog though is forecasted to return coastside and right around the bay first thing tomorrow morning. so it's not going to be a clear day near the coast as we set things up. i guess the headline, just enjoy the sunshine while we have it. santa rosa, 75. san francisco downtown, 60. san jose, 71. warming up nicely. already matching the highs from yesterday. take a look at the current wind speeds out there. winds around 5 to 7 to 12 miles an hour. out toward the oakland airport. some more reports for you. sfo will check in, westerly wind here. 18 miles an hour. that will likely strengthen as we head toward the afternoon hours, by mid afternoon and into the evening. it will be nice and sunny for
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today. here's our live camera looking out toward the golden gate bridge. there we have some patchy development with low clouds toward the marin headlands. more sunshine over san francisco bay after stubborn overcast over the past few days. temperatures today on track to reach the 70s. mid to upper 70s inland. beaches, low 60s. right around the bay closing in on 70 degrees. so here we go today. lots of sunshine for your wednesday afternoon. 4:00. this forecast model, once you get the stable atmosphere that sets things up it's a nice environment for the fog to form. that will be happening late tonight into tomorrow morning. coastside and around the bay, clearing back to the shoreline for your thursday afternoon. temperatures away from the coast will be warming up. that trend will continue as we head toward your bay area weekend. temperatures for today, 60s to the 70s. warmest locations around 79 out toward antolin jobbing and brentwood. not talking about any major heat out there. half moon bay in the 60s.
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look ahead, your five day forecast. temperatures are going up as we head toward friday with some cooling, especially by sunday. weak system moves in from the north. more fog will be cooler as well. it was nice to actually see a few sprinkles here in the bay area. after we've had that record winter here, we had a bit of a break. just a few sprinkles out there. >> still springtime. not quite summer officially. >> exactly. we are learning more information about the deadly attack in afghanistan overnight. that attack killed at least 90 people and injured hundreds of others, including 11 americans assigned to the u.s. embassy. >> more on how the attack came as the president weighs in on sending more american troops to that region. >> a massive explosion ripping through the capital of afghanistan. the blast killing dozens and injuring as many as 350. most of the casualties were
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civilians. including women and children. officials say the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber. the vehicle had to get through many many layers of security in this diplomatic area of kabul. no group immediately claimed responsibility for the blast. both the taliban and the islamic state have staged large scale attacks there before. afghan security forces have been struggling to cope with the threats posed by the terror groups. >> the taliban has taken back considerable amount of territory. they own more territory in afghanistan now than at any time since 2001 when we invaded the country. >> reporter: the u.s. has more than 8000 troops in afghanistan. training local forces and conducting counterterrorism operations. the trump administration is weighing weather to send up to 5000 more advisors to afghanistan. some military analysts believe afghan forces can't win this battle on their own. >> what it'll take is more than the advisors being considered.
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here's the question. is that a decisive force? is that really going to make a difference. if if that's not a decisive force, what is? >> president trump is calling on nato allies to take a greater role in afghanistan as well. >> the pentagon says the test conducted yesterday on a missile defense system shows the united states could shoot down an incoming warhead from north korea. an interceptor rocket was launched along the santa barbara county coast. military officials say the rocket shot a mock ballistic missile out of the sky over the pacific ocean. u.s. officials say north korea is still some years away from developing a missile that could reach the u.s. mainland. coming up, we continue to monitor breaking news on the bay bridge. a massive traffic backup being caused by a man sitting on the middle anchorage of the western span. you can see him in the center of the screen here. traffic is backed up well into the east bay. more on this breaking news
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story in just a moment.
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google's company nest labs is uncovering new technology for home security cameras. nest is using google's facial recognition technology in its cameras. they'll be able to identify
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people by using images in a photo app. the new camera will cost about $300. you'll have to pay $10 a month for the plan that includes facial recognition. cisco systems got another 250 workers in san jose as a plan to cut a total of 1100 jobs worldwide. filed a notice with state employment fishes that the layoffs were effective may 18th and are permanent. the company expects earnings to drop this year compared to last year. they cut 940 workers in san jose last year and 390 the year before. u.s. stock indexes slipping for the second day in a row as banks and small company stocks continue to take some steep losses. live look at the dow jones. it's down 31 points. the nasdaq is down 11 points. three south bay schools with no air-conditioning and broken heaters. the frustration from students and teachers who found out that repairs aren't coming until some time next year. we're preparing to hear from the woman at the center of a bay area police sex scandal.
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the nearly $1 million settlement she's being offered. we continue to follow breaking news. a big bay bridge backup because of a man sitting on the middle anchorage of the western span. traffic moving slowly. it is terrible across the east bay. we'll be right back.
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more on breaking news
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happening on the bay bridge and beyond. bay bridge is where the chp is working to bring down a man who climbed on to the middle anchorage about 10:30 this morning. >> this is taking place on the western span. video now of the backup. a couple westbound lanes blocked. traffic heading into the city just crawling through the toll plaza area. it's very backed up into the lower east shore even on to 880. >> we'll bring in allie rasmus now. you're monitoring the traffic. is there anything improvement wise? >> it doesn't look like it. we'll show you some of the traffic cameras in just a second. first we want to go back to that shot from sky fox over the scene. this is on the westbound direction of 80. the bay bridge. the western span. there's a couple lanes blocked. they have been blocked for the last two hours. that's because according to chp a man's car broke down in that area of the bridge, westbound direction. the man's car broke down.
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the tow truck arrived. he proceeded to get out of hides vehicle and climbed up on to the center anchorage of the western span of the bridge. that man still sitting about 25 feet above the roadway on that center anchorage. officers in this picture. a lot of emergency vehicles there. we've been told there's san francisco police boats and coast guard boats on the bay directly below this area. while all this is unfolding. negotiators are talking to the man who is apparently distraught. they're trying to get him to come down. they have the two lanes closed  there and traffic is at a crawl because of it. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. this is typically what we see in the middle of the morning commute. probably worse than what we'd see on a bad day. traffic barely inching along. the backup extends all the way out. 580 in oakland and 480 as well. east shore freeway camera. let's see if it i can pull that
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up there. to get to the mcarthur maze, according to the traffic sensors will take you an hour. that's also not typically for this time of day. 12:30 in the afternoon, usually you should be breezing through there. east shore freeway backed up. all the way up to albany. close to where 580 and 80 meet in the richmond area. that's a wider look at the traffic maps there too manying in you can see a lot of the red on the left hand side of the screen just past treasure island. that's where the lanes, they've had that lane reduction because of that man sittingen that center anchorage. taking a closer look. the backup extending into oakland. well past 34th street and highway 24 there. so chp says that they are going to be out there negotiating with the man until they're able to resolve this issue. because of that traffic is
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really backing up throughout the east bay and on the western span of the bay bridge. but the good news here is that this is traditionally the noncommute direction. again, heading into the city is where you're encountering the lane reduction and some of these problems. hour or two from now we'll start the afternoon commute and all the folks leaving san francisco because of the way the bridge is, they're not going to be able to see some of the commotion happening on the upper level of the bridge. it shouldn't impact traffic in the traditional afternoon commute direction. all this happening on the western span of the bay bridge. back to you guys. >> thank you. should mention there is a gianted game tonight at at&t ballpark. so a lot of giant fans live in the east bay. in case this pushes into the afternoon and early hours of the evening commute, think of taking bart or go around san mateo bridge. >> that's a long route but it it might get you there faster.
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we'll stay on top of it should the situation become resolved and we're not on the air, we'll bring it to you on we'll move to a story that's going to happen in just about 30 minutes. we do expect to hear from jasmine ab uslin. >> she is expected to join her attorney to speak out about the nearly $1 million settlement approved last night by the oakland city council. jana katsuyama has the story. >> reporter: the city's settlement comes as oakland struggles to regain the community's trust and faith in the police department. 19-year-old jasmine abuslin says she was a former teen prostitute. she initially said she'd had sex with as many as 30 bay area law enforcement officers who instead of helping her exploited her. some while she was 16 and still a minor. she claimed that oakland police chief at the time knew about
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the abuse and did nothing. he later resigned. and the city removed several police officers promising reform. her attorney says the claim onlially was filed for $66 million by her previous legal team. he says after extensive negotiations he recommends she take the settlement. >> she can put this behind her because it was quite emotional and traumatic event to be involved with the oakland police officers. >> she was sent to a florida rehab facility last august for heroin addiction but returned to testify in court. >> for them to commit those actions are absolutely irresponsible and they should be paying for that action and not the city taxpayers. >> criminal activity happened under the watch of the city of oakland and you know, whatever jasmine gets, more power to her in that way. yeah the taxpayers have to pay for that. i think that's why it's important we have proper oversight. >> there are still four other claims of exploitation by
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officers in richmond, livermore, san francisco and alameda county. the oakland city attorney noted there are felony charges against current and former oakland police officers for sex with a minor, obstruction of justice and prostitution. >> this is important to bring closure to this case against oakland and we move on to the next. >> jana katsuyama, ktvu fox 2 news. 13 former ucsf information technology workers are suing for outsourcing their jobs. the ex-uc employees are among a larger group of about 80 to 100 tech workers laid off earlier this year. they're claiming discrimination and harassment because they say they were forced to train their replacements. the university said the layoffs were legal and in accordance with uc policies. students at three elementary schools are going to have to deal with a problem until at least next year. the affected schools -- they're
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in the allen rock school district. they have class until june 15th. teachers say that it was built in 1961 and the building has never had air-conditioning. during the warmer months students can get overheated. during the winter some students actually wear gloves to keep their hands warm during class. the district says it has modernized 19 of its 24 schools a enthat two more are going to be worked on this summer. the money for that comes from two bond measures. teachers say instead of creating a good environment for young students to learn, some of that money has gone to building multipurpose rooms at the middle schools. the district defends that decision. >> if you look at the bonds that we put out and what we asked of the community. that was part of what the community asked for. they wanted newer facilities, they wanted competitive facilities where kids would be able to access top of the line education. >> young students could be better prepared if they had an easier time learning in elementary school. meantime, teachers hope the cool weather continues until school lets out in two weeks.
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in the north bay, despite resistance the novado school board approved a plan to install lights at the football field. hundreds of parents and students packed into a gym for a school board meeting. critics argue that the lights would be disruptive bringing nighttime light and noise to the neighborhood. supporters say students were losing valuable class time leaving early just to participate in their sports before it would get dark. >> it'll change it. you won't be able to see the sunsets. you won't be able to see the stars. it's going to be different. >> having the time to be able to go home and work on homework and study for tests before i went to practice allowed me to have a better understanding of the material and pass each of my tests and my classes. >> there will be some restrictions. no lights and loud speakers on holidays or weekends and no lights after 9:00 p.m. more than 150 students, parents and education advocates are in sacramento right now speaking with state lawmakers about education funding.
12:39 pm
the group took three charter buses from the east bridge transit center in san jose this morning. we brought that to you live. one of the main issues is the outdated formula the state uses to aloe kate money to local schools. students are hoping to get more resources a the their schools. >> expansion of the elective programs. because at our school we have electives like band and choir and pbo and art. i feel we can do better than that. we can add language -- spanish or french. >> the trip is organized by santa clara county board of supervisors president, as well as the silicon valley education foundation. still ahead, hundreds of miles of kelp forest vanishing. >> we currently lost 93% of our kelp forest. >> what scientists say is behind it and the long term effects.
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a warning from marine biologies about the hundreds of miles of kelp forest. the disappearance could be a major blow to california's commercial and recreational fishes industries. >> marine biologists know what's causing it and what needs to be done to stop it. >> reporter: from san francisco north to the canadian border, forests of algae are in crisis. >> we've currently lost 93% of our kelp forests on the north coast. >> reporter: scientists say warmer ocean waters have less
12:43 pm
nutrients the kelp need to survive. there's been an explosion of purple searchings and an alarming die off of sea stars. a perfect storm of environmental impacts. >> once you have one thing go out of whack everything can really go out of whack and that's what we're seeing right now. >> reporter: scientists take to the water to track the increase of stalks and or chip barrens that have taken over the kelp's habitat. scientists do visual surveys to assess the health of the prized abalone. california's recreational abalone fishery is worth $44 million a year. with the kelp beds in trouble like this, maybe not for much longer. >> we're seeing that the adults and especially the juveniles who aren't getting the food that they need like this one. >> reporter: rock fish and other valuable fisheries are also suffering. scientists say if if the urchins aren't knocked back naturally by a predator or a
12:44 pm
disease, human intervention may be needed. >> they could include going out and pulling urchins in specific areas so we can support the regrowth in those areas. >> reporter: such extreme measures are down the road. right now the focus is on those visual surveys and keeping policymakers updated about the threat to these valuable fisheries. mark joining us now. ended may with a few sprinkles. starting june with hopefully more sunshine. >> warmer temperatures. we have to include the fog; right? >> of course. june. >> that time the fog makes a comeback. talking about it coastside. actually had a weak system move across northern california that cleared out the fog. with that, lots of sunshine over a good portion of the bay area. you probably notice a few light showers and sprinkles last night into this morning. that system moving rapidly out to the east. leaving us with this. mostly clear skies across a good portion of the region.
12:45 pm
maybe a patch or two of fog hanging out near parts of the coastline coming in closer. but still a very nice wednesday afternoon here in the bay area. temperatures ranging from the upper 50s in half moon bay. san francisco, 60. lots of 70s out toward concord and fairfield. wind speeds, we'll check on those as well. oakland airport, winds out of the west around 12 miles per hour. some more reports for you. sfo. a bit stronger here. that'll probably increase crease. question have some patchy fog trying to regroup. this is so isolated the satellite not really picking up on this. this is regrouping near the coast. we have a fog bank trying to regroup. it's moving out rapidly. a little bit after clear spot here. more development out toward the marin headlands. forecast for today, lots of sunshine inland. tomorrow, thursday morning fog with skies becoming partly sunny. it will be warmer inland toward the weekend.
12:46 pm
baseball this evening, once again game three with the nationals here. so for today we have some patchy fog near the coastline. at least developing right around the bay itself. just saw that. later on tonight into tomorrow. that fog bank increases. tomorrow morning, 7:00. overcast out there. clearing back to near the shoreline. with the beaches of that fog returning. beaches not warming up too much. not going to have an offshore flow that clears out the marine layer. we'll warm up the numbers primarily for the inland areas. temperatures for today, mid to upper occupy out there. -- 70s out there. pacifica, 63. some more neighborhoods coming up for you. san jose, mid70s. san mateo, 71. half moon bay, lower 60s. here's a look ahead. your five day forecast. temperatures are trending up
12:47 pm
into thursday and friday. away from the shoreline. mid80s inland. i think of the atmosphere as a spring. once it moves in, it squashes that area of high pressure. spring back up and that'll lead to warming for monday and tuesday. >> this is that graduation, end of year party. time of season. nothing too up or down. >> we want to keep the extreme heat out of the of the area. >> the parents are thanking you. the giants are hoping to avoid a sweep by the washington nationals when the two face off for the final game of that series tonight. this after losing the first two games. yesterday the league handed down a four game suspension to bryce harper. a six game suspension to hunter strickland. harper's suspension has been reduced to three games.
12:48 pm
michael morse knocked heads here during that scrum and is now on the seven day concussion list. the raiders have less than two months to sign deer carr extension. he's scheduled to make less than a million dollars. the team has options to keep carr in the silver and black. off the field carr helped some high school students in the central valley on their final exams. the group of seniors asked carr to retweet them saying they only needed one response from him to get an a plus on their final. carr gave them the help they asked for. he retweeted saying he hopes he wasn't too late. we'll be right back after the break.
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few minutes from the closing bell on this wednesday. energy companies falling as the price of crude oil slides. the dow jones right now in the red down 23 points. the nasdaq also in the red down 6 points. >> warriors fans hoping to buy tickets are facing steep prices. a ticket broker tells the bay
12:52 pm
area news group game one tickets are going for more than $1800 each. about $2200 for game two seats. we did check earlier with the officials warriors site. the lowest priced take for game one, about $400. however, rubbing elbows with the rich and famous is going to cost more than $10,000 for courtside. >> i was thinking the $400 was down by the court. >> no. but the couch is free. the couch is free. the ticket broker says the lowest prices this year are actually less than the finals for the last two seasons. the nba did announce that pat monahan is going to perform the national anthem. he's the lead singer of the band train. the stanford baseball team is going to host an ncaa regional tomorrow. they are playing a lot more than for that one championship.
12:53 pm
>> that'll do it. delivering a win for head coach in his final regular season home game. >> in college baseball circles his name is legendary. his number is iconic. >> double play. >> mark known simply as nine through his 41 years as stanford head coach. >> pretty good darn run. >> it certainly has been. that run is about to run out. he is retiring. >> it's difficult but at the same time kind of exciting. try to get out of the house. >> curve ball tapped back. he's got it. flying high. >> objectively the pinnacle of nine's career cape in 1987 and 88 when the cardinal won back to back national championships. >> i didn't think it could be
12:54 pm
done. we did it. >> the coach's definition of success has evolved. now it's about the personnel. more than the prize. >> i think as a younger coach you focused on getting into the playoffs. how many guys in the big leagues. you get people to come back that played for you. >> the highlight of my career, no question, is when they honored me here as a surprise and i had about 150 players come back from all over the world to thank me. >> to thank him for baseball lessons. >> if you weren't five minutes early you were late. you had to be careful. he would ambush you with a 1:00 practice that would start at 12:55. >> for life lessons. >> coffee and red meat. that's what he used to always tell us. that's haul you need. >> coffee for sure, if you coach. you have to have coffee. >> most importantly for his genuine love of the game and those who play the game. >> he cares about his guys on
12:55 pm
and off the field. >> he's a remarkable man who helps raise boys into men. i'm forever grateful to him. he's like a second father to me. >> just energy level hasn't gone down in 70 years. still throws batting practice. still loves to coach every single day. there's days when you don't feel like coaching. i don't know if he's had one of those. >> it's been a storybook coaching career. the best stories have happy endings. with the cardinal playing their best baseball in years, maybe, just maybe the perfect script will write itself. >> go to world series. >> fastball hit high in the air. >> no better way to send coach marcus off. >> go to omaha and get a win for him. that's the pinnacle of any college season. >> nine deserves to get back there. it's a place he's been many times. it would define his career. 41st year making it to omaha, that's a good storyline. >> i know how difficult that
12:56 pm
is. if you go there enough, you got a chance to win it. we've been fortunate. played in five, only won two. it's special. good memories. >> at stanford, scott reiss. coming up today on the four on 2, continuing coverage of the bay area wide police sex scandal. >> we'll be talking with the attorney about the nearly $1 million settlement approved by the oakland city council. >> we are expecting to hear from the victim any moment in a scheduled news conference. you can watch that live online at we continue to follow the backup here at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see that on the right part of your screen. couple lanes closed on the bay bridge because of an incident that started around 10:00 this morning. >> when e with talked live with the chp officer earlier the officer said that the man's safety is the most important thing. his well being is what officers
12:57 pm
are focusing on. when that man comes down this traffic backup is still going to take a good amount of time to resolve itself. here we are almost 1:00. looks like the early evening commute may be impacted. we'll stay on top of it here on the air as well as an update on the four on 2 is next.
12:58 pm
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