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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  June 12, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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this monday morning, june 12, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark. let's talk about the weather on this monday morning and steve paulson has been working hard this morning. >> we are dealing with computer issues this morning. >> mostly we want to know what the rain is gone. >> yes, except in the sierra where they are getting snow. the system yesterday did as advertised but more for the west as in marin county, sonoma and napa for sure, along with solano in contra costa with that line coming out of the north. we had some big-time thunderstorms in vacaville over to stockton with many reports of hail, thunder and lightning. clouds continuing to filter through with this very cold air rotating and still partly sunny to partly cloudy. the main dynamics that pushed to the east with this system moving off toward central nevada
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. that is a whopper for this time of year not something we see very often in june. half moon bay, west edge hayward and breezy in the 40s and 50s, santa rosa quite cool at 46. if it were not for the breeze we would be cooler than that. blacktop, and low 50s for many in lafayette at 46. we have snow in the sierra and that will push toward the lease side in a few hours and look for mix of sunny flowers -- sun and clouds today and we are unseasonably cool. around wednesday you will notice that it will be another cool day with highs in the 60s or low 70s, way below average inland. it is 6:01 am. we want to talk about the bay bridge, and we already have a crowd there. good morning to you. we have a crowd at the bay bridge which is not surprising but not too bad with the i 880
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ramps not bad at all. if it stays this way we hope that the 880 ramp does not look bad. if you are driving on i 880 coming in and using the fast track you can get through without a major delay. this is at oracle with traffic looking good, san mateo bridge traffic looking good heading to the high-rise with no major issues. 580 westbound near their way boulevard, we have an accident and traffic is unusually slow until you get past that area. 680 at dublin and pleasanton is also slow. it is 6:02 am. we are 12 hours away from the game 5 against the cleveland cavaliers at the oracle arena. >> they want to wrap up the nba finals and don't we all after that loss on friday and cleveland. if they do at that will be the first bay area team to win it
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all at the home field court since the oakland a's in 1984. >> they could do that again and they did not do it by luck. we did not play up to the level we are supposed to play at. they took advantage of that and came off extremely well. we have to give them credit for how they played, and it is not only just because we did not play well, they took it to us so we have to give them credit, and they can duplicate that so we have to be ready for it. >> two great teams in the warriors according to the vegas automakers are the 8 to 9 point favorite to win. it is not only the team that is counting down the hours until tip off, the warriors and cavaliers fans are very anxious for the game to get started tonight. >> some waiting in line right now for the live sports show and it starts in the next hour.
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ktvu christien kafton is with them at lake chalet in oakland. what is going on? >> reporter: the fans were just let in going in the lake chalet and we just heard the warriors chant going on a few moments go and clearly the warriors fans are ready for game 5 getting fired up and hoping to send the energy to the team fans, and inside lake chalet right now. the warriors fans hoping for the sweep and disappointed on friday. they said it was one quarter not up to par for the warriors basketball and they were not playing their game. the fans say that now that they are home they believe they are ready to take it to the cavaliers. they are hoping to debate what is happening and game 4 and what they think will happen in game 5. >> the cavs had a good team,
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and overall i think the warriors just wanted to come home to win it all.>> they are better than the other team, and we have kd. >> reporter: the cavaliers fan is not popular out here this morning, and the warriors and the cavs going to the oracle arena tonight and the game will start at 6:00. tipoff is 6:00 and that is where we will be heading, and we will head over to the oracle arena this morning to see how things are looking. we hope to be live in the oracle arena in the next hour and hopefully we can fill a little bit of the love and the magic, and we could definitely hope that the warriors are feeling at this morning. >> yes. i'm anxious to see what shirts they have on the chairs because that is always very impressive to see the sea of yellow.
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>> reporter: i love that all gold everything shirt, i loved it and i wore it on game 4 and i will be wearing mine tonight hoping it will bring us some luck. the city of oakland is auctioning off two tickets to the game. >> you can bid on the pair of tickets for the luxury mezzanine seats and go to the and the money raised through the auction will help to further the mission and you have until 10:00 tomorrow morning to submit your bid. you can still purchase tickets at game 5 at the oracle arena and through ticketmaster you can get the tickets for about $600 each in the nosebleed section. $20,000, and yes, $20,000 will get you in the vip seats courtside. the warriors want to remind you that ticketmaster is the warriors only authorized
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reseller. game 5 is tonight at 6 pm and we will have complete coverage of the warriors watch party, the oracle arena happenings, and much more. case a moments right here with us on ktvu fox 2 2. you only have until 10:00 this morning to get your bid in so you have four hours left to get your bids in. californians have three days to look over the final budget before state lawmakers take the vote this week in the budget for the next fiscal year beginning july 1 the first and voters decided to require a 72 hour waiting before a final vote on any legislation which means lawmakers have to finalize the budget today if they wanted approved by the thursday deadline. it is 6:07 am. a man arrested over a shooting at the religious statue in san leandro could face hate crime charges. the police responded to a report of gunfire at the church
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at 2:00 saturday afternoon and the 32-year-old suspect was still close by when they arrived and they said the man resisted arrest and got into a scuffle with five police officers. the police said they found a gun on him before putting him under arrest and his connection to the church is under investigation. >> there is evidence that suggests this is not a hate crime. there was no inflammatory words left on the premises or derogatory words left at the premises. >> the police say he fired eight rounds into the statue and one bullet ricocheted off of the flagpole hitting the school but no one was hurt. the police are not telling us the name of the suspect until charges are filed. today in orlando, florida and across the country people are remembering the victims of the deadly pulse nightclub shooting exactly one year ago today. 49 were killed and more than 50 injured and the nightclub has
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been closed since the attack, one of the worst mass shootings in modern u.s. history. where that club once stood now is memorial artwork, photos and message boards contribute to the victims. today at noon orlando time church bells will ring 49 times, one told for each person killed. the rain did not stop hundred from getting outside of the shooting scene last night, and they were there to pay their respects to the people that died and also the people that were injured. there will be official services throughout the day and security is expected to be very tight, and the governor of florida ordering flags to be flown at half staff today with three separate services at the former club today. the first is for the 53 people injured and that survived the massacre as well as the victims' families and workers at the club that night. victims of the pulse nightclub shooting will be remembered in san francisco tonight as well and there will
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be a vigil and rally at 18th and castro streets at 6:30 pm as part of a nationwide commemoration organized by "equality florida." people are asked on of those killed and wounded in the pulse nightclub shooting by taken action against bullying, violence and discrimination, and in san francisco and includes public support for equality. san francisco leaders debating the legal marijuana this week and how much the city may have to spend to settle the legal questions surrounding recreational marijuana. ivanka trump hitting the road with the president and what is on the agenda this week as the attorney general gets ready to testify. mother nature testified yesterday with the big-time line of thunderstorms and a very cool pattern but changes are on the way. for 20 years we have been bringing news, traffic and
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weather. >> no, whether should go first.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we have breaking news out of turkey, the usgs is reporting a 6.3 magnitude earthquake right off of the coast of western turkey. there are reports that it was felt in istanbul and in athens, greece. we have initial reports coming in right now and we do not know the extent of damage or injuries, but certainly 6.3 earthquake is pretty large. we also do not know because it is off the coast and we do not know whether there is a tsunami warning. we will follow the story from
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turkey and also felt in athens, greece, and we will bring you updates throughout the morning. it is 6:13 am. mayor ed lee creating the office of can of us to handle the licensing for selling recreational marijuana calling for the $700,000 annual budget with three staffed positions with the total salary of over $470,000. some medical marijuana business people say that the office is not necessary but adding to the cost for the small businesses. the board of supervisors will debate the proposal at the thursday budget committee meeting. the white house is pushing forward with several new initiatives, and president trump and daughter ivanka trump heading to milwaukee to help to launch the workforce development week and set to tour the county technical college. also with wisconsin
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governor scott walker and talking with the local business owners, teachers and of princesses. then this -- apprentices. that is saying that those that could consider apprenticeship in exchange for a four-year college degree. trying to shift the focus to the president's domestic agenda and questions surrounding russia and james comey still swirling, and robert gray, reporter, keeping an eye on the latest developments. >> we've been pressing the white house to get a firm answer. >> reporter: in washington lawmakers and some republicans calling for president trump to announce publicly whether he has tapes of the closed-door conversations with former fbi director james comey. if the tapes exist they want them turned over to congress. >> if there are tapes that he alluded to the fact that there are takes, maybe is the threat or taunting comey, he should make them public right away. >> reporter: the president once again taking aim at comey on twitter for leaking personal
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memos to the media, and this at the new york former attorney says there is enough evidence to begin a case for obstruction of justice against the president. >> we have uncontroverted evidence from someone that is under oath that on at least one occasion the president of united states cleared the rain and told the director of the fbi that he should essentially drop the case against the former national security adviser . >> i'm calling for an into the investigation about the president trump campaign colluding with the russians. there's been no evidence of it and i don't think it should continue. >> reporter: in the meantime, the attorney general jeff sessions is set to testify about the comey firing as well as previously undeclared meetings he reportedly had with russian officials. on the homefront after months of living away from president trump in new york, the first lady melania and her 11-year- old son barron have officially
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moved into the white house. the parents stayed in york after the inauguration so that barron could finish the school year out . fox news, robert gray. the boaters in puerto rico overwhelmingly approving the stated for the island and the nonbinding referendum was the fifth time the u.s. territory voted on the issue. there were three options on the ballot, statehood, independence or status quo. 97% voted for statehood creating the 51st state but that would have to be approved by congress and most analysts say that is a long-sought with the current financial situation in puerto rico. it is 6:17 am. sal is watching the south bay and everything else. >> that's right, starting off with 280 in san jose the south bay commute, looking at 280 northbound in downtown san jose, plenty of room. traffic looking good throughout san jose although it is getting
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more crowded in some areas. i don't see any significant slowing yet and that commute generally gets going later on. we are looking at the slowing on i-80 southbound into hayward, traffic will be a little bit slow. there was a crash southbound i- 80 near, and slow traffic in livermore on 580 westbound coming through. traffic will be slow due to those earlier crashes. looking at the commute on highway 24 through lafayette westbound, not bad up through the tunnel. we have this shot for a 15 to 20 minute delay but nothing out of the ordinary. it is 6:18 am. good morning everybody. partly cloudy but no thunderstorms expected to pop up again or the unseasonably very cool pattern. somewhere down the road we have to balance the south and it
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will come over the weekend. yesterday was one for the record of vacaville had .37 with minor street flooding in novato and vacaville, fairfield had a quarter of an inch in sebastopol had a .18. written what had thunder and lightning and .06 which is not too bad. the wind gusting and moving out, 35 to 52 miles an hour, sfo at 48 and altamont pass at 48 in up and this year we still have the winter weather advisory until 10 am. that is 2 to 6 inches of snowfall is still snowing at tahoe, truckee and the donner pass. after about 10:00 this will head over to nevada and more there than on the california side. a mix of sun and clouds today with a more stable atmosphere at the cloud cover continues, a special to the south, partly cloudy with an incredible system for this time of the year.
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this is highly unusual to see this strong system. that meant cool conditions in livermore had a high of 65. that is extremely rare. the westerly breeze or northerly breeze will be blustering for simon 40s on the temperatures, 46 at napa and santa rosa and 50s for many. the peninsula in the 40s including stanford, menlo park, woodside. hillsborough at 50, los altos hills at 50. 32 in truckee and 59 in las vegas, very cool and windy for this time of the year. we see the cloud cover but the bulk of these dynamics are pushing to the east and we are on the drier and more stable side. still breezy with clouds filtering over the ocean temperatures, but into the weekend 60s, 70s at the coast and 80, 90s and up to 100 in the valley as this comes back. 60s and 70s today and a cold
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day with clouds clearing. more sunshine and warm temperatures by wednesday, and after that inland it will be way above by the weekend and early next week. >> did you hear that? >> i did, and we went from being chilly and windy, rainy and now to very hot. it is 6:21 am. a valuable piece of real estate just hit the market and how much someone could end up spending on the san francisco landmark. the rideshare company lyft getting the left of its own and what that means for the self- driving cars.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. stop what you're doing in take a look at this cool video, and look at this lightning, possible font of clout outside of sacramento yesterday afternoon. the dark skies and linking creating what looked like a funnel cloud coming down but it eventually dissipated before touching down. the storm brought lightning, and there it is again. rain and even snow came to many areas across northern california. work begins near pinole where the road collapsed during the heavy rains in january, and
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that huge sinkhole has meant months of detours for the drivers and very frustrating. the repair work includes installation of the 60 foot long bridge over pinole creek. construction is expected to be completed by the end of september. the sierra it looks like winter again and look at these pictures. a few inches of snow fell and will continue today in the higher elevations. if you are driving caltran says to be careful. the snow will not last for long, and it should be 80 degrees again this weekend. you could soon be riding in style when you request a ride from lift and they have teamed up with general motors and the google as they expand the adventure into self driving technology and the uk-based automaker jaguar land rover partnering with the rights your company to help develop the program, the high in the car company is investing $25
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million in lyft and providing them with a fleet of cars. it is 6:25 am. the san francisco ferry building will soon be for sale and bloomberg reporting that the blackstone group is set to sell off final assets acquired during the real estate buyout in 2007 and the 100-year-old ferry building is a registered historic building meeting the new owners cannot tear down or make major renovations without getting approval first. it is expected to go for over $300 million at auction or at the private sale. i'm glad they cannot change the building, hopefully not at all. it is 6:26 am. coming up next, hear from the passengers after the giant hole ripped into the engine of the plane. dozens of veterans and community members are expected to attend the private graduation ceremony at liberty
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high school in brentwood to show support for the student that could not walk in his graduation because he wanted to will wear his military service uniform coming up. things are getting more crowded for your morning commute including in the south bay and on the bridges. if you are fan of the cool weather and thunderstorms we cannot do better than the past weekend but we have signs of the warmer pattern coming up. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2 here good morning and thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 on this monday, june 12, i am dave clark. >> good morning, i am pam cook and it is game day for the warriors as we get ready to postgame 5 of the nba finals tonight. the warriors practicing and addressing the media yesterday and head coach steve kerr talking about what went wrong against the cavaliers and the missed opportunity to go on the unprecedented 16-0 for the season. >> it makes no difference and if we were 15-6 instead of 15- 1, we would think the same wife. you make your adjustments, figure out what you can do better and do it. we have a diverse team and a lot of guys play, and we are comfortable making tweaks here and there with rotation changes
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and things like that. we may do some of that but i always say that the biggest adjustment in the playoffs that you make is the emotional one. you can tweak things but are we going to play hard and get after a to compete, or are we doing what we did the other night which would allow the three point shooters to get open and break down on the point of attack and give up the offense. that is up to us and not strategic, more competition wise. tonight the game will start at 6:00. your time is now 6:31 am. let's talk about the weather for today and for game time. >> if you're going out into the parking lot, take your jacket. >> people will be out and about watching it at various places as well. >> i will be inside where it is warm. it was windy and cool over the weekend, unseasonably cool with thunderstorms
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rumbling through, especially at napa and lake county. summit sonoma, marin and solano county with that impressive line forming. all of the weather geeks have been chatting about this. lake tahoe still getting snow with a winter weather advisory through 10 am and we could have a few inches of snow falling and around noon it should be at central nevada side. still plane of activity up there and that is that strong low, unseasonably strong and deep for this time of the year. still getting cloud cover today and clouds in the fremont, peninsula, santa cruz mountains and santa clara. the entire west coast circulation coming out of the rockies making this major severe weather maker. breezy today but not as windy but still breezy at times. 40s and 50s, quite cool and some upper 30s sunday morning. due to the bracing cloud cover
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that low kicking out that cool weather and warming up, and really warm into the weekend. today 60s and 70s on the temperatures, way below average for inland areas. it is 6:33 am, and let's see how the traffic is doing. we do have slow traffic which you would expect, a few trouble spots but not a terrible commute. let's help you by taking a look at the i 880 commute along with i-80, the i 880 ramp is filling in at the bay bridge and the traffic is filling in. the last time we saw this earlier, it was not that bad but right now it is. 880 north and south down in front of the coliseum looking good driving south to the letter a street or downtown oakland. san mateo bridge traffic moderately heavy. there was an accident at their way boulevard on ramp to
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westbound 580, not a big slowdown anymore. 680 southbound is slow, and as we look at the south bay commute for the most part the freeways are clear. it is 6:33 am. today we have a special private graduation ceremony in brentwood for the teenager that was denied his right to walk at the regular graduation ceremony. allie rasmus is joining us live at the liberty high school in brentwood, and the student was told he could not walk in the graduation because he did not wear the cap and gown, is that correct?>> reporter: yes. that has 17-year-old harland fletcher, u.s. army reserve medic that completed his basic training between his junior and senior years of high school. for graduation he wanted to wear his military dress uniform but was told no by several school administrators that insisted he we are his cap and gown instead. what they did not realize that
6:35 am
the time is that fletcher is allowed by state law to where the military uniform instead of the capping ground -- capping down to walk in the -- cap and gown to walk in the graduation ceremony. the superintendent apologized and went on to dane fletcher for his military service but the family says that they should've known better. >> seeing as how it is a public institution of public school, they fall under the state laws much is anybody else does. they should be leading the example of the state law, just how widely the example of military law. basically any law, and i love to serve my community and i follow the rules 100%. >> reporter: the father fletcher says that the school will have a makeup commencement today at 2:00 at the vfw, american legion and freedom fighters expected to be there. the family says they received a lot of support from the
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community and they want to spread the word about the law protecting servicemember rights at graduations ceremonies so it does not happen again. >> that is allie rasmus in brentwood. it is 6:36 am. today is marking the 50th anniversary of this supreme court ruling overturning the ban on interracial marriages and the supreme court decision began with a couple in virginia. they were married in dc in 1958 where the interracial marriage was legal. they were arrested three weeks later in virginia for violating the state law. the case made it all the way to the supreme court and the court ruled unanimously on june 12, 1967 that the ban on interracial marriages violated the 14th amendment. hundreds marking against hate over the weekend in the south bay. >> chanting and san jose
6:37 am
participated in the nationwide march for equality taking place two weeks before the prize celebrations. people from all backgrounds wearing the colors of the rain bar -- rainbow and marching through downtown together as a colorful symbol of unity. not only those that identify with the lgbtq community but for anyone that says they need a voice or a friend.>> we need our kids and their kids to know that they have a future. they will not be lost. >> to see my mother emotional when trump was elected and a lot of people felt that way because it felt like everything they worked for was almost four nothing. now we are trying to show it is not for nothing and we are still doing the work that we know that you guys did for years and years, and we will not let it go. >> many people that attended the march said that it was a great way to kick off the prize celebrations.
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the san francisco pride begins the weekend of june 24. it is 6:37 am. the chp investigating the deadly weakened accident on the napa county highway. the unidentified older man was driving a red convertible on highway 121 and he lost control as the car went off the road and down the embankment. paramedics tried to revive him but he later died and no other cars were involved in the crash. the chp is not releasing any information about the driver until his family is notified. the alameda county sheriff's office is asking people near of south lake tall to keep an eye out for missing man whose brother worked with the department, and pham dan vu thanh told a friend he was going kayaking in the lester beach area of lake tahoe and he is not been seen since. bad weather forced the el dorado county sheriff's office to call off the search on friday but officials say they plan on
6:39 am
continuing a limited search. family and friends have created a go fund me page to rent or purchase a drone in order to help with the search. the las vegas hotel is being disinfected after two guests were diagnosed with legionnaires' disease and they were staying separately at the rio hotel and casino in march and in april. one of them said he began to feel sick a few days after returning home from his trip and he thought that he had the flu. he checked himself into the hospital. the hotel water system was tested and the results came back positive for the bacteria. the chlorine in very hot water are being used to disinfect the rooms and the plumbing at the hotel. >> they sat me down, three doctors, and said, "chris, you have legionnaires' disease." i thought i was going to die, i really thought i was going to die. >> legionnaires' disease is a bacterial pneumonia that spreads
6:40 am
through water droplets. he thinks he could have picked it up from a jacuzzi or the steam room at the hotel. the bill cosby sexual assault trial is expected to resume in the coffee defense team will present their case today. the prosecution rested on friday in the case could go to the jury this week. the 79-year-old entertainer is charged with drugging and molesting and rihanna constant, one of a dozen women that have accused cosby of similar behavior. cosby claims the relationship with constance was consensual and the attorneys have not said whether cosby will testify in his own defense and if convicted he could spend the rest of his life in prison. u.s. congressman from montana charged with assaulting the reporter will plead guilty to misdemeanor assault and greg jill forte is accused of knocking the reporter to the ground when the reporter asked
6:41 am
him a question about the healthcare bill and in montana the conviction for misdemeanor assault calls for a maximum penalty of six months in prison with a $500 fine. it is 6:41 am. the countdown to game 5 in the warriors fans are up early to head out to the game 5 in the nba finals coming up, and we will have more on the game tonight and what steph curry is saying. changes coming to the uber boardroom and what the company has agreed to over the weekend. good morning. getting crowded out there approaching the bay bridge but some of the other commuted getting crowded as well. livermore and half moon bay both at 65 degrees for the high yesterday, unbelievably rare and today will be warmer but still cool.
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welcome back to mornings on 2 as we take the first look at wall street with the market opening up less than 15 minutes ago. the dow was down by 32 points, 21,241. the nasdaq slipping another 80 points, 61 .27, the worst week for the nasdaq and the blame is on the facebook, amazon, netflix and google, called "paying --
6:45 am
"fang." we will continue to watch the stocks today. uber voting unanimously to make corporate changes in what is called the hostile workplace in the board of directors met for seven hours yesterday to discuss recommendations by former attorney general eric holder who was hired to review the uber culture after charges of sexual harassment, bullying and discrimination surfaced. the board members discussed the possible leave of absence for the ceo travis kalanick in the resignation of the chief business officer michael. a workers -- workers will be officially told to report from the meeting tomorrow. the chain expanding in the u.s. and aldi, the $3.4 billion invested in the u.s. over the next five years. the food chain already has 1800
6:46 am
stores in the u.s., and they plan on opening 900 more to make it the third-biggest food store chain behind walmart and kroger. the german store chain will focus on private label foods, organic produce and meat raised without antibiotics. they claim that prices are between 20% at 50% lower than the competition. the investigation is underway this morning after a plane was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport in sydney, australia yesterday afternoon. the in-flight problem on the china eastern airlines plane that caused the hole to burst in the engine casing and the plane took off from sydney heading to shanghai at the time. passengers heard a loud noise and began to smell something burning. >> some of our friends there with the smell something burning and we did not think anything about it really, and all of a sudden he got very loud. everyone was kind of acting like it was normal but we were
6:47 am
a little bit wondering, interesting. >> thankfully no one was injured during the incident and the plane safely landed back at the airport. most passengers were put on flight yesterday and the rest flying out today. the time now is 6:47 am. it is time to check in with gasia mikaelian on a look at what is coming up on mornings on 2. >> when i join you in minutes we will talk about the two corporate giants pulling out of the public theater production of the william shakespeare julius caesar and central park over how the production is said to be inserting president trump into the story. will tell you what kind of treatment the president trump look-alike is getting on stage that has the two big companies pulling their support. as we approached the peak summer travel season, are you nervous about flying after the highly publicized incidents of bad behavior on the airplanes, and we take a look at whether
6:48 am
or not there are truly more incidents happening. we have the fastest way to get results if something goes wrong with your flights. the stories and much more in just minutes. it is 6:48 am. a disappointing change of plans for the thousands of athletes taking part in the escape from alcatraz triathlon. >> for the first time in recent history the swim portion of the event was canceled due to windy conditions and the choppy water. the race organizers say it was too dangerous for the jet skis and the kayaks to escort the swimmers for the 1.5 mile swim from alcatraz to the shore. 2000 athletes registered from 50 different companies and some have been waiting years and a lottery to compete in the event. >> people come from all over the world to participate in this race >> i came here for 100% for this but unfortunately
6:49 am
unforeseen circumstances but good for the safety of the people. >> the other parts of the 37th annual race we not as planned and the race organizers say there would be no refund but everyone at the race is guaranteed a spot in the next year triathlon. very unusual weather affecting a lot of things these days. me, you, and of course steve and sal will have to make that swim the next time. >> i will be there to cheer them on. >> exactly, pam and i will wave at them as they run by. good morning. if you're trying to get into san francisco we have backup at the bay bridge but that is typical, slow except in the carpool lanes into the city. it is not a light commute, and sometimes in june we expect to have a little bit of a break but not having one yet. i-880 north looks pretty good past the coliseum looking into
6:50 am
downtown oakland. san mateo bridge at westbound 92 looks like something perhaps could be going on. i'm looking around to see if i can see anything on the bridge but there is a wind advisory on the bridge but no crashes. the traffic is at a standstill, but we don't know what is going on yet. we will keep an eye on that. traffic on 680 leaving dublin toward pleasanton at fremont slow this morning. it is 6:50 am. if you don't see anything it must have just happened. >> i'm looking around but i don't see that chp is aware of anything on the san mateo bridge. after the weekend of unseasonably cool temperatures and windy, also rain, thunderstorms. vacaville at .37 with greater amounts and napa county and near vacaville with the higher elevations as well.
6:51 am
the bottle got a third of an inch, fairfield a quarter of an inch, sebastian bill .18, and brentwood and antioch at .06. the wind was howling at 35 to 52 miles an hour, mount diablo and sfo almost 48 and altamont pass also 48 miles an hour. the snow continues in the sierra with the winter weather advisory until 10:00 this morning. i think by 11:00 it will be pushing into nevada. we have this unseasonably chilly air mass with that dynamic low funneling in unstable air with snow in the sierra. if you did not hear it, yesterday livermore had a high of 65, 20 degrees below average . also the half moon bay at seth -- 65 degrees. when was the last time that half moon bay livermore had the same temperature at 65? we will not see that for a long
6:52 am
time. we had that severe line of thundershowers that came out of the north through napa, sonoma, marin, solano and contra costa. we had numerous reports of palin thunderstorms and a good downpour. still clouds hanging on, not sunny but mostly partly cloudy to the south. the dynamic low making a move out of the area and into the rockies to get them snow with that major severe weather moving out onto the planes. -- plains. san jose in the outlying areas in the southeast will be breezy and cool. 40s and 50s, 46 in calistoga, 43 in kelseyville with many reports of hail, gradient 44, petaluma at 47 and napa at 47. some temperatures dropping the 55 degrees which is quite impressive. it got cold in it felt like march for some of you under that cloud cover. 34 in truckee, 55 in monterey
6:53 am
and 50 in sacramento. that line moving off and were on the driver side in the backside giving us that west northwest breeze keeping the water temperatures cooling at 52 degrees. the warmer forecast kicking in more likely tuesday and by wednesday before we notice going from one extreme to the other. we will see 90s coming back to the interior. today still below average on the temperatures, a good 10 degrees for some in the 60s and 70s, much warmer by the weekend. 6:53 am is your time right now. coming up will show you the commander in chief crashing the wedding and the president surprised the couple and their guests. the airline passengers have an experience to remember when the former president jimmy carter steps on board.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
than barr ron trump. >> president trump officially a wedding crasher. at his new jersey gulf club he dropped in on a wedding reception and within minutes pictures were hitting social media. he took a photo with the bride and groom and even greeted the wedding party. >> imagine that a former
6:57 am
president is shaking hands and then even took a photo. well he took plenty of foes, you can imagine with the passenger, really it went by rolling a lot of people will remember it. >> crewcrews resume draining and cleaning the iconic lincoln memorial reflecting pool in washington dc today. water inside the reflecting pool could take ere make you sick the national park service says ducks were found dead in pool over the last two weeks. it was caused by high levels of parasites growing on the snails. the reflecting pool is expected to reopen next week. >> we're waiting to fund out who bought this weekends winning power ball lottery ticket. the only number matching all six numbers was sold at a liquor and deli market in sun city, about about 0 miles outside of -- the $435 million
6:58 am
ticket is the tenth bigst lottery prize in american history. the man who own did say store that sold the ticket saysays couldn't have come at a better time. kids steped in to run store after their father department of water and powered health problems. >> he went to hospital, after being at it for a year and really had a big impact on our family and the lottery six months later kind of in line with them a little bit. >> the stores family will get a million dollars for themselves just for selling that chicken. time is 6:38. the penguin versus won the season lee cup after a win against the nashville predators. >> it is going to outside and it is a rebound off of that and they score. >> they sure did. the penguins kept a hold and hoist. stanley cup for the second
6:59 am
straight year the fifth time in the penguins history. it was a tight game until there were two goals in the third period by the penguins. a great effort in playoffs with the predators who were by the way, an eight seed. all right. one glaring problem on the open days this season has been defense, defense, defense and it continues yesterday in florida as the a's lost to the tampa bay ray, final score 5-4. the a's took a 4-3 lead in bottom to have sixth but it did not least. kolby was up fir, hit one to dead center, and the roof, is the only thing that kept it in park. that tied it up at at-4 but they would go on to win. the oakland a's continue #-d to lead the entire league. they now have 62 while the giant versus had a rough season so far, they did score 13 runs a season high to avoid being swept by the minnesota twins. they have won 13-8. the twins were leading 5-4 in the 7th and
7:00 am
bust epo see line that had one to left field, tomlinson and new these both scoreed and the giants went 6-5. buster had three hits and four rbi, the giants scored four in the inning and theyed add five more, and they added three more after that. new this morning one of the men charged in the ghost ship fire at oakland makes his first court appearance, we will show you what to expect in a couple of hours. of hours. all gold everything. take a look. the warriors hoping to win it all at home tonight. we will take you inside oracle arena. >> this is ktvu mornings on two. >> just welcoming back after a week away and what a day for you to come back today. >> yes, now. >> today is day. we thought friday was the night the night is the night. warriors are back at home taking algate aradio n. i can see the morning sun. the traffic on 880


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