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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 12, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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got to wonder, 83 wins and 16 losses over the course of a season. where do teams like lebron's go from there? we have more news at 11:00. with julie and ken. thank you very much. next, continuing coverage of the warriors victory tonight at oracle. they are your nba champions for the second time in three years. we're following celebrations underway in oakland. all is peaceful, but oak police are out in force making sure the party doesn't get out of hand. hello, again. we have live team coverage tonight from oracle to downtown watch parties. we again at the arena with jason jason. >> reporter: second title in the last three years, this one really special because i think
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now you got to put this team right up there at the top among the greatest teams that i've ever seen. 16-1 in the post season no one's ever done that before. and guys, i have in my hand the parade credentials. we're talking parade! so this will be on thursday. i have a couple passes. i want to take you here to the final moments when the entire arena, 20,000 people at oracle were singing this song. ♪ we are the champions of the world ♪ you see that the bench was celebrating right a few minutes earlier before that, everyone was singing the song, the bench as the clock tinged
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down to zero. ran on to the court, and the mvp, kevin durant with the trophy walking off the court. he was by far the best player of the winning team, lebron, you could make the argument he was one of the best players on court as well. steph, a great series, you saw him go by. steph, his father, dell, his wife, dousing dell with champagne. they congregate and steph at the podium talking about this team's place in history. >> no matter people said about us going into the season, a lot of hard work went into it. and so to be able to be back in this position, be world champs, celebrate and enjoy this experience, it's unbelievable. it's hard to compare, but it's
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darn close. so i'm going to enjoy this whole summer as a champion. >> there was 55 seconds left, and i went to half court line, iguodala, keep playing! we have 50 seconds left. and i'm like, we're about to win the title. this series, i stayed in the moment, and we did it together. >> reporter: kevin durant 30 or more points in each of the five finals game. every time that the cavs got a little bit close tonight, durant just silenced them, steph curry was dine nature -- dynamite, and iguodala. the warriors are celebrating there second time in three years. what a night. >> i love the behind the scenes. thank you. we want to go to amber lee who is outside oracle where fans just didn't want to leave!
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>> reporter: it's really exciting to be with fans here at oracle. take a look, there are still plenty of fans lingering. there was a lot of nervous anticipation going into the game. but now, all that matters is the warriors won. >> reporter: the celebratory fireworks never looked write brighter to -- brighter to fans than on this night. savoring the championship that came in game 5. they celebrated, saying they waited for this since the loss of last year's finals, but tonight, it is with victory. >> doesn't, they had going: it was awesome. >> it was surreal. we did a lot -- we did a lot of things that no one has been able to do, you know. it's the drilling, it's perfect, like -- trilogy, it's perfect. >> to be at the finals --
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>> i love it. every second of it. >> reporter: there was high temperatures for game 5. >> atmosphere here is just amazing: it's so loud. >> reporter: many fans say they're good for the opportunity to see them win it all on their home turf. >> the odds are in our favor. >> reporter: it wouldn't be the finals without star power. snoop dogg, and we spotted sean diddy combs. prices 100 collars or more, a couple that -- drove three hours. >> we remember last year. we don't want that feeling again again. >> reporter: people celebrated by dancing at the plaza outside
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oracle, not wanting to leave just yet. other fans were at the team stores snapping up championship gear, and back out live that, is look at some of the new championship merchandise. i'm told the team store will stay open until they run out, and all locations will be open at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. >> amber lee, thank you. fans celebrating in the streets of oakland. people have been busy shutting down intersections, police have been busy, rather, and rerouting traffic. skyfox was over a couple of side shows. you see the cars spined in the streets. boat in east oakland -- both in east oakland. the good news is so far, no major problems to report. one of the biggest spoken taken just gatherings is at 14 14th and broadway. about 200, 300 people were partying in the street after the game. we took these pictures about an
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hour ago. jana is live at broadway and grand. how's it going? >> reporter: ken and julie, i don't think i've seen oakland this happy. i mean, people have been going by, cheering. all you see are smiles on people's faces. some horns and firecrackers that we heard. but all of this is just a spillover. take a look at the video we shot at some watch parties in oakland. the warrior fans in the parties were cheering just as loudly as the crowds and oracle. the crowd started chanting mvp for kevin durant. many people said they are just so proud. >> i'm loving it! number one. champions. we deserve it.
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>> i am so excited. i've been a huge kevin tournament fan. whenever they lost the lead by 10, i got a little bit nervous. but i knew they were going to win it. >> reporter: after that game ended, fans poured out on to the street of downtown oakland. some said they just wanted to be a part of the victory for oakland and the bay area. >> the once in a lifetime opportunities, i had to support the team. i had to get out of my pjs and come down! woo hoo. >> reporter: as people have been going by, there's so much pride out here tonight. i just can't tell you the energy that's out here, all positive out here as people just really take on this win with a golden.
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that's taken over the -- golden glow that's taken over. the warriors and city of oakland are set to hold that victory parade on thursday. the team will start at 10:00 a.m. the route winding up broadway from 11th street to grand. then along lake merritt, ending at the convention center at the bottom of the lake. fans can line up as early at 5:00 a.m. a million people turned up two years ago. it was a beautiful day, and oakland looked its best. bart came close to saiding saiding a all-time ride -- setting a ridership record. ktvu will have a live dub nation coverage of thursday's parade with anchors and reporters working all angles of the day. you can show your pride.
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we posted a picture on our instagram page. and here's what tomorrow's front page of the san francisco chronicle will look like. it reads "champs again." ahead tonight, people outraged after pg&e starts to cut down redwood trees. a somber gather at the castro district. why people say they will never forget the massacre of the pulse nightclub a year ago. heating up around here, rain, snow, it's come to an end for now. now we're moving into a warm pattern, actually a hot pattern. we want to show you live pictures from san francisco as skyfox flies over 21st and mission.
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a large crowd is starting to rally, but so far, things have peaceful and hopefully will stay that way.
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jessie tells us about the controversy creating a divide with residentss. >> reporter: a war between pg&e, and a hands full of
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sunnyvale residents. the first shot fired. the task of turning 30 redwood trees into mulch. >> this is devastating for this historic neighborhood, and somebody has to stop pg&e. >> reporter: they dee cry the removal of the long standing cluster of red woods, which patientsly shield the busch shield -- shield the neighborhood from the noise. >> it's going to be devastating, you talk about the property sames of the neighborhood -- values of the neighborhood. >> reporter: the unwanted -- affected trees are within 10 feet of a gas transmission main buried 3.5 feet below. it's part of the safety initiative! to insure that first responders like firefighters can access our gas transmission lines in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. >> reporter: the company still stunned by the failure of
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faulty pipes from the san bruno explosion in 2010 -- the initial perhaps call for the removal of over 200 trees, but city officials had concerns and after negotiations, the number was reduced to the current 30 trees. >> this is an issue where you're balancing safety with obviously all of the benefits that trees provide the community so we understand the community's concern. >> reporter: jennifer says a more combative replacement -- compatible species of trees will be put n but they say new will not be better. >> mainly for the purpose of doing aerial and drone inspections because it's cheaper for them to do that than sent crews out. >> reporter: they say customer safety is guiding the hand that are changing the landscape -- that is changing the landscape.
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in another blow to the white house, nine circuit court of appeals kept an in just in place, blocking be -- injunction in place. the judge said the president violated u.s. immigration law by discriminating people because of national in the. he failed -- nationality. he failed to show how it would -- the testimony is expected tomorrow before the senate intelligence committee. jeff sessions is expected to discuss his meetings with russia's ambassador that led him to recuse himself in march from the investigation into russian intervenes in the 2016 election. sessions will face questions about his involvement in the firing of fbi director james comey. you can watch that testimony live on ktvu plus starting at 11:30 tomorrow. and a live stream at
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today mark the anniversary of the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. one year ago, a gunman inspired by isis opened fire inside pulse nightclub in orlando, killing 49 people, and injuring 58 others. the gay club was hosting a latin night, and many victims were latino. a year later, the club is. the owner said she would like to turn it into a memorial and museum by the year 2020. in san francisco's castro district, a vigil was held to honor the victims. dozens of people gathered at the intersection of castro and 18 18th street. they read the names of each of the 49 victims out loud. the organizer said it's important to remember the victims were targeted because of sexual orientation. in the year since the massacre, the climate for lgbtx -- lgbtq
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people has worsened. people wrote down their pledges to fight discrimination, and hatred as a way of honoring the victims. a state budget deal has hit a snag. more than a billion dollars in new cigarette taxes was supposed to go to expands services for the poor. doctors and dentists pushing for higher medical rates, but the amount is to be resolved. lawmakers are under pressure to post the budget text tonight to comply with the law to be available to be read three days before they're voted on. a 7-year-old boy is in trouble after taking his mom's car on a joyride that didn't end so well. it happened yesterday in -- the
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boy put the car in reverse and struck the car directly behind him, and two others before hitting that tree. police say no charges will be filed. there you go. we got the warm up under underway, a parade thursday, lots of kids out for school. just, for summer break, and warriors win. so it's good stuff. temperatures will continue to warm. they warmed today a little bit. they warm further tomorrow and then into the next, well, the next few days. and there's the winds outside. we had strong winds earlier, 20- 25 miles an hour. things are changing as the low pressure that made the weekend a little sketchy on sunday moves off. now high pressure fills in. it will start to act like more of what you would expect. i don't think if you noticed,
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kids can play outside until 9:00 p.m. and you're able to get the long days as we head towards the solstice, and temperatures are warm. so temperatures tomorrow, oranges are 80s, so those are tomorrow's highs. but here, we'll see some purples and fresno. it's going to get real hot, specially on friday. warm thursday, friday, into saturday as well. so warmup continues. nice-looking bay area week ahead. air quality's been good so far, because we've had so much winds, certainly the last 48 hours. the winds will become less and less as it warms. when that occurs, the atmosphere will be more particulate laden, and more stuff in the air. and you may see a couple spare
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the air days. highs tomorrow will be up into the upper 70s, and there's that stair step of temperatures where it's just going to go up a little each day. nice looking five-day forecast, and, yeah, you get married -- so that's unusual. then they have a baby on the same day, it's their birthday. >> and the day the warriors won. >> are they fans? >> oh, yeah. congratulations to them. second nba title in three years for the warriors. we've been talking about it all night. and we'll talk about it a little bit more. skyfox over san francisco with live picture as warriors fans celebrate that nba championship at 21st and mission. traffic is jammed up in that area. there have been a couple small
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bonfires, but they've been put out quickly, and there are a number of police cars on scene. at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most.
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mark's back, so much to talk about, so much joy, so much pride. another championship. >> just the desire of this team and the fans, all their dreams wrapped up in this thing, but since they signed kevin durant last july 4, to be exact, it
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was kind of a championship or bust feel to the season, and then when kevin durant, you think of the nooks and ran in the -- crannies when he got injured, and it culminate tonight. look at the shaky start. this is a bad sequence. kyrie irving picks curry, and lebron picked off kd, and coach kerr wanted to slam that board. but the mojo turned around. iguodala, right down the lane! doing his best lebron imitation. he had to point off the -- 20 points off the bench, and that seemed to change the momentum. warriors could never really break away from them as you see kd work for his move to the
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bucket. he wound up with 39 points, and his mom was there to see him win. the mvp award, he came here for one reason, and he got it all, and steph curry chipped in with 34 points in the file moments with the -- final moments in the shot that make sure you knew. this thing is over. warriors win by 9, and the series, 4-1. kevin durant, a funny story he had talking about the moments watching the clock tick down. >> there was 55 seconds left, and i went to half court line, and the guys were playing, keep playing! iguodala, keep playing! we have 50 seconds left. and i'm like, we're about to win the title. i just tried to stay in the moment the whole series. and i think that worked for me. i remember -- i continue to look in the past, and look
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ahead, and this series, i stayed in the moment. and we did it together, man. they call us the super team, but there have been a lot of super teams that haven't worked. and we came together, and we believe in each other, sacrificed. and we're champs now. >> i felt that was a poignant thing for him to say. everybody just assumed, once they got him, for gone conclusion, but there are so many things to deal with regard to chemistry of the team, and dealing with egos and injuries. >> i like the shot of him hugging lebron james. the fight they go through all season, but at the end, i think they respect and appreciate the talent. >> lebron, no matter what you want to say, he is the best player in the world. kd a close second. but a great moment of sportsmanship. and he just said, these guys are better, and it's going to be a formidable task to try to
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up end them. >> the warriors looked so strong, it looks like they could be the champs for a long time. it's like the days when the 49ers ruled the legal. it can't last forever. >> vegas has -- >> espn, 98% chance. >> let's savor this won't! you bet. and the weather will be spectacular. thanks for joining us. ♪
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