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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  June 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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>> fox news is reporting that travis kalinekhas resigned it comes amid a major overhaul of the company. in recent months, uber has faced claim of sexual harass many, bullying and unprofessional behavior within the workplace. uber has been addressing the issues, but shareholders wanted a change at the top. the new york times reports that five of uber's major investors demanded that he resign immediately. he helped found the ride sharing company back in 2009. it has since grown into a worldwide force. he's going to remain on uber's board of directors. so far, no word on a replacement as ceo. stay with us for continuing coverage. we'll have the latest on
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twitter, facebook, and on our mobile app. tonight reminds us, reminds me, that anything is possible. >> republican karen handel is the winner of hotly contested congressional race in georgia. it is a big victory for republicans as democrats fail to turn a red district blue. you may not know her name, but her victory is even as a major boost for president trump's agenda. p's agenda. this is out of a quarter million votes cast. more now from fox news lauren plan herd. >> reporter: republican is from georgia to washington, d.c., celebrating tonight after a close race nearly threatened to flip a seat that many saw as a potential referendum on the gop party and the president's administration. >> thank you for believing in me.
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>> reporter: the candidates poured more than $50 million into the house race as democrats made a play to flip a seat that's belonged to republicans for nearly 40 years. it was the most expensive house race in u.s. history. but the money backing the democrat came up short. >> tonight reminds us, it reminds me, that anything is possible with hard work, determination, grit, and people who believe in you. >> reporter: voter turn out did hit record numbers in the suburban atlanta district with nearly 150,000 people casting their ballots in early voting. the closely watched runoff grabbing the attention of president trump and other high profiled gop leaders, including paul ryan. >> no one is happier tonight than paul ryan. >> reporter: he was able to
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raise $23 million. he was not however able to recover from the backlash over not being an actual residents of the district. >> this is no the outcome any of us were hoping for, but this is the beginning of something much bigger than us. >> reporter: georgia wasn't the only state where democrats came up short in a special election tonight. republicans were also able to secure another house seat in south carolina. in washington washington, d.c. now to the steaming hot weather in the bay area. the summer solstice officially arrived about 90 minutes ago at 9:24. this is the fourth day of the heat wave, and we have a couple more to go. the agency that runs the state's electrical power grid has issued another statewide flex alert for tomorrow of the like today, it calls for everyone across california to voluntarily conserve power from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. tomorrow. the goal is to avoid a possible short circuit of the state's
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entire power grid when temperatures get even hotter on thursday. >> we're trying to pull a lot more power through transmission lines, and sometimes we get to the point where we can't get anymore through those transmission lines. >> blistering temperatures have topped 100 degrees this week in inland areas. and temperatures could top 106 in those same cities on thursday. bill martin has more on the heat wave, and what's to come. >> it's been hot for a while, and going to stay hot. the last two days, temperatures came down a bit. that helped. but starting tomorrow, and into thursday, temperatures heat up again, and we're going to go into an excessive heat warning in the pink areas. heat advisory for everybody basically, but excessive heat warning for the inland areas, as we head into thursday. it is a hot one, not just for
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us, but the entire southwest, and let's move this back. look at the numbers. vegas at 117, that ties their all-time record, you name it, june, july, it could be broke by thursday. -- broken by thursday. this whole, all those areas in purple pulling on the grid. for us, some patchy fog of 0 shore, temperatures are bay as mild -- about as mild as they can be for the next 24-72 hours. as we look at the winds, relatively height, nothing too massive. exactly what you would expect. tomorrow, the winds die down further. the heat picks up. with that heat, we could see the fire danger and the air quality take a hit. so a lot going on. is the real material. when i get back, i'll take care of you with the rest of the forecast. the beach has been a popular spot, but firefighters are calling attention to the
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dangers of the beach. today, they joined forces with other first responders to hold a water rescue drill at ocean beach. that he wanted to show the hazard of rip currents. it's best to swim parallel to the shore out of of the rip current, and then head towards the shore. also, never turn your back on the water. you can download the free weather app for the latest conditions. the weather team is posting updates on facebook, twitter and inches star gram. police in berkeley are investigating an armed armed robbery that left a gunshot wound in the leg of a woman. three men came up to her and demanded money when they received and started to drive away, one suspect opened fire, hitting the woman. the three robbers are described at latino men in their mid-20s. traveling in a white suv, possibly a toyota forerunner
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with damage to the driver's side door. some disturbing details about a custody dispute in santa rosa that ended with a father killing his two children before he took his on life. we now that the mother and father of the two kids had just agreed on a new custody arrangement last week. and the mother, connie camara called authorities fives times in three days to voice concern about her children. on saturday night, she said her husband, was calling and texting her in anger, accusing her of having an affair. police went by his home, and told him to stop harassing his ex. >> there was no indication whatsoever that he was a danger to himself ordaining to the children. >> on monday morning, the 6- year-old, and 19-month-old were discovered dead in their father's home. he killed them, and then hanged himself. in a letter to the community
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posted outside the door of her home, connie writes, i sought help on numerous occasions and said many times my highway were in danger -- children were in danger. the statement ends with her saying, i didn't receive the urgent help i needed to save them. happening now, special city council meeting in berkeley to vote on a controversial police training program. the issue should berkeley police continue to participate in the urban shield training exercise. critics say it militarizes the local police force. amber lee attended the meeting. have they reached a decision? a decision? amber, can you hear me? [ screaming ] that continues to
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militarize the busch -- >> as a taxpayer, i want to make sure our police department is protecting us, not being trained to -- >> reporter: police say urban shield training teaches officers how to respond to high work situations. it brings together police forces and other first responders from the bay area and beyond. the annual training includes simulation of high pressure situations. >> it was an overflow crowd, more than 300 people, most oppose urban shield. they also want berkeley to withdraw from the participation in the northern california regional information center, which enabled law enforcement agencies to share suspect information. this they oppose the police force's desire to purchase this armored van with public funds. >> we need to train, and the
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reality is, after shooting incidentsing or acting of -- incidents or act of terror it, can happen anywhere. >> reporter: they say the training is harmful to the community. >> we are berkeley, and we set the tone, and set a trend, and should not be held hostage to urban shield. >> reporter: the city council just started debating the issue, so it might be a while before the vote is taken. they have extended the meeting to midnight. we will bring you the results if it comes in before 11:30. coming up, laid word on a vote to build a -- late word on a vote to build a mega world for google. why some people aren't happy. we are tracking the heat. it's there and it's lasting. we'll tell you how big it's going to get.
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and the sweet onion chicken teriyaki on monday. for just $6 bucks! seven days, seven footlongs, seven more ways to enjoy subway®. the white house is expected to reveal this week whether or not there are white house tapes of conversations between the president and fired fbi director james comey. also, senate republicans could vote as early as next week on a bill to repeat the affordable
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care act. the gop is coming under intense criticism for drafting their version of the bill behind closed doors. so far, the text of the bill has not been released to the public, but republican leaders said they hope to have a draft ready on thursday. the house passed its version last month and polls showed that bill is deeply unpopular. democrats are promises to grind business to a halt to doe lay the volt -- delay the vote. >> we have to consider the worst case scenario. >> the current draft doesn't do enough to lower premiums, but i think if we focus on lowering premiums, we can bring together conservatives, moderates, we can unify republicans. >> even some republicans are complaining about the secret process involving 13 republican senators. the gop can only afford to lose 2 vote, and still pass a bill. airbnb is doing its part to help the growing number of refugee families who have come
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into the united states. the landlords are joining the efforts to welcome refugees to the country and provide a smooth transition to life in the u.s. some 450 californians have signed up to allow their homes to be used for free by refugees. including 164 families here in the bay area. earlier tonight, airbnb executive joined us on kutv plus to discuss -- ktvu plus. >> we have created this simple platform to book trips for travelers from all over the world, and we realized it was an amazing global community. and we could put the community together to help solve the global refugee prize. >> the program's goal is to help 100,000 people in need of housing over the next five years. new at 11:00, plan to build a huge google campus in the south bay has passed the first public test on a vote of 10-1.
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the city council agreed to negotiate with google to sell 16 city owned parcells for the development project. san jose economic development director calls it an once in a century economic opportunity for the down downtown area. >> but advocates you canned the council to insure it brings benefits for the entire community. >> reporter: skyfox 2 shows the area in san jose that google is eyeing. the mayor says about five years ago, he pitched it on a campus, but said more serious discussion started about a year ago. >> we copter talk much about it -- couldn't talk much about it, because they knew of hurdles they faced so it was clear we
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would have to be secretive of their intentions. >> reporter: google wanting 6 to 8 million square feet of space. the city says google or another developer would bring in about 2500 new housing units. they are looking to buy about a dozen city owned properties respect and parcels, including the property where the bar patty's inn sits, serving customers since 1933. >> they'll get swallowed up. >> reporter: the natives are concerned about more traffic and losing san heat's history. >> we have a lot of people coming into our city, and they're not from our city. and a lot of people that are born and raised here. >> >> reporter: if approved, the city would have to move its san jose five department veining facility, but the mayor says the development would be an extraordinary benefit for the city, including millions in tax revenue. and says any sale would be of
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market value and taxpayer will not be shorted a cent. >> google understands and is not asking for any public sub sudden did i, and -- subsidy. >> we're not against this project, we're not for this project. we are saying that what this project is depends on what the leadership of the city of san jose negotiates with google. >> reporter: while it's still early in the process, the mayor says if this moves forward, the face of the station will be changing incoming years. tracking the heat out there. it's not that hot tonight, but it will be tomorrow night at this time. and thursday night will be even hotter. along the coast, some patchy fog that's true to do what it does -- trying to do what it
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dose. it hasn't been much. you see the dull areas, that's right the fog trying to form. it's just not as strong enough bank. so we'll see more warm conditions tomorrow with plenty of sunshine at the beaches. current temperatures in the 50s and 60s. overnight lows in the 60s. mid-60s in the warm spots, maybe upper 60s. there's a little patchy fog in the morning that tries to show up. this is the forecast for tomorrow, and thursday, you'll see more purple all the way into the purples make it here. inin so thursday is the warmers day. heat advisory for all of us tomorrow. heat warning for some of us on thursday, you can see the heat here. not so bad around the bay. san jose, tomorrow, 93, that's
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big heat for san jose. 104 in livermore, 102 in pleasanton, and the five-day forecast, the temperatures want to drop off on friday, but the idea being we have tomorrow warming up, thursday peaks, and with the fire danger, the air quality, all the concerns you have for heat and i was talking to frank and julie between newscasts, just a couple seconds, but i keep thinking how the i phones, how they get used for emergencying and as you guys talked about. i had a phone out today, i was filming hummingbirds in slow motion. i looked at my phone, and it wasn't in the direct son, and nine, 10 minutes, it was overheated if you're out at the park, watching kids, you may have a story. >> i have the same thing, i had my ipad out, and listening to music, and then the music went off. it had a big alert. >> did you have it in the
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direct sun? >> well, yeah, i didn't think about it. >> and the new technology, and then you get this unusual heat, it will shut things down. just pay attention, and plenty of fluids, and take it slow. >> bring in that video! two of san francisco's best known drag queens put on a show in honor the pride week. they performed before a group of seniors on bush street. the two entertain years were a big hit. this is just one of the acts before the annual pride parade. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend. sports is next. the a's tried to cool down the astros at the coliseum. mark will tell us how they made out. and a look at the front
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page of you'll find the top stories, plus videos, investigate of reports and more. the 11 -- investigative reports and more. the 11:00 news continues.
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getting creative, talking about sports and the braves, giants. a's, the giants broke their losing streak. >> you have to get creative with both teams. i think july 26 is training camp for the football team.
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but these are moments you have to saver with the giants. they are on a pace to lose 103 games, but, yeah, right? but tonight, victory and in come-back fashion, no doubt, down in atlanta. cute kids abound, and the giants come back quite a rarity. down 2-0 in the 8th. they score five times against atlanta. tehran was throwing a great one, but slater, is starting to come on. the inning continues thanks to three errors by atlanta. they add on, and brandon belt in the 9th with his 12th home run of the year. matt moore, more good news. gave up 3 runs. third victory in 10 decisions. and a's not happening for them.
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but went swimmingly for those. worst first inning of sonny graves career, he gave up five runs, the lead off greets him with his 21st home run. the a's chip away. got to within 5-4, another tape matter homer. -- measure homer. the astros astros break it open thanks to carlos correaspm. breaking it open, and 5-4. game ends 8-4. this would be a great story if it comes to fruition. and it might. the son of warrior mvp most valuable player in the playoffs as well, way back when, rick berry, his son, canyon was in camp, kind of a pre-draft workout.
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6'6", 215 pounds. and for those of you who did not follow his college career. he shoots free throws under hand. dad shot about 88%, got some hops, and pretty happy about walking into the building and seeing his dad's picture all over the place, too. >> awesome just coming in, see his pictures up all over. it's just a blessing to be able to play the game that i love and he loved. and i think i would fit in well with the culture, and my style of basketball, way with your jurors is a -- warriors is a phenomenal organization. the fans here are the best. time to check this out. we had a case of art imitating life? no, life imitating art. remember roy hobbs, the movie the natural, the dramatic game winning home run, breaks the light this. is a kid, a cubs prospect
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taking batting practice. and as you will see, he will smash the lights out there. >> wow! >> so like i say it, can happen in real like. 20-year-old kid. remember that name, roy jimenez. >> that was a great movie. it was. see you layer. thanks for joining us. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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