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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  July 26, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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a month long investigation. 37-year-old joshua officer was arrested today. he is suspended without pay and being held on $100,000 bail. >> protesters in time square to protest transgen der in the military. what will happen to the thousands of transgender troops. now the latest on the healthcare debate in washington. >> today the u.s. senate rejected the republican bill to repeal obama care without replacement. >>. there was a 55 to 45 vote defeating the plan. the gop might do better with a
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trimmed down healthcare bill instead of getting rid of obama care all together. >> many people think the conservatives would come on board. >> as of today insurance provider blue shield warned senators of a straight repeal without a replacement plan. >> we are joined now by our political analyst. this is a real uphill battle for the republicans. if they can do this they would still have to reconcile with the house. >> yes, the short answer is i don't think they can do it in the short term. there are just too many pieces of the bill that are controversial, no democrats are voting for it. republicans are splitting in all kind of ways. it's a very tough challenge and you may get it through the senate now you have to move it on to the house. >> so even so with this stripped
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down, very skinny bill, they're talking about last resort, so-called skinny bill. >> yes, anything that can fix the healthcare in the united states is worth doing, and i think -- but it requires that people on both sides of the aisle get together and start working on this and we're not seeing it right now. >> that's what i was wondering, brian. could this lead to democrats and republicans working together. if republicans can't do it on their own they would have to bring in democrats. and the democrats would say we're going to join the party and fix this. >> everybody acknowledges there's problems with obama care. why not work together? care. why not work together? so somebody has to break the log
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jam and that's what john mccain was talking about. we have to work together. we keep waiting for somebody across the aisle to do something and we hope that happens. >> there was a very important announcement today from wisconsin, a big jobs announcement coming out of that. tell us about that. >> this is something that, you know, i would have thought the president would have spent a little time on. it's the creation of thousands of jobs in wisconsin. it speaks to the president's agenda about creating jobs in america, and i would have thought that that would have been the opening tweet today. >> and yet, brian, that message was completely under cut by the tweet about banning transgender people from the military. what would be the point of that? why would the president do that. >> i don't know. first of all jobs is his agenda. >> exactly. >> so he bypasses that to take on an issue that certainly in the bigger picture of the united
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states, doesn't match reforming healthcare. >> it's just way down on the priority list. >> it really is. that's the best way to say it. so you wonder why the president would take time to tweet about that and actually enact something which is the new ban or bringing the ban back and not look at all these other things that are really, really important like the creation of thousands of jobs. >> fox con is going to spend a lot of money in wisconsin. it's huge. >> and the stock market. >> exactly. there's lots of things happening and you just wonder why the president isn't addressing those and leaving some of these other issues for debate or discussion down the road. >> we'll leave it at that. thank you, brian. >> you're very welcome. >> knew at 6:30, a new summer camp immersing students in the word of science. students from oakland and the
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peninsula are spending the week at stanford university. live now in the newsroom with a peak inside this camp that prepares these kids for higher education. >> good evening, we should know we're talking about 5th and 6th graders. here's something to keep in mind. i don't even remember learning half of the things they're experimenting with today. what i think makes a difference in learning is how the material is taught. >> they are bonded together using molecules. >> this isn't your average science camp. sure there's lab experiments, but these classes are more engaging and exciting. according to the kids of course. >> it has almost turned into a big thing of goo. >> this is the six-year science in the city has created a week long program at the stanford
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university campus. >> one thing i really like is when we get to hook up wires and we learned about circuits and we were able to play piano with marshmallows. >> until now marshmallows were only for eating and these red cups were mostly used for drinking or stacking. for today's lessons those cups were used in a vortex experiment. >> the goal is to push the smoke out of the bucket so it hits the cups and knocks down the cups. >> preparing these inquisitive minds for a career in stem is the purpose of this program. >> most of these kids if they're lucky will get a science lesson once every two weeks. so the week we have them we'll engage in 16 to 17 science lessons. >> continuing that education throughout the year given their dynamic background is the ultimate goal. >> one of our challenges is preparing these kids beyond a week so we're thinking about
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incorporating family science night and partnering with schools to develop more science programs throughout the area. >> all 35 of these students come from different background. others attend schools with million dollar science facilities, but each one of them shares one thing in common and that's a love and passion for science. coming up a teenager arrested in the beating death of an elderly woman from the south bay but he says he didn't do it. coming up next his jailhouse interview.
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. one of the defendants charged with murdering an elderly south bay woman known as miss flo made his first court appearance today. the suspect says he didn't do it. >> johnny brown said little as he stood inside department 23 for arraignment on four counts but shortly before hand from inside the main county jail he told reporters he's in in september of the charge of murder. >> this is so sad i'm being charged for this. i did not do nothing, you know what i mean. >> do you think this is a case of mistaken identity. >> yeah, yeah, it totally is. >> investigators say they're sure all those charged in the crime have been caught. they say brown and a 19-year-old broke into the home on craigmont
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avenue. the pair beat and assaulted the 88-year-old church going san jose resident. she died a month later from her injuries. >> it's a tragedy not only to her family and friends but the community. i think when you see and realize what these two young men did. >> he was arrested shortly after the time and charged with the murder. 19-year-old and 20-year-old were arrested earlier this year for hiding evidence. wednesday investigators confirmed willie king a friend of the four was arrested last month as an accessory to the crime. and brown along with his mother were both arrested tuesday. he for murder, and she for harboring a fugitive. >> the nature of this crime is horrible. >> in an unsealed statement of facts detectives say the five
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friends conspired to rob her. but johnny brown maintains he wasn't b at the scene, he did not know ms. flo. >> they have no evidence i was there that night, that i did that. so i don't know why they're charging me with the murder of that lady, you know. >> he's being held without bail, all six defendants will be in court on friday to enter pleas and have attorneys signed. >> still to come tonight a mall in the east bay may soon be getting some new life. >> in a moment the real estate development company that bought the company and their plans to revive it. >> it's heating up out there. i have the forecast lined up but it's going to include some upper 90s. 90s.
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zl new at 6:30 a struggling mall in the east bay getting what will be a whole new lease on life. for many years for decade old hilltop mall has been dying on the economic vine. jcpenney will close its doors by the end of the month. >> it's like a lot of stores are closing down because there's not really a lot of people that come here. >> we're trying to figure out what's going to happen to the
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community, because every time i come down here everything is closing. >> but a real estate development company have purchased the long foreclosed mall from the bank that had repossessed it. the mayor is pleased. >> the piece of property is a lot bigger than the malls need these days so they're going in a direction that a lot of these are going around the country. they're going to turn it into a mixed use project. >> what's really advantageous about hilltop is it's enormous. 77 acres, the size of 58 full football fields including the end zones, and just as important it's very close to the central bay area, meaning the housing here will be extraordinary helpful. initially the developers planned to revitalize the mall. they have a good base to start with with three anchor tenants,
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a well attended walmart, a macys and a sears. >> we had the foresight to change the general plan of zoning to basically allow everything they are talking about doing. >> that includes the possibility of building as many as 9,600 new homes built on the property. >> for me personally i would rather they fix the mall and do something about it, you know, because it's very convenient for the people that need it, especially walmart. >> the mayor says there will be some resistance to new housing. richmond has shortages in each and every housing category from apartments to affordable ownership to market rate to high end homes. >> it's exciting to see somebody take ownership of this, somebody to invest in it.
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>> the project is beginning now and will take 20 years to complete but the mayor says he will do everything he can to speed up that process. fox two news. >> now lets talk about our weather now, bring in our chief metologist. >> that mall was the place to go. >> i didn't realize it was so big. it is a great piece of property. >> how sad is it that frank and i saw that thing go state of the art. how dinosaur do you feel. when it went in it was the bomb. now it's done. >> let's hope this brings it back. >> yeah. >> okay. temperatures outside today were warmer. these are the numbers. the highs tomorrow are going to be over than these. it will be 98 in fairfield. so these inland spots are going to pop up. santa rosa is going to be in the
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90s as well. we have a couple good cool days aren't which will be nice. the fog is coming in. what you don't see, but if you can visualize the hi pressure sinking. it will stick around the coast and right around the edges of the bay and what does that it allows the inland spots to get hot. so, as we look at the temperatures out there you see it's 87 in fairfield. these numbers will be in the 90s, the inland spots, the high pressure coming in will present the atmosphere down. you'll see temperatures the next few days on the increase right through thursday, tomorrow. friday it will cool a little bit. so it's summer. the micro climates are not too bad. once you get over the east bay
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hills you get into the mid 90s. once you get on the edges of those valleys you'll be tapping into 100 or 99. all you have to do is go three miles, five miles into davis you'll find 100-degree reading. 98 in brentwood. you know the drill, that's where it's sort of a cycle. if you think back a week ago it was heat, cool down, then heat. in the heating phase of this cycle we'll see fire danger come up and most likely friday and saturday will be our fire days. >> it is nice when we get those breaks. >> yes, very helpful. >> thanks, bill. >> coming up here are the giants had just enough offense today to hold off the pirates. >> mark will have the details on their big win today. it's coming up next.
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. as a baseball fan i can't even explain it.
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. okay, mark is here , stop the presses. the giant have a little winning streak on the way. >> usually you don't think of a couple games in a row a big deal. it is a major win streak to
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report today for the giants. a little different route to the w this afternoon. remember they had 11 runs last night. only two runs today but we'll take it. jeff up on the mound, 1-1, pirates load the pages. looking good, showing off his great at leftism -- all in the same motion, to buster and that keeps the game tied. that young man appreciates it. seven innings gave up only four hits and one run. eight more strike outs. he has the best strike out inning ratio in the majors. more than nine per game. so that's good. in the 7th inning, still tied and if you can't beat them join them with bad defense. two time gold glove winner, i guess you could say he lost it in the sun as you watch. he apparently never saw the
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ball, brandon got the hit, gomez scores, yeah, the giants are sick winners. apparently they did not pack their bats when they crossed through customs up into canada this week. two hits on monday, six last night. they got only three this evening but it's doing the trick as they do their thing against the jays. look at the nice play by that young man, going to the back hand right there in his $280 seat. mark coming off the disabled list, starting to swing the bat. a two-run homer, his third of the year. paul blackburn, he's the story
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for the a's. they only had a couple of him, seven innings, no runs. as you watch the scoop right here , yeah, that is not easy. he made it look easy as frank likes to say. 2-0, a's leading. the golden state warriors play like the harlem globe trotters. look at the crowd that comes out as he does his thing in china today, and they're opening a new under armor store over there and he and his family and wife and brother take in a lesson and he says that he may plan to incorporate some of the movements that he's learning over there into his pregame routine come next season. >> there were some balance, my
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focus. he makes it look so easy but it's pretty hard even though we're moving pretty slow but definitely i have to bring that back to the pregame routine next year. so i got some more ammo to work with. >> all right. let's go to some of the video that is worth checking out at this early hour. this is just some smooth action, short stop for the marlins. he turns it into a double play. this is a minor league baseball game between the lumber kings and fort wayne. young lady gets a foul ball, her boyfriend holds up the beer, she says give me that back, the ball is in the cup. i want the ball. there's only one way to get it, chug. >> that first one was unbelievable. >> good night. thanks for joining us.
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gentlemen, i think i've come up with a fun way to get young people interested in science. physics mad-libs. now, give me a number. five. uh-huh. and an irrational constant. "e." and a funny greek letter. gamma. i said funny. upsilon? good one. and an electrical charge. positive. (laughs) perfect. sheldon: okay. get this. (clears throat) "professor jones told the symposium he had a new method "for calculating the mass of a muon. five times the limit of (laughs) 'e' to the upsilon as..." (laughing) (clearing throat): okay. no, no. i'll start over. "professor..." (cracking up) i haven't seen him laugh that hard since the day leonard made that multiplication error.


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