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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 3, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. the 10:00 news starts now. >> people scattered after a confrontation and shooting wounded three people. >> this does not happen here. >> good evening and thank you for joining us. tonight, san francisco police are on the hunt for a gunman who opened fire in a packed park with children nearby. the shooting happened at 3:00 this
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afternoon. and rob is there tonight with more information. rob? >> good evening and thank you for joining us. >> reporter: the crash happened here, the shooting took place behind me. as for the three victims, victims, one man is in critical condition, a man discharged, another juvenile, hospitalized. police tell us that they are following very good leads. >> carlos describes what he heard. >> i heard several shots. that was it. and i saw so many people, and so many police. >> they converged on the park. a peaceful afternoon was rocked by gunfire.
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>> just before, a bride and groom were taking wedding photos. i heard the gunshots. i saw the shooter running with a handgun in his hand. i heard a total of three shots. people were not responding, i think they thought they heard firecrackers. >> a group of men were harassing people on the footbridge. and the men were confronted. the shooting began. the reports were not confirmed by police. >> i cannot confirm how many suspects there were. >> the victims were found on the footbridge and they were transported to the hospital. >> people know that they hear a gun.
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>> a church where - - a church street was closed for several blocks. there was very little information on the suspects. >> we are not releasing descriptions or information as this is very important to our investigation, and we have officers out and looking for the suspect. if you do have any information, give us a call. >> activity quickly turned back to normal. they reflected on the afternoon. one woman said that the neighborhood is changing. >> this is not typical. this does not happen in the middle of the day at the dolores park. things are changing in this city, and in this particular neighborhood with a lot more desperation. >> antonia - - she lived here
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for 20 years and she is among a large group of people saying that this park is changing, they have seen open drug activity and what they have called shady activity. there will be officers on duty during the day and during the evening, seven days each week. and the residents can find some peace of mind here. and anyone who has witnessed anything, they can come forward and share information. >> there was another shooting in san francisco, near a donald's and whole foods. one man was wounded and taken to the hospital. so far officers have not made arrest is.
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and a gun used in the shooting death of an artist who was painting in oakland when he was shot. the lawsuit is seeking unspecified damages. the artist was shot and killed while he was painting a mural against violence. the gun used in the killing was stolen from federal immigration agents. >> this is about the failure of the government and the law enforcement in particular to properly store and secure and safeguard firearms. >> the suspect was taken into custody. he was a known gang member. a raging house fire this afternoon, you could see the flames pouring out of a window. the fire broke out at 5:00.
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firefighters had to get out because of concern over the safety of the building. a wildfire started yesterday , berkeley police said authorities are investigating this as a possible arson. cal fire will make the final call. it is believed to have started off grizzly peak boulevard. firefighters immediately called for help. >> put them ahead of the curve. it is a big change. >> the fire is 50% contained. full containment is expected tomorrow. new details on a car crash
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that critically injured a man. the intersection was called dangerous. and witnesses say that the cars were racing. >> they are not surprised because a lot of drivers treat this like a racetrack. one of the cars hit a tree after getting a pedestrian. >> i was right here. >> daniel cannot stop thinking about that man, in his late 50s or early 60s at this bus stop. >> i was really - - he was rolling around in pain. he might have been in such pain that it was all internal injuries. >> a black camaro
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try to break - - a black camaro try to stop and then hit a pedestrian. the infinity was mangled. investigators spent several hours coming this scene. >> they should not have been going 70 miles per hour coming into this redlight. >> neighbors have seen a fair share of crashes at this intersection and speed was the biggest concern. they want to see more signs and better enforcement. >> both of these streets are racetracks. there have been multiple accidents half a mile down. >> police are still investigating. they are saying that it is a major thoroughfare with a lot of traffic. >> when the street
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narrows at that intersection, it can add to the commute. >> both of the drivers are said to be okay. >> i don't know them. but i know this guy has some family. they are probably hurting. >> the witness saw a smashed cell phone on the street. he believes the victim was standing and looking at his phone when he was hit. no arrests have been made. >> have witnesses made any recommendations in that area? >> they say there have been signs that should be - - they have said that there should be
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signs posted. the investigation into russian interference took a major step forward today with word that robert mueller has convened a grand jury. trump pushed back, calling the whole thing a hoax. lauren fletcher has more from the president and from the antics of this president. >> the grand jury has already issued subpoenas related to the trump tower meeting between donald trump junior and a lawyer. >> it is an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of politics. >> trump brushed off the news that there is a grand jury being put together for the investigation, he said prosecutors should be looking at hillary clinton and her
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connections. his personal lawyer said they do not believe the president is under investigation. and they hope to wrap up the investigation after all. >> i don't expect this to be going on for years. >> some have suggested that trump was intimidating robert mueller. >> it tells us a lot about what was going on with the president, is team and russia. >> reporter: he says his goal is to get to the bottom of whether or not donald trump junior had a meeting with a russian lawyer. >> they only talk about the made up story. they have no message. they have no agenda. >> bipartisan senators have
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already looked at new bills aimed at protecting robert mueller from being fired by the president. >> what is the democratic reaction? >> so far democrats are saying that it is a sign of serious investigations. they have warned that the president cannot step in and he has to let robert mueller do his job. they say this is a sign that it is not a witch hunt as the president claims it is. >> she looked at the doctor and said watch me. >> a remarkable recovery. a success after overcoming an infection. roads turn to rivers in southern california, we show you how one driver was rescued. there are some some - - there are some thunderstorms moving across the valley. we
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saw these pictures one hour ago. illegal dumping in the east bay, a humidity - - and community outrage. >> the president did not do what the people needed done.
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and east oakland neighborhood at - - in oakland neighborhood is tired of
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illegal dumping. they find dead animals and debris in front of their homes. and the meeting, heated. >> residents are taking action on their own. in east oakland, they put city officials on the spot, asking if they have any plans to solve this problem. >> the church school basement, thursday night, filled with people coming to talk trash. >> our children need to feel safe. we are not talking about guns or violence, we need our children to be safe from trash. >> mountains of trash illegally dumped daily in east oakland. and josi says he found trash
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outside his home on 100 second street. >> i was going down the street and i found it outside our house. >> members say so far, volunteer crews have collected 67,000 pounds of illegally dumped trash. >> you see marijuana the mattresses, people who have moved out of their homes and dumped everything. >> we have seen an intense desire of people in this neighborhood trying to improve quality of life. >> a lot of residents want the city to do more. city officials say that they have worked on overtime and picked up 81,000 tons of trash this last year. >> no one should live with
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trash on the sidewalk. >> the new city budget and - - the new budget contains a new crew. and they will be dedicated to illegal dumping complaints and focus on hotspots. and city officials want to hear ideas from residents and they are pursuing a grant to double the number of camerasand help police to make arrests. >> the idea of stakeouts, it came from our workforce. and permits for your cars. you cannot get registration unless you are paying citations. >> and last november, the city received 20,000 complaints in 12 months, but only issued 65 citations. fines are $1000 per day. but people
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do not pay them. another string of car burglaries. 17 break-ins last night. they happened on the north side of the campus near oxford. and they issued a warning to students and residents. and they recommend that valuables are not left in plainview, and that all windows and doors remain locked. a pilot has died after crashing into the backyard of a home. the experimental plane went down at 3:00 this afternoon. no one on the ground was hurt. no one else was a long - - no one else was on the plane. the plane crashed east of sacramento. the name of the victim has yet
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to be released. emergency crews came to the rescue of a driver who was trapped in raging floodwaters. it happened after a sudden downpour triggered a flash flood. cars were trapped in a city of mud. there were similar scenes in the same areas. >> i want to show you some video from the bay area. this video was taking a short time ago. this was the view, and the skies above buchanan field with lightning and rain drops spotted in the east bay this evening. >> that is incredible. and bill, i know the lightning cannot be a good thing after wildfires have been raging this summer. how much of an effects does it
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have on the area? >> we had a lot of lightning in the mountains. this afternoon it started to blow across our area. a lot of this stuff is dying down. this is the area we saw on the airport, the lightning strikes coming close. this is just east of fairfield. and this is out by the air force base. you probably have seen some flashes. you may see thunder as well. this is actively moving away. and the other so is dying out. there are some sprinkles showing up. tomorrow we will see a lot of clouds. and it also shows us a lot of humidity and potential for more thunderstorms, more of the same tomorrow. you will notice the heat immediately. clouds and hot temperatures. 100-degree humidity in the valleys. a nice break. 80s tomorrow.
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80s around the back. humidity will be up there. i will lay out the whole weekend for you. the mayor of san jose is making a big announcement. and he announces his goals seeking a second term. the bay bridge series, mark has that and more. >> a hero, and airline passenger helps to rescue children from sexual abuse.
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and grabbed her, he tried to pull her into his car. and the man is described as latino. 5-foot 8 inches tall with glasses. he was driving a beige sedan. a passenger on the way to san jose, he was convicted of sex crimes with children. lori tells us what she did. >> reporter: behind bars, investigators say this man was caught texting about sexually molesting children while on a southwest airlines flight on monday. >> she is my hero. >> a teacher who happened to be on the same flight. she noticed him writing those
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disturbing text messages. he was holding a cell phone to his face and had large text on the phone. >> she could read the sex act that was supposed to be performed on a child. >> the plane landed and the fbi stepped in. during investigations, he allowed in vista getters to view his phone. they uncovered is incriminating conversations that he said were fantasy and role-playing. >> not only molestation comparable - - it was not only molestation, but also beastie on a. >> she would perform sexual activity on children and record it as she was watching them.
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>> if not for this young lady, another sexual assault could have occurred. >> he was arrested and booked on felony charges including rape and sexual expectation. keller has been booked on charges of attempted child molestation and solicitation of sex crimes. the children are in poor - - the children are in protective custody. and this is a story about how you can protect a child despite being aware. and armed suspect was fatally shot by police. the 45-year-old jeffrey barbarella, shot after a 15 minute pursuit. officers try to stop that car, but it sped off. cell phone video shows the ending of a pursuit, a police car crashed into a vehicle.
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>> the suspect came out with a large weapon. i believe the officer tried to tell him to put his arms down. >> officers opened fire and killed the suspect. one of the most popular comp - - one of the most popular companies sold, the response from the ceo, coming up. remarkable recovery, the story of teen success after overcoming a life-threatening situation. stay with us, we will be right back. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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a teenager took top honors at the sonoma county fair. but first she had to overcome a life-threatening infection. we have more on this story from the santa rosa fairgrounds. >> a story we first reported five years ago. a case of flesh eating bacteria that might have killed a little girl. but missy pendleton had other
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ideas. >> she put him on a metal stand, just like the one that changed her life. at 12:00, she cut herself, a small cut above the knee, but suddenly, suddenly, pain, swelling, and a fever, and her diagnosis? flesh eating bacteria. and her parents will never forget the airlift, and 45 days in the hospital. >> i can't even believe where she has come from as compared to where she was. we thought we might not have her anymore. >> after that guy a clean sweep.
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she is humbled, but thrilled. >> i try not to think about it. >> even now, in the arena, she remembers having 14 surgeries. infection destroyed her muscles and her cartilage. >> she doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for her. >> she has powered through long months of rehabilitation, returning to softball with family support. >> it was a big journey for everyone of us in the family. we finally, to take a step back. >> she really had to fights. she never said no. i believe in my heart that she will never say no. >> missy picked up another best class honor, grateful for
10:33 pm
recognition, grateful to the doctor who diagnosed her, and the children's hospital where she volunteered ever since then. >> people tell me i am strong and i can do whatever i i put my mind to. >> at 150 pounds, theodore should fetch a good price. missy has one more year of high school. she wants to save lives, the way hers was saved. >> she was still out playing softball. >> she had to cut back. she is putting her energy and her focus into her sheep. she has 12. she spends
10:34 pm
several hours raising and grooming and working with them. it is quite the commitment. her mother said that she used to try to tell the teacher to take it easy on her. missy would have limitations, she would say don't tell anyone that, i have no limitations. >> a remarkable young woman. a famous beer is being sold, they have been making beer in san francisco for 120 years. the company is well known for creating popular beers. the ceo said it was a perfect fit. >> they share our values. they appreciate our unique approach. they
10:35 pm
have a long-term vision. >> they will still be brewing in san francisco. and there will be no change to the popular recipes. the st. louis chapter is pushing back against travel advisories, issued back in june, warning people that their civil rights may not be respected. the advisory found black drivers 75 times more likely to be stopped by police. and local branches say members are worried that workers in the hospitality industry could be affected. and threatened to withhold crime-fighting funding if the city does not cooperate.
10:36 pm
there are four cities at risk, where they could lose funding. the justice department says they will not be eligible unless they change policy and release information about individuals wanted. stockton is not a sanctuary city, but they didpass a proclamation to protect human rights. >> to withhold funding in a city that needs assistance, it is an oxymoron. we are trying to do positive things and now you want to withhold funding? it's not right. >> they have assured residence there is no threat to cut current funding. and a new police chief, the pittsburgh police captain has
10:37 pm
been chosen, a 21-year-old veteran who got his masters from st. mary's. he also teaches part-time. the city says he brings exemplary leadership and community engagement to the department. the mayor is running for a second term in office. he touted his work creating new jobs and increasing transit spending. he says his goal at this point is to add affordable housing and make a safer community. and high education at low costs, next. >> it is starting to cool off. we may have some thundershowers in the east bay. we will track those and we will give you the forecast.
10:38 pm
take a look at these pictures. one of the tallest apartment buildings in the world, up in flames. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back. ♪
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what should i watch? show me sports. it's so fluffy! look at that fluffy unicorn! he's so fluffy i'm gonna die! your voice is awesome. the x1 voice remote. xfinity. the future of awesome. a fire damaged and 86 story
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residential tower just after midnight local time, forcing people to evacuate your no one was hurt. firefighters, that fire under control. this is the second time in two years that the building has burned. a lot of fun took place around the area. we have the weekend watch. >> the weekend is upon us. in san francisco, street soccer, the series competition, and the event is free. or go out for a street fair. there will be a muscle car show and a children's area. and the district will be celebrating the grateful dead band. enjoy hawaiian food at the aloha festival. and in the east bay, check out
10:42 pm
the festival of arts. there will be a gourmet marketplace, and a section of rides and shows. in the south bay, go out to the renaissance fair with 800 performers in shakespeare era costumes, with 50 vendors, and entertainment on saturday and on sunday. and it is opening weekend for the sonoma county fair enjoy the live music, food, animals, rides, and the flower show. and check out the lunar rover replica, and check out the exhibits at the city station museum all for free. giants and quakes our home. that is your weekend watch. and working ahead of
10:43 pm
schedule, a project is wrapping up, we will show you what is next. >> and we are looking at the eastern side of the day rich. stay with us, we will be right back. back.
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and i am a senior public safety my namspecialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community.
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once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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if you have not seen it lately, the bay has shrunk. one of the last ships has left the fleet. >> it is the last of 59 ships. they have been leaving this dwindling fleet over seven years. some ships can be ready in just a few days. and they took supplies to the first gulf war. 13 ships are left in this fleet that once number 340. the government was ordered to
10:47 pm
lean up these ships. $1 million apiece, the ships went through a rigorous clean up . >> 34 cubic yards - - 34,000 cubic yards of asbestos and 14 million gallons of wastewater oil. >> lead-based paint removed and kept from spoiling the bed. >> instead of engaging in appeals, the government and environmental agencies sued and joined an effort to start up. >> we can prove this with data. congratulations on a job well done. >> it has been cooperative. we are working together to they have accepted that they have a responsibility for these vessels. >> they are dismantling them
10:48 pm
along the coast, ending a long history. >> a new type of history. this steel could be in the next ship, the next bridge we build, history keeps going. >> three ship storage facilities remain, along with one's on the atlantic and the gulf coast. but as the ships age and need for storage arises, this means others will remain. temperatures were cool. it is still warm inland. but the heat is not sweltering. there were some sprinkles out throughout the bay area as, and in oakland and alameda.
10:49 pm
not a lot of accumulation. but it is coming down. we are receiving some reports of lightning and thunder in the far east bay. negative 7 degrees in livermore. it is definitely cooler inland. we are tracking this close. you can see the cell, this area moving through. i will stop right here and then back it up. you can see that lightning strike near antioch. i am backing that up. this is mostly to the north with some showers moving through. and tomorrow, more moisture, more humidity, and an unsettled pattern. not much fog, a little bit of
10:50 pm
coastal fog, high clouds, a high humidity feeling. purples are 100-degree temperatures. read areas are 90-degree temperature ranges. and you see a lot of cool air around the bed. that is what you would expect. slightly cooler tomorrow, that is the good part of all of this. no advisory tomorrow, but maybe some thunderstorms tonight or tomorrow. you may see something in antioch and in brentwood. 94 degrees in livermore. still very warm. 85 in fremont and sunnyvale, all week, it was going up. temperatures go up on wednesday and on thursday, trending down early into the next week.
10:51 pm
and sprinkles or thunderstorms after tonight, maybe something tomorrow. hit and miss that monkey. rhode island became the fourth state in the country to provide free community college. $2.8 million in funding. to be eligible constants have to be eligible or have just graduated from high school. there are similar programs in tennessee and in new york. illegal dumping in the east bay has a community outraged. next in sports, steph curry made a professional golf debut this morning. we will look at how his round went. sports is next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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now we have more sports to cover. steph curry, and the giants. good or bad first? >> i'm going to talk about the
10:55 pm
self-esteem serious. both of them taking turns feeling better and tonight, it was the giants feeling better. they are celebrating a summer of love. the giants took a sneak attack. they score in the first inning. parker just came off the disabled list and a two run double god got backing that up with a three run second inning. jones took a lot of playtime down the strip. 5-0 down the strap. summer of love and grateful
10:56 pm
dead. about this? eight innings, a pair of runs, the three run home run, first of the year, they couldn't see it. they fall 11-2 in the series and slip. and sonny gray, the pitcher they just traded, in pinstripes on the road. three in the first inning behind him. josi ramirez, clint frazier, with a pair of runs coming in. three errors in the first inning, and go on goes deep off the wall with a two run double, six innings of work, four hits, four runs, no doubt, steph curry is very gifted, gifted, you have seen him on the course. a
10:57 pm
lot of athletes and up looking very human when you put a golf club in their hands. steph curry has a beautiful swing. a true professional event. he is conducting himself quite well. you know he was very respectable. that is johnny west, son of jerry west. on the day, he shoots over 74, very respectable. yesterday he was going to come up and show you how he deals with pressure. respectable, a long shot to make the cut. he talked about this week playing the nba. >> the adrenaline rush is there. and
10:58 pm
i remember what was going on. >> i remember he said my name and i could barely feel my hands. i was trying to prepare myself for that moment. that was probably the third or the fourth. i was trying to get some good shots. >> we have a little football in the exhibition variety for the hall of fame weekend in ohio. kurt warner, damien tomlinson, jason taylor, all hall of fame worth a. bryce and butler making the catch your cooper would rush. and here is the come back, complete. it does not mean a thing but they end up winning this 120- 18. and it is that time of the evening where we have to
10:59 pm
check it out. they tried to entertain one another. they go fishing out here. and the diamondbacks retaliate. that is good entertainment. battle of the bullpen. they were having fun. and it was all during a rain delay. check out manny machado going down on strikes. he seems to enjoy it. he gets to the tigers as they start round number four, triple play right here, just like they teach it. and giants fans might want to see this, it has been sometime since you have seen what a big defense center field player can play like.
11:00 pm
take a bow. we are checking out. more news comes out after the break. it is 11:00 now. those guys are entertaining. illegal dumping in the east bay. >> they did not do what the people needed to be done. >> outreach heard loud and clear, a growing problem creates friction in the east bay. 11:00 news starting now. >> people who live in oakland say they are not taking this anymore. they demand the city step up and do something about illegal dumping. our reporter has more on the community meeting that got heated. >> last year, oakland


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