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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 3, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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take a bow. we are checking out. more news comes out after the break. it is 11:00 now. those guys are entertaining. illegal dumping in the east bay. >> they did not do what the people needed to be done. >> outreach heard loud and clear, a growing problem creates friction in the east bay. 11:00 news starting now. >> people who live in oakland say they are not taking this anymore. they demand the city step up and do something about illegal dumping. our reporter has more on the community meeting that got heated. >> last year, oakland trash
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picked up 81,000 tons of illegally dumped trash. and tonight we talked to those who demanded more resources to stop illegal dumping. >> mountains of trash dumped daily. residence have had enough. last friday, josi found trash outside his home. >> in a single day, i wake up, i go to work, and i and i see this monstrous mound outside my house. >> the volunteer crews have collected 67,000 pounds of illegally dumped trash. >> construction debris, marijuana garbage, mattresses, people who have moved out of home and dumped everything.
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>> power to the people. we have seen intense desires for people in this neighborhood to have a better quality of life. >> residence here want the city to do more. and the mayor says the new city budget includes funding for a new crew, a second crew was cut from the budget. the director of public works works said that they would be dedicating themselves to illegal dumping complaints and they would focus on hot spots. they are pursuing federal grants to double the number of cameras and they are trying to help police make arrests. >> the idea around putting a lien on the permit, so you cannot get registration unless you pay off yourfines, that idea came
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from the community. >> the mayor will continue working on solutions. they will find out in october if they can add additional cameras and staff. they hope people will report any illegal dumping to police in the meantime. >> did you feel like they were going away satisfied? people on the podium scott that they understand what was going on? >> they had the mayor and the city administrator office and the department of public works. they had supervisors as well. they got direct answers and certainly they are asking for more resources. and in another six months to a year, we will find out if the city will come through on promises. up in flames this afternoon, we are taking a look at the
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video of these flames as they pour out of the windows. a fire that broke out at 5:00, near roosevelt middle school. firefighters had to get out of the building after the front stairs collapsed. there was concern over the rest of the structure. the cause is under investigation. and an investigation continues into a 20-acre fire in the east bay hills. the fire started off grizzly peak boulevard. the fire is said to be 50% contained. firefighters expect full containment tomorrow. a victim of the shooting at dolores park, now released from the hospital. the shooting happened at 3:00, families and others went running. and our reporter has more on what has happened here. >> reporter: we are still on
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the west side of the park. and we are looking at the activity and the police investigations on this footbridge. as you mentioned, we have three victims. one victim in critical condition, one man discharged, a juvenile male, hospitalized. police are investigating solid leads. carlos described what he heard. >> i heard multiple gunshots. that was it. i saw people running. >> police converged on the park. gunfire, shortly after 3:00. >> it was at the top of that park. a bride and groom were taking wedding photos moments before. i heard the gunshots. i saw the shooter running away with a handgun in his hand.
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i heard a total of three shots. people were not responding, i think they thought it was a a firecracker. >> some say they saw people wearing bandannas, harassing people on the bridge. they were confronted and the shooting began. reports were not confirmed by police. >> i cannot tell if it was more than one suspect but we are developing leads. >> three victims, transported to a nearby hospital. >> people know it when they hear a gun. >> church street was closed over several blocks. there was very little information on why that shooting took place or who those suspects were. >> we are not releasing more information as it is crucial to our investigation.
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our officers are looking for the suspect. if anyone saw anything, give us a call. >> during the investigation, activity quickly returned to normal. they reflected on the afternoon, and she said her neighborhood park is changing. >> this is not typical. and this does not have been in the middle of the day here at the dolores park. things are rapidly changing here. and we have seen a lot of desperation here in the park. >> and we are hearing criticism coming from residents saying that this place is not safe. they will have officers on patrol, monday through friday, so they can make things safe for the residents here.
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>> those officers are patrolling all night. >> reporter: they will be patrolling seven days per week, we are not sure if they will be here overnights. right now there is no police presence. there trying to determine how this will be working out for the residents. having officers on duty, residents are looking forward to that. >> rob, thank you. and there was another shooting in san francisco, this one at the foot of the golden gate park. one man was wounded. the gunman, away. the shooting happened between a mcdonald's and a whole foods store. and officers had not been able to make any arrests. a deadly plane crash, a
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pilot killed, a small plane crashed into the backyard of a home. witnesses saw that plane flying at low altitude. it crashed into a chicken coop. neighbors rushed to the scene of the crash. >> everyone was tearing down that fence. there were no flames. we did not smell the gas. they were dead, i guess. >> the pilot has not been identified. the plane was registered in nevada. a car crash in san jose critically injured a man at a bus stop. witnesses say a a pair of cars were racing. and people who live in the area say the intersection is dangerous. the speed limit is only 35 miles per hour it some have
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been treating it like a race track. >> they have been going 70 miles per hour. >> there have been multiple accidents half a mile down. >> they want more speed limit signs. they are still investigating the accident. both drivers are okay. a pair of men are - - a pair of suspects ran off, but they were detained. a 43-year-old and a 37-year-old, now charged with burglary of an inhabited dwelling. and an investigation into the trump campaign and russia, ramping up with a grand jury. trump spoke to a friendly crowd
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in west virginia. the president is pushing back. the grand jury has issued subpoenas related to the meeting between donald trump junior and a russian lawyer. >> it is just an excuse for the greatest loss in the history of american politics. trump brushing off the news that robert mueller has a grand jury for the russian investigation, telling supporters prosecutors should look at hillary clinton's e-mails. and his personal lawyer said they do not believe the president is under investigation. they hope the grand jury will help to wrap up the investigation. >> they have to do their job. but i don't expect this to go on for years.
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>> some democrats suggest donald trump was trying to intimidate robert mueller win the white house said that they have the authority to fire him. >> it shows a lot on what is going on. >> his latest move is seen as ramping up the investigation. authorities say his goal is to get to the bottom of whether or not donald trump junior told his father about his meeting. >> democrats only talk about made up stories. because they have no message. they have no agenda. >> they have introduced separate bills aimed at protecting robert mueller from being fired by the president. still up, a dramatic rescue caught on camera, this man caught in a flash flood in southern california. >> and we've got the weather forecast all lined up for you.
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the federal trade commission is stepping up a crackdown on robo calls. the get more things about unwanted calls than any other issue. now they are releasing a list of complaints including phone numbers. the information will be used to help to stop unwanted calls.
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new safety limits on the amount of fish people should eat from state reservoirs. guidelines for fish caught at the reservoir, the fish were tested for mercury. they covered rainbow trout and other fish. five, five, up to seven servings per week. guidelines are varied. a truck driver was trapped in reaching floodwater today. a a rescue late this afternoon, after a sudden downpour triggered a flash flood. our reporter has the story and the dramatic video from the city. >> a fierce, summer storm, catching the residents by surprise.
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>> rain and wind brought this all down. you could not see anything at all around here your >> floodwater caught drivers i surprise. dozens of cars were overcome by the mud and by the debris. >> you know you should not cross that water. never during a flash flood. >> one woman carried her child through waste deep water. a rescue helicopter to - - a rescue helicopter had to rescue one man. >> one gentleman was stuck on his truck. the helicopter had to pick him up. he was really concerned about his skateboard. he is okay and that is
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all that matters. >> 200 people, stuck on a train. a storm washed away the tracks. rescuers, everyone off safely. one family reunited and relieved. and hyphen said his classroom was filling with water at the height of the downpour. >> we tried to get some towels. >> my son was stuck at the school. >> check out these pictures from the bay area tonight. parts of the east bay reported lightning and thunder tonight.
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flooding in southern california, lightning and thunder in the bay area. what a day. >> moisture. humidity. monsoon moisture. tropical moisture. that is what you get out here. hampered by the thunderstorms out here. a slight chance tomorrow, tomorrow, kind of like what we had today. these are the high temperatures today. cooler tomorrow. the trend is for cooling. you noticed that today. you will notice that tomorrow. 5 degrees warmer than it was last night, it has a lot to do with humidity and cloud cover. and here we are tracking the moisture moving through, opposite of what we usually see. it spends off sierra nevada's.
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scattered showers in san francisco. scattered showers on the bay bridge. also out near oakland. it is not dropping a lot of rain but you may have some issues on the roadway. tomorrow, showers are back in the forecast. it will be noticeable. cloud cover tomorrow. high tropical moisture. and we see the purple areas, over 100 degrees. most areas are 70s and 80s, and the red spots are in the middle 90s. we see 92 degrees in pittsburgh. tomorrow, tomorrow, we are partly to mostly cloudy. we feel it is kind of muggy. it does feel more like atlanta, or atlanta, or san diego, out here.
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that is how we begin tomorrow. by the weekend, a lot of this moisture is going to be gone. and it is not comfortable to sleep in. here is the five day forecast. the weekend looks good. definitely we cool off as we get into the next weekend. back to school is just weeks away. hundreds of families are getting some help. and they are trying to get this school year off to a positive start. free backpacks were handed out today. a nonprofit is offering services including financial aid and a back to - - a backpack program is a consistent hit. >> they need backpacks and they needfood. >> they give you the basics of
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what you need. >> in recent years they have seen increasing numbers of families signing up for the giveaway. 1500 given away today, 400 more to be distributed at the end of the month. battling it out in the finale, who came out on top? mark will tell us next in sports. we are looking at the san francisco skyline. a beautiful night. actually, that is the oakland skyline. but it is still beautiful. [ music ]
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things are heating up for the wta.mer. time to play. when the us open series hits stanford for the
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bank of the west classic, join the celebration of summer. where the action off the court, is just as hot as the action on it. now through august 6th. it's time to shine brighter than you ever thought possible. the us open series. are
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a series us brett - - a series split and a hint of what is to come, going into the rest of the season with a youth movement on both sides of the bay. youngsters on display. they got to celebrate the good times. a sneak attack by the giants for the first inning. jared parker got just off the disabled list. a two run double. and continuing the onslaught. the youngster, with a pair of hits
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and seven runs given up. the pitcher went eight innings and give away a pair of runs. three runs over. tie block, three run shot, they spend the rest of the night tried to vent boredom. a lot of them are back in the clubhouse. sonny gray tonight, yankees in cleveland, and three behind him , a pair of earned runs, six innings, cleveland is the winter. and everyone is talking about steph curry. he composed himself like a professional today. a nice swing, four over 74.
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very respectable to say the least. a long shot to make the cut. he is currently in 140 fourth place. they are having a good time. >> the rush is here. and they have more to think about. i could not prepare myself for that moment. >> how about the battle of the bullpen? this was a little bobsled team. they do a nice job. cubs retaliate. a human fishing expedition.
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they retaliate again with human bowling. that is pretty good. but giants fans play center field with defense. a beautiful catch. >> i want to see more of the bullpen. all good stuff. thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need
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to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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