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tv   The Eleven O Clock News on KTVU FOX 2  FOX  August 17, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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attack at a spanish resort town. the prime minister calls it terrorism. terrorists strike twice in spain using vehicles as weapons. and bring some somerville is off tonight. it is it friday morning in spain. the interior chief says all events have been canceled. he has been calling for three days of mourning. in barcelona, 13 people were killed when a van jumped a curb and drove down a pedestrian walkway. down the coast, police shot and killed five suspects after a car was used to run down six restaurant and a police officer. our reporter has been tracking the development and she joins us in the newsroom with the latest. >> spanish officials are now saying they have identified people from 24 countries so
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far, who were among those killed or injured in the barcelona attack. the mayor says that they will be holding a moment of silence at noon. police are still searching for the barcelona attacker. [ sirens ] >> you could hear the sirens above the chaos. >> reporter: a white van ran over pedestrians. a chilling path of damage, destruction, and death. 13 people killed, 100 people injured. >> a lot of people were screaming. i saw the van going to on the boulevard. you could see all of the bodies. it was brutal. a very difficult image to see. >> images from cameras show panic and pain. police arrived with guns drawn, searching for a driver who ran from the scene and escaped. isis claimed the attack was carried out by soldiers of the islamic state.
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>> to the cowards who have attempted to spread hatred and fear, you will not get it, look at the reactions we have got.'s new trump tweeted the united states condemns the terror attack and will do whatever is necessary to help. >> our prayers and the prayers of all the american people, with the victims, families, and the good people of spain. >> spanish police say that they shot and killed five suspects. it was 70 miles south of barcelona. the suspect may have been wearing explosive vests and they may have been linked to the barcelona tax. explosions at one house wednesday night, north of barcelona, also may be connected . [ screaming ] >> what happened? oh god! >> a pattern terrorists are increasingly adopting, according to one professor we spoke to at the post graduate school in monterey.
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>> for 16 years we have seen growing emphasis on undertaking more small stay at - - we have seen smaller scale attacks and a sevenfold increase of the number of incidents and toppling casualties caused. >> spanish police have confirmed that the five suspects were caring bomb belts. they were detonated by police bomb squads. so far, police have not found the driver in the salon attack who ran from the scene. a restaurant owner splits his time between barcelona and east bay. he was a couple blocks away from the scene of the attack when it happened. we spoke with him using face time. he was the owner of a barcelona restaurant in walnut creek. he was working at his restaurant in spain when the attack took place. he described what it was like
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when pedestrians were run over on the streets. >> people were running and running and looking all over. it was very scary. all of the streets are closed. you cannot even go down the freeway. you have to walk everywhere now. >> employees at the restaurant in walnut creek are from barcelona and have family there. customers came in to show support tonight. >> stay with us for continuing coverage of the attacks in spain. we will bring you the latest in our newscasts and online. trump added more fuel to controversy over confederate monuments with a series of controversial tweets. he said it is said to see the history and culture of our great country ripped apart with the removal of beautiful statues and monuments. this of course follows pilot protests over plans to remove a a statue of robert e lee. an issue a lot of cities are
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grappling with. >> towns across the nation are dealing with fallout from the deadly clashes last weekend. protests were sparking the national debate over weather statues and monuments should be preserved or taken down. >> this is america. we do not honor people who fought to preserve slavery or fought to preserve the union. they were rebels. >> trump said that our culture is being ripped apart and he asked if washington ordered jefferson would be next. in florida, residents raised $140,000 in 30 days to have a confederate monument moved. one resident pledged $50,000 to the cause. >> we all love the community. we all of the country. we all want to live in a place that does not promote racism or
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discrimination, or hatred or evil, there is an appropriate place for that statue. there is a historical significance to that statue for some. it does not belong on a public square, where people walk by that courthouse expecting justice. >> thursday, the city - - it was announced that the city is adding to the confederate monument in a historic park. >> we want to express our concern and let people know that we do understand and we are doing what we feel is the right thing to do as a community. >> and the mayor in charlottesville is expected to make a major announcement regarding the statue of robert e lee. knew at 11:00 how the chairman of fox news plans to donate $1 million to the anti- defamation league following violence in charlottesville.
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he made that pledge in an e- mail obtained by the york times and he criticized the president saying i cannot even believe i have to write this, standing up to nazis is essential, there are no good klansmen, klansmen, terrorists, or nazis. democrats, republicans and others must all agree on this and compromise nothing to do so. his father rupert murdoch has acted as informal advisor to the president. and his son now runs the parent company of ktvu. apple is making a donation, tim cook told employees he tried - - he says he disagrees with the claim that both sides were to blame for the violence. he went on to say that donations to the southern poverty law center and the anti- defamation league will help to fight hatred that fuels violence .
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new details on a bay area couple that was did - - a bay area couple was deported. maria sanchez and her husband arrived in mexico this morning. they took their 12-year-old son with them to mexico even though he is american born. three daughters remain here in the united states. tonight a campaign has raised $16,000 for care. we have some breaking news in san jose. police are on the scene of a shooting that has sent people to the hospital. these are pictures from the scene, you can see that there is a heavy police presence at this hour. gunfire was reported just after 9:30 tonight, on east taylor street, on the outskirts of japan town, not far from a brewing company. one of the victims has died, the other suffered a life-threatening
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injury. the gunman ran from the scene, so far, police have yet to locate that person, police have not made arrests in this case. we will continue to bring you updates as we get them. a regular daily service on the smart train in the north bay will begin next friday. tom baker reports the final enteral approval was received today. >> as of friday the 25th, the smart train begins service over a 43- mile stretch. the currently free service will go down to a half fair before labor day. and the seniors, students and disabled will stay at a half fair. and it could run as high as $23 per day. but commuters can purchase a limited monthly pass. >> we are looking into what it takes to put a vehicle on the
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road. absolutely it is a fair price. >> i would love to take a train and it is too expensive right now. it is not worth it as much as it is to drive. >> weekly service starts at 10:00. there will be 34 trips on weekdays and 10 on weekends. these are not just railroad tracks. they are brand-new and commute capacity, and desperately needed. >> when they leave, they know what time they will get to a destination. you cannot do that on highway 101. >> we will cut that in half. do whatever you need to do. >> if a smart train is going to reduce afternoon traffic, that would be a blessing. >> one complaint, there are not enough stops. >> i hope that it works. my wife is not going to use it because it does not work for her.
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we live in winter park. >> the train will go all the way to the larkspur ferry, and the north and south court or will stretch 70 miles to cloverdale, and eventually service will continue into the sonoma valley's. >> we have 14 cars now and we have more being manufactured. we will continue to get as many cars as we need. >> and what is new and improving here, it could grow along with north bay population. [ indiscernible ] >> my kid is in the house! wait a minute! >> a video involving sacramento police and a pregnant woman, what we are learning about the moments before the camera started rolling. >> the cardinals down under, the football team is getting ready for the first game of the season on the road in australia.
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a bump in the temperatures today, we will let you know if the warming trend will continue as we approach the weekend. more on that coming up next. stay with us, we will be right back.
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a peaceful ending after an intense situation in fairfield. police received a call of a disturbance in a house near gateway boulevard. officers arrived and heard gunshots inside and set up a perimeter around the home. the swat team deployed teargas. a man and woman inside
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surrendered. they were detained. there is no word of anyone being hurt. we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting in livermore. a 54-year-old man was killed late last night. it was - - he said his mobile home on fire. he came out of the house with a shotgun. he may have been upset about marriage problems. and neighbor say that man was acting bizarre and challenging people to fight the night before. >> it is frightening to think that it could have affected a lot of people. it affected my mom. it is sad. someone lost their life. >> the man was married twice. he had been accused of domestic abuse in the past. video was just released by sacramento police, it shows the moment a woman said she was injured by police officers in a case of mistaken identity. >> put your hands up! put your hands up!
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>> my child is in the house! >> police were conducting a search warrant july 9th. and they went to her apartment. tyro was sitting outside the door and she tried blocking the officers because she said her one-year-old 1-year-old son was inside. >> the officers grabbed the female by the arm and pulled her aside. she lost her balance and stepped off the sidewalk into the grass and fell to the ground. >> officers kicked over the door and detained the wrong man. police never located the wanted felon. and she and the baby are okay. according to a report released today, 157 people were killed by police in california last year. 42% of civilians involved in the incidents were hispanic.
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30% were white. 20% were black. six officers were killed in 2016 during encounters involving violence. sean smith is facing felony assault charges. prosecutors with the district attorney office say smith had beaten up his sister's group - - he beat up his sister's boyfriend and stomped his head. smith could face seven years in prison. so far, there have been no comments. a football team opened the season in sydney. this year the team is playing an open are down under. scott reese has more as they prep for the experience of a lifetime. >> a college football game on the other side of the world. quite the opportunity.
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>> we are going to win. >> it is about more than that. >> we want to explore something. it is an of - - it is an unbelievable opportunity. >> this is the first the - - this is the furthest i have been from home in general. >> they have had weeks to get physically prepared for football but now it is about mental operations reparations for a 16 hour flight. and a language barrier. >> do you speak australian? >> it is just english. >> how is your accent? accent? >> i'm not going to try. as for what is generating the most excitement among the players? >> exotic animals. i want to see koalas, kangaroos and dingoes. >> i am excited to see kangaroos. >> stay away from them. don't get close. watch from a distance. [ laughing ]
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some guys want to mess with a kangaroo. not me. bad idea. wheels up for the team saturday night. touchdown in sydney, monday morning. and the players can get a wild fix. then back to football. game and the college season kick-off saturday, august 26th at 7:00. >> i hope that they have a good time down there. >> a long way to go. i hope they have fun as well. >> and mark is a great little adventure. >> low clouds, fog pushing back into the bay. we are locked into a static weather pattern. and temperatures are trending higher. low 60s in the shoreline, 70s along the bay, and the warmest location in the and in the lower 90s. we have a fog bank that is
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regrouping and expanding the coverage offshore. it did clear away a little bit earlier today. wind will transport the fog back into the bay. and i suspect we will have overcast skies to start out your friday. in san francisco at 7:00, areas of fog, with temperatures in the 50s. partly sunny by lunchtime. warmer, with temperatures around 70 degrees. and the solar eclipse is taking place monday morning with the sun, sun, moon, and earth aligned. and the total eclipse up to the north got here is that path. you can see the forecast and the cloud cover along the path and along the midsection of the nation. for us, we may be talking about some low clouds as well and he chance of that happening near the coastline.
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as you work inland, you should have clear skies. this weather system may mix out the low clouds by monday morning. not a guaranteed forecast just yet. clouds in the morning, friday, saturday, the warmest days of the week, low 90s inland. here we go with clouds tomorrow. clearing back to the shoreline. more 90-degree temperatures in the maps toward fairfield. santa rosa in the middle 80s. oakland at 76 degrees. lots of 90s moving inland. san jose at 84 degrees. gilroy at 90 degrees. san francisco, 70s. clouds burn off in the morning hours. and the five day, a little bit of a drop off later in the weekend and early into the next week. overall, we will take that forecast. the giants ran wild tonight,
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and coming up, we will have the highlights in sports. >> we are continuing to follow breaking news. a pair of people were shot in san jose and one person has died. you are looking at the scene near north seventh street. police are still looking for the suspect who ran from the scene. we will continue to bring you updates online and off-line. stay with us, we will be right back.
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scott is here to tell us
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how mathematically the giants still have a chance to get to the playoffs. you could get struck by lightning on the way home. giant and phillies circle and epic post season battle and one of the most incredible games i have ever seen. 2017, a different vibe. giants are playing better. you have seen the all-star break. buster posey finds a whole. and hunter pence, surrounding the score. san francisco extending the lead. jarrod parker, a nice run since coming off the disabled list. busting it wide open. >> he will patch them up, and they are both going to score! >> something you don't see every day. and the batter would have been out.
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one run, two runs, for runs, all good, they have a good laugh after that. brandon crawford gets a little insurance, they would need it as he singles home. drains hang on 5-4. and oakland, all they could out of napa, but it is time to move on. the brink - - they are breaking camp. they will have three full weeks of practice before the season opener in tennessee. and we have heard from a lot of stars, with lynch talking to the media today. >> i have to do something physical and get my body back. after that it was over. >> the bad, the good, the adorable.
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check it out. big league players having trouble catching. jedd gyorko it's it to the same spot and he goes up and also cannot bring it back to the field of play. and the amateur does not even need a glove. braves and rockies, look at that. the braves win the game to look for. and how about the kids? mike came from new jersey. great play, love the reaction. and i am biased but this is cute. young cody and young lucas. between innings, playing the drums, dad actually has the wherewithal to realize
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hey, they are on the big screen. actually rolling. >> no fun. >> those are your little guys. >> big-screen baby. >> awesome. >> they did know, and they were happy. >> props to christine. she told me to check that out. >> you have the video to prove it. >> thank you very much. thank you for joining us. have a good night. and we will have more on the shooting from san jose. thank you for joining us. have a good night.
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oh, i do have an open seat in first class, if one of you would like a free upgrade. no, thank you. i think we'll sit together. after the amazing weekend we just had-- i'll take it. i deserve that seat. three days in the woods with phil's ex-cheerleader buddies, the old stories, the spontaneous human pyramids, constantly updating their tumbler tumblr. i smiled through the whole thing. problem is i was so convincing, phil thought i was having a great time. what do i want? some credit. when do i want it? now. hey. ohh. i'm sorry if i smell like a campfire. i've been in the woods for three days. i hate camping. if i'm ever in the woods for three days, it mans i've been dead for two of them. oh. it feels good to laugh for real. you look like you need a drink. - hon. - hmm?


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