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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  August 31, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm PDT

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now, to today's top stories, we learned that a man accused of killing sacramento sheriff deputy robert french
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was known to law enforcement. thomas daniel has a history of evading, resisting, and attacking police officer. he is now accused of killing deputy french and wounding two officers yesterday with a high- powered rifle at a romano -- ramada inn in sacramento. rescuers are going block by block looking for anyone who might be left behind in the aftermath of hurricane harvey. officials say at least 32 people have died from the storm. an estimated 87,000 homes are damaged. the white house is expected to request nearly $6 billion in aid from congress to help clean up and rebuild. in the meantime, more rain is now in the forecast for louisiana, tennessee, and kentucky. you are watching fox2 fox2 -- ktvu fox2 news at 6:30 pm. presidential is planning to
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cancel the deferred action for childhood arrivals programs also known as daca. there is where the president could make his decision as soon as tomorrow. >> the pros and -- the program allows kids to attend school without the fear of imminent deportation. >> just the thought of daca's imminent demise is enough to push some young people protected by the program close to tears. >> all of the students and parents under daca , it would not only affect them, but like you said, it is a chain reaction. it will affect their children and their family members. >> she has two children under the age of five and two parents who are also undocumented immigrants. she says daca has been a pathway to a better life .
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>> i have been able to get a great job, i have been able to go to school. i worry that my life would turn around. >> president donald trump is prepared to cancel the program as soon as friday. during a campaign, trump railed against daca, but after taking the office, he tells the issue is different it -- the issue is difficult. >> under daca, eligible immigrant youth who arrived in the u.s. before turning 16 are protected from deportation. the program also allows for work permits. daca expires every two years and must be renewed. canceling the program after seeing positive momentum would be devastating. >> we are talking about our friends, neighbors, colleagues that will be affected. what we also know is that the same families and leaders are ready to fight back.>> the
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first preemptive punch comes before the president's announcement. tonight, activists will start a phone bank calling congress and the white house to protest the cancellation of daca. >> we don't know what it's going to do for the decision tomorrow, but we are going to do everything within our power. >> fear of daca fading out of existence is having the effect of forcing many participants to push for greater unity. in san jose, jesse gary, ktvu fox2 news. the trump administration ordered russian to close his consulate in san francisco amid rising tension between the two countries. the state department had given russia until saturday to shut down its building on green street. the consulate is the oldest and most established in the united states. as part of the administration's order, russia also has to scale back its diplomatic presence in washington dc and new york. the trump administration says
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the move is in response to russia's decision to force the united states to cut its diplomatic staff in russia. >> joining us with more on this is a ktvu analyst. let's start with your reaction to the administration's decision to have russia closed his consulate in san francisco. >> if you go back a few weeks, you know that russia kicked out a huge number of diplomats and other people. obviously, this is the trump administration's return fire. the problem with this is where does this go? does russia respond by further expulsion in russia? at some point, somebody's got to say enough. >> what you think the response will be to this? mac i think the russians are going to come back. >> from voters and lawmakers? >> i think this is expected. these are the diplomatic things that happen when one country penalizes another country.
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it goes back and forth. my overall point would be you have to be careful about this. you can't go too deep on these things. this is an important relationship whether people believe it or not. >> we want to play a clip. this is what president trump said about daca back in february. >> we are going to deal with daca with heart. i have to deal with a lot of politicians, don't forget. i have to convince them that what i am saying is right. i appreciate your understanding on that. the daca situation is a very, very difficult thing for me. because, i love these kids. i love kids. i have kids and grandkids. i find it very, very hard doing what the law says exactly to do. >> so brian, there are 12 million illegal immigrants in the united states. that is probably a very close estimate. why go after kids here? why not go after some of the
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others? >> i think he is undoing an executive order by president barack obama in 2012. again, it is sort of like the russian situation. it is sort of [null] for tat. i don't know whether we will see a whole lot of this overturning of the executive order. we don't know what the new order will be. you can strike it down, you could modify it, we just don't know what is going to happen yet. if he is true to his word, there will be some kind of transition of program i would guess. >> we were talking about this earlier, undoing an executive order to replace it with an executive order. >> this is been my ongoing complaint. in a sense, i blame republicans and democrats for not getting in the middle of these issues. allowing a president to do
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these things by fiat is not the best way to do things. congress should be making laws and responding to issues by making laws. >> we will leave it at that. thank you. >> absolutely. my pleasure. coming up, it is being dubbed the google effect for the real estate market in the south bay. [ music ]
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you are looking at an area right now in downtown san jose that google is eyeing for a
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massive new development. while the plans are far from finalized, just the announcement itself is changing plans for homeowners and realtors. >> we have a look into what some are calling the google effect. >> you may be surprised to find out you can buy a home for less than $1 million in the upscale rose garden area of san jose. until you find out that home is 650 square feet and being sold for more than $100,000. >> there are a lot of investors looking at it as a possible rental opportunity, and they all kept saying it should hold its value. google is coming in. >> this realtor has seen firsthand the google effect ever since they announced the high-tech giant wants to develop a transit oriented campus with at least 6 million square feet of office space i could bring up to 20,000 jobs. he says before the announcement , this lost condo in downtown
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san jose lingered for a month and a half before his client scooped it up for less than the asking price. it was a much different story for almost an identical condo after the google news. >> some five weeks later, one closes a couple of doors down for 65,000 higher than what mine disclosed for and sold immediately. >> i think it is a little crazy. i think it's insane. [ laughter ]>> this mother of a one-year-old boy says she and her husband thought about selling their home near santa clara university, but after the google announcement decided to wait. >> our prices have gone up already, and i think they are probably going to go up again. we were thinking about moving, and now we have kind of changed our minds a little bit. >> folks don't want to drive 60 to 90 minutes the -- in each direction to go to their jobs.
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>> i was a rose garden, willow glen, santa clara, downtown san jose, there are a lot of cases that are going to fit financially because they are so close to where folks work. >> smith says google's homebase mountain view in the last year so the average sale price go up $254,000. >> i have someone i am writing an offer for today for a duplex in san jose. they brought up google. i always tell people it is proposed, it is not certain, but it has had an impact, and significant impact. ktvu fox2 news. the bay area is bracing for dangerously hot weather this weekend. next tonight, how crews are preparing for the worst. >> is going to be a hot one perhaps the hottest day in some cities ever recorded.
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we are back here in a minute. [ music ]
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they will have extra crews on hand in case of power outages. trucks were staging at the equipment yard in concorde today. triple digit heat is expected. >> we are very prepared, especially in areas that we expect to reach the highest temperatures.
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places like here in concorde and livermore, we are going to have extra crews on hand. we are opening up our emergency centers, so that we will be staffed 24/7. should those calls come in for outages, we will be ready to address them. >> date issued f flex alert for tomorrow -- they issued a flex alert for tomorrow. >> the heat tomorrow will be the real deal and the next day as well. the flex alert is probably the most interesting, because we have an excessive heat warning from san diego all the way up to reading. i mean, the entire state. -- all the way up to redding. i mean, the entire state. these are the highs today, they
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were warmer by a good 10 to 15 degrees in some places. of all-time records, we are talking about this in the newsroom a little bit. i think concorde has got a pretty good shot. i think livermore has got a pretty good shot as well. so concorde, livermore -- these records in the bay area go way, way, way back. we will see. we will probably see one on saturday and sunday, because this pattern, the winds are going to keep blowing smoke out of the central valley and funneling it back into the bay. the current images are up there. look at that, 22 degrees warmer in napa. what i thought was interesting today was i left early like 8,
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and it wasn't that smokey, and all of a sudden when that pressure shifted and the high began to build in, the smoke came in. it happened quickly. i don't know if you noticed that. you know it is coming, but when the smoke became a visual clue, you are like oh my god, that thing built in and the wind shifted quickly. there is an excessive heat warning friday, saturday, sunday, and monday for the entire bay area. that is the real deal, because heat is the thing that gets you. i don't expect to be putting this many big numbers on the board for the rest of this year. this could be the highest forecast numbers we have seen in these panels. 115 in brentwood, there is that livermore number. that will break a record if they go 114. san jose, 104.
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what does that feel like? downtown at 104. it is going to be very, very hot. don't fight it. it's friday. i'm serious, the kids are getting out of school early. don't commute, stay home if you can. take it easy, because heat is the thing that will get you, and tomorrow is the day that will get you if you ever were to get by heat. >> thank you. still ahead, both the raiders and 49ers are wrapping up their preseason schedule.
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mark is there now, i have a little feedback in my ear, that is better, thank you. >> [ laughter ] you know, the deal is a little bit of a twist of rules. this year, they are allowed to keep 90+ players around, so there is going to be after tonight's game, a lot of athletes of nfl caliber or there about looking for jobs. so, it is not just another meaningless fourth preseason game. it is only semi-
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meaningless. right after our newscast tonight, the raiders will host seattle at the oakland coliseum at 7:00. you will see it right here. the final cut down will happen saturday. about 1200 nfl players will be out on the job market as jack del rio confirms, they are going to be taking this thing seriously tonight against the seahawks. >> i told our guys you want to make the best impression you can for the opportunity here. you are making an impression around the league as well. i think it is important to put your best foot forward. we have got a good group of men, i would love to see as many of them as possible to be playing. they work really hard. obviously, we have decisions to make when it is that time. you are always pulling for the rest of the guys to find a home.>> the 49ers roster is
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about a 60 something % turnover from last year. there is one guy as far as this roster turnover goes, you haven't heard much of him in the preseason, number four, they brought him you're off the free agent market from baltimore. as a matter of fact, he is a harvard alum. he is a fullback as well. even though he hasn't touched the ball that much, you are going to be seeing this guy. they brought him here for a reason. he talks about what it will take for the 49ers offense to get cooking this year. >> once you get the run game going, that really opens up everything for our offense. i felt like we started off pretty well in getting the ball going in our run game. the defense had to honor it.
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>> football is here, but baseball fans, don't you miss having our teams in contention. september is going to be a meanie it was -- september is going to be a meaningless time. the anaheim, california, los angeles, angels, whatever they are this week made a big deal today as they had picked up to add to their batting order justin upton. he has 28 homers and 94 rbis. he comes over from the minor league, so still a pretty good shot for the angels to make the playoffs. lots of football coming up, right here raiders and seahawks. >> on channel 2 right after this. >> see you later. >> thanks for joining us. [ music ] people love my breakfast burritos.
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♪ ♪ >> it's a perfect night for football at the oakland coliseum as the raiders takes on the seattle seahawks in this final preseason game. hello, everyone, i'm jay tee. tonight is the final tune-up for the silver and black before they open on the road in nashville against the titans in week one. but it's also the final opportunity for several good players to prove that they deserve to be on this final 53-man roster. for more on the game tonight, here's beth mullens and super bowl champ matt millin. >> thank you very much, j.t. and of course raider fans only have to look a few years back to a rookie by the


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