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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 6, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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should see more of those push into the bay area: things off. you are angry about the heat. >> i would say i was angry. a little grumpy. >> welcome back in its wednesday, september 6. it's nice to have you here. 430 is the time, i get a little cranky. i'm not alone. >> a lot of people. when are we getting rid of the humidity. the heat and humidity and then the hard part is there's no wind, are we getting some breeze, i don't think there will be much, some localized areas, that's what happened -- helps with the evening breeze. >> let's get to irma. the strongest atlantic hurricane ever pressure was. at
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914 millibars or 26.99 inches of mercury. if you have a barometer you're going what? went to the floor. 185 mile-per-hour winds into the leeward islands right now and will go to st. kitts, hurricane warnings for the southern bahamas, kirks and caicos and over towards to the north of puerto rico, the truck continues to favor south florida , again these can change but it will head into the bahamas and then looks like and wants to had towards miami. and michael up the atlantic side or central florida, we still have a couple days away before we have to deal with that and it can change course. . we have a low clouds are out of the picture but still to the south and offshore, the load that has formed will follow in from out of the south. some moisture in southern california. occasionally some of that moves up and we can see that as well. 60s and 50s, santa rosa 59, while the fog is coming back
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the system is not going away yet. it will possibly give mostly cloudy skies over the next few days. it will usher in a cold air aloft and then for everyone cooler as well we started that a little bit yesterday. 67 and 70s and 80s. 4:32 am, >> that's early. >> why are we up? but have to talk to my career guidance counselor. >> i will say that people get up early because of the commute . yesterday is a good example of why you need to get on the road as early as possible. >> that's correct. even now it's not wide open. >> it's not. thank you, steve. let's go to the commutes and i will show you there are some people out there even though it's not crowded but you hear stories about people driving from far away so there is a double whammy, driving from far away and getting on the road
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early through vallejo and across the cockiness bridge previously took an hour and a half to drive from vallejo to san francisco. right now it may take you 30 minutes. this is a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see traffic is light, although as we mentioned there are some cars and some suggestion just ever so slight that is out there at 4:33 am let's go to the desk. a series of robberies and one san francisco neighborhood has the request for stronger police presence. there have been half a dozen grab and run fast along fillmore and -- in pacific heights area. there's video of one of them, some stores have been hit more than once. >> he came out, we had someone take about $2000 worth of merchandise and run out the store. >>reporter: desiree says these
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have hit the store four times in six months. the most recent in august. a loss of thousands of dollars. if the foot come into the store, grab items and run away. >> it's really frustrating when there are two people working here. >>reporter: other store steps away has also been targeted by thieves a handful of times in the past year. the owner says she's been in business for 38 years and says that these are more brazen than ever. surveillance camera caught this image of one piece and he fits the description of the man who stole from sandra. the merchants say it's always the same thief. >> you don't know many times until they've left the store what's missing. >> they are reporting this crimes. with the onset of online shopping clearly takes a bite out of merchant, taking a bite out of sales. people are not coming out of their homes as much. >>reporter: merchants are asking for for patrol officers.
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police say there's not an increase in crime but there will be foot patrol soon. >> now that the department is doing some realignment with the citywide officers. a lot are being brought out to the stations with the task of being put on for patrol. >> i've seen theft but not as bad as it's been. >>reporter: they seek these are different descriptions and in some cases they suspect the thieves may be part of a ring. emeryville police hope surveillance video will help them find three men involved in a takeover style robbery at the target store very early saturday morning. you can see all three men run into the store. that's one person inside the store to try to run out but was stopped by one of the man who has a god. police hope to get a tip from anyone who recognizes the men or has heard someone bragging about the robbery.
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>> in the meantime building details about the moments before a sacramento county sheriff's deputy was killed in the line of duty last week. the basket is looking into the deadly motel shootout say deputy bob french gave his life to save others and he may have fired the shot that killed the guy man in this case. the started wednesday when police went to the motel room of a suspected car thief named thomas little cloud. >> chb detectives and officers knocked and try to get in the room, they were almost met with gunfire immediately. >> little cloud jumped off the second story balcony and fired at deputy french. french was wearing a bulletproof vest at the time but he was hit in the shoulder and the bullets made it to his heart. the sheriff says that french kept shooting at the suspect even though -- pinning him down at one point all while the bullet was lodged in his heart. the 21 year veteran died a short time later the suspect died from his injuries on saturday. direct for sheriff deputies
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have been formally charged with mistreating inmates, sarah krause, 26, justin linn, 23, erik mcdermott, 27,, and stephen sarcos, 30, appeared an east bay courtroom yesterday. they were arraigned on charges of assault and conspiracy to obstruct justice. all four are accused of leaving the door unlocked enabling a prisoner to throw feces and urine onto other inmates. none of the deputies entered a plea. direct federal agents asking for public help to find two inmates that escaped from a prison camp in dublin. marshals say anna armstrong and irene marshall slipped away from minimum-security satellite prison camp before seven 30 p.m. monday. both women are 34 years old. they were serving chart on methamphetamine charges. if you see them, u.s. marshals service. new information on the driver who was hit and killed by a caltrain yesterday morning.
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investigators have identified him as 29-year-old beer alexandrite mobility , pella. they say the volkswagen sedan crashed through a fence and ended up on the tracks near buckingham avenue in redwood city. a caltrain going northbound slammed into the car dragging it for at least a half-mile. neighbors who live in an area say they heard a loud bang and came out to see what happened. >> we were just in shock because we weren't expecting the car to be right in front of us. the bang was really loud, it sounded like it was right next to us. >> authorities say the victim lived in redwood city but was from palo alto and found it a small social media firm in san jose. vascular say there were no skid marks are any signs that he tried to stop before his car went through the fence. authorities are looking into wether he may have fallen asleep behind the wheel. a team of experts released the most detailed report on february near catastrophe at the oroville dam or the panel
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found safety inspectors missed the big picture in the years before the spillway collapsed the report found inspectors rely too heavily on visual inspections and they virtually ignored blueprints construction records and other critical information that could have warned them about the dams troubled spillways. a large section of that spillway collapsed forcing the evacuation of nearly 200,000 people. new plans for an iconic landmark in downtown san jose it would be a high-rise tower at plaza de chavez and it would have a special connection to another tower in paris. >>reporter: 3-d rendering show at the park to look like in the future, 26 stories high tolerance that the fairmont hotel. >> imagine the planes flying by the pastors will see it lit up.
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>>reporter: is one of the founders of the light tower corporation dedicated to building the tower. >> i love the city and it needs a cultural center. a place where we can identify the symbol for what we do with the innovation. >>reporter: the original tower was built in 1881. knocked out in a windstorm in 1915. at the time one of the tallest freestanding iron structures in the world. the tower may have inspired the eiffel tower built in 1889. >> if you look at the proportion of the eiffel tower and overlaid over the san jose tower they are identical proportions three, one and the arts at the bottom of the tower is the same as the eiffel tower, students from that same engineering school are in san jose presenting the concepts for this new tower. the student came up with a rotating still to.>> i know many people in the
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world that will have very good ideas. but i think that i really like the tower. >>reporter: the nonprofit hopes to bring in more ideas with an international competition. the goal is to have a beacon beaming with pride in five years. >> we hope the reaction people have to the golden gate bridge or eiffel tower is what they felt they look at this tower we intend to build in san jose. expert 100 acres, the progress to contain the fire in gilroy.
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you won't be able to stay at bars in california until 4 am. they rejected a bill that would extended last call from 2 am to 4 am. the reason, state assembly says more study on the proposal needs to be done before it can pass it california center scott weiner of stanford cisco who sponsored the bill took to twitter after the decision saying quote there's no need to study anything. there's nothing radical about local communities decide for themselves wether to let their bars and nightclubs go later. it's embarrassing that california shuts down its nightlife so early. san francisco's ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products will remain in place that's after the board of supervisors unanimously voted to maintain the band it approved last june for the ban against menthol cigarettes, flavored tobacco and the flavored liquid used in a cigarettes. voters get the final say on the matter. last month a group supported by the tobacco industry presented
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enough valid petition signatures to put the issue on the june ballot and less a special election is called. the bad will not be enforced until that time. the san francisco board of investigators may intervene after a street sold for $90,000. member the story the board will hold wether to rescind the sale of a private streets. it was previously owned by the homeowners association until 2015. the association apparently failed to pay its property taxes on the land and it was auctioned off. the homeowners association has now filed a lawsuit challenging the sale and is asking the board of supervisors to resend it. an inside look at the new expanded mosque only center after the half billion dollar makeover. the opening ceremonies were held yesterday and as we report the city of san francisco is
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hoping it will bring in more conventions in taurus. >>reporter: conservative khmer cut the ribbon on the completion of the half billion dollar plus a phase 2 of the newly refurbished and greatly expanded mosque only center, all of this will make the new mosque only center more competitive with other major convention cities worldwide with san francisco a bonus for conventioneers and make no mistake many conventioneers come back to the bay area for vacation making mosque only a major selling point for the region. >> a great source of revenue for the city because it is the number one economic driver but also for the city as a whole. for years to come it will not only increase capacity so we can host his conventions and will also increase capacity in our hotels and restaurants and small businesses. >> it will help fund healthcare services, education, childcare
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and so many things that we should be providing onto the citizens of san francisco. is been completely redone but it's what's been built upstairs that grew the facility. on the second floor a massive new high-tech ballroom that can be walled off in many ways to accommodate any size event. on the third floor and equally massive contrast -- conference and display hall can be subdivided to accommodate one or many of them. the improvements have continued ever since the facility first opened its doors 31 years ago. >> it was never ever the idea of stopping, you needed the size and the space and the convenience and that's what this is all about. you will continue to see it. >> a new foundation is been equipped to house a massive haul that will be open in about 18 months. from the new facility a bridge will connect to the north pole across the street, that will make the expanded center 1.5
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million square feet. >> actual convention start here starting saturday but most of us will be able to see this convention center and its new expanded form during the auto show in november. and what an experience that will be. 4:48 am, a lot of construction and traffic around mosque only one that's been done.>> it seems like growing up in san francisco there's always construction somewhere. >> i feel like it's never done, we're still building. >> i can go back to when i was a kid and they were opening up market street, shows how old i am, but that was going on that. >> back in the day when i walked to school both ways uphill. good morning everyone let's take a look at the tracy commute on 580 westbound as you drive into the livermore valley you can see traffic is slow on
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205 as well and that is just normal. a lot of people already on the road so we have a couple of congested commutes already. it's also slow i noticed at 580 at the 680 interchange little bit of a traffic jam as you head out towards the area. this is a look at interstate 880 southbound on the traffic is moving along nicely. at the bay bridge there are people there, it's just not super congested right now to the point where they have stop and go traffic. now at 4:49 am, steve paulson. >> thank you, young man you're a young man. >> i remember we were doing this show 10 years ago when we were at the air at this time it. >> 530. >> without that was early. >> let's get to the hurricane from hurricane irma, the track, the main forecast models take it right near south florida and
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up the atlantic side and then take it in toward south carolina, georgia. at the gsf in the euro. the euro usually history says is the best at five. -- category 5. moving into the leeward islands right now and slamming them. headed to the north of san juan puerto rico but this pressure makes it the strongest atlantic hurricane ever which is 914 millibars or 26.99 inches of mercury which is hard to even imagine. again the tracks, most of them take it right towards florida and then take the turn. the steering current is the subtropical ridge not in the atlantic. this could change, certainly change but looks like it will be right close to miami and then right at the atlantic side. so it goes by coco, cape canaveral and then right near georgia, south carolina border. they take it and went over the weekend into early next week. for us the fog is back with for
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inland it is warm and muggy. there's a low offshore about 250, 300 miles southwest and the flow around the south that brings in monsoon clouds some tropical clouds even the most of cleared. the full moon was early at 12:02 am. if you don't have the fog you can see it. 60s, 70s on the temperatures, a little cooler as we go in the 24 hours compared yesterday for a lot of upper 60s and 70s. at least some of the cooling is making it to coast and they in berkeley 62, lafayette 61, vallejo 63, danville 61, down seven or eight compared yesterday. cloud coverage continues to skirt the sierra and northern sacramento valley. you can see the circulation around the low for the fog is coming back and not much of a breeze. a static condition. another system brushing by to cool things down a little bit. but this will still hang out as
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we go into the weekend. 60s, 70s and 80s. if you low 90s. clouds and sun, it's cooler but muggy but over by the coast and around the bay not as bad as it was. these are tough to forecast. one of cloud cover into wednesday but it won't be as hot. >> probably not as humid. >> thank you. stomach time now is 4:52 am, mediterranean fruit flight was discovered on a bay area farm, the steps being taken to save crops. olay regenerist
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by enjoying activia yogurt with billions of probiotics everyday. take the activia probiotic challenge! welcome back, a major threat to california's agriculture industry has been discovered in solano county. officials found the mediterranean fruit fly and one of the fly traps. it can devastate crops. farmers and dixon lost $1 million worth of produce after an infestation about 10 years ago. the med flight and infest more than 250 types of fruits and vegetables. >> flies lay eggs either on the skin or below the skin of the fruit and the eggs hatch into magnets which mine through the fruit. not only are they -- a little white magnet but it causes the fruit to decompose and get mushy and unpalatable. >> since the discovery the county has put out 1100 traps in solano county to determine
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if there are more of those flies. an important morning going out to dog owners. the fda said a popular sugar substitute can lead to serious illness, possibly even death for your pets. xylitol can be found in products like gum, mints, baked goods. the fda says the sugar substitute could turn into a poison ian by a job. i can drastically drop their blood sugar. >> the giant struggle continue as they try to avoid the 10th straight loss and quarrels feel. they found themselves in a big hole after the rockies scored four runs. they stayed in the game and came within a run of the rockies but the giants bullpen couldn't keep a close late in the game and the giants didn't get enough runs on the board. the rockies won the game and nine, six and the giants and rockies go at it again tonight in colorado. select the a's are at home playing the la angels. it was
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team picture day at the coliseum, the a's and angels played in a seesaw battle, allie took a four, one lead in the fifth inning but the a's came back and scored four in the frame on homeruns by matt joyce and chris davis. the game was tied seven, seven and went into extra innings and then in the 10th inning ben revere had this liner to left and matt joyce slid but just couldn't quite come up with the catch. the angels hung on to win the game a, seven. >> good effort though. >> that seems to be the story. >> coming up in our 5 o'clock hours seven florida preparing for the wrath of hurricane irma. coming up the precautions that people and travelers are taking a had of the arrival of the category five storm. stomach fema is running out of funds. by the agency could be broke in just a matter of days. right now we have traffic that is getting busier all over
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way and could arrive by the weekend. protest here in the bay area after the trump administration ends the daca program and calls on congress to decide the fate of 200,000 dreamers. mornings on 2 starts right now. (soothing music). >> i like that. >> smooth start to the morning. >> it's called memoirs of summer. i'm never really ready to let go of summer. >> we have a couple more weeks of summer, i believe we have, right? >> yes, we do. >> sure felt like it the last week or so. weather has. >> people are ready to let go of the heat. >> that sounds good. >> thank you for joining us here on mornings on 2. it


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