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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 7, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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to 63 in the santa cruz mountains, 65 at morgan hill and the elroy. -- and gilroy. the ocean temperatures are warmer, tropical clouds over us with the direction coming up from the south bringing in moisture. the temperatures have been cooling-off at the humidity is high. most locations will be cloudy today. 60s to 70s on the temperatures, but the good news is we have the breezes, at 20 and gusting up to 30. and vacaville we have that delta breeze, mostly cloudy skies today. we could see light rain or afternoon showers, 60s, 70s and 80s. it is 6:00. good morning. we have more people on the road as you would imagine at 6:00 more than the last our. looking at the drive through the maccarthur maze, a tough
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went on interstate 80, 27 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze. when you get to the bay bridge you will notice a big back up stretching through the maccarthur maze, backed up with no major issues driving through the area. looking at interstate 880, traffic is moderately heavy. looking at the san mateo bridge, everything getting more crowded but no major problems. we have some slow traffic, and we talked about the crash northbound at 880 at the stevens creek boulevard, but not causing a big traffic jam. the south bay commute in the main part of san jose and cupertino, sunnyvale, still looking good ahead of the crowd. hurricane irma is still a category 5 storm with powerful wind, and stronger wind gusting, and so far at least 10 dead being blamed on the storm.
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>> they expect that number will rise as this monster storm roars across the caribbean heading for florida. allie rasmus is live in the studio to talk about how they are preparing.>> u.s. territory and island of puerto rico with the latest to feel the impact of the storm. it was not a direct hit on the entire island but they had serious damage to parts of puerto rico with 185 mile an hour wind. the news agencies are reporting as many as 1 million without power. it could take months in some cases to get those power restored. the british virgin islands suffered a direct hit from hurricane irma and you can see this picture, boats and property heavily damaged. u.s. virgin islands was also impacted by irma and this amateur photographer captured the fury of the storm battering the island of st. john.
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they say at least one person on the island died with 95% of the homes and businesses damaged. hurricane irma is now heading to haiti, dominican republic, cuba and likely to the southern tip of florida where the tourists and residents have been evacuated in the keys. the people in the medical center in the keys was transferred. we have video of the medical patients being transferred to another facility and alabama. people are stocking up on storm supplies and essential items, and again here's the video the people trying to head out of the florida keys to make it to safer ground in florida. miami-dade county officials have opened up several shelters for those unable to evacuate the area. officials throughout the state of florida are imploring people to heed the evacuation orders of the local authorities, and not to try to ride out the storm because they expected to be devastating. >> it is scary to watch that
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and how powerful it is. thank you for the update. we are talking about the damage expected from hurricane irma heading toward florida, and the bay area is stepping up. >> the bay area crews are preparing to help if needed, and christien kafton is in hayward at the pg&e yard. how are they getting ready over there?>> reporter: allie will show you the video of the floridians trying to get out of the path of the storm. we have news about the folks heading into the path of the storm coming from hayward, from the pg&e. these white bends -- bins are the ones they will be taking, packing them for the florida. they have line workers, equipment operators,
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supervisors and support personnel heading out to lend a hand in part of this eight agreement that pg&e has with the florida light and power. the they area crews will be on hand to help to restore the power with the pg&e crews. >> we have approximately 100 pg&e employees departing tomorrow to head to florida to help provide the support to the florida power & light. we will work side-by-side with them to help restore power in the aftermath of the storm.>> reporter: the pg&e and florida and the employees are called on to help out. some of the crews that will be heading out are just now arriving to the yard here in hayward. they are preparing first to go to sacramento before flying out to florida. we have talked with the pg&e about whether sending 100 of our linemen and the apprentice linemen out to florida could
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put us in a precarious situation if we have a natural disaster here, and they assure me they have 1000 linemen and apprentices online to help out should we need them in case there was a natural disaster or a great need in the bay area. we will monitor the effort of the pg&e workers as they prepare to go. you can see some of them arriving to begin the work of loading up the gear and getting ready to take the gear to florida to give them aid after hurricane irma, hoping they don't have too much work. at this point they're still monitoring the forecast like all of us.>> i know you spoke with the firefighters that do the same sort of thing. many of these people are excited to lend their expertise to others that need it. >> reporter: they are absolutely ready. pg&e has sent out crews in the past, and in particular to hurricane sandy, and to other large-scale disasters, and
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about 250 pg&e personnel went out to help with hurricane sandy. they are ready to put their skills to work wherever it is needed, whether it is here in the bay area, hurricane sandy, or now hurricane irma. >> some of us do not know how we can help and it is so great to see companies stepping up. as hurricane irma slammed into the caribbean a pilot decided to take off as the storm was closing in on puerto rico. you have to see this. that delta airlines flight taking off from san juan yesterday and look at the amount of water as it struggles to take off against the wind. it eventually made it safely to new york, but they took the chance to get the people off of the ground and to safety. in other news president trump angering many republicans after he sided with the democratic congressional leaders to give almost $8 billion for hurricane harvey relief.
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yesterday the president sat down with leaders from both parties at the white house and he ended up going with the democrat plan for $7.9 billion in hurricane harvey relief, and only extending the debt limit and budget issues to mid december. the republicans wanted a longer spending deal to carry through the 2018 midterm elections. >> the president listened to the arguments and we think we made a very reasonable and strong argument, and to his credit he went with the better argument.>> this is certainly not the best option. it is typical washington dc kick the can down the road.>> congress is expected sign off on the initial package for the hurricane harvey agent pretty quickly but only a first installment. overall the spending on hurricane harvey is expected to go well over $100 billion, and that does not include the relief funding needed after hurricane irma.
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fox is teaming up with other television networks to raise money for hurricane harvey relief with the hand in hand telethon being broadcast tuesday, september 12 at 8 pm on ktvu fox 2. george clooney, beyonce, opera and other stars are teaming up to raise money for the victims. president trump has his son heading to capitol hill and what to expect from donald trump jr as the investigation into russia continues. our coverage of hurricane irma continues as we show you the view from space as the next the bay area team is on his way to florida to help out. we have cloud cover light rain with drizzle, not showing up on the radar. we have a little breeze kicking in, the seabreeze.
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and change the way you wifi. grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. welcome back to mornings on 2. today donald trump jr will testify behind closed door to the senate committee investigating the russian interference in the 2016 election. the senators want to question him about a meeting he attended in june 2016 with the russian lawyer. donald trump jr said he met with the lawyer hoping to get damaging information on hillary clinton. the senate judiciary committee also wants to talk with him about the trump organization financial dealings with russia and the knowledge of his
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father's decision the fire former fbi director james comey. facebook says that some of the as they were running during the presidential campaign appeared to have come from russia, about 3300 ads in almost 500 suspicious accounts appeared to have originated in russia between june 2015 and may of this year. the company said the post focused on divisive, social and political messages including racial issues, immigration and gun rights. facebook turned over the findings to authorities investigating russian interference into the presidential elections. south korean officials expect north korea will carry out another missile launch this weekend and saturday is north korea independence day, and kim jong-un has marked the anniversary generally with large military displays, and the most powerful ally of north korea, china, protesting south korea and the u.s. installing a new defensive missile system.
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it is 6:14 am. the chp wants help to solve a hit-and-run crash that left one man dead in san rafael. the victim was found tuesday night on the off-ramp from highway 101 to the lucas valley road. chp said they received several calls from drivers shortly after it happened. they want to hear from anyone who saw the actual crash or that saw someone driving erratically away from the crash scene. it is still a mystery why the man was on the off-ramp. there are pass for pedestrians to walk safely to or from the golden gate transit stop to stay out of the traffic.>> it is not common to see a pedestrian on the roadways at night. it peaks your interest on my they were out here, where they were going. they call the dispatch to sort this out. >> investigators say they know the name of the victim but have not been able to contact his
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family yet so that name is not being released publicly. it is the day that parents never forget even for the british royal family, the kensington palace sharing a video of prince william dropping off prince george for his first day of school. there he goes, clinging to his daddy's hand like any regular kid. george is the oldest child of prince william and duchess kate. the daughter, charlotte, born in 2015 and they have confirmed that the royal couple is expecting their third child. >> i wonder if he cried a little bit? >> which one? >> either one of them. >> probably both of them. >> a neighbor and friend of mine cried so hard that we made the seasoned kindergarten teacher cry and she said she never cried on the first day of school. >> i would hide in the bushes and peek into the windows. >> you never quite prepare for that. good morning everyone.
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we have a lot of slow traffic at the maccarthur maze. this is becoming ordinary to have the commute that is difficult getting into san francisco, one way or the other we see slow traffic. we have a big back up at the bay bridge toll plaza stretching around the maccarthur maze from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur maze, over a half hour. it is better than yesterday. we still have slow traffic at the toll plaza as you can see. interstate 880 heading south or north looking good through oakland. to take the san mateo bridge, not a bad option, somewhat crowded but still looking good to the peninsula. we have crowding in hayward on the freeway system, but highway 101 not too bad. it is 6:16 am. it is cloudy out there with light rain, although below the radar, we are seeing the drizzle.
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the breeze is kicking in for some, but not for all, but the lows are very warm. vallejo currently 60 sick with light wind and clouds, and the humidity was 60% yesterday, very humid. not quite as humid this morning but still up there. you can see temperatures in the mid 60s, 65, danville 66, blackhawk 65, dublin 67, very warm. the reason being is that the water temperatures are warm. we have this weak system coming in and another low taking its place with a good line of thunderstorms tearing up for the northern sacramento valley, up toward mount shasta and heading toward crescent city. it could hit northern mendocino county, possible later today. even southern california getting a few pop-up showers developing later.
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60s, 70s, 70 and concord and buchanan, almost 70 in san jose, and the northbay cooled off a little bit yesterday. everyone running warmer today due to the cloud cover, and santa rosa and hayward plus compared to yesterday. the reason why is that the san francisco buoy and the half moon bay water temperatures 62 to 64. the system coming in our mid- latitude and not northern at all bringing us the southwesterly breeze pumping in a lot of moisture. this system right here is the source of that thunderstorm activity, and another one taking its place to hang out for the next week. 60s, 70s and 80s today. near average to slightly above at the coast and bay, below average inland, a first for about seven day days inland. -- seven or eight days inland.
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some will get warmer warmer sunday and the rest of next week looks like a downward trend.>> mr. drizzle is a good friend of mine and i like to see him back. >> he is alive and well. the white house is addressing sexual assault on college campuses, and what the administration wants to do with the policy carrying over from the obama administration. the 49ers start the season with the new coach and quarterback, and what brian hoyer has to say about working with an old friend.
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6:22 am have to wonder... is it still paint? regal select exterior from benjamin moore®. only available at independently owned paint and hardware stores. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 6:22 am. 15 states and the district of columbia have filed a lawsuit to block the president trump plan to in the "daca" program saying it is motivated by prejudice against magazines. caliph -- against mexicans. california is filing their own lawsuit in saying one quarter of the 800,000 "daca" participants are in california hurting our economy and state more than other states. the democrats in congress promising to fight to protect the people brought to the u.s. as children. >> this is the first president
6:23 am
in modern times, and the lives of these dreamers, that has been anti-immigration, rejecting the idea that immigration is the lifeblood of our country. >> president trump gave congress six months to legalize dock up. if they don't he will revisit the issue. the school district in san jose is reassuring students they are still safe in the classroom after the "daca" decision and those with the alum rock union school district made a robo call and sent letters home to the parents letting them know that the students have a safe place at school regardless of immigration status, a reminder of the policy put in place last fall after president trump was elected. the officials say that the decision to resend "daca" his worried many students and families. >> the kids are very afraid what will happen during recess or if ice walks in.
6:24 am
i have to assure the kids they will be safe and that nothing will happen to them. >> the school district is also making sure that the staff members and counselors are looking out for the students that could need extra help. senator dianne feinstein trying to help the nurse and her husband deported to mexico, and an oncology nurse at the highland hospital was forced with her husband to go back to mexico last month. they took their 12-year-old son with them but left the three older daughters here to finish school. the couple came to the u.s. illegally 25 years ago and that the senator has introduced the bill to give a green card to the sanchez is calling them the epitome of the american dream. the secretary of education betsy devos expected to revise plans on how colleges handle sexual assault complaint. she will address the title ix enforcement at george mason university in virginia saying
6:25 am
that the obama administration guidance on how guidances on how the colleges should handle the sexual assault complaint is not working. in july she said she one she did -- she wanted to help both those accused of the assault and those victims of the assault. right now paramount pictures is filming a new movie in the bay area, "bumblebee" is been off of the transformers franchise, and the executive producer of "bumblebee" says that the bay area is still a good spot for filmmakers and says they are excited to shoot the film in vallejo. >> they have not seen a movie set in this context on the coast, and we want to show the people in russia, france and korea that the look and feel of california which is something very unique. >> two years ago 70% of the 109
6:26 am
films released theatrically in the u.s. were made in the golden state. mike mibach goes to the set of "bumblebee" and will have more on the television tax credit program coming up on the 9. the tax breaks bring a lot of money to this area. still ahead there is controversy outside of the home in the north bay and a man was arrested for killing the deer near his property. we will tell you why he did it and what the neighbors are saying. as hurricane irma adds toward florida we have a team of the bay area firefighters and first responders preparing to head into the path of the storm to rescue people that could need their help. we will tell you the mission for the california task force 4 coming up. the approach does not look too bad with traffic getting a little more busy approaching the toll plaza. we are overcast with light
6:27 am
rain but the radar beam goes over it showing this is a low level.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning and thank you for joining us here on mornings
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on 2 on this thursday morning, september 7. i am dave clark. >> i am pam cook. let's check in with steve for the weather in the bay area. >> light rain, i cannot see on the radar but it is they are. it is -- it is there. ashley will tell you herself. there it is, steady light rain. >> [ applause ] >> thank you. also, we have stephanie up at the redwood estates saying they have light rain. that is my dilemma, not that i don't doubt you, but a little bit showing up. you can see this is below the radar beam, low level stuff but it is here. we have low clouds, high clouds, a cloudy morning. we have good news and bad news.
6:31 am
the good news is that the highs are coming down but the humidity is not going anywhere. that will take an edge off with the breeze behind this, and boomers already erupting, and we have a possibility of buildups today some breaks in the clouds. we have enough moisture, 60s and 70s on the temperatures. we have these warm ocean temperatures keeping our lows way up there with los altos at 67, 68 in belmont with tremont at 70. san francisco buoy and a half main buoy -- half moon bay buoy at 62 to 63. we have tropical moisture, and another system dropping into take this one's place with 60s, 70s and low 80s with gray skies. the delta wind helps a little bit. good morning.
6:32 am
let me get highway 24 started with a lot of slow traffic through the contra costa county today. it is not as low as yesterday when we had the problems on 80 but definitely a lot of slow traffic passing the lafayette bart station. another crowded commute on interstate 880 trying to get to the maccarthur maze, traffic is busy coming around the corner to the maze. it is taking 41 minutes, but still better than yesterday. today this is the old-fashioned slow traffic trying to get into san francisco. the best way to get there is either to use the transit or to use the carpool lanes. you notice the carpool lanes move through quickly. westbound 92 getting more crowded heading out over the bridge and for the dumbarton bridge, no major problems to the peninsula. driving into san jose, 85 is
6:33 am
the slowest, and 101 through 280 not looking bad to the west valley. it is 6:33 am. hurricane irma has killed at least 10 people and injured dozens, and in the french caribbean island territories the dangerous category five storm is moving closer to florida. >> this video was shot from the international space station from yesterday when irma made landfall in the caribbean. this morning we see the trail of destruction in the caribbean where the category five storm pack the punch with heavy rain, historical wind at up to 105 miles an hour destroying almost everything inside, and leaving behind a lot of water. this is the nation of antigua and barbuda, and the prime minister said they need international assistance. >> what i saw was heart wrenching. absolutely devastating.
6:34 am
in fact, i believe that on the per capita basis the extent of the destruction in barb you need to is unprecedented. >> government officials in barb you need to say that nearly 2000 people are now homeless with nine out of the 10 buildings damaged with many completely destroyed. it is 6:34 am. hurricane irma gets closer to the u.s. with the bay area firefighters and first responders heading to the east coast to help out, and alex savidge is in oakland. california task force 4 is packing up and ready to travel.>> reporter: good morning. many of these firefighters have just returned from texas days ago after helping to rescue people from the floodwaters brought on by hurricane harvey. this morning they are packing up and heading to the east coast, likely florida, help rescue those people in the path of hurricane irma. this task force is made up of
6:35 am
over 50 firefighters and paramedics around the east bay with the lead agency the oakland fire department. we have the berkeley fire department, fremont fire department and alameda county fire department. they arrived early at the maintenance facility in oakland to get their gear and prepare their equipment. in a few hours they were board a few flights heading to atlanta to stage the initial military base in alabama before hurricane irma makes landfall. they will get their orders from fema to deploy wherever they are needed most. one of the task force members is a fremont firefighter that says he just got back from texas monday. >> it is not easy but this is something we mentally prepare for over the years of training. i've been on this team for a while. you put so much into something that you want a return, and this is the return.
6:36 am
we know that going into this you can get a call at any time. >> reporter: this team spent 10 days in texas, mainly in the houston area at harvey helping those stranded in the floodwaters. the convoy was on the road traveling back to california from texas when the task force got a call that they were supposed to head toward hurricane irma so that convoy turned around on the highway and started driving east. the convoy will meet up with these 50 firefighters from the bay area that are part of the california tax force 4. you can see in this live picture where they loaded up the van to head out to the oakland airport heading to the east coast on these flights in a few hours. they could be dealing with the aftermath of hurricane irma for potentially the next three weeks. >> that is alex savidge in oakland, thank you. it is 6:36 am.
6:37 am
a new report showing most homeowners in the path of irma do not have flood insurance and 58% of the homes in the hazardous coastal areas do not have federal insurance despite being required to carry yet. the number of policies in the state drop 15% in only five years. the decline started in 2012 when congress approved the price hike making the policies even more expensive. several u.s. airlines are capping the fares for the flights in and out of florida. this move comes in response to complaints of whites -- widespread gouging as hurricane irma moves closer to florida with united, jetblue capping their fares at $99 for the arriving and departing flights to florida. they have received over 1500 complaints at the attorney general's office in florida on price gouging with one man saying he had to pay $1700 to get his 80-year-old mother from
6:38 am
fort myer to north carolina. irma is moving toward florida on the hills of the hurricane harvey disaster in texas. there are two other hurricanes in the atlantic with two top administrative jobs at the national hurricane center remaining they get during this storm crisis reflecting the difficulty that president trump has feeling the critical jobs eight months after entering the white house. california fire crews are making progress against the big wildfires around the state with cooler temperatures helping the firefighters gain full containment of the three biggest fires with 90% or more containment of the fire near yosemite. also the fires burning in butte county and lake county. the biggest fires remaining out of control are mostly in siskiyou county and trinity county. the fire burning in gilroy is now 80% contain with cal fire saying they have 4900 wildfires
6:39 am
so far this season and 1200 more than they had this time last year. a man facing felony charges and accused of shooting and killing a deer and the fawn grazing in the front yard and mark dickinson was arrested for killing the animals with the high-powered pellet rifle saying he was sick of the deer eating his expensive landscape. the deer were found close to his home with multiple ones but by the time the humane society arrived the deer were dead. >> no one was in danger and there was no public safety issue. these are defense live -- defenseless animals doing what is natural, eating vegetation, and to be killed for that is unconscionable in our minds. >> to kill an animal around here is crazy in an area where there so many kids around with family settling. i cannot imagine what was going
6:40 am
through that guy's brain. it is 6:39 am. the noose found on the campus of the alameda high school has sparked investigation into a possible hate crime and the four foot long noose was found tuesday afternoon near the tennis court. the rope came from the privacy screen on the fence at the school and parents were notified within an hour of finding it. >> seeing that noose was hurtful. we see the climate happening around the country, and we understand, and so when i heard about this it was hurtful. when you go into protection mode in terms of your son because you care about their safety. >> so far they have no suspect that they are hoping anyone with information or surveillance video will call them. it is 6:40 am. the end of the era, coming up at 7:00 we will take an in- depth look at what could be the
6:41 am
slow death of the mall as we know it, and that once community hotspot is now deserted. what will it take for the stores to survive. the 49ers quarterback 49ers sent back to the playoffs and what brian hoyer says about working with shanahan. good morning. if you are driving to the bay bridge you will see slow traffic. traffic is pretty slow coming around the corner from the maccarthur maze to the toll plaza. alexa, can you get rid of this humidity. we will talk about that in light rain this morning. ah, dinner.
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throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi and change the way you wifi.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. here's a live look at at the stock market this morning. we have job cuts coming in, slightly higher this morning. the dow jones is up 29 points, 21,837. the nasdaq and s&p 500 gaining ground. california lawmakers have approved the bill in direct response to the wells fargo phony account scandal, stopping the banks from using arbitration clauses to shield themselves from the lawsuit over the fake account. the bill was written following
6:45 am
the scandal involving the san francisco based bank. the legislation is designed to block the legal tactic that wells fargo successfully used to keep the dispute out of the public court proceedings. the lawmakers have sent the bill to governor brown. san francisco mayor ed lee has developed a plan to deal with the problems related to the san francisco to the construction projects, the construction mitigation program, city agencies that regularly tear up the streets will have specific guidelines to help the business owners that could be losing a lot of money due to the construction work. the aid for those that see the major impact includes up to $10,000 in city support, along with one-on-one business consulting, and the needed repairs or upgrades. the airbnb launches a new registration system for the host in san francisco requiring the
6:46 am
host to prove they have registered with the city in order to list properties on the airbnb website. this is part of the settlement reached with the city of san francisco, and airbnb along with other short-term rental services have agreed to for five -- to provide the city registration number one listing the properties and in the past only 50% -- 15% of the airbnb host were registered with the city. back with the raiders on sunday to open the new season in tennessee, the kicker and the front office have reportedly been involved in a contract dispute, but that appears to have been settled and sebastian janikowski has been with the raiders since he was pick in the first round of the 2000 nfl draft, the longest tenure player in the raiders history and hose every -- holds every franchise kicking record. the san francisco 49ers
6:47 am
brian hoyer gets the first opportunity and hoyer and shanahan know each other very well, the offense coordinator in 2014 in cleveland, and brian hoyer said they had picked up where they left off. >> this is the most fun i've ever had playing football, the most comfortable i've ever been. coming in on day one to be handed the reins and to have the control, and implement the offense, and doing those things, and this is huge. i feel really good about where we are heading into the first week and we have to continue improving. >> the 49ers and panthers kickoff at 1:25 pm at the levi's stadium and you can watch the game right here with us on ktvu fox 2. it is beneficial they have a nice relationship going and already having worked together. it is 6:47 am. let's check in with gasia
6:48 am
mikaelian . >> when i join you and minutes, amazon is searching for the second headquarters site, and the retail giant online says this would come with up to 50,000 jobs in the cities are buying to be chosen as the site of the new headquarters. we will explain the economic bump that amazon has given to seattle and what the new headquarters will cost. those of us with that have food allergies know that taking a bite of the unknown food can be harrowing, and this device will tell you within minutes if the food has allergens before you take a bite, the size of a keychain, how it works and what it can detect. i would imagine with parents that have little ones with severe nut allergies that this would be a lifesaver. we will see you in a few minutes. it is 6:48 am. it is the opening of the first oakland lgbtq center and
6:49 am
there are 25 centers around california but oakland is the only major california city without one. that will change today with the new center on lake shore avenue, in the grand opening is days before the opened annual pride parade this sunday. the two men that personally funded the center are looking for other donors to help to keep it running. we have a new matchmaker around a she could be sitting in your home with amazon alexa pairing up with eharmony to help singles find a potential partner and when the eharmony users open the app alexa will tell them about matches, read the messages are tell you who viewed your profile. alexa even gives encouragement, "they seem like a gay cats, go out with that person." i was reading that tease going into the commercial and i told alexa define me love, and christien kafton say they set
6:50 am
off his echo responding. it is funny that it could hear me through the tv. >> alexa, play this. >> we have one in the newsroom, and to remind you if you have one, there is a skill where you can tell it to get you the news, and you will hear my voice and that of gasia and it will give you the headlines. we have a lot to get to. we have a lot of slow traffic, and this is not unusual but it is the fall season and it takes a while for people to get used to driving in the traffic with everyone on the road. we have a new crash reported in marin county northbound 101 at the robin williams tunnel. it could calls him slow traffic as people slow down to take a
6:51 am
look, and 80 westbound is 44 minutes which is better than yesterday. this is a slow drive getting to the crowded bay bridge toll plaza that is backed up all the way to the maze. we have slow traffic everywhere we look. and people are asking me what is wrong, and the answer is that everyone is back, and it takes a while to get adjusted to the new commute pattern. san mateo bridge is busy to the high-rise. we have not had any major crashes, a few but nothing major on 880. we had a major accident near 880 southbound but that is on the side. we had an earlier crash northbound 880 at the stevens creek which is also on the side. we have had slow traffic building into the south bay commute. here's one more picture which is 280 up to highway 17 which is slow but somewhat unusual. we will watch this for you. let's talk about the
6:52 am
forecast.>> let's get to it. many reports of drizzle or light rain, and the radar been going right over this, but this is a report of raining in forest the bill. -- forestville. we so have this rain, and it looks like a little bit over here but overall the system moving in is producing big thunderstorms in the northern sacramento valley. it is also toward trinity, humboldt, running up toward mount shasta. we have the possibility of that happening if we get breaks in the crowds. we have this line associated
6:53 am
with this low. the lows are very warm with 64 the city, 64 to 65 with oakland at 65 and alameda 67, san jose almost 70. buchanan stuck with concord at 70. much warmer than yesterday in the north bay in the main reason is these water temperatures, san francisco buoy, and half moon bay warmer. this has kept a lot of that moisture and humidity very high. when we had this delta breeze at vacaville, that is a sign that the him and temperatures are cooling off. this is coming from the south- southwest with that low moving in, another one taking its place, and you can see this circulation, and you have thunderstorms popping up. that is associated with the system,
6:54 am
but as the other low drops any could bring back rain early next week, monday or tuesday. 60s, 70s, upper 70s and low 80s. below average to slightly above. saturday looks warmer, hotter sunday, and then monday after that we get the cooldown. >> it is not crazy hot. it is 6:54 am. coming up, who picks up the tab if los angeles goes over budget. the controversy on the diamond and the tweet that did not go over well on japanese heritage night.
6:55 am
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>> well comback to mornings on 2. we're taking a look at florida right now. thousands are evacuating ahead of hurricane irma. this is what it looked like yesterday this the florida keys. the florida highway patrol says troopers are monitoring the high volume of traffic heading north as people evacuate south florida. there is only one way out. governor rick scott has declared a statewide state of emergency ahead of the potential huge storm. >> yeah. it is 6:57. there's a sheriff in florida telling people if there's a warrant issued for you, don't even think about going to a shelter. >> yeah polk county sheriff judd will not risk having innocent children in shelters
6:58 am
with predators. authorities will be checking ids. criminals will be arrested at shelters and they will wait out the hurricane in jail. he promises it is a secure shelter. well, richard branson, the billionaire is riding out the storm on his island in the british virgin islands, directly in the path of hurricane irma. he has taken shelter in the wine cellar beneath his island home. california taxpayers may have to pay millions of dollars when the summer games return to los angeles in 2028. we're talking about the olympics. a bill being considered by state lawmakers guarantees the state will pay up to $270 million to pay for overbudget costs for the olympics. the olympics are expected to cost $5.3 billion. it could be a safety net for
6:59 am
organizers. historically hosting the olympics is very expensive. every olympics since 1992 has gone over budget. the san jose giants facing a backlash because of a tweet that was meant to propose japanese heritage night. for the past five years, the giants have partnered with local groups to stage this event at the stadium. this year the team posted a looping video showing players dressed in japanese attire, one performing martial arts, one bowing and the third fanning himself. some called it disrespectful. the coalition of japanese american league says while the tweet is offensive, he is not angry. >> people make these kinds of mistakes. people in the media, people in corporate. they make these mistakes over and over again. >> we never mean to offend
7:00 am
anyone. we apologize to those who found it offensive. >> the joints have since removed -- the giants have since removed the tweet. the encouraging message from president trump for all those in hurricane irma's path. we will give you insight as to what crews will be bringing with them to hurricane irma and what they will be doing to help out. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> 7:00 on this thursday, september 7th. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> and good morning. i'm dave clark. lots of clouds out of our studio. steve paulson is talking about it. he is right here. >> light rain drizzle too. good morning, gasia. >> good morning. >> yes. the humidity is high. i know that. many of you are saying when are we going to end this? i don't see an end any time soon. you need a northwest


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