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mexico. we are going to have much more on that earthquake in mexico. see what we have learned so far. people in south florida braced for a hit from irma. everyone there is urge to get out. in the past hour we have been telling you about a magnitude a .0 earthquake in southern mexico. -- 8.0. the usgs reporting it was centered off the coast of southern mexico. the magnitude was nearest the mexican state -- it was felt hundreds of miles away the capital of mexico city. mexico civil protection agency said it is the strongest earthquake to hit the country since 1985. a quake similar in magnitude killed thousands. >> we see pulse from social media of frightened people
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gathering in the streets of mexico city. hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. the earthquake has created a potential tsunami threat to several central american countries. including the pacific coastline of what a mullah honduras mexico el salvador and costa rica. the threat braced to nominate was being evaluated for hawaii mom and other pacific islands. there are reports of power outages in mexico city. to put it into perspective. the -- earthquake which devastated the bay area in 1989 was a six-point nine. that was considered a strong quake. once you get above 8 on the richter scale it is considered great. that kind of earthquake reduces major damage and destruction to buildings. and is felt over large regions.>> we will continue to follow developments. hurricane irma moving to
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the north of cuba and expected to make landfall in florida on sunday. the governor warned it could cause catastrophic devastation. >> category 5 storm has decimated islands in the caribbean. including barbuda. and saint maarten which reportedly suffered mass destruction. even though puerto rico did not suffer a hit more than half of the population is without power. >> have team coverage. people from florida arriving -- live in miami. bill martin with the track of the storm. a strong category 5. wind speeds have died down. wins are at 160 miles per hour. down from 185 last night. there is the i wall. it is a big storm. a strong storm. continues to the north and the west. red areas are your hurricane warnings. yellow is your hurricane watch.
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that whole southern tip of florida in the bull's-eye. this is not a good strike point. that means if it does follow this path right here it means the i wall will come on shore. that is where the most destructive power of these hurricanes are. some models suggest it could stay offshore. but slowly -- the models are converging. on this spot. everybody is trying to look at miami and southern florida more aggressively for a hit. we are a few days away. the storm could change. the models will change. we will watch it closely. it is a big storm. it will cause big problems for florida. hurricane irma is blamed for 11 deaths in the caribbean. in south florida tens of thousands are heeding the warnings and evacuating their homes. joe waldman and miami beach with a warning there.>>
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reporter: even at this late hour people would normally be out here tourists bustling drinking eating -- tonight obviously a veritable ghost town as people have taken off. and hunkered down. it is exactly what authorities were hoping for. >> we are telling everybody leave miami beach. i never thought i would say that. i'm saying it these days.>> reporter: dangerous and nuclear. that is how hurricane irma is described. having blasted several islands taking lives in the caribbean. >> this is serious but we cannot take chances. it is life-threatening.>> reporter: the most powerful atlantic hurricane on record is heading for florida. that has been tracked during -- triggering mandatory evacuation order statewide. >> we don't think we have seen anything quite like this one. 185 miles per hour.>> reporter:
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more than a half million people have been ordered to leave yourself order.>> -- south florida.>> reporter: people trying to leave have been having trouble finding flights.>> one-way ticket for now.>> reporter: people look -- looking to flee and their cars have been running into traffic jams. and gas stations are running dry. >> we are working around the clock to get fuel.>> reporter: fuel is not the only supply that is running low. we got here earlier looking for water to make sure we stay hydrated in this high heat. we could not find any. it was $27 for a case of water. that is 24 12 ounce bottles.
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they are going for is high as $75. airline tickets there are none left the ones available are more than six times retail price. a short time ago everyone cell phone started ringing. the hurricane watch now is a hurricane warning. a very calm and peaceful looking at miami that is going to be looking different very stone. airports in florida were packed today with people trying to book a ticket out before they stopped flying. some people arrived here. irma impact on their travel. >> reporter: some airlines shutting down service to miami and other florida airports. passengers were arriving on some of those final direct flights from orlando fort lauderdale and miami. that is expected to change starting tomorrow.>> united airlines our largest airlines has canceled all flights to and
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from miami fort lauderdale and orlando. from friday through monday. we see some of the other airlines begin to follow suit.>> reporter: the sfo spokesman says american airlines is shutting down service to miami starting tomorrow. virgin america jetblue southwest and delta are suspending flights for safety. that led to a rush today with planes in florida lined up of the runways. waiting to try and get out. crowds of people had to wait in long lines inside the airport. some came without a ticket hoping to grab a seat. a flight arrived from orlando. many people were relieved to be out of the hurricane's path. >> there was no bread and no water. there was no gas. the airport was packed. everybody was trying to get last minute tickets.>> reporter: sfo official state many airlines are allowing passengers who have reservations impacted by the
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hurricane to make changes to their reservations without a fee or penalty. delta decided to add extra flights in and out of southern florida. two ticket prices to avoid gouging. if you are planning to fly this weekend you need to make sure you check your airlines website for updates and changes.>> it shows the desperation of so many trying to get out. emergency responders heading to florida to help with the aftermath of irma. dozens of firefighters and paramedics from oakland berkeley and fremont are flying to a staging area in atlanta. they will go wherever they are needed. pg and he is sending workers equipment operators and personnel to respond to power outages. transportation -- security agents from oakland and san jose to help airports resume operations if they are forced to shut down. all five former living
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presidents -- are joining forces to raise money for storm recovery. the one america appeal was announced today. an account set up the the george hw bush presidential library foundation to collect and distribute donations. 100 cents of of every dollar donated will help hurricane victims. fox and other television networks are raising money for hurricane relief with a telethon next week. hand in hand airs here tuesday, september 12. we hope you will join us next tuesday night at 8 pm. new information about the cause of a wildfire in gilroy and the arrest of four teenage boys. they were playing with firefighters when they started the fire on sunday. they tried to put it out but it quickly spread. torching 100 acres of terrain. no homes were lost. the fire was contained today. a data security breach not
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-- like no other. equifax revealed hackers have gained access to information for 143 million americans. including social security numbers. the size of this breach into perspective.>> reporter: we are talking about roughly 44% of the population. criminals can take sensitive and valuable information and steal a person's identity to take out credit in your name. it should be taken seriously. >> atlanta-based equifax discovered the incident on july 29. the credit reporting firm did not make it public until 40 days later. criminals exploited u.s. website application vulnerabilities. to gain access to certain files. that includes personal information name social security numbers birthdates addresses and drivers license.
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exposing the data of 143 million people in the u.s.>> the equifax breach is not surprising. the credit agencies are the mother load of sensitive information.>> the worst nightmare. but the best thing for hackers. to do.>> reporter: armed with private information -- experts say it is gold for cyber thieves who will sell the information for profits. >> they can sell the information in the black market. and make a lot of money.>> reporter: equifax says hackers access credit card numbers from 209,000 customers. and documents with personal identifying information from 182,000 consumers. the company says there is no evidence of unauthorized activity on his databases. the ceo addressed it on you to pick >> this is a disappointing event. one the strikes at the heart of who we are and what we do. i deeply regret this
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incident.>> reporter: concerns are growing over a breach of this large-scale and not knowing who has the information. >> anybody who has applied for a home loan or a car loan and wanted their credit score check is vulnerable.>> reporter: the only real protection is to be vigilant. and monitor closely to make sure your information has not been compromised.>> reporter: experts say to check your bank statements and credit card statements regularly online if you don't already do so. equifax will be offering a free monitoring credit service also. they will be notifying people via mail if they have been affected. it has been years of construction and traffic. how san francisco -- say they have suffered from lost
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business. amazon eyeing a second headquarter for his business. bay area cities making the pitch for expansion. we are tracking the weekend forecast.
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amazon looking for a second headquarters outside of seattle. some bay area cities are trying to be considered. they're looking for a major city that meets a number of
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requirements. a business friendly environment. location close to universities. inability to attract tech employees. business leaders in the bay area and we might have an edge over other parts of the country. >> if you are amazon would have to be somewhat excited about the possibility of joining the likes of google and facebook and apple and located in the bay area.>> leaders from san jose and oakland lobbying to be the second home. the city they choose stands to gain 50,000 jobs. no word when they will make the decision. from the sexual subway -- there's been a lot of construction all over san francisco. >> businesses say it is hurting their bottom line. some financial help is now on the way.>> reporter: the i cactus restaurant has been very in barriers dirt and noise for two years.
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while crews make way for the new central subway. >> we saw some challenges.>> reporter: it is cooking inside businesses -- have seen failed -- sales slip. >> we are seeing a level of major projects.>> reporter: the mayor has implemented the construction mitigation program. free one-on-one consulting to help merchants where construction has hurt business. >> to see the investment the city can make to help them realize goals today during construction.>> reporter: new signage and new technology upgrades or how to address a lack of part -- parking. >> i am down 20% each month. we have lost a couple businesses.>> reporter: the new vision project designed to make the streets safer is gobbled up parking spaces. scaring customers away. >> he says construction hasn't
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broken on the pilot project. merchants are hurting. >> 30%.>> you have seen a 20% depth.>> reporter: all of the departments like -- and public works will be pitching in for this new mitigation project. appointing ambassadors on the ground to meet with people to try to come up with real-time solutions. he is trying not to think of these short-term problems. but rather the long-term payoff. >> researchers say interstate 280 leaves the state in collisions with wild animals. a study says overall last year crashes with animals caused the
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state $276 million for automobile damage and road cleanup. putting up fences along the highways could pay for itself within months by reducing accidents. interstate 280 was the costliest at nearly $875,000. highway 101 was second. highway 13 came in third. highway 24 was fourth. get ready for the weekend. we are setting up for friday. the weather is going to cooperate. plenty of sunshine. more sunshine tomorrow. 78 fairfield. 77 antioch. tomorrow's highs -- clear skies and more sunshine. temperatures antioch 88. inland spots will come up five or 10 degrees. sprinkles out today.
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1/10 of an inch. we saw sprinkles earlier this evening. though should be done. by tomorrow morning. tomorrow to spend patchy fog. mostly sunny and warmer. saturday and sunday gets warmer. the patchy fog forecast for the morning is there. a lot of it. there is no clouds left. very few clouds. that was not the case today. that kept temperatures down. tomorrow is cloud cover and warmer. 70s and 80s. maybe upper 80s and antioch. temperatures continue to go up. we have a warming trend for sunday and sunday. sunday the warmest day. sunday could be 95 or 98. tomorrow friday. 86 in fairfield.
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livermore 84. 84 gilroy. quite pleasant. it he's up on sunday. cools off again after that. all eyes on mexico. all eyes on irma with the two major natural catastrophes occurring within hours. >> mother nature not too happy. >> she has an attitude for sure. achieves pages kicking off. the nfl season in prime time tonight. -- the chiefs and patriots. that and the rest of sports coming up. more new images out of mexico after that earthquake. it hit in the pacific of the state -- near the border with guatemala. damage is expected to be extensive. these pictures from mexico city. more than 600 miles away. tsunami warning posted for
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central america. officials say there is no tsunami threat to the west coast of the u.s.
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the patriots were going to run away with it in the beginning.>> just like everybody thought. they caught -- they got off to a good lead. he was ticked off after this
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one the patriots had every reason to believe they would take care of kansas city. home field celebrating another super bowl victory. fans were pumped up. tom brady leading the charge. he wants to play until he is 45. alex smith was the guy tonight. tyreek hill on the receiving. 75 yards. 368 yards and four touchdowns passing for alex smith tonight. the beat goes on. bringing them from behind in the fourth quarter. remember the name kareem hunt. the rookie from toledo. he had a total of 239 yards tonight. receiving and rushing. three touchdowns. the most total yards from a player in his debut since the merger way back when. the other big story also taking place back east. venus williams is out.
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37 years old to make it into her third u.s. open singles final. it did not happen. sloan stevens. another name we need to start remembering. she was unbeaten. she is only 24. she beat venice and three sets. it is an all american the final. it will be stevens against madison keys. giants and a's have the evening off. the dodgers -- they hit the skids. they have clayton back. here is a rarity. he gets let out. gave up or runs. this is another giant killer. way back. that might be one of the longest homers hit off that guy. dodgers lose 9-1. lifted after 3 2/3 a evenings.
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he goes to the dodger dugout. don't shake my hand. i'm ticked off. i can't believe roberts took me out the game. he throws his glove. setting examples for all little leaguers. keep your concentration. especially with your girlfriend. is she ever proud. meantime i think we have all experienced in life is situation like this. you think you are on your way to a triple. get back to second base. that is embarrassing. the pirates taking it in good spirits. here's your defense of play of the night. deep in centerfield. michael taylor for dusty baker's. beautiful catch. blanco of the phillies.
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there you go. his expression says everything. that is the sporting line for tonight. nfl season underway. >> 49ers are 251 two when the super bowl. >> raiders 14 to 1. there you go. both will went on opening day on sunday. more on the quake and hurricane tomorrow morning. good night.
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hey, thank you. here's an andrew jackson. make a clean set of sheets happen, i'll introduce you to his twin brother. (chuckles) you don't have to do the banter, but what's it cost me? manny, it was a great idea to come on the train. rail is the last bastion of respectable travel now that every airport has become a sweat-pant convention. we are all traveling to portland because jay's ex-wife, dede, is getting remarried. we're so happy. for us. it means the end of those damn alimony payments, so i'm gonna make sure dede goes through with it. it'll be, "i do," "i do," "i'm done." (bell dinging) how much choice action are we gonna get on this trip? i'm managing my expectations. don't you know anything about trains? chicks go crazy. the vibrations get them all worked up. also, they're trapped, which is nice. hey. we're just gonna go bang out this toast for mom. yeah. shouldn't have waited till the last minute. it'll be a nice distraction from your motion sickness. it's good, as long as i'm not facing backwards when the train is -- oh, god, no.


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