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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  September 11, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it is monday, september 11. in early let's talk about the weather because it is changing in more ways than one.>> that is correct. we have a lot of cloud cover over yesterday's hot conditions. now it is humid and muggy and there is a good line of thunderstorms. just coming up in between san luis obispo and monterey off towards the west by kings city. this will play into our weather later on. click that line. that is big-time from sola dad and king city from 101 in between there. south of monterey. that is not anything yet here but it is getting close to maybe hollister. also near the santa cruz mountains. i will focus on that for this morning and i think the general
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area into tomorrow we will cover the entire bay area. we are running well above where we were 24 hours ago on almost 11 double digits. you can see all the cloud cover so look for cloudy to mostly cloudy days. eventually pushing in tuesday and wednesday meaning we have the possibility of lightning and thunder storms. 70, 80, 90's. very muggy today. you have a couple things going on. sal, what we have going on. we are starting on the ultimate crash because of a motorcyclist crash . i want to let you know how very slow it is on 580 and 205. much slower than normal. whether it is you are driving or perhaps you are waiting for someone coming in from the valley to get to the worksite, they are going to be late. i would say legitimately so
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because of the slow traffic caused by the motorcycle wreck. not on 680 we had a truck that was there in the lanes. that has been cleared, however southbound traffic is still slow leaving pleasanton northbound 680 should start recovery. san mateo bridge we had a car fire. they did a good job putting it out but traffic is slow on that bridge. i would recommend using the bay bridge maybe 880. that is much more of a normal commute which is to stay 20 minutes over the bay into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. right now we are keeping an eye on new york city 16 years ago the september 11 attacks occurred. we are watching the september 11 memorial ground zero in new york city marking the moment the second plane hit the south tower of the world trade center 16 years ago. carjackers took over united airlines flight headed from boston to los angeles crashing into the south tower at 9:03 on
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eastern time. coming minutes after being brought pictures as he saw the president m first lady marking the moment the first plane hit the towers there. this was the moment when in new york city that moment of silence held 20 minutes ago marking the moment the first plane crashed into the north tower of the world trade center. this morning at ground zero they are reading the names of the almost 3000 people killed when planes hit the trade towers and the pentagon and another plane crashed into a field in shanksville pennsylvania. they will also be remembered ceremonies at the pentagon and in shanksville pennsylvania this morning. we will turn to hurricane irma which is now a tropical storm. still moving toward southern georgia. it made landfall yesterday in key west florida a powerful category 4 hurricane 130
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molinaro wind. here is brand-new video out of miami-dade county. look at the flooding and neighborhoods. there were powerful wind there as well. a lot of trees were uprooted. power lines were knocked down. over 4 million homes and businesses have no power this morning. also there are tornado warnings for parts of southern florida. today is a day to assess the damage from hurricane irma and to begin the huge cleanup effort in some parts of florida. there are no commercial lights in and out of florida largest airport today miami international . officials will be cleaning up debris in checking runways and terminals for damage. the airport suffered significant water damage. it is not clear when the airport will be open to passengers and that is a problem particularly for american airlines the largest airline in the country based in miami. emergency workers and airline staff will be flying into miami to help get the airport ready
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for a return to normal flight operations. the situation is about the same and most other florida airports. the website for the orlando international airport says flights have ceased and encourages travelers to contact their airline to talk about future flight schedules. we did check a short time ago and so far of the nine major airports only the pensacola airport has a very limited number of flight on its scheduled for this morning. more help is heading to the caribbean island of saint maarten. leslie irma hit as a category 4 hurricane. 70% of homes in the islands were either damaged or destroyed. some american tourist are stuck there on the island. later today the united states is sending an evacuation flight to get them. tomorrow the president of france is due to visit st. martin. also irma's destruction is still continuing this morning through most of florida. a moment ago we had a live report from orlando. we are about to bring you another one but it was very windy with trees per week over. lauren blanchard is live in
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orlando to bring us the scene where you are. took yes. good morning. even though it is now a tropical storm, irving -- irma having lost some of its bluster, it is the wind today that is really causing a lot of damage. smith never have i seen anything like this picture roofs torn off, large trees and power lines brought off. hurricane irma knocking out power to more than 3 million florida homes and businesses.>> i did not think it would be this bad. took more than 160,000 people statewide are seeking cover in shelters but even those safe spots are running into trouble with the supplies.>> we will not be able to move supply trucks until the winter dies down. i cannot predict when that will happen. took the looting has begun. crews captured people running at the back of retail stores with handfuls of stolen goods. amid the chaos, the impromptu
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wedding of a national guard a lauren german in michael davis canceled their weekend wedding plans to focus on helping storm victims but decided sunday to hold a spontaneous service at their post in an orlando air hanger.>> it just happened. it started out as a joke and then it unfolded. and it turned out to be really great.>> reporter: power companies say even though they prepared for the storm it will still be weeks before they are able to restore electricity to some folks. at this point the number continues to rise what we are looking at almost 6 million people in florida without power today. before you go i see a car driving right behind you right next to you right now. i am wondering if you have been seeing people who have stayed behind and how are they?
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have you been able to talk to them at all?>> reporter: we have not been able to talk to many folks yet. this is the most activity i have seen all morning because this area remains under a mandatory curfew picked the only people allowed out right now are folks like nurses, doctors, emergency personnel. it will be interesting to see who these folks are and why they are driving around because police have been patrolling this area to make sure folks are staying home until this thing passes.>> it is so windy behind you even now days trees have been coming down. it must still be a concern in the days to come because everything is saturated and still windy. >> reporter: yes. actually at the end of this road where the car is parked down there, that is a downed tree as well. right now the thing folks need to be careful of is not only the downed power lines but debris flying. we have seen branches flying,
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metal, street signs, guardrails and that kind of thing. still a very dangerous situation for folks to be walking around.>> lauren, you be careful. thank you for joining us. now back to our continuing coverage of the 9/11 events scheduled for today marking the 60th anniversary of the september 11 terror attacks. video taken of the white house as president trump and first lady melania trump in a moment of silence about 25 minutes ago in honor of the nearly 3000 people killed in the attacks. about a half hour from now the president is planning to attend a remembrance ceremony at the pentagon. we will bring that to you live. there are also ceremonies at the world trade center memorial in new york city and the flight 93 memorial in shanksville pennsylvania. people across the country and certainly in the bay area are marking this solid anniversary. one of the four hijack planes was heading to this area.
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every of the fire department hold ceremonies for the people died on that day. lee martinez at fire station seven in san francisco where one of the events will begin in less than an hour.>> reporter: good morning. that's right. all 44 fire stations will have their remembrance ceremonies and the public is welcome to come and observe. this is a moment to honor those who died at the world trade center, pentagon and the crash site at shanksville pennsylvania. the first plane american airlines flight 11 hit the world trade center north tower at 8:46 eastern time. he sepsis the scope the fire department -- here at san francisco the fire department will hold the ceremony. the person i will stand at attention at the flagpole to mark the moment the south tower collapse the apparatus fell day spell will bring the three time signifying the last alarm. the september 11, 2000 terror
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attack killed 2997 people and injured more than 6000. the passenger airline departed from u.s. airport and all were bound towards california. later the flags will be lowered to half mass and it will be a moment of silence for all those lives that have been lost in the flies will remain at half mast for the remainder of the day. lee martinez in san francisco thank you. in sunnyvale the city's department of public safety is holding a ceremony at 7 am at the fire station on east arcata avenue. danville will hold its annual 9/11 remember ceremony at oakdale park at 10 am this morning steve talked about it. wind damage in the bay area. coming up at 6:30 thousand had
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no power. power lines were dropped. first a celebration near dallas turns into a tragedy. eight people were shot and killed and the search for answers this morning.
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eight people including a suspected government are dead after shooting at home in plano texas. this happened at 8 pm last
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night when police responded to a reports of shots being fired. officers confronted the suspected gunman then opened fire killing him. police say they found nine shooting victims inside the home seven dead, two injured. a neighbor said she heard a man and woman arguing before the shooting started. i heard outside. argument was about a good 10 minutes. you can hear it get really loud. you can hear it was a disturbance and there was something to happen. track investigators say all the victims are believed to be adults. police are still investigating the motive and they have not said what the relationship may be between the victim and suspect happening today the un security council expected to vote a new section to get north korea. over the weekend north korean leader kim jong-un hosted a huge celebration congratulating his nuclear scientist for the nations sixth and largest nuclear test. still not clear what the new sanctions against north korea
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will be. reportedly the united states and china were still negotiating details last night. we will help get you out the door. it will not -- it was a quiet start but then we had a couple incidents that made it slower all over the place including the san mateo bridge. let's start there westbound 92 car fire. lanes are clear. you can seek traffic is beginning to get better. it may not cause permanent damage but it is still very congested. also bay bridge is looking very normal. 880 getting up to the bridge looks pretty good driving all the way up to the macarthur maze in here to the bay bridge about 15 minutes. we are not out of the ordinary here. we also have traffic on the don mark bridge. 880 is a little slow. 205 . if you know someone coming in from the central
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valley, it will be a very slow drive for them and more people may be on in late instead. mostly cloudy forecast and very muddy -- buggy for the north -- very muggy for the north. band of thunderstorms moving up. rain has been the big story around camel and a santa clara. sunnyvale had gusts up to 40 miles an hour. you can see the line just to the west of king city between one-to-one. look at that. 44 lightning strikes. just another play into the area into tomorrow. we talked about this last week. it has arrived. sunrise photo opportunity i would think for some of you. i just opened door to about 100 pictures but that is okay. we do get the cloud cover in right here. mostly cloudy but muggy after yesterday's heat. retaining the heat. 60s and 70s and almost 80 for some.
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san jose. what comes after 75? 76. that is the spirit san jose. 76. [ laughter ] >> the guys get that. temperatures running anywhere from six through 12 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. if it feels warmer to you it is. napa airport 12 degrees warmer as well. you can see gusts up to 25. variable . locations were really around centerville in san jose. now it is quieter. it does look like it it has calmed down considerably compared to 3 am. you can see this cloud cover moving north. the low gets for the north. it will increase opportunity for thunderstorms. again later versus sooner picks 70s and 80s and 90s on the temperatures and the rest of the week will be a cool down. tomorrow we are dealing with rain carrying over to wednesday. then a fall like thursday with
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upper 70s inland. looking better towards the weekend. some cruise ship based in miami will help out starting today with hurricane irma. four cruise ships will deliver emergency supplies and rescue stranded tourist picking up hurricane irma victims in the u.s. and in the caribbean. and more than 80 local search and rescue workers are helping victims of irma. photos of menlo park task force arrived in florida last night. they drove more than 2400 miles with more than 60,000 pounds of equipment going to a staging area at the air force base. the rescue workers also include firefighters from palo alto, san mateo, san jose and south san francisco. time is 90 minutes past six celebrated the 10th anniversary coming up upgrades expected to be revealed tomorrow on apple's
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new iphone. and up next new regulation on canada. it may slow down deliveries.
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this is life.
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new york city this morning we are watching a ceremony, the reading aloud of this september 11 ceremony being held at ground zero in new york. >> the ceremony will be held around the country for september 11 victims. you can see the names of each of the 2900 77 victims on that day are being read aloud at a special memorial at ground zero in new york. we will continue to bring in live pictures of the special ceremonies happening at ground zero in new york. certainly ceremonies held in the bay area as well as so many people pause on this day to remember what happened in 2001. many of us remember like it was yesterday. it was a bright blue sky gorgeous tuesday morning the day it happened and all the terrible events that unfolded that day but then the feeling of unity and strength, that came afterward.
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i never felt more american that day. and everybody glued to the tv . you could not turn away . you could not believe what was happening. we'll be talking more about it during the day. in other news this morning federal officials announced investigated the crash of a private plane in phoenicia over the weekend that plane took off in buchanan field on concord saturday crashing minutes later on private property near lake herman road. two people onboard a father and son heading to humboldt county or the father lived here the sun lived in concord. family members reported the plane missing when it did not arrive in humboldt county. the plane itself was not found until yesterday morning. firefighters are mourning the loss of their one of their battalion chiefs who died while at work. 26 year veteran terry smyrtle was found unresponsive after he returned from an early morning fire call . the department said it appeared he died of natural
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causes. he was dedicated to the community and the firefighter toy program. he and his son were planning to head to houston to help with hurricane harvey cleanup. if you want to learn to be a firefighter and a good officer, you want to learn to be a good chief officer, terry is the model you want to follow. he was supposed to speak at a remembrance mass today for september 11. he volunteered at ground zero one month after the attack. pope francis has entered his trip to columbia with a mass that celebrated st. peter's. he was a just a bit who in the 17th century ministered to hundreds of thousands of african slaves brought to columbia. the pope call tim austere and charitable to the point of heroism. he encouraged the people to work towards unity after half- century of armed conflict and
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the pope spoke out against drug traffickers. his message may have been overshadowed. you can see he has a black guy. he hurt his eye on his first day of columbia after hitting his head on the pope mobile pq is not seriously hurt the bleed enough to require a bandage. the state is setting rules around cannabis. that is when recreational business licenses will be issued but don't expect them to deliver your marijuana order by drone. the state has said commercial vehicles must be used. there will be no transportation by aircraft, watercraft, rail, human powered vehicles or unmanned vehicle. delivery vehicles will have to have gps of the product can be tracked. a massive donation by walmart coming out after
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donating $10 million to help the hurricane relief efforts in texas and florida. and this morning several thousand people are without power in the south bay after a powerful windstorm swept into the area overnight knocking down trees and power lines. we would show you the damage coming up. traffic is improving but we do have slowing here and there from pleasanton, fremont and beyond. also 580 is very slow. we brought it down for you coming up and the skies lit up south of the monterey peninsula. clouds over us and we will see if the thunderstorms will make it here.>> ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do.
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because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up. reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone.
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wea whole new place that'swe lookin' to get scared! (laughter) now halloween time is in dineyland and disney california adventure parks! this is ktvu mornings on 2. thank you for joining us on mornings on 2 monday, september 11 . happy to be here early with you. weather wise happy to see the change. i could not take two more take too much more of it yesterday.>> there is a big
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line of thunderstorms to the west of king city over towards monterey. the sky is lit up. our good friends in fresno national weather service storm prediction center is putting kern county at marginal risk. not something we see too often in california. usually it is a general area. they went outlook just came out. i think they may want to expand that to the west a little bit. i am seeing a huge to some from hollister. it is too far away from here but it is lighting up the entire sky at 6:15. watch right here. from king city and looks like big sur peninsula to the south of monterey and in fact it may be over pebble. if you are down there, i would certainly love to hear from you. a lot of this is south of moderate not making a move north yet but i do think there
6:32 am
are areas that you have to watch later on this afternoon into tomorrow. muggy today. kies in the 80s and 90s. look at all this coming up from southern california associated with that low. upper 60s near 70 degrees in the city. even alameda, severe and muggy conditions with temperatures in the 70s for many. the wind has died down for most observation picked this still could be local cloudy skies. tonight and tomorrow putting us right in that window i do believe of 70s, 80s and 90s. sal has been busy since this morning. >> yes we have been busy. i want to start with some of the things we have been talking about on the san mateo ridge and some of the other commute. here we are looking at the san mateo bridge and west on 92 is recovering after earlier problems. 92 westbound because of a car that was on fire.
6:33 am
they moved it out of the way and fortunately the commute has become better. if you are trying to get up to the bay bridge, you can use 880 which is not too bad. this is about a 15 to 20 minute commute weight. we showed you the traffic sensors. you may want to consider the dumbarton bridge or 237 inset of the san mateo because the earlier car fire did a number. it is going to be slower than usual. let's go back to the desk. new video shows just how powerful her hurricane irma wind was. two meteorologists in the florida keys took this video. they took turns trying to stand up amid 117 mile an hour winter. we see one get out of the car. bracing himself against the wind with his legs trying to hold himself up as a goddess keep coming picky is just about bloat over.
6:34 am
the meteorologists were able to use a wind gauge to measure the strength of the wind. 170 mile an hour. too much for this man. this is what it looks like now in naples after hurricane hit. strong when heavy rain picks some of the people took photos on their cell phones picked very dangerous to do also knew video we will share from fort lauderdale where many streets are flooded trees and power lines have been knocked down. police in north miami beach have released photos of this cracked bridge. the damage caused by irma. two florida law enforcement officers were killed in a head- on crash as hurricane irma moved in. deputy julie bridges and sergeant osmond died near tampa. the deputy bridges was heading home after heading out at an evacuation shelter when she crashed into sergeant osmond who was on his way to work. osmond was a 21 year veteran with the department of corrections. deputy bridges was a 13 year
6:35 am
veteran of the hardy county sheriff's office. this morning thousands of homes and businesses in the south bay do not have power after brief but powerful windstorm hit overnight. steve was talking about that. ktvu is in los gatos. >> reporter: good morning to both of you. the strong wind knocked out a whole lot of trees all across this area including this one here where we are this morning. you can see this large tree fell on top of powerlines outside of this home in los gatos . this is right near peach hill road and emergency workers and firefighters got here at 2:30 a.m. and crews have been here working to stabilize the power situation in this area because a tree did fall on the top of the lines and a crew will be out here to remove the tree. strong gusts overnight knockdown also countries including another one that came
6:36 am
down by the expressway in campbell. this windstorm sort of popped up out of nowhere initially knocking out power to more than 11,000 homes and businesses across the south bay because so many powerlines were taken down. pg&e say they have restored power to many people and are now 4500 customer still in the dark in san jose in los gatos . as you head out the door that could be a number of traffic lights out all across the area and you may find a lot of degrees still in the runways as we certainly did making our way up to los gatos . no word on when they will have power restored to the customers who lost their power overnight because of the windstorm. the situation in los gatos they have this road blocked off because you have a large tree that came down right on top of the powerlines. emergency crews will be out here for some time trying to work the situation out.>> i see
6:37 am
the slightest breeze moving the tape around. like there is nothing. it is strangely calm right now . yes. there is just a real brief powerful windstorm that hit this area overnight and now you are hard-pressed to notice a breeze at all. >> thank you. right now president trump and first lady melania trump are taking part in the september 11 remembrance sent to roni at the pentagon. these are life pictures. the ceremony due to start at 9:37 am right about now. that very moment when american airlines flight 77 crashed into the pentagon killing 59 people on the plane. 125 people inside the pentagon. you can see all of the military people of the pomp and ceremony
6:38 am
outside the ceremony. earlier we showed you president trump and the first lady at the white house leading a moment of silence before they headed over here to the pentagon. there are also ceremonies for september 11 victims in new york city and in shanksville pennsylvania. about 200 people from the bay area setting up to help florida now that the worst of hurricane irma has passed. we are keeping track of what our local emergency responders are doing. for the 2400 miles away in florida. >> reporter: most recent update we have is from pg&e. except about 500 line workers to florida ahead of hurricane irma -- sent about 500 line workers to florida ahead of hurricane irma there was a mutual aid agreement 20 at this video this morning. see the cruise loaded up into florida bucket trucks to start the restoration work. as of last night about 4 million people in the state of florida were without power. crews there about 100 of them have a lot of work ahead of
6:39 am
them. also on assignment members of california task force 4 out of alameda county hunkered down the atlanta convention center throughout the day waiting for the storm to pass. this is posted by alameda county fire with task force groups from los angeles and colorado. we are hoping to get an update from them about what exactly there plans are this morning. you can see them getting the equipment ready in place at the atlanta convention center overnight. other task force from the area task force 3 in place and on standby to help. about 82 members in task force three all trained in search and rescue tactics made it from firefighters from the peninsula and south bay. you could see they drove these three tractor-trailers full of equipment all the way to florida to help. in the california hundred 29 rescue link from moffitt international air force base are stage appropriate airfield in florida with some other rescue crews from around the country. they sent us these photos.
6:40 am
this is when they landed last night. we have reached out to some of the bay area emergency responders who are on the ground ready to help to see if we can get another update about what is planned. we will check in about an hour from now. thank you. certainly fema resources are being put to the test after back-to-back hurricanes. first army and then irma. mike pence visited fema yesterday and he said more help is on the way. the cost of both storms can find is to be over $100 billion. certainly more money will be needed after the $15 billion was released. as the sink moves inland the tornado that will persist. as -- as this thing moves inland the tornado threat will persist. >> president trump has already declared a declaration.
6:41 am
the nation's largest retailer is helping victims of hurricane harvey and irma. walmart announced it will provide an additional $10 million in hurricane relief. aid comes in the form of 2 to 1 match of customer donation bringing the total warm-up has given in aid to $30 million. customers can participate by donating at registered at walmart and sam's club stores. the death toll now at least 90 from last week's big earthquake in southern mexico. rescue and search crews have been going to damage buildings looking for any survivors of the magnitude 8 hitting off the southern coast of mexico. more than 30 of those that were killed were from the small coastal town near the epicenter. and happening today governor jerry brown will meet with mexico's top diplomats as part of a two-day trip by mexico's foreign relation minister. the meeting comes at a time where relations are strained
6:42 am
between mexico and the u.s. over the presidents border wall and also his immigration plans. after meeting with governor brown in sacramento today mexico's foreign relations miniature will head south to los angeles formally showing his support for the immigrants living in california worried about their future. he is also due to visit washington dc later this week. san francisco police are investigating the weekend shooting death of a popular disc jockey who was transgender. it happened early saturday morning near the tenderloin district. the president identified anthony torres better known as bubbles. taurus was unknown dexter in the san francisco club scene at the shooting death is a lost two people in the bay area transgender community and beyond. the minute you lose anyone frank from your community it is a hit. it is a hit to anybody. it is a hit to us all. he was part of all of our
6:43 am
lives. san francisco police have not yet released any suspect information nor have they revealed the possible motive in the case. california attorney general javier becerra will hold a news conference this morning announcing a lawsuit against the trump administration for rescinding the daca program. 15 other states in the district of community filed a similar lawsuit sank the presence decision to end the daca program is motivated by prejudice against mexican citizens. this lawsuit says a quarter of the 800,000 daca participants are in california. california economy will be hurt more than other states. new rules for cell phones picked next to local proposal that could end up going statewide. it is still very slow in many commutes communing. a lot of people coming in from
6:44 am
the valley may be late. this is a look at 280 and san jose looking pretty good so far in san jose. so far we have a beautiful sunrise. there is a lot of clouds and big-time thunderstorms just south of monterey. [fbi agent] you're a brave man, mr. stevens. your testimony will save lives. mr. stevens? this is your new name. this is your new house. and a perfectly inconspicuous suv. you must become invisible. [hero] i'll take my chances.
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is what makes it all possible. amazing finds. always great prices. make home yours. we are bringing you live pictures here as people across the country and in the bay area are marking the anniversary of seven days september 11 --
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anniversary of september 11. one of the four hijacked your planes was heading to sam san francisco. every year the san francisco fire department holds the special ceremonies for those who died on that tragic day. station seven is very important. our cameras are there. we will be covering the ceremonies today. we want to bring in the live pictures. we will be checking back with lee and the ceremonies throughout the morning. hillary clinton was interviewed over the weekend promoting her new book finally talking about her loss in the 2016 presidential election.>> i just felt this enormous letdown. just kind of lost of feeling and direction and sadness and
6:48 am
bill just kept saying, that was a terrific speech trying to bolster me a little bit. it was a very hard transition. i really struggled. i could not feel. i could not think. i got smacked wiped out. expect during the interview with jane pauly mrs. clinton said being at the inauguration on january was like an out of body experience.>> apple is expected to reveal its iphone tomorrow. the highly anticipating iphone agent will be reportedly called the iphone x. facial recognition will be one of the features as well as wireless charging. the price of this new phone is said to be $1000. fans will find out the official
6:49 am
release date tomorrow. and one bay area county hopes to ban using cell phones in the crosswalk. except matteo county supervisors plan to introduce a bill tomorrow banning using cell phones as you walk in a crosswalk. officials hope the resolution will encourage state lawmakers to pass a law that would make distracted walking illegal.>> both hands on the wheel helping us to get where we need to go this morning.>> 80 westbound has been crowded although it is not nearly as slow as it was last week. we still see some slow traffic express in richmond this morning but getting to the macarthur maze 34 minutes. i will take that especially compared to last week where we had an hour driving time. bay bridge toll plaza very normal if you use it every day. 880 in oakland is still doing
6:50 am
okay passing the arena. san mateo bridge recovery with earlier issues. it is not unusual for it to be heavy but you may want to leave yourself an extra five minutes if you do that. san mateo bridge has recovered after the earlier car fire. we still have a lot of slow traffic on the altamont pass coming in from tracy. if you know someone that comes in for this area, they are quite a bit setback because of earlier issues. let's go to steve for today's forecast.>> thanks sal. hot temperatures yesterday. nice sunrise for many of the north. little more breaks for the south. wind damage and localize wind damage started about 45 past 3 am. street damage on santa clara. sunnyvale also santa clara.
6:51 am
our own alexander is down there. look at this. the sky is lit up here just to the west of king city. coming up in the santa lucia south of monterey looks like it is in monterey. also buys big sur. some of this will play into our weather into tomorrow. it does arrive dfs model has just absolutely been spot on. the others i like it is no big deal. i think it is a big deal. i mentioned this last week, thursday and friday, it has been really good on this pattern for this time. a lot of cloud cover. mostly cloudy. probably cited to the north. big muggy humid. southern california. there is a general area of thunderstorm with marginal risk in the san joaquin valley. temperatures are mild. we will be warm. 65 through 70 in san francisco.
6:52 am
a little cooler to the north. still in the 60s and a lot of mid-70s as you had for the south san jose and 76. 60s for some. 71 in saratoga. the wind has tailed off at these sites picking may be localized for some but not as bad as it was. 65 in monterey. bakersfield 78. mostly cloudy skies today at the possibility of thunderstorms coming up in the low north. 70s to 90s other temperatures. by tomorrow we have thunderstorms in the forecast. then it kicks so of falling breeze.>> straight to the pentagon where the president is speaking at events marking the
6:53 am
plate into the pentagon let's listen. expect a mother or father, who was taken for you. on that terrible day. no force on earth can ever take away your memories, diminish her love or break your will to indoor and carry on and go forward. though we can never erasure pain or bring back those you lost, we can honor their sacrifice by pledging our resolve to do whatever we must to keep our people safe. [ applause ] on that day not only did the world change, but we all changed. our eyes were opened to the depth of the evil we face.
6:54 am
but in that hour of darkness, we also came together with renewed purpose. our differences never looked so small. our common bonds never felt so strong. the sacrifice grounds on which we stand today are a monument to our national unity and to our strength. for more than seven decades, the pentagon has stood as a global symbol of american might. not only because of the great power it's contained within these halls, but because of the incredible character of the people who fill them. they secure our freedom. they defend our flag. and they support our courageous troops all around the world. among the 184 brave americans who perished on these grounds
6:55 am
were young enlisted service members, dedicated civil servants who had worked here for decades and veterans who had served our nation in korea, in vietnam, and in the middle east. all of them. >> president trump speaking live at the pentagon this morning marking the anniversary 16 years since september 11. 59 people aboard american flight 77 died when the plane crashed into the pentagon. another 125 people died inside the pentagon as well. we are staying on top of what is happening around the country. we will have that in more of today's move in a moment. today's news in a moment
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they lost to the carolina panthers at lee vee stadium. it was a mistake filled game for the 49ers. they committed 10 penalties. they had a big scare there. the player had to be taken off the field. x-rays were negative. foster hopes he can play as soon as next sunday against the satellite sea hawks.
6:59 am
the raiders beat the titans. 262 yards two touchdown. one was for cooper. lynch ran the ball 18 times for 76 yards. >> we got to see that marshawn is marshawn. you know, he is running through people. he is going to make it a pain on them tackling. >> i bring them up on the practice squad. i'm so proud. >> that is the coach giving the game ball to giorgio. he made four field goals including two 52 yard field goals. a new miss america was crowned last night. >> miss north dakota.
7:00 am
>> she beat 50 other contestants to walk away with the crown. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> a live look here a somber ceremony. live seen here outside of san francisco. all of them are holding remembrance ceremonies marking 16 years since the terror attacks of september 11th. it is a day to pause and reflect on the first responder. it originated in my mind on september 11th. members of san francisco fire and other bay area department went to new york city after days after september 11th to help. today marking all those their brave efforts and mourning the lives loss. >>


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