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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 430am  FOX  September 19, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. thank you for joining us. it's already tuesday, september 19th. i'm dave clark. >> good morning. i'm pam cook. it is 4:30. steve is watching our weather and that hurricane, once again, in the caribbeans, and it's going to get hit. >> more than in ten minutes. i'm just going to do our weather. >> it is headed towards puerto rico, category 4 or 5. >> we need to know how to dress this morning, though in
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the bay. >> cool this afternoon. temperatures starting off mainly in the 50s here. a little bit of a breeze here. a couple of systems working their way in from the pacific northwest. you can see that cloud cover drifting across. it's cool to see that front holding together, produced some light rain and another system is coming in. fog gets chewed up. 51 in lake port. there are a few temperatures running about 10 degrees cooler than others. there is a roaring breeze, sfo, half moon bay. a series of systems continue to work their way. a stronger one on the way. 60s, 70s, upper 70s, 80s. >> we have an issue in san francisco, sal? >> yes, we do, steve. i'm looking here to see if there is something new that will surprise me but there is a new issue eastbound at fort.
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a deadly crash happened about 4:00. we do have some lanes blocked here eastbound 80. event 80 at 4th and we'll keep an eye for you. around the bay, 80, the solano commute, you can see traffic is moving well, as you drive through vallejo. there have been no issues on the carquinez bridge. the commute has been slow during the hours of, let's say, 6:00 to 8:00. but right now it's early enough for you to get a decent drive. there is an investigation underway in san francisco into the stolen department-issued gun that belongs to a san francisco sheriff deputy. >> the gun was stolen sunday while the deputy was off duty.
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the sheriff says that the gun was taken from the trunk of a rental car parked in san francisco. the sheriff says it appears the guns were not properly stored in a lock box as required and the deputy's gun has not yet been recovered. people in concord have been complaining to city lieders about the safeway in willow road. employees say they deal with six to ten shoplifters each day. ken malcolm has why the store does not want help from the police. >> reporter: the shopping experience at concord's willow pass safeway has been less than ideal. >> a lot of times, people do ask for money in front of the store. sometimes, in the store, there's questionable people, actually just now, seems a woman was watching. i had my wallet in the cart
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and it seemed like she was watching. >> reporter: accord can to the mayor, for about a year and a half, the 29-year-old store has been plagued with problems. >> loiter hing that's going on out there. there have been folks who will steal from the store, take merchandise out without paying for it. the cussers in will see that, they'll call the police. we have had homeless vagrancy or trespassing issues. >> reporter: seeing the concern, the marijuana send a letter to the parent company albertson. con court would like police to be able to cite shoplifters. >> they were not interested in pursuing an authorization to arrest or crime prevention options that our police department may be able to share with them. they seem to think that their corporate standards are satisfactory. >> safeway spokesperson respond saying that we have
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information about the concord police department's authorization to arrest trespassers program. the company is not presently entering these programs. corporate says they have a number of measures in this place and employees agree that there is a problem. >> we have problems with actual violent. we are having problems like crazy right now. the mayor claims that authorization to arrest and cite trespassers would cut down on some problems. >> with the climate, with police interaction, they don't want anything happening on their ground. >> reporter: because this location is a stand-alone store and the property entirely owned and managed by safeway, the city's hands are tied. the store, however, did agree to some changes. >> they said they would look at the cosmetic condition of the bidding and lighting.
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>> reporter: city leaders and police are scheduled to meet. >> that's not my normal safeway because it does not have a great vibe when you come here. police in belmont are searching for a thief wearing an unusual mask who robbed a donut shop early yesterday morning. he was wearing the mask of a star wars character. look at the surveillance video picture here showing him here. he was wearing green sweatshirt, genes, blang and white van shoes. the u.s. equal employment opportunity commission filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against chipotle over the actions of a manager at a restaurant in san jose. the lawsuit alleges that a
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female manager subjected a male employee to unwelcome sexual comments at the chipotle on north capitol avenue back in 2015. the lawsuit says that art employee complained to a supervisor, the harassment continued. and other employees retaliated against him. that employee says that he resigned because of the harassment and retaliation. the lawsuit is seeking financial ken dig for that employee. a spokesperson for chipotle says that the company does not tolerate discrimination or harassment. law makers are calling on facebook to testify before congress on russian interference in the 2016 election. they say that facebook executives, including mark
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zuckerberg should be speaking. ads have been running on facebook. republican leaders are making another push to repeal the affordable health care act. millions of people could lose the health care coverage and insurers in some states can charge higher premiums for people with preexisting conditions. >> john mccain cast the deciding vote to kill the repeal in july. he says he is disappointed that the gop is trying to again pass the bill without experts looking at the bill. between 2006 and 2016, the number of newly diagnosed cases of 80s.
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at the peak, in 1992 -- there are still concerns. african americans and latino men continue to have the highest rates of diagnosis with the hiv virus. researchers found 13% of all new cases are occurring in homeless people. now, there is support to create safe needle injection sites in an effort to reduce the use of contaminated needles. a funeral today and a procession will be held for san francisco battalion chief. officials say that he died of nation causes. many praised wadell for his dedication as his work. at the time of his death, he and his son planned to go to
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houston to help with the cleanup of hurricane harvey. his loved ones will be gathering at the st. ignacius cat lick church. and san leandro arrest a suspect. he jumped into his car and drove off, hitting the two officers. detectives later spotted the suspect and he tried to escape but, this time, he crashed his car. the two officers were taken to the hospital. >> you never want to get that phone call that two officer also injured trying to protect this community. when something like this happen, not only does it hit
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your heart strings personally but impacts the whole community. >> police say they have received a lot of support from the community and people are stopping by the san leandro police station. there is a warning for parents who take their children to playgrounds in berkeley. william turner, there is his photo, was arrested for trying for feed liquid to children but he is back on the streets and authorities want parents to be prepared. another barber shop forum was health but this name a motorcycle barber shop. these are health with ktvu.
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they hope top bridge the gap between those who wear the uniform and those who don't. those who gathered at the good fellows motorcycle club talk about police accountability and racial profiling. >> there is paul ride there in the middle. the monthly barber shop conversations again last october. a group of daca supporters are at odds with nancy pelosi. coming up in 20 minutes, the reason why they shouted down the congresswoman during a prodaca rally. and we are looking at a commute on 80 westbound getting busier heading out to the macarthur maze. and the weather is getting busier. could be the first round of the season to the north. we'll talk about details
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it is now 4:45. this is is your villeance footage of that deadly bus crash in new york city. three people were killed, 17 hurt. the people who were killed were a pedestrian, a passenger and the driver of that bus. authorities say that excessive speed was a factor in the crash but they are still investigating. the u.s. navy has fired two senior commanders in the
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pacific region in connection with the recent collisions. this brings the number of fired senior commanders to six amid the investigation two separate collisions of u.s.s. fitzgerald and u.s.s. john mccain. time is 4:46. three people arrested last night at georgia tech during a protest following a jill for a georgia tech student shod and killed by campus police. about 50 protesters marched on the campus of the police department after that vigil. they set a car on fire and crashed with officers. two police officers were hurt. the pro he tests started after saturday night police shooting 21-year-old scott schultz, the president of georgia tech's pride alliance. police say sha schultz had a
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knife and moved towards the police, refusing to put the knife down. there were protests last night again in st. louis but flo vandalism was reported. take a look at the pictures. in the latest waves of demonstration. protesters gathered around the jail in downtown st. louis chanting "free our people." they were showing solidarity with more than 80 people who were arrested sunday night. protesters raised money to get more than 50 of them. st. louis has been rocked with riots when a police officer was found not guilty for the shooting death of an african american woman.
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donald trump, jr. is asking for no longer secret service protection. he has asked to be removed from that saying that he wants more privacy. san jose mayor samly card yo and frontier airlines will announce that frontier will offer more nonstop service to locations favored by people in silicon valley. so far, frontier announced nonstop flights between san jose and denver beginning in object better, las vegas in november, austin, san antonio, texas, next spring. if you are just joining us, you need to know about a fatal accident that's definitely going to affect traffic around san francisco. >> i have an update for you, pam and the lanes will reopen quickly. >> that's right. >> part of it is that chp and crews got out there quickly
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and there was no slow traffic coming in the area. those lanes are okachobee unobstructed. let's talk about the slow traffic that's there on 580 westbound as you come up on the tracy commute. you can see that traffic is moving along slowly on 205 and 580. so it is definitely getting slower. if you are driving liver more, pleasanton, that looks okay. no problem on 880 in front of the oracle arena. traffic is light. it usually does not get slow until 5:30. kind of surprise how quickly they opened the lanes but they are open. 4:49. let's bring in stephen. >> thank you, sal. let's get to it here to what was an open wave to a category
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5, hurricane maria. it is over the dominican but it gets back up on the water and will get back to category 5. it curves more towards the northwest and not head towards the u.s. that's the track. and there is jose, category 1, barely. it will start to turn tropical storm as we head into to. higher waves, outer bands reaching for the new england coast. a couple of systems are moving through and even a little bit of rain on the north coast. see that, hit and miss, crescent city down to eureka, you can see that everything is carving itself out. the bulk is headed to the
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pacific northwest. we have some sun moments and clouds moments. 50s on the temps, 60s. 52 in the concord pavilion. 50 in blackhawk, 55 vallejo. 21 gusts, at sfo. half moon bay to the delta. there is a breeze but some, that's not that bad. water temps are up. by the end of the week, they will be down to about 55 degrees. the lows do drop off pretty rapidly and, boy, will they ever by the end of the week. you can see how the systems keep coming in, each one stronger than the next one. there will be some energy carved right over us. that will be our opportunity
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for rain. right, north of santa rosa. change is in the air here. last week of summer is going to feel very fall like. 50s, 70s, low 80s, rain to the north, i think, on thursday morning. and it scoots out of here. fall begins at 101 on the afternoon on friday and then it will be warmer. >> fall comes in. >> okay. >> we have news about our favorite mountain to say. mount eminem. >> all right, steve, thank you. when it comes to the oakland a's plans to build a new stadium, groups are coming out in support it and against. we'll tell you why the audubon society announced what they're going to do against the plan.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. one of the highest peaks in the bay area is now open to the public. mount umunhum is now open. air force station is right there at the peak. this is from the u.s. government 30 years ago.
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the concrete platform was once used by the almaden air force station and played a significant role during the cold war. the park is now open daily and it is free to visitors. time is 4:56. people in oakland are speak out both for and against the new plan to built new oakland stadium near laneey college. the audubon society does not like the plan. they say it will create more congestion in the area and possibly hurt the like, lake merit. and a collision of groups, including laneey students will speak out of against that proposed new stadium. a group of oakland business leaders are supporting of the plans. the oakland want to build a 35,000 seat stadium just south lake merritt. >> we cannot afford to have
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other sports teams leave the city of oakland. having a sports team in your city puts it on the map. >> another proposed site is owned by the peralta community direct. of the chancellor wants to make it clear, so far, there is no deal yet with the oakland. we are coming up on the 5:00 hour and taka supporters loudly interrupted nancy pelosi. when we come back, the reason they are mad at the congresswoman and other democrats. and president trump actresses the united nations for the first time. we'll have a preview of what he is expected to say, coming up. good morning. we are looking at a commute that is already getting pretty busy in many areas. you can see there is the bay bridge traffic getting into san francisco. a lot of cars are already underway. the last full week of
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welcome back to mornings on 2. hurricane maria pounding
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the caribbeans. we have a look at the damage so far and the threat to come. and it will be one of the most watched speeches by president trump. we'll have a preview before his speak toth general assembly. it's tuesday, september 19th. i'm pam cook. >> and i'm dave clark. >> you know that steve paulson is back? >> yes, he is. >> i know that because he say him right there at his desk. >> glad to see that he is busy. yes. >> takes a few days to catch up. that's not a bad thing. >> we do have a change in the air here. this is going to be the last week of summer but more fall- like. everyone is complaining -- i'm going to be honest. it's fall, what's


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