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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  September 25, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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making a statement. dallas cowboy players and team owner take a knee before tonight's monday night football game. only for a moment. he stood back up he for the national anthem played. the cowboys wanted to do something to show unity after president trump dashed out the nfl saying the owners should fire anyone who kneels during the national anthem.
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this all started a year ago with colin kaepernick. and a few others. the silent protest over police brutality and social injustice has grown into something larger. yesterday more than 200 players coaches and owners put on a display of solidarity. some took a knee. others linked arms. a few teams remained in the locker room while the anthem played. oakland raiders -- fan said he is getting rid of his season tickets after they took part in a silent protest yesterday. >> at the coliseum the 140 member honor band made up of middle and high school students decided to take a knee for their pregame performance. amber is live in oakland with reaction. it seems to underscore the divisiveness of the nation.>> reporter: the students tell me it was their idea to halt -- to hold the protest. and what it meant for student
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to student. about 140 high school and middle school students in the oakland honor band rehearsed at the oakland coliseum. as they prepared for their performance and protest before the a's game on monday night. >> i'm hoping people will realize -- we are standing up or kneeling down for racism xena phobia perks met>> we want everyone to have -- we support everybody.>> taking a knee during the national anthem raises awareness for issues such as racism human rights and for some it is a protest against president donald trump. >> he bashed nfl players but not call out neo-nazis. for their violence.>> reporter: student say it was their idea after seeing maxwell beef -- be
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the first major league baseball player neil. many doing the same before the sunday night game. >> it makes me sick. i've supported this team for so many years.>> reporter: the season-ticket holders says after seeing greater players neil he decided to sell his season tickets. and auction off memorabilia autographed by derek car. he plans to donate the money to nonprofits that help veterans. >> when you pull that kind of stuff. it spits on our flag. my son is an ex-marine. i told my wife enough is enough. i'm not going to do it anymore.>> reporter: this oakland father sees it differently. he supports his daughter. a member of the band taking a knee. he has relatives who are former and current military members.>> it is about human rights. people's right -- is being
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violated.>> reporter: one fan disagrees. >> i believe we should have respect. i don't think it is disrespectful. at the same time it is not the right thing i don't think personally.>> reporter: about half a dozen students did not kneel during the national anthem performance. one bad teacher says the diversity of opinions is what this country stands for. i don't know whether you noticed but people in the stands -- did any of them take a knee during the anthem? >> i did not see that. we were kept away -- we were not allowed to shoot the fans. or where the games were -- the performance was held. i did not see that. what i could see i did not see anyone taking a knee in the stands. the image of pittsburgh steelers lineman
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alejandro villanueva standing alone for the anthem became one of the most memorable scenes of protest yesterday. it was unintended. the former army ranger did not mean to be by himself. he ran too far out of the tunnel. the steelers had agreed to stay in the tunnel until before the kickoff against the bears in chicago. he says unfortunately i through my teammates under the bus unintentionally. every time i see the picture of me standing by myself i feel embarrassed. reaction pouring in on social media. these are a few of the ones we found from supporters and critics using the hashtag take a knee.>> 200 demonstrators gathered on the uc berkeley campus to celebrate the cancellation of free speech week. the rally against white supremacy took place after a conservative group that had working with milo yiannopoulos called off their planned event
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featuring four days of right wing speakers. many at the protesters said they want to send a message to the university.>> there should be no business as usual while this white supremacy and xena phobic terror is opposed -- proposed that we need much more civil disobedience and disruption in this country.>> these anti-fascist groups want to make a point. they have already shut down free speech. >> some classes were canceled due to the protest. the demonstration was peaceful. police arrested one protester for wearing a mask on campus. one senate republican might have derailed efforts to repeal obama care. susan collins says she cannot support the latest bill with his estimated $1 trillion in cuts to the medicaid program. the gop is still holding out hope for passage.>> reporter: susan collins was the latest one to say she will vote no.
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it looks like they are up to format republicans which would make it impossible. the clock winding down on this graham cassidy bill. it has changed a half-dozen times. the deadline for a vote if one happens is at the end of this week>> i have to do what i think is right for the people of maine and the people of this country. that is what has led me to my decision today.>> reporter: susan collins adding herself to the no pile when it comes the gop repealing and replacing obamacare with the graham cassidy bill. the main republican is the fourth no joining republican senators john mccain rand paul and ted cruz. all signaling they will vote against the latest gop measure. a certain deathknell for one of trump's primary promises. the gop can only afford to defections with one of the bills namesakes still holding out hope perks met>> will take
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federal money spent on the medicaid program for the poor and disabled as well as subsidies to help americans by private insurance. and divvy those up to the states in block ramps. opponents fear unraveling obamacare would mean stripping millions of americans of insurance including those with pre-existing conditions.>> new trump care bill would gut medicaid, cause millions to lose coverage, create chaos in the marketplace and not protect americans with pre-existing conditions.>> reporter: as the graham cassidy bill more into the fifth version today wheelchair-bound protesters inside the finance committee meeting decried gop plans to try to dismantle obamacare. >> the congressional budget office is scoring the graham cassidy bill revealing it would
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reduce the budget deficit by $133 billion. it would also reduce the number of people with health insurance by millions. concerned growing over north korea after it claims president trump declared war in a tweet. details on this latest threat is the u.s. supplies is planes close to north korean airspace. new details about an accident invited -- involving a motorcycle officer before 6 pm this evening on highway 37 e. of lakeville highway. the officer was going eastbound on 37 and a car veered toward him forcing him out his lane. the officer slammed into the back of another car. that was stopped on the highway. that officer suffered minor injuries. no one else was hurt. out-of-town police officer had two guns stolen from his car during a smash and grab outside a diner in oakland. the officer had driven to the
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area to assist with protest at berkeley and has stopped to eat with his service weapon and his personal weapon were both taken.>> reporter: at the black bear diner near the airport police dust a white suburban for fingerprints. after 11 opd says a thief smashed a window stealing two handguns from an off-duty police officer.>> i think everyone has to be aware of the environment you are in.>> reporter: the officer was driving a city owned suv and on business in oakland. but out of his element. >> investigators say they will review footage from security cameras at the black bear diner. we had a chance to speak with employees who did not want to go on camera. they tell us they have frequently seen on the thieves break into cars in this parking lots. >> i'm kind of nervous.>> in
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and out quick and fast. go back to the car. especially with my son. went back after -->> reporter: introduced a bill that governor brown signed into law in 2016. requires law enforcement officers to lock up guns left in unattended vehicles. the penalty is $1000. it is unclear how the officer had his weapons stored. >> put it in the trunk and lock it up so no one can get to it. >> reporter: seems like common sense. just last week an off-duty san francisco deputy was fired when someone stole his unlocked weapon from a park rental car. oakland city councilmember rebecca kaplan lashed out in a tweet. she posted a picture of the suv and said this outrage is part of why pass a law in oakland banning leaving guns unsecured in unattended cars.
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it must be in force. ruling will allow a confession by a defendant in the case finally case to be admitted as evidence.'s emphasis go police did not properly advise josi garcia's of his rights and coerced the confession. the prosecutor said he ultimately demanded to be allowed to sign a confession and kept talking to police. and on camera interview will be excluded from the trial. defense attorneys argue the shooting of kate steinle was accidental. for cities working together on a plan to bring amazon second headquarters to the bay area. the proposal that would create hundreds of jobs. apartment cities we are workweek -- are working with have sites. we are tracking a warm-up. and a red flag warning. it is going to go into effect and stay in effect through wednesday.
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police are calling it a crime of opportunity. robbers targeting atms customize. who they are after and what banks they hit. -- atm customers.
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a series of robberies at atm machines at four different banks in the south bay. one bank police say the robbers pulled out a handgun and a customer using the atm.>>
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reporter: police say there is no rhyme or reason or who they target. at this bank the suspect case it for quite some time. they want everyone to be on the lookout and be on alert.>> reporter: cameras capture images of two robbers unfamiliar to authorities but known to someone. they are responsible for a robbery spree at atms in the south bay. >> we usually don't have that many armed robberies and campbell. at that time of the morning in broad daylight.>> reporter: they rob in unsuspecting customer at this chase bank in campbell. on friday, september 8. >> a female was approaching the atm she was met by a male and female. they grabbed her and one of them said they had a gun. she did see a firearm.>> reporter: there are three similar robberies on the same day. bank of america in santa clara
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and san jose as well as the wells fargo in sunnyvale were hits. in all cases the suspect demanded money from customers. taking off with an undisclosed amount of cash. >> that is scary. >> that makes me feel uncomfortable and unsettled. and not safe coming to to do banking. which is such a normal everyday activity.>> reporter: the chase bank sits on a busy intersection. a lot of traffic and visibility. >> very much surprise. just the fact they will pull a gun on somebody.>> it is worrisome. i go to these atms.>> reporter: one customer is now reconsidering ever using an atm and doing online banking from home from now on. >> i don't want to have to change my life to sue people who want to do bad things. to good people.
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but unfortunately that is the area and time we live in. definitely have to make adjustments.>> reporter: police have a description of the suspects car. it is a dark gray newer model nissan sentra with a spare tire on the driver side of the car. they say in light of the robberies police are cautioning customers to be mindful of their surroundings. if they see anything suspicious to call 911. we are getting a look at the on robbers who targeted toll takers at two bay area bridges. they happened in just seconds. the chp released a video tonight. you can see a toll taker handing over the tow money to a passenger 4 am this morning -- yesterday morning. later that day what appears to be the same car showed up at the bay bridge toll plaza. it was the driver who robbed the toll collector.
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neither toll taker was hurt. obviously they are shaken up. anybody would be. if you have a gun pointed in your direction and someone demanding cash you don't know what their mindset is. we take each one of these incidents as seriously as possible. >> investigators said the car is a black mercedes sedan with carmax paper plates and distinctive chrome accents. the chp says toll takers across the area have been warned about the robberies and to keep an eye out for that black mercedes. half-dozen vehicles were destroyed by fire at an auto body shop in the south bay. rivera's auto body shop in san jose. on the northeast side near interstate 880. it was reported around 1 pm. it turned into billowing smoke and flames. a few people were evacuated because of that dark smoke. fire crews kept the fire from
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spreading and had the situation under control by 2:30 pm. it being a repair shop and auto body shop. we did have our hazardous team respond where they stood by and they were able to take readings.>> no one was injured. six cars were burned. the cause of the fire is under investigation. wildfire riverside county threatening homes and prompting evacuations. it is burning near highway 91 at green river road east of corona. anaheim is of the road on the west side. is started after 1 pm. it is damage one home and burned more than 1700 acres. residence on a dozen streets have been evacuated. lane closures on highway number -- highway 91 are causing backups. officials do not have a figure for containment. the fire is still actively
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burning. more than 300 firefighters are on the scene. it is warming up. temperatures came up a few degrees. they will warm further into tuesday. and level off on wednesday. temperatures that will be tomorrow into the upper 80s and low 90s. warmer than today because of the high pressure zone. you can see the circulation going like this. that is the opposite of last week when we had cold mornings and thunderstorms and snow in the mountains. high-pressure going clockwise. it is setting us up for a warmer pattern. that gives us red flag warning in the north and east bay hills. until wednesday. that is for temperatures in the 80s. that is for wind gusts 10-25 miles per hour and lower humidity. right now 69 concord. 4 degrees warmer than last night at this time. tomorrow will be warmer. the winds are pretty light. in north wind in the bottle.
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light and variable. this is just call him. the winds are dead. tomorrow more of a east component. there is no patchy fog. don't worry about that. beautiful shot tonight. we are checking in with temperatures the next few days into the 90s. in the warmest locations. much of puerto rico remains without power in the aftermath of hurricane maria. they have been hit by two devastating hurricanes in recent days. first by irma two weeks ago. then by maria last wednesday. residents are dealing with sweltering heat and no it is my air conditioning. scarce supplies of food and water. the white house pushed through billions of dollars in funding to help puerto rico. the white house said officials are in puerto rico right now assessing the long-term recovery effort there.>> once we have a greater insight into the full assessment of damage
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weekend determine what additional funds are needed. we are in that fact-finding process on that piece of it.>> president trump has been facing criticism he is paying too much attention to the nfl and not enough to the island territory. puerto rican officials say it could be months before power is fully restored. bay area police searching tonight for a serial bicycle thief. >> a shopper tries out and expensive bike and it goes awol. the store owner wants to make sure other merchants are not taken to for a ride. the area -- aaron judge breaks a record set by one of the oakland a's. former great. the final toasted for an east bay buri. -- brewery. closing in stores after 30 years in business.
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a serial bike thief caught on camera. police in san francisco say this woman to a mountain bike worth thousands of dollars for a ride and never came back. tonight we are learning she might have taken from other bike shops as well. deborah tells us the same thing happened three times the last few days.>> reporter: the thief seemed friendly and knowledgeable. and saturday in the store had a disarming reason for trying out a high-end bike. >> she mentioned she was interested in a mountain bike as her boyfriend and his family were really into mountain bikes.>> she seemed like a good credible person.>> reporter: out the door she went on a bike like this. price $4600. she did not come back. it turns out the drivers license and credit card she left as collateral were stolen
10:26 pm
from a car parked at whole foods a few blocks away. >> we need to spend some more time examining ids.>> reporter: the owner doesn't blame employees pick he said he would've been full by her two.>> they can sell quickly. it is a large amount of money. it is a getaway vehicle as well.>> reporter: cyclist are a community. the test ride a time honored tradition. in this store about one in 30 customers are turned down for the ride because of red flags. usually because the shopper doesn't seem to know very much about cycling.>> the guy that goes to the most expensive bike and doesn't know anything about bikes. most people don't do that. they are parting with a lot of money.>> reporter: as word spread another shop said they had been fooled as well. apparently the same woman. going away with a $7000 bike.
10:27 pm
she is white in her late 20s. at that store she made off with a $2000 road bike. borrowed and then gone. >> that is the bike she stole. >> the shop a loss of almost $5000 is felt. with high deductibles insurance does not help. there is that sense of violation.>> when they look you in the eye and lie to you. you are trying your best to help them. and get them set up on a nice bike. and they rip you off.>> reporter: it happens a few times a year. this plan -- the store plans to start running the credit card before handing over the bike. unwilling to be taken for a ride again. the pacific coast brewing company and oakland announced it is closing its doors after 29 years in business. the pub in paris was a pioneer
10:28 pm
in the beer movement. it is located in the old oakland part of the city. officials say they are closing due to the uncertainty of the lease and changes in the restaurant industry. they will shut down in early november to give employees time to find new jobs. and for patrons to come one more time to say goodbye. more tension between the u.s. and north korea. in a moment details on north korea's latest threat as the u.s. flies is warplanes close to north korean airspace. a new plan by four -- for cities to bring amazon's new headquarters to the east bay. residents making a big stink over an explosion and the skunk population. this is the new comfort food.
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grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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tension rising again between the u.s. and north korea with north korea calling a tweet or president trump a declaration of war. and threatening to shoot down u.s. bombers even if they are outside north korean airspace. the latest on this war of words between the u.s. and north korea.>> reporter: as these threats continue from both sides there is concern is this
10:32 pm
just talk or can it turn into military action. we spoke with experts about rhetoric and reality. >> that was the response from north korea's foreign minister monday after president trump tweeted about him and the leader saying the eccles thoughts of little rocket man they won't be around much longer. >> we will have every right to make countermeasures including the right to shoot down strategic bombers.>> reporter: u.s. bombers flew in international airspace close to the north korean costs. the firm is in the plane has flown since the turn of the century. the same date north korea's foreign minister said president trump's insults were making our rocket -- inevitable all the more. the white house press secretary monday denied in the u.s. moved toward. >> we have not declared war on north korea. the suggestion is absurd.>> reporter: concern is growing.>>
10:33 pm
this isn't nearly a war of words. we have to understand a longer historical context.>> reporter: associate professor said many north koreans remember the bombing and civilian deaths from the korean war. which was suspended but never formally ended. >> when donald trump makes what made for him be casual threats or empty threats on the north korean end that is tied to a history of enormous unimaginable devastation.>> reporter: north korea will exchange -- ending their annual spring and summer wargames. >> it is hard to imagine that anyone in the united states would consider this to be okay if russia and cuba were to perform similar wargame off the coast of the u.s.>> reporter: political analyst said the rhetoric might be bluster. increases the risk of threats turning to action.
10:34 pm
>> by and large people would like to see donald trump move away from tweeting. it is not good. for international relations. and the more you prod two countries going back and forth the more there is a chance for an accident. or for something untoward to occur.>> in san francisco twitter responded to criticism trump's tweet was a threat that violated twitter's conduct code. some tweets are considered newsworthy. he plans to post criteria for removing tweets for better transparency. north korea's foreign minister said that all options will be on the table. the situation is scary. the trump administration issued another travel ban over the weekend. the third in eight months. this time chad north korea and venezuela were added to the list. the latest restrictions are different for each country
10:35 pm
depending on how much the government coordinates with the u.s. they take affect october 18. the travel ban -- the tougher the better. >> still on the list iran libya syria yemen and somalia. the administration says sudan has met the new security requirements so it has been dropped from the list the order identifies iraq's security as inadequate although the administration is leaving iraq of the updated list. no secret amazon is a go to source for american consumers. with the growth they are looking to build the second headquarters. several bay area cities are teaming up in hopes of winning the bid. > reporter: it is a conquered sight to behold. and behold rhymes with gold. in a strategic move the city of concorde has partnered with fremont oakland richmond and
10:36 pm
san francisco to bid on the proposed second headquarters for online giant amazon. time is of the essence because amazon has stated it wants the proposals in its hands by october 19. the reason for the multi-city bid is that amazon wants only one bid per metropolitan area. the cities are coordinating efforts to the bay area council. the consortium of the bay area's largest employers. >> the bay area has many terrific locations. along a great mass transit system. where there are sites for possible headquarters. we are not talking specifically about those sites right now. that will come out as we get more information.>> reporter: concorde was talking to a local newspaper about what it thinks is the perfect site. the 5000 acre former naval weapons site. today the city decided not to talk anymore.
10:37 pm
in fact one of concorde's two stations is not only close to the naval weapons station it is quite literally just across the street. the many addition advantages including buchanan field for executive airport. oakland international airport nearby. access to the high-technology sensors. a highly skilled workforce and location that would not force employees to face the increasingly congested commute into the central bay area or so -- silicon valley. there is room right here to build a lot of housing. many amazon headquarters workers might have cancer commutes to work. other sites and partner cities could be considered as well. >> the partner cities we are working with so far that may expand have sites. >> reporter: the critical issues here are congestion and housing prices. balance against the prospects of some of the nation's best
10:38 pm
educated and talented tech employees. still to come a community meeting about police use of force. after the cities eighth officer involved shooting this year. six of the eight involved according to reports people experiencing mental health crises.>> the efforts to reduce violent confrontations. we are tracking the tuesday forecast. some heat and red flag warnings for some. a five day forecast that shows some cooling. ♪ because everyone likes easy.
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police use of force a central topic at a meeting this evening in the south bay. members of the cell -- san jose police members. the independent auditor was among those attending tonight's meeting.>> eight is already more than the total number from last year. six of the eight involved according to reports people experiencing mental health crises. i've done a lot of work on mental health services. it is something near and dear to my heart.>> the auditor was appointed to the job 12 days ago. looking into officer involved shootings is going to be a top
10:42 pm
priority in his new job. drivers may have noticed a billboard with an image of president trump and the word impeach. right next to it. it is visible at the toll plaza for people driving into the city was paid for by a progressive california political group called courage campaign. accuses the president of wrongdoing elated to the russia investigation illumination -- support of white supremacy and his refusal to divest from his businesses while president. the billboard inspired a variety of responses. >> he has done things that are absolutely offensive. and what presidents weeds out his responses? >> you have to respect the guy. come on guys. you are letting a lot of personal issues get in the way of that.>> the billboard will be up until october 1. the courage campaign says more are
10:43 pm
on the way in other parts of california. residence in the cell a -- the south bay making a sting. details on that skunk problem that has a lot of people frustrated. bill martin will have a complete forecast. we are back in a moment.
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residents say horrible smell has consumed the willow glen neighborhood in san jose. an explosion in the skunk population might be to blame.>> reporter: there is the stench of trouble in willow glen. and the cobras are these guys. neighbors report and influx of skunk tearing up bonds and terrorizing pets. darrell cortez came face-to- face with one of the credits. he realized he wasn't the only one. >> i happen to be on social media. does anyone have an issue with skunks in the neighborhood? the posting lit up.>> reporter: ashley says her dog get skunk.>> we tried covering him with a nice smell. that did not do it.
10:47 pm
you do not want to encounter a skunk.>> reporter: swot pest control says the population has exploded this year. in san jose and this one backyard he has captured 17 skunks. 12 of them female. >> i have never caught so many adult females in one location.>> reporter: the recent years of drought help the population. and now there is an abundance of food in the animals are looking further winter dance.>> reporter: that drought shows how there population sprung back.>> reporter: a volunteer manages to snapped photos of the skunk she has captured. she says she paid the price.>> it was a comedy show. with me -- i got sprayed in the face. it is blinding. is things. >> reporter: darrell cortez is taking a safer course of action. sprinkling cayenne pepper and dish soap on his lawn.
10:48 pm
he is hoping that will keep them from snacking in his yard. >> i have to get rid of the grubs which will get rid of the skunks. if i do that i think my problem is resolved.>> reporter: keep all pet food indoors. tried to seal of any potential hiding spot index or sheds. if you think you need to have a skunk removed call a professional. temperatures today did warm up a little bit. they will warm further into your bay area on tuesday. low 90s. these are the highs today. the warm spot was 91 santa rosa. 87 san jose and fairfield. 89 antioch. upper 80s turn into low 90s tomorrow. slightly warmer for the bay area. here is the story with the jet stream. is a big ridge. upper-level winds. it goes right -- that is a lot.
10:49 pm
these of the upper-level winds at 20,000 feet. of the surface you can see -- that is indicative of a high. high-pressure the air sinks. that is what it is doing. that is why is this warm right now. just outside running in the upper 60s in concorde. 69 degrees. the air is still subsiding. the air sinks and warms. as you look at sfo you can see the fog and very little wind. warmer for tuesday. warmer still on wednesday. or at least the same. the air will sink and it warms. temperatures in the middle 90s. low 90s and -- low 90s inland. middle 70s at the costs. a red flag warning in effect for the hills of the north bay. and the east bay hills. low humidity last until five a
10:50 pm
clock on wednesday. wind gusts up to 25. right on the criteria cost. it is still we mentioned earlier this time of year. until we get the first train. as you look at tomorrow's highs i looked at the models. next week hopefully it will happen. it looks like we have a chance for a big pattern shipped. which would not surprise me. we have had a lot this year. it would take us into a wet period. like a real late fall period. that is way down the road. this week -- temperatures will stay in the lower 90s right through the week. those are the inland spots. the bay is not far behind. they cities upper 80s. -- bay city. it is fall. it is great. the fire danger is the downside. this is --
10:51 pm
coming up armed robbers and bay area atms. the warning from police after robberies at four separate banks. the giants are trying to end the season on a winning note taking on the diamondbacks. mark will tell us how they did in the rest the sports coming up next.'s oh, you brought butch.
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the things we talk about during the break. mark is here with sports. giants have lost 96. but they one tonight. >> it is a magic number. it is now one. not the kind of magic number we are used to talking about with the giants. it is pretty important. they don't want to lose 100 games. they just need one more. and it won't happen. they looked pretty impressive. i would say one third of that hotdog -- scrapping it out. jarret parker. giants were trailing. five run fourth inning. just missed a home run. a double off the wall in left center field to get them on the board. one pitch later -- ticket to ride. we haven't had to say that too often this year. three run shot. is ninth of the year. giants in control. for good measure 330 feet worth
10:55 pm
hunter pence reaches out the upward swing. hits the -- down the line. his 13th solo shot. six innings and two runs. is a the when. five-game left. 95 losses. just get one more. the fan is pretty excited. deyonta davis have 114 out of the last 17. they were due for a dud. no big deal tonight. the hotdog begaye pretty jacked up about the game. it did not match his enthusiasm down on the field. three run homer off daniel gosset. 24th. mark -- mike nino -- this is a more familiar swing. alonzo started the season with the a's. is 26. solo shot. for nothing lead.
10:56 pm
fourth inning. the a's did not do too much offense of flea. one good highlight. marcus simeon -- his eighth. only four hits for the a's tonight in a 7-1 loss. vacating going on. one of the a's records falls. mark mcgwire in 1987. he had 49. no ricky had hit more. that rocket -- bad record goes away. aaron judge. that is pretty impressive. his 50th. hometown of the great joe fonzie.
10:57 pm
282 pounds. rookie doing it right. not doing it up right the raiders. last night. they sure did. national television. everything went right. derek car everything off key. he had a couple interceptions. he was sacked 4 times. through four 118 yards per there were dropped passes. absolutely nothing working. there is another example. jack del rio had to face the media and the music today. >> we are taking our lumps today. it is a miserable monday when you don't get it done on sunday. we are dealing with that. we will take it like men and move on. >> monday night football in arizona where the 49ers will be sunday afternoon. never a moment did you think the cowboys were not going to come back. and get this game done.
10:58 pm
deck prescott one of the big reasons. this guy just makes plays. 10 yards. 10 tuff ones and the endzone. with his wheels. again 14-0 in the fourth with his arm. look at this throw off balance. right on the button to bryce butler. touchdown 28-17 final. dallas and jerry jones 2 and 1. we have arrived at that point where we must check this out. addison russell down the left field for the cubs chasing the ball. he will not get it. he will spill a young gentleman's nachos all over the place. look at the tray of nachos. he kicked it right out his hands. that young man is very depressed. live for another day. ryan zimmerman the best defensive play of the game. behind the back. a little flip. he got his man.
10:59 pm
locale impressive this is on the replay. hundred up with still makes the play. -- miami marlins. giancarlo stanton center field -- they combine. collide. everybody is okay. the pitcher is pumped. stanton -- he is all smiles. everyone is healthy. joe panicked thought he might have had himself a double down the right-field line. jeremy hazelbaker with a beautiful grab down the right- field line. all's well that ends well. if that man his nachos back. that made his day. and st. louis a copy making it happen. what would be fitting enough? >> a selfie. >> all worth checking out for monday night. it is 11 pm. time for more news. next and 11. a warning for anyone using an
11:00 pm
atm after two thieves robbed four people in one day. we have some very clear pictures of those two suspects wanted in a series of robberies at atm machines. it can be able bro moment removing cash -- vulnerable moment removing cash from atm. they could have the clues to put the thieves behind bars. she is at a bank in campbell where one of the four holdups occurred.>> reporter: police say the suspects pulled out a handgun on the victim. police calling it a crime of opportunity. they want everyone to be on the lookout and be alert. >> cameras captured clear images of two robbers unfamiliar to authorities but known to someone. they are responsible for a robbery spree and atms in t


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