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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  September 28, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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this man is shaken up, take a look at this video:cantured by skyfox. police say a red suv ek quinn knocks stolen out of alameda was spotted drivt of the wrong way in hayward before going southbound on 880 and exiting on jackson. the suv gets stuck at the intersection of santa clara and bumps a white bmw convertible with its top down. moments later the suspect gets out of the suv and climbs into the convertible that 26-year- old nathan was driving. >> he was coming at me aggressive fighting me physically. >> reporter: what did he say? >> to keep going. he wanted me to run for him. and i was just freaking out. i didn't know what to do. >> it appears as if that person was sitting in traffic driving his vehicle when the subject from the equinox jumped in and began demanding for him to drive a certain direction. >> reporter: nathan says he was running an errand in the company car and on his way back to the dealership when he
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was carjacked. he says the suspect was yelling, screaming, and upset when he pulled over for police but he never saw a weapon. >> there was nothing i can do. i can't help him out. >> reporter: hayward police say the suspect has previously driven the stolen red suv through lafayette, danville, san ramon and dublin before ending up in hayward and inside nathan's car. >> it was only after the vehicle was pulled over and both subjects were taken out of the vehicle that we understand at that time that this is a victim of a carjacking, not a suspect. not a friend of the suspect. >> reporter: how are you feeling? >> good. >> reporter: we just got an update from the contra costa sheriff's department. a spokesman there says this all started for them around 11507 this morning. they say they had word that that red suv was stolen and it was spotted at palos verdes mall in walnut creek. that car then led police on a chase like we have mentioned through danville, where police lost sight of it. it got on 680 and continued driving but the sheriff's
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department did call off their pursuit in the san ramon valley area. then it ended up in hayward. that suspect is in jail at the hayward police department. his name and the charges will be released tomorrow probably. >> so cristina, the driver of the bmw decided to pull over and let police come up and arrest the suspect? >> reporter: that's right. he said when he saw police behind them, he knew he had to pull over. and he said it was just a chance that he took because he understood that the man was very upset with him, this suspect, but he didn't see a weapon so he thought it was best to pull over for police. and you have to understand at that point police had no idea that he, the driver, was not a suspect but a victim. and he actually says police were a little rough with him. they accosted him but it wasn't until after police made the arrest of the suspect that they realized he had been carjacked. and he is just happy that he is okay. his owner at the car dealership is happy that he is
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okay, as well. just very tense and scary moments for that 26-year-old. >> yeah. i can imagine that. cristina rendon in hayward tonight. cristina, thank you. we have new information now about that deadly police standoff yesterday on 80. today authorities identified man as 45-year-old demilo hodge. he opened fire at officers following a freeway chase prompting officers to return fire and kill him. our crime reporter henry lee has been looking into his background. he joins us now from the newsroom with what he learned. >> reporter: julie, there were two sides demilo hodge. he was an entrepreneur who ran a little seen service but it was a homicide suspect with convictions for gun and cocaine possession. hodge has been a truck driver, a family man, a limousine company owner, but police say he was also a homicide suspect, wanted in connection with a 2015 homicide in fairfield. the victim, 68-year-old william freeman, was shot to death inside his home and just
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three weeks ago, fairfield police released these sketches of two suspects. on wednesday, fairfield police caught up with hodge in richmond. he led police on a chase on i- 80. the chp put out spike strips that stopped him in emeryville. after more than 20 minutes of negotiations, police say hodge got out of the suv armed with a handgun and fired at officers. bystanders shot video of his last moments. some officers firing as others ducked for cover. [ gunfire ] >> he fired one round in the direction of the officers which caused them to fear for their safety and safety of people on the road. and they returned fire in an effort to subdue or stop the threat. >> reporter: the chevy suburban hodge drove was registered to his limo company, executive excursion limousine service, specializing in napa valley wine tours and airport pickups. we spoke with a woman who said hodge was supposed to pick her up wednesday at the sacramento airport for a weekend in napa.
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she said he had driven her before and that she considered him to be a friend. >> i don't know what happened. but to me, he is not the person that i would ever feel, um, would act out like that. he didn't seem violent. he didn't angry. he was calm, peaceful and kind. >> reporter: he weathered a number of challenges n2004 he filed for bankruptcy with his wife. they have children together and are now going through a divorce. in 2009, hodge spoke to ktvu about being a parolee. >> i was paroled from lompoc federal prison in november 2007. possession of a firearm and narcotics to sell. >> reporter: fairfield police have not provided a motive for the 2015 killing or said why they suspected hodge. now emeryville police are taking the lead in investigating his death by police. henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. a man who was hit by a santa clara vta train was
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rushed to the hospital this afternoon. the accident happened about 1 p.m. this afternoon at mckee and north capitol avenue in san jose. fire crews removed the man from underneath the train. authorities say he was unconscious. we don't have any word tonight on his condition. the vta says there were 12 people on the train at the time of the accident, all of them are okay. the south bay high school student is out of surgery and recovering tonight after being stabbed on campus. it happened at overfelt high school this morning. ktvu's jesse geary has the story from our san jose studio. >> my daughter! >> reporter: today at overfelt high school, an earlier than normal exit for dozens of students, after on campus violence spooked some students and parents and for a time forced a "shelter in place." >> i was, like, scared, confused. i don't know what was going on. >> reporter: san jose police detectives say around 9 a.m., two juveniles stabbed a ninth grader behind the gym at overfelt. police don't know what prompted the stabbing but at least one of the suspects
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entered from off campus. the other is an overfelt tenth grader. >> our students when they come to and from school, they have to go through some tough neighborhoods. and so sometimes what carries on in the neighborhood hits the campus. >> reporter: investigators say there was an altercation between the suspects and the victim at which point they stabbed him at least once. teachers and staffers held the two suspects until san jose police arrived to make the arrest. >> the suspects were transported to the police department. the school and the community are currently safe. there's no outstanding suspects. >> reporter: the school of 1500 students was placed in a security "shelter in place" while investigators processed the scene. dozens of students shaken by the violence called their anxious parents for an early pickup. >> they put us on code red, which is a lockdown. we barricaded the door. then code blue, nobody could leave the room. >> when you hear about this, there was a stabbing, what does that make you think as a parents? >> um, to make sure they are
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safe, that's all what i think. so yeah. >> just wanted to keep her safe? >> yeah. >> reporter: police and the district superintendent credit swift action by school staffers and teachers in keeping people safe and capturing the two suspects. the identities of all involved the two suspects and the victim withheld because they're all juveniles. i'm jesse gary, ktvu fox 2 news. there is word tonight of another large rockslide at yosemite's el capitan one day after a man was killed and his climbing partner seriously injured when a massive slab of granite fell yesterday afternoon from that iconk rock formation. we just received this photo from today's rockslide into our newsroom. you can see the huge plumes of dust coming up from the side of el capitan. witnesses say today's rockslide was easily three times the size of yesterday's. at this point there is no word of any injuries from this latest rock fall. now, also today we learned
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about the victims from yesterday's slide. they were a couple from great britain. the park says they were at the bottom of el capitan getting ready to make the climb when a massive 130-foot sheet of granite came crashing down. the man was killed and the woman was flown out of the park with serious injuries. a witness took this photo. it shows the large plume of dust right after the rock fall. officials say the slide was among 7 yesterday over a four- hour span. in washington, the agenda is shifting to tax reform, although the white house is still insisting that congress will find a way to repeal and replace the affordable care act. fox news' lauren blanchard says this comes as both parties celebrated the return of house republican steve scalise who was shot and wounded during a gop congressional baseball practice. >> reporter: despite deep- rooted differences on tax reform and healthcare, a bipartisan moment in the capital as majority whip steve scalise returned to the house floor for the first time since being shot on a baseball field
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in june. >> as we're fighting through the issues of the day, let's just keep in mind that we rise above the challenges of the day. >> reporter: meanwhile, over at the white house, the top priority now the president's newly announced tax reform of plan. the white house saying they hope to get the plan passed as quickly as possible. >> we have designed a plan where you're going to pay a lower rate but you're going to pay it on [ indiscernible ] that's a basic core premise of our plan. you have to look at the plan in its entirety. the one thing i would beg you all to do is don't look at any one piece. >> reporter: but democrats saying there's been a lack of details and they believe it will only benefit the wealthy. >> don't call it reform. it's not reform. it's just more of the same trickle down economics. >> reporter: president trump hoping to make tax reform a hallmark of his administration. despite recent setbacks on their healthcare agenda this week, the president and vice president still calling for a repeal and replace of
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obamacare even if it takes until next year. >> before this session of congress ends, in 2018, we will repeal and replace obamacare. [ applause and cheers ] >> reporter: this as democrats vow to continue fighting the republicans' healthcare legislation. >> like a zombie. it keeps rising up and we have to keep putting a stake in its heart. >> reporter: the vice president says he thinks the white house and congress will be able to pass the tax cuts laid out in the plan by christmas of this year. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. health and human services secretary tom price will reimburse the government for costly charter flights he took in recent months. price has come under criticism from members of both parties for taking private jets at taxpayer expense. he says the he is cooperating with the investigations into those flights which is reported to exceed $400,000. in a statement, price expressed his regret saying he wants sensitive enough to the concerns those travels would
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create about the use of taxpayer dollars. twitter announced today they have shut down more than 200 accounts tied to the same group of russians who posted political ads on facebook. twitter also says they found three accounts linked to the kremlin that spent close to $275,000 on twitter ads in 2016. the information came out this morning during a closed-door meeting between twitter and the house senate intelligence committees. one senator said afterwards that twitter showed a big lack of understanding about how serious the issue is and the threat that it posts to democratic institutions. sports illustrated sparking controversy for what's not on the cover. coming up from steph curry one of the cover's critics. >> also, a new scam targeting netflix customers. what you need to do to make sure you don't fall for it. >> and we are getting close to that weekend. a little bit of fog back at the coast. temperatures dropped a little bit today further cooling as we head towards the weekend. details coming up.
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scammers are targeting netflix customers in an effort to get into people's bank accounts. they send emails designed to look like they have come from directly -- excuse me, directly from the streaming service's customer service. the email informs recipients their accounts have been disabled and their payment details need to be updated. it either asks for the information to be sent in an email or to click a link and log in to fix it but do not click that link. netflix says it will never ask for payment information to be sent to us over an email. shares of roku surged 67% as a public company today.
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they raise the $219 million from the initial public offering. the shares priced at $14 shot up to more than $23 at the close today. roku is based in los gatos, known for boxes and controllers that allow users to watch netflix and other streaming video channels. san francisco is trying to free up more parking spots across the city. the municipal transportation agency's board of directors will consider reform proposals for residential permit parking next tuesday. they will first address two areas. dogpatch near ucsf medical center at mission bay and parts of bernal heights near san francisco general hospital. san francisco has about 78,000 permitted parking spaces but issues 95,000 parking permits each year. right now, households can receive 4 or more permits but the new proposals would cut that number to one per person or two per household. let's talk about our weather now, bring in our chief meterologist bill martin. i was just looking at the picture in san francisco. >> yeah. >> you can see what a beautiful day it was out there
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today. >> a stunning day. >> yeah. >> slightly cooler, right? >> it felt warmer. >> maybe like that much. >> at my house it was warmer. >> a little cooler. i did that yesterday and we were all wrong. no, it's, um, did -- it's perfect fall weather. it feels warm because of the time of year and length of day. temperatures today generally a little cooler but the mechanism, the reason is the system here. it's delivering rain or trying to in the pacific northwest but mainly the dynamics is such that instead of having this offshore flow which is surrounding a high we have this onshore flow. newscast the fog. these lighter clouds in the upper atmosphere, these clouds down here is most likely low- level moisture. so the upper-level winds are doing something more like this but with this low pressure here, the low level is doing something like this. thanks taking the fog and pushing it inland so you're seeing the changes there that are occurring that are going
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to allow for cooling around here. certainly tomorrow, we saw cooling today and fog at the coast. they tend to get fog at the coast. you know things will cool down we'll see clouds around tomorrow morning. there's the current temperatures. so eh, it's about the same as yesterday now when you look at the numbers. not much difference. so concord the same. fairfield a degree warmer. concord is 10 cooler or oakland is 10cooler and two cooler in livermore so you get the idea. sort of the significance here is, with the fog at the coast, these bay temperatures took a big drop. inland temperatures stayed about the same. so frank and julie were covered on our not getting it right this time. it depends where you were. some places were warmer or cooler. there's the wind going onshore. with that, you have the fog trying to work its way in. love that shot. pretty. beautiful. >> you see mount tam there in the distance. picking it out. what's fun we have never done this is go -- i know you have
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all done this. cronkite beach down toward the marine mammal center. in the last five years you had to stop at the top but there's a road now there's always been a road but that road now, it's up by the bunkers. right at the very top instead of going over to the marine mammal center and you hit this road and it's one way and it goes down here. it's really a stunning -- i never have been -- it's never been open in all the years i lived here and a few years ago they opened it. in a car it's cool. there's the fog forecast for tomorrow morning, it's back. cooling is anticipated because of the onshore flow. friday already cooler than they have been. this lowers the fire danger. into the weekend we are looking for temperatures to kind of stay on the mild side. good air quality, too. tomorrow we'll do the big thing. reports that google was trying to strong-arm the city of mountain view where it's based seem to be exaggerating.
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some accuse the company of withholding support for large housing projects. ktvu's tom vacar spent the day in mountain view today looking awhat the google wants versus what the town is willing to give. >> reporter: some of google's vast mountain view pollen report has been set aside for the development of up to 9850 badly needed housing units to be built in an originally business industrial area to bring housing close to workplaces. 20% of those units would be priced as affordable. city council which is deeply concerned over the jobs and housing imbalance that drives housing costs up preliminarily approved the plan but google pulled a last-minute surprise. >> they came to us in the 11th however literally with a surprise to us. and so to say, you know, we can do this but then we need more office space than what you have allotted. >> google has been telling us
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that they have done more often than we authorized. >> reporter: they wanted another 100,000 square feet of office space that would significantly change the north shore charleston east project. it's trying to fix the existing housing imbalance not add to it. google, the international online giant, is finding its own hometown that when it comes to development and housing, you can't always get what you want. >> the problem is when we told google that we were reluctant to build more offices above the ones that are already authorized, they said you know, no new extra offices, no housing. >> reporter: but the vice mayor and google both confirm it was not and our way or the highway take it or leave it threat. what google is saying, in order to create an economic cloudy vibrant and balanced community, we believe the plan has to include office, retail and community spaces alongside parks and residential units. so a new funding source has to
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be found. >> in the big scheme of things a narrow question i don't believe there's any difference of opinion on the overall mission between the two parties. >> reporter: the development area which includes a lot of google buildings is already under a strict traffic limit cap regardless of what google wants to build. >> unless the city council says otherwise, google needs to comply with that trip cap. >> i think we can definitely work it out. but it really does take a level of trust and being forthright and up front with what your real needs are. >> a final decision is still more than two weeks off. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. a major tv star announces she has breast cancer. her prognosis and message coming up. >> plus, sports illustrated jumps into the national debate over how athletes react to the national anthem. its latest cover is make headlines not just for what it shows but for what it doesn't show.
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actress julia louis- dreyfus has been diagnosed with brass. the star of veep and seinfeld wrote, one in 8 women get breast cancer. today i'm the one. the 56-year-old actress goes on to say that she has supportive and caring friends and family and fantastic health insurance. she encourages everyone to fight all cancer and to make
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universal healthcare a reality. earlier this month, julia louis-dreyfus won her 6th emmy award for her portrayal of salina mayer in veep. this week's cover of the "sports illustrated" highlights the recent protest against racial inequality. two bay area athletes are front and center. but where is colin kaepernick? frank mallicoat joins us now with reaction. frank. >> reporter: well, a lot of people asking that question, guys. where is he? how do you tell the story without the man that got the discussion started in the first place? you can see thecover behind me, a nation divided, sports united including in the pictures with steph curry in the middle, bruce maxwell and head coach of the warriors steve kerr among others but no kaepernick. curry was dumbfounded by the cover saying, linking his arms with the nfl commissioner roger goodell makes zero sense to him. curry says sports illustrated missed the message behind the protest altogether.
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>> that was terrible. um, just kind of capitalizing on the hoopla and nonsense. the real people understandsing what's going on and who has been active and vocal and truly making a difference, um, you don't have kaepernick front and center on that, then something's wrong. >> well, this past sunday a number of nfl players making statements by "taking a knee" during the national anthem after the president criticized the league for not taking action to stop it. as for the warriors, they open the preseason saturday at oracle against the nuggets. right now there's no plan in place for the national anthem. it is the players choice. >> as our organization says, everybody has the right to do what they want to do and to voice what they want to voice. and stand for what they want to stand for. and that will all show on saturday. >> as mentioned the warriors
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host the nuggets on saturday night. we'll see exactly what they do before the game. as for sports illustrated, their executive he had store said, by omitting kaepernick the magazine was attempting to capture new voices in the debate. >> all right. still ahead tonight a former employee of the santa clara probation department is behind bars. coming up, the charges she is now facing for the alleged abuse of teenagers in jail. plus. >> officers so accountable for your actions. >> she says police burst into her home and permanently injured her. coming up, the confrontation and multi-million dollar payout she is receiving.
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a former santa clara county probations employee is behind bars tonight. the woman is accused of having sex with two teenagers while they were incarcerated. ktvu's maureen naylor has more from san jose with the list of charges that woman is now facing. >> reporter: julie, the woman of worked as a probation counseling here at juvenile hall in san jose and in morgan hill until she resigned in july. tonight she is in custody facing more than a dozen felony counts of sexual assault. this is the former santa clara
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county probations employee now locked up. the county says 36-year-old tricia can parawas arrested for sexual misconduct accused of having sex with a 17 and 18- year-old boy while they were in jail. a source tells ktvu the alleged crimes happened here at the william james ranch in morgan hill a boys juvenile detention facility and at an off site juvenile work location. in a statement, the chief probation officer said: he. >> reporter: the probation counseling was arrested here at her home in socal thursday morning. halloween decorations are up and a cross hangs in her car out front. neighbors say the mother was with a young son kept to herself. capara who worked for the county for eight years faces 15 felony counts of sexual assault and felony count for unlawful access to privileged
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information after she accessed information related to one of the teen boys. in a statement the sheriff's department says we deplore her alaska and have turned the case over to the districts attorney. tonight tricia caparra is held on $650,000 bail in a women's correction center in milpitas. she will go to court tomorrow at 1:30 in the afternoon. county executive jeff smith declined our request for an interview but said once the allegation came in last year caparra was immediately removed from contact with youth and the county has zero tolerance for these deplorable acts against clients in our care, he said. >> maureen, when it came to that woman's job, what else do you know about her role or how she interacted with teens? >> reporter: julie, technically her title is probation counseling and i asked about that. what they say is essentially she is almost like a corrections officer.
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she was -- i was told in the dorms with the inmates as you could say for the juvenile hall, for the juveniles in there. she was essentially serving as what is thought as a corrections officer but technically, in the juvenile system they are called counselors. it's a little more casual relationship because they hope to help rehabilitate the younger people who are incarcerated. >> all right. maureen naylor in san jose, thank you. richmond police have made an arrest of a woman believed responsible for hitting a 3- year-old boy yesterday morning and then taking off. police say they arrested the woman, she works in a body shop where the car was having work done. investigators say the 19-year- old woman apparently took the car out for a spin yesterday without the owner knowing and that's when she hit the boy. they tracked her down after el cerrito police pulled over the car involved today and learned that the car's owner had nothing to do with the hit-and- run. >> this would have been okay to deal with you know. it wouldn't have been a crime. i don't think anyone
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intentionally wants to strike a 3-year-old with a car or anybody. so, um, the fact that this person left the scene has kind of elevated to the next level. >> richmond police are still not releasing the name of the little boy who was hit. they say he is still in critical but stable condition. two people were killed in a mobile home fire in san leandro. flames poured from the scene this morning after the fire started about 5:30 a.m. after crews knocked down the flames, they searched the home and found a man and a woman dead inside. neighbors spoke fondly of the elderly couple who lived there. >> she would always have a smile on her face, just the nicest lady around. >> alameda county fire investigators were called out to the scene. they spent the morning collecting evidence in and around the mobile home on santa susana street in the mission bay mobile home community. investigators are now trying to figure out how that fire started and whether the man
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and woman inside had any warning before their home erupted in flames. lawmakers on capitol hill now wading into the thorny issue of recovery for hard-hit puerto rico after the island was devastated by hurricane maria. fox news' garrett tenney has more from san juan, puerto rico. >> reporter: puerto rico is still suffering from major damage eight days after taking a direct hit from hurricane maria. power is still out through much of the island and communications are spotty, especially in some of the more remote areas. now the federal government says it's beefing up its response sending additional personnel from fema and other agencies to get back on its feet. one of the top priorities is restoring medical services. >> those hospitals that are opening and re-opening 44 of the 69 ready to take back patients. those requiring additional critical care are being airlifted off the island. >> reporter: president trump says he is happy with the government's response so far tweeting this morning, large numbers of generators are now on island. food and water on site.
5:37 pm
some lawmakers have complained the rescue and recovery effort is moving too slowly. the white house says while aid is getting to the island, distribution has been a challenge. >> supply chain the logistical chain in puerto rico is broken. it's not just broken. it's shattered. it is nonexistent at this point. >> reporter: but residents here say they are still largely on their own with little to no food water and basic supplies. local leaders say it could be years before the island recovers. [ speaking spanish ] >> help puerto rico. this is the moment to help us to address a critical situation in puerto rico. [ speaking spanish ] >> we have to pay the bills. so we have to do something. we have to start again no matter how. >> reporter: on thursday, president trump lifted restrictions on shipping to puerto rico in the hope that doing so will allow aid to reach the island much faster. in san juan, puerto rico, i'm garrett tenney, fox news. still to come here, it was a notoriously dangerous intersection in the bay area. there were three murders there including the shooting death of an innocent woman who was just walking to the store.
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now the changes in that neighborhood to make it safer for everyone. >> and the warriors settle up with the city of oakland paying for both their championship parades. but the price is higher than the team thought it would be.
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new at 5:00 good news for the city of oakland. the warriors will pay for the
5:41 pm
championship parade through the city. the price tag nearly $787,000. it's more than double the initial estimate given to the team by the city. this comes on top of the nearly $6 million the warriors have already spent. the warriors said they are disappointed with the process. the city has been trying for months to get reimbursed for the expense. the city says it is grateful for the payment which offsets all taxpayer costs it took to provide police, fire and public works personnel to staff such a massive public event. an emotional statement today from a santa clara mother who says police burst into her home without a warrant. >> think back to that oath that you swore to uphold and hold your officers and yourselves accountable for your actions. >> danielle burfine will receive a $6.7 million settlement from police for that incident last year.
5:42 pm
she says she had permanent nerve damage when police pushed her to the ground, breaking her ankle. ktvu's azenith smith explains what led up to the incident and shows us the graphic body cam video. >> please, i don't want to hurt you! i don't want to hurt you. >> not -- you are not allowed to come in this house! [ screaming ] >> the video is hard to watch. in it you see santa clara police officers break down danielle burfine's door. it appears the struggle ensued. you then see her on the ground screaming in pain. >> my ankle is broken! >> reporter: this video is taken from a police body camera april of last year. they are were trying to arrest her 15-year-old daughter who was a suspect in an arson nack shack at santa clara high school. she refused to let people in without a warrant. >> competent officers would know that the u.s. constitution requires a warrant before you enterer a person's house. >> reporter: in the video burfine is hysterical as she
5:43 pm
is detain. her attorney claims it took officers seven minutes to call an ambulance. >> it shows an arrogance and a lack of sympathy and a lack of humanity in the face of another person's horrible suffering! >> reporter: the city of santa clara announcing a $6.7 million settlement with burfine. in a statement the city attorney states, although there was a significant disagreement about the extent of the injury, there was no dispute that the plaintiff sustained a broken ankle in the covers entry to the plaintiff's home without a warrant. the police chief says his officers acted professionally. at one point giving her tea. he said she tripped on her own rolling the ankle and what you don't see on the video is her stating it was an accident. >> it was strictly an accident. and she even said that on her own. >> i am not pleased with the dollar amount. i am, you know, very upset about that. and, um, i just wish that we could have had our day in
5:44 pm
court. >> reporter: azenith smith, ktvu fox 2 news. a bay area school football team is seeing double! coming up, why their winning record isn't the only thing special about this team. >> the weekend just around the corner. i'll line up the forecast for your friday, saturday and beyond. ♪ because everyone likes easy. sure do. because everyone is on the go. because we all like to save energy, but sometimes we slip up.
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reaching up. ssssh! because sometimes we want it cool at night, then toasty in the mornings. introducing the easy to use, energy saving, adjustable from everywhere, easy on the wallet and the eyes, nest thermostat e. e is for everyone.
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at berkeley high school today one of the students totally on his own organized a
5:47 pm
package discussion for his classmates. the topic was the growing homeless crisis. sore ren whiting is a senior. he invited the mayor among others to help solve the problem. many homeless are found across the street from campus. >> when we walk outside and we see people in need, we want to him them out like you would help a neighbor in need. so if your neighbor asks for help, why not help these people? >> the panel explored ways students can help including educating their parents about homelessness and volunteering at agencies that provide help on the street. the most recent count found nearly 1,000 homeless now living in berkeley. the football team at benicia high school is having a good season. they have won four of the first five games. but this year's team has something that quite possibly no other team in the country has. and scott reiss shows us. >> reporter: check out a bevan high school football game. you won't just see double. you'll see quadruple.
5:48 pm
>> there's something that you don't see every day. that's for sure. >> reporter: meet the lane brothers, seniors jeremiah and jaylen, sophomores kendall and cameron. >> i think the biggest confusion is them realizing that they are all brothers and that they are twins. >> reporter: that confusion extends to their teammates. >> oh, always gets us -- you know what i'm saying, they can never tell the difference between us. >> reporter: and their coach. >> the two olders, yes. i call them twin one and twin two. >> what happens when you yell, hey, lane? >> that is an issue. you know? because at the spur of the moment you're trying to say something real quick, you can't remember which name they are. just lane. lane and they all alone. so i guess we'll get all their attention. the funny thing is, it's easy because they cover about 7 different positions. it helps us out on the depth chart. >> reporter: of course there's always an interesting dynamic when siblings play sports together so how does it work with four brothers on the same field at the same time? >> i think they feed off each
5:49 pm
other. they always have since they were young. it's almost like they know where each other is at all times on the field. they work well with each other. >> my brother has helped me on the field so when i do something bad or not knowing too good, they are going to be, like, you have to do this you know. >> try to be role models and they look up to us. we want them to follow in our footsteps you know what i'm saying hopefully becoming better players than we are today. >> reporter: the support system is priceless but with it comes sibling rivalry will not so much brother versus brother as twins against twins. >> we think we are better you know what i'm saying they kind of compete with us, always a competition with us. >> we definitely give them feedback. feedback is a gift so take it and learn and just try to improve. but they respect their older brothers. >> if one of them messes up i go and talk to the other ones and sayers hey, man, can you go talk to your brother? if one gets hurt, i ask the
5:50 pm
other one if he felt that. i like to have fun with them. >> reporter: it's fun for the whole family the lanes relishing this most unique opportunity for all involved. >> being together one last time, our last year for our senior year, i think it's great we finally get to play with them. >> i haven't played with my brothers since i was a little guy so to get to play with them now it's a blessing. >> it's sentimental for me because they have been playing since they were little boys. so for this to be their last year together, for them to go off to college, it's emotional. >> reporter: in benicia, scott row ktvu fox 2 news. >> great story. >> i would have thought their mom was their sister. >> she looks so young. >> yeah. >> what a fun thing. they will remember that for the rest of their lives, high school football, like nothing better. all right. let's check the weather now. i know bill, watching that story going -- beautiful boys. beautiful family. >> the pictures of them when they were younger, just
5:51 pm
priceless. >> i know. the other thing too you is look at them, you only get a snippet there. but watching those four together, they like each other. you can tell. >> the mom is so proud. today93 napa, 91 in fairfield cooler especially at the coast where the fog came back and around the bay. inland not much difference. still in the 90s. so today's temperatures as compared to what's going to happen tomorrow, 87 in livermore. 93 today. so temperatures cooling down further. the fog is being compressed a little bit as we go through the heat wave but now as we go forward, it's expanding as this low pressure -- i think i pointed out earlier in the show you're seeing that moist cool air push in. this is the system. mechanism for the expansion and the marine layer and the
5:52 pm
subsequent cooling. better air quality, lessens fire danger and really not bad weather for us around here. winds slightly onshore. always good. this is how things are supposed to go in terms of this time of year what would you expect. warmer than average this time of year in the inland valleys. i love that shot. that's the tennessee valley, the fog being pressed up the valley towards mill valley there. just a cool shot. low pressure center comes closer this -- well, today, tomorrow and into next week. so temperatures are going to trend down a little bit next week with this pressure system. this pattern is developing. at one point the model suggested a chance of some showers with that. remember i mentioned it earlier in the week? but right now it looks like the main impact will be cooling. so there's friday afternoon. there's saturday. the fog kind of clears out. and you get a little bit more sunshine at the beach. but just steady as she goes.
5:53 pm
it's been cooling really since the heat that we saw earlier this week. and it will cool further. you will see this in the five- day forecast. all those people yesterday stuck in that traffic. literally it wasn't just -- >> four hours. >> it wasn't just for the time they were -- it was all the other freeways coming into it. i thought, it's interesting how that has an impact on the whole bay area. so i was happy to see traffic back to normal. that's just unfair. >> terrible. >> you're going to work and going home from work and you get hammered. >> it's sad to see the man lost his life as a result of pointing the gun at the police. that was sad, too. yeah. >> so a better day today. >> much better. >> thank you, bill. he still to come, making a neighborhood safe after three
5:54 pm
killings at a corner in a san francisco neighborhood police and residents said no more. the changes made to make the area safe again.
5:55 pm
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the man accused of killing a 65-year-old grandmother in the oceanview neighborhood of san francisco made his first court appearance today after being arrested two days ago. police say the area of plymouth and broad where the killing happened nearly six
5:57 pm
months ago was notorious for gang activity and crime. the city installed neighborhood cameras this past spring and ktvu's tara moriarty checked in with police and neighbors to see if the cameras surveillance program is helping. >> i believe all in all we have 16 cameras in the neighborhood and 18 license plate readers. >> reporter: new security cameras have been installed at broad and plymouth. >> we have seen a significant decrease in calls for service to this area specifically violent crimes. >> reporter: that's good news since fro october of last year through this past march, the oceanview neighborhood saw 3 homicides on this corner, not recent 65-year-old woman who police say was an innocent bystander caught in gang crossfire while simply trying to walk to the bus stop. >> we miss her. >> reporter: thelma who owns a produce market says neighbors
5:58 pm
were relieved when police caught her accused killer 24- year-old jonathan santos. he was released and appeared again in court on murder charges. >> he has been charged with murder, three counts of attempted murder and five counts with a semi-automatic firearm. >> reporter: after wu's killing the city put in the cameras to try to deter crime. >> it's quiet. >> reporter: there were three calls that had no merit since the cameras went up. >> our goal is to able to see the cars and inside the cars. >> i'm not nervous now. you know? okay. now my customers come secure. okay? >> reporter: the neighborhood cameras sadly came too late for wu and her family. today in court, santos shook his head as the charges were read against him. his bail is set at $2 million with his next court appearance set for monday. in san francisco, tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. ♪[
5:59 pm
music ]♪ an investigation launched at berkeley high school after a racist social media account run by students popped up online. administrators at berkeley high say the instagram account was started and shared by some of its students and contained deeply offensive and discriminatory content. good evening, i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. the account was reportedly called i hate jews. and it included posts that featured swastikas drawn over the pictures of students and racial slurs and derogatory references to people with disabilities. new at 6:00 tonight ktvu's rob roth is live in the newsroom with the message that has gone out alerting parents. rob. >> reporter: well, julie, berkeley high school administrators are still trying to get to the bottom of this bigoted instagram account but many students and staff say they are upset and disappointed that fellow students could post what could only be described as hate speech. at berkeley high school, some students were surprised, some
6:00 pm
angry, many both. >> they are attacking everybody so everybody is offended. >> reporter: earlier this week, a private instagram account started by at least one berkeley high student came to light. the account was called, i hate jews. students say posts were anti- semitic, racist, homophobic and derogatory towards those with disabilities and the post contained hate-field memes. the account has been shut down -- hate-filled memes. the account has been shut down. >> it hurt people a lot. >> my initial reaction was, like, are they aware of -- of the harm that's done by this online behavior? >> reporter: do you think they are? >> um, actually no. i -- i don't think they quite understand. >> reporter: in an email to parents, the superintendent said he was appalled, quote, i had a meeting with student leaders this week to partner with them in creating a series of courageous conversations and actions that lead to real change. berkeley's mayor says the


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