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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 2, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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good afternoon. i am mike mibach. >> we continue to follow brick u from las vegas for at least 58 people are dead and more than 500 have been injured in a shooting. >> we have been covering the tragedy since it began. i spoke from the white house early this morning. >> hundreds of our fellow citizens are now morning the sudden loss of a loved one. a parent, a child, a brother or sister. we cannot fathom their pain. we cannot imagine their loss. to the families of the victims, we are praying for you and we are here for you. we ask god to help see you through this very dark period. >> the president also said he would visit las vegas on wednesday calling the shooting "an act of pure evil." we have team coverage on this breaking news story.
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let's begin with allie rasmus in our newsroom monitoring the latest developments. >> reporter: the president, first lady, and vice president mike pence and his wife observed a moment of silence on the white house lawn. all flags will be lowered to half staff to mourn the victims and in the meantime, authorities are still trying to figure out the motive for this atrocity and any indication for what may have compelled 64-year- old stephen paddock to commit the deadliest mass shooting in modern u.s. history. police believe he acted alone and say there has been no connection between him and any international terrorist groups. paddock is convicted -- accused of killing over 50 people and injured more than 500 others. police say paddock had driven from his home in mesquite, nevada 80 miles northeast of las vegas to check into a hotel on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel and casino where they say he broke the window of his room to rain down
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a constant barrage of gunfire on unsuspecting concertgoers below. these were people in an enclosed, outdoor field. investigators found a cachet of at least 12 weapons, and plenty of ammunition in his hotel room. they also found weapons and ammunition in his home. >> we have completed the search warrant in mesquite. i am not aware of any derogatory information that we can utilize to further evidence of this investigation at this point but we have just recovered items and it will take a little while to evaluate that information. >> paddock's brother from orlando says the family is completely dumbfounded by what happened and is just as puzzled as anyone else about why their relatives would do something like this. >> was he particularly hyped up about politics or anything? >> nothing, nothing. no religious affiliation. no political affiliation. he just hung out. >> reporter: and no history of mental illness? >> not a bit. there is nothing.
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i mean -- >> weapons? >> find out who he got the machine guns from. where the hell did he get the machine guns? >> we don't know exactly what type of weapon was used that paddock shot from that hotel room, but take a look. this is video from nevada as people are answering the call from emergency officials to donate blood and help the more than 500 people who were hospitalized because of this mass shooting. this is video from outside one of the blood bank spread the line wrapped around the block. we are told it is a five-hour wait to donate blood but paddock lived with his girlfriend who was out of the country in that home in mesquite. police do not believe she was involved in the shooting but they plan to interview her at length when she returns to the u.s. to try to glean any information they can about the gunman's motives. keep in mind, we may not get an answer when the chef was asked about motives. the sheriff told reporters "i
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can't get into the mind of a psychopath." >> a number of people from the bay area were at that country music festival in las vegas last night. >> alex savage is joining us now. you talked to a local dj who did -- who survived that carnage. >> he described unimaginable horror and incredible confusion and chaos as the shooting unfolded. i spoke with brett eastwood who was at the conference -- concert with some friends who were among the 22,000 people there watching country music star jason aldean performing at the outdoor venue when all of a sudden the gunman began firing from across the steed -- across the street from a mandalay bay hotel window. >> [ gunshots ] >> reporter: the crackle of automatic gunfire sent concertgoers running for cover, and this crowd into a panic. brett eastwood, who owns a dj business in discovery bay was at the route 91 harvest festival last night. >> [ gunshots ]
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>> reporter: eastwood told me he had two friends hid under some metal bleachers as the shooting started >> you just here people running, pandemonium, people screaming and running at. after 20 seconds of delay, you hear this pop pop pop pop pop pop pop pop. it's like out of a movie. are you -- you are like is this really happening? people are crying on their phones. people were crawling in the dirt. >> reporter: eastwood says he and his friends could see several people had been shot and they tried to decide whether to make a run for it. >> i am running out here. >> reporter: with no idea where the shooter was firing from. >> so many things have never happened before going through your mind. is the next bullet going to hit me? are you down to your and -- your last-second? nobody had any idea it was coming from an upper floor. >> reporter: eastwood said the gunfire would stop for a minute and then there would be another burst. finally, eastwood and his
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friends decided to escape. >> what's going on? >> reporter: they ran from the venue and eventually made their way into the nearby mgm grand casino next-door. they say the party on the las vegas strip was continuing on. even as this tragedy unfolded just outside. >> i walked through the mgm casino completely blown away, looking around as people were still playing blackjack, still rolling craps dice. i was like how have they not show this place down? >> kind of a surreal scene he describes with people in nearby casinos just going about their business as this shooting was happening at this outdoor venue. hard to imagine the fear that eastwood and his friends were feeling. they did not know where the gunfire was coming from or how many shooters there might be. they had no idea what was coming next. this group of friends from right here in the bay area. certainly grateful they made it out alive. >> can't believe you can go from one casino to the next and
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they have no idea what's going on. >> that is what struck me most is as he described getting away from the shooting scene and making his way to the mgm grand and popping inside as if nothing was going on outside. really incredible to hear that. >> alex, thank you. we know last night's shooting rampage is the deadliest mass shooting in modern history. it comes 15 months after the pulse nightclub shooting in orlando, florida 149 people were killed. back in april 2011, a student opened fire at virginia tech university. 32 people were killed in that attack. a gunman also opened fire at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut. 26 people, mostly children died. people at that concert are now beginning to return home. >> tom vacar joining us from oakland international where he talked to people about the minute they knew it was a shooting and how they survived. >> reporter: we talked to a number of people and i want to just tell you that some of the
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stuff we saw as people came back was a sight to behold and i mean that sincerely. in fact, at oakland airport this morning, the morning after the most horrific night imaginable, hugs, tears, gratitude, love, and relief. despite knowing those returning were alive and unharmed, the emotional responses time and again showed the depth and fear, the terror that the gunman wrought. these folks were actually there. >> we were all upfront enjoying the headliner and we heard some shots. we thought it was fireworks at first. then we saw some people on the ground calling for medics and we solve -- we saw the performer run off the stage and we heard more shots and more shots and more shots. >> were you able to get out quickly? >> somewhat quickly. we were stuck for a couple of minutes trying to stay low and every time we heard gunshots, we dropped down but yeah, once we were up and sprinting, we were out of the menu relatively quickly. >> we kind of just pushed our
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way through them somebody not down a fence and we went through the fence and hid under a car for about 10 minutes until there was a break in the gunshots. >> reporter: the word we heard time again was surreal. the fact of what was happening was hard to grasp for the folks that were there. then, adrenaline and for survival instincts took over as cowboy boot -- cowboy boots, singing, and dancing immediately gave way to flight for life as the killer sprayed magazine after magazine, round after round on the crowd below. coming back live at, we can tell you that for many people, the mood was simply utter shock that this has happened. that they had been involved in it. and i think it hadn't completely sunk in as it will in the days and months to come. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> let's go to lorin blanchard in las vegas. >> she is live to bring us what is happening now.
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moran? -- lorin? >> reporter: i am on the iconic strip. this is not a sight you usually see in what is a usually very loud and bubbly city. there is nobody out here. the only cars on las vegas boulevard right now are first responders like unmarked police cards, fire trucks, ambulances. the only people walking out here our fellow media, as well as some folks who are trying to figure out a way back to the las vegas strip in order to get into their hotels. we have talked to a folks who have been wandering around this area. if you know it at all, you know they are very long blocks. it's very does it because the airport is on one side. the other side is sand and palm trees. these people have to walk around, trying to find a way around the police blockades to get into their hotels because
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they are trying to retrieve their belongings and many of them are just trying to get out of here and go home. so a very somber mood here. even as the mandalay bay has finally opened up to gusts to to come back in, again that is coming with its own set of challenges because there is still a very active crime scene over by that hotel as police are working around-the-clock nearly more than a day and a half now after this took place as they are trying to make sense, processing a lot of the data and shell casings. and unfortunately they are still processing some of those bodies right now. the count is standing at 500 people injured and more than 58 dead and the police are warning us the number is likely to change. mike, gasia? >> and you talked about crime scenes. we have the one where the festival was, the grounds. you talked about the body
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removal and the 32nd floor. the question is, that 32nd for an mandalay bay is still shutdown. what is the priority for law enforcement agencies in the investigation inside the hotel? >> reporter: we haven't heard from police. but we can imagine, they are still very much trying to figure out a motive. no one can really understand why this guy did this. he had no past record of any mental health issues. he had one citation but it was figured out in the courts. nothing really you would that and i and at. they really don't know why this guy did this. this 64-year-old stephen paddock. he is from this area. they have no idea what he would have done this. what they say was breaking a window on this 32nd floor. he had at least 10 weapons up there. when police finally got into that room, he was already dead they say from a self-inflicted wound. and at this point, folks cannot
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figure out what would drive this man to shoot so many people just enjoying a concert. >> even his own brother who said that he and his family are completely dumbfounded. lauren blanchard, thank you. we will have continuing coverage of the shooting in las vegas around our newscast and you can find the latest updates on our websites still to come, fleet week is underway in the bay area. when we come back, the emergency drill happening at a san francisco hospital. and a live look outside across the bay area. the sun is out, but a little windy and some parts. meteorologist rosemary orozco here with the bay area forecast. and uc berkeley students severely beaten on campus. who police are now looking for.
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we continue to follow breaking news. a shooting las vegas where officials say 58 people have died and more than 500 are hurt after gunfire broke out at an outdoor country concert. the suspect was found a short time later on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay resort. he was shot and killed. they say he shot and killed himself before the gunman could talk to him. he has been identified as a 36 year-old man from mesquite, nevada. officials say at this point, he was acting alone. they are still trying to
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determine a motive for the attack -- the attack, now the deadliest shooting in history. a planned training exercise, all part of fleet week. >> leigh martinez at zucker burke hospital to bring us more. >> reporter: this is the first time we have had the hurricanes but in our case it would be an earthquake so if the big one were to hit, with the staging and marines, the city and state services joining me now as craig johnson. this -- he is the chief of the disaster services. this is a long title. >> the emergency medical services authority with the state of california. >> reporter: okay, so if we had a huge earthquake, what happens next? >> if there is a large-scale earthquake in san francisco, obviously the local response would be occurring. when resources are needed beyond the local capability, they would look within the county and within the region
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before large-scale disasters such as an earthquake. the state of california would be involved quickly so the ems authority, we are the lead agency for the coordination of disaster medical services so not only do we coordinate disaster response but we have a very robust capability. we are showcasing some of that capability. >> reporter: you have a lot of these medical tents. how quickly can you get them up here? >> we can deploy anywhere in california within about 12 hours. it takes 4 to 6 hours to set up a base of operations and a base of operations consists of what you're seeing right here right now. 4 to 6, really. >> reporter: and what can you do inside these tents once they are set up? >> we have pretty viable capabilities to provide life- saving treatment for disaster victims, so we can provide a minor surgery intervention. we can treat to save and stable
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life -- stabilize life. and then transport to more definitive care. >> reporter: thank you for joining us. this is something that we would see in a disaster for area. like an earthquake. we do have the marines who say they would be deployed. they would ask to come here and they would to play with supplies. they say it's not something they would take over -- where they would take over law enforcement duties. they would be here and then get out right away. if we saw something huge, this is what we would a huge afterwards and this is a part of fleet week, which you think of fleet week as like celebrations but they say this is also a big component of fleet week that they do these emergency trainings just in case something were to happen. >> leigh martinez live in san francisco. thank you. an investigation is underway on the uc berkeley
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campus after a student was beaten. >> the encounter happened after midnight on sunday outside resident -- unit 3, a residence hall. >> there was a guy surrounded by police, and he looked pretty bad. >> reporter: outside uc berkeley, in this courtyard, students say they saw a young man lying on the ground. they thought it was because of alcohol poisoning. they had no idea he was the victim of a brutal assault until they received a campus alert. >> it's definitely scary. it's close to where we sleep. it's supposed to be a safe area. >> a male in his 20s unconscious in a courtyard area. >> reporter: the 911 call came in just near 12:30 am when witnesses reported three men had punched and beat the victim and how he was unconscious. some students said they heard yelling from the dormitory windows. one witness told police a verbal altercation may have occurred prior to the attack. >> i have never seen that happen at this university so i am hoping it won't be a
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continuous problem but it was shocking. >> reporter: the victim was taken to the hospital and released early sunday morning. a friend of the victim says he was badly bruised and hit in the back. the victim told police the attack was unprovoked. police notified students and staff through email. >> i was surprised because i was walking around here last night. that could have been anyone. >> reporter: in the email, descriptions are big. two are described as hispanic males. last seen walking on grant avenue. it is unclear if the suspects were students. >> it's so people can -- it's an open campus so people can come in whenever they want. >> reporter: they can't help but the on heightened alert, a reminder to be aware of surroundings and stay in groups when they can. >> you have to be aware of your surroundings and avoid the confrontations, carry around
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some pepper spray, don't buckle on. >> reporter: we saw several cameras on campus and now police are reviewing surveillance video for any clues and heightening their presence in this part of campus they ask anyone with information to contact university police. in berkeley, i am as an smith -- azarin smith for ktvu fox 2. a brush fire broke out near timothy and glenville. high-speed winds caused the fire to spread quickly. here is the burned area from up above. officials haven't said if any structures were damaged. there is no word yet on containment or the cause of the fire. firefighters have been busy and solano county where a fire broke out near gordon valley and clayton roads not far from fairfield. the fire district says 5 acres build -- burned. the cause is under investigation but downed wires may have triggered the fire.
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parts of the bay area ms. cpac commissions again this week due to gusty winds and low humidity. a red flag warning remains in effect but not be mountains and the hills will remain under a warning until tomorrow and tell other agencies really 6 to crews on patrol. let's look at the bay area forecast and say hello to rosemary orozco. >> reporter: hello. it's warm and breezy. it is dry, hence the reason for the red flag warning and for heightened fire danger. here is a look at but we are expecting for today. the winds to 25 miles per hour. the cost, 35 to 50 miles per hour leading into this evening. humidity is dropping all the way down into the single digits by the afternoon. it is further north bay hills, east bay hills emma slater in area as like vallejo where we are seeing and as well. for the east bay hills and the diablo range, until 11:00 tonight. for the north bay hills, it will go until tomorrow afternoon
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and then again showing your just another piece right in here below 1000 feet. areas like vallejo and crockett as well as phoenicia. this goes until tuesday night. this issued by the national weather service out of sacramento. north bay and east bay hills, just that little sliver near the cortina straight and the delta. look at the winds from the northwest. a north breeze in napa. fairfield has been breezy the entire morning and still at this hour gusting to 18 miles per hour. so dry and breezy for your afternoon. 75 degrees in berkeley. marte, upper 70s in napa and upper 60s san francisco, 60 degrees and half moon bay. south bay 75 degrees in san jose. temperatures very similar to yesterday. some slightly cooler or warmer but all in all expecting temperatures to be very similar to your afternoon on sunday. a look at the afternoon highs. 72 degrees expected for sausalito, 81 for santa rosa, 72 degrees santa rosa, --
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alameda, 76 degrees cupertino and how about the peninsula? 76 degrees redwood city, and upper 60s for areas like pacifica and half moon bay. here is a look at your extended forecast. temperatures cool off some on tuesday. back up a bit on wednesday. a little warmer on thursday and then as we get into your bay area weekend, 70s at the coast. upper 70s to near 80 degrees around the bay. upper 80s to near 90 degrees for our inland cities. all in all, i am just finding a pretty forecast. very dry and windy at times. that's where the fire danger will be a concern. >> we saw some fires popping up and today we have had a couple already. thank you. don't forget to bring your smart phone to toys "r" us. what's happening in san jose.
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jumps bigger than ones we have seen in the last few weeks, the dow jones gaining more than a half of 1% and the s&p 500 gaining 8 points and the nasdaq gained 16 points. 10,000 passengers with flights on a british airline now stranded. monarch airlines stopped all operations effective immediately. many travelers are stuck overseas as the british government works to get them home and another 300,000 had
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already paid for future trips that are now canceled. air berlin and aaron talley -- air italian are receiving the customers. toys "r" us are hoping to increase sales with a new experience by rolling out an augmented reality experience. you will be able to see it computer-generated images around -- t computer-generated images around the store. for instance, you can see a baby doll come to life. many of the passengers on board an air france flight headed to los angeles from paris are still stranded in a remote area of newfoundland, canada. on saturday, the airbus get as parts of the outside engine on the right side of the plane broke off. the crew made an emergency landing at the private goose bay airport, which is really not designed for large commercial jets but the airline is still making arrangements to get passengers to california.
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when we come back, we will go back to the scene of now the deadliest mass shooting in his history on the las vegas strip. jury selection is about to start for the man charged with the shooting and killing of kate steinman. a bay area entrepreneur with a plan to change the commuter landscape for decades to come. tonight on the 10:00 news.
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we continue to follow breaking news in las vegas where 58 people have died in a mass shooting. >> phil heisner joins us with
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the latest. >> reporter: i want to make a comparison. i know they are not apples and apples. when we were in houston covering the post hurricane, flooding, it was amazing who came out. we are seeing that exact same thing here. the people behind me at the university medical center have been going around the clock saving lives and trying to deal of people trying to find out about their loved ones but mason van hollen as the ceo -- is a the office hospital but the first thing i want to ask is your reaction to this event. >> it's really sad for us what has happened in our community. it's been a tough night. but i tell you we have a great team here at our hospital but
12:34 pm
the silver lining is our response from nurses, doctors and first responders. >> reporter: you had 100 for patients. all but four are still doing okay. four didn't make it. what is the impact of that sort of thing when you had such a mass casualty situation on your facility? >> i think throughout the evening being able to see the patients that were able to be survive -- that were able to survive and be cared for were cared for and lived. we did have some patients that did not make it on the way in but again it was just inspirational how our team responded. we train for these type of things. we are a level i, center so we are continuing to get patients from other hospitals as they
12:35 pm
need to progress in your care or need certain specialties. our numbers continue to change. >> reporter: but it's been an exhausting experience for you and the surgeons that i have spoken with. the one thing i am wondering about all of this, is this really the only level i, center in the state? >> we are the only one in the entire state. we do have a level ii in las vegas. that's at sunrise hospital. they have been doing great care. >> reporter: they are dealing with this as well? >> they have been overwhelmed also. so we are all working together and we're communicating and on the call every 30 minutes talking to each other. >> reporter: thank you very much for talking to us. it's been an exhausting day for so many people like mason just trying to deal with all the things i have been confronted with but i will also tell you this has been an extremely difficult day for tourists, people who live here.
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it is just not a regular day in las vegas. back to you. >> earlier we had a report from outside the mandalay bay. that area is essentially cordoned off. it looks like it is open comment go at the hospital? >> reporter: well, to a degree because police have been through here keeping the streets cordoned off. and a lot of that has to do with the fact that people are going to start being transferred from one medical facility to another so they don't want anything to get in the way of getting people in and out as quickly as possible so you can see behind us the street blocked off and streets all the way around the hospital blocked off in the same fashion. i'm not sure about the strip. i am not close to that but there is an investigation going on their self they are going to keep that closed until they are ready to open that up to pedestrian traffic because there is still so many people in las vegas who came here. they came here to have a good time. back to you. >> how i alive in las vegas. thank you. some people at the concert say at first they thought the
12:37 pm
pops they heard were part of the show but then realized it was gunfire and they were the ones being targeted. an off-duty nurse says the gunfire seemed to just go on and on. >> and then it just kept happening and happening. and there was very short increments where there was break's. -- where there was breaks but it literally just felt like it continued for 20 minutes straight and every time there was a break, we ran. and we ran and we ran. and by so wasn't even sure if it was actually bullets until one of the times we paused and our friend was like the guy next to us got shot. >> she called it a horrible experience but she also said she is trying to focus on how people came together to help each other rather than the tragedy of all the people who died or are hurt. this morning, the issue of gun control came up during the white house press briefing. officials said now is the time for a political debate.
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>> the only person with blood on their hands is the shooter and this isn't the time for us to go after individuals or organizations and i think we can have those policy conversations but today is not that they. >> president trump has ordered all flags flown at half staff after the shooting in las vegas last night. we will have continuing coverage of the shooting at -- throughout our newscasts and on we should expect to see more at our evening newscast. jury selection is set to begin for the trial of a man shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco two years ago. the 54-year-old undocumented immigrant, josi garcia, said he found the gun that killed her when she was walking with her father but says he did not intend to fire the gun and says it went off accidentally. the chronicle reports that at least 1000 people are being called to become prospective jurors. the higher number that is typically called, in this case
12:39 pm
with national attention on century cities and policies. president donald trump is headed to puerto rico to see the relief efforts following devastation left behind from her are. >> we're getting the roads open and getting a lot of things done really in a record clip. we are happy with that. >> there has been criticism on the u.s. response in puerto rico. the mayor of san juan accused the government of inefficiency. president trump's posted several tweets defending the response saying we have done a great job. >> the president instead of beating against the mayor of san juan, who is watching her people die and just made a plea for help should roll his slisz -- roll up his sleeves and get to work. >> the trump administration says there are now more than 10,000 trees on the ground in puerto rico. more than half of the people in puerto rico are still without water and 90% are without power. the president will then travel to las vegas after leaving
12:40 pm
puerto rico. tesla is helping with hurricane relief efforts in puerto rico. tesla makes an at home battery pack called the powerball to capture energy generated by solar panels, and is shipping power walls to most of the island that is still without electricity. tesla employees are helping install the battery packs and to repair solar panels. generators are being used at high priority buildings such as hospitals. secretary of state rex tillerson says an american diplomats are negotiating with north korean counterparts. the secretary of state said that following 2 days of meetings in china and said the u.s. is exploring the idea of a new round of talks with north korean officials and praised china's president for his help in pressuring north korea. >> this is a relationship that continues to grow and mature on the strength of the relationship between yourself and president trump's. >> president trump posted a
12:41 pm
series of tweets seemingly in response to secretary of state rex tillerson and these six -- and the suggestion of renewed negotiations calling tillerson "a wonderful secretary of state" but secretary of state rex tillerson is wasting 10-ish wasting his time saying being nice hasn't worked in 25 years, why should it work now? going on to say previous presidents had failed but that he won't. it's a wait until next week for a bay area fans. the 49ers and the raiders go winless. the raiders lose their quarterback and the game. the niners still have trouble getting into the end zone. >> we have a silver lining in the sports cloud. lots of sunshine around the bay area. rosemary orozco up next with another look at our bay area weather. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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we intend to -- we continue to follow breaking news out of las vegas where at least 50 of have been killed. 515 others were injured in the shooting that happened late last night when a gunman opened fire from the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. police located the gunman, 64- year-old stephen paddock but say he shot and killed himself before officers stormed the room. officials are still investigating a possible motive for the attack. it is the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. the giants wrapped up a dismal season with a win against the padres bringing the james within a run. buster posey scores. then pablo sandoval comes to
12:45 pm
the plate. >> the giants win the final game of the year but finish with eight losses -- 83 losses on the season. >> and the a's ended on a high note winning 5-2 against the rangers. >> club center deep and that baby is gone. >> with that haumann, that was a career-high. the raiders fall to 2-2 after losing a tight one in denver 16-10. >> the bottom 16. here is derek carr looking for a long while. he's got the catch. and he's got the touchdown.
12:46 pm
>> derek carr got the raiders on the board with a long pass to johnny hamilton. in the third quarter, derek carr is sacked and injured and leaves the game with back spasms. ej manuel replaces derek carr as quarterback. listen to what the coach had to say at the game. >> that is the difference between being happy and not so happy, that chain of events. that's how close it is in this league. that's how piney point it is. the edge you are looking for. those 2 minutes go a little different. the raiders returned to oakland to host the baltimore ravens on sunday. the 49ers lost another close one, this time to the cardinals. >> andres owens and the running back, the blitz is on. palmer throws and it's almost intercepted. was it? yes. it's a touchback. >> ray-ray armstrong came up
12:47 pm
with the pick but the offense just couldn't get the job done. arizona got into good field position in overtime when carson palmer found larry fitzgerald in the end zone. >> there's palmer again. trying to the end zone. touchdown, arizona! >> 49ers now 0-4 as joe fonzi has more from glendale. >> no one in the nfl wants to hear about moral victories but in a season, the 49ers hope is characterized by improvement, their young defensive players continue to be a+. solomon thomas picked up his first nfl sack. one of six the 49ers had as a team. >> i feel like i have good pressure and it was nice for the sacks. it was great to get the first
12:48 pm
one out of the way. >> reporter: on the other end of the spectrum, elvis dumervil got the 100th sack of his career. while the defense continues to be a bright spot, the offense failed to find the end zone for the third time in four games. one touchback was called a penalty and the drives were stopped by outright crops or miss tweets on pass routes. the kind of things that can aj coach before his time. >> we feel like we have gotten a chance four weeks in a row. we haven't gotten it done but you have to find why you want finishing guys and why you weren't thinking those plays in the moment of truth. all you can do is get better. >> it's a sake feeling. it sucks to lose these games. it's coming down to the wire and everything so close so it passes you off but who have to go out there and look at the opportunity and get everything right. >> reporter: the players say they still believe a win would make it easier. in arizona, joe fonzi, ktvu fox
12:49 pm
2. i want to bring you up to speed on some breaking news out of southern california. this is the campus of ufc right now. live pictures coming from this chopper overhead. for itf -- furtida hall, a shelter in place right now. yes he sent out a tweet about 25 minutes ago that there was a report of shots fired. they did not confirm shots were fired but because of that report there has been a shelter in place. a minute or two ago we saw a number of individuals being evacuated. >> we saw unfortunately what is now a familiar scene. a single flyer -- a single file line. i did see a few of them using a smart phone to film a scene. we still see a cluster of police officers focused in on
12:50 pm
one building at the campus. for those who may not be familiar, this is close to the 110 freeway just north of the ellie memorial coliseum. >> and it seems this whole right here, furtida hall is not a dormitory but attached to the business school at the university of southern california. we will continue to monitor the situation and as we get information, we will pass it to your. some cooler weather, rosemain? >> slightly cooler for some and remains breezy. with that we have fire weather in place for some of our bay area hills as well as a strip. let's talk about the pattern in place and where the wind is coming from. we have a trough to the east of us. we have high pressure to the west and we are sandwiched in between. at really kicks up the limbs
12:51 pm
and that is what we are seeing today and tomorrow for some. here is a few of the wind bars. along the coast and along the hills is we are's busiest. the quirkiness straights have some wind. the phills reporting gusts 18 miles per hour. a northwest breeze with gust about 12 miles per hour at navarro. and oakland with a northwest breeze at 12 miles per hour as well. temperatures will be similar to yesterday but we will be dry and breezy. the red flag warning we talked about in the last half-hour includes north bay hills. our east bay hills and elevations above 4000 feet, the diablo range, and this strip issued about -- by the national weather service between vinny shots fort fairfield, vallejo, and small communities in here. the temperatures right now, mild feeling pretty good out there. 73 degrees and livermore, 78 degrees in napa, 70 degrees for san francisco. upper 60s at half moon bay. for your afternoon today, quite nice for most.
12:52 pm
low 70s expected in sausalito. 70 degrees christensen beach. low 80s for areas like santa rosa. east bay, low 70s for alameda. low 80s expected for brentwood today. afternoon highs for san jose go to 76 degrees, 76 degrees for santa clarita. 76 degrees redwood city and 70 degrees for the city of san francisco. daly city, pacifica, half moon bay, all our small communities ride. for some it is windy. for your afternoon, temperatures again a near repeat of yesterday. we cool down just a bit as we can into your bay area tuesday. we are back up in the warming trend this bay area weekend with temperatures in the 70s up the coast. upper 70s to near 80 degrees around the bay and near 90 degrees inland. some great beach weather next weekend. fleet week looks great. a little warm and that fire danger of course is a concern. >> thank you, rosemain.
12:53 pm
some sad news about tom petty who had a full cardiac arrest and was on my support. tom petty at the very least is in great condition. we will work to get you more during the commercial break. over 40 years ago, ross brown set on a mission. ah, dinner. throughout history, the one meal when we come together, break bread, share our day and connect as a family. [ bloop, clicking ] and connect, as a family. just, uh one second voice guy. [ bloop ] huh? hey? i paused it. bam, family time. so how is everyone? find your awesome with xfinity xfi
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before we go, we want to
12:56 pm
give you an update on the deadly mass shooting in las vegas. >> 58 people are dead and 500 others hurt after gunfire broke out at an outdoor concert. the suspected gunman was found on the 32nd floor of the mandalay bay hotel. the gunman shot and killed himself before police arrived and could have a confrontation with him. the man has been identified as 64-year-old stephen paddock. officials do believe he was acting alone. they are still trying to determine a motive for the attack which is now the deadliest shooting in modern u.s. history. our coverage on the las vegas shooting continues right now on now to the news we mentioned ago on singer tom petty who has been rushed to the hospital after being found in a state of full cardiac arrest. tom petty, 66 years old one of the top-selling musical artists of our time. he just wrapped up a tour that started back in the spring. >> he wrapped up in los angeles at the hollywood bowl and he was here at the greek theatre.
12:57 pm
he actually postponed a show in the bay area because he wasn't feeling well and then he performed with a friend at the show who said it was fantastic so that would be sad news if we lose tom petty but at last report cardiac arrest from his california home. >> we will stay on top of this as well. more news on the 4 on 2.
12:58 pm
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