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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  October 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> it's a sad day. it's one of those things you don't think will ever happen to you but here we are. california wildfires destroy everything in their path. lives are lost and homes destroyed. these fires are still out of control. >> i am lucky. my house and my family is fine. my city is not. >> many areas and santa rosa burned to the ground. efforts are still underway at this time to save lives and homes. mornings on 2 continues. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 10. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. steve paulson is tracking our weather. >> i'm trying to put the
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graphic together. yesterday at 4:30 am, they are -- this is around 599 feet, fountain grove area. northeast santa rosa. >> the northeast area of santa rosa, you are encouraged to boil your water. >> the temperature was 91 degrees yesterday at this time at 4:30 am. >> many people were astounded at how fast the wind was and how fast the fire move. >> the good news is i see a lot of low 40s around santa rosa. the wind is a little out of the northeast at 4 miles an hour. upper 70s and 80s today. decreasing wind. some locations not have any at all. humidity is high your. wind, 5-15. the red flag warning has ended but there are so many fires.
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we will get a break. high humidity and cooler temperatures will help but there is a slight easterly or northeasterly wind for many. that has not changed yet but that's a far cry from anything we saw yesterday. most speeds are less than 5 miles an hour. there is fog out there but it's not moving in. a system in the pacific northwest will usher in a cooler pattern. fairfield, 18. conquered, 14. 12, oakland. wind speeds toward eastern celano and contra costa county is way down. 60s, 70s and some 80s. further cooling tomorrow. >> i am happy to see the cooler conditions. good morning. the fire area still has some closures but major roads are open. let's take a look at the map.
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traffic on highway 101 through santa rosa is open and so was highway 37. there are some local closures for the fire. there are too many to mention individually but major roads are open. authorities are asking you to stay off roads unless it's absolutely necessary. let's look at the altamont pass. we have slow traffic on 205 and 580 as you drive into the valley. no major problems from livermore into pleasanton. this is a look at interstate 880 north- and southbound. traffic is moving along well. at the bay bridge toll plaza, a slight delay in some of those left lanes. we have breaking news about an amber alert for a missing six-year-old girl reportedly kidnapped yesterday in san leandro allegedly by her mother who does not have custody. police say malayia davis-booker
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was abducted yesterday in san leandro by her mother, the cleta davis. police describing the cleta davis as homeless and act thing with diminished capacity. authorities say look cleta davis abducted malayia several times before including three months ago in berkeley when she was with her grandparents. both were tracked down the next day by pittsburg police. malayia is african-american with brown hair, brown eyes, 3' 8', weighs 50 pounds and was last seen wearing a longsleeved navy blue and red dress and white leggings. davis is african-american with brown hair, brown eyes, 5' 7", 170 pounds and was last seen wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans. the confirmed death toll remains at 10. seven victims
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in sonoma county, two in napa county and one in mendocino county. unfortunately, they think there may be more. cal fire said 1500 buildings have burned. that includes homes and two schools and several wineries. sonoma county officials say they received reports on their hot line about more than 100 missing people. they do add many of this people may not have been able to get in touch with relatives or friends because of problems with self-service and power outages. fires are still burning this morning in sonoma and napa counties. on the biggest fire there is 0% containment according to cal fire. the tubbs fire in napa county is now burned 27,000 acres. the atlas fire also in napa county has burned 25,000 acres. the nuns fire has burned 5000
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acres. there is no containment on any of these fires. there will more evacuations overnight. the sonoma county fire spread to a northwest section of santa rosa. the two areas highlighted in red are the evacuation zones. one covers a portion of highway 101 and the fountaingrove parkway. the other zone is along state route 12. mandatory evacuations were issued and several areas of west solano county. the sheriff's office posted this map on its facebook page. the evacuation zone is inside the red lines near the napa county line. on its facebook post, the solano county sheriff wrote there is a mandatory evacuation in place. this means we evacuate now. officials in santa rosa imposed a curfew in the mandatory evacuation zones.
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that started last night at 645. that started last night at 6:45 pm and will stay in place until the sun comes up. the fire chief said the evacuation zone is wider than the burned area. many of the homes are sitting area -- empty. the curfew was imposed to prevent looting by people driving through the evacuation zone. so far there are no confirmed reports of arrests. fire officials and santa rosa say they did everything they could to prevent the flames from spreading but the strength of the fire was overpowering. >> you can compare it to a natural disaster. a hurricane or a tornado. >> he said there were so many reports of flames he had to send crews to all of them. many of those battles continue. the incident commander said the priority is still getting people out of new burn zones that spread during the night as the fire grew. the sheriff said that means there may be more deaths.
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>> there is no searching or looking yet. there is a lot of burned homes and a lot of burned areas. it's logical we will find more people. >> the sheriff said with a fire of this size, when the winds shift, no one is safe. some police officers were temporarily pinned into a neighborhood and had to jump out of their burning patrol cars to get to safety. two people died and one the large fires in napa county. a longtime couple living on atlas peak road was unable to escape their home. according to the granddaughter, they were charles rippey, known as peach and his wife, sara. they had just celebrated their 75th wedding anniversary. the atlas fire continues to burn
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in the hills above the silverado country club, south of lake berryessa and napa county and has burned 25,000 acres, destroyed 125 homes and other buildings. it still threatens 5000 other homes. >> we have firefighters working above the perimeter and the central portions of the fire where there are still hotspots. there are hundreds of firefighters on the lines. >> the wind have decreased and firefighters are dealing with rugged terrain that they are unfamiliar with and brush that is burning quickly. there are about 500 firefighters on the scene. people across the bay area who are not in the fire zone are seeing the flames and want to help. the red cross said the best way to help fire victims quickly is with a cash donation. go online to donate or call 1- 800-red-cross or text the words "red cross" to 90999 and make a $10 donation.
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catholic charities, goodwill and the salvation army are also accepting cash donations to buy food, shelter and provide medical care for fire victims. airbnb has activated its disaster response program. hosts in san francisco come rent -- moran and alameda county can sign up to provide free housing. free hosting will continue through october 30. facebook launched its crisis response sent over people affected. there are separate pages for each of the fire areas where people can let their family and relatives know they are safe as well as offer and except help. there are hundreds offering transportation, shelter and information to the fire victims. we are still following the latest on the several fires burning across the state. we have live crews heading to the front lines in northern california and will bring you updates throughout mornings on
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2. >> it's so sad. it's so sad. >> a desperate fight to save property. we are taking you to the front lines as homeowners do everything they can to protect their homes. it's going to be a decent commute so far on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. traffic is moving along okay so far. the red flag warning has expired. take a look outside, it's quieter and calmer than yesterday. we will explain coming up.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. chp tweeted photos from the fire from the helicopter. look at the size. these are images taken over skyline park in napa county. they say they are now transitioning from a rescue mode to general enforcement patrols over napa and sonoma county. the fire supports the closure of schools in different counties. all public schools and sonoma county will be closed today including sonoma state university and santa rosa junior college. schools in the napa valley unified school district will also remain closed today. for a complete list go to our website, some people in napa did
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not evacuate, they stayed behind to protect their homes while their neighborhoods were in flames. look at this man. he risked his life. he walked back into the fires and to flames from his home in silverado crest. he had that garden hose with weak water pressure but soaked what he could. his neighbors' home was too far gone to be saved. the state attorney general is reminding business owners that price gouging is against the law during a state of emergency. california's price gouging law bans businesses from charging more than 10% than what the price was before an emergency. violators could be fined or face jail. there is an exception if the business's cost of labor, goods or materials has increased as well because of the emergency. if you have information on
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price gouging, file a complaint on the attorney general's website or call the police department or sheriff's office. air quality is bad all over the bay area. you can smell the smoke hundreds of miles away. doctors are saying the heavy smoke can cause health problems, especially for children, senior citizens or those with breathing problems. the fire department phone lines were swamped with calls from people worried the smoke may be getting too close to their home. some schools including a few in marin county suspended outdoor recess or called off outdoor practice. >> we are making max available to kids if they feel like they want some extra support for air quality. when kids are not feeling well we ask that they had home. >> schools also reported many absences yesterday. while the smoke is not as bad, if you have breathing problems, be careful.
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if possible, stay inside, keep your windows closed and put your air-conditioners on recirculate. stay here with us on ktvu fox 2 for continuing coverage on the north bay wildfires. we will keep you updated on the firefight throughout our newscast as well as on twitter, facebook and at right now we want to check in on traffic. there are a lot of roads closed in and around the fire area. that's right. the major roads are open. the commute conditions are going to be okay on major roads but there are some minor road closures. too many to mention. if you come up on traffic lights that are not working, chp reminds you to treat that as a four-way stop. give yourself extra time in these areas. and follow directions from police officers. highway 101,
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37, 29, and 12, most liens are open. we will keep you posted on anything major. minor roads in residential areas will see backup or detours. let's take a look at the commute if you were on northbound 101 coming roy through san jose. not a bad commute. many people are back today. yesterday, some had the day off for the holiday. 280 northbound, traffic is moving along okay. at the bay bridge, the volume is getting bigger. we have better conditions today. much different than yesterday at this time when they were gusts up to 50 miles per hour for some. it's much quieter. temperatures will cool off today with decreasing wind. higher humidity. there is a north or east wind
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but even around santa rosa, i have seen low 40s for the temperatures with hardly any breeze. we still have a slight northeast breezes. this is monday, yesterday at this time. at 599 feet, just above fountain grove, gusts in this area. right now they were 5 miles per hour but yesterday, 51, 58, 48, 61 miles per hour at 4:30 am and the temperature rocketed up to 91 degrees. and then 68 miles per hour at 5:30 am. that's why it moved so fast. remember we had five years of drought and then record rain and a lot of tall grass on top of fuel. it is much different today. more of a westerly breeze for some, southerly for others but
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there is a hint of a northerly breeze for a few. right now we are seeing humidities close to 60%. northeast at american canyon. east in napa. humidity at 59%. yesterday it was 14%. there is hardly any breeze at the surface although fairfield has a little from the north. there is fog out there. i committed today with temperatures cooling off. a system is in the northwest. temperatures are down dramatically at this time compared to yesterday. napa is down 17. livermore and concord down 19. there is still in northerly breeze but yesterday vacaville had gusts at 44 out of the north at this time. there is that system coming in and that will cool is down for the next couple of days.
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70s for the temperatures and a few low 80s. a little breezy but more from the west and southwest. we do see cooler temperatures taking over but the breeze wednesday night and thursday could turn a little northerly but temperatures will be much cooler. it's safe to say we will not forget what we have been seeing with these wildfires. we will look back over the past 24 hours at some of the destruction. the focus today is still on saving lives. it's not just the bay area. wildfires are reaching around the state. we will show you some of the latest videos from fires in southern california and mendocino county.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. we continue our coverage of the fires in the bay area. there is also a fire in southern california. one of the fires forced thousands to evacuate in the anaheim hills area. 24 buildings have burned including homes. thousands more homes are threatened. cal fire said 4500 acres have burned as of this morning. it is only 5% contained. one death is reported in mendocino county, blamed on a wildfire still burning this morning. two people were seriously hurt. this fire is about 10 miles north of ukiah and has now burned 19,000 acres. officials estimate at least 75
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homes have been destroyed. almost the entire redwood valley is under mandatory evacuation. evacuated animals are being taken to the ukiah fairgrounds. >> it's hard. it's hard to live through these incidents and it's hard to see people struggling themselves to get through it. being here and making sure we have what people need. >> i don't know where we would have gone. i think we brought 30 goats and i raise registered nigerian horses. >> there is no word on how the fire started. the sheriff's department said there were strong wind gusts that knocked down power lines. cal fire says this fire is 0% contained. a fire in clearlake is burning near highway 20 and sulphur bank road. 2500 acres have burned including several buildings. the fire is 5% contained.
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mandatory evacuations continue. firefighters in pleasant hill are investigating the cause of an apartment fire last night on camelback road around 10 pm. when ktvu arrived, our cruise could see the flames shooting from the building. contra costa county firefighters posted photos of the damage as they were fighting those flames. no word on how many units were damaged or if anyone was hurt. along with many homes and lives, history was lost as well by those fires in napa and sonoma county. some of the landmark buildings have now been reduced to rubble. >> it was right there. we have to go now. and this is all i've got. >> many people were lucky to get out with anything at all as fire ravaged parts of santa
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rosa. we will show you some of the damage as homes and schools are now gone. we do have closures in santa rosa on the off ramps. we will also look at the golden gate bridge and some of the other commutes. no more red flag warning. that expired at 5 am. much better conditions today. we will have an update on fire conditions and what is in store for the next couple of days. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us
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welcome back. nasa released photos of some of the smoke coming from the california wildfires. you can see the smoke pouring into the bay area and out into the ocean. you can also see how big these fires are. fire crews are still trying to contain these rapidly spreading fires as we speak this morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. it's tuesday, october 10. i'm dave clark. >> i'm pam cook. there is good news in terms of weather. let's check in with steve. >> there is no more red flag. that expired. temperatures are much cooler. around santa rosa i mcing low 40s and hardly any breeze. there is a slight offshore breeze for a few. temperatures 70s to near 80.
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humidity is anywhere between 30% and 70%. a cooler air mass is moving in and they would will turn more west and southwest. we need a break and we will get it today. no more of that strong, offshore breeze. many of these observations were lost in the fire. calistoga and glenn allen and napa. 43 at rohnert park. yesterday they were around 70. we are down 15-20 degrees. a north wind at fairfield. a slight east wind at the napa airport. some of these shows still from the northeast. the humidity, incident in the teens is at 50 or 60%. this system is coming down from the pacific northwest. 40s and 50s on the temperatures. a huge difference from yesterday. we will have temperatures cooling today as that system
5:32 am
drops in. 60s, 70s for many or low 80s for a few. we are going to start with a santa rosa area. highway 101 and 37 are open in the north bay. yesterday we had major closures. i want to mentioned there are some spot closures and many of the ramps are closed on highway 101. the mendocino river, hopper and bicentennial and mark west springs road. that intersection is closed east of highway 101. highway 128 at chalk hill road remains closed and there are smaller closures, too many to list, all over the place because of the fire. also many detours. drive carefully. chp and local officers are patrolling the areas.
5:33 am
let's take a look at vacaville, fairfield and vallejo. traffic is slow on 80 westbound toward the carquinez bridge. highway 37 is open with some slowing out of vallejo heading west toward marin county. 80 westbound from the carquinez bridge to the maccarthur mage taking about -- macarthur maze taking about 18 minutes. it's been 24 hours since the fires started and flames are still spreading. >> the atlas peak fire has burned 25,000 acres. it started in napa county and is moving toward solano county. allie rasmus is there now. you have the latest on evacuations. >> reporter: good morning. we were on sustained valley road. part of unincorporated fairfield. you can see solano county sheriff's have a checkpoint set up because beyond this road, this is a mandatory evacuation area. this is because of the atlas peak fire that started in napa
5:34 am
county. the concern is the fire could come over the ridge and this neighborhood would be downhill from the fire if the flames started coming down the ridge. around midnight, sheriffs went door to door, letting people know it was time to pack up their belongings and leave. we have seen cars coming back to the closure. they have been letting some people come in to retrieve the last of their belongings like this woman who made several trips overnight with her horse trailer. she is still in the process of moving out her eight horses, one goat and 12 chickens. >> just hope everyone stay safe. >> you seem very calm. >> it's not here yet, so, i want everyone to be safe. >> not here yet. >> reporter: talking about the flames. they're not in the rockville neighborhood of unincorporated fairfield yet but we spoke to a
5:35 am
gentleman who had to evacuate overnight. he said he drove to rockville and green valley road. from there he said about three miles over this hill in the valley, he was able to see some flames. they are not in this neighborhood yet but there are some narrow roads in these hills. they are concerned about making sure people have enough time, if they need to evacuate and the flames come down the ridge. the conditions in the hills on those narrow roadways are not such that a lot of people can get out at once. they are giving people a lot of advanced notice. this area is under a mandatory evacuation order right now. >> before you go i know you were there all day yesterday and the situation changed overnight. i have so many people on twitter asking about atlas peak
5:36 am
and the homes up there. do you have any updates this morning? have you told you when they will come down? i don't think anyone is able to get back into that area? >> reporter: part of the challenge is that this fire is so big and there are so many different neighborhoods in areas -- and areas where people live. it's hard to get information about a specific area. we talked about the wind playing a huge role in this and spreading the fire and carrying those embers to different pockets throughout the napa valley. that's why it's now encroaching on solano county. it's hard to get information. we talk about the atlas fire, which part of it are you talking about? it's 25,000 acres and has become a huge. it's hard to know which neighborhoods are impacted exactly and how they are doing this morning.
5:37 am
we hope to get an update later this morning from cal fire on their efforts with this fire. we want to give you what we do know on the list of fires in northern california. there are now 11 confirmed deaths. seven were in sonoma county. two in napa. the other two were in mendocino and yuba county. at least 1500 buildings have burned. many homes including two schools. most schools and napa and sonoma county are closed today including sonoma state university. the fire officials say they do not have much of the 14 northern california fires contained. pg&e says more than 75,000 people in the bay area have no electricity. here is the pg&e outage map right now. more than 25,000 people in napa, solano and marin counties have no fire. more than 50,000 people in sonoma county have no electricity.
5:38 am
pg&e shut off gas service to thousands of customers in napa and sonoma counties as a safety precaution. we have some good news as the evacuations have been lifted and rohnert park. there were several evacuation orders in place yesterday morning and throughout the day. many of those have been downgraded to voluntary evacuations. much of that is because of the smoke you may be experiencing in this area. many mandatory evacuations have been canceled and rohnert park. the fire shifted direction and is no longer a threat to people in rohnert park. many people are staying out of the area because of the breathing conditions. one wildfire that spread to the city of santa rosa, we saw that it wiped out blocks of homes. >> the people had to get out fast. some got out with just the clothing on their backs. leigh martinez is in santa rosa
5:39 am
right now. what is the latest on the tubbs fire. >> reporter: at 1 am, santa rosa police tweeted that the fire had left the annadel state park and is moved into white oak. this is the rich you are seeing. we hear a lot of crackling trees. some trees have fallen already. if you pan up you can see the embers flying in the air. i do not know how much time we have in this area, it was coming dangerously close to homes in white oak, off of white oak drive in oakmont. people were told to evacuate immediately. santa rosa imposed a curfew in the mandatory evacuation areas from 6:45 pm yesterday until 7:15 am this morning. 5000 people have evacuated and are in 24 different shelters. the evacuation center that has newly open this morning as it 10
5:40 am
. police say you also have to avoid eastbound sonoma highway 12 at melita road. that road has now closed. you are seeing this fire up on this fridge. it is backing of the neighborhood of white oak which is a retirement community. we are not sure how much time we have left over here. we are seeing some flames off to our right. sebastopol firefighters are out here. i spoke to them briefly and they said they are guarding these homes, trying to protect them if the fire would come this way. luckily the wind is are very light. nothing like we saw yesterday. we have seen this fire move quickly in the last hour. >> i was going to ask you about the wind. we could not help but stare at those fires behind it.
5:41 am
thank you for the update. the flames heavily damaged a prestegious santa rosa high school known for its sports and academic records. amber lee spoke to people who lost almost everything in the fire. >> just to come in here and see it now and see everything across the highway and afar goes, it's like, it's unimaginable. >> reporter: brian returned for the first time to see what's left of his home on willow greenwood place. it's been destroyed. he and his family evacuated around 2 am monday morning. the santa rosa native said he is in disbelief. >> it was right there. we were like, we've got to go now. and this is all i've got. >> reporter: home after home burned to the ground as the sun said, it burned a bright orange row from the smoke. nearby flames ravaged cardinal newman, a catholic cohead scott -- high school.
5:42 am
>> seeing it for my self it is in undescribable feeling. my life for the past four years has burned to the ground. >> reporter: benny buildings were burned to the skeletons. desks and chairs are mangled. hotspots smoldered. the smell of smoke is on is capable. >> when i first saw it i was heartbroken. >> reporter: cheyenne simmons graduated in june but has a sister who is currently a freshman. their father wonders what is next for the students who attend cardinal newman. >> it's going to be hard for the next year. there is going to be some serious rebuilding that needs to be done to accommodate this many students. >> reporter: as for this homeowner, he said he will rebuild. he cherishes the memories that were created in his family's home. >> i left thinking i was going to come back to my house. i really did not think, and i don't know why, i really did not think i was going to come
5:43 am
back to this. >> reporter: he tells me he and his family are staying in a hotel but he is grateful they escaped with no injuries. some of the businesses damaged or destroyed by fires in napa county are wineries along the silverado trail. that includes the signarello estate winery. this is what the winery looks like after the fire. nothing is left but burned buildings. they are known for its cabernet 70. owners are not sure what they will do about this year's vintage if they do have vines left. paradise ridge in santa rosa was also destroyed. there is serious damage to other vineyards. the smart train will run today on a limited but free
5:44 am
service to help fire victims. smart train will serve stations between santa rosa downtown station and downtown san rafael. because of power outages and close railroad crossings in the northern part of santa rosa, the stations at the sonoma county airport and santa rosa north stations will be closed today. a spokesperson said weather conditions may change today and passengers should check the smart train website for possible schedule changes. >> i heard the whistle throughout marin county yesterday. i know they are trying to get back to service. a desperate plea for volunteers and supplies. rescue organizations are looking for a lot of help. the evacuation center's are still filling up with people who continue to evacuate their homes. several people are alive this morning thanks to the heroic efforts of the chp.
5:45 am
next you will hear about some of the dramatic helicopter rescues. right now we have traffic that is beginning to get busy in many areas in the main part of the bay area. highway 24 westbound toward the tunnel. much quieter conditions this morning but there is a slight north and east breeze. humidity is up but you can see most of these locations have in east or northeast breezes.
5:46 am
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welcome back to mornings on 2 extract it was a dangerous mission in the dark, in the middle of a firestorm. chp helicopter crews risking their lives by flying into rescue fire victims. last night the chp shared this video recorded while flying south over napa. they literally landed on roads surrounded by fire and burning
5:48 am
embers. we spoke to chp officer shaun bouyea last night. he said one rescue involved a family with a child trying to escape the flames of the atlas peak fire. >> how did you know? they were on the road driving? how did you know they needed to be rescued? >> the helicopter crew started flying around looking for people who appear to be trapped. they could tell which roads were blocked. they would set down and rescue them. there was no radio communication. they had to look to see who needed to be rescued. >> chp helicopter crews have rescued more than 40 people since the fires started sunday night. we want to check in with sal. a lot of roads are closed. but many people need to get to work today. what is the commute like so far? the commute is mostly good. we have been looking at closures in the north bay and
5:49 am
at the regular commute. i want to show you traffic on highway 101 and 37 has reopened. highway 12 between sonoma and santa rosa, there are so many closures. highway 128, there are also some closures at chalk hill road and beyond and other parts of napa county are closed. i want to mention the 101 off ramps in santa rosa are closed. also the intersection of mark west springs at old redwood highway is closed. i want to mention traffic on the altamont pass is going to be slow on 205 and 580 into livermore. the east bay commute is waking up. 880 southbound slows at 238 but san mateo bridge traffic seems good. this is a live look at interstate 880 and oakland. traffic is moving in both direction.
5:50 am
the metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge. traffic is backing up for a 10- 15 minute delay. we have better conditions. the red flag warning expired for the north bay hills and valley. there is still a slight east wind for many and there are fir tackled. mendocino county. lake county and sonoma and napa. at least we do not have the red flag warning and we do not have a wind advisory. let's go northeast of fountain grove at almost 600 feet. santa rosa. the temperature rocketed up to 91 degrees at 4:30 am. that was yesterday. not now. right now there is a 3 mile per hour wind. it topped out at 5:30 am at 68 miles per hour yesterday. we saw something on the valley
5:51 am
fire in lake county and 2015 when a 60 mile per hour wind went up. the same kind of wind induced firestorm. yesterday's be gust, 75 miles per hour. santa rosa picked out at 78. right now, many of these areas are showing an easterly or northeasterly component. the humidity is wake up. while the humidity is up and temperatures are down, there are a lot of 30s. i think we have lost the napa sites. temperatures are down 15-20 degrees for some. there is hardly any breeze at all. fairfield, north at 6. there is
5:52 am
fog moving up the coast. this system right here is digging in. 46, fairfield. these are down double digits in many places. the decrease in the wind and high humidity has a lot to do with it. as the system moves in from the pacific northwest, that will give us a cooling trend. 60s and 70s. the temperatures are cooling off and the humidity is going up. i think we'll get fog and low clouds tonight into wednesday. the wind will turn oaklea again late wednesday into thursday but it will remain cool. let's get back to over to sal. there is an accident on the approach to the san rafael bridge. you can see traffic is being diverted to the right as you come onto the bridge.
5:53 am
a few fire engines and it looks like a two car wreck. i don't know anything about it but it looks like they are holding traffic. leave the next time we come up we will have more information. traffic here at the richmond bridge is funneling down to two right lanes and that will be a bad start for people trying to get to san rafael. >> which direction? >> this is westbound from richmond over to the richmond- san rafael toll plaza. there is a crash below our camera frame. those cars on the left are heading west toward san rafael. >> thank you for the update. our coverage on the wildfires burning in the bay area continues in a few minutes. we also have new information about a bill in sacramento that
5:54 am
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♪ welcome back to mornings on 2. vice president pence continues his west coast trip today, attending republican fundraisers and pushing tax reform. last night he was joined by
5:57 am
house majority leader kevin mccarthy to push for the republican tax cut plan. vice president pence promised congress will pass a measure this year. the vice president is scheduled to be in bakersfield today. governor brown signed a bill aimed at reducing skyrocketing prices for prescription drugs. the bill requires health plans and insurance companies to break down and report premium and drug cost information to the state. it also requires drugmakers to give a 60 day notice before they raise prices on certain drugs. supporters say the pharmaceutical lobbyists try to kill the bill but the measure received bipartisan support as it headed to the governor's desk. we are coming up on our ex- 6:00 hour. the wildfires continue to burn out of control in many areas. new evacuations overnight. we have an update on the current path of the fire. many people are under new evacuation orders this morning.
5:58 am
if you are driving to the richmond bridge, trying to get into san rafael, we have some lanes closed. >> reporter: left lanes are closed for a crash. mr. z vehicles are on scene and that backup is building. better conditions today compared to yesterday. humidity is up and wind is down. fog is trying to work its way in.
5:59 am
6:00 am
>> i'm lucky. my house is fine and my family is fine but my city is not. >> entire neighborhoods destroyed by fast-moving wildfires. we have the latest on evacuations and where firefighters are right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 10. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. here is the latest on the wildfires. the confirmed death toll is still 11.


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