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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 6am  FOX  October 10, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> i'm lucky. my house is fine and my family is fine but my city is not. >> entire neighborhoods destroyed by fast-moving wildfires. we have the latest on evacuations and where firefighters are right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 10. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. here is the latest on the wildfires. the confirmed death toll is still 11.
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seven victims in sonoma county. two and napa county and one each in yuba and mendocino county. cal fire said at least 1500 buildings have burned including homes and at least two schools were damaged as well as several wineries. sonoma county officials say they have getting questions on the missing persons hotline for 100 people but add many people may not have been able to get in touch with relatives or friends because of problems with cell phone service or lack of electricity. fires are burning in sonoma and napa county this morning. 0% containment on the biggest fires according to the latest updates from cal fire. >> here are some of the latest number. the tubbs fire has burned 27,000 acres. >> the atlas fire and napa county has burned 25,000 acres. the fire in sonoma county has burned 5000 acres. there is no containment on any of these fires. there were more evacuations
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overnight. we want to show you the size of some of the areas being evacuated. >> the largest fire burned from napa county into sonoma county. it spread to the northwest section of santa rosa. the two areas highlighted in red are the santa rosa evacuation zones. one covers a portion of highway 101 and the fountain grove park way. people in fountain grove are urged to boil their water. if you're in that area. the other zone is along state route 12. >> mandatory evacuations are in several parts of west solano county. the sheriff department posted this map on its facebook page. the evacuation zone is inside those redlines near the napa county line. on its facebook page, the
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sheriff rhodes, there is a mandatory evacuation order. this means we evacuate now. the curfew in the mandatory evacuation zones of santa rosa remain in effect at this hour. officials imposed a curfew to prevent any possible looting and to people say. the evacuation zone is wider than the burned area. the chief said that leaves many homes sitting empty. he did not want people to be the demised as they tried to stay say. the curfew went into effect before 7:00 last night and run through 7:15 am this morning. if you were in that area, you could be arrested. now we are hearing of a new fire in santa rosa. it started last night. >> awad fire threatening homes and forcing more people to evacuate. leigh martinez is in santa rosa with an update. >> reporter: in the last few minutes conditions appeared to improve slightly. you are looking at the ridge. we are on white oak drive. in the last couple of minutes
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we stopped seeing the swirl of embers in the air. it did get a little cooler. the fire seems to have calmed down a little bit. it is still on the move. by 1 am, santa rosa police tweeted the fire move from annadel state park into white oak and was coming close to homes on white oak drive. police say this is the city line so the fire is in the city of santa rosa. people were told to evacuate immediately. firefighters are here from sevastopol that are guarding homes on white oak drive. the good news is the wind is very low and is predicted to stay low today. they say fire travels faster up to but this fire is not needed by the wind. it's spreading through the dry fuel on the ground. it's not moving as fast as it would have yesterday with the wind we were heavy.
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santa rosa has imposed a curfew in mandatory evacuation from 6:45 pm yesterday until 7:15 am this morning. 5000 have evacuated into 24 different shelters. one center that opened this morning is that 10 avenue of the flags in san rafael. police say it's also best to avoid eastbound sonoma height -- highway 12 at melita road. we just got word that eastbound 12 in glen allen is also closed due to downed power lines. you are seeing these incredible flames on this ridge near this white oak neighborhood. we are told it is a retirement community. many homes are situated on wooded lots. sevastopol firefighters are off here guarding these homes. they say at this point they cannot fight the fire so they are here to protect the homes and make sure they do not burn. they say cal fire will come out
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here to take over as well. >> i have so many people asking me on twitter. this information is important and i know it's changing. do you know if any homes have been lost in oakmont? >> reporter: at this point, no. i do not know of any homes that have been lost. we see many firefighters out here that say they are guarding. they are concerned the fire is backing up to these homes. it's a rage so the fire would need to cross over. we were worried a few minutes ago when we saw embers floating in the air, swirling in the air. that's how fire travels. this fire appears to be very hot. it seems to have calmed down in the last few minutes. it's got a little cooler and we are not feeling any wind. that is a good sign for firefighters to tackle this fire and protect these homes today.
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>> that is good news. less wind and the red flag warning is all. thank you. on the phone with us right now is scott alonso, a spokesman for the sonoma county health department. good morning. >> good morning. >> there are a number of questions for you. i want to start with drinking water. there is advice. >> the city of santa rosa and working with the state water board in our department issued a boil-water notice for the fountain grove area of santa rosa. that is the area most impacted by the fires. we are concerned with folks having access to clean and safe drinking water. we want people to take the notice seriously and follow those instructions to boil their water to a safe temperature. >> what can be done? some of us are so amazed. my chest and my throat hurt from the smoke and we are so far away from it.
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i can only imagine what it's like up there. what are you able to do for people in the evacuation centers and closer to that smoke x >> we are providing oxygen at certain evacuation center's and treating those, especially if they are vulnerable. the smoke in the area is serious. it's a serious issue. there a dangerous and harmful particles from the smoke. that's why we are urging everyone to stay inside unless they need to leave. even if you're at and evacuation center, please remain indoors. >> just so people know. do you need volunteers, nurses, medical responders to help out at these evacuation center's? >> we are asking folks to contact the american red cross. they are doing a great job organizing volunteers and we would like folks to please
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contact them. go to their website if they are available to help. we do need help and we appreciate all the support from all over the bay area for sonoma county. >> how her the evacuation centers holding up? what are the conditions? how her the functioning? >> we have 28 evacuation centers throughout sonoma county from cloverdale down to petaluma. they have expanded with the support of local cities and county in the national guard. these are located in schools and churches, at veteran memorial buildings. many different locations are open. there are four evacuation centers that are at capacity. we have 24 open. we have nearly 5000 people being housed at the centers currently. >> i need to ask you. i'm sure you are coming around to as many places as you can.
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what is the impact on you when you see what you see? we are showing pictures on the air. what is the impact on you? >> well, the damage is devastating. there is no other way to describe it. i think our emergency responders are doing a fantastic job helping residents in sonoma county evacuate safely and trying to protect their property. we are amazed at the overwhelming support we have received from our regional allies and partners in from other agencies within the county to help santa rosa, forestville and the sonoma valley. we are really thrilled about that. and also from our own employees, working at our emergency operations center. >> scott alonso with the sonoma county health department. thank you for all the work that you and your department is doing to help keep people safe. we will check in with you for updates.
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if you're just joining us, they do need volunteers at evacuation centers. there were love to have some medical help. check in with the red cross. and boil water in the fountain grove area. i would imagine it's prudent to do that in many of the burned areas if you are able to get back in. steve paulson is over here talking about our weather. >> leigh martinez is in oakmont on highway 12 between glen allen and kenwood. >> is at the retirement area? there is the ridge. >> kenwood winery is up there. saint francis, in and around there. a friend of mine run the tasting room at eric ross. i was talking to her yesterday. maybe i can get her on the phone and see what's going on. there are some conflicting reports coming in.
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there is no breeze. and it's much cooler and humidity is up. we still have in east and northeast breeze. johnny said it's not like smoke again. was that a north wind? yes it was. that is the direction the wind is coming from. atlas peak, northeast. american canyon, northeast. one observation and napa, north. the humidity, instead of in their teens, 68%. the airflow is still coming back across san pablo bay toward hercules. that's why you're still getting that smell of smoke. it is cooler. much cooler. there are some 40s.
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decreasing wind, cooler and higher humidity. the breeze usually picks up later in the afternoon but it will be a different direction today. more out of the west and southwest. geyserville, 38 degrees with 83% humidity. a north wind in healdsburg. windsor, in northwest wind. look at cloverdale. two observations. one has in east and southeast wind. the other has a north wind and 45% humidity. 30s, 40s and 50s for the temperatures. we are down about 20 degrees compared to yesterday for some. napa airport and feel field still show a slight north wind. the fog is trying to work its way up the coast and has on parts of the mendocino coast. we will end up with 60s and 70s and a few low 80s today. we do have problems in fire
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areas. highway 101 and 37 are open but there are a lot of detours. i want to mention a lot of the closures are on off ramps from highway 101. mendocino and centennial river. old redwood highway is closed. highway 128 at kill road. i would not recommend. there are too many detours. if you know your way around the area, you could go if you have to but be prepared. there will be a lot of closures. highway five 80 westbound at the richmond bridge toll plaza. they are clearing an injury accident from the two left lanes. there is a bigger backup than normal approaching the richmond bridge out to san rafael. the bay bridge is backed up for a 15-20 minute delay. next we will look at the south bay commute. we know more about two
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people who died and one of the big fires in napa county. this was an elderly couple living on atlas peak road who could not escape the flames. their granddaughter say they victims were charles rippey, also known as peach, and his wife, sara. they just celebrated their 75th anniversary. the atlas peak fire is still burning out of control in the hills above the silverado country club, south of lake berryessa in napa county and has burned a 25,000 acres, destroyed 125 homes and buildings and is threatening 5000 more. >> we have firefighters working across the perimeter and in central areas of the fire where there are hot spots. there are hundreds of firefighters on the line. >> while the wind has died down , firefighters are dealing with rugged terrain that many are not familiar with. also the brush is burning very fast.
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there are about 500 firefighters out there right now. 6:15 am. our coverage of the fires continues throughout the morning. coming up we will take you to napa where people are doing everything they can to save their homes. we have other breaking news including an amber alert to tell you about. we will tell you what happened in the east bay during the night. jack's breakfast pockets for 2 dollars each.
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only from jack in the box. we have breaking news about an amber alert for a six-year-
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old girl, reportedly kidnapped yesterday as san leandro allegedly by her mother who does not have custody. police say malayia davis-booker was abducted yesterday in san leandro by her mother, laquita davis. police are describing laquita davis as homeless and acting with diminished capacity. authorities say davis abducted malayia several times before including three months ago in berkeley when she was with her grandparents. both were tracked down the next day by police and pittsburg . malayia is african-american with brown hair, brown eyes . she is 3' 8', she weighs 50 pounds. and was last seen wearing a long sleeve navy blue and red dress with white leggings. the mother is african-american with brown hair, brown eyes, 5'
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7", 170 pounds and was last seen wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans. some people in napa and sonoma county did not evacuate and stayed behind to protect their homes. we met one man who risked his life and walked back into the fires and to keep flames from his silverado crest home in santa rosa. he was armed with a garden hose and weak water pressure and soaked what he could as he watched his neighbor's house being destroyed. >> how do you grapple with that? there are no fire trucks around here. >> it's frustrating but i get the fact that they have jobs to do and they are doing the best they can. it's so sad. it's so sad. >> did you know your neighbors here? >> very well. he and i spoke three times overnight. >> fire crews are stretched thin and there was a single fire truck working to save that entire street full of homes. it's one of the many stories of
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close calls and thievery. in santa rosa re-, several landmarks have been damaged or destroyed by the raging wildfires. they include cardinal newman high school. the coffee park neighborhood, the hilton hotel, a trader joe's store and a k-mart. in napa county, several landmarks have been damaged or destroyed. they include the signarello estate winery. the solar water resort and spa. >> and the wildfires have forced the closure of schools in different counties, all public schools and sonoma county will be closed today. that includes sonoma state university and santa rosa junior college. schools and the napa valley unified school district will also stay closed today. to see a list of the school closures, go to why the current death toll
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is 11, there is fear that final number could be worse. authorities are working for more than 100 people who are listed as missing this morning. friends and family have been scrabbling to locate loved ones. cell phone service has been spotty making it difficult to find people. sonoma county said it's possible many of the missing are safe but cannot be reached because of loss of cell phone service and other problems with communication. at least one death is reported in mendocino county blamed on a wildfire still burning. the sheriffs department said two people were hurt. that fire is about 10 miles north of the city of ukiah. it has now burned 19,000 acres. it's estimated 75 homes have been destroyed. nearly the entire redwood valley is under mandatory evacuation orders. evacuated animals are being taken to the ukiah fairgrounds. >> it's hard.
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it's hard to live through these incidents and it's hard to see people struggling themselves to get through it. we need to make sure we have what people need. >> i think we brought 30 goats here in devry's registered nigerian dwarves. this is a lot of investment for me. >> there is no word on what caused this fire but the sheriffs department said there were strong gusts that knocked down power lines. at this point cal fire said that fire is 0% contained. in lake county, a fire in clearlake is burning near highway 20 and sulpher bank road. 2500 acres have burned including several buildings. the fire is 5% contained and mandatory evacuations continue. generous people all over the bay area are asking how
6:24 am
they can help fire victims. the red cross said the best way to help quickly is with a cash donation. you can go online to donate or call 1-800-red-cross . you can also text the words "red cross" to 90999 to make it $10 donation to catholic charities, goodwill and the salvation army are also accepting cash donations. that will buy food, shelter and provides medical care for fire the things. airbnb has activated its disaster response program. hosts in san francisco, marin and alameda counties can sign up to provide free housing for fire victims and rescue workers. free hosting will continue through october 30. facebook launched its crisis response center for people affected by the fires. there are separate pages for each of the fire areas. people can let family and friends know they are safe and offer and accept health. there are hundreds of people offering transportation,
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shelter and information for fire victims. there is also a fire burning in southern california. one of the fires forced thousands to evacuate from homes in the anaheim hills. at least 24 buildings have burned including homeless. thousands more are in danger. cal fire said 3500 acres have burned so far and this fire is 5% contained. let's go back over to sal. the san rafael bridge. we have a big accident there. that's right. people driving from the east bay trying to get over to san rafael, there is an overturned vehicle inside one of the toll plaza's. that's why they are having trouble getting it out. the injured people have been taken away but the car is stuck and the toll plaza is in this lane right here. this is the approach to the richmond bridge.
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right now there are three lanes. at one point there were only two liens getting onto the bridge. you can see that truck right here will back up to get the car out of the way. it's unclear how the car overturned. there were injuries in this crash. let's take a look at the other commutes at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic is backed up to the maze. metering lights are on. and san jose traffic is moving along okay. everyone seems to be back. yesterday, some people had the day off. i want to mention in santa rosa , there are a lot of closures. i can't get to all of them but i would say highway 12 is very delayed. highway 101 is open but many of the off ramps are closed. much better conditions.
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it's cooler and humidity is up but we cannot seem to lose that north and northeast breeze for many. for some it has turned. and american canyon, northeast. napa, north. in east and southeast closer to sonoma and atlas peak. port of chicago, do east. you can see the airflow coming from napa county and solano county and back over san pablo bay. the humidity is up. they were in the teens yesterday at this time. right now between 68 and 78%. decreasing wind and cooler conditions today for firefighters. the breeze will not be that strong later today and temperatures will cool off with a lot of 70s or low 80s.
6:28 am
even up toward cloverdale and geyserville, east, northwest, east and southeast. were favorable toward lake county. i think eventually this will work its way south. 30s-60s. 38, bodega bay. there is still smoke coming back but it's much better than yesterday at this time as temperatures have cooled 15 degrees for some. slightly north at napa airfield. yesterday it was 30 or 40 miles per hour. fog is moving up the coast and has moved in on parts of the mendocino coast. there is still a slight offshore breeze for some. 40s and 50s for temperatures right now. napa airport is 20 degrees cooler today than yesterday. the airflow is still going from land to sea. that pushes the fog and holds it at a. the system dropping from the pacific northwest will
6:29 am
turn that more westerly. 60s, 70s and some 80s. there may be a pickup in the breeze as we head toward wednesday night and thursday. temperatures will be cooler. firefighters in pleasant hill investigating an apartment fire last night that happened on camelback road around 10 pm. we saw the flames shooting from the building. contra costa county firefighters posted photos of the fire damage. there is no word on how many units were damaged or if anyone was hurt. our air quality is bad because of the fires. in some parts you can still smell the smoke from the fires that are hundreds of miles away. doctors say that smoke can cause health problems, especially for young children, senior citizens and people with breathing problems. fire department phone lines were damp with calls from people worried the fires were
6:30 am
close to their home. some schools called off after recess and pracht this is. we are making masks available to kids if they feel like they want some extra support. when kids are not feeling well, we ask that they had home. >> schools also report a higher than usual number of student absences yesterday. the smoke is not as bad this morning. if you do have breathing problems, please be careful. if possible stay inside and keep windows closed. if you have air-conditioning, put it on the recirculate cycle so you do not pretend that bad smoky air. nasa released a picture of some of the smoke pouring out of the california wildfires. the smoke is pouring into the bay area and out into the ocean. you can see how big these fires are. fire crews are trying to contain these rapidly spreading fires this morning. celebrities like barry bonds
6:31 am
were among the athletes forced to evacuate a hotel in santa rosa yesterday before it burned down. they were at a celebrity fundraiser. they were staying at the fountain grove in. according to the chronicle, some were pounding on doors to make sure everybody got out of the hotel. barry bonds made several trips in his personal car to shuttle guests who did not have rides to get away during the evacuations. as we have been talking about, homes are destroyed and memories are lost. we have an update on where the fires are now and a look at the damage left behind it. we repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts.
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alright miles. i love you. (phone hangs up) ♪ ♪ yeah i love you too. ♪ ♪ good morning and thank you for joining us. it's tuesday, october 10. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. we have the latest on the fires burning and northern california. there are 11 confirmed deaths, seven in sonoma county, two in napa. two others and mendocino and yuba county. they do worry that more people could be found dead. there are many people missing. most schools and napa in sonoma county are closed today including sonoma state university as a precaution to keep people out of the area.
6:35 am
that university is not in danger. there are 14 wire fires burning in the northern part of the state. fire crews did not have much containment on any of those fires. firefighters are battling a new wildfire this morning in sonoma county. >> is started late last night in santa rosa. leigh martinez is back with details. >> reporter: i just spoke with a cal fire official who said that overnight they did lose more homes in sonoma county. luckily nothing here, not yet. we are in white oak which is at the city limits of santa rosa. this fire crossed over early this morning from annadel state park into white oak. it's backing up toward these home on white oak drive. firefighters say this is the city limits for santa rosa. this fire has crossed into the
6:36 am
city limits at this time. it does appear to be less severe than it was a few moments ago. we did see embers swirling in the air. in the last hour, it has cooled off and we do not have a lot of wind. it does appear to be on the move , just not as severe as before. by 1 am santa rosa police tweeted this fire had moved. they were telling people to evacuate immediately from the white oak neighborhood. firefighters from sebastopol are guarding homes on white oak drive. they can't attack the fire. they are on standby, guarding and protecting these homes if the fire were to crossover. firefighters say the good news is the wind is low and is predicted to stay low. fire travels faster up to but this fire is not aided by the wind. it is spreading off of the drive fuel on the ground.
6:37 am
there is a curfew for mandatory evacuation areas from 6:45 pm yesterday until 715 there is a curfew for mandatory evacuation areas from 6:45 pm yesterday until 7:15 am this morning. 5000 people have evacuated to 24 different shelters. we do have some road closures. santa rosa police say to avoid eastbound sonoma highway 12. that is closed near glen allen and also at melita road. there are some downed power lines and fear of the fire. we do have an official coming out here with cal fire in a couple of moments to give us an update as to what's happening with this particular fire. he mentioned they lost homes in sonoma county last night. they do not have an exact number just yet. they are deploying teams to check on the damage and will have a better idea later. >> did they give any idea where specifically in sonoma county those homes were lost?
6:38 am
>> reporter: not at this time. it was a quick phone call. he was on the move. cell phone reception is a little spotty out here. he said he is on his way out here to meet with us. >> you were in the oakmont area and the rage and they are actively protecting and trying to save homes there. thank you for the update. flames heavily damaged cardinal newman high school, a santa rosa high school known for its athletics and academics. several buildings were destroyed at that school. desks and chairs were still smoldering hours after the flames raced through the grounds. one recent graduate said she felt part of her life was lost in that fire. >> seeing it for myself it's an indescribable feeling. my life from the past four years is burnt to the ground, i feel like. >> cardinal newman has more than 600 students. classes are canceled for the rest of this week.
6:39 am
6:38 am. we want to talk about the glen allen area. it's hard to get communication out of there. diane mitchell and eric ross, the air across the winery there can you here is? >> yes. >> i met you a while back and we have been thinking about you. what can you tell us about the wineries and the area of glen allen. >> there is not a lot that i've heard except from the nino on highway 12. they evacuated and lost some of their grapes and they need to replant. our friend, dave larsen, he lost his house. he said the town of glen allen
6:40 am
is okay. we've heard all kinds of things. some people say it was down and other people said it was not. he said it was all right. part of the lodge was burned. one of our friends up in oakmont said that they evacuated. everyone evacuated from oakmont. their house is on the park. i think everyone is okay. as well as can be expected. >> is that a state park quick jack london state park? >> jack london state park is by glen ellyn. >> have you heard a little more? you said there was some burn damage there? >> that is the lodge down by the saloon and across from the glen ellyn market.
6:41 am
>> in the downtown? >> yes. on the corner. >> hello, diane. >> hi, steve. >> you are at eric ross which is across from the old mill. you are fine. everything is fine there in the tasting room. some of the grapes from leslie, they did have damage. where are they located? >> they are on located on highway 12 not too far from cal fire. >> in town, to the best of your knowledge, things are okay but there has been some minor damage, correct? >> correct. dave said the town was okay. if you turn on warm springs road, it's devastated. a lot of it is. >> what can you tell us from glen allen up to kenwood? have you heard anything?
6:42 am
>> i heard that st. francis has some damage. to the vines. and i also heard from other stores but i can't guarantee it. i have not seen it. up by landmark, and that area, which is way up closer to oakmont, they had some severe damage also. the town of kenwood, there has also been some damage. >> but it's better today compared to yesterday, right? >> the air is. yes. >> any breeze but it's also cooler? >> it's cooler and no breeze. >> yesterday he did not want to venture out, will give enter eight today? >> yes. >> diane, many people are thinking about wine, there are a lot of small businesses, small boutique wineries and small business owners. i would imagine the concern is
6:43 am
that some of these may not be able to survive the damage as far as the business goes. >> you are probably right, pam. we are fortunate because our grapes are not right there but the tasting room is. it's okay. there are a lot of small wineries that i feel bad for. it's the little guy. >> diane, this is dave clark. i'm listening to your voice. i can sense the weariness in your voice. it's taking its toll on you? >> it is. it is. i feel for my friends. yes. >> i can only imagine. diane mitchell, thank you for being on the air with us. i hope all is well. thank you. the good news we got from her is it sounds like for the most part the town of glen allen is fine for the most part. there is the jack london state park area nearby. there is some burn damage and some damage to
6:44 am
wineries. one of the big areas, and many people are asking about the atlas fire. that is the one that started and napa and is still burning out of control. many homes are lost and it's now heading in the direction of solano county. >> some of the roads are closed in the green valley area west of fairfield. people were asking me about fairfield. allie rasmus is here with the latest on that fire. >> reporter: i had a chance to speak with the cal fire incident commander for the atlas fire and he explained there are not three separate fires that are being grouped together as one. all under the umbrella as the atlas fire. he said they are being grouped together because of their close proximity. he said the atlas fire is burning in parts of sonoma, napa and solano county. when you mentioned that people want to know about the atlas fire and i said it seems to be so spread out, it's because it's actually three different buyers that they are considering one slot a county
6:45 am
and parts of fairfield are the latest areas to face mandatory evacuation orders. this is video of the flames we just got in coming down the rage. this is about three miles away from me neighborhood near rockville and is as soon valley road. sheriffs started going door to door to the homes in this area to tell people to pack up and get ready to leave. the primary concern is there only two ways in and out of this neighborhood with hundreds of homes. if the movie -- if the fire starts moving quickly, there would not be enough time to get everyone out on short notice. >> i just hope everybody stays safe. >> you seem very calm. >> well, it's not here yet. i want everyone to be safe. >> reporter: that homeowner we spoke with was in the process of moving out or eight horses, one goat and 12 chickens.
6:46 am
this is a role area. many folks appear have a lot of animals on their property. that woman we spoke to, i think this was her third trip going back and forth moving her animals and making sure she had her belongings. cal fire said about 5000 homes are threatened by the atlas fire. three separate fires in three counties are being grouped together as part of the atlas fire. the latest numbers show this fire has burned about 25,000 acres, 5000 homes are threatened and they have zero containment. the incident commander says they hope to have an update in the next 15 minutes or so. we should have more information coming in this morning. >> i know you mentioned the atlas fire so big. when you get that update come up please ask them about atlas peak. many of our viewers have homes and friends and family of they are and are specifically asking about atlas peak. if there any homes left out there.
6:47 am
>> reporter: that is where the atlas fire originated. according to the cal fire incident commander, that is the largest of the three fires. it's probably safe to say, i assume, that is a lot of where the damages. i will ask specifically about the homes and that area. we were closer to that area yesterday. as is the case with a fire, the damage is sporadic and random. some houses will be untouched whereas other homes will have burned to the ground except for the chimney. even if we know where most of the damage is, there still may be homes on the streets that are of a. it's hard to know without going to a specific address or specific area. we will try to get more information on that. >> we have seen the. whole areas will be devastated and then there will be a couple of homes. i'm sure these people are
6:48 am
hoping and praying that there is a home safe. she said the atlas fire has 5000 homes threatened. she will get an update from cal fire moment cherly. we have some good news this morning. evacuations have been lifted in rohnert park. there were several mandatory evacuation orders in place throughout the day yesterday. any were downgraded to voluntary last night. as of this morning all evacuation orders have been canceled in rohnert park. the fire has shipped did direction and is no longer a threat to people in that area. there was a dangerous mission in the middle of a firestorm. chp helicopter crew members risking their lives. they flew in and rescued many fired the domes in the middle of the night after the fire started. chp share this video with us. they recorded this while flying south over napa. they had to land on roads surrounded by fire and burning
6:49 am
embers. we spoke to chp officer shaun bouyea. he said one rescue involved a family with a small child that was trying to escape the fast- moving flames at that atlas peak fire. >> how did you know? they were on the road driving? how did you know they needed to be rescued? >> the helicopter crew started flying around looking for people who appear to be trapped. they could tell which roads were blocked. they would set down and rescue them. there was really no radio communication. they did it visually. >> chp ariel crews have rescued more than 40 since the firestorm started on sunday night. in other news, smart train service will operate today on a limited but free service to help fire the rooms. smart train will serve all stations between the santa rosa downtown station and downtown san rafael.
6:50 am
because of power outages and because of closed railroad crossings in the northern part of santa rosa, the station at the sonoma county airport and santa rosa north station will be closed today. a spokesperson said weather conditions may change and passengers should check the websites for schedule changes. the fire in santa rosa has burned tens of thousands of acres. entire neighborhoods have been destroyed. we have been up there yesterday and last night. images from google earth showed what one neighborhood look like in coffee park before the fire and chp sharing photos with us of the fire in that destroyed neighborhood yesterday. more heart-wrenching photos from the fountain grove area. there is a home on hadley hill drive after the fire. all that was left standing was the front gate and the brick wall. it was the same story a few houses down. this is what it looked like before the fire and then after
6:51 am
the fire. the fires have damaged more than 1500 buildings. many homes, schools, business is, four wineries -- there are 14 wildfires still burning across northern california. we know at least 11 people have died in sonoma, napa, yuba and mendocino county. the atlas fire is burning in sonoma and solano county. and there are new evacuation orders in the green valley area west of fairfield. we have several crews covering the story and will bring you live reports on all of this throughout the morning. we want to show you this. chp tweeted out some new photos of the fire from their helicopter. this is from this morning. these images were taken over skyline park in napa county. chp said they are transitioning from a rescue mode to general
6:52 am
enforcement patrols over napa and sonoma. these are astounding photos and video. there is a curfew still in place to keep people safe overnight. i think it goes until 7:15 am. that is there to prevent looting. there are many neighborhoods that are devastated and then there will be a couple of houses that are fine. they want to keep those homes protect. sal, how is the problem on the richmond-san rafael bridge? >> that did clear up. i want to start off with closures in santa rosa. highway 101 is open but there are a lot of closures for off ramps. i believe the icons up for a moment to show you how many detours they are. highway 101 is doing pretty well. not a lot of commute traffic
6:53 am
between santa rosa and novato but there are a lot of ramps closed in the fountain grove area. river road and highway 12. bicentennial, river, hoppough, mendocino, those off ramps are closed. mark west springs at old redwood highway remains closed and some local closures will also be there way. highway 12, the sonoma highway from sonoma to santa rosa, a lot of closures. you are going to run into a lot of detours. you may be able to make it through. authorities are asking to stay off the roads unless necessary. they are discouraging any tourism in the area, which, happens. people want to take pictures. this is not the time. this is a look at the richmond bridge. the lanes are open westbound as you come up toward the richmond bridge toll plaza. the cars are over in the parking lot.
6:54 am
at the bay bridge we see that traffic is traffic up -- back to for a 15-20 minute delay. the regular commute is up to full strength. yesterday, some people had the day off. there are more people on the roads today including in san jose and the east bay. many people from vallejo come el cerrito, even into san francisco are saying, i can still smell smoke. there is still a slight northeast breezes. i've seen northeast breeze coming from napa and american canyon and the oakland hills. i saw four observations in san francisco that showed an easterly breeze. that's why it still coming back in from the napa valley. it smells like wood burning smoke in outer richmond you can
6:55 am
see american canyon, north east. napa, north. port chicago, north. the humidity is up. that is good news. northeast out of the oakland hills and back into san francisco. east and southeast at the oakland airport. sfo, south. many observations in the city and show it coming from the east. napa county, over san pablo bay and into marin county and san francisco. it is still cooler but upper 50s and 60s. mid 50s for some. we are down considerably compared to yesterday. in the north, high humidity. more of a westerly breeze in lake county. that helps there. still a slight north wind at novato and napa and fairfield.
6:56 am
west at petaluma. santa rosa is still not reporting. the fog is filling in on parts of the coast. 40s and 50s for temperatures. look at the temperature difference. minus20 at the napa airport. some of the fog will make it to the north. i don't think it will make it here until later when this system to the north makes its way down. cooler for the next couple of days with high humidity. there will still be a breeze thursday and friday. >> what does it mean for the rest of us who are away from the fire areas in terms of the smoke that we are breathing? will start getting better? >> is get better late today as the wind turns more west and southwest. if you have respiratory issues, close the windows. it will be better later today. >> southern california deals with santa ana winds which could be a big problem down there right now.
6:57 am
and for us to. >> we don't call them that up here but that's what they call it. diablo wind or offshore wind. they are far less than yesterday. they are showing signs of more westerly or southwesterly. >> thank you. at least 1500 homes and businesses have been destroyed in the fires. the death toll is expected to go higher as first responders find more people who cannot escape the flames. it's been an emotional 24 hours and napa and sonoma. >> i look up and a softball sized amber was coming down my street with 30 mile-per-hour wind. it look like something out of an armageddon movie. >> i went knocking on doors and ringing bells. you can only hope. >> it came on quick. i need to wake you up in case there's a fire. >> with these fires it's unpredictable.
6:58 am
you think you have five minutes and next thing you know you have no minutes. you don't know what's going on. >> we had no time. there wasn't even an evacuation it was that fast. people had to get in their cars and go. >> it's just so scary. >> is one of those things that you honestly think would never happen. this is my childhood home. it's unbelievable standing here looking at all of this ash. my bicycles, everything is completely gone. >> it's just unreal. >> it's devastating. all i can say is it's devastating. i have my life. i have my wife and my kids. >> why neighbors house broke down but i was able to save mine. i'm pretty thankful. i'm trying to let it sink in right now. it's not good. >> we bought all the cases of
6:59 am
water they had there. >> this is a horrific fire. >> i would want somebody to do it for me. we have the ability and the resources to do it. we have two all pitch in and do what we can if we can. i have friends who have lost their homes and everything already. this is very devastating. >> i am lucky. my house is fine. my family is fine. my city is not. it's going to take a long time for us to recover what's happened today. amazing story. there is no searching are looking yet. there is a lot of burned homes and a lot of burned areas. it's just logical that we will find more people. entire neighborhoods destroyed by fast-moving wildfires the very latest on the evacuations, the victims and where firefighters are right now. mornings on 2 continues.
7:00 am
cal fire says 1500 by -- fires have burned. homes, schools, and several wineries. sonoma county says they have received reports of more than 100 people reported missing. many of those people may not have been able to get in touch with their family or friends because of problems with cell phone service and a lack of electricity. fires are still burning in sonoma and napa counties. 0%


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