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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  October 11, 2017 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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california continue to rage. . good morning. thank you for joining us; we continue to focus on the deadly wildfires that are still learning this morning. mostly out of control across northern california, there are now 17 deaths of confirmed associated with the fires. 185 people have been injured and 2,000 homes and structures have burned and 114,000 acres have been burned; fires have still burning and flames pushing across the state.
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officials issuing now mandatory orders; and am people between state highway 128 and the russian river. they have been told to leave and others being told to be ready to evacuate if the flames change direction. >> the wildfires are continuing their path. >> allison barber is joining us from pap paa with nap -- napa with the latest. >> reporter: this is one of the many places evacuated and this is a livelihood a home destroyed. governor jerry brown issuing new evacuations. >> a huge roar of the flames and i knew we were out of here.
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>> over a dozen wildfires breakout in northern california sunday and monday. tuesday, officials said hundreds of people reported missing and at least 15 confirmed dead;. >> all we have heard is that our barn is gone for sure, which i then assume our house is gone. >> some of the country's most beautiful in have yards are piles of ash. flames have burned at least 27,000 acres in sonoma and napa county, and neither are contained. now aof aid will of aid will -- of aid will
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bring back the lives lost. >> of course a big problem in this area is cell service. the towers have been knocked down our hit by the fires. officials are having trouble communicating with each other and people who live here are having trouble getting in touch with their friends or family members. >> thank you allison. we want to go to steve. it sounds like bad news for the fire fight. >> it is a different setup. we had north east winds and that was 60 plus miles per hour and this is more north west. any winds is bad. but they will take a north west over the north east. we are not in the 80s but it is in the 70s -- it a bad news
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scenario. we have a westerly breeze. fairfield west at 17. napa airport south west at six. shot big change to where we are and the humidity is up for the first time since sunday. atlas peak is now west. the breeze not s not what they -- is not what they want but a west south west at napa and a west at port chicago. those were north or north east yesterday and 40s and 50s. it is cool on it temps. they will not warm up today. they will be in the 70s for everyone. but 11:00 a.m. we have the fire weather warning because you have the breeze and in the hills there could be gust over 30 miles per hour which would change the direction and it may
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go backover itself again. -- back over itself again. 40s and 50s and the system produced fog and that is on highway 1 and watch out for that. this one has more over us. so while it will be a cooler air mass and higher humidity the wind will pick up later. steve, right now we have plaint of closures in the -- plenty of closures in the fire area. a lot of closure near in the santa rosa area. highway 28 isope close is closed. they made -- is closed and we are backing up and
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looking at the rest of the bay area commute and right now we don't see a lot going on we can focus on tracey to livermore and no major problems. to concord to wall nut creak when you get to the pay bridge toll plaza the traffic is light driving into san francisco. let's go back to the desk. a state of emergency declared by governor brown. he did it after the atlas fire, which started in napa county jumped the county line --and the evacuations ordered near green valley in the western part of
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solano county. west of fairfield. deputies going door-to-door and, the e evacuation center opened at the community college. the atlas fire is now 3% contain but 5,000 buildings in the country still in danger. 17 separate fires still burnbug between the bay and -- burning between the bay area and sierra. one report some may have been sparked by power lines that were knocked down and possibly landing in dry grass. ten records of live power lines down and exploding transformers. president trump approved a
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disaster declaration as a result of the destructive wildfires in the state. >> spoke with governor brown and the federal government will stand with you and be there for you in time thes of tragedy and need -- this time of tragedy and need. the president took a moment to reflect on a very difficult few weeks for the united states. from the hurricanes and the shooting. now the battle with major wildfires, and the disaster declaration allows the federal government to give funding to fight the fires and rebuild. we have sad news about one of the people reported missing.
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a fire inspector went to the home of 27-year-old christina she died in the fire at her home. she used a wheelchair and was last heard from monday morning. she was on the phone with her step mother describing a red glow approaching her home. 2 hundred people in sonoma county are listed as missing; and since monday nearly 60 people have been located abut among the missing is -- but among the missing. mike, and his home was destroyed in the fire and show know one his heard from him since. the death toll in the tub fire climbed to 11; and epeep --
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people praying they still have homes. >> new evacuations happening -- >> and was driving here and people are streaming out of town on the 12. it is total congestion, residents packing the gym. >> i can't tell you what will happen tonight or tomorrow or the next day. they are realistic but reassured the crowd what happened was unique. the focus was on life saving not fire fighting. the chief paused. emotional describing the scene and the losses suffered -- >> a lot of people lost their houses. very difficult for the
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community. it is a very difficult night. >> they want to know when they can return and victims want to know how to start rebuilding. wish there was a master list of destroyed homes. >> this is one of the reason they try to go back in. we want to know is it gone -- gone is gone. my house is ashes. it would take 2 seconds to figure out if high moms is gone. >> this front row has your back. >> i came off the line after 4 hours straight -- >> amid the frustration. applause time after time interrupting the briefing and showing support for first responders. they got to their feet for an ovation.
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that one woman, they just want to know, so many unknowns. hopefully we get that information for them soon. >> the fires cross the north bay sending smoke around the bay area and some home owners see theing fire devastation for -- seeing the fire devastation for the first time and the heart break to find nothing left. we are still looking at some fire closures but the rest of the morning commute is off to a decent start here on 80 westbound. >> and it is a good news and bad news. good news is it is cooler and humidity is up and the breeze is picking up later. we will have more on that
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. welcome back. many shelters setup for people who were forced out of their homes by the wildfires and that includes more than 25 evacuation centers in sonoma county alone. 3 hundred people staying at the fair grounds, and many people there are wearing masks to help deal with the smoke from the fires. many people want to know if their homes are still standing. right now there is noway to answer that question. so many people they do say it is impossible to tell when
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people will be able to leave, and check on their homes for themselves. one couple lost their homes a retired san francisco chief and wife said their home is gone. >> they saw the reports but had not seen the devastation first hand. >> it is a war zone. it is so surreal. >> today, they return to their home on lambert court for the first time since fire ripped through their neighborhood -- >> the couple is over come with emotion seeing the place they called home for 30 years burned to the ground. >> i don't recognize anything. to me, i feel like i am in another world because this was my home, you know, and it is gone;. >> phil is a require re tired
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chief. -- is a retired chief and never thought he would be a victim. >> i never cried so much as i did yesterday, i went to my knees. >> they received a land line call and alerted sleeping neighbors. >> i called them, on their cells and then in turn it was ricochet affect. >> we left with without anything. >> this shirt and this pants -- >> helicopters buzzing above. >> thought there was a ray of hope the sense of loss is stuff. they raised their five children and were married here. >> i thought i was a strong person. an unexpected phone call from san francisco fire. >> we are all here for you.
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>> i will take one day at a time, and just stay strong. just stay positive; and you know, rebuild. >> one thing they would like to see change a better notification in the future. >> oh gosh we will hear so many more of stories; let's check in with sal, and what are you keeping an eye on? >> are the off ramps closed? one 101? >> a lot of them are and they made progress on some of these commutes and i am trying to dial opmap. -- of the maps but the traffic
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will be moving along better. i was going to start on the south bay, but since you asked we will go to santa rosa and even though there are closures there are fewer than yesterday. so day by day we are getting better with the closures, however, we still have a lot of local closures in the area and streets and neighborhoods obviously and we can't name them all because there is still plenty but if you come upon an area that is not with traffic signals that are working. treat it as a 4 way stop; and you can see traffic in the east bay is doing okay and we are off to a decent start and if you are driving to san jose or morgan hill -- it is a nice commute. no major issues. we are kind of look round the
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entire bay area and off to a decent start. this is traffic you can see the free ways are doing well. at 4:20 let's check the weather. >> it is cooler and higher humidity and the bad news is the wind will pick not from the north/north east. we will issue another red flag warning. this will be some of the higher elevations might be gusted to 45. that was the system that went into nevada and it was a north east breeze. this is dry as well. but it is coming more over us. and the wind is turned more westerly and the humidity is up. any breeze is not good. we have a west wind. -- there is a north east. it is west at atilous -- atlas
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peak and it is all on shore. north west and west. humidity is up as well. so a different setup. we get the sea breeze and afternoon the wind will turn more north west. 40s and 50s and a couple of 30s, and the cooler mass will clear out and it is not a strong system but it is a weak front moving through. we have the smoke from over san pab low yesterday. yesterday, and it will pick up.
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60s and 70s. cooler that is good. humidity sup good. but the breeze is not good but it is better than sunday and monday. it looks like a breezy couple of days and another system on friday before thing s calm down. >> i have several calls for people because they were concerned if the wind changes direction the fire changes direction. >> we are keeping a close eye on that -- >> it will go more north west -- >> it is a different direction. >> thank you steve. >> coming together to help fight en masseive fire -- fire fight the fires. getting all of the help they can get
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the massive fire -- fight the fires. getting all of the help they can get p they can get . welcome back. several schools closed because of the fires. napa valley school closed for the rest of the week. napa valley college canceled classes for the rest of the week. in santa rosa sad news for a learning center for children was destroyed by the fire. look at these pictures. one employee told us.
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we have one 22 students reply -- 125 students relying on us. we are heart broken and the fire is a huge set back and we are sad but we are used to over coming the oweds. >> odds. >> a --. >> the family owned camp is in business for more than 70 years. it is known for the horse back riding program and most of the 40 horses were rescued and taken to the fair grounds but 2 horses s did die in the fire -- >> it is a big loss for my family, we actually just celebrated our 70th year in
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business. our grandparents started it and the blood, sweat and tears -- just gone. it is difficult. the camp was in her family for 3 generations and she lived there on the property and lost her home as well. as devastated as they are they are determined to rebuild. >> it is 4:27. we will hear from a first responder who lost his own home while he was working to save others. plus. details of the latest time line of events leading up to the deadly las vegas shooting that country music festival.
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