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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at Noon  FOX  October 12, 2017 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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we put portable philtower please until we could get those cell towers backup. in addition it was complicated because of fiber lines beyond the cell towers. those carry data. they were damaged and that also needed to be addressed. in some cases the fiber lines damaged were in active fire areas. it was complicated. you could not get crews in immediately to fix those lines that were damaged because there was active fire. as the fire was mitigated and as soon as we get fire crews and we moved them in place to repair the fiber lines. as of yesterday they made progress to repairing those lines. many of the cell sites are coming back up.
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we have restored cell coverage to many parts of downtown napa and areas in sonoma. the reality is in these kind of fire situations, it happens and you can get it immediately. because the fire is active we need to work with fire officials to coordinate that recovery. >> we are bringing you a update from state officials were bringing you live pictures from skyfox. let's listen in again. >> it looks like the briefing may have just wrapped up. thank you for joining us on the news at noon. getting the latest. the priorities continue to be firefighting and life-saving and taking care of the thousands who were evacuated and looking at a long-term recovery effort. >> specifically cal fire
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mentioned a few cities that they seem to be focused on. calistoga where there are mandatory evacuation, downtown sonoma where in the last half hour there was an expanded mandatory evacuation. the north part above east napa street from fourth street east. that's on the east side of the downtown area. and also middletown as well which has been hit by wildfires. a lot of firefighting focus on those three cities. >> at this point 4800 people are in 42 shelters across the north bay. 24 confirmed fatalities. >> these fires continue to grow. officials are bracing for conditions to get worse and in what they are calling an active disaster. the number of people officially killed in the northern california fires has now reached 24. 14 of the dead are from sonoma county. the number of people missing in sonoma county is now 463.
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463 people reported missing. more than 3500 buildings including homes and businesses and schools are damaged or destroyed. the fires of earned 265 square miles. that is bigger than the combined size of san francisco and san jose. 8000 firefighters on the lines from mendocino to geyserville and into santa rosa and through the sonoma and napa valley's. cal fire is concerned some of the larger fires are moving towards each other and could merge into one huge fire. we are already seeing that being done near and around sonoma. officials do not know when people will be allowed back into those burned-out neighborhoods. >> people keep asking me independent data. i would not count on anything until monday. i say that because we are still fighting the fire and the fire as a working hard. they have a job to do.
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>> cruise on the fire lines include firefighters from around the bay area. moore-kruse from nevada, oregon, washington and arizona are either here or heading here and firefighters from australia and canada are also in route to help. >> one of the big areas of concern is the city of calistoga. mandatory evacuations have been issued for the area. the city was mostly deserted yesterday except for fire crews and reporters. >> allie rasmus is joining us live from calistoga. we heard the mayor speak this morning and he said if you decide to stay, you are on your own. >> reporter: yes. he had some very strong words for anyone who chose not to evacuate. a majority of people in town have evacuated. they have left town because it's pretty much a ghosttown. the only cars we've seen are emergency vehicles and law enforcement videos. there are a mandatory evacuation orders issued yesterday. you can see heavy smoke behind us. a lot of ash is falling. the wind is picking up. a shift in the wind over the last 24 hours had firefighters
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concerned about the tubbs buyer , eventually reaching parts of the calistoga area or the possibility. that has not happened yet. there is no active fire in the town but we watched a cal fire strike team 30 minutes ago leave the area where they were stationed at foothill boulevard and petrified forest road. the battalion chief had just arrived. i spoke to him briefly. he said he was told the fire was burning off highway 29 he estimated a few miles away from the town of calistoga. although we've driven through the town, we have not seen any active fire in town. at a news conference this morning the mayor of calistoga had strong words for any of the town's residents who did not heed those mandatory evacuation orders. >> your choice tuesday, and there have been few of them, is a distraction to our first responders. you will not be given life safety support at this point. you are on your own.
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if you are trying to visit calistoga, you are not welcome. that is very hard for us to say because we have known since the 1800s as a very hospitable and wonderful community. that is not helpful at this point. >> if we leave there is no coming back. that's part of the problem. once you leave, you don't know what's happened. so, i am stating -- i am saying. my wife is out of town. >> reporter: that man was prepared to protect his historic home in downtown calistoga built in 1862. he said he did the same thing during the valley fire in lake county two years ago and he was able to save it. he's feeling confident he could do the same in calistoga. he has sprinklers on his roof and on the roof of his neighbors's holmes. his wife left town yesterday but he is holding out. one of the few holdouts in town. he is in the minority to is the
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only person we saw. he was raking leaves and getting things prepared. the rest of the town is still under a mandatory evacuation and it's a virtual ghosttown. the only vehicles are law enforcement, highway patrol and a few utility trucks along with the firefighters in town. >> thank you. many people are concerned about the neighborhoods and are concerned about looters. i know law enforcement is posted at the entrances to those evacuated neighborhoods. >> reporter: yes. there is law enforcement officers at most of the checkpoint. we had trouble getting past this checkpoint because the chp officer said the fire is active beyond this point we try to drive around it. that's how we ran into that gentleman you heard from in the interview. we tried going several miles on 128 and we did not see any active fire. we did have to stop when we saw
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the strike teams heading further beyond the road. the fire is not running in town but with the wind conditions, that is what everyone is afraid of. in the middle of the map is windsor. you can see the outline of the tubbs fire. it's shaded orange. blue is under mandatory evacuations. in the north you find the packet -- pocket fire. to the south is the presley, nuns fire and partrick fire's earning near rohnert park. the sonoma county sheriff's office has expanded to a mandatory evacuation area east of sonoma valley. the evacuation is north of east napa street from fourth street east to the end of east napa. officials want to remind everyone that the area of seventh street east, castle road and lovell valley road east of old winery road is already in a mandatory evacuation state. >> i want to bring in skyfox
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flying over the community of kenwood. you can see some active fire down there and what appears to be near a home or winery. looking at the map it appears and we heard cal fire mentioned they have 21 large fires. that has dropped because some of these fires have merged. the adobe fire, according to this map, has merged with the nuns fire which is also close to merging with the partrick fire east of downtown sonoma. we have been monitoring this photo for the last 20 minutes. i have not really seen any firefighters are fire engines or airdrops. that flame is fairly close to the tree line and that particular structure. >> we have c-note fire officials, that tells you we have not seen anyone standing on the roof or in the backyard trying to chase flames away. we have seen similar situations. kenwood is a small city in sonoma county between santa rosa and sonoma. skyfox is
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giving us a look at a fire burning close to a roger largent home. we will stay on top of this situation and kenwood and bring you the latest. >> west of kenwood in santa rosa, many homes have been lost. alex savidge spoke to a battalion chief whose house was destroyed. he joins us live now with the story. >> reporter: good afternoon. union officials tell us that at least 24 bay area firefighters have lost their homes due to these fires. two live here in santa rosa. today we returned to their neighborhoods with them and they share their stories. these are career firefighters who were used to helping others and now they are the ones that need the help. >> i keep waiting to wake up from this dream. >> reporter: it does not seem real to dimitri manziel. the battalion chief with the nevada fire department showed us his home in santa rosa's
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clark field neighborhood which was leveled by the fire. >> as you can see it's a total loss. there's nothing to salvage. i was here looking through these things and there's nothing left. >> reporter: a lifetime worth of memories are gone. priceless family photos, his five-year-old daughter's stuffed animals. even his wife's wedding ring is still missing in the rubble. >> i was here for most of the day yesterday sifting through stuff looking for that. is not the monetary value, it's the emotional connection that we have two that in these other things can be replaced. >> reporter: he was out of town when the tubbs fire exploded sunday, wiping out entire neighborhoods. he's been a firefighter for 25 years and faced many challenging situations but never anything like this. it's a whole new meaning being on the side of it. again, i've traveled the state and seen horrible things happen to people. you have the emotion but you were there to help and you were
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there to fix things and put things back together for people. and to be on the side of it is a unique challenge. >> reporter: he is one of many bay area firefighters who fell victim to these destructive fires. >> we had stairs that went up that went to my daughter's bedroom. >> reporter: captain jason beach with the alameda county fire department showed me the ruins of his two story home in santa rosa's fountain grove neighborhood. he was home with his daughter as planes closed in on sunday after getting her to a safe place, he went back to help evacuate many of his neighbors knowing his home had been lost. all those firefighters whose homes burned are members of the international association of firefighters. the union is offering them support. they have set up a disaster recovery fund. if you would like to help contribute to that fund, visit the website
12:13 pm or you can simply text ff strong to 41444. union officials are telling us that at least 24 local firefighters have lost their homes and that number could go up as the days move on and more information is learned. certainly these are first responders who in many cases were on the front lines, battling the flames, trying to control these fires while their homes were being destroyed. >> very difficult and said. i was in a different santa rosa neighborhood early this week and i saw small fires still burning in the area that had been burned through. it wasn't dangerous for people to go and then. are you seeing something similar where you are? >> reporter: no. in this area, we are in the clark field neighborhood of santa rosa and things seem -- there are no hotspots that we
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have noticed. those -- no areas that are smoldering. this is still an area that is closed to the general public. people are not allowed to return to these homes unless they have an escort which, in some cases, can't be happening. it's still a safety concern to have large numbers of people's in these communities right now. they left. pg&e crews were just over my shoulder. they were working on fixing some power lines on a nearby street. you have a lot of that activity going on a lot of the reason you have officials say it's going to be a long time before we can get people back into these neighborhoods. >> thank you. >> our hearts are with those firefighters. losing their home and we talk about the bravery. the men say that's what we do. if your -- if our house is burning we will still help others. in that particular area earlier
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today, the sheriff said they started the recovery process in parts of santa rosa. they were moving to a new level of this disaster. let's talk watches and warnings and what's out there weather was and what should we expect in the next 24-48 hours. it seems like we are talking about periodic episodes of wind events but over the next 24 hours we are experiencing the downward trend that will be an opportunity for fire crews. a stronger wind event is expected to move into the area late friday night and saturday morning. the wind will be stronger than the ones today. mount diablo this morning, 54 miles per hour gust. most areas between 20-35 miles per hour. these are all the fires over portions of the north bay. all impacted by the weather. the plan for today, we still have a red flag warning mostly because of the humidity.
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it's very drive between 10%-20%. that is in place until 5 pm. decreasing wind and were not talking about major heat with temperatures in the 70s. all these areas in red are the current red flag warnings across portions of the bay area. low humidity between 10%-20% and we have a northerly flow. in the north bay, hawkeye is above 2000 feet in sonoma county , we have relative humidity around 33%. wind at 6 miles per hour . wind is dry, 28%. santa rosa, lower 60s. sonoma valley, a southerly wind at 4 miles an hour. and napa, relative humidity around 27%. the moisture levels will continue to go down throughout the afternoon. it could be down as low as 10%. more wind observations and portions of the north bay. thankfully between 6-10, up to
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14 miles per hour scattered around out there. this is the next situation for the north bay hills and east bay hills. fire weather watch begins friday evening into saturday. that north and northeast flow is developing. wind around 35 miles per hour. this begins friday afternoon through saturday evening. gusts potentially for higher terrain could top 50 miles per hour. fire crews are being briefed on this change setting up thursday. winds around 4-12 miles per hour as we take this into friday morning. no major wind just yet look what happens friday night. those winters go up. this is saturday morning at 5 am. wind out of the north-northeast more of an easterly component sets up and another dangerous weather event friday night into saturday morning. this will be a challenge. dry wind and this will probably
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be the strongest wind event since sunday night into monday morning. we had one move in this morning . this will be stronger than that one. >> and when you talk about the wind, is in on the street level as well? >> there will be a breeze but that red flag warning is in place for the hills above 1500- 2000 feet. as you go higher in elevation, that's when you will notice a stronger wind. still a bit of a breeze but we could break it down based on elevation. >> you mentioned the strongest we've seen since sunday night. is that mainly in the north bay ? i felt it in the east bay on sunday night. >> north bay and east bay hills. the one that happened sunday night, we will not see that again. we are trying to put it in perspective. it will be up there but were not talking about wind gusting up to 70 miles per hour at the surface. that will not be the case. >> today is a big firefighting
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day. also tomorrow. >> the next 24 hours are ideal conditions with the exception of the low humidity. still ahead, more coverage of the wildfires. after the break, i live report from sonoma county where residents have been told to be ready to go if they need to evacuate we will bring you live pictures from skyfox as they travel over calistoga and the surrounding areas. they are under a mandatory evacuation aura. we heard from the mayor. he said if you are told to leave and you do not get out, we will not send firefighters back into convince you. we are staying on top of breaking news situations and will be back after this purke --.
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welcome back. skyfox over calistoga. 5300 people there in the city have been evacuated. that order is still up and running. the mayor said they're not taking chances telling first responders if you know someone in there, don't go get them. don't stay back because no one will come get you. there is an active fire in calistoga on top of st. helena. with the push of the wind to the south, the town of st. helena is just below calistoga.
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in that area come if you have not left, get out of town. also a new warning for people in solano county. >> people in fairfield north of 80 along the napa county are being told to pack a bag and be ready to head out.[ inaudible question/comment ] is live where cal fire is attacking the atlas fire. >> reporter: we are here on mason road. this is a rural part of solano county and we are across the canyon from active fire. you may be able to see a lot of haze and smoke in the air. over the course of the morning, we watched this fire progress along the ridge line and we watched crews from cal fire dumping water on this fire, trying to direct the fire away from homes using airdrops. choppers circled overhead dropping water on the leading
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edge of the atlas fire, trying to steer it from homes. the atlas fire growing beyond its last reported size estimate of 3000 acres. cal fire is keeping the green valley evacuation zone intact leaving residents stranded with no idea the condition of his home. speak >> i don't know anything about my home. one of the sheriff said he had been up there and so far it looked pretty good for me. that is to say. i don't know. >> how long of you been out? >> three days, i think. >> reporter: overnight, cal fire issued an advisory for people living north of jamison canyon road from the county line to interstate 80 and west of suisun valley road from i-80 to the county line. not a mandatory evacuation order but an advisory. police also saying the east ridge area is under a voluntary evacuation order. they urge people to have a bag ready with several days worth of clothing, essentials, indications and important papers. patty harris said she and her
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husband stayed at their home as long as they could. >> it was on monday night at 11 am. my husband and i watered. we stayed, and my sister-in- law, we stayed until 4 am and we water the house. my husband stayed until the next day until he absolutely had to weigh. >> reporter: alan witt sports complex is the primary evacuation center. it has beds, food and water. fairfield high school is also accepting evacuees. schools in the area are canceled. fair food system valley schools are cloned. travis unified schools are close today and tomorrow. vacaville unified schools are closed today and tomorrow as well. coming back to our live look. you can see how he is he and smokey the air is in fairfield. we also received word that jamison canyon was briefly evacuated but now residents are allowed to return back to jamison canyon.
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they are advising anyone who may be driving in the area near highway 12 that if they see flames, they are aware of that and cal fire is on a. you want to make sure those calls still come in and make sure they are alerted to wear any spot fires could be starting. if you see something, call it in. there is a lot of smoke in the air. at this point cal fire estimates the atlas fire has consumed 43,000 acres. back to you guys. skyfox is over the city of calistoga. the mayor said there was no active fire in the city limits but we have seen fire outside of the city limits. this airplane is making its way in, looking for a possible drop in and around calistoga or other communities. >> we heard earlier today that cal fire has ordered and fueled up 330,000 gallons of fire retardant. that is a record it comes to fighting a series of fires like this one.
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we are staying on top of the situation. i saw pictures from another reporter. lincoln avenue is completely quiet. that part of calistoga is untouched. i have family friends who lost their home in a ranch northwest of the town of calistoga along mountain home ranch road. we are keeping everyone in calistoga in our thoughts because the entire city is under mandatory evacuation orders. we will be right back.
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more on our continuing coverage of the wildfires which continue to grow. the number of people killed has increased to 24. 14 are from sonoma county. the number of people missing in the county is up to 463. 3500 buildings are damaged or destroyed. the fires have burned 265 square miles. that is bigger than the combined size of san jose and san francisco. >> let's take a closer look at these fires.
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right now the largest is the atlas fire which started in napa county and has burned more than 43,000 acres into solano county. that fires 3% contained. the tubbs fire is more than 34,000 acres and is 10% contained. that is the fire that is threatening the city of calistoga. the pocket fire has burned about 8000 acres in sonoma county near geyserville with no containment. in the southern part of sonoma county, several fires are burning close to each other. the largest is the nuns fire which has become one with another. burning 140,000 acres with 3% containment. the partrick fire is burning north of napa and it is at 2% containment after boarding through more than 10,000 acres. >> back to live pictures from skyfox over calistoga. this is in the surrounding hills. this is very rugged and steep terrain. one fire official today said we are still feeling the effects
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of california's five year drought even though we had record rain this past winter. some of the grass out there and other shrubbery is still very dry. and you understand that a lot of the rain we have seen has caused this fuel to grow. >> think about this particular fire in this location. that is the tubbs fire. that is the fire that on sunday night also moved westward down into the hills above santa rosa and eventually into the city streets of santa rosa. this fire, according to officials, has burned 34,000 acres and is 10% contained. we've seen a number of airdrops in this area already this afternoon both fire retardant and water. over all, cal fire officials said they have dropped a record 300,000+ gallons of fire retardant on dozens of missions. not just in sonoma county but also in napa county. national guardsmen and
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women are playing important roles. more california national guard crews arrived at moffett field. these are the 129th rescue wing and 146th airlift team arriving shortly before midnight. the team consists of 100 guardsmen and women from the los alamitos area or long beach. the team will provide support and shelters in napa and solano county. the california national guard is helping firefighters from the air. charles schultz airport is serving as the hub for a black cop helicopter and its crew. yesterday they surveyed the fire zone from the air and ken wayne went along for the ride. from above the devastation has come into focus in this area. the burned areas are hardly recognizable. they flew over coffey park in santa rosa and also above fountain grove. they are using advanced technology to track the flames
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in real time giving them a better chance at predicting the path of the fire. using this mapping, officials are able to see what areas need to be evacuated first. >> we got this technology up and running and it's been a big advantage. we can see in real time where the fire is. >> it also lets them know where teams are needed most. >> the cause of the fire is still under investigation. now there are questions about whether or not pg&e equipment could have played a role. >> candace nguyen has been combing through dispatch audio and found it reveals firefighters reported downed power lines and blown transformers in multiple locations the night of the fires started. >> reporter: radio communication between dispatchers and firefighters. >> power lines are down. >> reporter: in the late hours of sunday evening when investigators say the north bay fire started. and not long after, burned tens
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of thousands of acres, destroyed thousands of homes and claims lives. although the cause of the fires has not been determined, 2 investigates listen to dispatch audio between fire and law enforcement agencies after the first fires broke out on sunday night. they revealed more than a dozen reports of downed power lines, blown transformers and flames. >> we have been advised there were power lines stand with a transformer blown.'s >> reporter: 24 hours after those initial reports, flames spread, further crippling pg&e infrastructure around santa rosa. >> all these power poles are down. we begin a statement, pg&e said it maintains an unwavering focus on delivering safe and reliable electric and gas
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services. the company acknowledges heavy wind and weekend trees contributed to brush falling on its electrical lines throughout the north bay but pg&e did not comment on whether they were the source of any of the fires. by law pg&e must maintain vegetation 8-10 feet around the power lines. our team is requesting records to see how the company has kept up with those requirements. in april they were fined more than $8 million for its power lines sparking a fire in amador county. mandatory evacuation orders and mendocino county were two buyers are spreading. the sheriff's office ordered everyone to leave the potter valley area. that community is split between mendocino and lake county. people are supposed to be out by now. anyone in the area is being told to head south to highway 22 get to safety. 700 people live in that zone. the fires have burned nearly 30,000 acres and are 5% contained.
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the bodies of three more fire victims will found in mendocino county yesterday. that brings the mendocino county death toll up to six. one of those victims was a teenager as he and his parents and sister were trying to escape their home in redwood valley. the sheppard family was in their car when it caught fire on monday.they tried to walk out and that's when 14-year- old, kai shepherd was killed. his mother, father and her 17- year-old sister, are hospitalized with severe burns. a sonoma county we're getting a look at the devastation after our photojournalist rode along with the shares deputy. sergeant dave thompson to through a neighborhood near fountaingrove parkway were am mailbox was still standing. he described to us how he helped evacuate guests from the landmark fountain grove in sunday night before it burned to the ground. >> later in the evening we could see the fire coming. i went through with the manager , along with other deputies, we went door to door doing the
12:38 pm
paske to open it up and making sure no one was in there. just knocking on the doors. the fire alarms were going off. it was loud and smoky. we were trying to do the best we could to make sure there was nobody in there that was either immobile or unable to get out. >> the sergeant said the hilton hotel next-door was also packed with guests when it was evacuated. it also burned to the ground. more of our continuing coverage coming up including the latest on evacuation orders. president trump saying since congress was not able to repeal and replace the affordable care act, he is taking action on his own.
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stock indexes are showing a little change in afternoon trading. tech and industrial companies are rising but overall the dow jones is down about 40 points. the s&p and nasdaq are down a small percentage. signed an executive order on healthcare this morning. he said since congress could not repeal and replace the affordable care act he will take steps on a zone. the order allows groups and associations to offer their own health insurance plans that can be marketed across the country. the president said that competition will lead to lower premiums. >> it directs the department of
12:42 pm
health and human services, the treasury, and the department of labor to take action to increase competition, increased choice and increase access to lower- priced, high-quality healthcare options. and they will have so many options. >> the new plans would not need to abide by the requirements of the affordable care act. critics say that will mean people who have serious illnesses will have to pay more and healthy people will not have complete coverage. the u.s. is withdrawing from the un educational cultural and science organization better known as unesco. the state department announced plans to leave today citing financial reasons and what it called an anti-israel bias. the was stopped funding the program after it voted to include palestine as a member in 2011.
12:43 pm
the state department maintained an office at its paris headquarters. the u.s. will remain a full member through the end of 2018. an african-american woman and her family held captive by the taliban are free after five years in captivity. caitlan coleman, her husband and three children were held captive in pakistan. coleman and her husband were hiking outside kabul when they were captured in 2012. she was seven months pregnant at the time and her children were born in captivity. the u.s. government is releasing few details but president trump said the white house was in on the negotiations to free them. hughard live pictures from skyfox as we continue our coverage of the north bay fires. it's not burning near calistoga and robert louis stevenson state park. one helicopter is in this live picture. >> we will also check back in with our meteorologist who is tracking the firefighter conditions. we are back after the break.
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over the last couple of days it's been difficult to get the air attack underway because of the conditions. today, we have seen a fair amount of water drops and a fair amount of fire retardant drops. >> it was nice to have that added resource in the air yesterday. today, conditions -- there still a lot of haze in the sky. if you remember it was tuesday night we had the explosive growth with the fires but not as much yesterday.
12:47 pm
here we are looking at the water drops over the fires. where is this? >> they have been around calistoga. i don't know if they've moved since then. >> i think we may be in the area of robert louis stevenson park. the state park. >> it is nice to see that resource added to the firefight. once again, today, the main headline was decreasing wind this afternoon but still extremely dry. that's why we still have a red flag warning posted for this area. the east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains. we are tracking another round of wind by friday night into saturday. today we are setting up a break with temperatures in the 70s and wind between 15-20 miles per hour. low humidity. the areas in red showed a red flag warning. the north bay hills, east bay hills and the santa cruz mountains.
12:48 pm
here are some of the current wind speeds. winds between 5-11 miles per hour. more reports toward the sonoma valley. winds around 7 miles an hour. humidity levels will continue to drop. 90%-25%. we could be down by this afternoon between 10-15%. more wind reports toward santa rosa. 6 miles per hour at fairfield. 14 elsewhere. the fire weather watch is being prepped for the north bay and east bay hills. winds increasing and will be stronger than the ones we experienced last night and this morning. especially for higher terrain. good have just topping 50 miles per hour. this is in place friday afternoon until saturday evening. this is for the higher terrain, there is a chance this could expand to include lower elevations based on what i've seen with some of the models. let's take this into thursday night.
12:49 pm
the focus is in portions of the north bay. wind between 11-14 miles per hour. when we put this in motion through friday, wind is ramping up. this is friday night. look at early saturday when. in santa rosa, 20 miles per hour. atlas peak, 31. napa , 34. we could see wind advisories extended to lower elevations. the strongest wind will be friday night and saturday morning. here is our live camera toward oakland. the smoke advisory is still in place. compared to yesterday, visually, it does look better. we do have unhealthy or very unhealthy air quality levels. this is based on the fires. with those numbers, the lower you go, that is an improvement. this is forecasted to improve slightly into the friday forecast. we are also tracking the chance for rain fall as we take this into next week. this is wednesday night at 7 pm. this is not significant rainfall but still a welcome change. this would be thursday morning.
12:50 pm
we will watch for that. that is still a ways away. temperatures this afternoon, 60s and 70s. here is a look at headed your five day forecast. wind picks up friday night into saturday morning. temperatures for the weekend are moving up into the 70s and 80s. the big concern will be stronger wind friday night into saturday morning. you mentioned based on elevation, it could be stronger and higher terrains. some models suggest we could have stronger winds closer to sea level in the north bay, easily topping 25-30 miles per hour. that will be a concern to see if those are added to the forecast. >> as we are bringing in this live picture. this is another drop in the area of robert louis stevenson state park, north of calistoga between calistoga and middletown on the west side of 29. very rugged terrain. it's not very inhabited. we know the entire city of calistoga has been evacuated.
12:51 pm
we see smoke and water drops. a minute ago we saw fire retardant dropping. >> and we have a shot of that helicopter. the sun is up and this is a good time for the water drops to cut it off. you want to save the state park in the city. it appears they are hitting this particular area now. we heard earlier that calistoga was one of the top three areas of focus this afternoon along with sonoma and middletown. >> yesterday i mapped out this area. cal fire showed the fire perimeter in relation to downtown calistoga. it's about 2 miles. that's how close that fire zone is. that's why they had the evacuation. >> on the west end of the tubbs fire, two miles from that jumped over 101 and into neighborhoods there. >> that happened is a rapidly.
12:52 pm
>> for the first time since we've been covering this fire, yesterday i saw people walking around town in the east bay wearing masks to cover themselves and protect against the bad air quality. some of the worst air quality is actually far away from where the fires are burning >> we had that burst of fire activity tuesday night. i think that was 16,000 acres that it grew inside. all that smoke being produced in the atmosphere and there's only one wind direction. these winds are coming from the north to the south and it's transporting that smoke closer to the bay area. if you look outside, it still hazy and you can smell the smoke. as far as the density, there is some change compared to yesterday. >> thank you. i'm being told we need to get to break. >> let's talk about this. this graphic was tweeted out by the national weather service showing the smoke forecast for the bay area through tomorrow morning. you can see the smoke from the fires being blown throughout
12:53 pm
the bay area. the smoke from the fires are also causing problems for travelers flying in out of san francisco international. the faa announced it is using its ground delay program for the second day in a row. that limits the number of planes that can take off or land every hour. it gives pilots more space between arrivals and departures which they need because of poor visibility conditions. there are already delays for up to 2.5 hours for some arriving flights. yesterday, 80 flights were canceled. so far, no flights have been canceled today. >> cal fire has released new mandatory evacuations for the city of sonoma. that means east of fourth street, brazil and east napa street extending north of east napa street between fourth street east an old winery road. if you live in this area that is outlined in red on this map, you must leave your home or business. mandatory evacuations are in the city of sonoma. >> i want to bring in alex
12:54 pm
savidge. you are moving around all the time since monday. are you still in santa rosa? >> reporter: yes. still in santa rosa and we are in the larkfield area, on the north end of town. this is one of so many communities that was destroyed by the tubbs fire as it blew into santa rosa late on sunday night. we are off of old redwood highway. you can see some of the destruction here. this is willow green place, it's a small cul-de-sac. i counted maybe a dozen homes. i need to be honest, even getting an accurate count of the number of homes is difficult. you can count the mailboxes and that gives you a sense. it's hard to almost distinguish one home from the next. the destruction is incredible. what is also striking is --
12:55 pm
everything will be leveled at one of these homes and what remains standing is often stuff you may not expect. the tile showers. we see this up and down the block. those tile showers are still standing right there. all up and down the street, the same story. it may be that a lot of people don't know that their homes are lost. a lot of people have found out in these communities that their homes are no longer there. we spoke with one gentleman who lost his home in this fire. he prays for the firefighters. >> i think cal fire did an amazing job. rather than focusing on saving structures they are focusing on getting people out of the area which was really smart. this devastation is unbelievable. it goes for miles. i've never seen anything like this.
12:56 pm
>> reporter: that gentleman, like many others i've talked to whose homes were destroyed, they are promising to rebuild. there's no doubt about it. they love this community. they love being in santa rosa. they love their neighbors and those are the people they are leaning on right now during this difficult time. they are leaning on their neighbors for support. everyone we talked to said when you asked the question, what's next, they say they will rebuild. obviously it's going to take a long time to do that. people say they are not going to give up on this community. >> i'm just redding a story on a website that there is a u.s. postal service member who was actually delivering mail to any of the mailboxes that are still there in the neighborhood as a commitment to his job and to the residence and that community who would like to have their mail there if their mailbox is there. >> isn't that amazing? >> reporter: some of the
12:57 pm
mailboxes are still there. some are sitting on the curb. it's amazing the dedication. and to that end, you talk about some of the firefighters. and some of the victims of this fire are firefighters themselves and to think about those first responders who have lost their homes and in many cases, they are continuing to fight the flames. they are continuing to work despite what they are going through. you really need to give kudos to all the people who are pushing forward in the face of this disaster. >> exactly. alex savidge. live in santa rosa. thank you. >> gloor -- more live pictures from skyfox as we go to a quick break. this is between calistoga and middletown. we can see a lot of smoke. we have been watching water drops, and fire retardant drops. we will be right back.
12:58 pm
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