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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 6pm  FOX  October 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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confirmed dead in napa. and one in mendocino bringing the number of deaths across the state to 35 since those fires began on late sunday. we have just learned that tomorrow, governor brown along with senators dianne feinstein and kamala harris will visit sonoma county. cal fire now says 5700 buildings have been destroyed overall. and roughly 9,000 firefighters are battling these fires. there is some progress to tell you about tonight. two of the largest fires in sonoma and napa counties are at least 25% contained at this hour. >> they made better progress today in hopes of -- we told the guys, get the boots on the ground, do hard work today so that way by this afternoon, this evening, when that wind comes up, hopefully we'll be ahead of it. >> this afternoon, the sonoma county sheriff issued a new mandatory evacuation order for geyserville as the pocket fire continues to burn. that's at the upper left on
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your screen. the order affects people living north of highway 128 from geysers road to chockhill road. the pocket fire has burned about 10,000 acres and only 5% contained. farther south in sonoma county, cal fire says 4 fires have merged into one. that's at the bottom center of the screen you're look at. that complex of fires has burned 44000 acres and is only 5% contained. >> we want to show you some live pictures now from the sonoma county fairgrounds where we are expecting an update from officials any minute now. they are also planning to release as we've learned some body camera video that took place during rescues earlier in the week. they just walked up to the podium. >> good evening. i'm rob. >> he yordano rob giordano the sheriff. let me start with missing
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persons. still work the missing persons report. still working on remains collection and searching, unfortunately. 1485 reports of missing people now. 1250 located safe. so again, still communication issues, still working through that. 235 still outstanding. we have made a couple more recoveries up to 19 fatalities now. the most important point of this particular press briefing is that this is still a very dangerous event. i'm finding a lot of people asking why they can't go back and pg&e has done a great job, turned on power, at&t is putting up phone service. and a lot of people don't understand what the issue is and why they can't get back into their homes. i want to impress upon people, please stay out of the evac zones and burned areas. it's still extremely dangerous. they are expecting wind tonight. a lot of preparations are
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going into keeping people safe. we just started evacuating a fire near healdsburg because the fire is moving. this is still a dangerous event. in light of that in talking to people, we see so many who weren't affected by the fire don't understand the danger of the fire. and i'll tell you myself, i saw some video footage of it and i couldn't believe how fast it was and what was going on. today i want to show some footage of what our deputies went through on sunday night into monday morning. so the first four hours of the fire. we put together some footage from that of what they were doing on mark west road in the santa rosa area and the mark west area. some of the rescues and the evacuation work. i think it really tells the story of how dangerous and how difficult the event was and i got to get people to understand that this is a dangerous event. it is not over. stay away from the houses and understand the severity of what this fire can do. so first warning is a couple of graphic language parts in this tape.
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if you are running live, they are not cut. so you will hear them on that tape. so that's the warning. we are going to stream it on facebook live. we are not going to cut out the language.
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[ indiscernible ] [ scratchy muffled audio ] >> the house is on fire. you have to get her out. you have to get her out! here we go. okay. watch your leg, watch your learning watch your leg. watch your leg, watch your leg. we got to go!
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>> mark west is nearly impassable at this point. [ inaudible radio chatter ]
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>> don't pass. do not pass. >> copy. >> we have to be ready to evacuate to 101, in my mind. [ radio chatter ]
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>> this is a mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes. sonoma county sheriff's office. mandatory evacuation order. leave your homes! 10-4. i'm en route. [ radio chatter ] >> looks like everybody is leading. some are staying. >> go, go, go! go, go, go, go! go!
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>> the point i want to emphasize is that's a terrible scene. that's one deputy's camera minutes of clips from the hours he was up there. there are 15 other deputies up there doing the same thing. i personally listened to the radio during that entire time while it was happening and heard all the radio traffic. it just never stopped. so i really need people to understand, stay out. if this fire blows up, this is very dangerous. this is streaming on facebook in about 15 minutes. you will be able to pick it up there too if you don't have it and then i'll answer any questions. [ inaudible question ] >> there are injuries. i don't mean how many. that night a couple of people were transported to burn centers. [ inaudible question ] >> sorry, i don't know where that was. [ inaudible question ]
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>> there was a report there were one of the bodies located from the journey's end trailer park. very well could be. our search teams spent a while there. so that could be it. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm sorry? [ inaudible question ] >> how is the search team coping. you know, um, it's a difficult job but it's what they do. they do it all the time. and i said this before and it's very interesting to me having done this job for a lot of years, it's hard work. it's difficult work. but it's rewarding in the respect that you realize you're doing something really important for families and you take some pride in that piece of it and that balances out some of that but it truly takes an emotional toll on you. [ inaudible question ] >> so the question was about the safety for the workers and these environments. obviously, a lot of danger out there. what they are -- there's actually a lot of hazmat concerns so they are suiting
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up using hazmat protective gear to go in and do this and heat and fire is a big issue. so they are doing fine. these people, this is what they do. we are using mostly search-and- rescue people but we send them out to search for all kinds of things not that they search fires all the time. some of them have the experience. this is not unusual for them. [ inaudible question ] >> we have not looked at all the video. i have spoken to many of the deputies that night when they came up the hill. their eyes were red and burning from all the smoke. the intensity was unbelievable. i had a deputy say i never saw a fire move like that. it was unbelievable. we had to get off the hill or i was going to get burned up. i was there when they got off the hill. you could seat intensity in what he -- see the intensity in what he saw. the look on his face, i don't
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want to be there. [ inaudible question ] >> the story was early. fountain grove was starting to burn at the same time. [ inaudible question ] >> they were still doing it in different areas. the actual rescues and evacs in the entire mark west area went on for several hours. it's a big area. they were just reaching out further and further. that little clip goes on for hours if you are able to listen to the radio tracker for hours because they just keep moving the evacuation area up. [ inaudible question ] >> i'm very, very, very happy they are still safe because that's a difficult thing to do. there was -- i told this story, too. there was a deputy stuck at mark west lodge who was trying to come down the hill with a group of people who got stopped by fire so he pulled into mark west lodge. then they tried to go back and got stopped by fire. then other people trying to get out saw the deputy and met him. so the deputy and 35 people sat there at the lodge while the fire burned around them. they were lucky.
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>> any deputies injured? >> deputies injured? no. [ inaudible question ] >> the question was, have we had a chance to give our deputies counseling or support? the answer is, yeah, we have crisis support team that's already come into the office. we have had counselors offer their services. we are a peer support program. we have an employee assistance program that people can reach out to. so yes, we have started and yes, it will be more. [ inaudible question ] >> so i'll talk about looting for a second and the rest. we haven't -- the looting in our jurisdiction has been the looting reports haven't been significant so there's been what's called suspicious persons in the areas and some of them just residents that got in, we asked them to leave. it's been uneventful. we made five arrests since monday for suspected looters. different charges.
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some had warrants. one had a gun. but we didn't catch anybody looting. but we suspected that's what they were there for. but not a significant problem in our jurisdiction. >> is it arson? >> i haven't heard of any reports of arson. i shouldn't say it that way. i heard them talk about some arson stuff but there's no reports of arsons in our area that i'm aware of. >> of the evacuated areas, do you know any neighborhoods where you'll be able to repopulate again? >> i don't think so. i think it's unrealistic to consider. that let me say it like this. pg&e, cal fire, all the repopulation teams, they are working really hard. pg&e is up there putting everything back together. the other utilities are putting everything back together. they are doing what they have to do to move people back in but the reality is worried about the fire tonight and tomorrow. we are not going to put people back in to have the fire blow out tonight. i wouldn't think about it
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until monday. that's my best guess on what i'm seeing happen. [ inaudible question ] >> alexandria valley, what's happening there? alexander valley is north of healdsburg in the geyserville area. it's actually healdsburg area. what happens is the fire is moving south. it's moving south towards residences so mandatory evacuation in that area right now. >> current status of the city of sonoma. last i heard it was doing well. they are looking at potential areas out there that could be a problem but we haven't had any significant movements. so i'm going to stress again, sheriff's office nxl, facebook, we are posting on nxl spanish and english. we are posting on facebook spanish and english and they are transcribing my press conference into spanish on facebook. so sheriff's office facebook and nxl. i'm using it myself. i get it before it gets to me to the chain what they are evacuating. pay attention to that. advisory in this kind of fire?
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please. there's no reason to get stuck in traffic waiting around. find a way out and get out now before you have to do that. [ inaudible question ] alexander valley mandatory, anywhere else -- [ inaudible question ] >> i would say anywhere near any of these fires you should be concerned but watch for the advisory. they are really good about putting that out ahead of time. i'm not aware of any coming yet. you have been listening to the latest press briefing there from sonoma county's sheriff giving us the latest figures. the headlines before we get to that body camera video, we want to recap, i want to tell you that 235 people are still unaccounted for in sonoma county. we also learned the death toll is now up to 19. 19 confirmed dead in sonoma county. we learned new information about the firefight. the alexander valley area near healdsburg that area is now under mandatory evacuation. the fire is moving in that
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direction. they are expecting those high winds tonight. so the alexander valley area near healdsburg or of healdsburg under mandatory evacuation orders. >> they also pointed for the first time to some body camera video from one of the deputies making rescues the night the fire broke out in sonoma county. here's some more of that video now. we want to bring in mark neveau former battalion chief in fremont. this was really san francisco watching this. what stood out to you watching this deputy at work? >> you know, incredible. honestly, chills for the period of time i was watching that. a number of things. if you look at his flashlight, on the top of the hill, they don't have breathing apparatus like firefighters do. you can hear in his voice the alarm and concern. >> mm-hm. >> how quickly he grabs the fire survivors, put him in the car and racing down the hill. there's fire all the way around him. he is in a very dangerous precarious position! to this gentleman, i say heroic efforts. and we throw that word around a lot. and in this case heroic. >> this is one of 15 deputies
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with clips put together from this one deputy's body cam on mark west road. sunday night in the first four hours. they wanted to show this because it demonstrates how fast the fire was closing in around people. >> absolutely. you think about that, and i mean, they had no exit route, either, which is the other part. they are at the top of the hill. where are they going to go? they have to go back down. you can hear the alarm in his voice. the difference from the time he was at the house trying to get people out and when he got tomorrow bottom of the hill there was a little calmness in there. it was incredible. >> the sheriff was saying afterward he talked to the deputy and he said, i have never seen flames move that fast ain my life. let's talk about the fire. the next 4 hours will be critical. the next 24 hours will be critical. we are under a red flag warning again. how crucial is it tonight in terms of getting the fire under control? >> the next 24 hours will be
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critical until 7 a.m. as meteorologists have said. that's going to be the determination. if we can get through that time, i'm feeling comfortable about where they are going every going but this is still precarious. there's no question about that. evacuations going on. it's still an active incident. >> the nuns fire we learned earlier they made a line i forget the name of the road but if it was to jump the road it could help to downtown sonoma. they feel good that they have a line to protect that from going towards downtown area of sonoma. it hinges on tonight because the next 24 hours like you said beginning around 9:30, 10:00 tonight. what's the next thing that firefighters will be looking at in terms of getting to -- because they won't be able to do air support as far as ground attack, what do they do when it gets dark? >> well, you remember they were bringing in some more hotshots which are ground crews, probably 10 or 20 in a group and they are out there working those lines. so they are basically using han tools, stretching hose
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line down there. they are making sure -- what they're trying to do is create defensible space, raw land. they are trying to remove the fuel from the fire so it can't get consumed and continue to grow. if you look at the fire behavior for today, it's the same as what they had talked about before during red flag and that was, 28-foot flame lengths and up to 236 feet per minute. >> that's 80 yards. >> the potential in a minute. >> well, we have 9,000 firefighters on the fire lines. they have more equipment coming in every hour, mark. thank you. they have a huge battle that continues on their hands tonight. mark, thank you. we are going to take a short break. we'll be right back. i'm inviting the whole industry to try it. of course i'll protect their identities. like this. try my first ever ribeye burgers.
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five crews in napa county facing tough terrain. the wind is a concern as we have been talking about, expected to increase overnight with the flames threatening neighborhoods. ktvu's tom vacar is live now on mount veeder road near oakville on the west side of napa valley. can you feel the wind picking up at all, tom? >> reporter: absolutely. it's not a big wind. i want you to look what's happening. the wind is more steady and it's simply blowing that smoke more to the left and you can see how really hazy it has gotten. this is very
6:25 pm
unhealthy. this wind picks up, those are all hot spots. that smoke is coming from, there is fire. those hot spots as that wind gets too rambunctious what happens is that fire is going to get up into the canopies of the trees and then you will have something to deal with this. we saw that earlier today. we saw some national guard up here. we had four national guards and a humvee up here again on patrol making sure that no one does anything. this terrain, of course, and this kind of weather truly makes this kind of a fire totally unpredictable. a major area of concern today is the large area around mount veeder between yountville and rutherford on the napa valley's western side. this is the high perch view from near the oakville grade. the goal, if possible, keep the currently slow-moving fire from crossing dry creek road. >> we have different fuel models and different types of fuels that either are
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smoldering or flaring up. but it's nothing to be concerned with as long as we can keep it on the side. we have crews to mitigate that. >> reporter: but that's a tall order given that the winds are expected to increase as the fire marches northward towards dry creek road. >> we have contingency plans that are placed further out to -- with additional engines, hand crews and plan for aerial attack if it were to get to that point. >> reporter: at that point, people in the valley below residents, businesses and towns, would have real concerns. >> if that fire comes down here, we are worried about it getting into the valley. >> reporter: a wind from the north would retard fire progress if it holds but it could complicate other fires, making little or no wind the ideal situation. >> we have winds coming out of the north which should help the nuns fire. it should push it in the opposite direction. >> reporter: now, make no mistake about it, because of
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the winds that are coming, this night is a total toss-up. we are going to learn a lot in the next 12 hours or so. i hope it's not a very bad lesson. coming out live right now, i want to show you this. this is a little tie that we put on the antenna. it was laying flat most of the time but now it's starting to pick up and that wind is a steady wind which is to say it's not coming in fits and starts. it's a steady wind and it has picked up in the last hour. that is the situation from atop mount veeder road just above oakville in napa county. tom vacar, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist bill martin. that's the question. what's going to happen with the winds? >> i want to go back to vacar's live shot. i think we'll leave it up for us. we have been looking at the air quality. >> it's so smoky where he is. >> it is. the ncaa will play football if they have 250 parts per million. where tommy is standing now,
6:28 pm
it's 400 parts per million, almost double -- i mean, the bay area is over 200 right now. san francisco north. tommy right in the napa area right now is 400 parts per million in that air quality. what's happening up there, as the winds shift, the air sinks. tom said, hey, smoke is getting thicker. now what's happening is the air is ink something and it's compressing the smoke down and so winds get ready to veer out of the north-northeast. this is the shooting match right now. when i say right now, that red flag warning and the time i'm going to show you, is the critical time in this fire besides the first night that it started. cal fire has been preparing for this.
6:29 pm
it a problem coming up to 30 mirs. overnight in here, that's about -- that's the sweet spot. i'm be back and keep upper deck dated on the forecasts. we'll have more coverage on the north bay wildfire coming up.
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updating the latest from the north bay fire zones. this afternoon, the sonoma county sheriff issued new mandatory evacuation orders for geyserville and the alexander valley area of healdsburg. at least 35 people are now confirmed dead and that number is expected to go even higher because 235 people are still missing. cal fire also says 90,000 people have been forced out of their homes. at a briefing tonight, the sonoma county sheriff says those evacuees probably won't be going home this weekend. >> pg&e is up there putting everything back together. the other utilities are putting everything back together. they are doing what they have to do to move people back in. but the reality is we're worried about where this fire is going tonight and tomorrow. we are not going to put people
6:33 pm
back in to have the fire blow back tonight. i wouldn't think about going back until monday. >> 9,000 firefighters are currently fighting the flames and cal fire says crews made some progress today. in fact, two of the largest fires burning in sonoma and napa counties are now at least 25% contained. >> you're watching ktvu fox 2 news at 6:30. today, recovery teams in sonoma county poured through the rubble of neighborhoods that burned to the ground. ktvu's tara moriarty is in the coffey park neighborhood of santa rosa with what they found. tara. >> reporter: search teams are supposed to come out tomorrow morning at dawn and start searching a couple of different homes. they wrapped up their work on the top of fountain grove parkway about 5 p.m. not sure if they found anything. again, they were at a home off millbrook drive. hopefully we'll get an update on that. behind me you can see what crews are dealing with. this is what they have to sift through. and these crews have been told by someone who is missing a loved one that they believe
6:34 pm
that that family member didn't make it out alive. now, earlier today, recovery teams were at the journey's end mobile home park off mendocino avenue and fountain grove parkway where they recovered some bones. they were the remains of at least one person found on a mattress in a bedroom. there were two missing person reports out of this mobile home park. good news considering that there were hundreds of people who were able to escape. crews were looking for the remains of one other person but no word on if they found anything. now, what recovery teams have been doing is strategically going to areas where they have missing persons reported so it's started as to not waste resources. >> they are not doing a search of the entire mobile home park. what they will do is they will grid it out and we try to start with a bedroom because this fire happened at night. we think a lot of people were in their bedrooms. so we start there and then we'll work our way out. >> reporter: there are unconfirmed reports that the remains were that of 69-year-
6:35 pm
old linda tunis. she called her daughter at 3:45 sunday morning when the fire was raging. the family searching shelters and hospitals and couldn't find her so they notified authorities. the remains found at the mobile home park will be transported to the coroner's office. they have a forensic unit there where they are confirming identification through things like tatoos, dental records and fingerprints. but in those cases where they have found just bones or bone fragments, they have been obtaining dna samples from family members to confirm a match. obviously, a grueling job emotionally very difficult on the people here because almost everyone out here has been affected by these fires in a very personal way. so again, very emotional day. but as you just heard them say at the press conference, this is a very rewarding job because the folks know they are helping people find answers who haven't had answers many of them since
6:36 pm
sunday evening. tara moriarty, ktvu fox 2 news. >> how are they doing this, on their hands and knees going piece by piece home by home? >> reporter: they are keeping media away because it's sensitive. but from what we understand, they have very big buckets and they are simply going through it much like an archeologist would go through it and trying very carefully to pick up these fragments of things that -- you know, a lot of these bodies, i'm not trying to sound gruesome but they are intact but there are others with nothing left reduced to ash so they have to be very careful. these are people who know exactly where to look. and they are not just going out and, you know, surveying everywhere because that would just take too much time. so family members have come forward and said we believe they could have been here. and so they are kind of starting from there. that's the starting point. >> thank you. ktvu's tara moriarty in santa rosa. lieutenant governor gavin newsom visited the cal fire command post at the sonoma county fairgrounds today and he said the state is ready to
6:37 pm
help those affected by the fires. >> the displacement, the impact will be felt for years. that means we need to be there for the community and we need to rebuild it. and we will. there's no doubt about that. i come from a city whose flag is representative of the ash -- of the phoenix rising in san francisco. it's better and stronger. there's no doubt that will happen here. it's just making sure that happens in a timely manner. >> yesterday, newsom visited napa county both in a formal capacity and as the owner of several napa wineries. he called the destruction jaw- dropping. fire crews have been at it now for five days. and they are making progress in sonoma county. they are keeping the fire moving away from populated areas. >> ktvu's maureen naylor is on moon mountain road above the town of sonoma tonight with the encouraging signs and why this is an especially emotional fight for some. >> reporter: since our last
6:38 pm
report i was able to talk with firefighters here and they do say it's looking encouraging. they were working on this line here which is good news for the town and city of sonoma. they are worried about if they broke this line moving towards sonoma but that's not the case at all tonight. they say it's looking good. one thing of concern we are standing in a mandatory evacuation zone. this is actually one of the dangers here and why you need safety gear if you are out here. sometimes firefighters call them widow makers, smoldering trees. it goes all the way down to the root. and today i have seen several large tree branches fall with a lot of dry conditions. at this point, crews say the firefight is not over. reporter: crews fought fire with fight lighting backfires to burn fuel. as hand crews brought help on the ground, a national guard helicopter assisted with water drops from the air. the marin county fire crew cut a hole in a swimming pool cover to use water to protect this house on moon mountain road in sonoma county. it's one of many beautiful
6:39 pm
homes that dot this landscape north of sonoma. >> so what we are doing today is kind of twofold. the first thing we want to do is protecting homes. right? what we need to do is get a perimeter. >> reporter: the heart of wine country is shrouded in smoke. nearby at the monte rosseau vineyard you will see dusty grapes still on the vine and quite a side down the road dry pink fire retardant seemingly painted on the driveway and plants alike. >> it's fighting fire since -- what day? >> reporter: that's what happens when you have been on the fireline for five days with a 12-hour bank. -- with a 12-hour break. this fire captain's family ran for their lives sunday night and he raced to fight the fire. >> the text i got from my family and friends, saying that my wife left at 11:30. >> reporter: that's tough. >> it's life. >> reporter: once the camera stopped, burbank got emotional describing how his wife safely drove out of their sonoma county home with their three children and encountered a wall of flames covering the freeway.
6:40 pm
>> we came around the corner there was nothing but a solid wall of flame. it was really interesting. i had fire on the ground going one way, i had fire about 100 feet up in the air going through the treetops. >> reporter: another firefighter shared this cell phone video of the tubbs fire. it was taken sunday night on porter creek road between santa rosa and calistoga. and it shows the firestorm of embers and flames. >> just my engine, we probably woke about 10 people up that had no idea that it was going on. one family got up, they ran out into their car in their underwear and drove off. it was that crazy. i have been in this business over 20 years. this is the most extreme fire behavior i have personally witnessed. >> reporter: as evident by the blackhawk helicopter behind him, the fight is not over yet. and while crews did make progress today, the concern overnight is the winds.
6:41 pm
one firefighter saying he expects a lot of trees like these to be down tonight if the winds develop as expected. reporting live in sonoma county, maureen naylor, ktvu fox 2 news. >> coming up, an update on other fires burning in california including new images of the devastation in mendocino county.
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in mendocino county some
6:44 pm
evacuation orders are being lifted and people are allowed to return home including at potter valley and ridgewood ranch. the redwood complex fire has burned 34,000 acres and is 10% contained. nine people have died. thousands of other people have been evacuated from that area. the fires are burning north of ukiah and west of the mendocino national forecast. we spoke with cal fire on the "four on 2" today. she says homeowners who have been let back into their homes need to stay alert. >> we want to urge those homeowners that have been let back into the area that even those evacuation orders and warnings are downgraded the threat is there and they need to stay tuned to their news resources and fire information. >> the causes of the fires in mendocino county are still under investigation. if that wasn't enough, a 3.9 earthquake struck this afternoon in the mendocino county fire zone. there have been no reports of any damage from that.
6:45 pm
in lake county, fire crews were also making progress. the sulfur fire burning to the east of clearlake is now 55% contained. it's burned 2500 acres. evacuation orders have been lifted and people have been allowed to return to their homes. but the lake county sheriff told us on the "four on 2" that they are still concerned about the strong winds in the forecast this weekend that could possibly fan the flames. >> the north bay wildfires causing concerns about air quality. >> i don't think athletes should be performing in this kinds of weather. it's not good on the lungs. >> the latest on the outdoor events that have been canceled this weekend, coming up. >> we are track the bad air quality, the winds and the fire zones tonight and tomorrow and what's in store for the rest of the weekend. we'll see you back here.
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poor air quality is still affecting most of the bay area pretty much everyone saying they have never seen anything like this. this is the shot from our emeryville camera. on a clear day you could see the city. not today. you can barely see past yerba buena island. tonight air quality officials are extending a health advisory and issuing a "spare the air" alert due to the unhealthy air quality caused by all the wildfires. officials are recommending that people stay indoors or wear protective masks. despite the poor air quality, though, tonight's cal football game will still go on. the bears are playing washington state at 7:30 tonight at the memorial stadium. since the air quality index does not exceed the standards sets by the ncaa, the teams will still play. one student says she doesn't think athletes should go out
6:49 pm
on the field tonight, but she trusts the decision anyway. >> i don't think athletes should be performing in this kind of weather. it's not good on the lungs. but if the fire marshals and air quality management district cleared it we're good to play, i guess. >> all of oakland unified school district's high school football games have been canceled for this weekend. ouse plans to reschedule the games. ♪[ music ] so what we are going to do now is maybe last minute i just want to do that, let's grab the live camera shot of the sunset. we are talking about the air quality. we talked about the football game. um, yeah, people in the bay area haven't seen air quality like this, um, in our tenure since -- in all the years -- i have read a lot of history, gold rush -- this is an unusual event. to me, it's an indication of how big these fires are. that's smoke in the interior bay. that's not fog.
6:50 pm
that's smoke. um, and that -- that's -- this is a symptom of how big those fires are and how, you know, just what's going on north of here. our friends in the north bay who have been struggling with this all week. now we'll go to the map. look at the humidity in sonoma, 45%. 63% in napa. when the winds change, the humidities will drop. i can't show this to you enough. here's where we are now in wind direction. the next hour or so. vacar already talking about wind shifts up north. see those arrows? when those arrows start coming that way, the high is jumping in, filling the hole where the low win the through. look what's going on at 3, 4 a.m. this is a critical time for the fire. cal fire has been preparing for this all week. this has been in the forecast
6:51 pm
maybe at least for the last 72 hours. the forecast has been consistent. look how closely the winds die down. that's what everyone is worried about is the 1 a.m. to 6 a.m. period. i'll be back at 10:00 with indicators that will tell us whether those winds will happen. we had a red flag warning a couple nights ago and i said, let's watch. and we did. we looked at some of the indicators and they indicated to me that it would be less wind than anticipated. we told you that. tonight we'll do the same thing. air quality, we got almost 400 in the napa valley now. berkeley, oakland about 150 parts per million. current temperatures our forecast highs. the weather is like -- what's important is that overnight event. so we'll be paying close attention -- i care, obviously. there's a lot riding on this,
6:52 pm
since these fires started this is the most critical time from 3 a.m. to 7 a.m. that we have seen since the fires have started. i think cal fire has prepared well. they have prepared for 30, 40- mile-an-hour gusts. um, i'm hoping it stays at 30 or 40. >> so we should get a clearer idea at 10:00? >> a better idea. i'll look at the numbers up north of here. then we can extrapolate and go, okay, that's -- but like if read something blowing 10 miles an hour out of the north at 10:00, that's good. blowing 50, not good. >> we'll be watching it. bill, thank you. coming up on the front lines, new video giving us an up-close look at the firefight as it exploded in size early monday morning. introducing fast food's first ever ribeye burger
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fresh spring mix and provolone cheese on an artisan potato bun. yep, nailed it come try my new ribeye burgers. only at jack in the box. that's not good! >> oakland firefighters were among many crews from the bay area who responded to the fires as they were raging overnight on sunday into monday. this video was posted on twittered by oakland firefighters. you can see how hard the wind was blowing there. all those embers flying about. fanning the trees, and again, the embers just flying everywhere. >> back with us now former fremont battalion chief mark neveau. we have been talking about this all night but we can't
6:56 pm
stress it enough. the next 24 hours hours because of the potential of high winds critical. >> no question. i think this is the last hurdle. i'm going out on a limb. if we can get through this period of red flag, there's enough resources to get them. there are areas of concern. i don't want to minimize that, but the red flag is the challenge right now. >> we heard alexander valley area of healdsburg under mandatory evacuation orders late today. that was new. so they are concerned about the fire moving towards healdsburg. >> yeah. >> but they are getting containment. now, what's interesting about that is when we talk about containment 100% is ideal but the early containment is key because those are the critical areas that you're after. so 25% containment on a fire isn't the same as having 75% later. those first percentages are key. >> we heard the sheriff talking earlier about how there are a lot of people who are upset because they can't get back into the fire zone. he was saying essentially,
6:57 pm
look, it's just too dangerous. from a firefighter's perspective, why can't they go back in? >> a couple of things. most of the utilities, power, gas is probably out. you saw some of the flames and some of where the fire had burned off the tops of the pipes and saw flames so they turned the gas off so they have no gas. they don't want folks in there after dark. there's probably some investigation that's taking place. they want to make sure. and they want to do a thorough search of that area, i'm sure, before they let folks in there. so it's a catch-22. >> just quickly before we let you go, the air quality we have been hearing from people up there, it's so thick up there. it's been affecting all around people in the bay area. >> remember, we had how many structures that were damaged, 5700? so it's not just wildland. it's also all the combustible stuff from the structures. >> thank you, mark. >> our coverage continues now over on ktvu plus. you have a great night, everyone. we'll see you later. >> thanks for joining us. good night.
6:58 pm
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