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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 14, 2017 7:00am-9:30am PDT

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in just minutes. good morning to you and welcome to mornings on 2, it is saturday october 14th, i'm claudine wong. >> and i'm frank malcot. sonoma posted about new evacuations in the city of sonoma. take a look at your map. the area on your screen, we're going to put up a little redline, the area to the right of that redline on that map is under a mandatory evacuation order. >> that includes anyone living east of seventh street, north of denmark street or north of napa road. this area is being threatened by the patrick fire. >> authorities are going through the area making sure every knows it is time to leave. the words "get out now," have
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been used multiple times. the withstands picked up over -- winds picked up overnight. >> ktvu's alex savage is live. >> reporter: good morning to you. we are feeling those winds. it will be calm for a moment and then we get some real strong gusts that's starting to pick up. these are the northeast withstands. they're dry that are blowing into this area and it's really caused this fire to pick up in intensity and it's pushed it closer in here to the sonoma valley. i'm going to step out of the way and give you a live look here. these are the hills kind of east of sonoma and for perspective, we're on east napa street, just east of eighth street. for people familiar with this area, we're start of the city that has been e vac voted.
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the -- evacuated. those foot hills is close to the area of lovel valley road. there are homes come we don't know that have burned but there are homes in the sonoma valleys itself as this fire started to creep closer into the town of sonoma itself. i want to bring in rockland fire department, kind enough to give us some information at the scene. what caused this fire to move into sonoma itself? >> around 3:00 a.m. we heard some radio traffic, the wind was picking up and the vision called for all available resources to come for structure protection.
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this is a wind-driven event. >> reporter: i would imagine those wind speeds on those hillsides and ridges. >> that's right. on the ridges or the peaks is where the wind really comes whipping over there. it can be deceptive where you're not getting a lot of wind. >> reporter: we've boundary standing here at this location and off in the distance, we've been hearing explosions in all likelihood propane tanks that are going here as this fire comes through. there are homes that have been lost. do we have a sense of human in the sonoma valley? -- of how many in the sonoma valley? >> we're trying to get our fingers wrapped around that, but officials couldn't tell me how many. sometimes when it's dark, it's not easy to tell what's going on. >> reporter: in the early morning hours we know law enforcement went door to door and made sure everybody was out
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in the area. do we think everybody heeded the warnings and do we think we have everybody out of the area where the fire is actively burning this morning? >> to the best of what i can see from my own perspective, most people take these orders seriously and have left the area. however we have a couple people who want to stay at their homes, we can't stress enough these evacuation orders are put in place for the safety of the public and officials, as well. >> reporter: the rockland fire department giving us a bit of an update from our vantage point. we're on the east side of sonoma in the mid of one of those mandatory, vac way zones. the location where we are is napa street, just east of eighth street, and again, we're looking east of town, really, but this fire has essentially moved into
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the sonoma valley itself here in the early morning hours, that's why those new mandatory evacuation orders were issued and as you just heard from one of the fire officials here on the ground, there are more homes tahave burned here in the sonoma valley -- that have burned here in the sonoma valley. we don't know exactly how many have been lost. >> you said to the east. when we look at the map, it looks like a huge populated area outside of mandatory evacuation order line. there's some open space between and you the fire, but give us some perspective how close you are to the town of sonoma. >> reporter: not far. i would say maybe a mile or so and your in the town square of sonoma, which the heart of the city itself is not under this mandatory evacuation order.
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this issue is ordered for people on the outskirts are town, if you will. the fire from our perspective, it's a few miles up there, but obviously you have a lot of homes on a lot of those rural roads on the outskirts of sonoma. that's been the concern the last few days and now people start to worry as this fire intensifies. >> and how were the roads? was it difficult getting up here this morning and busy? >> reporter: difficult for us, not necessarily, in terms of traffic or anything else. roads are shut down coming into where we are, but obviously we're allowed to be in the area, as a public service to show people what's going on in these areas. there are checkpoints set up and sheriff's deputies are not letting anybody into the area at
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this time. they did go door to door to make sure everybody knew it was time to get out if they had not already left, which a lot of people had. the hope serve already left the area. look at the fire the way it's picking up here, you certainly hope everybody has left their homes in those areas and they're leaving it up to firefighters to try to protect those structures. >> alex, have you noticed any change in the fire since you've been there? i know you're a distance away, but in terms of how much flare-up have you seen, how wide the smoke has gone? >> reporter: yes. [ audio trouble ] >> it looks like we lost alex savage. we'll try to reconnect with him. and if you take a look -- and this is what we've been saying this morning, you can see the
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flames from the distance. you know how big it is. >> and you can see them whipping up as winds are picking up not only in the peaks but the valleys for the next couple hours this morning. we'll get back to alex, more in sonoma, but there are some new mandatory evacuations now issued to people in a part of santa rosa, as well. >> that's why we are right now looking how fast these names are moving and i can see that smoke behind you. i know you said already you're already trying to maintain that safe distance because it is moving. >> reporter: we are at highway 12 at about a half mile or so. we're watching that make steady progress along highway 12. this area under a mandatory, vac way. -- mandatory evacuation so people can get a better sense of
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which locations, adobe, and chateau st. john winery. that appears to be near the path of this fire, at this point, it's hard to tell exactly where this fire has or hasn't burned but we certainly see a wall of fire moving westward along highway 12. a number of neighborhoods under evacuation. chp, we're talking for a moment about the -- -- evacuation in the neighborhoods. we can't underscore how important the evacuations are at this point. >> since we got the call, we've been evacuating calistoga road. oakmont has been evacuated for
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the past several days. everything is pretty much in order. there was a traffic jam at about 5:30. the evacuation is pretty orderly. >> reporter: we heard all four lanes of highway 12 were open going westbound. we didn't see a lot traffic on the westbound lane. is that something that was an option? >> santa rosa police opened up some of the affected areas to facilitate people out of east santa rosa to west santa rosa so if we have to get people out of here we can reconfigure if we need to. >> reporter: are you familiar with the safe way nearby? we want to get that information out. >> that's just down the road, calistoga road at highway 12.
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it's pretty jam packed. that is a good point to meet friends, relatives, whatever it might be. >> reporter: for people who haven't evacuated, people have already should have been preparing to leave. this is the time you don't want people to figure out what they need. >> exactly. and driving through neighborhoods, it looks like people are ready. some have chosen to stay and some are keeping an eye on the ridge line, but it looks like most people are prepared. if you haven't thought about it and you haven't thought it's going to get this far, it may. >> john sloat, chp, thank you very much.
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we've only a steady flow of emergency vehicles going back and forth on highway 12. no vehicles going -- no vehicles coming eastbound on highway 12 except for emergency vehicle, except for us, you know, a couple media vehicles heading in this way to make sure we can tell the story and make sure that we're telling people about that evacuation order. i'm going to estimate, making at topography, it looks like the fair in an adjacent canyon perhaps from melida road. we'll get a better sense on exactly how far away for a highway 12, get a sense on the direction of the fire. it seems to be moving westbound
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and chp confirms the fire is burning westbound along highway 12. for anybody in the path, now is the time for you to get out. >> give our viewers a little view of highway 12. that links kenwood through sonoma. there are a dozen wineries, imagery, st. francis, some pretty well-known wineries where that fire is headed. >> reporter: highway 12 is one of the main arteries through the area. this road carries a lot of traffic in and around the area. you can see now it is completely empty, except for a few emergency vehicles that are parked here. we see relatively few people here. we're trying to hook up with residents to find out what they saw, what they heard, if they
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have a sense how things were progressing last night. this gentleman, i'm going to see if -- sir, do you live here in the area? >> yes. >> reporter: just wondering what you'd heard about this evacuation order, trying to find out what you'd heard and what you'd seen overnight. >> we were in sky hawk up here and i got a call from a friend of mine about an hour before they evacuated and i knocked on everybody's doors to get them out and hundreds of police came in and evacuated everybody from sky hawk, all four lanes were outbound. that's all i know. >> reporter: did you see any flames last night? >> none. 4:00 a.m., or 3:00 a.m., there was a big glow.
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we got out and thought i was the boy who cried wolf and all the sudden, hundreds and hundreds of police officers evacuated all of sonoma valley. >> reporter: do you have a plan on when is the need to get out of here? >> when it gets to here. my house is literally over this ridge. we're -- my parents lost their house so we're at ease with it now, so we kind of -- it's the new norm over here per. >> unfortunately that might be true. >> i'm so sorry to her of your family loosing their home. >> you heard from this gentleman here, he went around and alerted as many neighbors so they could get a sense of what was going on. shortly after that alert he was banging on doors, the police, firefighters were in the area banging on doors, getting people out. that is the door here, people certainly taking this very, very seriously. jc we're going to do one last
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swing to show how this fire is progressing. we have seen a couple helicopters overhead, over this fire. as daybreaks, cal fire, fire crews, can start getting an aerial view of what it looks like to get a sense of how the fire is progressing, where it's moving and what has happened overnight. that also helps them strategize for how they're going to tackle the fire today. >> it has been an understatement tow say it's been a long week. -- to say it's been a long week. his friends saying, i'm watching, i knew we knew this was going to be a long morning. >> and casually says my parents lost their house. very difficult. >> are you seeing that smoke grow, christian? >> reporter: it's hard to tell from our vantage point.
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it appears to be moving in our direction, but again, just because we're -- because of our positioning it's hard to tell how far it is and how much progress it's made. we could see another ridge line beyond the smoke, so certainly it has moved into a small canyon, a valley in the area. if we turn to the right they're bringing in heavy equipment. this is the kind of equipment you'd expect to see them trying to use to make a fire line, those earth movers, the bull dozers to dig up as much fuel as possible to try to contain the fire or slows progress or get it going away from homes in the area. no word yet at this point if or how many homes have been destroyed. >> we'll check in with you in
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just a bit. we want to bring in four cal fire to talk about all the activity in santa rosa, sonoma, and daniel, lake county, as well, has this new fire. it was 20 acres last time we talked, has it grown? >> reporter: we have a lot of resources. we are talking about five miles east of clear lake oaks in lake county along valley road, over 20 acres. crews are making headway but we had to call for additional e vac ways. >> on the ground -- were there boots on the ground to speak this morning? >> absolutely. we've taken crews that would have otherwise had today off, we were rotating crews 24 hours on the fire line, giving them
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24 hours of a break and an taunt to get some sleep. we're making sure we can hold back these flames. we realized a discussion going on for the sonoma valley. we are seeing fire activity pick up across the north bay. >> yesterday was such a relief to hear that progress has been made. i think we're all worried this will undo some of that good news. how concerned are we on the progress right now they're making and the ability to kind of hold it back until this wind dies down? >> reporter: we had a really nice window of opportunity to make good progress and headway. for example, the atlas fire
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burning in napa. the mendocin orkso valley, containment 20%. the challenge, can we hold back the embers coming right now, that is going to definitely -- we have our work cut out for us. >> what is the message to people who live in the city. >> caller: the folks in the northeast portion of sonoma, you are needed to leave. we do not want people to stay behind. we will be bringing in a lot of equipment, large fire engines, bull dozens. we need the roads to be clear. you are clogging up the roads and lowing us down from getting our equipment into n to fight
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the fire and protect your home. the majority of sonoma, that is not under evacuation orders you feed to be ready so you have everything in your car should the fire fan into the community if evacuations are needed. residents across the north bay need to be ready to evacuate at a moments' notice. >> on highway 12, which will the air attack begin? is the wind going to hamper the ability to drop some retardant on it? >> caller: we pay have that struggle with these high winds. many of our pilots will push for to the limits.
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the fire retardant may not be able to make it to the ground. the wind dissipates it and never lands on the ground. it's not effective. that's where the ground resource comes in to play. that's where they're critical, but the helicopters, air tankers at the disposal and the smoke in vergence lift and we'll be hitting this hard from the air. >> can you talk about firefighter fatigue. some of your guys probably got a little shut eye last night. where you have these peaks and valleys, here they are again going. >> caller: we've gotten into a work cycle where we're working firefighters 24 hours on the fire line and then giving them 24 hours off where they're going back to the base camp, getting some food, rest, and then they're back out on the fire line the next day.
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holding those firefighters on the lines, so we have all hands on deck, but we're now going into almost a week battling nearly two dozen large wildfires but this week alone we've responded to 200 wildfires up and down the state, because it has been so busy new fires are still igniting. new fires are always our concern, because while evacuations are critical for us we don't want to have too large fires causing huge anticipates of evacuation. we'll move resources off one fire to attack and respond to the new fire so that we can get it spreszed quickly. suppressed quickly. the potential for new fires will exist. >> the canyon fire, you tweeted
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70% containment. does that allow you to shift resources? the big picture, really the entire state has been effected this week, sometimes gets a little bit lost in understanding how spread thin you are. >> caller: absolutely. these resources going to some of these fires. i have some new numbers on the low long fire. this is burning if lake county the fire has grown to 100 acres. no containment on the fire. structures are threatened. evacuations for the spring valley road. the long fire in lake county, a hundred acres. >> that gives us an examplel how
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fast this changes. when we talked to you an anhour ago, this is five times with 0% containment. the situation change -- us an example how fast this changes. when we talked to you an hour ago, this is five times with 0 containment. talking about a few of the other fires though, back to some of the progress that's made, on the tubs fire, that did so much destruction in santa rosa, that fire now 44% contained holding at about 35,000 acres. so, again, they're -- we're seeing progress on a number of fronts, and we're seeing a lot of fire activity on other fires that are giving us some trouble. >> we've got to get these winds to die down a little bit. daniel we know you're very busy. thank you for your time, sir and all the best fighting those fires.
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>> claudine alluded to the possibility of some rain on thursday. that seems like so far away. there's new fire in lake county, stronger winds reporting about 25-miles-an-hour coming in from the northeast wind, a dry wind and relative humidity down to
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about 25% already in the morning. if we shift to areas near napa and senate rosa, i -- santa rosa, i want to say we're looking at winds picking up as we get to the next few hours, in fact expected to peak between now and 10:00 a.m., and as we get a little bit closer into sonoma, you can see how those arrows are pointing in this direction, and that's why this area in here has been evacuated. it isn't going to take a whole lot for the wind to throw some of those embers, perhaps start new fires. the northwest, the atlas peak at about 20-miles-an-hour gusting to nearly 40 at times as we get to the next few hours. the forecast expected, stronger winds are expected right over the sonoma range, as well as the valley, and over calistoga. i'll put it into motion at about
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8:00, pushing to 30, 35-miles-an-hour. and this is just where we have the wind sensors. there are some areas between those hills where the winds could be stronger we just can't see. calistoga, 31 miles at 10:00, and 11:00, 12:00, it's breezy, but not as windy. into the afternoon we'll continue to tie down. the wind advisory doesn't expire for our hills until 5:00 p.m. the east bay hills also breeze we mount diablo reporting peak gusts at 31 so far. a wind advisory for 11 :00 for all of the hills. that wind pushing all of that smoke downwind, that's going to be in the central and south bay. another smokey, hazy, bad air quality day for the entire bay
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area. keep that in mind as you're out and about. temperatures will warm up some. i'll have a look at those in just a little bit. we are following a series of new mandatory evacuations this morning. we can show you this sonoma, and they're also in santa rosa. highway 12, calistoga, and adobe canyon road. >> and kenwood and into sonoma, that fire is working its way down towards highway 12, which has dozens of wineries and very popular road for folks up there wine tasting. >> we shot this video this morning where you can see the flames moving over the ridge. they're certainly keeping a close eye on that. in sonoma, the issue is east of seventh street. this is the eastern side of the city. it is not the town of sonoma
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that is being evacuated but right on the border we're talking a couple miles from the center of town and that is affecting the situation there. the video you're actually looking at is -- i believe that is santa rosa. in sonoma, it's coming over a hill. there's some homes we know are burning right now. >> over 5,700 homes have been destroyed in the fires, not including overnight. the death toll is 35. over 90,000 people have been evacuated. 340 square miles have burned not including what happened overnight. 17 large fires burning in california, and of course the big ones right up there in wine country. >> so that's our big concern is this wind event and the changing situation. alex savage is in the area of sonoma that is under a mandatory evacuation. it looks like you've moved and
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you've got active fire behind you. >> reporter: we talked about it moving into the soent valleys -- into the sonoma valley itself. there are homes that have burned and we are here this morning to show you one such home and we had to put the mask on because this home is still smouldering, still burning. you can look -- not sure if you can hear the hissing sound, but this is obviously a gas line. this home just burned this morning as this fire really intensified and the winds picked up and swept this fire into the town of sonoma. this is the 1,100-block of castle road. the 1,100-block of castle road is where this home is. it looks to be a large property,
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several different structures here, on this particular property, cars have burned, as well, and this home, as we point out, just caught fire in the last couple hours because this fire really has picked up in intensity here. >> fire officials told me they called for essentially all hands on deck to try to control this fire because it was really picking up on the edges of sonoma. they issued mandatory evacuation issues in those parts of town. people were told to leave immediately and now you see why, because this fire has come into the town of sonoma itself. many homes -- or some homes have been lost here, according to fire officials, and here we're showing you one of them, a home on castle road just east of lovel valley road.
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>> and alex, we see a firefighter behind you. has everyone heeded the advice? >> reporter: no homeowners as far as we can tell. all the homes from what we can tell are empty. we're going to hope whoever lives here they evacuated. this is just one home that's been lost this morning. i should point out here, if you look around, this home burned. the home next door, and the homes all around here, are still standing. so i want to point that out for anyone who is watching at home. it's just this one home that clearly we had some sort of a spot fire here, and when you have those winds pick up, as firefighters have told us they did, in those early morning hours, the kinds can pick up, those embers can carry for long distances, firefighters just
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couldn't get to it? time to protect this home. >> how have the conditions changed? i know you've got your mask on, which is good to see because the air quality is just terrible. it was a little calmer in terms of the wind where you were higher in the peaks. are you seeing any change in the conditions? >> reporter: winds go from light to stronger gusts. we're not feeling at least from our perspective, not feeling those intense winds out of the northeast. i'm told it's pretty gusty, especially up there on those hillsides, east and north of the town of sonoma, where this fire is quite active right now. >> and from where you are just 20 minutes ago looking over towards the ridge, how far are you away from that right now? >> reporter: it's just a
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5-minute drive. we just drove a few blocks north. we have heard there may have been some homes low of the in the area and we pulled up on castle road to to property, which clearly just caught fire in the last few hours. >> in terms of where the center of town is, give us a reference point to where the hill is burning. >> reporter: so this is castle road, near lovel valley road, just to reiterate, that is about two miles or so directly east from the sonoma town square. so that has been the concern all along, is making sure this fire doesn't get into the heart of sonoma itself and now you have it. burning homes in the town of sonoma. we are in the town of sonoma right now and again as i said, i just sort of mapped it on my phone. it's about two miles or so east of the historic sonoma town square. >> and besides fire apparatus, and police vehicles, is sonoma
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just a ghost town right now? >> reporter: well, i mean, everywhere we've been, it's -- it's pretty quiet. there's -- there aren't many people around. and a lot of people actually as a matter of fact chose vowel untaerl to leave -- voluntarily to leave out of town to be on the safe side, and that probably was a good idea. now we're seeing this fire really pick up and new mandatory evacuation orders this morning. so, yeah, it's pretty quiet in sonoma. mostly all you see is firefighters and law enforcement. >> all right, alex savage, thank you for the update. there are new mandatory evacuations we've been following, and scott alonso with sonoma county. good morning. >> caller: good morning, thank you for having me. >> it's been a very tense morning as the wind has pick the up. tell us the situation and what
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you're doing right now. it's an effort just to get everyone out of these evacuated areas safely. >> caller: the situation is very urgent. there are mandatory evacuations now all the way up in northern geyserville, and just north of the city limits of sonoma, and parts of east sonoma on the edge of town. we are working on getting buses out there, getting ready to leave. you need to follow these evacuations as soon as possible. there's an immediate treat threat and we need people to move as soon as possible. >> we just talked to our reporter and i have friends in the area. a lot of people just left voluntarily, even though they're not in evacuation zones. are you noticing that a lot?
7:38 am
the winds are changing, the wind is not our friend right now. it poses an eminent threat so we need people to be prepared. have your go bag ready, your cell phone charger, water, animals packed and if you need to go, go. conditions are changing rapidly on the ground through the night. >> what are your biggest concern as of now? is it still challenging logistically because it's just so widespread and it's been such a long week? >> yeah, the most immediate priority is to fight this fire and we have to protect life, protect property, and control these fires in this county, so that is the number one priority. we have firefighters if all over the state converging, helping us out, which is fantastic, and our state partners have been great coordinating this through cal fire, but the threat is still real, the fire is still active
7:39 am
and we can't let up. we have to keep at it and we want folks to evacuate and if they are safe, stay indoors, and stay off the roads. we need the emergency personnel getting to the area as soon as possible. >> can you describe when you knew as we're waiting for that wind to kick up, that it's going, it's moving, things are changing, this is what we are worried about? >> caller: we are prepared for these sorts of scenarios. we have evacuation plans in advance. we work with our local cities and state. we've been following the weather. we knew about the high winds. making sure we give our firefighter personnel the things
7:40 am
they need and if conditions change, you saw those alerts go out starting at 2:00 a.m. >> and i imagine you didn't get a lot of sleep last night? >> caller: i'm on the day shift now, so i have been on the day shift, but we switched up. we have folks here 24 hours a day. we have our public hotline taking thousands of calls and we want people to call if they have any questions about the fire, where to go, where the evacuation areas are and also report a missing person so they can use that number. >> i know we've talked about the fire being the priority and absolutely getting this out, keeping it from moving. i see a lot of people trying to help, a lot of people trying to figure out how to be of assistance. what are you saying to the people outside the area wanting them to help because you don't want them on the roads either. >> caller: we've seen an
7:41 am
outpours of support -- outpouring of support. you can give financially. there's north bay relief fund with redwood creditune union union. that's the most immediate way -- redwood credit union. 100% of these funds will go to the victims. >> what's priority number one? >> caller: just focused on getting people out of the area as soon as possible and getting firefighting personnel of there. >> scott, thank you. we know it's going to be a busy day. >> thank you getting the word out. and i know santa rosa police tweeted overnight their homeless shelters are in need of food, so that does also just kind of
7:42 am
highlight this ongoing struggle with kind of everybody to figure out how you meet the new evacuation centers opening up, as well. >> and a few of them in petaluma were packed. it is -- and more coming now because of these evacuations. >> i was at safe way yesterday. they have a fundraising organization for cal fire. >> keep an eye out for that if you're shopping at safeway. >> how about the winds and. >> the winds are peaking this morning and that's definitely the big deal when it comes to this fire fight as we've been talking to cal fire and the other county experts in that area. but take a look at the fire and the winds coming in from the north-north east, any time the wind shifts we have the opportunity for new growth. the winds sunday night into monday going this direction and then they shifted and started going up and now they're back
7:43 am
here and we're looking at again sonoma being the area and parts of santa rosa being the area where the evacuations are taking place this morning. you can understand why and how the central and south bay will receive a lot of smoke today. the winds are not only spreading that fire, but providing the fire with a lot of oxygen and we have a lot of new wind out there. i'm pick inging up on 20 to 25-miles-an-hour. the north direction -- picking up on 20 to 25-miles-an-hour. if we look over atlas peak, the wins have been sustained at about 20-miles-an-hour and 29% relative humidity there. the strongest gusts we've seen so far, 30 to 35-miles-per-hour.
7:44 am
not over yet. and that dry north-northeast wind pushing that smoke and that fire growth towards areas of sonoma. sonoma valley, actually reporting a wind coming in from the northwest. we're looking at the dry winds to be with us for the next few hours. 9:00, close to 30, atlas peak, and portions of the sonoma valley area. into 10:00, not much better. it takes until about noontime about before we see a scaleback. the afternoon tapers off. can't leave out the east bay hills. mount diablo clocked 61-miles-an-hour at 6:00 a.m. north bay and east day hills including the north -- east hills includes the valley. for our hills we'll go until
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11:00 p.m. and as i mentioned, a moment ago, poor air quality back into the bay area. ironically over the north bay, it's not good, but perhaps one of the better spots. a lot of smoke being pushed in this direction. temperature wise, our temperatures are up in some areas. by ten, 15 degrees in some spots and as we know, wind will do that, prevents that cold air from settling in. here's a look at the afternoon highs, low 70s at the coast. low 80s expected for the north bay locations, as far as east day, as well. and that has been a blessing this week, as our temperatures have remained quite mild because, wow, if we were also dealing with heat -- yes. -- this forecast goes until wednesday. we'll see temperatures fall into the mid-week area and right about thursday, the models want to bring us a possibility of maybe a little bit of rain, so
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we're holding on to some hope. >> we're going to take you up north. a redwood complex fire, we're going to talk to tom on the phone. are you with us? >> caller: good morning. thank you very much. >> good morning to you. can you give us the latest numbers in men doe sin o -- mendocino. we're about 20% containment. the numbers we don't like, the containment number will be in the single digits. that's a possibility some of the areas that we -- we secured through the firefighting efforts, the fire will actually backtrack and the lens coming from the east to the west, this is the exact same weather pattern we had last sunday. so cal fire is prepared for it and we're certainly doing what we can to improve some areas
7:47 am
have a 400 foot fire line, and these are the areas where cal fire is expecting problems. so that's where we are. we've had one incident last night where a resident who was put back into a repopulated area, got extremely frustrated over who knows what and fired a gun and was arrested by our s.w.a.t. team, but there's a lot of frustration, a lot of people are just -- this is a situation they've never been in. so we're doing the best we can, and we've repopulated about 80% of the people who were evacuated. it's more of a condensed residential neighborhood area. i'm not aware of any schools that will be closed this week. cal fire believes as long as we don't have a huge wind and fire event that we're continuing on the downhill side, we're not going to see a lot of increased acreage burning. >> sheriff we talked earlier in
7:48 am
the week about some of the frustrations because there's just so many fires going on and a lot of the resources south of you in wine country. are you getting what you need to get the job done? >> actually, we are. cal fire is certainly explained there's ten declared disasters in the state right now, fire emergencies, and helicopters are literally going from one fire, to another fire, to another fire. while we certainly would like to have more resources we understand what's going on, but when we get some of that's -- when the 747 actually makes the drop, it makes a significant noticeable difference in the firefighting, so while we're not getting the resources 100% allocated to us, we're on a rotating basis and we certainly appreciate what we're getting. >> i hear from residents who are -- it's look we're seeing all of these fire areas where
7:49 am
you get back home but maybe you don't have power or water and it's been such a long week and you lose everything, and the frust raugz i think just mounts. i can hear the exhaust whereon in your voice and trying to help all of these people day, after -- frustration, just mounts. in your voice, i can hear just added so much salt in the wounds. >> i've got to tell you, we have every government worker i know that is showing up because we're running certainly 24/7, i will say this with 100% certainty, i've not heard one person complain about the situation we're in, they're just coming in, doing their job, and coming in and getting back to work. everybody is just trying to get the job done. when it's all over we can say what can do better, but for now we're just doing our job and
7:50 am
kudos to the citizens. i've had citizens who have lost everything. yesterday i was helping take people to see their ruined house and a woman said we're so blessed because everybody's safe. what do you say and. >> it really is amazing -- what do you say? >> it really is amazing. we had a gentleman that had to be evacuated and said my parents already lost their house and i just got evacuated. it was almost like very nonchelant. we complain about insurance companies when we pay that bill, but the insurance companies have stepped up, they're here, they're issuing $5,000 checks to people with immediate needs and it's certainly taking care of some of the frustration the homeowners have had. the renters who are renting that did not have renter's insurance, they literally have lot
7:51 am
everything with nothing left. >> heartbreaking. >> caller: we had a local community foundation that raised $162,000, that as of today they're issuing cards to some of the local victims and allowing them to meet their needs. >> tell us about the next 24 hours. obviously rebuilding and insurance efforts. what's your next 24 hours? we've got to get the fire put out. >> hopefully we can say we're on the downhill side and some of our resources can be reallocated to some of these other major incidents. >> our thoughts are with you, with all the first responders, everyone who stepped up to help and have certainly everyone in the community that has been affected. we certainly hope that we start
7:52 am
that downhill road for you very, very soon. >> can i add one thing? >> absolutely. >> if one of your viewers has not heard from a relative, the phone number, 707-4 67-6426. we have that and if someone says i haven't heard from grandmother or uncle hasn't checked in with me, please have an address of where they might be and our detectives are going full-time, going to the houses and checking and unfortunately, we do have a fatalities, but yesterday the number didn't increase. if you haven't heard from somebody, give us a call. >> do you have a missing persons list you're accumulating? >> as of right now we have cleared our list of people who are unaccounted for. we have found them in homeless -- evacuation shelters. that's great news. our guys are making sure family
7:53 am
members know their family members are safe. >> we'll get that number out there. >> you live in beautiful country. i've spent a lot of time at lake pilsbury. >> come back, we miss you. we want to let you know about two mandatory evacuations that were set into play this morning. >> we've been following this all morning. let's catch you updated. take a look at your screen. this is the mandatory evacuation that went into place in sonoma this morning. you can see it borders at seventh street and denmark. you can see the burn area and how close this is to the town of sonoma. there are also mandatory, vac way order -- evacuation orders in santa rosa. >> east of seventh street, or north of napa road. let's go back to christian. we were talking about santa rosa. there is another evacuation
7:54 am
north of kenwood along highway 12. >> all right, christian, tell us what you're seeing. >> reporter: you can see and hear us? >> yes, we can. we're going to show the fire up here. we are near the anadell winery, and this is where the active fire is. you can see it burning from the east to the east, kind of along highway 12, this is the area that we've been concerned about right now, cal fire making a stand to try and save this winery building over here. if you open up just a little bit and show it, you can see this green, barn-like structure, or large building here. >> reporter: good morning. last night, or early this
7:55 am
morning,. 1:30, 2:00, we had a slight wind event come through. santa ana, red flag warning. we knew about it from our fire behavioral specialist, and it did exactly what he said it was going on two. the fire blew up a little bit, running ridge lines from east to west. this is an area that we've been pro cure concerned with. hopefully the incident made the decision, mandatory evacuations. we started getting folks out of here. the switch and wind, we got that santa ana blowing through and you can see we have multiple units out here. we are protecting property out here. right now we're just waiting for the fire to do what it's going to do. it's back burning down the hill right now into some canyons but we have plenty of resources to mitigate that fire. >> reporter: and presumably,
7:56 am
this winery is completely evacuated. the entire area is under mandatory evacuation in the oakmont area. >> reporter: a lot of people in neighborhoods to the west of here, that would be oakmont, sky hawk. they're not getting a lot of smoke yet, but that's why there's some evacuation order. >> yes and we have multiple crews that are keeping an eye on it. we have incident commanders if the fire goes in that direction to do those evacuations and those will come out via our daily fact sheet update and via media and we'll get that word out in conjunction with the police officers law enforcement that's working here. >> and mark we've seen the chopper up this morning already trying to get the aerial survey, as daybreaks, that gives them a better sense of what they're
7:57 am
dealing with. any idea we may see water or retardant drops, anything to control the movement of that fire? >> unfortunately, that's a tactic and that comes at a rapid pace with our incident commanders. we have available aircraft if they need it. >> reporter: one of the questions we've had is we've seen the fire kind of move in this direction. we know about the mandatory evacuation. you have heard about any homes or structures that have burned overnight or any new damage or is this running in wild land? >> this is simply out in the wild land, so to speak. i have not heard of any structures damaged. i haven't -- like i said, we've been up since about 2:30, 3:00, and we haven't gotten the 7:00 briefing that we normally get. everything is flexible, dynamic, and we just hopefully, you know, with the weather, and our tactics we're going to be able to mitigate this pretty quick. >> reporter: and since i'm not a fire behavior expert, i'm feeling winds on my back, so
7:58 am
winds are coming from the west to the east and we can see that smoke appears to be blowing as it comes up from the fire blowing toward the east. is that going to help mitigate the fire or does that really play into it at this point? >> actually, it helps us. when the winds are blowing the smoke and the fire into the burned area, but unfortunately, in this area we have very erratic winds in the morning. you'll feel the east winds blow on you, two minutes later westerly wind. when we have a wind change it's called situational awareness, making sure everybody's on the same page and knowing where the wind is coming from. >> cal fire, thank you so much for the update. i'm sure a lot of people are eager to get as much information as they can. please [ please stand by for captioner transition ]
7:59 am
>> annadel estate winery. they said that has good defensible space around which is critical if you live any fire area. give those firefighters every advantage they can to try to save your property. at this point the fire does seem to be burning. we are hoping to learn how the weather today is going to
8:00 am
effect this fire and impact its growth. how it could impact is potential movement into the skyhawk and oakmont neighborhood. at this point we are quite a ways away. the fire does look to be progressing steadily but slowly. we will monitor its progress and give you updates throughout the morning. >> christien kafton live off highway 12 north of sonoma and santa rosa. welcome to mornings on 2. it saturday, october 14. it's been a very busy morning as we follow new evacuation orders. >> i am claudine wong. >> and i'm frank ellicott. the starting around 2 am. first notification started coming out about new evacuations. one was in the city of sonoma. you have that red line on your screen. everything to the right of that is under a mandatory evacuation order. >> that includes anyone east of
8:01 am
seventh street, denmark street or napa hold -- napa road. this area is being threatened by the partrick fire which is torn through kenwood and glen ellen. >> authorities have been going through that area, making sure everyone knew they had to leave. it was a get out now kind of order. the wind was picking up. >> the sheriff's office knocking on doors telling people to get out. a fire approaching the city of sonoma first evacuations. let's go to alex savidge. he is live in the new evacuation zone near a home that has already gone up in flames. >> reporter: right. good morning. according to fire officials there are a number of homes lost this morning. this is one of those. this is a large property on castle road, east of lovell valley road. this is the 1100 block of castle road. you can see this property is
8:02 am
still burning. it caught fire within the last few hours. this would appear to have been a spot fire that popped up in this area. all the homes around here, up and down the street, are still in tact and standing. we talked about you strong winds that kicked up early this morning around 3 am. firefighters tell me the wind started to pick up on the leading edges of this fire. they have surrounded sonoma on the north side and the east side of town. that fire picked up and some of those embers pushed into the city of sonoma it self and the sonoma valley. there have been homes lost. fire officials cannot say exactly how many homes have earned. we are in front of one property that burned on council road. we are trying to get more information on where some of those other homes are. the fire is still very active this morning.
8:03 am
the wind, especially on the ridges and higher elevations in the hills, east of sonoma, the wind is pretty intense according to firefighters. they are getting some good gusts. that is causing concern and there is red flag conditions are expected to last throughout the day today. this was over the past couple of days, this was the big concern for firefighters. they were trying to make sure this fire, the nuns complex fire did not advance into the sonoma valley itself. this town essentially has cleared out over the past couple of days. there was no mandatory order for the entire city it self but we did see a lot of people chose to evacuate from the city. now we are seeing why. this fire has made its way into the sonoma valley this morning. homes here are burning including this one on council road. >> i know it's tough to
8:04 am
breathe. you had that apparatus on for the last couple of reports. how is it up there, breathing -wise? >> reporter: mostly it's when you are close to a home like this that has been lost. it's really hard to tell exactly what is burning over here. plastics and whatnot. this kind of smoke is pretty tough to take in. that's why we put the masks on, being this close to a property that still smoldering. and general the air quality is not good up here. but when you are next to something like this, it's pretty tough. >> it looks like it's getting thick out there. it's hard from our vantage point, and you mentioned this comic give us perspective give -- we are looking at that smoke and it's not blowing in fierce waves the way the wind is on the hillside. it can be deceiving in terms of
8:05 am
what firefighters are dealing with on the fire line higher up. >> reporter: absolutely. down here in the flatlands, if you will, in the city of sonoma, the wind is not intense by any stretch. every once in a while we would get stronger gusts but they are not intense. i am told that when you get up there into the hills, north and east of town where the fire is actively burning and where it kicked up in the early morning hours, the wind is stronger in those areas. that is what is causing the fire to flare up and make it run into the sonoma valley itself which has been the concern all along. >> we have a map of. tell our viewers where you are and where downtown sonoma is. how far away is that from where you are? >> reporter: we are on the 1100 block of castle road.
8:06 am
that is east of the intersection with lovell valley road. this is on the east side of sonoma itself. it's about 2 miles directly east from the main square, the historic town square in the heart of sonoma. 2 miles or so east. we do understand that there are more properties, more homes, that have burned this morning as you move further east, further toward the hills. we understand there may be more homes lost. fire officials say it so early that they were not able to give us an accurate figure. we will try to make our way into those areas to get a better sense of what damage was done. >> alex. stay safe and we will check back in and a little bit. alex is on the east side of sonoma. the big story this morning is the wind. >> rosemary, we look at where
8:07 am
he is and he said i think it's fine down here. we look on the hillside and we can see how things are moving. in general around the bay area, most folks are waking up going, the wind is life? it's up in the hills in between the hills in smaller canyons where the winds get going. the wind could be stronger than we are able to pick up by the wind sensors out there because they are not everywhere. here are some of the morning gusts so far. rose peak, middle peak and atlas peak, between 25-35 miles per hour gusts. along the coast, 43 at bodega bay. the strongest wind is mount diablo. 61 miles per hour. even if you're in the east bay we have wind cranking. let's look at lake county. we have a new fire burning in this area. we continue to watch the wind come from the northeast in some
8:08 am
areas.25 miles per hour or so and relative humidity down to 25%. we talk about wind being a factor and relative humidity being a factor. imagine the dryness ads to the fire. it burns easily and quicker when you have dry air and dry fuel. it makes matters worse. here are the winds in areas like napa and santa rosa where it has been generally light. atlas peak reporting 20 miles per hour from the north and we are also squeezing in a look at where we have those evacuations. it's easy to see, that wind is going from the north and northeast and has pushed into areas of sonoma and portions of the sonoma valley. wind coming from the northwest along the valley around 17 miles per hour. the wind is expected to peak over the course of the next couple of hours. i'm tracking that, warmer
8:09 am
weather and their -- bad air quality coming up. we want to go to cal fire's daniel really and and an update on the situation. can you here is? it looks like we do not have him yet. were trying to get an update on numbers. we have been looking at wind and how this is progressing. daniel, can you hear me? >> can you hear me? >> i can. >> we are seeing gusty wind across northern california. some areas have gusts of 30 or 40 miles per hour . the wind has allowed the fires to continue to be active today. we are getting a lot of reinforcement crews this morning into these areas, doing a lot of structure protection in the sonoma valley area. the nuns fire, this is burning along highway 12 in the glen allen, kenwood, sonoma region. a lot of fire activity today. >> highway 12, that is a main
8:10 am
thoroughfare coming from santa rosa down from kenwood into sonoma. that fire seems to be approaching or getting close. there are a number of wineries there. >> our biggest concern is the fact that there are so many homes in that area. about 400 additional homes early this morning were evacuated in anticipation of this fire continuing to grow. many resources, 9000 firefighters, are battling these fires and putting emphasis not only on the tubbs fire and the atlas fire but also on the nuns fire. and many smaller ones that have picked up an activity this morning. >> we were talking to the sheriff and he said if we can just get through the next 24 hours i think we will be downhill on that fire. this morning and the wind event we are seeing is changing
8:11 am
things in sonoma and santa rosa, i what point can you say, we don't necessarily anticipate more evacuations will happen and people can take a breath? right now it feels like everyone needs to have a bag packed. >> the next 12 hours will be critical. the wind is expected to die down later tonight. we are hoping that forecast is accurate. we are hoping we will see another day, on sunday, the same conditions we experienced yesterday. yesterday wind was relatively light. they gave us a window of opportunity to increase containment. the tubbs fire is now 44% contained. the atlas fire, 45%. we are making progress on a number of these fires. we need to make it through the next 12 hours. later in the week, we could even see rainfall. we are hoping that we can make it through the next 12 hours, holding back these fires. >> right now it's just the wind. >> yes. when we get these north winds,
8:12 am
failover the humidity. it creates a perfect combination when you couple that with dry conditions. all the grass and brush, it has gone all summer, allowing it to die and dry out. it is ready to burn. add these combinations of high wind, low humidity and tinder dry condition. even with cooler temperatures it's the perfect combination for wildfires. >> these guys up and on the lines for a week now. >> our firefighters train all year long to be able to have the stamina to fight a fire like this nonstop. but that does not mean that this week has not been difficult or challenging. these are grueling conditions. and with so many fires across the north bay and across northern california, this is trying our abilities.
8:13 am
this is why we have so many trained firefighters in california. >> our thoughts are with you. thank you for the update. it's going to be a long morning and day. hopefully with -- even with the wind, we can stop the spread of the fire. >> we have a guest we want to introduce you to.. doctor ron burrell. we want to talk about the air we are breathing. it's been difficult the last week and it doesn't sound like it will get better. >> it has been people heard all over -- this is unprecedented and to have it sustained for such a long period of time. we are in uncharted territory in the mass metropolitan area. >> what do you suggest to people? these and 95 masks, ever crews use these everywhere. we are seeing more people using
8:14 am
them. d suggested people and their everyday at these should use these masts? >> this leads to the prior statement that we are in uncharted territory. theoretically us being further done here in the bay area with the particulate matter, it does not carry as far. these are smaller particles in the air. people are trying to do what they can but it's controversial. i don't know if they help as much as people would like them to. if you are outside for sustained periods of time, it's probably not going to hurt you to wear one. indoors this probably no benefit. if you're outside for short periods of time, understanding the small particulate matter there, you're probably not getting benefit to the average person. >> they nearly canceled two college football games and the writers talked about moving out. what are some of the symptoms and what can we do to protect ourselves in the week to come? >> limiting activity during
8:15 am
high periods of time when there is bad air quality. even though it's unprecedented throughout the day, there are times when it's worse. that's where social media has been great. air quality websites. people can inform themselves about when air quality is getting bad. i would recommend not being outside for prolonged periods and not doing visible exertion for long periods of time. >> do you think the raiders should be playing? >> i think at this point i would recommend if you have any medical issues that all, it's not a good time for fans to be out there. healthy athletes like this, it's probably going to affect their performance when you're out there for a sustained period of time. >> what about long-term and in terms of how people will -- >> the continued exposure is what the health problem is for the average person. being out there for an hour or two, long-term, probably not. it's now a sustained period.
8:16 am
we don't know when it's going to and. i would start limiting that. what is the long-term consequence? >> the particulate matter we are breathing is not just a wood byproduct. there are shingles up there burning. chemicals come with go up into the air and work their way down here. in martinez, walnut creek and san francisco, there is ash on cars 40 and 50 miles away. >> the ash is the danger you can see. that's where maybe a mask might help with a large particulate matter. you are correct in terms -- we are not having a clean burn. every house has chemicals. gasoline from cars. paints. these are now being put into the air and that is the long- term threats. >> do you think people are surprised? someone said to me that they felt dizzy. they had to sit down. my head hurts a little bit. is this the air? i think because we generally enjoy good air quality here,
8:17 am
some of the symptoms are hard to spot. >> that is an excellent point. sometimes just the smell itself can trigger headaches and dizziness and nausea. sometimes it's affecting your ability to breathe in terms of having a cough and wheeze. distinguishing these can be tough. that's what i think you should err on the side of caution. if you have some this -- symptoms is because of the smell trigger but if you are being affected, slowdown. the air quality has been generally good in most buildings and you're not having sustained exposure. >> we can smell smoke in our studio. are you treating people for this? >> certainly. we have not seen high numbers that we were expecting considering the unprecedented scope of this. each day we are exposed further, we expect more and more to start coming in. so far the public has been great
8:18 am
about listening to the warnings and not being exposed. staying inside. being in areas that have filters. >> this is one of those masks that is getting so much attention. this is the one with the filter for the particular matter. and we've seen people use hanker chiefs or whatever. and the surgical masks. is this one you say there's some stores have been sold out. is this necessary? do you need this level? what is your best advice? >> once again this is a bit controversial because we have not been in this territory before. my feeling is if you will be out for prolonged periods of time, this is what you can do to control the situation. the reality is this is only to lockout particles under 0.3 microns. we are talking about gases that are combusting. things are still getting through. this is not a total protection.
8:19 am
if you want to try to take some control and mitigate the risks a bit and will be outside for a prolonged period of time, this is a great thing. for the average person, it's probably not going to give them the benefits. >> if you think that you are superman, don't. >> but for folks in sonoma county and napa county, -- >> then i think that's a good thing. they really are seeing thick particulate matter and ash in the air. >> after spending hours up there, mice throat was sore for three days. >> we need a nice southwind. and maybe monday or tuesday that could happen. that north wind is bringing everything down. >> even though we are further from the fire, look at the air quality, the bay area is where it's consistently staying the worst over 24 hour periods. up north the air quality is better in some areas than here. >> our reporters say that. >> i did a story the other day
8:20 am
and i read that one study said we have had worse pollutants in the air the last couple of days that we get from all the omissions from our cars in california in a year. >> doctor, thank you for coming in. great advice. we will try to stay safe out there. let's head up to christien kafton who was in santa rosa looking at conditions there. it looks pretty smoky where you are. >> reporter: yes. we are monitoring the progress this fire has made in santa rosa. let's give you a look. there is not a lot of active flame we can see from here because it is hidden by the tree line. we've seen a number of cal fire firefighters going up into that area, trying to control and contain into what they can to blunt this fire. as we pull out a little wider, you make it a sense of where we are. this is the annadel estate
8:21 am
winery. this big green building has a good, defensible space around the. they're making a stand here to try to protect this winery and this building. their first priority is life and safety. the second priority is property and the third is making sure they can do what they can for the environment. this fire moving on the north side of highway 12 to the west, from east to west for the oakmont neighborhood and skyhawk neighborhood. it's still quite a way out. it's not especially close but those of the neighborhoods that were evacuated overnight. santa rosa police, the city of santa rosa do not want to take any chances. if this fire is moving in that direction, westward, they are issuing a mandatory evacuation alert to make sure people in the area get out. as you have heard many times, all it takes is one good gust
8:22 am
of wind to pick up and amber and start a spot fire in front of the main fire line. that's one of the things that cal fire crews are waiting for. since we've been here, we've been here about 25 minutes at this particular location, we've seen a number of aerial surveys , helicopters coming over the area, trying to get a good view of what's going on. in the past when i've seen those helicopters coming over, it has the attachment where the bucket would be attached. in the past i've seen them make numerous flyovers. they will come by maybe up to 6 times, looking at the area and strategizing, trying to figure out where they will do a water droplet. a little later on they will come back with a bucket and lay down the water or fire retardant or some kind of suppressant. what they want to do is get a good sense of how the fire is
8:23 am
moving. now that the sun is up, they can get that sense and what structures and areas need to be saved. this is like a game of fire chess. they are trying to outmaneuver this fire, thinking about where the wind will take it and where the wind will take it and where the territory, the train will take it. there is a helicopter i was telling you about. possibly for another survey of this fire. trying to figure out where they will drop later this morning. you can see the attachment hanging from the bottom of the helicopter. that is where the attached the bucket. if we swing to the right, we can see the helicopter coming around. will come around through, into the smoke and go from east to west. it runs along the fire line. that's how they can get a sense of exactly how this fire is moving. and then figure out
8:24 am
what they want to do to try to save the structures. this is the annadel estate winery. it does have defensible space around it. what that helicopter is looking to do is figure out exactly what their plan of attack is going to be. we expect it to come back some point in time with a bucket. we don't know exactly when that will happen but that presumably will be the strategy. the good news from cal fire as it pertains to this fire, although it has moved to the area, no new structures burned overnight that is the news we wanted to hear. the oakmont, skyhawk neighborhoods are still under a mandatory evacuation. we saw numerous people leaving on highway 12, all driving westbound. we heard from an evacuee saying that all four lanes of highway 12 were essentially carrying traffic westbound out of the area and into safer areas.
8:25 am
people were getting out as quickly as possible. they do not want to take -- they did not want the evacuees to not take this seriously. there's no word on how the wind will pick up today and it could propel the fire into those neighborhoods. they played it safe and got people out as quickly as possible. >> a lot of history up there. first and foremost are the homes and people that there is so much history and sonoma. i know you were in front of the annadel estate winery. that was built in the 1880s and it's being threatened. >> reporter: yes. a lot of historic structures. we've heard of people who said they did not know what the fate of their homes were saying they lived in homes that were on the historic registry. these are significant structures and homes.
8:26 am
old buildings and structures. the fire is unforgiving and takes no prisoners. that's one of the reasons why experts recommend that if they do issue an evacuation order that people heed the order. homes can be replaced. holdings can be replaced. people, family, pets and friends cannot. >> i know we heard 10,000 emergency phone calls went out. the evacuation route is westbound 12 into santa rosa, petaluma and nevada, that's where the setting up evacuation centers. the gentleman you talk to earlier said he got his family out but he will stay until it hits 12. he said he was going to stay there until it came down to the highway. >> reporter: writes. the evacuees i have talked to who said they will stay in the area, the people who have not adhered to the evacuation order to tell me they do have a plan. they say they have a line that if the fire crosses a
8:27 am
particular point, they will get out. keep in mind, when that fire moves, it moves so quickly. i spoke with firefighters the other day who said that when a fire starts to engulf your homework is to your neighborhood, the natural reaction for anybody including firefighters is there is a sense of fear. there can be a panic. firefighters are trained to manage and handle that. they've been in similar situations. residents have not. they say often residents think they can handle the situation. once the fire starts burning through their structure, that panic can kick in. that's why the issue these mandatory evacuation orders. firefighters say they want to worry about as few people as possible. if they can get everyone out, they can worry just about preserving property. they don't have to worry about getting somebody in to retrieve people who may be stranded in the path of the fire.
8:28 am
>> it's not just then, it's how they affect everything else that goes on around them. thank you for the update. we want to check on the wind. >> let's get back over to rosemary and check on the wind. >> especially on the ridge and between some of those hills. for the most part we see wind up to about 35 miles per hour in and along portions of sonoma and napa. mount diablo clocking the strongest wind that's around 60 miles per hour. the wind is expected to peak over the next 90 minutes coming from the north and northeast. this area and sonoma in the areas of santa rosa being evacuated, it's easy to understand this when the wind is smoking the smoke -- pushing the smoke and fire that direction. in lake county, we have a new fire. 25-40 miles per hour in some areas. relative humidity is dropping and many spots. the atlas peak reporting 20
8:29 am
miles per hour . into the second part of the morning, wind could actually pick up slightly. 30, gusting to 40 is a possibility. 11:00, quite breezy. into the afternoon it will continue to die down and by the second half of the afternoon the wind advisory will expire as a. the red flag warning goes until this evening. with a north wind pushing the smoke into the central and south bay, everyone is expected to have poor air quality for today. be mindful of this. avoid the outdoors even if you have a high-grade mask. here are the temperatures this morning. low 40s to low 60s. a lot of it has to do with the wind. if you have wind you are a little warmer. afternoon highs are warmer as well. low 80s for inland cities. here is the extended forecast
8:30 am
coming up. recapping headlines on the saturday morning. a new round of evacuations in sonoma county. that involves parts of santa rosa. go a little to the east outside of sonoma city limits. >> the flames are approaching sonoma near the high school. we have mandatory evacuations in place issued this morning along a highway -- a section of highway 12. there are buses at the safeway parking lot on highway 12 and calistoga road to take evacuees who cannot drive themselves. 90,000 people have so far been evacuated in that region since last sunday. the city of novato just opened a staging area at the fireman's fund insurance building parking lot on san marin drive. >> the death toll from the fires has been revived. it's now with 35. mendocino county double counted one of the deaths. they corrected their number down to 8 from 9. officials
8:31 am
say all of these wildfires have combined to destroy at least 5700 homes and burned more than 340 square miles of land. >> heavy wind pickup again overnight. we have new mandatory evacuation orders issued in sonoma. >> let's check back in with alex savidge. he's been in the eastern portion of sonoma county. what are you seeing up there? >> reporter: we are on the east side of sonoma itself, in the foothills. this fire early this morning started to make a run into the sonoma valley and firefighters have been out in force throughout the morning, trying to keep it from moving further into town. i want to show you our live picture. we remain on castle road. we are almost to the far east end of castle road where it dead ends in the foothills. hopefully you are looking at this live picture. i would venture to say maybe a mile or so east of here you can
8:32 am
see the ridgeline is actively burning. one of the leading edges of this fire. the good news is as you look at that smoke, it is going straight up into the air. you don't really have too much strong wind gusts in that area where the fire is burning. that is the good news especially compared to what we saw early this morning in this area. firefighters are telling me they had strong gusts blowing these embers from the northeast direction, wind out of the northeast and blowing this fire down into the sonoma valley itself. there were a number of homes that did burn this morning when the fire made a run into the sonoma valley and new evacuation orders were issued for people living on the east side of town, the northeast side of sonoma. people in these areas were told to leave immediately this morning. sheriff deputies and law
8:33 am
enforcement did go door to door making sure everybody did that. i want to give you some perspective on where we are. firefighters are trying to protect homes. they're also trying to protect some of california's wineries. we are closest to bartholomew park winery. we are essentially close to that property. this fire is also burning close to the buena vista winery as well. i just spoke with a cal fire fireman on the front lines and he told me what they've done in this area is they are brought in bulldozers and cut a fire line to try to stop the fire at this point. they are hoping that line will hold for them. >> alles, thank you for that. how far are you from -- i think buena vista winery may be the oldest in california? >> reporter: you know what -- i
8:34 am
think you are right. i did not have the time to research it. i was just speaking with one of the firefighters. as he was giving me the lay of the land before we came on, he did say that they are trying to protect these wineries in this area that are being threatened. he did tell me lena vista winery -- he understands it's the oldest winery in california. we have some of our treasures in this state that are being threatened at this point by these fires. looking at that live picture, the smoke is going straight up into the air. we do not see this fire blowing in any one direction right now. that is a bit of good news. >> can you see the firefighting taking place or is it more on the ridge? >> reporter: where this fire is, it's burning on steep terrain.
8:35 am
i don't believe you have firefighters in that immediate area. if we can swing the camera around and i will give you some perspective. we are on castle road. as we swing around here, here's where you have some of these fire crews staging. these are the bulldozers. we know how important these bulldozers are from moving in there and clearing out trees and brush and creating those fire breaks. those are so important to try to stop the spread. >> i know you moved a little higher up. are you seeing conditions change in terms of the smoke? it seems to be going up but it does seem to be -- i don't know if it's the daylight -- what are you seeing in terms of how things have progressed? >> the wind is pretty calm at this moment in time. it's quite calm and even the
8:36 am
firefighter i was speaking with for a couple minutes was saying the conditions are much improved compared to what they were dealing with this morning. he described it as an ember cast that was blowing out of the northeast and taking those large embers. they had a number of spot fires that popped up throughout the morning in the early morning hours. that is on -- in all likelihood where we saw a lot of those homes burn. one home on kelso road did burn and other homes, we believe, somewhere on the east side of sonoma have also been lost. we are trying to get more information on those homes. >> let's hope that that stays quiet. >> buena vista, 1857. the first winery in california. first one in one country that got it all started. a lot of history. >> reporter: and i can assure you -- interestingly enough, firefighters coming even though
8:37 am
it there in the midst of this firefight, it's interesting that this firefighter i spoke with would mentioned that. they are aware of the history and that factors in. they don't want to see these places be damaged by the fire just like all the rest of us. they are working hard to protect homes and working to protect these wineries. let's give you a look at the map where alex is giving us perspective. this is downtown sonoma on the left. the red line marks where the mandatory evacuation is on the right side of that area. he's only a couple of miles from downtown sonoma. >> it is encroaching on the town of sonoma but the eastern side is more of a rural area. but very close to downtown where the square and all the restaurants are. >> the town is not under an evacuation order right now. the actual center of town. we're watching the situation there. >> we have scott alonso on the
8:38 am
phone with sonoma county to give us an update on the efforts underway this morning. thousands of robocalls went out this morning to warn people in those new areas that they needed to get out. >> good morning. yes we did send out notifications earlier this morning via our alert system and also the sheriff's office sent out multiple alerts. and i xle alerts. were asking people to sign up for these alerts to make sure they are notified if these orders go out. the nuns fire is the fire causing the major challenges for the sonoma valley area and the city of sonoma. that is 10% contained. this fire is still act to instill a threat and were asking residents to evacuate immediately if there in those areas >> are you getting good cooperation? i would imagine the residents have been heightened alert the whole weeklong? >> folks are taking this seriously and that is a good
8:39 am
sign. i think the challenge is making sure they have a way to get out. we have buses going to the city of sonoma right now. buses are available at the saint francis shopping center where the safeway is in sonoma. we want to make sure that if folks need a ride to a shelter they can get one. if folks have any questions about that they can call our public hotline at 707-565-3856. >> there is room in the shelters. they have been talking about opening new shelters and all the people who may be going and which direction they should go so they are out of the way in terms of letting emergency vehicles making their way in. >> i want to reassure folks that there are roads open leaving sonoma. those words are open and functional. there are road closures toward the napa side that we are concerned about due to the
8:40 am
atlas fire. we have 22 shelters in sonoma county and we are working with regional partners to open up new shelters and other spots around the bay area. we have a strong presence. were getting folks out and we have a strong, unified effort with our regional partners to make sure that if we need to take folks out of the county we can. >> what is cal fire telling you folks and the firefighters? are they saying if we can get over this hurdle and the wind changes we can hopefully get things underhand? >> the weather is improving. the wind is going down. there are multiple fires active. and the danger is real. these fires are still burning and we are not out of the woods. folks need to remember that. that's why heating these warnings when they come out is essential to ensure they can leave safely. these firefighters comment we have nearly 3000 personnel in these areas fighting these
8:41 am
fires from all over the state -- i saw fire trucks from oxnard and ventura this morning on 101. we are grateful for that. we really do need the help and it's coming. it's fantastic to see that. >> we keep showing this map of sonoma and where the evacuation order is now. we know there are some historic wineries and things up there that are of concern. on the left side of the evacuation line is also the town of sonoma. it is not under evacuation but it is close in terms of miles. is there any plan to issue an advisory? should people be concerned in the town of sonoma? that is more densely populated with about 11,000 people. >> there are advisory evacuations surrounding the city limits on the west side. boyes hot springs, alvarado. those areas are under advisory. the city of sonoma, we're watching very closely and will issue those one we need to.
8:42 am
that comes from cal fire. i think folks need to understand the fire is moving. is changing rapidly. hopefully with the wind going down this morning, that will work to our advantage. >> scott alonso works with the county of sonoma communications. thank you for your insight. we will check in with you and a little bit. there are evacuations in sonoma, east of santa rosa and north of kenwood. >> christien kafton is along highway 12. they are trying to save this winery. as you look around the area, give us perspective on what is in the path of this fire? >> reporter: we are here at the winery. we've been here all morning long. there are making efforts to try to save this and blunt the progress of the fire. jeff allen is here from cal fire . thank you for stopping. there is some active back firing going on right now.
8:43 am
you are taking active measures to control the movement of this fire. >> correct. behind us we are backfiring in this location to stop the forward progress of the fire. >> reporter: by forward progress are talking about the westward growth. it seems to be moving towards the west and that's what you're trying to control? >> corrects. the wind pushed it in two different directions. one toward oakmont and another toward sonoma. >> reporter: what are you doing at this time? you're doing the backfires and we've also seen the helicopter and it appears to be doing surveillance for a possible water drop. >> correct. aircraft are now able to fly. we do have some helicopters in the area that are dropping water. in this area they have backfires to push back on the fire and those are operations to put a fire line around it. >> reporter: one of those helicopters is coming in now. we've seen this helicopter coming back around.
8:44 am
looking from the air gives you a chance to figure out what this fire has done overnight and maybe how you will progress through the day, right? >> correct. our air operations are critical. the helicopters and the aircraft slow the fire down the firefighters on the ground are the ones who extinguish it. they are helping to cool the fire right now. >> reporter: is he dropping water? i did not see a bucket but can he drop water? >> this one does not have a bambi bucket or drop buckets. this one has it up in the belly of the helicopter. he will circle around, look for a spot to drop and go pick up some more water. >> reporter: and we see a large earth mover that came in to my right. that is one of your critical tools as well. you can bulldoze lines with that to create areas where the fire hopefully will not jump. >> correct. we are moving some bulldozers into place to cut the fire line. >> reporter: jeff, if you could
8:45 am
stick around for a minute. you said when you are done here you can escort us back. we love to go back there and look at what you are doing. thank you for the update. you heard what he said. an active effort on behalf of cal fire. they are doing what they can to blunt this fire and stop it from moving toward the oak mont neighborhood. -- oakmont neighborhood. this is neighborhood that's all evacuations early this morning. oakmont, skyhawk, these are the areas of concern right now. the fire has been progressing through but you heard some of the smoke we may be singing could be from backfires. those are fires that are set intentionally to burn out some of the fuel so the buyer does not have any fuel to progress forward. if they can burn some of that area out, that is an area of the fire will hopefully not jump. hopefully they can stop the westward progression of the fire. now that the sun is up,
8:46 am
firefighters have had their briefing this morning to figure out what their strategy will be today. a major concern are the winds. hoping we see calm conditions. hopefully we will see an increase in humidity. these are factors that can help firefighters on the line. >> are you feeling the wind? you really don't notice them from your vantage point anyway? >> reporter: we're getting very light breezes. the wind is blowing gently from the west to the east. our firefighter earlier said that helps them because it's not propelling the fire. it gives them a little advantage. they have a little ability to get a control on this fire and move ahead of this fire. it's not being propelled forward by the wind. this gives them a chance to set
8:47 am
those backfires and bulldoze lines so they can get the fuel out of the path of the fire. the weather at this time appears to be on their side. again, the firefighter we talked to earlier said that conditions can change on a dime. it can be windy and blowing to the east and then immediately it could blow to the west when we are wrapped up here, we set up an opportunity to go with jeff so we can look at those fire lines. we are hoping to have that coming up and a little bit >> thank you. we know how quickly things can change. thank you for the update and we will check in with you and a moment. >> we want to go over to rosemary. we saw christian and alex and they both said it looked like the wind was fairly calm where they were. is that deceiving? is it different in different areas? >> i said the wind does not look that bad. we do not have window sensors
8:48 am
in every canyon in between every hell. i did receive tweet from napa, the viewer said the wind is very real. we have seen some guests reach 30-40 miles per hour. it does not take much to pick up those embers and start new spot fires. the wind advisory will go until 5:00 this afternoon. let's look at some of the costs we have seen overnight and early this morning. on this age is the north bay. bodega bay at the coast were some of the strongest wind, 43 miles per hour. little peek and atlas peak, 25 miles per hour. the east bay hills have been stronger. mount diablo reporting 61 miles per hour earlier this morning. this is what we expect for the next 90 minutes-2 hours. we will err on the side of caution. we will be prepared
8:49 am
for this. it looks like, the models want to bring those gusts through 8:00, 9:00, up to 30 miles per hour and calistoga , the sonoma valley and atlas peak. by 11:00, it begins to peel back a little. it remains breezy throughout but the wind is expected to be at the strongest this morning. let's hope that we will actually see some good news in the wind department in that they will not get stronger than they have been already. the wind advisory goes until 5 pm and includes the north bay and east bay. there is a red flag warning that will go until 11:00 for the hills because the wind is drying out the atmosphere. wind and dry conditions, as we know, adds to heightened fire danger. that's why for the hills it's until 11:00. the north bay valley, 5 pm.
8:50 am
when the wind advisory expires, so will be wet -- red flag warning. when it comes to the smoke, the north wind is driving that smoke into the central and south bay. the santa clara valley is expected to have the best air quality. still unhealthy. everyone else is in red indicating very unhealthy. be aware of that as you get out and about. here is a look at the temperatures. some of us are up. half moon bay, 64 where it's relatively calm. into the afternoon, temperatures will be warmer today, warmer tomorrow. the wind is expected to die down. that is great news for the firefighters. into the extended forecast, we can't see it on the graphic but by thursday we may have a little bit of rain. i don't want to say or too much because i don't want to jinx it.
8:51 am
humidity will be back up and temperatures will be down. >> we will take what we can get. if you are sitting at home trying to wrap your mind around these fires, take a look at the map. we can try to update you on the tubbs fire. i believe that is the one we are trying to look at now. this is up by calistoga. the tubbs fire is 35,270 acres and is 44% contained. >> just tuesday and wednesday that was in the single digits. they have made a lot of progress although it has grown. the nuns complex is the one that's causing issues around sonoma. that is 46,000 acres. that is only 10% contained. >> we are trying to move this map around. this is the interact fmap.
8:52 am
the buena vista winery on the top right of your screen, that is where alex savidge is. you can see where he is in perspective to the fire. that is the historic winery, one of the oldest in california. >> 1850s and the first winery ever opened in california. >> the atlas complex fire, 50,000 acres and is 45% contained. that is the area that we are looking at right now. that is yountville on one side . >> that is near the silverado country club and the golf club. near the silverado trail into the ridges. a number of homes were lost during the week. >> that's also the one moving toward fairfield, american canyon, that area.
8:53 am
we pulled back out on the map and you can see where all three of these fires, 3 of the 20 in the state this week alone. some of those fires did combine. it can be a little confusing. the important headline this morning is that there are mandatory evacuation orders issued early this morning because of the high wind in sonoma and santa rosa. >> let's take you up north to alex savidge. he's been tracking the evacuation and the fires's path outside of eastern sonoma. what are you seeing? >> reporter: we are seeing this fire is actively burning on the east side of sonoma. we were standing here, ready to go live and i heard some crackling noise in the distance. i looked over here and there you see it.
8:54 am
fire is burning not too far from us. if you hundred yards from our location. it's been working its way down this hillside into this golly. fire crews have told me that in this area, along castle road close to the bartholomew park winery and also near the buena vista winery -- both of those wineries have not been impacted by the fire as far as i can tell. the fire is dangerously close in this area and it's worked its way down the hill in the time we've been here. maybe the last half hour or so. it's been burning pretty good. i should point out the wind is not that strong. we are not seeing any strong gusts but is still is actively burning and working its way from the east and working its way west, closer to some of the homes and wineries on the east side of sonoma. in this area we see that active fire, close to their,
8:55 am
firefighters have gone in a short time ago with bulldozers and bulldozed through here and built one of those fire breaks. they are basically going to try to stop this thing along castle road near the wineries. the following you park winery and buena vista winery. we are on castle rolled almost on the east end of castle road. you can see from this live picture, this fire is actively burning. the smoke is going up into the air. we like to see that. we are not seeing fire moving swiftly in any one direction. but it is burning out of control and fire crews are trying to stop it. >> i think the question is, the gust from this morning started spot fires and those are spreading. even if the wind is not going, they still need to address what started a few hours ago.
8:56 am
>> reporter: yes. and that's how it was described to me. in those early morning hours they really had some strong gusts to contend with. that's when they called and more resources onto this fire. this is part of the nuns complex of fires. there were a number of smaller fires that converged in different ways. now they are just calling this the nuns complex fire. this has been surrounding the city of sonoma itself on the north and east side for the last couple of days. now you see it it encroaching closer to the city limits. we do know that the wind was strong this morning and they were spotting fire further west, closer to the city of sonoma itself. we do know there were some homes that had burned this morning, in all likelihood as a
8:57 am
result of those spot fires. we saw one home a mile west of here on castle road that was leveled by the fire this morning as these winds picked up. right now, or we are, the wind is fairly calm. that is a bit of good news and fire crews will try to get the upper hand at this spot and slow the spread. >> we're watching and you can see the flames and they're going vertically, not horizontal. you can see the smoke rising straight up. the wind does seem a bit calmer and that is terrific news. we know you were at the scene of a home that did catch fire earlier. are you still in an area where there are homes that are threatened? >> reporter: it's a little difficult to tell. where we are is just past -- i'm listening to the distance -- i think that is a bulldozer -- we are just past the bartholomew park winery. that's where we are.
8:58 am
i don't see many homes in that area. or in the surrounding area. of course, as you know, it's hard to tell. you get into these foothills, east of town and there are properties up on many of those roads. it's really hard to tell how many homes maybe in a particular area. i don't see any, just looking with my naked eye. i don't see any in this area we're watching this fire actively burn right now. that's probably a bit of good news. but there are a lot of homes relatively close by, let's just say. a lot of homes being threatened. it's unclear exactly how many. you can see this dark smoke coming up here and it's starting to intensify on this particular front. >> alex savidge, we appreciate you.
8:59 am
>> reporter: you see it flaring up right here. it came up from that area right now. it's really burning pretty good. we need to point out, these flames look intense but cal fire has a plan. the firefighters on the ground have a plan. this fire is burning in our direction but it burning toward this natural firebreak that has been built in this area, on the east side of these wineries. they have built a firebreak. they have gone through with the bulldozers. as they looked down the hill i see another bulldozer down there right now. they have cleared out trees in this area. they do want this fire to burn up to this firebreak and have it stop right there. the problem will be is if they get spot fires. that's really picking up. the problem will be if they get
9:00 am
spot fires on the other side, the west side of this particular firebreak. >> there are lots of parallels being made to last sunday night and a high wind then. that is an important distinction to make. it caught us off guard in many respects, through santa rosa and those late-night evacuations. they were planning for this all week as those models were coming in. they did not go into the night and this morning unprepared. alex, are you safe to be there? is starting to move towards you. it feels like you should be moving. >> reporter: certainly we will keep our safety in mind and make that a priority. we were right here with a number of fire fighters. we have cal fire crews right at our position. we may want to keep the shot on the fire but i can tell you behind the camera there are a lot of cal fire crews. they are here. as i pointed out, they have created this natural firebreak. this is the spot they are
9:01 am
expecting the fire to burn up to this area. i think so. we will stay at this spot for a little while longer to give you guys some live pictures. if it feels like it's too dangerous for us to be here, we know the way out. here you see a bulldozer, another one is coming in. they are clearly getting down in there and clear more of this brush out. >> i know you have been up there since early monday morning . this is your sixth straight day. the air has been difficult to breathe in the bay area, how are you holding up? >> reporter: i'm holding up pretty well. the air has been -- a lot of smoke in the air up here in this area at times. and then at times there have been certain days where we've had some significant wind out of the north that have actually cleared out a lot of the smoke,
9:02 am
especially in santa rosa. there were days when the skies were almost clear up there. when we came back down to the bay area, the immediate bay area, back into oakland, there was heavier smoke. and we talked about the air quality being poor across the bay area. you get a lot of smoke up here but over time, the wind shifted that down into the heart of the bay area. the air quality has not been good. >> and that wind can change on a moments notice. and then visibility goes down to nothing where you are or clears up somewhere else. >> reporter: mark, do you want to come over here? i know we are alive. we can really show you something from this vantage point. >> there it goes. >> reporter: i beg your pardon, sorry for the wobbly shot.
9:03 am
i wandered over here. have a look at this right here. it's really flaring up on that left-hand side. we are talking about huge flames. a wall of flames right there. this fire has really moved closer in our direction in the last half hour. >> you may want to get out of there, my friend. we will check back with you in a bit. >> reporter: that sounds good. >> alex savidge live in the eastern portions of sonoma county. let's recap how things have gone down this morning. this did start early this morning. a new round of evacuations in sonoma county. this involves santa rosa and just outside the sonoma city limits. >> flames are approaching the sonoma valley high school. mandatory evacuations for a section of highway 12 in santa rosa.
9:04 am
there are buses at the safeway parking lot on highway 12 and calistoga road taking evacuees who cannot drive themselves to safety. 90,000 people have been evacuated in the region since last sunday in the city of novato opened a staging area. that is that the firemen's fund insurance building parking lot on samarin drive down 101. >> the death toll from the fire has been revised from 36 down to 35. mendocino county change their numbers. they double counted one person. the correct number is 8. all the wildfires have combined to destroy 5700 homes and 340 square miles of land. i want to mention we are expecting an update, a press conference. we will have a live crew there and will bring that to you when it becomes available. >> 17 large fires are burning in california. it's been an incredible couple of weeks. let's bring rosemary in.
9:05 am
we are looking at alex and we talked about the wind but that smoke is going straight up right now. >> and the wind is playing an important role in many different ways. the wind shifts and it finds new growth. the wind can bring humidity and take it away. and the fire burns that much faster and hotter. it's interesting because the new air-quality numbers show everything and the red in san francisco. that happened earlier in the week. ever crews up there some fairly good conditions but down here it was in the red. i heard from someone in phoenicia where they say it's been raining ash sometimes. let's take a second, the press conference is starting right now. we want to let you listen to what they are saying. >> that comprise the 2017 napa fire complex. it is a very good day for napa county. this is the day that we have prayed for since sunday night.
9:06 am
we have on the tubbs fire, 44% containment. in the atlas fire, 45% containment. on the nuns fire which previously incorporated the partrick fire, that has increased to 10% containment. wildlife and safety remains a priority, we do not anticipate new evacuations in napa county. i repeat, we do not anticipate new evacuations in napa county. that said, there is still the chance of significant wind dvd through this evening. we ask our residents to remain vigilant and to remain apprised of the latest information through nixl and the county website , through radio, especially here in napa county at 99.3. the county is currently in the process of assessing the damage that this fire has caused. we are in the process of identifying those structures that have been either damaged
9:07 am
or destroyed. there will be more to come on that. at this time i would like to invite chief barry bierman to give us an update on the fire activity. >> good morning. the good news is the wind, while it blew in certain locations in the napa valley, it did not make it as strong as they predicted at the valley floor or the ridges. we are not out of the woods. there is wind but it's not as strong as it could have been. we are under a red flag for wind and low humidity. we are not out of the woods and we do have work to do. the atlas peak fire is looking good right now. it's staying within its perimeters and we are continuing to mop up and build lines. for the most part there has been very little movement of the fire. there's been some updated acreage.
9:08 am
over 50,000 acres. we are getting better gps maps and where the actual fire perimeter is. there is not been a lot of growth. one problem area is around the reservoir. this is silverado trail and rector reservoir. we had a spot fires we are working on. we have ground troops and air troops on it and they're making great progress. that is lacking into the wind. it is staying right there. other than that the rest of the fire is looking good. our problem continues to be on the nuns fire which is under the command of cal fire incident management team 1 that we are working with on both sides of the fire. sonoma county has had a tough morning but the wind that has surfaced over there -- they are continuing to battle as the fire is moving into populated areas. on our side of it off of highway 29, we have pockets
9:09 am
that are burning into dry creek and into the valley floor. we are actively putting line in and this is our next priority for stopping the advancement. people have been saying, why are we not putting it out why is it backing down the mountain? it's hung up in areas we cannot get into safely to contain the fire. the lines we are putting in will become our primary holding lines. dry creek road is one and we have resources there and we can hold that based on the current weather and the resources we have. many other areas we are building indirect line comic hitting bulldozers out in front of it. that fire will come down there. either on a back heal on its own or we could do what it takes to make sure this becomes our primary line. i want to reassure people that just because the fire is coming off the mountain and you don't see us up there dropping air tankers, that may not the place we will hold that fire permanently. we are getting it to the location where we can safely control the fire, minimize risks to the public and
9:10 am
property that's out there. that's our plan as it stands. and calistoga. they have been doing well on the tubbs fire on the napa county site. there are challenges on the sonoma side but on the napa county side, mount st. helena, that fire is staying within its current box. we are happy to report that. thank you. >> good morning. john robertson napa county sheriff's corner. we have taken 224 reports of missing or unaccounted for people since the beginning of this incident. we have located 146 of those people. we do have four confirmed deceased and we are currently looking for or investigating the cases of 74 people. if you originally called somebody in that was missing or not located, what we ask you to
9:11 am
do, if you have found that person or contacted them, please give us a call at 707- 253-4501. our thoughts and prayers go with those of you in our community and to the first responders. thank you very much. >> good morning. i'm doctor karen lou show, county health officer. in order to ensure debris removal consistent with the current emergency situation, on friday, i declared a local health emergency throughout napa county due to the hazardous waste and materials created by the 2017 napa fire complex. this is an administrative action that helps us bring more resources into the community and allows us to work with the state to help the county and its residents properly and safely remove hazardous material and debris from properties that suffered wild fire damage.
9:12 am
this is not a new emergency. why is it needed? debris from new buildings and burned buildings and homes can contain toxic substances due to the presence of synthetic and hazardous materials. this proclamation helps to prevent public health and safety from unsafe handling and disposal of fire debris. what is the message i want to say here? the public should not attempt to clean up fire related debris. it is not safe. the ashes are toxic. it contains toxic materials and the county is working to come up -- working with the state to come up with a program that will help remove the toxic with cereals first and subsequently remove debris. thank you. >> good morning. my name is chris childs, commander of the napa chp area.
9:13 am
i would like to continue to thank the community at large in the napa valley. you impress all the first responders and your outpouring of love toward each other in this difficult time is heartwarming for assault. road closures continue to be in effect throughout the valley. we have where crews all over the valley trying to restore critical services and clear road. and establish and maintain critical infrastructure. as a result today caltrans has asked we have no escorts up monticello road all the way to highway 128 and on 128 between 121 and knoxville berryessa road. the good news is if caltrans is in there, the area safe for them to do so and they are preparing the roads for an eventual opening. i would like to announce that the national guard has joined us. they will be augmenting our forces at road closures. if you see them throughout napa valley, that is a normal thing.
9:14 am
we appreciate their presence and that has provided additional support to our crews have been working around the clock. i would also like to remind the public that if you are not a resident and you do not have business being here, we ask that you stay away. we want to make sure that our crews that are out there working to restore things that will be critical for your life going forward are able to do so in a timely manner. if other people are in the area, it hampers their efforts. finally i would like to express my appreciation to the public. you have displayed a lot of patience with our officers and staff. we know this is a difficult time and our hearts go out to the napa valley community. >> thank you. >> sheriff robertson said we are attempting to look at your reports and concerns for loved ones that may be missing. the phone number to call us, whether you want to make a report of a missing person or
9:15 am
if you want to tell us that you have located that person previously reported missing, that is 707 707253 707-253-4501. we continue to ask that you register on this is where your loved ones can connect with you. the county has the ability to access this information but we cannot give it out. we ask that you populate this site with your safety. as those registrations go up, it puts a smile on our face and keeps us going. we are all doing our job to make sure that we account for our residents. this morning i woke up and i saw blue skies. but i can tell you i know that i'm not the same person i was on sunday. none of us are.
9:16 am
that takes a toll on everybody. i want to urge you that if you need someone to talk to, reach out to our mental health services in the county. our disaster distress hotline is one 800 985 one 800-9855 nine 1- 800-985-5990. our 24-7 bilingual mental health staff is available to answer your calls. if you don't want to call and you would like to text, you can text the number 666746. in the subject put, talk with us. if you want to speak in spanish right -- we also have a website available and that is the www. disaster distress dot sam hfa
9:17 am this is going to be a very long recovery for all of us and in addition to your physical well- being that the doctor spoke about, continuing to stay out of the smoke and to where those mast. keep little ones inside who -- and elderly people with respiratory problems, limits exposure to the smoke. we will continue to work on this disaster management plan. don't forget that we care about all of your. if you need to talk, please make sure that you reach out. we are here to help you. napa county is continuing to share information on a website -- www.county through our social media platform on facebook and twitter
9:18 am
we continue to use nixl. while we do not anticipate new evacuations today, we certainly want to keep you apprised of the latest information. we are still under a wind advisory so be vigilant. we have information centers open at our napa main library located at 580 pin street. . we will continue to coordinate with our media partners and continue to have a presence at our local radio station, kb y and kb on. make sure that you listen if you do not have access to the internet. if your nixl is not coming through, listen to the radio. you can continue to call the information line. i am so impressed with all the
9:19 am
county employees that are coming down to our eeoc to staff the line and answer your questions. or even just to tell us that we are doing a great job. we appreciate it. our phone number is 70725345 707-253-4501. that is general public information. i saw you social media -- >> you have been listening to napa county officials discussing what has transpired in the last 24 hours. they said it's a good day for napa county and a day they have been praying for. the wind did not whip up like it did in the sonoma valley. the good news is the atlas peak fire is staying within its perimeter. it's burned 50,000 acres so far but with little growth in the last 24 hours. >> they are saying no new evacuations are anticipated but if you see fire burning, they want people to know that they are still trying to set that line around it. 45% means they are halfway
9:20 am
around it but they do need to contain it. it's a different situation when you talk about further north. sonoma and santa rosa do have act of evacuation orders, mandatory evacuation orders issued this morning. we knew this would be a wind event. it to create spot fires that prompted evacuations. >> we have reporters in sonoma and in santa rosa. that's where we find christien kafton. he is live and has changed areas. >> reporter: we have moved up to the fire line. this is the fire line but keep in mind this is a backfire. this is a fire that was intentionally set by firefighters trying to control the growth of this fire, trying to make sure the fire does not move further westward. jeff allen is here from cal fire to tell us more about the strategy and how things are going this morning.
9:21 am
if we can talk about what the strategy was this morning and with these backfires do. >> backfires act as a natural barrier. the bulldozers will come in to cut an anchor point for us. then they will backfire back into the fire which gives us a larger barrier to fight this. >> reporter: you said these bulldozers come through here and that creates an area free from fuel for the fire to burn. then they come through with those cans and start letting it so it burns up slow toward the fire. >> correct. the dozer line is getting down to mineral soil. we come in with the torches and fire it off. it's and were dated effort. we may have to scratch some line behind structures and that gives us a huge barrier to fight the fire. >> reporter: and we also see aircraft. we send that aircraft circling
9:22 am
overhead. that could be one of the surveillance aircraft. how does that work? >> that was one of the tankers. you will have air attack going around, they are running the show up there, guiding the airplanes into place. the tankers will come around with a chase plane. the chase place -- chase plane will follow them in and then the tanker will drop where they are requested to drop. >> reporter: the oakmont neighborhood, skyhawk neighborhood, that's what you were trying to preserve. if you can stop the fire here, it will help save those neighborhoods. >> we come out in front of the fire. we can't hit it direct. we are doing what is called a direct attack, putting a circle around the head of the fire. we come out front and cut these lines, backfired in and try to slow the progress. >> reporter: you explain the idea behind these choppers. we can hear it. the helicopter is not there to put out the fire, they are trying to slow the progress.
9:23 am
>> we are trying to take the heat of the fire and slow the progress so we can get our engine crews and hand crews in there to extinguish the fire. >> reporter: our weather conditions favorable this morning? >> they were not earlier. we had red flame -- red flag wins coming in earlier. they have slowed down so that has helped. >> reporter: what are you hoping for today? calm conditions, cooler conditions? >> we are hoping for west wind conditions. cooler conditions which are ideal for the firefight. >> reporter: jeff allen from cal fire. thank you for escorting us in so we can look at this. this is some of the work they've done. while it looks devastating and yes it does look devastating, what this does is once this burns out it consumes all the fuel in the path of the fire. that means the progress will not move west toward oakmont and skyhawk in those neighborhoods that were evacuated over night.
9:24 am
a lot of very hard, heavy work being done by cal fire crews this morning trying to slow the progress of the fire and trying to make sure it does not go into the inhabited neighborhoods. at this point, it looks like weather conditions are favorable. were not getting a lot of wind. there is some wind but we are not seeing those strong, gusty conditions like earlier this morning. that is some good news. cal fire crews will continue to work up here on the west end of the fire, trying to control its behavior and make sure it does not enter into the skyhawk and oakmont neighborhoods in santa rosa. >> i think the planning is what you see there. the ability to say the wind is going. were going to do this and get rid of all this brush and make sure it does not get past this point. are you getting the sense that they are feeling -- with the
9:25 am
wind not as gusty on the top end of what they predicted to be, are you getting the sense of optimism that they are in front of this? >> reporter: you know, i don't know if i would ever say if firefighters are optimistic. i think they are cautiously optimistic. i think that -- like i said before -- this is like playing chess. beer trying to stay one move ahead of where they think the fire is going to go. yes, at this point it does seem like they have wanted progress westward but keep in mind if we do see windy conditions later today, if we see gusts starting to kick up, we could see and ember picked up from this fire and thrown 100 or 200 feet or a half mile down the road westward down highway 12 which could then start a new portion of this fire moving toward those in danger neighborhoods again.
9:26 am
that is one of the reasons why fire officials and safety officials and first responders are making sure that residents adhere to the mandatory evacuation order. they do not want to have to worry about having people in those areas as well as structures that could possibly burn. >> the important thing is unlike sunday into monday, got a jumpstart on this. they knew the wind was coming and unlike how this got started in the first place, they are using defensive measures doing those controlled burns to stop this fire. that is good news. i can't help but notice behind you the truck says -- they are coming from all over. aren't they? >> reporter: yes. it's not unusual. you see trucks from all over the place. in fact, jeff, you are working for cal fire but where are you out of? >> i'm from sacramento. >> reporter: and you are here
9:27 am
in the north bay working to fight these fires. and it's all-hands-on-deck situation. >> pretty much. where try to bring as many people as we can. support staff to get this thing to bed. >> reporter: and the gentleman we talked to earlier, mark beveridge, he told me he was out of san diego. you guys will pull resources from wherever you need to from the state to get control of this as quickly as possible. >> on this fire we have people from all over california, oregon and washington. >> reporter: and we heard of a reno crew as well. you are pulling in from wherever you can get those resources. >> absolutely. >> reporter: arizona as well. fire danger in all those areas. thank you again. good luck today. we will continue to follow your progress in terms of what firefighters are doing to get control of this fire. >> christien kafton east of highway 12. >> cal fire said they had to
9:28 am
call firefighters to wake him up. in the first few days, firefighters were doing 72 hour shifts. now they have 24 hours on the line and then 24 off. they had to say to people overnight that they needed more help. that was because of those wind. when they picked up overnight and into the morning, that's also when the mandatory evacuation order was issued. >> i'm told there over 9000 firefighters in california right now fighting fires from southern california through northern california. the lions share our north of us. >> alex savidge is also out there. you were in the eastern portion of sonoma county where it's been troublesome. tell us what you are scene. >> reporter: absolutely. fire officials say that things got dicey early this morning when the wind started to pick up. we are on the east side of sonoma, about three miles east of the heart of sonoma, the downtown area.
9:29 am
we are out on council road, almost on the east end where it dead ends. we are next to the bartholomew park winery. that winery is safe. is also another winery here, buena vista winery south of us. we do not believe there's been damage there but we are not 100% certain. we are trying to get more information. as we look east into the hills, we have been seeing active fire in this area. we do understand that some of these are backfires. those are being set by fire crews as they try to burn out this vegetation and get the fire to burn up to a fire break that they created. they brought in bulldozers a short time ago to create a fire break along the east edge of town. they are trying to stop this fire in its tracks in this area. it made a dangerous run into
9:30 am
the city of sonoma itself early this morning when the wind started picking up. fire officials tell me this fire really kicked up in the early morning hours around 1:00 , 3:00. we can show you video we shot earlier this morning. as the wind intensified in the early morning hours, it was coming from the northeast. a blue this fire and embers into the town of sonoma itself. into the city limits on the east side. we have been told by fire officials that a number of homes did burn. we saw one with our own eyes on castle road near lovell valley road and we understand other homes have been lost as well. we are trying to get more information on where those homes are. when the wind intensified in the ember started flying, firefighters were scrambling this morning to stay ahead of things and get in there to protect as many structures as they could. to bring you back out here to our live picture. they have this fire


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