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tv   KTVU FOX 2 News at 630pm  FOX  October 16, 2017 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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fire evacuees this past week has been looters trying to steal from the homes that are still standing.>> authority say some people are even trying to take advantage of the situation by price gouging and we have a reporter telling us what is being done on both fronts.>> this is a california legal clone of the mp-5. >> reporter: this man said he is ready with eight submachine gun if looters come inside of his house. >> it is just very scary looking. in the event of trouble, or the threat of trouble, this thing the site really needed to be pointed at anyone as just looking at it will make people go away. >> reporter: all the the neighborhood is signs like these warning they will be shot. this man was accused of stealing
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from a out-of-town firefighter. >> we have police in the neighborhood and national guard in the neighborhood. >> reporter: we caught up with officers along the peninsula. >> any message to the looters is that these people have been through enough, and you do not need to be going to their stuff and stealing their stuff.>> reporter: police say that while going after looters is important, it is still a drain on resources. >> it means that they are being taken away for some areas where they could be doing some good.>> reporter: there have been about five arrest in sonoma county, and the district attorney tells me they are on the lookout for price counters also. -- counters also. -- gal jurors also.
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with an update on the power we had the spokesperson. tell us about that matt? >> our focus about this has been on life safety and the well-being of customers, and we continue to work diligently to restore gas and electric service that we know is so important. by wednesday night, we will be able to restore gas services to all customers who are able to receive it once we get the safe access granted by cal fire. at this point, we have been able to relight about 23,000 customers, and have 15,000 steel to relight who do not have gas service right now, but can get it once we are able to get to them. one thing before i go to electric is that i want to remind all of our customers out there to please work with us to
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relight your pilot light. do not do that yourselves as we have hundreds of crew people in the field to do that job. please work with us and do not relight your own pilot light. or the electric, we continue to be on pace, and we expect to have by the end of the day to have all customers restored who are able to receive it once we have approval also from cal fire. >> matt, if people do need help with her pilot light, is it easy to get in touch with a crew ? what do you recommend? >> that is a great question. please call 1-800-743-5000. we have hundreds of our gas workers and some mutual aid
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crews throughout the napa and sonoma area. that is exactly what they are doing. gas is a little bit different than electric and that we need to come to your house to restore gas service. just call that number and we will put you in touch and get somebody out there. >> if you have all of the gas back on by wednesday night, and all of the power back on tonight, and what is left for you guys to do?>> we are able to work with our distribution system to provide that power to our customers. we still have work to do with damage to our transmission system. we will be replacing polls and restringing wires and that kind of thing. there will be a lot of work that is still ahead to get the system back where it needs to be. but honestly, the priority is safety and getting the electricity to our customers. >> last question. odyssey the concerns are with windstorms like what we had last week and trees falling
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into power lines. what are you guys doing to make sure that something like that does not happen again?>> honestly, as we restore customers and make repairs to our infrastructure, we do have vegetation crews out there to look at the damage that perhaps happen to the trees and obviously we want to always make sure to keep trees and limbs away from our power lines.>> thank you for the everett -- thank you for the information to that.>> that is good news. power and gas coming back in the next few days. coming up, a suicide attack in somalia date killed at least 300 people. also ahead, he is considered the poster child on those who are trying to clampdown on illegal immigration. details right after the break.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and the debt toll from a terrorist attack in somalia stands at 300, and rising. the ouster bob extremist group is believed to be behind the bombing. at least 400 people were injured, and officials expect that death toll to go higher. the group has not claimed responsibility for that attack. the case against a man who was accused of killing two
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shares deputies is finally getting underway three years after the crimes were committed. this undocumented immigrant was accused of killing danny oliver and deputy michael davis jr. back in 2014. pretrial hearings are underway, and the judge informed members of the family -- defendants family that they would be required to testify. he was deported twice before the shooting and demonstrates the case for immigration reform. >> i do support making sure that we have a secure border. i have always supported immigration, but i think we ought to be able to control what immigration we have coming into our country.>> one of the reasons that the case has taken so long to go to trial was defense lawyers wanting a change of venue, and jury selection will begin next week.
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the weinstein company said in a statement they are in negotiations with a private equity firm to sell. the company has recently come under fire after harvey weinstein was fired after a long list of women come forward with a report of sexual harassment and rape allegation. macy's is calling martha stewart ceramic candles. they are breaking and causing injury, and the recall was issued after least four reports of the handles breaking and resulting in lacerations. macy said they have sold these from 2014 through january of this year. still to come tonight,
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families are starting to pick up the pieces after losing their homes in the north bay wildfire.>> and now they could face another issue as they try to rebuild or find a new place to live. >> we are tracking the weather that will help firefighters this weekend with a chance of rain.
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cal fire is working to contain an area of active fire near sugarloaf daypart. the oakmont fire is a new fire that started saturday when the
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winds picked up. this morning, the flames could still be seen along this ridgeline. the nuns fire tore through that area last week destroying several homes and leading others intact. >> we lost three outbuildings behind our house. the firefighters were able to get right here and they managed to say the house right next to them. our neighbor lost their home and it is totally gone. and another neighbor on the other side had the same thing happen.>> fire crews our along adobe road to try and protect homes there if the flames moved closer. people who lost their home and the fire just now trying to think about the next step.>> as our reporter explains, in the middle of a housing crisis finding rental properties and rebuilding will not be easy.>> reporter: many are staying with friends or in hotels, but fire victims say that cannot last in
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definitely.>> i hope that everybody would just have the strength to get through the hard part and start looking toward the strength. >> reporter: with an estimated 57 homes burned, this will put an added strain on a strapped bay area housing market. limited rentals are available, and there's already a waitlist for housing projects. >> there are a large number of farmworkers and others whose service to that economy will not have the means to rebuild and do not have the means to hold them over until housing is available again. they also do not have a job there now.>> reporter: it is said that communities will have to look at easing regulations to build more units faster. >> brassica build multi family housing.
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this would allow them to produce more units quickly, and more affordable units more quickly.>> reporter: this woman says she -- this man said he agrees that expediting construction is important.>> there are a lot of people who have been trying to create affordable housing. sometimes the process could take 10 years to finish up land use approval all the way to construction. that is not a timeline that will work for some people who have been displaced today.>> reporter: he said some people will be unable to wait and may take their insurance money and move out of california. >> if i was on a fixed income, then i may not have no choice. i may have to find a place to build a home that is less expensive and take that opportunity. >> reporter: adding to the problem, morgan says that construction costs have never been higher, and he fears that will not be enough revocable contractors to go around.
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it is time now to get a check on the forecast. cooler weather and a chance of rain, and bill is in the weather center.>> things are going the right way for firefighters. this week we are going to have a much better environment with on shore winds and some cloud cover and higher humidity with a chance of showers or sprinkles. basically the flow is on shore and that is a big difference from where we was last week when the flow was offshore and creating bad fire conditions. this week, it is a different deal. we still have air quality issues out there. the atmosphere will clear a little bit each day as we go through this week. by thursday night into friday, when that
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weather system slides through, it should blow all of the smoke out, and maketh a much better environment for all of us. here is the forecast from the moment -- tomorrow as we have a little bit of cloud cover. there will be no real fog along the coast at that point, but temperatures will get a little cooler. by thursday or friday morning, it will feel a lot like fall. as we get into tomorrow afternoon, you can see some showers south of here with a little fog along the coast. then, as you notice disappear, this will come in thursday night and slide through the north bay and central bay by friday morning. this is a very good situation for firefighters mopping up. so the pattern is doing what we needed to do.
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our forecast high temperatures will show that today will probably end up being the warmest day of the week. as we head toward the weekend, we will get back up into the mid-70s. if you look at the live cameras by looking at the sunset, it is a much cleaner environment out there. >> last week, you cannot even see from oakland over into the city. it was just hazed out.'s and i would say it was -->> i would say it was as bad as we ever seen it. but i think we are in a good spot now. the raiders get an upgrade today with a linebacker from across the bay, and we will have that story when we come back.
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another 49er is making a new career across the bay. >> a tough weekend for a lot of nfl teams that are trying to get better. the raiders need linebacker help.
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bowman will move across the bay for a one-year and a $3 million deal. he spent his entire year with the 49ers is being drafted in the third round back in 2010. he joins a rater team that is ranked 23rd in total defense and is ready for the challenge.>> it is my first day out and i am excited to be here with the tradition and how hard we play and the identity that guys try to bring every single sunday. you want to be a part of it. >> we are a little green at the linebacker position, so to add someone like him we think is a nice addition for us. we will get him up to speed and get them on the field.>> bowman's formal -- former team defies logic by losing another game by three points or less. the niners lost yesterday to
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the redskins 26-24. they now have a 0-6 record for the season. >> i have seen a lot of guys come in and struggle early and learn from it, and then become pretty good. i have seen guys come in and play very well right away, and then things change, and they do not adjust very well. you never get a quick answer, but he has the ability and the mental toughness to do it. i think he will get better the more he place.>> jan again -- kyle shanahan now has something new to worry about as this defensive lineman broke his hand. he missed the second half of last season because of a shoulder injury.>> the bay area does not have a team in the al cs.
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but, this player is making the most of this important start with the yankees down in this series. with that, gang three is tonight in the bronx, and the yankees and the astros are playing. the big fellow is bearing down and will win the battle as he freezes them. in the bottom of the second, the game was still scoreless until todd frazier hits this 31 homer to make it 3-0 new york. then, this ball is caught at the warning track, and the yankees are now blowing out the astros 8-0. tomorrow at this
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time, the warriors will be warming up for a game that actually matters. the regular season is set to tip off with the warriors the favorite to win the championship. of course, it is a long way to go before that. kevin durant is fired up, and he continues to appreciate the unselfishness of his team. >> i am at this point when you are playing with a talented group of guys, they make you focus on things outside of yourself. i think that is an underrated part of the team in that everybody here, like clay could make five shots in a row, so you might have to focus on something different. you focus on different things as you get older and play on different teams. about four months ago, we were admiring the parade, and we are set to do it again as the rockets are in town.
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>> when the season is as long as it is, there is a smaller break when you win the championship. >> it is remarkable that the 49ers are only three points away from being 5-1.>> it is really remarkable. they have lost the last five days by either two or three points. the games are close, but they just can't quite get it done. >> a quick check of the forecast?>> better fire weather as the winds is on shore with no red flag warning with some showers in here by thursday night into friday. mostly in north bay where they needed the most, but maybe a sprinkle down here. >> thank you for joining us and our coverage continues on our sister station. have a good night.
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>> like your suit. oh, thanks. got a couple new outfits for work. how does it feel knowing your fiancée's job is to go out and flirt with doctors, looking like that, while you sit here, you know... looking like this? she doesn't flirt with doctors. yeah. it's all very professional. you know when you bend over, i can see down your shirt? okay, good. speaking of new careers, how are things going with dark matter, sheldon? oh, yeah, i'd have to say it's the most exciting time in the history of the field. oh. what's going on? i started doing it. koothrappali: you know, the government funded the biggest experiment yet to detect dark matter. yeah, i've read about that-- they're sending research teams down into abandoned salt mines. you know, sheldon, if we apply to be one of those teams, we could be on the ground floor of something big-- not just for theoretical physics but for astrophysics as well. wait, hang on-- you guys are gonna work in a mine? why not? you had a panic attack when we went through the car wash. perhaps the emotion you're


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