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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 7am  FOX  October 31, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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netflix, the studio that produces spacey's hit tv house of cards says the sixth season will be its last one. >> netflix said this they are very concerned for their cast members. they had executives flown to the set today in baltimore. and they were talking to all of the cast and crew about this. >> now, netflix says this was always going to be the last season. and that the recent news did not play a role. in his statement, he also came out as a gay man. critics, many in the lgbt community, blasted spacey for coming out in the same statement that he apologized for his behavior. attacked by a dog and stabbed by a suspected shoplifter. coming up, what police say happened inside a san francisco grocery store. plus, we're getting ready
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for halloween fun. in just a few hours, the trick- or-treaters will be out and about looking for candy. keep in mind, this can be a dangerous time of year, especially for kids. we will have ways to make sure that your little ones stay safe on halloween. this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> had the glue gun out last night, finishing touches on the halloween costumes. good morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> i'm dave clark. what is not so good is what is happening in traffic. sal, what is happening on the bay bridge? >> it is slow on the bridge, dave and gasia because of a motorcycle accident before treasure island. look at all of the slow traffic on the span here. it looks like the crash is somewhere either right before the island or inside the tunnel. you can see emergency vehicles are still arriving on the scene. i see at least one emergency vehicle getting to the scene. and traffic is going to be
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slow. it looks like it is right there as you can see coming up on the bridge. if you're driving to san francisco, this is going to be a tough commute because of the crash on the bay bridge. what happens, as kevin moves to the side, you can see traffic is barely moving. what happens in this occasion is the bay bridge metering lights are slowed down. that affects the macarthur maze and all of the approaches to the bridge. consider an alternate, using the ferry or bart or using another bridge like the san mateo or the dumbarton bridge. the san mateo and dumbarton bridge traffic is moderate. that is likely to get a lot more crowded. let's also look at the south bay commute which i don't think will be affected by the bay bridge. but we are crowded there as well. let's go to steve's forecast. >> it calls for clearing taking
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place rapidly north and east. there are more clouds on the south and the peninsula and a big difference in the lows. you see the clearance taking over in the north/northeast breeze. i don't want to say it is a wind, just a puff. it started to hit that resistance. mostly clear tonight. cooling off fast. i mean, if you're going out early, not a problem. it will be on the mild side. if you're out late, it will be cool by 10:00, 11:00, in the 40s for some. 50s for some. some 60s on the coast. high pressure to the north is giving us that slight northeasterly breeze. that will give us mostly sunny, partly sunny day today. rain still on track for friday and again on sunday. watch the low clouds making a push. gets wiped out towards marin county, san francisco. that is the airflow that you see right there. takes care of it. some of that clearing out rapidly. if it is, you have low 40s. lake port, fairfield at 41. if you have the low clouds,
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then 50s. mid to upper. to the north, 41 in kelseyville. lots of 40s. napa, 43. i have seen a few 30s around sonoma and west napa. system will be digging in here but it will take another two days before it has an impact. more sun today. the low cloud deck will get chewed up. 50s, 60s, and a few low 70sment back to the desk. >> thank you, steve. today of course is halloween. trick-or-treaters will be out and about knocking on your door, asking for candy. >> they will. ktvu's alex savidge is in alameda now talking about the ways to keep our kids safe. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning to you. happy halloween. and a lot of people, they prefer not to go door to door after dark, especially if they have little ones. they instead to do the trick-or- treating earlier on in the day. one option is in alameda. the west end of webster street,
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here all of the businesses will be passing out candy to kids in costumes starting at noon today. so you can get all of that candy early here and celebrate early on halloween. halloween night really can be a dangerous time for kids. according to aaa, children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any other day of the year. so it is obviously a good idea to make sure that your little ones are using crosswalks to get across the streets if they are out after dark. another good trick is to put reflective tape on costumes and candy bags so that drivers can see your kids in the dark. now, here in alameda, we are talking with kids and parents this morning. and everyone excited about halloween. >> we decorate. we, you know, plan for several hundred pieces of candy. people in alameda love the whole halloween theme. and we have a blast. we love the little kids when they come by and love looking
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at the costumes and watching their enthusiasm. it's good fun. >> reporter: also tonight, parole agents will be taking part in what is known as operation boo. it is done every year on halloween. agents will be checking in on convicted child molesters who are not allowed to attract children to their homes in any way. that means no halloween decorations can be put up, no candy can be put out, no toys can be displayed. they aren't even allowed to have their outside lights on on halloween night. that is one way that people are trying to keep their kids safe on halloween. and, again, a lot of business districts do what they are doing here in alameda along webster street where the businesses earlier on in the day, when it is light out, hand out candy to kids so kids have a fun, safe place to do their trick-or-treating early on in the day. so get it done early. right? that's probably the best option for the morning show folks like us. >> i agree. it is the modern way that
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halloween is done. unlike us we were out late at night looking for candy everywhere. we will see you throughout the morning, alex. the time is 7:07. a stabbing and a vicious dog attack left one man in custody and another one in custody. christien kafton has more from the safeway store in the richmond district where it started as a shoplifting incident. >> reporter: the doors now open at the safeway on 7th avenue in san francisco, the site of this bloody encounter overnight. it started around 12:30 this morning. the suspect inside the safeway at the time. and witnesses say he was shoplifting or attempting to shop lift. an employee tried to stop that man. that is when the suspect reportedly set his doggone -- dog on the employee. the dog bit the man several times and the suspect stabbed the worker at that point. the suspect tried to stab other employees and then the suspect
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took off. the victim was taken to an area hospital with what we're hearing are serious life- threatening injuries. police say they caught the suspect and have arrested him. we're also hearing that man will be booked into jail later on this morning. his name and photo should be released later on this morning as well. we are hoping to get more information from the police and from the safeway store here throughout the morning. for now, in san francisco, christien kafton, ktvu fox 2 news. >> all right, thank you, christien. the time is 7:08. and we have breaking news right now. these are live pictures. we're in los angeles. there's a police chase happening. this is -- this is northern san fernando valley. a chase is going on in the granada hills area. this is north of los angeles. i'm looking for the car that they're going after. but -- we're not sure about the circumstances as to why this car is fleeing. now, they're slowing down for some reason. >> keep in mind the reports we're seeing says someone stole
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a sheriff's vehicle. we had a couple in the picture a minute ago. this one in the center of the screen. i can't tell it from another one being driven by a legitimate sheriff's deputy. so at this point we're really going have to watch carefully and read it along with you. i can't imagine if the people who stole the vehicle knew how to put the lights and siren on. it looks like that is the one. >> it does. >> now we're going to one of the big major intersections. clearly this is the vehicle being pursued. it doesn't seem to be going terribly fast speeds, dave, from what i can read from the rest of traffic here. >> because it is a sheriffs vehicle, there may be all types of weapons inside of the vehicle. so the car that is pulling up alongside has to approach it gingerly, carefully. it looks like he may try to do a pit maneuver on it. again, this is a vehicle that may be filled with sheriff's
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department weapons and other equipment. you can see other cars are pulling up behind it now. again, these are live pictures from the los angeles area. the area -- all right. now. tried to cut him off. he swerved around it. you're looking at video of a stolen sheriff's deputy's car that is being pursued through southern california in granada hills, north of los angeles. >> we will stay on top of this developing story and monitor the chase and we will dip back into it here. hopefully of course for a peaceful and safe resolution for all involved. all right. the time is 7:10. back here at home, happening today, the berkeley city council will consider changing the police department's use of force policy. right now the city says the department has to file reports if someone is hurt, if a weapon is used or if someone files a complaint against the police department. a new proposal would expand that to include any time that a confrontation takes place between police and the public and that it leads to any
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physical force being used. it would also require separate categories for different levels of force that is used. the changes will be talked about at the city council meeting that begins tonight at 6:00. four state lawmakers want to make sure that utility companies, not their customers, pay when disasters, including wildfires, are caused by maintenance. the issue is coming up as investigators try to figure out if pg&e power lines are even partially to blame for starting the north bay wildfires. san diego gas and electric has already asked state legislators to charge customers for the costs ten years ago in the wildfires. they will roll out the proposal in january. the time is now 7:11. there are questions this morning about the story of those two women who were last at sea for five months.
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coming up, we will tell you what was found on their boat that now has some people doubting about what really happened. also governor jerry brown clears the way to make california the first sanctuary state. but voters may have the final say. good morning. we have a problem on the bay bridge. a motorcycle crash. still up there. it looks like they might be clearing it soon. but traffic is very slow approaching the bay bridge. and the fog is getting chewed up by a little north/northeasterly breeze. more sunshine today. most of the august. not all of it. it will be warmer today. we will show you the tuesday temps. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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>> 7:14. back to the breaking news that we brought you a moment ago. the car chase has moved to the city of northridge now. this is the vehicle being pursued. it is a stolen sheriff's vehicle. our fox station in los angeles reporting that it is a
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psychiatric patient behind the wheel. in the moment that's we were monitoring this during the commercial break, we saw this vehicle go up on the sidewalk. in and out of lanes of traffic. and most recently it hit a patrol vehicle. shots were fired at the vehicle. but, dave, we see the suspect is still going. >> still on the move. he backed into other police vehicles and is on the move again. moving from -- it was in granada hills when we were showing it to you last time. it is all live. you're seeing it as we see it. heading into northridge just south of granada hills. it looks like they cleared traffic. traffic in the area is never this wide open. particularly during rush hour. again, still very dangerous situation. we don't know what weapons may be inside of the vehicle. it is a stolen sheriff's car. >> to choose something so high profile it is making it easier, if you will, for people to see something coming. so often unfortunately you see
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a police chase like this end in an accident where the suspect vehicle rams an innocent person, and an innocent person behind the wheel. we see a lot of clear open streets. that is not usually the case during this time of the day. it was earlier in granada hills. now it is coming up on an intersection in northridge where traffic is not stopped. i see cars going back and forth in a t formation. we have seen this before. it went through a major intersection with no problem. >> it is interesting that he has lights on, with i may be one of the reasons why cars are pulling out of the way as well. they don't know that he necessarily is the suspect. i don't know. but you can see cars pulling over. again, this is normally a very, very busy area. this is near a cal state northridge. so it is a very busy area.
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it appears to be stopping. >> there are certainly several other police vehicles. >> all right. someone has got out of the car. it looks like the driver's door is open. >> yeah. chopper pilot is doing the right thing by pulling back the right thing. unfortunately sometimes these chases come to a violent resolution. we see deputies on top of the vehicle itself. we're watching this happen live. and it does appear that one deputy is appearing to take somebody into custody as we have a number of other deputies coming around for backup. so it looks to me, dave, like someone is in custody. the officer has hands on the suspect. >> well, the other speculation, i don't want to speculate, is -- we will have to wait and see. someone is in custody. >> okay. >> we see him being walked away in handcuffs. >> okay. so certainly it appears to have come to a peaceful resolution. again, for that we're thankful. it ended in the city of reseda
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which is nearby. we're working to find out who took the vehicle. a peaceful situation to a harrowing police chase on the streets of los angeles. >> at 7:18, sal is watching our commute. you've had your hands full with what is happening on the bay bridge. >> we just got the all clear on the bay bridge. that will help. a lot of slow traffic unwinding on the span. you can see a live picture. things are definitely better. they have to wait for the traffic to unwind on the bridge. and it is quite a big delay on the bridge. that means the metering lights at the toll plaza will be very slow as they wait for the traffic on the bridge to get better. it caused a big delay. this is more like a 40-minute delay getting into san francisco. and at the macarthur maze, the next time we're going to show you the macarthur maze. i can almost guarantee it will be very, very slow there coming around the corner. it will be one of those days unfortunately.
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880 northbound and southbound in front of oracle looks okay. san mateo bridge and dumbarton bridge has filled in in the last half hour. a lot of people will be on the road early to leave work because of halloween. people like to leave early to get home for trick-or-treating. tonight there is a world series game. it will be a tough one this afternoon as well. as i'm looking at the east bay commutes, southbound 680 is slow. highway 4 is crowded through pittsburgh and bay point and concord. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> thank you, sal. we're already seeing the fog get chewed up a little north/northeasterly breeze. not that strong but enough to say nope to the fog which was making a move inland. all of a sudden it got chewed up. still some. but it will be mostly sunny and warmer. san jose, 68/57. the average is 70/49. a little below, a little above. rain is on the way. it looks like friday. timing on the weekend can be
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tough. one model thinks that saturday might be a break. another one says it will continue into saturday. others bring it in sunday. suffice it to say, there is moisture on the way. it looks more of a mountain event for snow but we could get rain. there could be measured feet of snow from friday to monday. maybe getting up to the mountains may not be a problem. snow will start off lake level or higher but could end up around 4,000 to 4500 feet late sunday and into morning. there is a northeast breeze. some of that making a move into parts of napa county. it gets wiped out because of the northwest breeze. that's what the oakland airport has. that will take care of it. 40s on the temps or 50s if you're clear. you probably have chilly readings as in 43 concord pavilion. a northwest. not that strong but enough to chew it up.
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big circulation around the high which is right there. it will get replaced as everything goes up and over. that will get replaced by a low coming in. it won't be until late thursday, friday. if it draws the moisture up, we will increase our rainfall totals. we will have a better idea thursday and friday. some clouds peninsula and south. but otherwise it will burn off sooner if it hasn't already. more sun today. 60s and 70sand warmer for a couple degrees for some. these are right about seasonal averages which is about 66 to 71 degrees. that's about where we are today on the temps. a little more fog san mateo and santa cruz coast. not much change late thursday and rain arrives friday. >> thank you, steve. we told you about bart's plan to crack down on fare cheats. how much they will spend to save millions of dollars. what the deal means for the u.s. marijuana industry.
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>> welcome back to mornings on 2. it is 7:24. time now to check on wall street. >> for that, pam cook is back with this morning's money business. >> yeah. we are talking about the tax reforms. what will the repeal of the deductions and state local taxes look like. what about 401(k)s. and the house is companying a five-year phase-in of corporate tax cuts. so any changes to tax reform could affect just about everyone. definitely watching that on wall street. ringing the opening bell is
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tapestry. might be a new name to you. it is the company that now oversees kate spade, coach. they are celebrating that this morning. checking in on the numbers. started a little bit down. they're all up now. here is a look at the dow jones up 5 points. 23,353. the nasdaq and s&p 500 posting good numbers. up pretty good as far as earning seasons. most of the numbers coming in are good. google self-driving car service, the company is really close to offering its self- driving services to the public. yesterday the company offered a peek into the merced county testing facility and gave rides in chrysler minivans. the driverless cars successfully navigated their way through closed roads and neighborhoods. there is no timeline when the service will be ready for the public. a major american wine and liquor company announced it is making a partial move into the
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cannabis business. investing $191 million in canopy growth corporation, a provider in canada. that gives it 10% ownership. constellation already owns all of the robert winery in napa and geyserville. it also owns pacifico and corona bill. constellation has no plans to sell cannabis anywhere in the u.s. until it is legal at the federal level. crab season could be delayed again. domoic acid is a problem along the coast. now the state department of health warns that high level of the toxins are found in crabs in the northern part of the state. commercial crabbing season september to begin november 15. it affects a lot of businesses. the fisher men, the restaurants as well. so we do hope that they can get that going this year.
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>> thank you, pam. >> all right, pam. the time is 7:26. new developments in the investigation into how russia influenced last year's presidential election. coming up in the next half hour, what facebook is telling lawmakers and how many people were exposed to pages linked to russia. >> reporter: and drivers across california can expect to pay more at the pump starting tomorrow when the new gas tax goes into effect. we will have the details of the new law and how much money it is supposed to raise.
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>> these are live pictures. dodgers stadium. the statue of the great jackie robinson who broke baseball's racial color line outside of dodgers stadium. it will be a great game tonight. the astros could win it all if they win. they have to win first. you will see it with us on ktvu fox 2. of the world series. >> that's right. coverage starts at 4:30.
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>> 105 to 65. yes. we will be cool as well. but we are seeing the low cloud deck get chewed up fast. there is still some in place. more peninsula, south bay. that is the dividing line. mostly clear, cooling off fast. we will get a little warmer though. the temperatures i don't think they will stay warm. as we will get the cool air mass to start moving in. 50s, 60s coast. mid-60s bay. and then low 70s for some inland. with the slight northwesterly breeze. there is the high pressure. not for all but certainly north bay and parts of the east bay as well. chilly nights give way to a quiet pattern today and tomorrow. rain is on the way for friday and again on sunday. timing could change on that. here comes the northeasterly breeze chewing up the fog rapidly.
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look for more sun today. even the oakland airport has a slight northeast breeze. that will do it. it is getting wiped out. low 40s out in fairfield and napa. lots of 40s to the north. more 50s inform the south. on the peninsula, low 50s. los altos, 50. some of that fog losing its grip. there is a little northerly direction or northeast. not strong or anything like that. changes will take place to the north. but we have two days before that starts to show itself in the picture. until then, mostly sunny and warmer. some clouds here but burning off quick here. we will have slightly warmer temps with the northerly breeze. it will cool off fast tonight. 50s, 60s, low 70s. bay bridge. >> yeah. the crash cleared but the damage is done to the commute. the crash was cleared about 20 minutes ago. the lanes are open. now that the bridge traffic is getting better, a huge backup the at macarthur maze. is there a good day for a
7:33 am
traffic jam? no. let me say that. today of all days when a lot of people are trying to get into the office early so they can leave early to be home for trick-or-treating or maybe for the world series, this is kind of a kink in the plan here. it is very, very slow. and it is going to take at least an hour. if you're at this point, you can look for an hour delay to get on the bridge. that is what it will take. traffic is moving along slow. you might want to look for an alternate route getting into san francisco. at the toll plaza, traffic is barely moving. i would think maybe the ferry or bart. bart hasn't had any significant delays getting into and out of san francisco. that way you can get out too this afternoon. there may be a lot of people trying to get on the road early to get home early for trick-or- treating. this happens every year on halloween. this is a look at interstate 880 north and southbound. you can see traffic is moving along okay. this is a look at 880. there have been no major problems as you drive through. i'm hearing that -- there we go.
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look. this is one of our cameras. a couple of birds. they're saying something. they're saying get home early if you can. [laughter] >> get home early because there's trick-or-treating to do. anyway -- >> perfect for a halloween morning. >> they're saying i don't want to talk about -- i don't want to raise the gas tax. gasia, let's go back to you. >> unfortunately that is the case. we will all be paying more, starting tomorrow at the gas station. there is in fact an increase in the gas tax for the state. >> it is dedicated to fix roads and bridges. >> reporter: allie rasmus is out in orinda. the work has already started on some of the transportation projects, allie. >> reporter: yes. there is word that caltrans in anticipation of the gas tax money, they have accelerated already existing road projects across the state. here locally at orinda, we have watched people fill up at this pump. the last person bought about eight gallons of premium fuel.
7:35 am
played $3.52 for that. starting tomorrow, everyone paying for this can expect 12 cents more per gala cross the state. diesel also going up 20 cents per gala cross the state. this is all part of a new law that goes into effect. it is meant to raise about $5.2 billion a year over the next ten years for road improvements and maintenance. part of a plan passed by the legislature and the governor earlier this year. a big portion of the money coming from an increase in gas tax. this will be the first time in 23 years that the gas tax has gone up in california. state lawmaker that's voted for the new law and the governor says it is needed because the current gas tax is no longer covering the cost to maintain roads. part of the reason, cars are more fuel efficient and more electric vehicles on the road. we talked to drivers to find out what they had to say it. >> as long as the taxes go to
7:36 am
somewhere it is useful, you don't mind as much. just hoping that's what it will be for. >> if you see the results, you're okay with it. >> correct. >> i was recently out of state and i was impressed how good the roadways were in other states compared to california. it is needed. but i think we paid for it previously. >> reporter: now, the new law also includes higher vehicle registration fees based on the value of your car. those go into effect january 1st. new law is supposed to raise $5.2 billion a year. half of that will go towards maintaining and fixing state highways. caltrans has already accelerated some existing projects because they're expecting the new money. the other half of the money will go to cities and counties across the state to repair potholes and make improvements on local roads. even though it has passed into law, the gas tax still has opponents. there are at least two efforts to put an initiative on the ballot. these are driven by politicians in southern california to get
7:37 am
voters to repeal the gas tax. so far they haven't collected the necessary signatures to put any sort of initiative on the ballot any time soon. >> allie, did you get a sense that they were there for the regular fill-ups or being frugal like me filling up the third or half a tank before the price jumps tomorrow. >> reporter: there were a few people that didn't even realize the gas tax was going upstarting tomorrow. so we haven't encountered a lot of people who are in anticipation filling up their tanks because of this. i did hear from a couple of people on twitter saying they went out to costco and other spots to fill up before the gas tax goes into effect tomorrow. but we haven't seen or encountered any of that here. >> okay. thank you, allie. we turn now to you with our question of the day about the gas tax. what do you think about the tax that goes into effect tomorrow? do you support or oppose it or
7:38 am
it doesn't affect you. we appreciate it when you leave comments on facebook as well. the new york times is reporting 126 million facebook users may have been reached by russia during the 2016 election. that's more than half of facebook's monthly users in the u.s. russian agents also uploaded more than a thousand videos to youtube, showing how far russia apparently went to cause division in the u.s. the fbi now says that all its previously withheld files on the john f. kennedy assassination have been authorized for release. they will be released with limited redactions to protect the identities of people who helped in the investigation. all documents related to the assassination were to be released on thursday. just before the release, president trump agreed to request from the cia and fbi to continue withholding some documents to protect national security and individual identities. the national archives plans to
7:39 am
release all remaining records in the coming weeks. the time is 7:38. critics of california's sanctuary state measure are taking action to try to overturn it. state officials cleverred the referendum on senate bill 64 to gather signatures. critics say it undermines and protects criminals. they have until january to collect more than 360,000 signatures. if they dorks the referendum will appear on the ballot in 2018. police in east palo alto are asking for help in finding a high school student who disappeared last week. 17-year-old johnny was last seen leaving his job at the stanford shopping center last thursday evening. he is a student at sarah high school in san mateo. school leaders say his mother had been called about a disciplinary issue on thursday. the school is praying for his safe return home. they do not believe he is the victim of foul play. anyone who knows where, call the school or police. we now know how much it
7:40 am
will cost bart to crack down on commuters who cheat and try to ride for free. according to the san francisco chronicle, the fare inspectors will cost $740,000 a year. the extra equipment will cost about $50,000. the bart board of directors approved an ordinance requiring riders to show proof that they paid the fare. they will work in teams of two and go person to person in the areas they work and record every encounter on body camera. people are starting to question the story behind two women who were lost at sea for months. the coast guard spokesperson says that they had an emergency position indicating radar on board but they never turned it on. they chose not to turn it on because they never feared for their lives. the sailing equipment and engine failed and they were close to giving up when the u.s. navy rescued them last week thousands of miles off
7:41 am
course. they encountered a tropical storm the first night at sea. but national weather service shows no organized storms in the region. surveillance video shows a woman and a man stealing from a purse inside a san francisco coffee shop. what the victim's mother is telling us about the theft. the 49ers turn off a blockbuster trade with the patriots. what is next for the 49ers front office.
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>> the warriors bounce back after a loss and blew out the los angeles clippers 141-113. >> the warriors had a 16-point lead. >> second opportunity. not going to miss both.
7:44 am
>> sweet steph curry had 31 points in 30 minutes. helped lead the warriors to their 11th straight win against the clippers. the game also featured show- stopping highlights by rookie jordan bell. >> shot clock at 3. nick young. a building that he is very familiar with. jordan bell, the right hand spike. >> looking like kobe. jordan bell with that monster dunk. again, the warriors won big. now they go to san antonio to play the spurs thursday night. the 49ers have a new quarterback after completing a trade. they traded a second round draft pick to get jimmy garafflo he is scheduled to become an unrestricted free agent after the season. the 49ers are expected to sign him to a new deal or tag them as their franchise player. it is not clear when he will play his first game with the
7:45 am
49ers but it is unlikely to happen this sunday when they play the cardinals. they also cut hoyer. he was benched. he threw just four touchdowns and could not lead the team to a win. he is 32 years old and some people expect he might sign with the patriots to be tom brady's backup. >> that would be interesting. because you're a professional baker. >> yes. well -- >> cook. you will be interested in knowing that the bay area is the culinary capital of america. >> i love good food from home or a restaurant. for those who love to dine out, the bay area was awarded seven awards. bat area has gained three star
7:46 am
restaurants. new york has gained one. the dining guide notes this should be the inspiration east coast chefs need to get back on top. >> sweet. >> yes. >> the time is 7:46. that takes us right over to sal. you've had a difficult morning. and they have on the bay bridge and elsewhere. >> an unappetizing commute. i did mean to say that. get out of the house early if you're using the bay bridge. if you have to use it, i have to show you what you will be dealing with. i'll tell you why you are dealing with it. an earlier motorcycle accident. it was cleared off the bridge in about 30 to 40 minutes, but that did a lot of damage to the bay bridge commute. it is backed up well around the macarthur maze. we're looking at almost an hour delay trying to get on to the bridge. you might want to think about using an alternate route. look at all of the traffic. it is just not moving. this is what happens with all of the volume we have on the morning. this is obviously the busiest commute in the bay area. you can see it is barely moving
7:47 am
here. cars are not moving well. even the carpoolers will be stuck in traffic once you get on to the span. if you want to use 880 to drive down to the san mateo bridge, the traffic is moderate. much better than the bay bridge, even though it is crowded. it is moving a little better driving over to the peninsula. 880 is also slow down to the dumbarton bridge which is jam packed from newark to east palo alto. i don't want to forget highway 4. that is a more normal commute this morning through pittsburgh to bay point. and getting to the south bay commute here, slow traffic on all of the freeways getting up to the valley. that is not unusual. just very slow. and on the peninsula, just in case you thought we forgot about you, northbound 280 and 101 typical getting into san francisco. 7:47. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> on the subject of food, can we give a shoutout. kurt who works at mustards watches us all the time.
7:48 am
>> i love mustards. >> all of this food stuff is making me hungry of course. >> of course. kurt was -- try this. happened to be a cabernet which is about $500 a bottle. you are awesome. everybody up there. mark, very nice. over to miner with bob and his wife carol. if you get a chance, head up there. some areas you're like there was no fire at all. others it is like oh my gosh. they want people to come out. i can see why. mostly clear and cooling off fast tonight. the fog is getting chewed up pretty quick here. we had a pretty good push on it. but then the winds went a little more north/northeast. that is taking care of it. that will also give us a slight warmup. upper 60s to mid-70s at best. the record 83 back in 1966. we won't see anything like that. but high pressure to the north
7:49 am
is giving us that slight off shore. so partly sunny, mostly sunny. chilly nights today and tomorrow. rain is on the way. cooling big time into the weekend. amounts could change significantly. a system to the west might get linked up with the system dropping down from the north. this stills looks like a decent event rain-wise. more snow for the sierra. two to four feet of snow between friday and monday there. are no advisories yet. the snow level will start off very high. probably above lake level but could end up sunday night down to 4,000 feet. getting up to the mountains may not be bad but getting back may be tricky. the low clouds are there and they are still getting wiped out. you see the airflow. that takes care of it. oakland airport, yeah, we have a northeast breeze. that will do it: still a south at sfo. half moon bay has a little
7:50 am
north breeze. if you get that clearing, 50s. san jose had 5 #. so the south, mid-50s. running a little warmer here. low 50s up in the santa cruz mountains. mid-50s around cupertino and saratoga. a little north breeze. hayward has a slight northeast now. that is what it taking care of it. east at livermore. this coming together is wiping out the fog. big dome of high pressure but it is well to the north. it will get replaced by a system digging down. major pattern change. the key will be if that system coming from the north latches on to that system to the west/southwest and there are hints that it will, if that's the case, the rainfall rates will go up. today, some clouds but already getting chewed up here. the peninsula making on a little longer. slightly warmer temps. low 70s in there. 60s for some. i think warmer temps will be north and east today. a little cooler because the fog hangs on a little longer
7:51 am
peninsula and south bay. temperatures near average. 66 to 72 this time of year. some areas on the coast, marin and sonoma, will be a little warmer than san mateo and santa cruz. it looks like rain friday and again on sunday. >> and a reminder we turn the clocks back on sunday morning. >> yes. >> thank you, steve. >> the time is 7:51. celebrating halloween with a wedding. coming up in our 8:00 hour, the zombie-themed celebration took place at six flags in vallejo. also the negative fallout continues for actor kevin spacey. more about his future and his career and what the critics are saying.
7:52 am
7:53 am
7:54 am
>> the time is 7:54. back now in the north bay wildfires. it is certainly a big job to find new housing for the thousands of people who lost their homes in the fires. fema is bringing in 500 mobile units and trailers for temporary housing. the county says that anyone who wants or needs a fema trailer to contact them. they are also looking for short term housing such as vacation rentals. uc schools are helping applicanted affected by the fires. the university of california is extending the fall 2018 application deadline to december 18th to help incoming freshman and transfer students. rose mcgowan is wanted for felony drug possession.
7:55 am
traces of drugs were found in belongings that she left behind in january at the airport. a search warrant was obtained in february. the police say they have been trying to reach her ever since. mcgowan has been in the news lately because she accused harvey weinstein of raping her back in 1997. she responded to the arrest warrant by saying, she tweeted out, are they trying to silence me. there's new fallout after kevin spacey was accused of sexually abusing a child actor 30 years ago. netflix has now announced it is canceling house of cards that stars spacey, after this season. spacey says he does not remember the incident but if he acted the way that rapp said he did, he would owe him an apology for the drunken behavior. that response has many people upset. >> for him to come out with, you know, molesting this kid, i
7:56 am
take major issue with that. i am embarrassed. >> reporter: kevin spacey is accused of making sexual advances towards a 14-year-old boy in 1986 when spacey was 26 years old. he responded in a tweet that said he was sorry but stopped short of admitting wrong doing. he goes on to say he chose to live as a gay man. >> you have these christians out here who say all gay men are out to molest young children that. is not true at all. it disgusts me. here is kevin spacey taking away years of progress. >> i think nationwide there will probably be a negative impact. >> reporter: anthony rapp, the actor making the allegations said in a tweet, quote, i came forward with my story, standing on the shoulders of the courageous men and women who have been speaking out to shine a light. >> it is hard to come forward for multiple reasons. >> reporter: jenny pearlman is with a nonprofit that works to prevent child abuse. >> there is stigma associated
7:57 am
with sexual abuse and assault. this is giving us room to come together as a community and protect kids. >> reporter: the co-founder of the lgbtq center says that awareness is key. >> the more you identify the harassers, the more reluctant people will be to harass. i just think that is the most powerful thing. >> reporter: spacey has a potential oscar worthy film coming out in december. what impact the scandal has remains to be seen. >> it will be interesting to see if there is support for the movie. if they can separate the movie from the deeds -- the alleged deeds of kevin spacey when it comes time for the awards. >> reporter: experts say abuse survivors take years if ever to speak about what happened to them. often these types of cases go unreported to authorities. in san francisco, amber lee, ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, amber. well, more good news from the fire crews in the north bay. coming up in our next hour, the fire that is now fully
7:58 am
contained and when that is expected to be the case for the rest of the area. having a fun and safe halloween. ktvu's alex savidge has more on what is planned as your children are most likely to hit their neighborhood streets this afternoon looking for candy. ♪ when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
7:59 am
grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
8:00 am
>> fill up your gas tank today because starting tomorrow, we are all going to pay more for gasoline. why the prices are going up and how the gas tax ranks compared to other states. the first two steps to recovery after the fires.
8:01 am
this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> and good morning, everyone. welcome back to mornings on 2. it is tuesday, october 31st. i'm mike mibach. >> i'm gasia mikaelian. on this halloween morning, let's see how the rest of your day will unfold weather-wise. we should be right where we should be. >> absolutely. 66 to 71 is normal. we haven't been there for a long time but we are now. >> it feels good. >> nice to see you, mike. >> good to see you. >> you are very observant, gasia. >> of course. >> we have some of the low cloud deck that has been burning off. some of it holding on. and for tonight, i think it will be mostly clear and going to cool off rapidly. you will be all right at 5:00. at 8:00, back in the 50s. if you're out late tonight, then there will be 40s showing up. we did have a push on the fog for a while. all of a sudden the wind turned northeast leer he and poof it was gone. 50s and 60s on the coast. low 70s for some inland. it will be a little warmer today and tomorrow.
8:02 am
then a big cooldown on tap with rain friday and the weekend. san jose today 57. the average is 70. 85 the record high just two years ago. for rain, it does look like friday. and there are signs that the rain fall amounts might increase. this could be a good snow producer for the mountains. the low clouds getting chewed up rapidly. a little hanging around santa rosa. for others it has been wiped out. even the oakland airport has a slight northeast. that will take care of it. mid-50s if you're in the fog. but even around he will cerritos, upper 40s to low 50s. 50, 51, 52 for many in the city. northerly breeze will win out for today. that will equal a little more sunshine and warmer temps. this will be the key if the system gets drawn up. there are indications that it
8:03 am
might. highs today 50s, 60s, coast and bay and 70s low inland. is the bay bridge better now or what. >> the approaches have been affected. because when we get an accident on the bay bridge, what happens is they slow the traffic down on the bridge. it has an effect on all of the freeways, including this one, carquinez bridge to the macarthur maze. 80 minutes to get to that point. so we are really very, very slow traffic here. once you get to the actual bridge, the counter starts again. 80 minute from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and then from the ma i see to getting on the bridge, another 40 minutes or so. and it's going to be a very, very slow commute. some people have been using the san mateo bridge. that's not bad looking right now. it is congested but i would use it instead. dumbarton bridge also congested to the other side. let's talk about the south bay that does not have much to do with the bay bridge. traffic up to the valley.
8:04 am
a crash on 280, a crash on 101. so these commutes are very busy. and this evening's commute is going to be slow. a lot of people trying to get early on halloween. that means the traffic jams will start early this afternoon. 8:04. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a safeway employee that tried to stop a shoplifter is in the hospital in san francisco. the attack happened around 12:30 at the safeway near golden gate park. the employee tried to stop a man from shoplifting. that's when the suspect's dog attacked him. and then the man began stabbing the employee as well. the dog bit the employee several times. police say the employee was taken to the hospital with serious life threatening injuries. the suspect was arrested shortly after the attack. surveillance video caught two people stealing a well fret a pregnant woman sitting in a san francisco coffee shop. we will share the video taken from the elite coffee shop on bush street. you see the man and the woman
8:05 am
standing together. in a second we will watch as the woman kneels down and she just plucks the wallet from the victim's purse and stands right back up after putting it in her pocket. then they leave. they used the credit card at nordstrom. this happened at 5:00 yesterday evening. the victim is six months pregnant and was up all night on the phone canceling credit cards. they plans to file a police report today. a shooting threat yesterday. a student discovered writing on a bathroom wall indicating there will be a shooting at the school today. even though the school does not feel it is a credible threat, they have implemented a no costume policy for today. >> no costumes today for halloween which we feel bad about. but we want to recognize everybody and make sure that there are fewer places to hide a weapon. hopefully halloween will be fun tonight even though it is not
8:06 am
fun during the day. >> central marin police will have extra officers patrolling the area and on campus. no word on who actually wrote the threat. don't be surprised if you see more and more people lining up to buy gas today. >> many drivers expected to fill up before the new gas tax goes into effect tomorrow. allie rasmus is joining us live from orinda. the money dedicated to making it easier to get around on the roads in california. >> reporter: that money is supposed to go to maintaining and fixing roads and potholes and money set aside for public transit improvements as well. here in orinda, we have been watching people gas up all morning. this gas station is pretty busy. the last person here paid $3.32 a gallon. tomorrow you can tax on 12 cents per gallon. 20 cents for more diesel. this was passed earlier this year with the goal of raising
8:07 am
$52 billion over the next decade for road repairs and improvements. a big portion coming from the gas taxes. it will be the first time in 23 years that the gas tax has gone up in california. state lawmakers who voted for the new law say the tax is needed because the current gas tax is no longer covering the cost to maintain roads. cars are more fuel efficient than two decades ago and there are more electric vehicles on the road. we have had mixed reactions from drivers. some are okay with it if it does indeed go to fixing some of the roads. others say they feel we're taxed enough already. >> it is already harder to pay a almost more. as long as the taxes go to somewhere where it is useful, you don't mind it much. i just hope that is what it is for. >> if you see results, you're okay with it. >> correct. >> i was recently out of state and i was impressed how good the roadways were compared to california. so it is needed. but i think we paid for it
8:08 am
previously. >> reporter: and that last gentleman we spoke to says he has a contracting construction business. they have four vehicles in the fleet. he estimates with all of the driving they do, it will cost them $700 per vehicle per year, this gas tax. higher registration fees go into effect january 1st. about half the money raised, $5.2 billion a year over the next ten years, half of that money will go to state highways and state road projects. the other half will go to cities and counties. even though this is a law that is now in effect, there are still some strong opponents of it. there are actually two efforts to get an initiative on the ballot in the coming years to repeal the gas tax. these are both coming from southern california politicians. but so far this initiative effort has not raised enough signatures to end up on a ballot yesterday. >> allie rasmus, thank you. we turn to you with the
8:09 am
question of the day. what do you think about the gas tax going into effect? 18% support it. 71% say you oppose it. just 11% say you will not be affected by it. keep talking to us through twitter and facebook. thanks for using our #ktvu. and use your comments for us. we love to read them. cal fire expects all of the north bay wildfires to be fully contained by tonight. last night they reported the tubbs fire which started near calistoga and the pocket fire near geyserville are 99% contained. we are waiting for an update this morning on the fires. officials announced last night that the nuns fire that sonoma county is fully contained and the atlas fire was contained last friday. >> recovery from the fires could take five years or more according to many. >> it's hand been three weeks since the fires started. tom has a look at the recovery. >> reporter: what are now waste lands will rise again. i asked the mayor and the board
8:10 am
of supervisors chair woman shirley zane where are we right now. >> at the beginning of a huge pile of work. >> we are on recovery mode full speed ahead. >> reporter: first order of business, housing for those who lost homes or apartments. >> immediate and then transitional housing. >> reporter: even before the fire, sonoma county had only a 2% vacancy rate which already brought tent camps into central santa rosa. now thousands more need housing that currently is not available or simply doesn't exist. not just for the residents but contractors and others who will do the rebuilding. fema is bringing in 500 mobile units and trailers as well as other local efforts to find housing such as vacation rentals, airbnbs, tiny homes and so far. the second order, clean up the toxins from the properties. last week alone in santa rosa, the epa inspected 700 home
8:11 am
sites, cleaned up 500 of them and will double the number of crews this week. >> there are people who are ready to start pounding nails on a new house right now. god, i understand that. i would be the same way if i lost my house. we need to go through probably three months at least of a clean-up before anybody can start rebuilding. >> reporter: it will rain late this week. >> there is certainly a sense of urgency to beat the rains, especially with the toxic clean- up. >> we are concerned with rainoff and what rain means to the debris removal. >> reporter: as rebuilding begins, eliminating red tape will be the rule. >> if what you want to do is rebuild your house to the same footprint and height, we're going to get out of your way. >> we have to be efficient and aware of time and costs and that time costs money when
8:12 am
you're developing. >> reporter: one other note. contractors will have to take a 40-hour course to understand how to work in conditions that have toxics like asbestos that were in many, many of those homes. without that, they won't be able to lift a shovel. the time is 8:12. the kate steinle trial continues today in san francisco. in a moment, testimony that implies she might not have been the target. plus, i hope you have your costume all ready to go. halloween is here. in just a few hours, the trick- or-treaters will be going door to door in your neighborhood, collecting as much candy as they can. we will tell you how to make sure that your little ones stay safe this halloween.
8:13 am
8:14 am
what if home security was different? what if it looked different? what if the measure of working, was that you never had to think about it.
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♪ what if it was so easy to use, you actually used it. [alarm] you have 3 minutes to exit. what if it gave you time, and what you really need from home security. a sense of security. ♪ >> welcome back. as is every halloween, trick-or- treaters will take to the streets this evening. >> alex savidge is joining us live from alameda with ways to keep your little ones safe out there tonight. alex. >> reporter: good morning to you guys. happy halloween. halloween candy a dangerous time for kids, especially when they're dressed up in dark costumes and walking around on dark streets after, you know, later on tonight. it can be difficult for drivers to be able to see them. so one option really to sort of play it safe is to do your trick-or-treating earlier on in
8:16 am
the day. here on webster street in alameda where we are, you will see a lot of kids, adults for that matter, out in their costumes later this afternoon. the businesses in this area will be passing out candy to the kids later on today in honor of halloween. a fun, safest organized to give little ones asafe option on halloween -- a safe option on halloween. >> we usually get 300 to 400 kids a year that come through. it is really fun. we get to see the costumes. even the parents dress up and get into it. >> reporter: now, according to aaa, children are four times more likely to be hit by a car on halloween than any other day of the year. it is a good idea to bring flashlights with them tonight. another good trip is to put reflective tape on costumes and also on the candy bags as well.
8:17 am
also tonight a lot of folks working hard to make sure that the children are safe. parole agents will be taking part in what is known as operation boo. this is done every year on halloween. the agents will check in on convicted child molesters at their homes. they are not allowed to attract children to their homes in any way. so that means no halloween decorations, candy or toys. they're not even allowed to have their out lights on on halloween night. one of the options that a lot of parents like, especially if they have little ones, is to come to one of the business districts around the bay area. lots of events going on where the businesses hand out candy to the kids earlier on in the day. one of the bonuses is you get the kids to bed earlier too. so that's another -- another bonus. >> fantastic point right there. >> sounds like a true father of two. >> on a tuesday. i love it. >> reporter: that's right. >> thank you, alex. halloween might not be known as wedding season, but that did not stop one couple.
8:18 am
>> it did not. >> claudine wong has more on a zombie wedding that took place at six flags in vallejo. >> reporter: they say marriage is like a roller coaster with lots of ups and downs. but these couples certainly started off that crazy ride in a unique way. >> welcome, everyone. discovery kingdom ahe is first ever zombie wedding. >> that's right. a zombie wedding. so popular that the park got 800 applications. >> reporter: professionals were in charge of makeup on the special day. >> brian and dawn from vallejo. >> reporter: each couple got to bring 13 guests for the friday the 13th fun. because they are zombies it is not quite until death do you
8:19 am
part. these last a little longer. >> dear friends and family, we are here to witness and celebrate the most important moment in the lives of these special zombies both in this life and the after life. >> reporter: couples came as far away as reno. one evacuated from the north bay fires but still made it to the ceremony. 13 couples got married. >> one, two, three. >> i do. >> reporter: 12 renewed their vows. and all got a chance to celebrate on the joker. a steel and wood coaster that just like marriage has a lot of ups and downs. claudine wong, ktvu fox 2 news news. >> she nailed it it. >> we got a huge response from you. >> even the animals making the appearance. very popular animal costumes. >> children and adults. take a good look here. we're getting a lot of
8:20 am
responses. thank you so much for sharing them. patty, angela potter, kelly hunter. i wish i could pop each and every one up. >> i love natalie glass. this tin man has heart. love it. >> eddie has a little boy in a firefighter's outfit. >> you can still send them. halloween is not over yet. reach out to us on and also tweet us. use #ktvu. want to bring in sal because in the next hour, sal, i don't know what your costume is when you go home, but here something is happening. you're having a makeup artist come in. >> this is my before look, even though it may seem scary to you, mike. don't answer that. they will be -- a professional makeup artist will make me into a scary guy. not much more needs to be done. you should tune into the 9. speaking of scary, you know,
8:21 am
every year something on halloween, this morning we have a very slow commute at the bay bridge because of earlier issues on the bridge. an accident that has been gone for more than an hour but traffic is slow because of that accident. we have at least an hour delay. coming in from the east shore freeway from vallejo to san francisco and you want to take that normal route which includes 80 into the city, it will take you an hour and a half this morning. that is very long. consider using public transportation. some people are using the san mateo and the dumbarton bridges. those bridges are a lot more crowed but i would still use it instead of the bay bridge. the south bay commute will be very slow getting into the area. if you're driving on northbound 101 from south city into san francisco, we have moderately heavy traffic there. at 8:21, let's bring in steve with the halloween forecast. >> it looks pretty good, sal. low clouds are getting chewed
8:22 am
up rapidly as the northeast breeze kicks in. patchy low clouds but tonight everything should be mostly clear. even though we will warm up on the afternoon highs today and tomorrow, we will cool it off pretty fast by tomorrow. so -- ♪[music] >> cue the music. if you are a late nighter, it will get knack into the 40s and low 50s. to start it should be mild. high pressure continues to win out today and tomorrow. mostly sunny. a little warmer today and tomorrow. then changes on thursday. system rain still on the way for friday. the key will be if it draws in moisture from the west. these could go up or down. think think they will go up. sure looks like a system from the north will tap into moisture. end of the week again. this will be friday and into sunday and maybe even monday. nothing yet for the sierra nevada or shasta. but by friday and saturday, 6,000, maybe dropping to 4,000 by late sunday, early monday. two to four feet above lake level is possible if this all comes together. maybe even northeast california could have even more than that. watch the fog get wiped out
8:23 am
with the northeast breeze. oakland airport shows that. a little west at sfo. 30s up towards glenn ellen and napa. a lot of 40s if you have the low clouds then you're still in 50s. a little north wind, northeast. that is taking care of the fog. there is the line from woodside, mountain view, now south to milpitas and san jose. getting chewed up to the north. mostly sunny and a little warmer today. the change will be on friday. we will talk more about that on thursday. some clouds but more sun today and a littler warmer. in fact, temperatures upper 60s to low 70s for some. and the coast and bay, if you have the fog, maybe upper 50s, low 60s. not much change wednesday. rain moves in friday. it looks like a colder system on sunday. >> can i ask what is in store at the paulson household tonight? do you get the good candy. >> i shut the door. >> take out the lightbulb.
8:24 am
>> yes. >> that will be us in five years. thank you, steve. more developments to bring you in the bear fire that was burning in the santa cruz mountains. we have new charges to tell you about against a man already under arrest for looting in the fire zone. it is a big night for the houston astros and the l.a. dodgers. up next we go live to los angeles ahead of game 6 of the world series. thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. your cousins just confirmed. looks like i'm meeting the whole family. oooo, a food blogger? and a wine expert? yes, and yes.
8:25 am
expert-level glassware. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? historically, yes... but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. ♪ ♪ (cheering)
8:26 am
>> all right. game 6 of the word series set for tonight in los angeles.
8:27 am
it is an elimination game for the dodgers. if the astros win, they're champs. houston trying to win a world series for the first time. first pitch at 5:20 here on ktvu. newscast will air on ktvu plus from 5:00 to 8:00. it will be a tough win for the astros at dodgers stadium where the fans won't give them a break. >> reporter: good morning, mike and gasia. the houston astros are in the lead. they are leading three games to two. now, the dodgers are hoping the home field advantage will work in their favor. they're hoping to even up the score. of course force this into a game 7. it's exactly what baseball fans and first time watchers want in a world series. some describing sunday's wild game five where the astros came back three times to beat the dodgers in extra innings 13-12
8:28 am
as nail biting. it is giving houston hope that maybe just maybe this could be the year that they finally clench their first ever world series victory. >> we're going to fight until the end. we're one win away from being world series champions. >> reporter: the fans are just as hopeful as the players. >> going to win, win, win. >> reporter: teams with a 3-2 win go on to win 67% of the time. however plenty of dodgers fans are optimistic about a possible world series win, their first since the late '80s. >> we're going to bring the world series back to los angeles. >> reporter: dave roberts isn't even thinking about a game 7 yet. >> our focus is to win one game. to get ahead of ourselves, to think about two in a row we're getting ahead of ourselves. >> reporter: the astros and dodgers have already set a record for the number of world
8:29 am
series home runs. 22 in just five games. mike, gasia. >> you know, here in the bay area, we've had three world series recently with the giants. in the world series, we've had a lot of talk about how great the pitching was. we heard chatter earlier because the amount of home runs, different type of ball that is in the hands of these pitcher snooze yeah, mike. there is controversy over both pitchers -- pitchers on both teams have said they believe that the baseballs being used are juiced. they're calling these juice baseballs. they say they're slippery. more than regular season. the mlb is pushing back on that. they're saying no, these are regular baseballs. some experts are saying, well, in post game or post season, people just have more energy, maybe that's why we're seeing more home runs. but the pitchers are saying the balls themselves feel different. >> lauren blanchard outside of
8:30 am
dodgers stadium, thank you. the investigation into russian meddling continues. the third person now facing charges. g charges. it has been a tough season for 49ers fans. now hope may be on its way here from new england. we will have all of the details coming up. ♪
8:31 am
when you have doctors working as a team for your health, you get the care you need to help you thrive. ♪ visit to learn more. kaiser permanente. thrive. ♪
8:32 am
>> welcome back to mornings on 2. this halloween morning. i'm gasia mikaelian. >> good morning, everyone. i'm mike mibach. let's get you right over to steve paulson. some folks may not know but this weekend we turn them back. it's coming up. >> sunday morning, late saturday. go back one hour. >> we gain an hour. >> yes, we do. >> of sleep. >> of rain and sleep. >> that is correct. we will have some on friday it looks like. but the halloween forecast
8:33 am
looks good for tonight. it will cool off fast. something wrong with my mic? >> i think so. >> i heard it so i gave you the thumbs up. >> let's go to sal in the meantime. we will get to steve in a second. >> what? this is an outrage. you're taking me out of order. how dare you. i'll take it from here. it has happened to me. first of all let's talk about the bridge commutes, mike and gasia. they have been tough because the bay bridge had a big problem earlier, about an hour and a half earlier. we can look at the toll plaza now. you may think it doesn't look much different. but the big problem is there is a backup getting to this point on the east shore freeway and all of that. we will see a backup from the carquinez bridge down to the maze because a lot of the slow traffic has gone up the line. if you want to use the ferry as an alternate or perhaps bart, those are good alternatives instead of driving into san francisco. remember how much easier it will to get out. this is the actual bridge. the actual bridge traffic looks okay as you drive in.
8:34 am
but as you can see, we're moving the camera here. the traffic on the bridge may mislead you. it is great. getting through the toll plaza is the problem. again, bart, if you can think of it, if you can do it, remember this afternoon we will have a lot of people who will be trying to leave the office early because they want to be home for trick-or-treating or maybe the world series, whatever. this day is going to be an early commute. this is 880 northbound. you can see the traffic here is going to be slow as you pass the coliseum, trying to get to downtown oakland. an earlier accident in the area. at 8:34, let's bring in steve. >> thank you, sal. the forecast tonight looks good. mostly clear. in fact it will clear out fast. not too bad around the 4:00, 5:00 hour if you head out early. otherwise temperatures by 8:00 they drop quick. by 10:00, there will be some 40s. it won't take long. we will warm up a little bit. fog getting wiped out here.
8:35 am
north/northeast breeze. mostly sunny. 50sand 60s by the coast. 70s inland. still some fog up towards santa rosa. look how it gets chewed up in novato. oakland and sfo has a west wind. 40s and 50s on the temps. napa, minus 9. concord, minus 9. oakland airport, 6 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. the north wind, santa rosa, that should take care of the fog. there's the line on it. the system to the west is the one to watch for the end of the week. it could increase the rainfall rates. today and tomorrow look mostly sunny and a little warmer. clouds mainly to the south. santa cruz and to the coast. 50s and 60sand low 70s. back to the desk. >> thank you, steve. the 49ers have pulled off a trade for a new quarterback.
8:36 am
they picked up the new england patriots quarterback garoppolo. christien kafton is joining us from san francisco. you have been in contact with the team already this morning? >> reporter: yeah. mike. i know you're a 49ers fan. i'm a 49ers fan. let's hope this is what the team needs to turn it around. we have been in contact with the team this morning. garoppolo expected to be here by noon. the team will be holding a news conference after that. they have had their eye on garoppolo for some time, hoping to put him on the roster. 949ers have had a tough season. still winless halfway through the year. they are hoping that garoppolo is the missing ingredient. he has seen limited playing time backing up tom brady. but the 49ers like what they have seen. garoppolo expected to be a free agent next season. the 49ers have dropped hoyer
8:37 am
from the team and will hold on to c.j. fans this morning say they have high hopes for the new qb. >> he looked good when he played for new england but they have a good system, a good coach, a good foundation. hopefully he can come in and do his thing. can't be any worse that what we have now. give him a shot. >> reporter: of course a lot of speculation at this point. the latest word is that the 49ers might not be starting jimmy g this summer, opting to give him a start after next week's bye week. that of course would allow the 49ers time to beef up that offensive line and try to protect their new asset. i think a lot of 49ers fans are hoping he is the ingredient they need to turn this season around, maybe get two wins out of the season would be a nice way to finish out the year. >> they need a lot of ingredients to get back to the winning ways. he is a big piece of it. i will see how it plays out with the 49ers.
8:38 am
new, christien kafton. mark ibanez will be joining us in the next hour. the man accused of looting after the wildfires in the santa cruz mountains is back in court this morning to face new charges. the 54-year-old was arrested for burglary and has been in the santa cruz jail. he will be formally charged with arson related crimes in connection to the bear fire. it burned 400 acres and destroyed four buildings, including two homes. he set the fire during an argument. all three lived on the property where the bear fire started. at least one reported coy to the sheriff's office. he says he is not responsible for the firefighter. four firefighters were fight fighting the flames. one remains hospitalized. police are looking for the person responsible for shooting and killing a man in the bay over the weekend. he had just confronted speeding drivers in the neighborhood. contra costa county sheriffs investigators are hoping that surveillance video and tips will lead to an arrest in the shooting. the father of two sons was shot
8:39 am
about 12:45 early sunday morning on wild drive. >> he typically kept an eye on the neighborhood because of all of the young kids in the area. we're right across the street from a park. he wanted to make sure that people were safe. that was primarily the whole thing. i got along with everybody. it infuriates me. it is completely and totally senseless. over words. it is just absolutely ridiculous. >> investigators say they're looking for two vehicles; a gray ford mustang, possibly 2009, with dark rims and a red mitsubishi eclipse with a spoiler and a loud exhaust. people with information are asked to call the contra costa county sheriff's office. a san francisco police crime scene investigator testified the man charged with killing kate steinle actually pointed a gun at steinle while she was walking on pier 14. jose ynez garcia zarate aimed a
8:40 am
gun at steinle while she was walking on pier 14 with her father. he aimed too low, jerked the trigger and missed the target. the bullet ricocheted off of the ground and hit steinle. the prosecutor says the evidence is confusing. >> i think fundamentally what is at stake is they are struggling to make sense of physical evidence evidence. >> the focus of the kay will be if the jury thinks that he fired intentionally. and if so if he fired it at steinle. this weeks ballistics experts will testify about if the gun could have gone off accidentally. the new york times reports that 126 million facebook users may have been used by russia during the presidential election. that is more than half of the monthly users in the united states of facebook. russian agents uploaded more than 1,000 videos to google's youtube showing the far reach of russia's efforts to cause division in the united states.
8:41 am
paul manafort, president trump's former campaign manager is under house arrest as well is gates. there is a probe of russian influence in u.s. elections. if convicted, both could face decades in prison. they're facing a dozen charges including money laundering and conspiracy. millions ever dollars flowed into overseas accounts controlled by manafort and gates. they did not register as foreign agents when they worked for ukraine's pro russian government. manafort's lawyer disputes the charges. >> there is no evidence that mr. manafort or the trump campaign colluded with the russian government. mr. manafort represented pro- european union campaigns for the ukrainians. and in that, he was seeking to further democracy and to help the ukraine come closer to the
8:42 am
united states and the eu. those activities ended in 2014. over two years before mr. manafort served in the trump campaign. >> if convicted manafort could get up to 80 years in prison. gates could get up to 70 years behind bars. uc schools offering victims of the north bay fires some relief. coming up, the new application deadline for the fall. the bay area is now the best place in the country for good -- no, great food. pam cook has more on the top honor given by the michelin guide in today's money business. good morning. traffic will be very busy in some areas and improving in others. this is highway 24. you can tell it is still very busy through lafayette. nothing scary about the forecast. it looks gooder other. some of the low clouds are getting wiped out. we will have the halloween
8:43 am
forecast and see if rain is still on tap for friday. a little puppy dog dressed up as a sailor. nothing better. >> a little astronaut there. >> one more. this is a character that i feel i should know. the flash. thank you, producer chelsea. okay. as you get ready to hit the door this halloween morning, we appreciate it. >> cabbage patch kid. >> there you go. >> we will have more throughout the morning. we will be right back. ♪[music]
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8:45 am
accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war, and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right.
8:46 am
our country depends on it. >> the time is 8:46. may not surprise you to hear who is the richest man in the world. >> the proposed tax bill that is happening tomorrow is having an effect on stocks today. >> yes. we're also talking about taxes in general. good strong corporate earnings have taken stocks up this morning. but waiting to hear about the tax reform and how that's going to affect things. ringing the opening bell, tapestry. that is a new name you might not recognize. but it is the company that is over kate spade and coach. and taking a look at the
8:47 am
numbers right now. trading has been up just about two hours now. right now the market is hanging on to some gains. do you jones started down a little bit, you can see a live look up 12 and a half points to 23,361. the nasdaq and s&p 500 are also up this morning. the bay area is now the culinary capital of the country. the latest version of the michelin guide awarded seven bay area restaurants a three star rating. two more than our closest competitor which is new york. since 2011, the bay area has gained three five star restaurants and new york has only gained one. this year's crab season could be affecting the restaurants coming up because it could be delayed again. domoic acid is a problem along the entire west coast. commercial lobster season had to end early because of it. now the state department of health warns that high levels are being found in many crabs in the northern part of the
8:48 am
state. commercial crabbing season set to open on november 15th. recreational dane gentlemenness season starts this saturday. and amazon ceo is once again the richest man in the world. the gain in amazon stock last week added nearly $7 billion to jeff bezos' bank account. that gives him the edge over bill gates. he is now worth $90 billion. this is not his first time as number one. he actually became the richest man for the first time in july. but that only lasted a day. after he was announced the richest man on that day in july, the earnings report came in disappointing and then boom there goes some of his millions, billions. >> i wonder if he had to pull back when i get bad financial news. we're not going to go out to dinner tonight. >> i don't think he has that conversation. >> no, i don't think he does. >> let's go to sal with a look at the tuesday commute. how are we doing, sal.
8:49 am
>> i know that today is a busy day. a lot of people want to be home this evening. they got on the road early trying to get in and out early. that will be a tough commute. not only going in but especially going out. highway 24 westbound still heavy driving up to the tunnel. so we've had a couple of minor things. most of it is just volume. a lot of people on the road. some people on other days right go into the office 10:00, 12:00, and go home at 6:00. today that is not an option. people with children or those who want to watch the world series. 80 is heavy after earlier problems at the bay bridge. it is backed up to the maze. and we also have slow traffic on 880 from san leandro all the way to downtown oakland. it is 8:49. let's bring in steve with today's forecast. >> temperatures -- mostly clear. we do have a good forecast for tonight. that's mostly clear and also cooling off fast. but starts off all right with
8:50 am
temperatures in the 60s. maybe near 70. by 8:00, it drops quick. you may get 40s in there around 10:00. mostly sunny skies. the low cloud deck burned off that was making a good push. and then a breeze kicked in. that took care of some of it. most of it. a warmer day today. mostly sunny into wednesday. and then everything will turn. transition day will be thursday. still looks like two systems friday and saturday and maybe another one on sunday. i'm beginning to think in of these rainfall totals will go up because it will tap into moisture coming in from the west/southwest. this looks like more again of a mountain snow event than a rain event. everybody will have precipitation. no advisories yet. snow levels start off high but maybe drop by sunday night to 4,000 feet. and they are looking for a couple of feet of snow above the lake level area. dog is getting chewed up by the north/any east breeze. still holding on for some. a little towards santa rosa.
8:51 am
but parts of napa and solano county, it burned off quick. a northeast breeze right there took care of it over oakland. 40sand 50s on the temps. most temperatures are running cooler. the greatest drop is up towards napa airport and concord and fairfield. there is a little north wind. a little northeast at oakland and one at hayward. the fog about palo alto looks like portola valley, sunnyvale, san jose, south, that's the key. this system looks like it will get drawn up in here. not until friday. some clouds but more sun today and a little warmer. chilly morning will give way to warmer temps which means low 70s on the temps. 50s and 60s on the coast and bay. overall not a bad day. not as breezy and windy as yesterday. the rain moves in on friday and sunday. >> thanks, steve. >> any time. he is known as the donut boy for good reason. a boy on a mission to thank
8:52 am
police officers for their service.
8:53 am
8:54 am
>> well, at the neverland ranch in santa barbara, dozens performed to the michael jackson's thriller as a tribute to the late singer. this was his favorite holiday. this was an opportunity for fans and performers to show off their moves at the adopted hometown of jackson. similar performances at the nearby apple store and the courthouse. a young boy is traveling cross the country. he is known as donut boy. he was been traveling to police departments from coast to coast since this past summer. it started in his hometown when he stopped to by officers donuts for a thank you for their service. then he decided he wanted to give out treats to every single
8:55 am
police officer. he has been a tour on east coast departments. this weekend he was in las vegas. >> i'm going around thanking cops here today because i want to thank them because they save the lives of total strangers. >> so far tyler has passed out 33,000 donuts in 24 saints. the warriors bounced back after a loss by beating the clippers 134-113. curry helped lead the team to their 11th straight win against the clippers. it featured highlights from the rookie jordan bell. >> moving around. the shot clock at three. and jordan bell, the right hand spike. >> i loved him when he was with oregon and now love him even
8:56 am
more in a warriors uniform. they now take on the spurs thursday night. the fallout continues for actor kevin spacey. up next, more on the future of his career and what critics now saying. that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering)
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thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed.
8:58 am
the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) time is 8:58 harvey weinstein has been banned for life by the producers guild of america, expected after he was accused of several cases of sexual assault and harassment. the producers guild said instead of addressing charges weinstein chose to give up his membership. after kevin spacey continues to face criticism, in a statement space gee apologized and called it drunken behavior. netflix, producing house of cards says the show's six season will be its last.
8:59 am
>> netflix said they are very concerned for their cast members, in fact they said executives flown to the set today in baltimore and they were talking to all the cast and crew about this. >> netflix said this was always going to be the last season. the spacey's statement he came out as a gay man. critics in the lgbtq community blasting it for coming out in the same statement where he apologized for predator row behavior. berkeley city council considering charges to the use of force policy. the city requires the department to file reports if someone is injured, weapon is used or a citizen complaint, to include any time a confrontation between police and the public leads to any physical force. would also require separate categories for different level of force used. you see schools helping applicants, you see -- uc
9:00 am
extending application deadline, the new deadline is december 15th. today at 92:00 investigates taking a look at what the owner new about the condition of the ghost ship warehouse. we talk with the director and producer of tom gun live, a spoof of that movie starring tom cruise. being transformed in time for halloween. stay tuned throughout the show, to see before and after. that's right, had halloween 2017, time to turn it up a notch as we bring into this 9:00 hour, giving you a live out there, golden gate bridge, behind new year's and the super bowl halloween, thought to be the third biggest party of the year, people getting out there and celebrating, whether or not it's taking the


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