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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 9am  FOX  October 31, 2017 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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extending application deadline, the new deadline is december 15th. today at 92:00 investigates taking a look at what the owner new about the condition of the ghost ship warehouse. we talk with the director and producer of tom gun live, a spoof of that movie starring tom cruise. being transformed in time for halloween. stay tuned throughout the show, to see before and after. that's right, had halloween 2017, time to turn it up a notch as we bring into this 9:00 hour, giving you a live out there, golden gate bridge, behind new year's and the super bowl halloween, thought to be the third biggest party of the year, people getting out there and celebrating, whether or not it's taking the children trick
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or treating, if you are a young adult. >> young adult celebration. >> people are out, it seems no matter what day halloween falls on, like tuesday this year or a hot looking saturday night, people get out. >> right, right. i remember years and years ago there used to be a unsanctioned party got too big and too much. people will find a place and a way and orange beer. >> orange beer. >> i keep thinking about the giant ease world series parade one of them on halloween, you are talking about a million people in san francisco, favorite candy real quick and about $2 billion on candy. >> my top two are snickers and twix. >> milky way. you are probably wondering, sal got something special going on today, he is getting a makeover? >> he he is. >> check in with him in a little bit. he is getting ready in studio
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a, i have no idea what he is going to look like. fur going trick or treating later today or even today, this afternoon, some companies do that, open up their doors, malls, let's check in with steve for a look at weather, i'm guessing no rain on halloween. >> none, none at all, you guys. not until friday. good forecast for the trick or treaters. it will be mostly clear, it will be warmer if you are going out during the day or early afternoon, by the evening i think we will be all right, 6:00. by 8:00 the temperature is dropping fast. if you are out late it is going to be quite cool, everything looking good. more sunned to and warmer temps. low 70s jib land. northeast breeze, but rain is still on too for friday. so you are okay today and tomorrow, thursday probably as well, rain develops friday into sunday and that still looks good. almost down to san jose right now. still a little bit hanging on, i don't think it has much of a
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chance, most got wiped out with north, northeast from oakland, from san pablo bay over. 40s and 50s on the temps. instead of the fog being there, it is going to get mostly sunny. far left looks like it may play into a wetter forecast by the end of the week. until then, mostly sunny and warmer which means 60s and low 70s, so we are good to go for a nice halloween forecast, it looks like a change at the end of the week. today and tomorrow we are fine. >> thank you, steve. trick or treaters will be dressed up looking for candy out there today. >> alex savidge, keeping the little ones safe this halloween, are any of them in costume? >> reporter: are you kidding me, guys? >> reporter: they in costume? we have more kids in costumes than you could ever handle for halloween. we are out on the school yard here at sequoia elementary school, there is home made,
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amazing costume. lots of ninjas out here, lots of animals, super here rose, we have witches, and cheerleaders and -- oh, my, and lots of "star wars" costumes, too. good morning to you! where is your little one? >> right here. >> reporter: right here. and what is she? >> she is a unicorn. >> reporter: how beautiful! so they are getting ready for the annual halloween parade here at sequoia elementary school. hundreds of kids out on the school yard right now and they are going to start marching in a circle here in their costumes and they do the parade every year, early in the morning. so they get it out early on in the morning. another scene here near by in an immediate a, they have businesses passing out candy to the kids, kind of a safe, fun event for the kids, in that area so that they can do their
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trick or treating while it's still light out so candy over there. halloween a lot of fun for the kids. lots of adults, they are ready as well. >> we decorate, we plan to several hundred pieces of candy, people in almeda love the halloween scene and we have aimless. we love the little kids when they come by, it's good fun. >> reporter: but, of course, as we know you have to make sure your kids are safe on halloween night especially if they are out trick and treating. that is a big concern, it can be a dangerous time of year, if your kids are out in their costumes and walking the streets, once it gets dark, it's a good idea to make sure they bring a flashlight along with them. another good trick is to put reflective tape on to their costume or maybe on to their candy bags as well. make sure your kids are
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crossing the streets in the crosswalk. if you are out driving tonight and out and about on the roads take it slow and keep an eye out for trick or treaters. at sequoia elementary school and what a scene here, kids dressed up in amazing costume to start off with the school day and they are about to start marching around the school yard. one of many wonderful halloween parades handing across the bay area, happy to bring this one to you here at sequoia elementary school, fun scene here, lots of wonderful costumes. >> love seeing the home made costumes. sal, not too far away from us, he is in our main studio down the hall, around the corner with local makeup artist a lease. >> i see changes already. we are going to see you throughout the hour, sal, do you know what the end product is going to be? >> i can't see a thing, where are you guys? there you are.
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you know what, it is going to be something of a scary halloween mask but that is all i know. she is a professional, i'm in good hands. so how long is this going to last, once you do it, can i make -- make it last all day? >> yeah, it should last for the rest of the evening. >> scare my kids later? >> yes. >> i am going to show up and pick them up in school. >> that is how i get mine. >> cool. >> mike and grass grasia, you will see the transformation of a relatively mild mannered news person to whatever this is going to be. >> exactly. sleep deprived, pleasant and -- pleasant and genial. we've been asking for halloween photos, we've been getting many into our news
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room. adult costume, i see one law enforcement officer. dragon type. and i don't know the man on the right. >> probably going on -- i knew the friends at parties friday and saturday night. halloween falls on a weekday sometimes the party starts earlier, which is good. >> grownups can have fun, too. i like the cowardly lion. yes, yes, early mid-80s, michael jackson. i like it, let's pop up one last one. the cutest mini mouse i ever did see, thank you so much for sending all
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a lot stocks trading mostly higher, companies climb, sporting good makers and retailers struggle. down 20 points or so. s and p seeing a slight bump. safe. safe way employee is in the hospital in the city of san francisco, police say this attack happened around 12:30 this morning at the safe way location on seventh avenue right near golden gate park. witnesses say the employee tried to stop a man from shoplifting when the suspect's dog bit himself times. and the suspect began stabbing the employee as well. police say the poll my was taken to the hospital with serious, life threatening injuries. the suspect was arrested. this surveillance video catches two people in the act stealing a wallet from a pregnant woman. well sheriff says, you see the man and woman on the for right of your screen, they are standing up together.
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you are going to watch the woman kneel down, you are about to see it here, she reaches in and picks up the victim's wallet from inside the purse. and two leave. the thieves used her daughter's credit card at a nordstrom store about 5:00 yesterday evening. the victim is six months pregnant, spent the entire night on the phone canceling cards. she plans to file a police report. there that been a good amount of road work on bay area roadways, there should be more in the womaning keys, months and years because of a gas tax. >> that work is under way, the tax collection is not what it's about to be. you talked with people filling up before the gas tax goes into effect. >> reporter: that starts tomorrow, of course. but here at this gas station, we've seen people coming by and filling up all morning. this pump paid $3.32s a gallon. 3-gallons.
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so their bill wasn't too high. you can tack on extra .12 to that price per gallon, extra .20 for diesel fuel. november 1stthis new gas tax goes into effect, part of a plan passed by the legislature and the governor with the goal of raising $50 billion over the next decade for things like road repairs and improvement for a portion of the money coming from increase in the fuel taxes that we mentioned, this will be the first time in about 23 years the gas tax has gone up in california and drivers had some mixed feelings. >> i'm skeptical of new taxes, so, yeah i think it's a way to sneak stuff in there. >> my thought it's too high and they are not using the money efficiently. >> we need better roads and more energy efficient cars, if our money is going in that direction i'm all for it. >> you think -- >> i'm hopeful.
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>> reporter: now it includes higher vehicle registration fees based on the value of their car. speaking of cars, we have a dog in a car here that keeps setting off the alarm of this car. but, $2 billion a year. some money going toward fixing roadways. local highways, but again not sure how the dog feels about this gas tax, but there is more than one dog in there. but, -- keeping things interesting for us out here this morning. thank you. >> aside from the little ones in costume that is the cutest thing we'll see all day. >> .20 for diesel, too. >> more and more for us, about this gas tax that goes into effect tomorrow. we find 18% of you say you support it. seventy-one percent say you oppose it. it doesn't really effect me.
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not only will our gas go up but the cost of goods and services will increase and businesses pass the costa long to customers. >> rather pay the gas tax and fix the roads than spend $600 on tires. how do hybrid and electric cars pay for infrastructure? we are talking about this throughout the day, share your responses at 9:30. thanks for using our #ktvu. cal fire says it expects north bay wildfires to be fully contained by tonight. officials announced that the nun fire was contained, pocket fire were 99% contained, still waiting to hear from cal fire again this importanting to see if crews were able to get completely around either of those fires overnight. the atlas fire was contained on friday. in the past half-hour this morning we got new information from fema which says the
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response to the recent disasters is costing hundreds of millions of dollars every day. hurricanes hash vie, irma and maria and big california wildfires is costing $200 million per day. president trump signed an emergency aide measure giving $36.5 billion to help with the disaster. congress approved $50 billion in disaster aide this fall, more money is expected to be needed. north bay fires damaged making businesses, cannot just pick up and move. >> all the tools and equipment, vehicles. >> fence line. >> fence line, perfect. >> irrigation, power, everything, everything is gone. >> sonoma, napa counties are known around the world for their wines, but other ag businesses, reassure ranchers, farmers, cannabis farmers are trying to figure out how to
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recover, early estimates puts the losses close to a billion dollars for the wineries alone. >> a lot of grapevines were damaged and we won't really know until the spring whether some of those need to be replanted. >> there are also questions about the quality of the wine produced from grapes that had been harvested and what was left on the vines, marijuana growers are caught in kind of a double bind there, they are not eligible for federal aide but had to put everything they had into this first crop of cannabis, recreational marijuana becomes legal on january 1st. many saw ventures go up in smoke. there are also concerns about the vital agricultural workers who were burned out of their homes and now have no place to live. >> some victims of the north bay fires are finding wedding rings and jewelry in the rubble of their homes. >> some items cannot be salvaged, others they can. restoring jewelry for fire victims free of charge.
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>> here inside this jewelry store in downtown santa rosa. >> what do you think? >> amazing. wow. >> yeah. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> a woman who lost almost everything in the firestorm is getting back the one thing she was able to salvage, a ring given to her 20 years ago by her god mother now perfectly restored. >> now i have a ring to pass on. >> this is what courtney rebel's ring looked like when she found it in her home charred pieces seemed seared on. but this is what the 14 carat gold diamond ring looks like now after mark allen jewelers spent hours restoring it. >> i wasn't even sure what the metal was, it was completely back. >> courtney says she felt lucky finding the ring among the charred wreckage. >> after a whole -- your whole house is in ashes and in 20 minutes you find a ring within the pile of ashes, it just to
9:19 am
me it's -- it was almost like a sign of hope. >> mark allen jewelers has been able to put the shine back on 20 pieces of jewelry that survived the fire in rough shape. and the store is not charging victims for the service. >> this is the one little thing we can do. i'm thrilled just to help. >> mark allen jewelers will try to restore any piece any fire victim brings in at no cost because they say it's the right thing to do. >> the rest organization process includes a lot of pains taking shaving and grinding to get the debris off and soaking in acid bath. >> when we give it back to them and it looks brand new, their reaction makes all the time putting into it worthwhile. >> i appreciate it. >> my flesh your. >> so many lost so much, people helping in big and small ways is helping. >> helping how they can. so i appreciate it and i know a lot of other people do as well. >> in santa rosa, rob roth fox
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2 news. coming up next right here on mornings on 2, san francisco preparing for the rainy season, educating you on improvements being made around the city, flood insurance and construction, general manager of the san francisco public jew tillities commission loo -- utility commission in studio after the break. thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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(cheering) grown right here in california, with absolutely no antibiotics ever. a better way to grow, a better way to eat. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken.
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california grown with no antibiotics ever. thank you, ikea. oh, john can't come. my uncle geoff just confirmed. the one that's always bringing a plus-one? yes, but we've got plus-one insurance. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours. (cheering) rain is moving into the area and the is of san francisco is asking residents to get ready for that. >> holding an event to discuss what they are doing to make sure san francisco can handle any big rain, we are joined live in studio general manager of the sfpuc, i know you are busy today with that event, we appreciate you coming in here, capital projects improvements, what can you share? >> we have a lot going on. we recognize throughout the country the what climate change is bringing on to communities
9:23 am
and it's not only san francisco over the past couple years we've been inundated with intense rains, we wanted to really showcase all the thing that we are doing this year, first we are investing $700 million incredible solutions from structure improvements and working before, during and after to make sure that -- >> you say infrastructure improvements one or two what can be shared? >> we are identifying the low lying areas that are flood prone and we are investing infrastructure dollars to increase the size of the sewer lines. >> a third are more than a hundred years old, are you putting band-aids or are you able to do more with the money available to you? >> yeah, so what we are doing is we are prioritizing the sewers. actually some of these old sewers are in very good shape. what we are doing is looking at the sewers that are in need of
9:24 am
disrepair and we are up sizing where we actually can up size the sewer system to make sure that we are more flood resistant. >> when you talk about where you are beefing up areas that are more flood resistant. >> so when our sewer system is reached to capacity, water flows to low lying areas. what we are trying to do is increase our capacity, sewer to capture more water, no matter what capital investments we make, the water flows to low lying areas. we are looking at ways to help folks, businesses and residents to make their property more flood resistant. >> so talk about trees, a lot of trees in san francisco, people don't realize that. outside of golden gate park, what do you tell homeowners, how much is city responsible
9:25 am
going into the winter season. >> we have been partnering with public works and pruning a lot of trees because as you know leaves is one of the major culprits of clogging, catch base ins, we have this program called adopt a drain, we have 1700 drains adopted by businesses and residents to help clear the drains from leave so water can get into the sewer system. >> so they adopt it and they are responsible it. >> we have 25,000 catch base ins and so 1700 are adopted by citizens. >> this part adopted by such and such business. we are sharing video here, we had video of water just lapping over the side. we got walloped by rain last year. what take aways did you take away from that rainy season. >> during a drought we also had severe rain events, can you man
9:26 am
flooding during droughts? we are seeing patterns where you get intense rains for short period of time, we have rising tide levels, an so we need to recognize, what can you do to fight mother nature, you need to start adapting. we need to help property owners to adopt, our viewer systems become inundated with storm water, how can they protect their property. >> i like programs, i like $700 million being invested in the city. so, congratulations on getting it all done and have a safe winter, appreciate it. >> thank you so much. >> coming up next right here on mornings on 2, who is accountable for the deadly ghost ship fire warehouse, two investigates what the owners knew about the condition of the building before the night that fire. 49ers have a new quarterback after pulling off a big trade with the new england patriots. what is next for the 49ers front office as our sports
9:27 am
director mark ban -- makeover continues, we'll check back in with sal in a little bit. take a look at the finished project from some of you sending us halloween photos of your little ones, yourselves, cutest little baby dressed as elmo costume. very very cute. i love the little smile there. we've been getting a lot of star war theme. >> it looks good, i like it. a little guy all dressed up. very very cute. one more picture to share, thanks to you and look at that, adults can get in on the fun as well, thank you for sharing your great halloween photos, more after a short break.
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as we have been mentioning today is your last chance to fill up your gas tank before the state's new gas tax takes effect starting tomorrow the price of a gallon of gas will jump .12, .20 for diesel. question of the day, what do you think of the gas tax going into he effect tomorrow. taking a look at the results here. seventy-four percent say you oppose it. seventeen percent say you support it. there has been a lot of responses out there regarding this particular topic. gasia what are you seeing. >> i would like to read a rare yes, gas is a dying technology, tax it. the viewer points out europe gas tax is higher. i have one dave nelson said gas tax is another ripoff for residents of california. most of the money will disappear, be used for ott 0er project -- other projects and
9:31 am
friends of governor brown. let's talk sports right now. 49ers pulled off a trade for a new quarterback mid season. the niners traded for new england patriots quarterback, tom brady's backup since drafted back in 2014. joining us on the phone, ports director mark ibanez, caught me off guard. what do you think of the move here? >> i really like it, i do not see a down side to this. i said it last night, if you are going to be bad like 0-8, don't be boring. we have a reason to watch the second half of the season. it will be a couple weeks before jimmy g plays as a starting quarterback. but i think it's a great move and the down side -- i mean, the absolute worse that could happen is he loses a second
9:32 am
round draft pick. i think they may have found their long term quarterback right here with this stunning move. and bold move by the 49ers. >> very bold move on this trade. does this mean they may not even draft a quarterback or if they do it will be a sixth round pick next year? >> yeah i think the odds of the 49ers picking someone with one of their higher draft picks next spring are very low now. you can pick up a good quarterback that would be a backup quarterback in the latter round. you still got c.j. besserd around who looks solid, he he is not a complete washout. and also kind of an interesting sideline to this story is that brian hoyer may wind up as the backup quarterback to tom brady in new england. >> can i is you, mark, how does a new person in this key
9:33 am
position change the rest of the way the team plays? >> well, quarterback is the most dominate position, most important position. and i think what they've got here is a guy -- and i talked to a beat writer from back in boston, watched this guy say as one of the quickest releases in all of football, he is really nimble in the pocket. he can escape problems which super hero going to be a good quality with the 49ers right now. and he is highly intelligent. a new quarterback, because it is such an influential position on a team, just affects everything from attitude, the energy level and the confidence level of a team. and emotion particularly in football is so important, and i think it also sends a message to the rest of the roster, knew what, remember in this to win,
9:34 am
to make bold decisions and i think without a doubt, the rest of the team who plan on sticking around here for awhile will see this as a huge move and a very positive move, it means the 49ers mean business and they want to win. quarterback number one position for sure. >> he has been sitting behind one of the greatest, learning from one of the greatest. so i know he is probably fired up to come out here to the west coast and get his shot as a starter. mark, we appreciate your time, happy halloween! >> probably be after the bye week that you will see -- jimmy g as the quarterback. >> jimmy g, start printing the jerseys. >> that's it, man. have it for a halloween costume real quick, makeshift. >> mark, thank you. 2 investigates -- thank you. 2 investigates team spent mondays tracking down the ghost ship warehouse owners to find out what they new about the condition before the deadly
9:35 am
fire. >> ktvu brooks has more on the conditions of the warehouse in just how much the owners knew. >> it was six months after 36 lives were taken by fire, charges in the oakland ghost ship warehouse fire. >> i am here to tell you that today my office has filed felony criminal complaints. >> two men facing three dozen counts of manslaughter manslaughter, his friend max harris help haded him look after it. they hosted parties advertising it as an artist creative space, even people living there. shore ing she has never been charged. >> do you hold yourself at all responsible for what happened at the ghost ship? >> shore ing kept a low profile, her kids, son ky and daughter eva, they managed the warehouse and adjoining
9:36 am
properties, collecting rents and receiving complaints especially about the electrical system. >> you ignored the problem, what do you have to say to them? >> in fact, the ings were made aware an electrical fire two years earlier. explaining a transformer was doused 911 never called an $32,000 in repairs needed. asking for reimbursement to fix the dangerous issues. diagnosis was 3 buildings on a single transformer severely and catastrophically overloading intense and deferred maintenance dating back decades requires immediate intervention to avoid additional fires. defense attorneys say the ings refused to make repairs. >> the owner is responsible for the lives of the 36 people that were lost. >> attorney curtis briggs believes almena and harris are
9:37 am
taking the fall, police had been to the warehouse before, records show at least eight times for disputes among those who live there. officers new but the illegal living when on of the district attorney inspector's report where oakland firefighter admitted had he been to the ghost ship for a party. he told investigators he remembered there was a lot of stuff but records show no fire inspection was ever done. >> the ghost ship was no secret to anybody. the ghost ship became a secret when they tried to protect certain aspects of the city government. code violation notices were sent to shore ng for hazardous conditions or life threatening safety over the years. found the city never followed up. california law says a landowner must maintain the property to prevent an unreasonable risk of harm. stating everyone is responsible not only for the results of willful acts but also for an injury, it's a key point in a
9:38 am
major civil suit. >> what about the families, don't you feel you are responsible? you own that place, don't you have anything to say? >> derek almena had something to say when he brought up the electrical system again, a year of delays, dangerous complications, i would have you the owner and landlord the ultimate been he factor at the onset of any electrical issues take action. rented power supplies and wanted to get paid back. kai wrote back saying the electrical infrastructure was made clear, i will not be reimbursing you, you are required to return the electrical system, kai refused to do any work. >> is he responsible and should be held responsible for what happened because it was his duty to make sure that his property is safe. >> and there is more. in this district attorney investigators report, a business woman rented the
9:39 am
adjacent building from the ng's for her hair sal son, there were electrical issues starting in 2008 an contacted eva ng but became frustrated because the problems were never addressed. and after 13 years, moved her business in 2014 because no repairs were made. >> as a prosecutor, do you see any reason why you wouldn't go after the owners? >> no, i don't. >> attorney michael cordozza used to be a prosecutor, with his expertise says he is surprised the ng's have gone under the radar. >> if i were the trial attorney i would look long and hard at charging the owner and her daughter who was supposed to be the manager of the building, bringing them into court, consolidating those cases so you are trying all the defendants at once. and if they want to blame each other, let them do it in the same jury. because that enhances the da's prosecution. >> the da has never explained
9:40 am
why the ng's haven't been charged despite asking. prosecutors say it's still an active case. no comment and since june avoiding the question altogether. >> not going to take questions as to speculative questions like that. >> all while the building's owner is set to get a hefty payout, insurance money totaling more than $3 million covering the cost of that deadly fire. >> the families suffer, the victims can't come back to life but overnight the owner became a triple millionaire. >> don't you have any remorse for the people who died than fire? nothing to say at all? >> what does that say to you? >> she is a scum bag. she is a scum bag and she is a killer. >> we as a public have a right to know. >> district attorney could still charge the owners, that would brick relief to the other two defendants. >> you not only have to do
9:41 am
justice but have you to give the appearance of doing justice. this is not the appearance of doing justice. >> brooks joins us live in studio. so shore ng the da can charge her down the road. the city can be held liable at some point in this. >> sure. it's really you have to look at the evidence and then the district attorney can make that call, the big thing here is, we don't know what the district attorney is thinking at this point. they haven't told us why they are or are not looking at her or charging her. >> you say victims families are looking at shore ng and taking their own legal action. >> there is this big lawsuit here, civil suit that calls out the ngs directly. they are responsible as well as the other defendant that we've already heard about max harris and derek almena. basically because she didn't keep up that property it wasn't up to code, there were problems there, she knew about it, and
9:42 am
continue address them. >> but despite that, i can picture myself in the jury box watching your story with almena and harris knowing what was wrong with the building, saying that, they still through the party, -- threw the party, had dozens of people that wasn't fit to hold that many people and the items and the wood, they could still be found guilty even with that additional evidence. >> i think defense attorneys and legal experts would argue, you know, even if the defendants are found guilty of something, there are other people that hold some responsibility here. it could be the owners, it could be the city. but why not bring them all into court, try them altogether and allow that jury. >> cardoza's point. >> yes, determine who is at fault and what each party should bear as far as responsibility. >> we had firefighter the inside the warehouse at an
9:43 am
unsanctioned party long before the ghost ship warehouse fire happened that december night. many people are asking why didn't the city do more? >> it makes you wonder, if i'm a firefighter or someone who's in that building, why didn't i think to maybe report it to the city? >> because the firefighter said i am going to report this, you are going to face a big fine but appears to have been stopped there. >> police have been there, too. many occasions -- so they knew people were living there still nothing -- the city never followed up as far as the code violations. >> where are we at when it comes to the criminal case, proceedings an so forth. >> in two weeks we are going to see both of those defendants, max harris and derek almena in court for a preliminary hearing and we'll see how the case progresses. the defense attorneys are preparing for trial right now. >> thank you, brooks. coming up on mornings on 2. a complete switch the highway to the danger zone taking comedic detour, we'll talk
9:44 am
about the writer, director and producer of stage production that spoofs foam gun. before we go to break let's- -top gun. before we go to break, let's get over to sal, how are you doing this. >> i'm doing okay. but i don't know what do i look like, mike? >> i am not going to tell you right now, sal. you look great, we'll be right back after the break. accused of obstructing justice to theat the fbinuclear war,
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and of violating the constitution by taking money from foreign governments and threatening to shut down news organizations that report the truth. if that isn't a case for impeaching and removing a dangerous president, then what has our government become? i'm tom steyer, and like you, i'm a citizen who knows it's up to us to do something. it's why i'm funding this effort to raise our voices together and demand that elected officials take a stand on impeachment. a republican congress once impeached a president for far less. yet today people in congress and his own administration know that this president is a clear and present danger who's mentally unstable and armed with nuclear weapons. and they do nothing. join us and tell your member of congress that they have a moral responsibility to stop doing what's political and start doing what's right. our country depends on it.
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never ending pasta bowl is starting at $9.99.den. come in for over 100 combinations of pastas, sauces and toppings. with everyone's favorite, chicken alfredo. plus unlimited salad and breadsticks. only for a limited time, at olive garden. this friday the x na lounge featuring tom gun live, adaptation of top gun starring tom cruise. >> features a lot of audience
9:47 am
participation, show goers can expect paper airplane battles, for more on this joined by the writer, producer, director,. where did this come from? >> well, we started doing a show called point break live about ten years ago. and then we did a terminator two judgment play. and so we decided for our third one we might as well do the next -- or maybe most quoted film in mystery. obviously. so, yeah, so we chose top gun and this one we are pulling people from the audience to play mac and some other fun twists as well. get to see some of tom cruise's other. >> doing scenes with maverick, goose. >> everyone else is cast. >> maverick is chosen from the
9:48 am
audience, the audience gets to pick who they want to see. i think on the last remaining californian who was not seen top gun. >> it's not imperative. you can have a fun time if you have seen it. it helps this young man here. i don't know if quoting the movie or just talking to me. >> i don't know. >> would you be great. >> so, yeah. if you have seen it, great. but like i said, you know, you might get to see some rain man, a few good men or jerry ma choir. >> creative leave you are handing over the key role, like things can go off the rails, is that good or is that bad? >> good. >> that's what you want. >> good or bad, they can be really good or be really bad, either way -- >> have you ever switched out tom cruise, you are no good. >> we have switched out a terminator one time because he wanted to. he was like my friend pushed me up here, i don't want to do
9:49 am
this. >> all right, we'll switch him out. >> people could to the lounge, you test them out? >> yeah, we pull -- they audition an the audience chooses. >> so it's an on stage -- >> yeah, yeah, you volunteer, we don't pull you out of the audience. the guys get up there and then they audition, by applause, the audience picks. >> what have been some of your most successful castings? >> oh, man, people with what qualities? do you know what, it done really matter because we've had, you know, we have females do it sometimes. could you be maverick if the audience chooses. and then -- whatever, it's just a good time. >> this volleyball scene, you pulled this up on youtube for me because i've never seen it. >> you know the scene wanted me to spin a volleyball on my
9:50 am
finger. >> >> we do all the classic scenes and then we do the commercial breaks are the other iconic scenes. >> what do you think -- why do you think top gun has a advice grip on sort of, you know. those of us who came in age of 80s and 90s, why is it the film (because there are so many iconic lines in it, so many memorable lines. and also for me, you know, i mean i remember the makeout scene, that was so hot. for the time i was like that is so gross, mom, what are you doing? it has that memory i think, in so many people of our generation and that's why we chose it. it's just a fun time. i think now that we are older we can look back and go, oh, yeah that was like a fun free time in our lives and that is kind of what we are going for. >> you were inverted. may 28th.
9:51 am
>> again. >> what distance at 2 meters. >> 1.5. >> what exactly were you doing up there. >> communicating. >> foreign relations, you know. >> an hour show, people, we have 9 minutes left. >> on look for it in the web lynx section. find it on the ktvu mobile app. thanks for coming in. >> we are back after the break.
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game six of the world series set for tonight in los angeles. they trail the astros three games to two. houston trying the world series for the first time. that first pitch scheduled at 5:20, watch the game on if you want some local news airing our local newscasts from 5:00 to 8:00 tonight. well, if you are think being hitting the road to watch game six, it is going to cost you. ticket prices on seat geeks starting over $400 a ticket. next to the dodgers dugout it is going to cost you $7000 a pop. >> tv will serve just fine. it is a busy day today, we are going to be joined live by oakland mayor libby shaft as she prepares for her state of the city address. talking about where the money from this new gas tax we've been talking about, where it's go to be be spent. just about half tank.
9:55 am
i am going to be cheap. >> top it off. >> i will do it. >> good, .12 more starting tomorrow. at the beginning of the 9 sal was being transformed. through the hour our makeup artist, we understand her work is complete. as we come around the corner and take a look. sal, you look different. have you seen yourself yet? >> yes, i just took a look, it's scary. i'm looking forward to having people just, you know, trying -- i am going to conduct my business as normal, go to the bank, pick up my kid. >> exactly. >> i am going to be scary. >> you look great. >> we have the before and after up right there. looks like your case was peeled off. >> now the challenge is going to be trying to keep this thing on all day. >> i think you can, you might have to touch up the tape now and again, it should stay. >> let me jump in and ask a question, when you come up with
9:56 am
these ideas, do you sketch them out yourself or based on a photo, do what you did to sal here. >> a lot of times i will see images on the internet and people will tag me in them and i will try them on myself, sometimes i come up with them depending on certain movies i have seen. or books. >> i know you are a professional and do you professional makeup. for those who have eye liner and lip liner and blush,. >> i mean i think that makeup should be fun and you can be resource full with what you already have. no need to buy special products or different items are going to change the look that you can get. these you can find in your own home. >> i did draw a mustache on my one-year-old. when people notice it they are like what. >> great job, thanks for coming
9:57 am
in. sal looks wonderful, thank you as well. i don't know where he went, scary. he's come to scare us. before we leave maybe more halloween pictures, thanks for sending them in to us the last few days, great look, i know my daughter is going to be a hot dog. similar costume. that is a good one, what else do we have here? thank you, came back in. >> he is here. >> very cute. thanks for joining us, happy halloween, don't touch his face, that stays through kindergarten pickup.
9:58 am
9:59 am
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