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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 5am  FOX  December 5, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PST

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in southern california, no luck. there's a red flag warning that will continue for a few days. for dry, gusty conditions, gusting to 60 miles per hour being reported out there. isolated gusts could reach 80 miles per hour. and again, very dry. and you can see how widespread the red flag warning is. all the way to midnight on friday. definitely going to be a big fire fight for the folks out there. here's l.a. and here's ventura county. and if i squeeze in closer, santa paula is not off highway 101. there's highway 101. santa paula is closer to highway 126. and that's where the fire is burning out of control. and the anchors are covering that for you. and let's take a look at the winds. the advisory for the hills has expired. oakland, 12 miles per hour. eight for napa, novato, and
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fairfield. if we shift south, winds in mountain view, 10 miles per hour. in the overnight hours, take a look at the numbers. 42degrees to start the morning in santa rosa. 53 in san francisco. and 58 at half moon bay where the wind is blowing at the coast. when i come back, we'll have a look at the afternoon highs. and the winds will continue to taper off. we do have the advisory for coastal flooding. i'll detail that for you coming up. the time is 5:01. traffic is already busy on 580. a lot of stop and go traffic on the altamont pass. 580, 205. we have speeds that are down on the altamont pass. but driving into livermore it doesn't look bad. clear shot to cost row valley. and then we're looking at the east bay commute. and this is 880 oakland and traffic is moving well in both directions. and we have a little bit of a
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backup. and a little bit of a backup in all the lanes. 5:02, back to the desk. from southern california, there's a huge wildfire this morning. thousands of homes are being evacuated in ventura county. the wildfire grew from a few thousand acres to 40 square miles. it started last night near santa paula, 60 miles northwest of downtown los angeles. 60-mile-per-hour wind gusts are pushing the flames towards homes in ventura and santa paula. look at the pictures. high winds expected through the morning. the ventura county fire chief says the prospects for containment soon are not good. people who live in the area had no idea there was a fire until they were told to evacuate. >> we've been through this before but not with the winds as bad as it is. we've been here 30 years and we've gone through floods and
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fires. it's just the wind. you just don't know where it's going to go. >> reporter: so far, one person has died in a car accident while fleeing the fire zone. and two buildings have burned but officials are not sure if they are homes or something else. we're seeing pictures. and the smoke has been so thick that fire fighting aircraft have not been able to battle the flames. aerial fire crews hope they'll be able to fly this morning. leigh martinez will bring us an update at 5:30. high winds are causing problems in the bay area. debra villalon reports they've brought down trees and power lines and damaged homes. >> reporter: a towering oak in unitville gave up and toppled onto a house. >> reporter: i was standing in the yard and it cracked. >> reporter: her neighbor was out front and saw it hit power
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lines and a transformer exploded. >> and then the fire started and then i really worried. i thought if the fire department doesn't get here. you know what? >> i've had a limb on my car but never on my house. >> reporter: in emeryville. a tree limb slammed onto her roof. >> i just want them to take it off, that's all. and hopefully, there's no damage. >> glad it's not my yard. [ laughter ] >> reporter: fallen trees attract attention. >> it's one of the things you worry about with big old trees. >> reporter: the oak fell across the street from the french laundry. but power was restored and dinner was served. >> reporter: the tree was weakened and then we get rain and it helps loosen up the soil and we get winds like this and it pushes winds right on over. >> reporter: it seemed that the
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oak was healthy, but on a slope, the roots were probably unstable. prune big trees so wind whistles through instead of catching it like a sail. >> it was miraculous that no one was hurt. >> reporter: residents are grateful that the oak hit a pine tree first slowing it down. one property is yellow tagged, limited entry. and next door, just interior damage. >> i have no damage inside my house. the big branch missed the window by about 6 inches maybe. >> reporter: debra villalon, ktvu fox news. police in emeryville investigating a shooting in the parking lot of a target store. a gunman fired shots at an suv several times after a fistfight. police detained one person
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after the incident. and they recovered three guns. the shooting happened at the target store on 40th street right at the oakland, emeryville border. one employee who had been on the job a week says the staff at the target store rushed customers to the back of the store when they heard the shots. >> the first thing in my mind was call my mom. there was an episode in the parking lot. and she came rushing to pick me up. >> reporter: the shooting happened just after 6 p.m. and backed up traffic in the area. three people in santa rosa are looking for a place to live after a cigarette caused a serious fire in their home. the santa rosa police department posted this on their twitter page. this house fire on cornell drive was reported just after 6:00 last night. fire crews say improperly discarded cigarettes caused $125,000 damage. the firefighters put it out within about 20-minutes and no
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one was hurt. several thousand oakland city workers are on strike beginning at 7:00. as ktvu's henry lee reports, the strike will affect a wide range of city services and the unions are not saying how long it will last. >> reporter: strike preparations are underway in oakland. a second union approved a solidarity strike. and a third union says members won't cross the picket lines. they are upset about unfair labor practices. the city presented its final offer which includes a 6% raise over two years. and city leaders are fed up about working conditions and safety issues to the public at large. >> illegal dumping, and homelessness. and citizens are unhappy and we're unhappy. >> reporter: all told, 2700
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workers will be on strike from just about every city department including librarians, public works crews, and parks and rec workers. there will be no parking enforcement or street sweeping for the duration of the strike. >> it affects everyone. this is the last effort, the last ditch effort to try to effect change and to try to reach the goal you're seeking. >> our ability to provide toddler story times and preschool story times will all be curtailed due to the city's unwillingness to meet with us in informal mediation. >> the city -- we are not at an impasse. we view the strike as unlawful and will file an unfair labor practice charge. and we'll continue to work in good faith to reach an
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agreement. the city says it's engaged in good faith negotiations for seven months. for now, no further talks have been scheduled. in the newsroom, henry lee, ktvu fox 2 news. hundreds packed a gymnasium, talking about consolidating several elementary schools. the public meeting was at bernal south elementary school. administrators are considering closing three to five elementary schools because of declining enrollment and because of a $12 million budget deficit. >> we've lost a tremendous amount of enrollment due to families really leaving out of the area. we've lost over a thousand students since 2013. >> the committee identified eight elementary schools that may be closed. last night's forum focused on five of the schools.
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another meeting is set for monday to consider the other three. new this morning, 12 states are trying to take a california law over eggs to the supreme court. the states filed a lawsuit yesterday to block that law that requires any eggs sold in the state to come from hens that have enough space to stretch out in their cages. that law took affect in 2015. the missouri attorney general says it's cost consumers up to $350 million nationwide each year due to higher egg prices. the time is 5:10. if you have a smart suitcase you may not be able to take them on some planes next year. we'll tell you the airlines banning the suitcases and the reasons why. still no signs of a man who disappeared while hiking near muir beach. we'll talk about the desperate search for the missing hiker and what rescuers are most concerned about.
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good morning. right now we're off to a nice start if you're at the macarthur maze. and winds are dying down and temperatures climbing. a warming trend all the way to the weekend. we'll check in on the current conditions and show you what to expect for the rest of the week. and still an advisory for the coast. more on this coming up.
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learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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these are pictures in southern california. a still developing story. a wind whipped wildfire has burned 48 square files and destroyed 150 structures. at least one firefighter has been hurt. and this is still out of control. this started last night east of santa paula. that's 60 miles northwest of los angeles in southern california. more than 27,000 people have been evacuated. this is out of control as we're speaking to you now. we'll bring you an update and get a full report still ahead on mornings on 2. time is 5:14. president trump expected to decide this week whether he will move the u.s. embassy in israel to jerusalem. the white house says the president will announce this in the coming days. and also says the president has been clear it's not a matter of if but a matter of when the
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embassy would be moved. the palestinian president mahmoud abbas says the palestinian leadership will stop contact with the u.s. if president trump recognizes jerusalem as israel's capital. the leaders of saudi arabia, jordan, and egypt have said this would increase tensions in the middle east. the supreme court ruled that the trump administration can enforce the travel ban while the lawsuits make their way through the courts. this is not the final ruling but appeals of lawsuits could reach the supreme court in the coming months. the aclu has filed a lawsuit and reacted to the late itself ruling saying in part, president trump's antimuslim prejudice is no secret. he has repeatedly confirmed it including last week on twitter. we continue to stand for
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freedom, equality and for those unfairly separated from loved ones. democratic leaders will meet on thursday with president trump and republican leaders, trying to prevent a government shutdown. lawmakers have to come up with a temporary spending bill before midnight friday. republican congressional leaders are proposing a two week extension to give everybody more time to finalize a longer term plan. the white house is urging congress to pass a clean bill that only addresses spending. and democrats want to include assistance for the young immigrants known as dreamers whose protection from being deported will end in march. >> the president is also interested in finding a resolution to daca. but he doesn't believe that should be tied to the spending bill. >> reporter: pelosi and schumer
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canceled a meeting with republicans last week. the president said he didn't see a deal coming together. >> smart suitcases are being banned from several airlines. passengers will not be able to check smart luggage on american, delta, or alaska airlines unless they can remove batteries used to charge cell phones. the battery in the suitcase has the potential to overheat and start a fire. the time is 5:17. let's get you out the door. sal will take care of you. we don't have a lot going on. we don't want a lot going on. starting off with the gilroy super commute. and northbound 101. the traffic here looks pretty good driving into the area. we haven't had any major problems. i want to mention that the wind -- it's not as windy as it has
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been in the last few days but it could get your attention so just be careful with some of the wind. let's take a look at -- i think i still have the maps up. something happened here. this is it. northbound 101 through morgan hill. and to san jose looks pretty good. we don't have a lot of slow traffic in the south bay. this morning at the bay bridge we do have some slow traffic already. looks like the metering lights may be on soon if not already. it's only a five-minute delay. let's bring rosemary in. we have nice weather as we get into the afternoon and the rest of the week. mild and dry. and we'd like to see rain but not likely to see it over the next several days. the 16 day outlook looks fairly dry. we started november wet. and we'll start december extremely dry.
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we are looking at the warmer weather coming our way. for today coastal flooding is still a possibility. from the north bay all the way to monterey for the low lying areas. not just the beaches but the parking lots and roadways. high tide is between noon and 12:30. the king tides are in place for one more day. and this is expected to move out and we will no longer have the advisory as we get into the bay area wednesday. the winds are dying down as sal mentioned. the wind advisory for the hills has expired so that's good news. breezy in spots and because of the breeze, temperatures are up. 49degrees to start the morning in napa. and 54 in san francisco. and 58 half moon bay. and in palo alto, 37. 41 in concord. and it's easy to see where the winds have been light. 37 in danville.
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and along the valley floor, they all tend to be about the same. but it shows you how the wind makes a difference and helps to keep the cold air from settling in. and keeping it stirring around. here's a look at the afternoon highs as we get into the afternoon, 2:00 or 3:00, seeing the warmer numbers. 62 in oakland and concord. and 64 for napa. south bay, 64 in san jose. just moved them up slightly. today, warmer, less windy and as we get into the days ahead, winds die down. and temperatures rise in the afternoons. i will point out on wednesday, notice it says north bay freeze tomorrow morning when the winds are gone. the north bay valley locations are expected to be quite cold and there's a freeze warning anticipated for tomorrow morning. but as we get into the rest of the week and the bay area weekend. upper 60s in the forecast with mostly sunny skies. dave--
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>> thank you, rosemary. caught on camera, a real holiday scrooge. look at this. attacking an inflatable snowman with a knife. how the snowman's owner is using social media to track down the person who did this. the bay area cities where a major retailer wants to hire workers to help out for the holiday season.
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the east bay pharmaceutical company depomed plans to lay off 40% of its work force. they agreed to sell the sales rights for a painkiller, its most lucrative drug. the company specializes in pain relief drugs and has 500 employees. the layoffs and that move are expected to take place by the middle of next year. macy's wants to hire thousands of holiday workers. the company needs 7000 more workers around the country. and that includes a lot of jobs in the bay area. both part-time and full-time jobs are available. macy's is holding special hiring events from 1:00 this afternoon until 7:00 this evening at many of the stores that need more workers. they include pleasanton,
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sunnyvale. san francisco's union square, richmond, san jose, walnut creek, and antioch. and several other locations. check macy's and look for details and schedule an in store interview. sonoma state university was named one of the top colleges for students who want to study overseas. a nonprofit educational and cultural exchange group released its survey of the top universities. and sonoma state ranked number 5 among masters degree colleges. they sent us this photo. there are 89 students studyingover seas. england, italy, france, australia, and germany are the most popular countries. south san francisco will have two women in the top jobs.
5:26 am
liza normandy. and karyl matsumoto have been chosen as mayor and vice mayor. time is 5:26. a single play in last night's warriors game has fans nervous. coming up an update on the health of steph curry. did you see that? another ankle injury. and that fast growing wildfire in southern california and the challenges that firefighters are facing as they try to get this under control. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along okay on the san mateo bridge heading up to the high- rise. we'll have more on the morning commute straight ahead. the winds are dying down. and the temperatures will be climbing. we'll have a look at the current conditions and what to expect as we get into the weekend coming up.
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this is ktvu mornings on 2. >> good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2. tuesday morning, november 5th. i'm dave clark. pam cook is here. steve is off today. and we have rosemary back with a look at the forecast. >> good morning to you, dave. >> the winds are coming down in the area. that's great news. a little bit breezy but not as bad as yesterday. here's a look at the golden gate bridge where cph has not posted any advisories for bridges. and the national weather
5:30 am
service has allowed the wind advisory for the hills to expire early as well. the next few days, temperatures continue to climb and i'll talk about that in just a moment. and in socal, the big story is the fire that is burning in ventura in the santa paula area. the red flag warning is widespread and it's going for a few days. it expires midnight friday. and the winds are gusting to 60 miles per hour. and isolated areas to 80 miles per hour where the fire is burning at this time. it's in ventura county. we're looking at improving conditions. generally light and there's still a breeze. oakland reporting 12. napa, novato, fairfield, reporting eight. the winds will be with us but improving for the second half. 51 san rafael. and 53 san francisco. and breezy at half moon bay.
5:31 am
and where it's calm and cool, 41 in concord. and 48 in livermore. i'll have a look at the afternoon highs and we'll talk about the warming trend coming up in just a bit. good morning, sal. traffic is moving along well if you're on the commute. there have been no major issues. vacaville, fairfield, vallejo as you head to the carquinez bridge from valley hoe. there's a little bit of slowing. when you get to the macarthur maze. a 10 to 15 minute delay before you make it to the bridge. let's go back to the desk. we do continue to follow the developing news about the huge wildfire in southern california. >> high winds are pushing the flames across ventura county. and leigh martinez is in the newsroom.
5:32 am
and thousands of people have had to evacuate. >> reporter: the strong santa ana winds are fueling the flames with gusts reaching 60 miles per hour overnight. the winds and heavy smoke made it impossible to fight the fire from the air with helicopters and planes. and we've just learned an alameda county strike team is heading down to help the fire fights. the fire is burning in ventura county near the campus of thomas aquinas college. it started as a brush fire monday evening and quickly doubled in size in three hours with the help of the powerful winds. the fire has so far burned 31,000 acres. that's the size of the city of san francisco. multiple structures, including a large apartment complex were engulfed in flames. the ventura county fire department said 20,000 people had to evacuate. >> my son is a firefighter.
5:33 am
and i'm not going to wait around for someone to rescue me. i'm out of here. my father is 91 and lives with me. and i've got him gone. my dog, my husband are all down to my daughter-in-law's house. firefighters battled flames in downtown ventura. multiple homes were on fire near city hall. one firefighter was injured but there's no information on the nature of his injury. more than 100,000 homes are without power in ventura county and southern california's edison says it could be several days before power is restored. one death is attributed to the thomas fire. a person died in an automobile accident while trying to evacuate. >> all right, leigh martinez in the newsroom. thank you. time is 5:33. in the meantime, governor jerry brown talking about the north
5:34 am
bay wildfires and is now considering ways to improve the emergency alert system. in a hearing at the state capitol, the governor wants to implement a statewide standard for how people are notified of emergencies. the upgrade would establish minimum standards for cell phone companies and local jurisdictions. during the north bay wildfires, people complained about not enough warning. >> we need to have redundancy. we have to have backup systems. the ones that seem to be the best -- if they fail we need to make sure we can give people notice. >> the governor's office said the effort to upgrade the system is in the planning stage and will cost several million dollars. we could get more details when the governor unveils the budget
5:35 am
next month. >> crews in marin county will be searching for a man who went missing. tyler silva was last seen near the pirates cove trail which runs along the cliffs above the ocean in the golden gate recreational area. he went off the trail and his girlfriend didn't follow and they got separated. she reported him missing sunday afternoon. >> the cliff area is a primary concern. that was the last place he was sighted and the cliffs are dangerous. we have king tides going on. if he were to fall in a precarious area, there's the possibility of being swept out. >> investigators don't know if silva fell but he could be stuck in an area that's hard to reach. that's where they may be searching this morning. lawyers for the man who was acquitted of killing kate
5:36 am
steinle in san francisco will ask a judge to throw out the gun charge. the public defenders office will ask for a dismissal of the charge some time after the sentencing hearing next thursday. a jury acquitted him of murder, involuntary manslaughter and assault with a deadly weapon for the 2015 shooting death of kate steinle. and they kicked him of being a felon in possession of a gun. he found the gun under a bench and it accidentally fired when he picked it up to look at it. a man suspected of firing into his neighbor's home has been charged with attempted murder. 34-year-old arturo dominguez is accused of opening fire with a rifle similar to an ak-47. the bullets hit his home on miraga avenue.
5:37 am
he had a judge against his neighbor according to authorities. they caught him nearby with the rifle in his pants. prosecutors have also charged him with shooting into an inhabited home, and carrying a concealed and loaded gun. there's a delay in the preliminary hearing for the two defendants charged in the ghost ship warehouse fire. now, derek -- face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter, one for each of the people killed in december. the hearing which was scheduled to start yesterday was moved to tomorrow morning because the judge was sick. that judge will decide if there's enough evidence to go to trial. time is 5:37 and a man in the south bay is asking for help. he wants to find a stolen ukulele that belonged to his wife. that ukulele belonged to his late wife elizabeth who found
5:38 am
joy in playing the ukulele as she fought a rare form of cancer. honeycutt says when he went back to his car after eating dinner, the side window of the truck was open. >> if it never is returned that it falls into the hands of somebody that's going to really appreciate it and share the love. just know that this is the story behind it. >> this particular ukulele -- you see it here -- is orange with a hawaiian sunset in the front. he's planning a road trip to spread the ashes of his wife. he was hoping to play the ukulele at each location. republicans in congress are focused on creating a compromise tax bill after the house and senate passed separate tax reform measures. the president wants it signed before christmas. some of the biggest hurdles are
5:39 am
whether to cut deduction for morning interest, home equity loans and how much to increase the child tax credit. governor brown is against the changes in deductions for state and local income taxes, sales tax, and property tax deductions. he's joined by leaders from two other high tax states. >> when trump and his senate allies attack california, new jersey, and new york, they're attacking the vital centers of the american economy. and it's really stupid and they will regret it. >> governor says the current focus is to persuade republican members of congress to vote against the measure. and they are also considering possible legal challenges. twin brothers who sued mark zuckerberg have now become the
5:40 am
first billionaires to profit from bit coin. tyler and cameron -- were early investors in bit coin, purchases $11 million of the digital currency 11 years ago. the value of their portfolio is now $1 billion. in 2004, the brothers sued zuckerberg, claiming he stole their idea for the social networking site while they were students at harvard. they received a $65 million payout from the lawsuit. the warriors beat the pelicans last night but it was a costly victory. >> iguodala running with curry. two on one, and he runs to the line. [ cheering ] >> steph curry was the story of the game. the warriors trailed by double digits in new orleans and came back again. steph curry had 31 points and
5:41 am
11 assists. and one play in particular -- right here. see, he rolled his ankle. we saw him on crutches later. he was wearing a walking boot. he's in pain. the x-rays were negative and he's expected to be out for a while. we don't know how long. you can see him up close on crutches with the walking boot. the warriors are off today. and they'll play the hornets tomorrow night. >> we with issue him well and we'll stay updated on his condition. driving up the costs of popular christmas gifts. how computer programmers are turning a profit. a real scrooge caught on surveillance video. look at this. the knife attack on an inflatable snowman. good morning. you can see traffic is moving along okay on westbound 92 as
5:42 am
you head out to the high-rise, the san mateo bridge. the traffic is moving okay all the way to highway 101. a dark start and we are with improving weather getting into the afternoon. the winds are chiing down. and the temperatures are coming up. and we'll check on the current conditions and line up the afternoon highs and talk about a warming trend in the bay area coming up.
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5:44 am
welcome back to mornings on 2. from central florida look at this surveillance video. a real holiday scrooge right here. someone with a knife getting out of a car, stabbing an inflatable snowman. the person just starts shattering the lights. and the homeowner posted this on facebook hoping somebody will see this. they may have information on
5:45 am
who this is. oakland is using small sheds for the homeless. and the first residents moved in yesterday. they are on an 'em lot in west oakland. each shed will be used to temporarily house two peek. it's sparse with no electricity or insulation or heat. but there are battery powered lanterns, smoke alarms, and fire extinguishers, and there's an on-site 24 hour security force along with regular access to social services. >> this is a stopover on the way to permanent housing. this is an opportunity to figure out what they are eligible for and find out the best path to permanent housing for them. >> reporter: there are rules to follow in order to keep living at the site. they include overnight visitors are not allowed. ask on site security will be
5:46 am
able to monitor everyone. higher than normal tides are expected along the coast. it's all part of the king tides. they are higher than usual tides not caused by sea level rise but by the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. the highest tides of the year. and the warning remains in effect until this afternoon. the golden gate sausalito ferry landing is closed. the landing will undergo some major inspections of steel float and gangway. neither the golden gate ferry nor the blue and gold fleet will stop there. you can take transit buses or hop on the ferry at the larkspur ferry terminal or at
5:47 am
the tiburon. you could see more cars on the road when you don't have you usually mode of transportation. >> i was just talking to colleen about -- she sits right over here. >> we know. >> you're allowed to talk to colleen. >> she's an important member of the newsroom. >> she is an important member of the newsroom. now that we've got this established, we're doing okay in the commute. and when i'm looking at my computer, i'm looking at this. i'm looking at my computer generated times here or road maps. and you can see how slow it is on 205 and 580. the speeds are way down. 9miles per hour. that's not very good, of course. if you're on the road in livermore, it looks fine. and there's a reason we focus on the far away commutes. and that's because they are busy in the morning. the rest of the bay area is
5:48 am
finally beginning to get in on the action. it takes a while. traffic on 880 looks good as you drive past the coliseum. when you guilty to the bay bridge. we have an early backup. toll lane 14 is still closed and it will be for the near future as they have to fix it from an accident that happened over the weekend. at 5:48 let's bring in rosemary who is filling in for steve. >> good morning to all of you. we have temperatures relatively mild in many spots. we have a little bit of wind stirring around. there's a live look. a beautiful bird's-eye view. and we'll have mostly sunny skies and temperatures slightly warmer. and winds coming down. that's excellent news, and the national weather service has allowed the wind advisory in the hills to expire a little bit early. even though we're seeing a breeze in some areas, not as bad as yesterday. and i do want to point out just how the wind impacts our
5:49 am
weather and our temperatures. take a look at walnut creek. 38degrees and relatively calm in the area. 45 in novato. and we have a light breeze at times. half moon bay starting at 57 degrees this morning. and san francisco 55. and almost a sure bet. we have winds blowing in the area. as we look at san francisco, we have a bit of a breeze. and half moon bay, 30 miles per hour, gusting above that. and it's coming in from the northeast. and when it's on accident it compresses and warms. and that's what is going on in -- where they have the santa ana winds. the fire is not expected to get better with the winds all the way through friday. the possibility of the king tides moving out. won't happen until this
5:50 am
afternoon. we'll have a day or coastal flooding along the beaches. north bay all the way to monterey. and also includes the low lying areas including the parking lots and the roadways and the trails. the wind advisory has gone away. that's good news. and we're going to remain dry and mild. we were hoping to get rain in here. the extended forecast is leaving us with dry weather all the way through the weekend. temperatures will be coming up for the weekend. 62 in san francisco. and 62 in oakland. and low 60s in livermore. and in the south bay. the extended forecast, temperatures continuing to climb. i will point out on wednesday without the wind, the north bay going to sink to freezing, and even below. and the national weather service is anticipating a freeze warning for some of our north bay valley locations for tomorrow morning. going to definitely be a different day. and as we get into the
5:51 am
afternoon, temperatures ranging in the upper 60s by the weekend. >> we're going to be really under the blanket tonight. >> especially over portions of the north bay. >> it's going to be colder tomorrow morning. >> okay. fairly warm. 5:51 is the time now. santa as we know is very busy this time of year. and he does need some help. the post office is asking for some help. you can become one of santa's elves this holiday season. all you have to do is maybe answer a letter.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. it's 5:54. netflix is going to shoot a final season of house of cards but without kevin spacey. netflix cut ties with spacey following a number of sexual misconduct allegations. initially, they said they were stopping production of the series. and now spacey's character will be written out of the show. and robin wright who plays his wife will have a bigger role. the commercial sale of recreational pot becomes legal statewide january 1st. measures regarding cannabis operations will be considered including the napa city council and the marin, san mateo, and
5:55 am
napa counties. the sharks will be happy to come home after losing 4-1 to the washington capitals. the sharks dominated the recent games with the caps but not this time. and washington never trailed. san jose didn't score until the second period and they were only able to get that one goal. tensions were highed act investigated by t.j. oshie being pinned to the boards by thornton. they'll be playing the hurricanes at the shark tank on thursday. stanford college football star bryce love is a finalist for the heisman trophy, the most press contingency individual honor. he'll go to new york saturday night as one of three finalists for the heisman. he has 17 touchdowns.
5:56 am
and last year's winner, lamar jackson, is the second finalist. the overwhelming favorite, oklahoma quarterback baker mayfield. he's leading his team to the college playoffs. the postal service is celebrating the 105th year of the letters to santa program. people interested in helping to make a child's wish come true can go to the main post office over the next couple of tuesdays. you can sign up to read one of the child's letters and help fulfill their wish. in many cases, instead of toys, children ask for basic necessities such as food, clothing, or shelter. and santa can't be everywhere and needs your help. >> and you've done that. >> yes, it's nice. a huge wildfire exploded overnight. coming up we'll have the latest on how much has burned and the
5:57 am
mandatory evacuations. will congressman john conyers resign after sexual harassment allegations? will roy moore win despite the allegations against him? i'm does does in washington and we'll have more on all of that. we see it's going to be a decent commute on the bay bridge getting into san francisco. we'll tell you a little more about the morning commute. outside our doors, a bit of a breeze. winds not as strong as yesterday. i'll detail what to expect for today and the warmup coming our way for the weekend coming up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning. thousands of england city workers -- oakland city workers plan to go on strike. plus local authorities found a scheme to cheat insurance companies. who is facing charges? and how they allegedly made thousands of dollars. mornings on 2 continues. this is ktvu -- mornings on
6:00 am
2. >> it's december 5th. >> and i'm dave clark. we do have developing news from southern california. a wildfire in ventura county keeps getting bigger. >> it started as a 50-acre fire. it's 60 miles northwest of downtown los angeles in ventura county and it's now nearly 50 square miles and no sign of containment at this point. strong winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour have pushed the flames into the city of ventura now. the high winds are expected to continue throughout the morning. and people who live in the area had no idea there was a fire until they were told to evacuate. two buildings have burned and no one can say yet. but we have seen video and complete neighborhoods on fire. one firefighter has been injured and fire crews hope


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