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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 15, 2017 10:00pm-10:30pm PST

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a day to morn in san francisco at that the unexpected death of mayor ed lee. people filed by his casket at city hall. to honor his leadership and to pay respects.>> today is a very -- respected mayor lives in city hall. the reality of his leaving us sets and.
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it is heartbreaking. it is really heartbreaking.>> that was the emotional nancy pelosi. good evening everyone.>> ed lee did not set out to be mayor. he ended up in room 200 more by fate than political ambition. he left an impression as evidenced by the thousands who visited city hall today to say goodbye. the mayor served almost 7 years >> that was almost 40 years ago when mayor george moscone he and harvey milk were assassinated. like now it came as a shock to the city. for more on today's remembrance we are joined by jana as san francisco's city hall.>> reporter: the line stretched down the block and around the corner. take a look at this >> so many people brought flowers messages candles.
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right here to the steps of city hall. some people were crying. other people say they cannot believe the mayor is gone.>> as night fell san francisco city hall was graced with blue lights from fire trucks. raising the flag across the street in honor of mayor ed lee. an unending line of people all day came to pay respects. still shocked by his sudden passing on tuesday.>> he was a good man. you honor good.>> he achieved a lot. i want to pay my respects to him and to say thank you for what he did for the city.>> reporter: the first asian- american mayor lay in state in the rotunda where he had been sworn in 2011. a man from humble beginnings race and housing projects who many say cared and related to ordinary citizens.>> he came from the bottom of the barrel. he loved his people.
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the have-nots. he was loving the people. you see every nationality and every color.>> some people waited an hour to see the casket praying and many bowing to honor him. friends from all corners of the city.>> it is heartbreaking. it is really heartbreaking. it is hard to even talk about his leaving us without thinking of his beautiful smile.>> he was a kind and decent person. as a result you really wanted to work for him. you wanted to work hard for him.>> he had diplomatic skills >> unlike most ordinary politicians who fly off the handle. ed lee i don't think ever flew off the handle.>> his ordinariness made him extraordinary as a mayor. it was an honor to work for him. i have great admiration and
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respect. i am in a state of disbelief.>> reporter: flowers filled the hall and many people stopped to sign yes books with messages from the heart for a man they say gave his heart to the city.>> every day it continues to sink in he is not with us. i still feel -- feel his spirit. >> he did so much for the city. for everyone. not just a special group.>> it is painful for all of us. i know he would want us to continue the work he wanted us to do. >> reporter: by 8 pm law enforcement officers escorted the casket out of the rotunda. a final farewell and salute in his honor.>> reporter: tonight flags as city hall and around the civic center remain and have staff. the motorcade recorded his body to the funeral home.
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there is a private funeral for his family only that is scheduled for tomorrow.>> a sad and remarkable in historic day. sunday more crowds are expected for a public celebration of life honoring the late mayor. 3 pm in the rotunda of city hall. doors open at 2 pm. the program includes members of the san francisco symphony. public safety colorguard. scheduled speakers include diane feinstein nancy pelosi gavin newsom and his daughters tonya and rihanna. you can watch the memorial right here. we will bring you live coverage sunday afternoon when it began >> the red flag warning posted at this hour a high fire danger in the north bay. and east bay hills. it is a rarity in december. tonight's forecast calls for
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when >> amber is live in the oakland hills where the fire danger is high. it has residence on edge. but first bill martin is checking the -- the conditions. the hills around the bay area. is stays in effect until we get into sunday morning. you can see the red area >> mainly the hills. stained -- dangerous conditions. not the worst of conditions but it is something to be concerned with. the winds could get up to 40 and 50 miles per hour. tomorrow morning you see the contours >> heaviest winds by vacaville. tomorrow morning 5 am 34 in napa. 27 miles per hour in san francisco. windsor get going pretty good tomorrow afternoon. look what happened >> overnight we pick up again. they go right back down by sunday afternoon. saturday night into sunday morning is going to be one of the busier times. that is the when the forecast.
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it is all about late tonight in early tomorrow. the winds have not materialized. at 4 am you will notice in the hills. as we get into saturday or sunday morning early same thing. we will watch it. not as bad as red flag warnings in the past >> something to pay attention to. we will do the whole forecast that includes the fire danger for southern california. amber is live in the oakland hills were wind gusts have neighbors anxious after a fire just a few nights ago.>> reporter: we are at fire station 24 in the oakland hills. there was a fire in 1991. with the northbay fire fresh on our minds this weekend's red flag warning has put neighbors on edge. there is nervous anticipation and fear among people here along snake road in oakland hills. the forecast for high winds
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brings anxiety.>> it is scary after being so close to the fire we just had. i don't want to live in fear.>> reporter: monday night 1115 a fire destroyed two homes under construction and severely damage three others.>> there were three or four fires in our front yard.>> reporter: the nielsens are lucky the fire caused minor damage to their roof. they say they lost their homes and another part of the oakland hills in the 1991 firestorm.>> it is always scary up here. this is really hard. the trees are dry. the shrubs are dry. small fire with the winds can grow.>> reporter: the winds and low humidity in the forecast has led alameda fire to issue a warning for this weekend.>> the big thing is to watch what the weather is going to do. >> reporter: winds can pick up suddenly. despite 13 firefighters having
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been deployed to fires in southern california there will be no shortage of resources in oakland.>> residents have nothing to be afraid of.>> reporter: the city maintains the necessary staffing with firefighters working overtime. he urges neighbors to be vigilant.>> maintain awareness. pay attention to what you are doing. pay attention to what your neighbors are doing. at any time there can be an incident. an emergency that will happen.>> reporter: for this couple the loss of a home in the past has taught them resiliency.>> we can rebuild. we have done it before.>> reporter: the nielsens say they will be hyper alert this weekend. they have faith oakland firefighters and know they are in good hands. developing news out of dublin where a
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deadly accident has shut down the connector ramp himself -- southbound 682 westbound 580. a vehicle struck a person on the ramp around 8:30 pm. they are trying to figure out what the person was doing in the roadway. details from san francisco where a second sea lion attack has prompted officials to take precautions to protect swimmers. the national park service posted warning signs and close a quarter part two swimming. the waters remain -- off-limits through the weekend. the attack happened at 8 am. the man was bitten in the groin and was helped by other swimmers. his wound is non-life- threatening. the man bitten by a sea lion yesterday and needed to be rescued remains in the hospital today recuperating from his injury. rob ross spoke to him in san francisco general hospital.>> reporter:>> i am lucky and happy to be alive right now.>>
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reporter: he has a bandage on his arm covering the bite won't. the 56-year-old attorney said he was swimming near aquatic park thursday as he is been doing for more than two years when a quarter mile offshore he came face-to-face with a sea lion.>> i turned around and i saw a large male pool sea lion -- bull. is close to me as the camera is and that you are right now. i became very concerned.>> reporter: he kept shouting no to the sea lion that it came at him.>> his head slid down my arm because he was still coming forward. fortunately he only got one tooth into my arm. but mac he never saw the sea lion again. belly bleeding he was rescued by a sailboat. the bite ripped a hole in his skin exposing muscle. he will recover. specialist are not sure if the
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same sea lion was responsible for today's attack.>> it is hard to speculate why this happened. anytime you're interacting with a wild animal there is a possibility of getting bit. but mac one possibility could be an algae caused neurotoxin in the water.>> you can go to the brain and it causes brain damage that can change the behavior of the sea lion > reporter: he should be able to get back in the water some. what happened will keep him from swimming near aquatic park again.>> swimming is wonderful. i am going to swim in shallow water. but mac>> reporter: they advise swimmers to go with another person and to never swim alone. drivers beware. law enforcement a new crackdown on drunk driving amid a uptake in deadly crashes >> religious statues beheaded. the vandalism at a church that
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is gone on soft so far. protesters gathered in san francisco is the final gop tax plan is released. we will go live to washington for the changes to got republican holdouts on board. ♪
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♪ think of your fellow man, ♪ lend him a helping hand, ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ you'll see it's getting late, oh please don't hesitate...♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart... ♪ in your heart. (vo) get zero percent financing for 63 months on select models, plus we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars to charity. protesters gathered in san francisco to rally against the republican tax plan.
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the protest on market street was organized by supporters of former presidential candidate and independent senator bernie sanders. they say it is an attack on working people and the middle- class. they predict thousands of people will lose health insurance since the tax plan repeals the mandate for obamacare. and argue that puts lives at stake. republicans say they secured enough votes to pass the tax overhaul. after gaining the support of two senators who expressed concern at the last minute. a vote will happen next week with them hoping to have it on president trump's desk by christmas. lauren blanchard's live in washington with the details.>> reporter: the republicans a final tax bill is set in stone. it cannot be altered anymore and has been posted online for lawmakers and the public to see.>> the conference committee has come together and we have delivered for the american people.>> reporter: it is been a challenge to come up with a plan they think and chant --
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past the house and senate. all signs suggest they are confident enough to move forward with a boat. seven tax brackets reduces rates for 5 the corporate tax rate 21%. doubles the child tax credit from 1000-$2000. he calls for the repeal of the obamacare individual mandate. it will make the u.s. more competitive and democrats say it hurts the middle-class.>> i'm excited about this moment. it has been 31 years in the making.>> the bill is a disaster. it helps the wealthiest most powerful corporations and individuals and it hurts the middle-class.>> reporter: two high profile holdouts. bob corker and marco rubio. they now will support the bill. complicating two senators cochran and mccain are out dealing with medical issues.>> all of our thoughts and prayers go out to senator mccain.
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he is having a tough time. he will be here next week and voting.>> reporter: final votes are expected in both chambers next week. he will see the house of old first with the senate a day or so later. the president has been vocal he hopes to have something on his desk to sign by christmas. some other key points of the tax bill. in loomis deduction for property taxes and state and local taxes to $10,000 for both combined. that is of interest to homeowners in california where real estate prices are so high. also of interest the new bill deductions for interest paid on home loans. only for loans of up to $750,000 and on a mortgage is issued after january 1 of next year. the tax bill keeps the estate tax but doubles the current exemption levels. discouraging picture for truck.
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-- child. a poll found just three in 10 americans think the country is heading in the right direction. 52% of those polled said the u.s. is worse off since trump became president. 23% think the president has kept his campaign promises. such as repealing obamacare and scrapping the iran nuclear deal. 30% and he has tried and failed to keep promises. 45% think he had to cut them at all. according to mastercard spending plus u.s. retail spending was up 3.6% between november 1 and december 9 from the same period last year. online sales are up more than 16% since november. the retail federation expects americans to spend 4% more during the holiday season the last year. several post offices will be open on sunday to help get mail delivered. post offices is expanding hours
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into sunday in anticipation of the busiest male week of the year. locations in san francisco santa rosa san mateo redwood city will be open on sunday. they say almost 3 billion pieces of mail are expected to be delivered next week. for a full list of locations open on sunday you can go to our website. the new star wars movie is scoring big at the box office.>> the last jedi premiered last night brought in $45 million just from thursday night's showing. is second only to the $57 million earned by star wars the force awakened when it premiered on the thursday night two years ago. you get into those movies?>> i like make- believe stuff. i just am not super into it. i will go see the movie.
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kenny is into it.>> i do want to see this one.>> good storytelling. it doesn't seem like there is much snow but there is >> they are making a lot of snow. it has been cold enough. if you're getting off next week for vacation to go skiing you will be fine. not a lot of runs open. the main rounds are. many places. the clouds moved in today. they gave us partial sunshine. highs in the low 60s. highs tomorrow will warm a little bit with more sunshine. that locals over here. it sets up a pressure gradient between this high in the wind advisory and the red flag warning. the winds will pick up in the hills tonight and tomorrow and tomorrow night. it is not going to be biblical. 25-30 miles per hour at times in higher elevation >> they be more.
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it is warmer right now than last night at this time by 9 degrees novato. tomorrow breezy in the hills. mostly sunny. air quality is good. temperatures tomorrow in the low and middle 60 >> that is saturday. we will talk more about the red flag warning. gilroy city councilman has died. officials say councilman paul clicker passed away yesterday. he served from 1983 height -- -1993 and rejoined last year. the medical examiner said he died of natural causes. the city's mayor praised his leadership and commitment to public service. he was 82. cars stolen off the lot. coming up keys stolen and cars rounded. a police pursuit and now a ferrari is still missing. high school football squad is celebrating a state championship tonight. rundowns of the highlights in all of sports coming up. too
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much holiday cheer. drunk driving arrests or a crash. we will look at enhanced enforcement tonight.
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'tis the season for a designated driver. the enforcement period for dui begins tonight until the new year. extra checkpoints and extra officers >> deborah is live in san rafael were saturation patrols are on duty.>> reporter: they are saturating areas of known to have elevated arrests and crashes. we are downtown where a lot of nightlife is -- hopefully the next few weeks don't rival thanksgiving.>> is starts at thanksgiving. >> reporter: one of the happiest times of year is also the most deadly on the road.>>
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which is why san rafael sergeant takes no chances on a car with his headlights off.>> he pulls the driver over. the driver has not had anything to drink he is just absent- minded. but better safe than picking up wreckage later. he recalls a drunk driver who recently crashed through a fence in a neighborhood.>> four times the legal limit. an amazing that he was able to stand and even have a conversation.>> reporter: he did not hurt anyone that time. for 18 you days law enforcement will use patrols and checkpoints like this one in the bottle. against a rising tide of drunk driving. 37,000 traffic deaths nationally last year one third were alcohol-related. more than 1000 were in california.>> he continues through new year's eve.>>
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reporter: people are socializing and driving more. a deadly mix.>> people who don't drink often might not know what their blood alcohol level is >> or what would be a safe amount.>> reporter: some crashes might be prevented if a driver's speed had been called in. don't hesitate about being wrong.>> 911 call might save a life. not only the life of a driver but the life of the other people out and about trying to enjoy the holiday. 1 >> reporter: innocent people killed over the thanksgiving holiday when their car flipped over a highway. for the two livermore women who died in a thanksgiving crash. their friend arrested for dui. drunk driving ruins lives with a ripple effect which is why departments pull out the stops this time of year. san rafael made his first arrest in minutes >> a man with multiple open
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containers.>> all but one is partially empty.>> reporter: over thanksgiving chp reports 76 people died across the state. a dozen of them in the bay area. that is over a four-day period. the stretch -- is of course much longer.>> with all the ridesharing services and all of that it is so easy to not have to drive.>> reporter: you have more options than ever. there is an app you can get for your designated driver. it tells you which bars and restaurants you can go to where your designated driver can get free food and beverages. nonalcoholic. there are more not options than ever. -- more options now than ever. the alameda county sheriff department and the open police department teaming up to crackdown on illegal sideshows.
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it is anticipating an uptick in sideshow activity over the weekend. they are stepping up patrols. they have been monitoring social media looking for posts about large street gatherings and oakland and surrounding communities. anyone caught participating in a sideshow risk being ticketed and having their vehicle told. a spike in death among the most formidable. what is being done to address a troubling trend in san jose homeless population. elija statues beheaded. the vandalism -- religious statues.
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