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tv   KTVU Fox 2 News at 5pm  FOX  December 19, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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of a big win. their tax bill breezing through the house of representatives today. >> for all those millions of men and women in america who are living paycheck to paycheck struggling to get ahead, help is on the way. >> the house also touting the vote. >> this is a tax plan that we hope benefits all americans primarily and priority number one is middle class americans. >> the legislation has its critics though. 12 republicans voted nay. democrats were united against it. some had choice words about the bill. >> my colleagues, if it looks like a scam, quacks like a scam, it is a scam. can you vote for this bill with a clear conscience? hell, no, you can't! >> this is the worst bill to ever come to the floor of the house. with stiff competition for some of the things they tried to do, the worst bill in history. >> the measure now moves over to the senate where republicans are confident it will pass, but will be a lot closer. >> the president will be monitoring these developments throughout the day. >> president trump has
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indicated he'll sign it if it makes it to its desk. steve rapaport, fox news. >> a dozen republicans voted against the final version of the tax bill in the house including two lawmakers from california. they are congressman dana roar balker from -- roar backer and issa. they said she could not support a measure that would raise trackses on their -- taxes on their district. the high value of homes as well as the high state and local tax rates in our district means that we are especially impacted by the slashing of deductions that we take. congressman issa says "i still fear even in the revised proposal, many in my area could face hire taxes under this plan." californians have entrusted me to fight for them. i will not vote to make the incredible tax burden they already endure even worse. >> for his part, the president tweeted "biggest tax cuts and
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reform ever passed. enjoy and create many beautiful jobs." joining us now is ktvu political analyst brian sobel. let's begin with the revote. first it will go to the senate. that could come tonight. >> right. >> it goes back to the house for a revote? explain that. >> right, they have to reconcile the two bills. there were parliamentary -- some parliamentary issues and then they have to revote it and it will go to the desk of the president. >> the latest polls have 55% of americans against this bill and 33% in favor. today, house speaker paul ryan said the results are going to make this bill popular. do you think that will be the case? >> everybody is going to tell their story, frank. you know, the republicans are going to say here are all the reasons why this is a really good bill. the democrats are block voting against the bill entirely, so they are going to really want to use this bill to propel their message that the president and the congress don't have their act together
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for the 2018 election. everybody in an odd sort of way get something out of this. >> there was resistance in high tax states like new jersey, new york and here in california. two republicans voted against the bill and there were a dozen that voted for it, voted no overall, explain why. >> well, just for that reason, i think that a number of their constituents are -- will be impacted and have to pay taxes and a lot of parts of the country people will get something back out of this. bear in mind the bigger, overarching issue is if you can create this new tax structure, more jobs will be created because in theory -- >> the trickle down. >> the trickle down which we saw under ronald reagan. >> house speaker paul ryan said "today we are giving the people of this country their money back." what does it mean for the average american family? >> we don't know yet. you are hearing --
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>> it depends on your income bracket. you are hearing percentages being tossed around, 2, 5%, whatever it is and as early as february some people might see in their pay collection a small increase. >> just the opposite of what house majority leader paul ryan was saying. house minority leader nancy pelosi said this is the worst bill in history. this is the worst bill ever to come to the floor of the house. a little hyperbole? >> i think so. democrats are setting the scene for the -- where we are going which is just in a month to 2018 when everything starts with the midterm selections. if you were to praise this reform package, that wouldn't be very good for your candidates out there. she has to really start setting the scene in a different way. >> if it does pass the senate, goes back to the house and passes and gets to president trump's office and he signs the bill into law, this would be the first, big legislative victory for the president. what would it mean for him overall?
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>> it's another we'll see. it's one of the three or four things he promised he would do when he came into office. you hear the discussion coming out of the white house, hey, i've dealt with taxes. i'm dealing with immigration. national security. so, he's starting to setup what he believes is a good list of his accomplishments. democrats rightly can argue points against all of those things. >> do you think though that president trump is not getting credit? stock market is hitting record highs almost every day. it's up in anticipation of this tax bill. unemployment is down. by all accounts, the economy is doing well. is the president not getting his due do you think? >> probably. at the very -- a very tough environment these days. you have a split elect rat, split -- electorate and a split congress and if you praise the other side, you give them a message point and nobody is willing to do that right now. we'll see over time. you know, pretty soon within a
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year and a half or two years, we're going to be looking at a presidential election as well. >> brian, as always, we appreciate your thoughts. >> my pleasure. >> thank you. stay with ktvu through the night as we learn new information about the senate's plan and that revote in the house tomorrow. ktvu has learned that a san francisco police officer who committed suicide during a traffic stop in richmond was under investigation for lewd acts with a minor. officer antonio cacatian was pulled over yesterday near the hilltop mall. when richmond officers approached his car, they say he shot himself. he is also wanted for crimes in another state and she joins us now live from the hall of justice with more on all of this. tara? >> yeah, we just got off the phone with police in las vegas who say they were investigating cacatian for two counts of attempted lewd acts with a child under the age of 14. we are told that the incident happened three years ago and that the suspect was associated with the victim's family.
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this was not a case of a stranger molestation. it is a revelation that has been shocking not only to friends and family, but colleagues as well. antonio cacatian who was by all accounts well liked by his fellow officers committed suicide sunday afternoon. sources close to the investigation says he was under investigation for having sex with a girl under the age of 14. >> it's pretty scary. >> neighbors say they never saw it coming. >> being a cop, you would not expect anything like this from a cop and it goes to show people that have things that they are hiding they don't often look like the big, scary monsters. >> the nine-year veteran of the department who worked at park station was pulled over by richmond police on a traffic stop down the street from his home at hilltop mall. >> the car had window tint all throughout the vehicle, so it's difficult to see inside. so, they ended up using beanbag
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munition to break the glass. >> inside, they found cacatian had died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. sources tell ktvu the 49-year- old was under investigation by sfpd internal affairs for child molestation, sex with a girl under the age of 14. >> my mom actually runs a day care here and my children go here, so, you know, by this happening and seeing all this commotion last night, it kind of, like, drove me up a wall. >> tory's mother has a day care just three doors down from cacatian. >> when it makes me feel for the little children that are around here in this neighborhood, you know, and could be more aware of what's going on. >> we want to point out that cacatian was under investigation for child molestation, but he had not been charged. we reached out to the san francisco police department, but they declined to comment. cacatian leaves behind his wife and a grown daughter.
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live in san francisco, i'm tara moriarty, back to you. >> what about fellow officers? are they saying anything about this? >> they are really shocked quite frankly. they say this was a really nice guy. he was very friendly, very happy, generous, kind of liked to joke around. they are really sort of trying to reconcile the fact that this was somebody that they knew and got along with and respected with the information that they've learned over the past 24 hours. >> tara, thank you. the richmond police sergeant accused of opening fire at a high end san francisco hotel now faces felony gun charges. 45-year-old sergeant phillip sanchez was taken into custody early sunday at the four seasons hotel following reports of shots being fired. no one was hurt. his attorney says the sergeant had a mental health episode. he was taken to a hospital for evaluation. the man convicted of killing sierra lamar has been taken to san quentin prison, but not expected to stay there
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long. the prison confirms he arrived last thursday. that was two days after a judge in santa clara county sentenced him to life in prison without the possibility of parole for kidnapping and killing sierra lamar along with the attempted kidnapping of three other women. the prison expects him to only be at san quentin for about three months while he is assessed. he would then be sent to a higher security prison. san quentin is a lower level security prison for the general prison population. that, of course, does not include death row inmates. garcia torres spent five years in the main jail in santa clara during the long court process and trial. there are more claims tonight of sexual misconduct at san jose's presentation high school. today, two more former students said the school didn't do enough to respond to their complaints. they say they are coming forward because they want to help protect other students. one of the students says she wassexually abused by a math teacher in 2007 at the all
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girls school and another woman says her daughter was molested by her water polo coach. >> inappropriately touching her including hand holding, hugging and massages, exchanged inappropriate photos with her via snapchat, spent considerable time alone with my daughter including in the coach's car, had clearly shown favoritism towards my daughter and engaged in generally red flag predatory behavior. >> two other graduates recently came forward accusing presentation of not taking the alleged sexual abuse seriously. school officials have not commented on the new allegations. today, train cars were picked up and removed from the scene of that deadly train derailment near seattle. tonight at 5:30, we go live to the scene for late details on the investigation. also, the unexpected vacancy in the san francisco mayor's office. who is going to fill the seat permanently?
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we talk to a few of the candidates who will take part in next year's special election. coming up next, an east bay investigating if there are one or two arsonists targeting businesses, even a church. a wind shift today. the clouds coming in. chance of showers overnight. we'll let you know the timing of those showers and how they could impact your wednesday.
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there's been a rash of fires in antioch. investigators are trying to determine whether one or more arsonists could be to blame. our crime reporter henry lee joins us in pleasant hill with more. henry? >> julie, fire victims tell me there seems to be a common thread among some of these fires and that's the homeless. now investigators are trying to see if any transients are
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responsible for setting fires on purpose. >> this wall was the family wall of pictures. >> paula tried to walk through the charred debris, flowers, vases, christmas arrangements all gone after a fire tore through her flower shop early monday morning. >> that's where the pictures were. >> yeah. there's all the pictures. it breaks my heart. >> she said someone started the fire in this dumpster which was originally right up against the shop. she and her family have run the business on a street since the'40s. >> at first we thought it was the homeless because we have a big homeless problem in this area. now they are saying it could be an arsonist. >> she isn't the only one picking up the pieces. the homeless actually set our building on fire twice. >> down the street, this cremation company was forced to move because of fires in june and again in october. >> it's very frustrating that i have been told by members of the police department and fire department that they do know who is doing this, but it doesn't seem like much is being
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done. >> fire investigators say there's a lot being done. in fact, two homeless people have been arrested for fires along the railroad tracks. >> there are several fires in that area we have made some arrests for trying to tie all of the fires together is kind of our next step is to see which fires are related to which suspects and then which ones are just kind of one offs. >> he said investigators have reason to focus on the transient population. >> homeless people in particular seem to use fire as a weapon. >> late sunday night, this trailer at antioch church on the rock caught on fire. homeless people are known to live underneath. >> i think this time of year especially it's getting cold. i certainly don't know if it was arson, but my suspicion is that we have homeless folks who are trying to keep warm. they are finding places to shelter and maybe lighting a candle, maybe portable heaters, i don't know. >> with the cold weather setting in, fire investigators
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have to work meticulously to differentiate between accidental and arson fires. for now, the da has filed charges against one of the two suspects. ktvu fox 2 news. >> thank you, henry. now to the south bay where san jose's most famous downtown office tower has been sold for nearly $34 million and will now be restored. two investors have reportedly bought the bank of italy building along with an adjacent parking lot and another building that contains a nightclub. the bank of italy is 14 stories tall and located at 12 south first street near the corner of east santa clara street. it was built 09 years ago and -- 90 years ago and was the one time site of the branch of italy. it was a forerunner of bank of america. a long awaited opportunity for an iconic building in the heart of our downtown to get an overdue face lift, we recognize
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it's a beautiful, historic building that has not been well preserved over the decades. this is an opportunity to make this jewel shine. >> san jose mayor said he was thrilled to see the building purchased because it's one of the city's last remaining historic assets and a historic jewel in the downtown area. a nice, december, mild day around the bay area. let's go with more on the forecast. >> clouds moving in and some showers in the forecast probably. yeah, late tonight. not probably until after most of us go to bed, 11:00, 12:00 or something like that. not enough to really put a big dent in some of our rain concerns for december. as you look around the country, you can see that we have a little bit of weather to talk about down by dallas. i didn't pick up any flight delays down here, but some strong weather. strong thunderstorms down that way. moving into atlanta now. atlanta, dallas, check your carriers there. seattle you have a little rainfall and this is our system over here that we are tracking and as it slides south, we are
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going to see a few sprinkles show up. we are seeing showers in the far northern california right now. come in close and you can go closer now. here you go. you can see we're looking out. we have showers just to the north of us. heaviest around eureka. that's where the heaviest rain will be. we are on the far end of this system. the very southern end. showers will extend about as far south as monteray, but they will be very light. if we see a 10th of an inch in san francisco, that would be doing real well. i suspect we'll see lots of trace amounts and maybe a quarter of an inch towards santa rosa. temperatures cooler than last night with the cloud cover now. overnight lows will be warmer because of the showers or sprinkles and all this shower or most of this shower activity will occur after midnight between 10:00 and 11:00. you can see the lower levels. that's a little aalto stratus
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or aalto q there. you're seeing the clouds thickening up, the bases. the lower part of the atmosphere. we are getting ready. as you look at san rafael here for these clouds to thicken up and bring a few showers. not expecting great winds. not a big storm. in the mountains, winter weather advisory will go into effect and they'll see. some models suggest five to six inches of snow which would be great, but this isn't the storm we really want. the system we are tracking is back here. today, we did see the clouds increase and this system gets in here as we go in late tonight and early tomorrow morning. so, if you are going up to the mountains, if you have ski plans, i talked to somebody skiing up there the last couple days. a lot of snow believe it or not because they made so much. you might want to check it out. plus, heck, wednesday morning, tomorrow morning, by 11:00, you'll have maybe four inches of new snow. it might be kind of fun up there. i know a lot of folks have the week off. hopefully, you get to go up there. when i come back, we'll time
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out the actual rainfall with a computer model rendition. still to come, who will be the next mayor of san francisco? we'll talk to a few of the candidates look to go fill the seat by the sudden death of mayor ed lee. a staggering statistic at oakland schools. about a third of campus libraries are closed. we look into the problem depriechg -- depriving students of this resource. >> i would say the majority of schools do not.
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after the sudden passing of san francisco mayor ed lee, a special election is set to finish out his term in office. it is now set for june 5. >> right now, there are six potential candidates who are hoping to fill the role with more expected to put in the paperwork in the coming weeks. ktvu paul chambers talked with three men all of whom are hoping to become san francisco's next mayor. >> with the unexpected death of ed lee, the mayoral race for the city of san francisco is heating up more than a year earlier than expected. >> i'm not a career politician. i'm only 24. >> i've been in politics now for about a year and a half. i ran for district i supervisor and got a really good response at that point which was last year. >> i have a lot of passion, energy and now some expertise and experience in 0 years of public -- 20 years of public service i want to put towards the better. of san francisco. >> of that bunch, -- better
5:25 pm
debt emmerton of -- better. of san francisco. >> they have many issues they want to tackle. >> first and foremost those living on our streets unhoused and all the many reasons that have led them to lose their homes. >> i'm going to house as many people by the end of my term because that's a huge priority, homelessness issue. >> it's appalling to spend as much on homeless as on children and teachers and quality education. >> amy are also running for the office. we were unable to contact them. former san francisco board service angela has thrown her hat into the race, but didn't respond to our request for an interview. besides those who officially announced their running, there is speculation that kim, acting
5:26 pm
mayor brie could file paperwork. they have until january 9 to do so. that special election will be on june 5th. whoever wins that will be the city's mayor until january of 2020. as for brie, she says right now she would like to focus on her task at hand of running the city as the acting mayor. from there, she may throw her hat in, but it's still too soon so say. in san francisco, i'm paul chambers, ktvu fox 2 news. an amtrak train derails sending cars on to the highway below. coming up next, we'll take you live to the scene south of seattle with the latest on the investigation into this deadly accident. the city of san francisco facing a new lawsuit following a deadly police shooting of an unarmed carjacking suspect. sorry. i can't make it.
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crews were working to remove the mangled train cars from the freeway south of seattle. an amtrak train derailed yesterday morning killing three people and injuring more than 100 others. the train cars were then loaded on to semi trucks and driven away from the scene. ntsb investigators are looking into the speed that the train was traveling. they say it was going 50 miles per hour over the speed limit. dan springer is at the scene tonight in washington with late information on the investigation. dan? >> frank, sometimes there's a mystery aspect to these train accidents and other types of transportation accidents. not this one.
5:30 pm
it does look like speed was the major factor. ntsb got out here late last night and they got those two black boxes right away, began their investigation and it told them that train was going 80 miles per hour at a curve, a very sharp curve, so it does look like speed will be a determining factor. crews removing the amtrak train which derailed monday morning here in washington state, the train falling off an overpass sending cars on to the highway below. a total of 13 coming off the tracks in the deadly crash. >> this is a very careful, delicate operation. we have weather in the area, wind and rain. that can complicate the moves we're doing with the big cranes. >> the inaugural journey on a new by pass route, 85 passengers and crew on board at the time. federal officials say the event data recorder in the rear locomotive shows it was traveling at 80 miles per hour at the time, 50 miles over the speed limit at that location. >> once we get it removed from
5:31 pm
the scene, ntsb who has taken over the primary as the investigation for this will be able to conduct an investigation to document everything that occurred in those cars. >> we still don't know exactly what caused the train to derail or why it was traveling so fast. we do know that positive train control technology which can automatically slow a speeding train was not in use on this part of the tracks. >> once we have more detailed determination on that, we can take steps to prevent things like this from happening in the future. many of the dozens who were injured reminute maid park hospitalized tonight -- remain hospitalized tonight, 10 in serious condition. two of the three killed last night in this accident were real train enthusiasts. they were members of the rail passenger association and they were taking that inaugural trip from seattle down to portland on the high speed rail, a new route, and they wanted to be among the first to take it. frank? >> it doesn't seem to make any
5:32 pm
sense. you would think the engineer would see the curve. there have to be spoafted speed limits. he -- posted speed limits. he or schuh she would have to know -- she would have to know i'm way over the speed limit and i have to slow down regardless whether they have the technology or not. >> we found out two miles north of this curve, two miles north towards seattle, there is a speed limit sign that said warning, speed limit drops from the 70, 80-mile-per-hour speed limit that this train could travel at down to 30. so, there is warning and we're out here in daylight. you can clearly see that this is a sharp curve as you start to approach this highway tressel over -- tressel over i- 5. it doesn't make any sense why they were going so fast. we found out from the ntsb that the emergency braking system kicked in. it doesn't even appear as if the brakes were ever applied as they were coming into this curve. >> do we know whether the engineer survived and has he or she been interviewed?
5:33 pm
>> yes, the engineer survived. the conductor who was also in the cab survived. they have both been hospitalized but have not been interviewed. the ntsb says that will happen over the next couple of days. >> dan springer in washington state tonight. fire investigators are trying to determine what caused a two alarm house fire early this morning that killed one person in concord. firefighters were called to the home just before 6:30 today. when they arrived, the roof was engulfed in flames. soon after, fire crews say the roof collapsed. flames reached some nearby powerlines making it dangerous for fire crews and for neighbors concerned about the elderly woman who lived inside. > [ indiscernible ] >> powerlines very, very high. i go out and try to see what happened to the old lady. >> after the fire was out, firefighters found the victim's body. her name still hat not been
5:34 pm
released -- has not been released. fire investigators say the fire started at the back of the house, but there is no word on a cause. san jose police say a robbery suspect shot by a security guard inside a walgreen's last night has now died. the shooting happened at the walgreen's on south first street and santa clara avenue at 8:30 last night. authorities have not released the name of the person who died. they say officers were called to the store after the guard opened fire. when they arrived, they found a man on the floor with life- threatening injuries. as we mentioned, he later died at the hospital. police say the security guard is cooperating with the investigation. berkeley police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that left a woman badly injured. the driver sped away after striking that woman just before midnight last night near san pablo and foal injury avenues. -- folger avenues. the woman was taken to the hospital to highland hospital in oakland with serious injuries. police have no information about the vehicle or driver who left the scene. a bay area mother filed a
5:35 pm
civil rights lawsuit against the san francisco police officer today -- a san francisco police officer today. attorney spoke out about the lawsuit following an officer- involved shooting this month. >> john but aries is representing the -- burress is representing the mother of o'neal who was shot and killed by a san francisco police officer december 1. the officer who shot him is named in the suit. he had only been on the force for four days and the shooting happened during his field training. he and his field training officer were pursuing o'neal suspected of carjacking a van. they pursued him and he was cornered on a dead-end street, stopped the van and got out to run pass him and that's when o'neal was shot. they explained the details of their suit and the brief video that exists of the aftermath of the shooting. they allege when o'neal ran pass the passenger side of the patrol car, the rookie officer shot him through the window and struck him in the neck.
5:36 pm
the suit says officers violated numerous policies in this incident not only not turning on body cameras in time but did not issue warnings or commands for him to stop before using deadly force according to the lawsuit. >> at first i wanted to believe this may very well have been a panic shooting. a young officer who just panicked, but i don't have that view now. that view after seeing the tape and seeing the officer unholster his weapon, put a sight on mr. o'neal as he was coming up toward him and watching him all the way and as he got close to the car, he shot through the window. that's premeditation. that's deliberation. >> the suit also named the field training officer saying he did not "make any attempts to prevent the trainee from opening fire on an unarmed man." we reach out to san francisco police for a response and have not heard back from them.
5:37 pm
after the shooting happened earlier this month, police said o'neal was a carjacking suspect who shoved a state lottery worker to the ground before he grabbed her keys and stole her minivan and that's why they were pursuing him. community leaders also spoke at the end of this news conference here at the cornerstone missionary baptist church. they were very upset about what had happened and demand the board of supervisors and acting mayor brie remove the field training officer involved in this from his position that he be terminated from his position while this lawsuit is pending. in san francisco, ally radisonsmith -- radsmith. >> it is almost last call for an east bay restaurant longest serving employee. what she has to say about some of the celebrities she has showed to their tables over the years. the company's slogan is "what can brown do for you." now u.p.s.
5:38 pm
u.p.s. -- u.p.s. is going green. orders for tesla's semi truck. even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic.
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the trump administration is officially blaming the north korea for the wanna cry cyber attack earlier this year. he said the ransome wear attack was careles ransomware attack
5:41 pm
was care -- ransomware attack was careless and it cost billions of dollars. computers running windows were targeted freezing data and demanding a ransom payment in the form of bitcoin if users wanted their data back over careful investigation, united states is crediting it to north korea. we do not do it lightly and we do it with evidence. >> they say the uk, australia, canada and japan all share the same conclusion that north korea was behind the attack. bosser didn't say how the u.s. plans to act, but he did say holding pyongyang accountable is a good start. u.p.s. announced today its ordered 125 all electric semi trucks from tesla motors. it's the largest order yet for the trucks which are expected to go into production in 2019. each truck costs $200,000. that makes the order for u.p.s. worth about $25 million. tesla says it also received orders from wal-mart and pepsi.
5:42 pm
toys r' us may be the next big box store to close locations around the country. there are reports tonight that the chain could close 100 to 200 stores. it seems to be the next step after toys r' us filed for bankruptcy in september. there are no further details on when the stores would close or how many jobs could be at stake. it was hoping to see a bump in sales during the holiday shopping season, but now says it's actually seen a 15% decline. there's a new way for facebook users to control the pictures in which they are tagged. the facial recognition feature let's people see pictures of themselves that others have posted even if they haven't been tagged. if you don't like what you see, you can ask the person to take it down or leave yourself untagged. you can also flag it to facebook for violation of community standards. it is an expansion of an existing policy that allows you to untag yourself from pictures. the company is adding a service that will let blind people hear who is in pictures. coming up, she has been
5:43 pm
seating people at trader vick's in the bay area -- vic's in the bay area since 1960, but new year's day will be her last day on the job. why she once told pete rose he couldn't sit and eat unless he added a certain accessory. what would you want to do if your town wanted to get rid of some of your regular utility poles and replace them with something far higher than this with a cell phone tower on top? showers back in the forecast finally. we'll let you know when they get here and how much we can see and what it means for your wednesday morning commute.
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5:46 pm
it will soon be an end of an era of sorts at well known trader vic's restaurant in emeryville. the well known and colorful mate a deis planning to retire this month. -- maitre d'. >> at emeryville's trader vic's, et cetera getting the last call for the grand lady, longest lasting employee. claudette planning to hang up her trademark gardena on new year's eve. >> a very bitter sweet departure leer because my heart will always be -- here because my heart will always be here with every person that comes
5:47 pm
in. >> she says she truly loves the customers. they seem to love her back. >> her incredible sense of style and grace and she was always so welcoming with the biggest smile on her face every time. >> she began her career in 1960 at trader vic's in san francisco and stayed on when the restaurant moved to the east bay. she's a people person. >> i've never been shy. >> she has seated her share of celebrities perhaps none bigger than queen elizabeth who came in one day with first lady nancy reagan. >> i got there and they said you have to courtesy. i never courtesied in my life so i had to go to the ladies' room and get in front of that mirror and start practicing. actually, i think i did a good job. >> she wouldn't seat baseball legend pete rose until he put on a tie. that was policy back then. >> i said, excuse me, sir, but i do have a tie for you to borrow. >> her co-workers say it won't be as easy or as much fun without claudette. >> everyone she meets, she
5:48 pm
remembers their children, how old they are, their grand kids, what school they went to. it's very incredible. >> she plans to spend more time with her eight grandchildren. >> all the people that have touched my life and my heart at trader vic's will forever be with me. now it's getting emotional because i love them all. >> in emeryville, rob rod, ktvu fox 2 news. thousands of people in southern california will be spending the holidays in shelters, hotels or with friends and family members as crews continue to fight the out of control thomas fire. that fire has destroyed at least 750 homes in ventura and santa barbara counties. as of tonight, it's still only 50% contained. crews have gained ground over the past couple of days because of cooler temperatures and
5:49 pm
calmer winds, but gusty conditions that led to a big flare-up over the weekend are expected to return. as we told you, the area in santa barbara that's threated by fire is home to a number of celebrities. actor rob lowe is one of them. firefighters from san jose,milpitas and fairfield were among those who helped save rob lowe's home early sunday. rob lowe then invited the crew over for a home cooked dinner. the wife of one of the firefighters posted knees pictures on -- these pictures on facebook. her husband said rob lowe was a regular guy, humble and welcoming and says the food was delicious. >> great to see the pictures. let's go back to bill in the weather center for the latest on the conditions. how are those winds down there? >> it's just a better pattern for right now. winds are going the right way instead of offshore. they are onshore which is moister, cooler. they won't see sprinkles, but the relative humidity have gone from the single digits back into the 50%, to 60% range which will help firefighters
5:50 pm
greatly. the crucial time is tonight and tomorrow night when they get handle on it. after the low goes through, it will do what the last few did where it leaves a hole a-vacuum and the high jumps into it and the winds will start to circulate offshore. that's the florida wind condition for them -- santa ana wind condition for them. the winds should go offshore again which is not what the firefighters want. this quick, sliding through pattern will be very helpful. here it is there. you can see the showers mainly up around eureka. that's where the heaviest rain will be. we need rain. this isn't one to hang your hat on. there will be snow in the mound taps. maybe a half foot of snow. current temperatures reflect the cloud cover, mid-50s. san francisco airport. no flight delays expected from this particular pattern. the winds aren't such that you are going to see any real problems. san francisco tomorrow. we'll see some clouds and see a few sprinkles showing up. this is a model saying there will be a few sprinkles in the area early tomorrow morning. the morning commute dry from
5:51 pm
the sky, the three, -- 3:00, 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. might be wet from the sky, but by 6:00, 7:00 a.m., the commute will be dry from the sky, but you'll see a little wet on the roads and quick, clearing and then the winds starting to offshore again. you see it's coming out of the northeast. that's that offshore wind direction which we've become accustomed to in december. here we are tomorrow -- pardon me, tonight at midnight and then, boom, right through midnight to 3:00 a.m. your morning commute. after that, it's smooth sailing, dry, dry, dry and clear, clear, clear, and mild, mild, mild. it's all about lat -- late about midnight and if we get a 10th of an inch or quarter inch in san francisco, that would be huge. models are suggesting a 10th. there you go. the upshot to this is we have had fire danger on our minds because of the winds and low humidities and this will
5:52 pm
moisten the ground a little bit so it won't be quite so critical. santa barbara, julie, it will help quite a bit with the onshore wind they are going to see tonight and tomorrow. >> let's hope so. the fire has been going on so long. >> the largest in state history. >> the firefighters and people fighting pouring everything they have working so hard. bill, thank you. the santa clara county sheriff department was spreading holiday cheer today at a valley medical center. sheriff laurie smith brought friends along including the grinch, a few reindeer and elves to the pediatric unit to try to brighten the day for sick children. santa and even mrs. claus made an appearance. >> you can see smiles on the kids' faces. it means everything. what we can do for the kids is wonderful. i just want to squeeze every one of them and take them home. >> this is the second year the sheriff department has delivered gifts to children at valley medical center. a group of fired up homeowners taking on their
5:53 pm
city. their cause, 16 planned cell phone towers. coming up next, why residents say what one city on the peninsula is doing is a clear violation of the law. and in minutes, new at 6:00, a staggering statistic at oakland schools. about a third of campus libraries are closed. 2 investigates looks into the problem depriving students of this basic school resource. >> i know i was really just confused what this is. >> who organized this?
5:54 pm
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5:56 pm
there is a fight under way in hillsborough as cell companies look to rebuild their aging cellular towers. >> he spent the day looking into the controversy that could potentially be coming to your city next. >> he founded hillsborough residents against cell towers, a grass roots group that has received 1,400 resident signatures to fight 16 new or improved cellars to. -- cell towers. one could be as much as 20 feet taller than the utility pole here within distance of his home. he says the city did no publichearings, did no review and did not require the towers to be hidden or cam -- camouflaged. >> they have to do this by
5:57 pm
local laws. our laws are strong. >> they have lots of its own properties where it could put towers. one example, look at this. it would fit very nicely right atop that 50-foot tower and wouldn't have to be right next door to somebody's house. >> this is a very important case statewide. this could set a precedent if it is approved for massive cell towers looming over homes. >> that worries uc berkeley professor of public health who studied the harmful effects of wireless communications for decades. he says what cell phones and towers radiate can harm living creatures. >> tumors or cancer, particularly brain cancer to dna damage for example from cell towers and one's white blood cells to reproductive health effects and also many people are developing a sensitivity called electromagnetic hypersensitivity. >> the rich and powerful
5:58 pm
wireless industry fights please assertions hammer and tongue, tooth and nail saying their devices meet all federal guidelines. >> we are seeing biologic effects as well as cancer in humans from exposures that are currently way below the current guidelines. >> despite what the residents say are clear violations of its own laws, the city manager will decide on thursday whether to let the project proceed. >> so, there's a lot of fear i think among government bureaucrats about letting the population know about the real risks of cell phone hand sets as well as cell towers. >> we reached out to hillsborough's mayor and city manager, but they did not respond. however, the town's web site says "we encourage town residents to continue to reach out to share their comments on the applications with the city manager." many well-heeled folks from hillsborough say the law is on their side and the time for talking is over. ktvu fox 2 news.
5:59 pm
>> ktvu fox 2 news at 6:00 starts now. disturbing new information about a san francisco police officer who turned a gun on himself after getting pulled over in the parking lot of an east bay mall. >> being a cop, you would not suspect anything like this from a cop. >> ktvu has learned that officer was being investigated by police in las vegas in connection with crimes against children. good evening. i'm julie haener. >> i'm frank somerville. police in richmond say the officer shot and killed himself when he was pulled over in a parking lot of hilltop mall in richmond. authorities today confirmed that the officer was 49-year- old antonio cacatian. las vegas police say he was being investigated for inappropriate acts with a child. they say there was an incident back in 2014 that wasn't disclosed until last month and that the victim was known to the family. ktvu terry tara moriarty with
6:00 pm
the -- tara moriarty with the new information from police and investigators. >> antonio cacatian a former officer and marine, committed suicide monday afternoon. police in las vegas say he was under investigation for an attempted lewd acts with a girl under the age of 14, an incident that happened in 2013. >> it's pretty scary. >> neighbors say they never saw it coming. >> being a cop, you would not suspect anything like this from a cop and it goes to show that people that have things that they are hiding, they don't often look like the big, scary monsters. >> the nine-year veteran of the department who worked at park station was pulled over by richmond police on a traffic stop just down the street from his home at hilltop mall. >> the car had window tint all throughout the vehicle, so it's difficult to see inside. so, they ended up using beanbag munition to break the glass. >> inside, they found cacatian will died


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