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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 23, 2017 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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the 10:00 news on ktvu fox 2 starts now. good saturday evening everyone, i am alyana gomez. we begin tonight with working news out of southern california where police have shot a man carrying a machete who may have injured as many as eight people. it happened in canoga park, a neighborhood about 30 miles north of los angeles. the la police department said they received a call about the man saying he had a machete and was wearing a gas mask ma
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area neighbors say they heard police go into a home at about five gunshots were fired. they added that they believe as many as six children were inside during the incident. eight victims and the suspect were taken to the hospital and at this time we do not have information on their conditions, but once we do we will bring you more. now we are going to turn to meteorologist with our weather. >> temperatures for the morning hours neural freezing and we could be scraping ice off the windshield first thing tomorrow morning so just keep that in mind as we head into your sunday. around the bay not as cold, close to 40 degrees. inland areas low to mid 30s, some areas of frost. no freeze warnings or frost advisories in place. it is still a chilly start as we head toward december 24. satellite showing you this, you probably noticed the change throughout the day, lots of high cloud cover. a solid deck of high clouds, helping our temperatures not
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letting them get into the 20s across most of the bay area, but still we have a few upper 20s. the green showing up on the radar is falling way up above our heads. we still have a dry weather pattern at least for the short term. current numbers we will check in on the cool numbers with the santa rosa right now at 40 degrees. napa 44 and livermore down to the mid-40s. here is the live camera and a cool san francisco, definitely a coat or sweater tonight and into tomorrow morning. overnight lows just like this morning, cool spots down to near freezing. lots of 40s around the bay itself. that is the deal for tomorrow at least to start the day. there is a slight chance of a sprinkle later in the day and will have more than that coming up in a few. thanks mark. a young family with triplets who lost everything in the north bay wildfire thought christmas would be spent in a tiny one-bedroom trailer. but an act of kindness changed all of that, giving the family the best christmas gift of all. a more spacious place to call home. ktvu's rob malcolm has the story. >> reporter: this year that
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swan family received a gift that was too big to fit under the tree. >> it's awesome. we were living in this tiny teeny trailer and now we are going to have all this space and we're going to be able to spend a lot more time with our kids.>> reporter: displaced by the north bay wildfires, the family with triplets had nowhere to turn. they were hampered by rental restrictions and both worked full-time. they found housing unaffordable. >> we would contact people and we would say are you selling an rv and they would say yeah we are selling for it thousand dollars. -- for $8000 and we would say okay we can afford that. >> owns a stroke but this was priceless. -- >> reporter: but this was priceless. rv owners stepped in to help and donated this home on wheels.
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some ordinances had to be changed and for that kim remains thankful. >> it wouldn't be possible to do this in the county of sonoma had not contacted us five days after the fire and the county of mendocino offered it right away as well. >> reporter: the triplets turned to in february and now have 32 feet of space to roam. the first order of business?>> we are going to go home and put a tree in it. and wrap presents. >> reporter: if you have a home that wasn't damaged in the wildfires you can always help by hosting a family on your property. just go to tips from a volunteer organization that says fire victims need your help. >> we have rvs that we can loan or donate now and the reason why we haven't done that is we need homeowners to offer an opportunity to park an rv with a temporary dwelling permit. >> reporter: this home has four wheels, but it will give the
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family time to save. even without a chimney it suits this one's just fine.>> reporter: >> for us to get this for free is amazing. >> reporter: is a generous donation that won't solve all the problems for fire victims but for this family having a home on four wheels is something they didn't expect to find under the christmas tree this holiday season. rob malcolm, ktvu fox two news. another surprise for a bay area family just in time for the holidays. the u.s. navy surprised his two kids at a restaurant in san bruno today, he has been deployed to africa for the last nine months and just found out yesterday that he would be able to make it home. he says it is the biggest blessing to be home for christmas.>> i've been missing my boys birthdays, but to be able to see them at christmas.
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it's not a dull moment for us. >> he will be able to spend time with his family for the next eight months. >> we are now a few days from christmas and for some that means picking up last-minute gifts, but not all the people in san francisco's union square consider themselves procrastinators. [ music ] >> reporter: san francisco's union square acts like a magnet for shoppers on the last weekend before christmas. but don't call them procrastinators. they say they are here for the chair.>> everybody is more courteous and stuff, we are all citizens around here so this is a joyous time of the air. >> i reserve this day for a particular reason, i do all my shopping pretty much. but i like the last minute feeling,
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>> reporter: for this man union square was a homecoming. >> i've been coming here since i was six or eight with my mom and it's magical. it's the place to be.>> reporter: we've met a lot of people from since -- sacramento. this woman is on the trip that she hopes turns out to be a family tradition. >> after finals my dad was like okay girls, were taking you to union square to go shopping. i'm super excited and tonight we are going to see aladdin.>> reporter: so far it is a good day. the holiday spirit cost us to shout to people on the trolley. there we go, and fake santa. does the hat have something to do with it? and there were plenty of dogs and jackets, santa hats, ice skaters, festive officers, a
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christmas dinosaur and even a health-conscious santa claus. >> remember to eat your vegetables. >> reporter: all at union square to round out your very merry san francisco holiday. did we really expect anyone to admit on camera that they were doing last minute shopping? if anyone was out here looking for christmas spirit i think they found it here in union square. in san francisco tonight lee martinez, ktvu fox 2 news. >> a station is open after a fire on the track cost at the close today. when san francisco fire said there were flames on the part tracks after just a few minutes officials tweeted they were allowing trains to the station again. the station reopened at 320, no injuries were reported. and in the cities tenderloin neighborhood, investigators are trying to determine the cause of a fire that broke out around 11:00 this morning. it happened on mason and eddie street, a brick building
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under renovation. firefighters were able to put that out by 1245. authorities say the restaurant on the lower four called the little deli was damaged but luckily no one was injured. [ music ] turning now to southern california where the thomas fire has now become the largest wildfire in states history. cal fire says the massive blaze has burned more than 273,000 acres in ventura and santa barbara county. more than 1000 structures have been damaged or destroyed and with about 2500 firefighters on the fire line, they have it about 65% contained. today mourners honored the firefighter who died battling the fire. [ music ] friends, family, fellow firefighters and governor jerry brown all attended a memorial service for 32-year-old corey iversen.
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he died of burns and smoke inhalation on december 14. iversen was a member of cal fire's san diego unit since 2009. he leaves behind a two-year-old daughter and his pregnant wife who calls him a superhero at today's service. >> let there be no doubt to anybody in this room, that corey iversen died a hero. corey iversen lost his life for a very simple reason. he put others first. >> fire officials are still investigating the circumstances that led to his death. today governor jerry brown commuted the sentence of a 57- year-old woman who is serving life in prison without parole. candace lee fox has spent 33 years behind bars for a 1984 killing despite a disputed plea agreement that called for her release after 7 1/2 years. a federal appeals panel upheld her murderous sentence last year. two of the judges said the state should consider clemency. fox was among 132 pardons and commutations announced. back today acting mayor london
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read took to twitter to announce a memorial for former mayor ed lee. it is scheduled to be held a week from today in seattle washington. it is open to the public and begins at 11 am. mayor lee passed unexpectedly on december 12 after suffering a heart attack while grocery shopping in san francisco. coming up several top executives resigning from the miss america organization amid a scandal involving a string of sexist emails. we will have the details after the break. and warriors maybe look past their opponent tonight anticipating the cavs matchup on christmas day. we will be back with details after the break. when the story deserves to be told, number two investigates. -- 2 investigates. when the subject is that important, journalists
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dedicated to finding answers and getting results, number two -- 2 investigates. only on ktvu fox 2 news, if you got a story contact fox to investigates.
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a shakeup for the miss america organization and now several top officials have resigned amid a series of crude emails. >> reporter: miss america's chief executive, chief operating officer and board chair calling it quits saturday, the exits come after reports this week detailing vulgar emails mostly written by ceo sam haskell. >> the statements that were circulated in all those emails, which their names are on them, there is no doubt that it was these individuals, are just completely unacceptable. >> reporter: miss america 2008, kristin hagel is among the beauty pageants former contestants who have been calling on top bosses to quit.
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>> needs to be wholesale change for the miss america branch to be able to read organize. >> reporter: in another email the disgrace to ceos that he wished a particular miss america had died. and a message between the organizations top staffers appear to show them mocking the weight of 2013 miss america winter mallery hagan. >> this is an organization that is -- it's folder manner -- its fundamental values are based on women being an integrity of said people of integrity and character. >> reporter: this comes after a petition for the group's leadership to step down. >> there been so many amazing women who have tried to come forward and change this. and tried to change the culture.>> reporter: the emails already costing the pageant it's television partner. and raising lessons about the future of the nationally televised broadcast.
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in new york david lee miller ktvu fox two news. the founders of vice media are apologizing after allegations of sexual harassment at the companies. one woman says she was fired after rejecting an executive. more than two dozen other women say they experienced or saw sexual misconduct at work. the cofounder says they let people down by allowing the boys club environment. vice is known for its two news programs that air on hbo. and according to reports from tmc actors sylvester stallone has been speaking with a powerful criminal defense lawyer. the entertainment website says the 71-year-old actor is looking into filing a police report against a woman who claims he raped her in his office. the alleged attack happened back in 1990 in santa monica, the accuser has already filed a police report but stallone claims she is the one who committed the crime by lying on a police report.
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stallone says the rape allegation is a lie. [ music ] well if we think it's cold here, with temperatures below the 30s, the big chill will be happening across the country as we head toward sunday but especially into monday. as we put this into motion across the nation we will take this into sunday morning, look toward fargo, temperatures up there are down below zero and then look what happens as we take this into monday, christmas day. a big surge of cold air setting up and you can see -19, -7, eight degrees in chicago so here is a bitterly cold air mass moving into the portions of the uss we had to work monday. today though has been a stormy day for the nation's midsection approaching the northeast, that is what's happening if you're doing short-term traveling. but out west we have a lot of clouds, the satellite showing you mostly cloudy skies over a good portion of california and up to our north as where pearly -- as well.
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there is a slight chance of a sprinkle close to the surface but for the most part a lot of clouds for tonight and hold onto that theme into sunday force december 24 heading toward christmas eve. here is looking, hayward 51, livermore in the mid-40s already, five degrees. in san francisco our sky cast showing you this tomorrow morning, 7:00 cloudy skies and then in the afternoon hours more cloud cover, by 12:00 mostly cloudy 55 degrees and then by 3:00 still some kids scattered high clouds, temperatures in the 50s. we are holding onto some cloud cover throughout the day on sunday, may be partly cloudy skies at best. if you see rain showers to the north, we will let you know if we have showers that could be approaching the bay area as we head toward christmas. chp is investigating a death after a woman was found in a tent on a san jose highway. she was found around 330 this afternoon on highway 280 just south of winchester boulevard.
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authorities say she was not hit by a car and they are still looking into how she died. the deliverance ministry will be giving away blankets, tarps and other supplies to homeless camps in san jose. the camp is located on felipe a road over the 101 overpass. she says they are aiming to save lives as the number of homeless deaths in santa clara county has more than clippard -- tripled in recent years. 132 homeless people died in the county just last year. and investigation is underway after a shooting at a bowling alley in cupertino. it happened last night, two groups of people started fighting and throwing chairs toward the end of a birthday party for a local wrapper. investigators say two people began firing dozens of shots after the fight. i just ran to the bathroom, at first i was going into the boys bathroom and then gunshots started happening from the
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bathroom. i thought if i ran to the girls bathroom i would be safe in there, thinking it was all guys. that they were part of this but then when i heard how close the guys bathroom is, when i started hearing gunshots coming from that way i knew i had to leave it >> one person was shot in the leg but those injuries are said to be non-life-threatening. one person was arrested and at least two firearms were found by investigators. and iconic bay area dj has died. pam warren better known as pam the songstress died after a recent organ transplant surgery. she is best known as being a dj for prints and a member of the crew a politically charged hip- hop group. she grew up on the plants in the -- the peninsula. she was just 51 years old. new tonight at 10 some bay area music fans are surprised to find that a longtime radio station has now been rebranded. the station, live 105, was
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known for annual concerts like dfd and not so silent night yet according to an announcement on the radio social media page it said welcome to your bay area home for new alternative, alt 105.3. so far it seems that the playlist isn't changing much and it is unclear how the rebranding will affect on air personalities. we are in the final days before christmas. if you are a last minute shopper you are in luck. as jonathan glynn reports amazon has technology to ensure your delivery arrives on time.>> reporter: inside amazons prime dell hub, workers are cruising at a brisk pace. >> this facility is a miniature version of our large 1.1 million square foot facility in kenosha. >> reporter: filling all matter of orders. >> this is exclusive to prime members. >> reporter: these items will be delivered in one hour or two. >> we are delivering everywhere, north from brown south to oak creek and even out
10:21 pm
as far as pewaukee. >> reporter: the building has a strategic layout where items seem to be arranged randomly.>> it is something called random stowe.>> reporter: hubs are stocked with items people typically one right away. >> everything from grocery items like bananas two toiletries, two cleaning products as well as electronics and toys.>> reporter: prime now orders can be placed the night of christmas eve. >> the last possible order needs to come in well before 9:15 pm but if you are procrastinating you can still order up to 914 and we will deliver by midnight.>> reporter: even the most indecisive shoppers can still come through though they truly waited until the last minute. >> the second you place your order on the free prime now app is probably being located in the facility within limits. -- within minutes.
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coming up bay area rapper mr. fab gets into the holiday spirit and we will show you the event he hosted today to give back to the community. [ music ]
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complete bay area news coverage, ktvu fox 2 news at six. in the philippines almost 200 people have died and dozens are missing following a tropical storm that led to fast flooding and mudslides. the storm struck the southern part of the philippines, specifically mindanao island. a number of homes there have been varied by boulders and officials say countless families have been left homeless. in the mideast palestinian protesters clashed with israeli troops in bethlehem. the general assembly of the un voted to denounce president trump's recognition of israel -- jerusalem as israel's capital.>> reporter: two weeks
10:25 pm
after president trump's controversial decision on jerusalem violent clashes and protests continue around the world. in the nearby palestinian city of bethlehem is rightly soldiers and palestinians battle again. though the demonstrations have shrunk in size since president trump announced his unilateral decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital, the clashes interrupting what is normally a very festive holiday season. palestinian president issuing a christmas message, calling on the international christian community, to quote listen to the indigenous christians from the holy land and reject president trump's recognition of jerusalem as israel's capital. meanwhile the fallout from thursday united nations vote condemning the vote -- the announcement continues. nikki haley inviting the representatives from the nine countries that voted with america against the un resolution to a thank you
10:26 pm
reception. president trump's earlier threat to cut aid to countries that voted against the position, the threat largely being ignored with more than 120 countries voting in favor of the un measure including usl eyes germany, france and the united kingdom. several countries receive a lot of usaid, like afghanistan, jerusalem and egypt. >> still ahead of federal judge partially lifts the ban on -- and the wife of a deployed military member finds a way to include him in her holiday photos. we will tell you about the photo bomb you'll never forget. [ music ] ♪
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a federal judge in seattle partially lifted president trump's ban on certain refugees today, the band prevented people from some mostly muslim countries from joining family legally living here in the us. the judge ordered the federal government to allow certain refugees but not for people who do not have a quote bona fide relationship to a person in the united states. the president added an enhanced screening program for refugees back in october. now that congress is on break for the holidays they have left a large to do list for the new year including challenges on healthcare, immigration, and funding the government. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says he expects to see a shift in his chamber when congress returns next year. -- >> reporter: the to do list is long and it is not new for congress in general but this congress left town for the holidays and did not do themselves any favors for
10:30 pm
january. they passed a stopgap measure to keep the government open for a few weeks. here is what congress did not address. they did not fund the government passed january 19. they did not reauthorize the controversy all domestic program long-term. they did not deal with deferred action for childhood arrivals the program that protects immigrants who were brought to the usa legally as children and they did not deal with ada for the many natural disasters we've seen this year. as part of the trade for his yes vote on the tax bill arizona senator jeff flake says majority leader mitch mcconnell promised to hold a vote on bipartisan d aca legislation in january. democrats wanted it dealt with before then. >> every day over 100, 120 something d aca recipients, lose their status. we need action, we need it soon. >> reporter: the controversial spy program was only extended
10:31 pm
till the 19th and when congress picks it up it won't be easily agreed upon. senators like ron white and kentucky's rand paul have major concerns. then there is military funding, some of the more hawkish republicans say that needs to be a priority.>> our military's resident -- readiness is hurting. we need to fund our military appropriately but i think we've got to do the cr because it is the appropriate responsible thing to do here but we got to get defense appropriations here. >> reporter: they decided to extend the recess, they were said to come back on january 3 but now they won't come back to work until the eighth. in washington, i am allison barber, fox news. we have learned today that a deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe is set to step down in early 2018 according to reports. the 49-year-old will retire as soon as he becomes eligible for pension benefits. mccabe has been the target of attacks from the president and his republican allies over alleged anti-trump bias in the agency.
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today the president tweeted that mccabe is racing the clock to retire with full benefits. a suspicious package was delivered to the home of the u.s. treasury secretary, the bomb squad down the street at stephen miniature speller home tonight as they investigated that package. they say a neighbor called police after seeing the package outside wrapped in holiday paper. it was addressed to senator manu jen and i'm sorry secretary minna jen and was from quote the american people. los angeles people -- los angeles police say they do not believe managing was home. a family in florida -- one military wife came up with a unique way to keep her husband caused but as -- close but as we report -- >> reporter: the holidays can be the toughest time of year for deployed military members. >> this is our first christmas apart.>> reporter: leilani
10:33 pm
clark makes up for it by bringing her husband with her in the form of a cardboard cutout. >> i take him everywhere that he thinks he is missing but is usually not because he's right here with me.>> reporter: the infantry specialist terrence clark, the real one that deployed six months ago, just got back without telling marana. >> you spend a lot of time together and then you're just gone. >> reporter: she recently went to a holiday light show in north carolina and brought cardboard terrence along to take pictures but looked over her shoulder at the ultimate photo bomb. her friend snapped the picture then showed it to mariah on the camera and>> i wanted to do something for her that would be a big deal to her, something that would be really memorable. >> reporter: mariah didn't expect him to come home for another month. for the next two weeks she will get to swap out the cardboard cutout for the real thing. caroline shively fox news.
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>> so many sweet reunions coming out and here in the bay area mr. fab hosted his 13th annual toy giveaway spreading holiday cheer. hundreds of kids and families made the way to the wrappers clothing store in oakland called dope era on market street near 45th street. kids were able to pick up donated clothing, toys and sleeping bags. there was facepainting and plenty of food to go around. mr. fab says he is appreciative of all the people that donated toys and helped put the event on. san francisco firefighters spent the day spreading holiday cheer, more than 400 children received donated toys and bikes today. the toy program usually holds a letter writing contest for kids who want toys. this year the program was able to give all of the applicants bikes or toys. -- >> we are about family here. we all have our own families and we want to make sure these families are all happy today and they have a great day.
10:35 pm
>> kids were able to take photos with santa himself and his elves. still ahead a mysterious siding in the skies above southern california. >> you've never seen nothing crazy like that. >> after the break we will tell you the explanation behind the unusual light display witnessed by thousands of people. and in the weather lots of clouds throughout most of the day, coming up will let you know if that's going to continue through christmas. also we will update the five day forecast and maybe track a slight chance of sprinkles. [ music ] sorry. i can't make it.
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some people thought it was a ufo, other just weren't sure at all, but regardless unusual lights in the sky over los
10:38 pm
angeles last night sent social media ablaze. >> reporter: wow, talk about friday night lights, this light show in the sky over los angeles sending social media alight with speculation. >> at the ufo or something. >> you guys it's really weird. >> reporter: despite the recent revelations that the pentagon's now-defunct secret government program to investigate ufo sightings in this tweet from elon musk it wasn't a ufo, nonetheless one from north korea. back at space exes rocket launch from vanderburgh air force base in southern california >> i've never seen nothing crazy like that>> reporter: why the cool light show? it's just physics. mix water vapor with the high altitudes and you get stemming images like this.
10:39 pm
-- stunning images. most people had no idea that it was successfully carrying 10 satellites. instead they were wondering if we were experiencing independence day over christmas. in los angeles will car locks -- fox news. >> what a sight it was last night in los angeles. >> you have to look up at the sky but it's really hard to see things and apparently that's not the case yesterday. it was an amazing sight up there. i actually saw some footage from arizona as well. here in the bay area we just had an image of clouds over a good portion of the area, a big blanket of clouds covering most of the state from los angeles toward the bay area, even toward the pacific northwest as well. some green showing up on the radar but most of this is falling way up above our heads and not reaching the ground. we have mostly cloudy skies for tonight and the current numbers even with cloud cover are pretty chilly. we have 40s out toward santa
10:40 pm
rosa and napa eventually reaching the 30s overnight. san francisco 50 degrees, san jose 50, fremont is around 48 degrees. looking out toward san francisco, union square for tonight you want to bundle up tonight and once again tomorrow morning, no big changes in the temperature trend but we will be bumping up those numbers a little bit as we head into next week. a chilly start, once again we could have some areas of frost out there on the windshield, and portions of the northbay especially. low to mid 30s around the bay, we do not have any frost advisories or freeze warnings. we do have this system, on satellite you can see what's happening. it's being stretched out. there is not a lot of strength to this guy, it's a cloud producer for us. we once hoped this would bring rainfall by sunday but it looks like the main shower chance will be up to our north. it looks like a day tomorrow kind of like today with filtered sunshine and then here is the week system moving in sunday night. there is a slight chance of a
10:41 pm
sprinkle primarily up into northbay and that's about it. that chance might be removed pretty quickly as we head into the next forecast update for tomorrow. showing you the clouds for your sunday, here we are at 9:00 tomorrow morning, still some cloud streaming into the bay area, sunday at 5 pm you will notice green up to our north here, that will be the source of at least a slight chance of a sprinkle and then christmas morning we are starting out partly cloudy and we scale back on the clouds throughout the afternoon on christmas. we are taking a look at the forecast for monday, morning cloud cover temperatures mid 30s to mid 40s and by 4:00 57 to 62 degrees. these are all the honest gifts right here, already wrapped for her. we are expecting clearing skies as we head toward christmas. forecast highs for tomorrow mid to upper 50s, santa rosa 55, san francisco 56. a few neighborhoods could be approaching 60.
10:42 pm
look ahead, your five day forecast and still pretty quiet. a slight chance of a spring by sunday night, and temperatures will be trending up later in the week. i will say some of the forecast models hinting at maybe a pattern change, we will have to wait for the new year, maybe january 6 or seventh, around that timeframe, so we watching, >> are we talking rain? >> possibly simmering but hopefully we will hold onto that, door 2018. >> we could sure use it. all right mike thanks so much. well that is it for mark and i but sports is coming up next. just how secure is jack's future with the raiders? the story on the way. how 12 straight wins took an unexpected turn. after the break.
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[ music ] fox news sports rap starts now. yes it does, i am scott reese, this one had trap game written all over it. the warriors, winners of 11 straight the big christmas day showdown with the clouds -- calves looming but first in strolled the denver nuggets. seth curry still in street clothes but getting close, that is good news. 1st quarter dream on green on the defensive, watch them anticipate behind the back, steals it from the floor, log it up for jordan dell and did he really just, yeah he did with a paul throws it down. 2nd quarter, turnover patrick mccall going to take it coast to coast and the foul, denver still up by two. wilson chandler a li


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