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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  December 29, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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i think we are ahead but we have a lot of work to do. especially when it comes to the trans-community.. sexual harassment and to focus statewide is a new law goes into effect the first of the year. a lot of attention paid to the movement as sexual harassment has been a national
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discussion.>> a state law goes into effect january 1 concerns a group activists say has been overlooked in that conversation.>> more on the new law and who it protects.>> reporter: that new law expands protections for victims of sexual harassment. specifically for transgender people experiencing harassment at work. from a threatened band in the military to a number of so- called bathroom bills in several states transgender people faced hurdles in 2017. at oaklands lgbt center when i asked the director to sum up what kind of year it has been for transgender people he took us into a room and showed us a wall of photos of trans people. who had been killed in hate crimes. >> that is not even the whole year. this is half of the year. trans people are being killed because they are transgender.>> this speaks to what we believe
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is the most marginalized community of people in america.>> reporter: he hopes the momentum from the me to movement reflected by times person of the year cover showing women breaking silence will extend to transgender people in the workplace.>> they have to constantly remind people that they are not a he or she. they might be a day. they might be he and you might be calling the machine.>> reporter: a new state law that goes into effect in 2018 requires companies with 50 or more employees to provide training to supervisors on gender identity gender expression and sexual orientation.>> we want to make sure everyone has the information they need to treat transgender people equally and with respect and people understand the law requires trans people are treated equally.
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>> reporter: veronica is the first openly transgender person to serve on the city panel in san francisco history. she told us by phone she supports the law but hopes transgender people will help with the training.>> they have people that are not trans- implement the law. and do the work. i would rather them allow trans- people -- there are plenty of us qualified.>> reporter: supervisors have to undergo two hours of sexual harassment training every two years. that is not changing. the subject matter is changed to include education on transgender issues. >> all of the members of the presidents advisory council on hiv aids were fired this week. by the trump administration. according to the website. 10 members all of whom were appointed by the obama administration on wednesday received letters that the administration was terminating their employment and they could
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reapply. the executive director said that changing the makeup of the federal advisory committee member is a common occurrence during administration changes. a month-long investigation uncovered a drug ring sneaking methamphetamine mail into a woman's jail. and ruben spoke with investigators who say the suspect dipped letters and envelopes and liquid meth and mailed them to inmates.>> reporter: authorities have six people in custody. they are searching for for more. part of a massive conspiracy to sneak drugs into the maple street correctional center. >> one of our correctional officers while disturbing the mail noticed that a piece of mail appeared to be tampered with.>> reporter: the envelope and contents had been dipped in liquefied methamphetamine.>> once it is liquefied in the paper source can absorb the
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material. >> reporter: and investigation turned up more. they believe suspects on the outside rescinding the drug laced paper to female inmates for sale on the inside. people choose -- to the paper to ingest the drugs.. then the people who had the drugs were distributing further distributing it to others. >> reporter: search warrants turned up 10 ounces of methamphetamines and several thousand dollars in drug proceeds. the resulted in the arrest of 54-year-old richard wood.>> it was going on for some time. we don't know how long before. certainly the investigation revealed that there were several such mailings that went to the jail.>> reporter: the five inmates have been rearrested in connection with the clients. they could get years added to their sentences.>> some people think they will get away with it. the fact is there are more eyes and ears on people who are in custody then one would imagine.
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it is really a foolish undertaking. >> reporter: four suspects are still at large. the others are set for a hearing on january 8. we want the public to know again that there are no credible threats. it is important they see offices. there will be something you won't see.>> in san francisco law enforcement preparing for the city's big new year's eve celebration. they will have extra security measures in place after a foiled terrorist attack on christmas appear 39. even with no credible threats public will notice a very strong police presence along the embarcadero. fbi will be helping with security. it is scary we have to be at that point. if it works and helps people feel safe it is worth it.>>
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police will be out in full force on sunday evening. no discretionary time off is being granted. fireworks are illegal in san francisco. if you would like to see fireworks don't set them off yourself. go to the show at the embarcadero and leave it to the professionals. part is getting ready for a big night. 195,000 people are expected to use the transit agency sunday night. peak times on new year's eve between 10:30 pm and 1:30 am. bart spokespersons appeared on the. talked about ridership and what the transit agency is doing to beef up security.>> we have had a game plan that has worked in the past. putting every officer available out on trains and in stations to keep the peace. we get assistance from the alameda county and san francisco county sheriff. the transit security administration has its own team of security air marshals who can patrol train cars.>> trains
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will run every 20 minutes after midnight with extra trains standing by in downtown san francisco after the firework show. service will run until 3 am new year's day. ac transit making sure people get home safely. for the third year the transit company is offering free fares on all bus lines starting at 8 pm. new year's eve through 5 am new year's day. the fare boxes and clipper card readers will be covered and will not accept payments during these hours. bus service on january 1 will operate on a sunday schedule. medical marijuana users making a mad dash to dispensaries this week. why they are stocking up ahead of monday's legalization of recreational pot. dangerous arctic air will keep the midwest east and south shivering into 2018. temperatures fall at dangerous lows.
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what we are learning about two already dead from the cold. not so cold. overnight lows not as chilly as they happen. towards the weekend it is pretty good. rain is in the five-day forecast. food tastes better when you don't have to cook it. he was just supposed to be my dog. i don't know why. (vo) we're proud that, on behalf of our owners, the subaru share the love event will have donated over one hundred fifteen million dollars in just ten years. get 0% financing for 63 months on select models. plus we'll donate $250 to charity.
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heading into the new year's weekend impaired drivers are a threat. law enforcement is out and sobriety checkpoints are up and running. we will get back to that story in short order. about two hours in from now
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deborah does. let's take a look at herpes talking about checkpoints.>> reporter:'s. we will move on. it authorities investigating a deadly workplace shooting. a man walked into a law firm where he worked in shot two-man -- it happen in north long beach not far from the airport. they got the call at 2:30 pm. dozens of officers including members of a s.w.a.t. team surrounded the law office. the gunman killed himself after opening fire. one of the victims died. a second man who was wounded drove himself to the hospital. cell phone video from a neighboring building. it will show people running from the law office in terror. officials are not releasing the names of the people who were killed until their families are notified. police have not provided in the. any information or motive.
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three people dead in a workplace shooting in houston. a former employee at an auto shot -- shop talk -- shot two employees. the shop was busy with customers and workers when the shooting took place. the motive is not known. family and friends of those who work at the auto shop stopped by to pay respects. in california you can call it the green rush. ethical marijuana users flocking to dispensaries ahead of the. legalization of pot monday. people with prescriptions are trying to beat the crowds.>> reporter: the line is usually not out the door in the afternoon. california is days away from legalizing cannabis. abby scheier a vendor based in san francisco is here. >> we sell to the dispensaries. i was making sure they are
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stocked up for use on monday.>> reporter: among the thousands of patients bindweed before the state imposes taxes. >> the last few days have been crazy. patients are coming in and stacking up before the taxes go up in the new year.>> reporter: director of operations tells us because of legalization customers can expect a 10 to 30% increase on the product price depending on the product. ethical patients are buying up edibles.>> the brownie is one of our favorites.>> reporter: before dosage requirements go into effect the limit edibles to 10 milligrams of thc with no more than 100 milligrams allowed in a single package. to prevent a negative experience if a child or pet accidentally and just the product.>> the regulars have carved out capsules for people who need more than 100 milligrams.>> reporter:
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harbourside is ready for the rush by adding more registers and staff monday. for some it means actually looking forward to the start of the week. >> i am ready for monday. i think it is going to be exciting and crazy. a complete change for the industry.>> reporter: they easily served over 1000 customers today. they expect bigger crowds on the first. harborside will open at 6 am monday. they are giving away free prizes and gifts to the first 100 in line. arctic blast causing weather across the country. officials in chicago warning people to stay inside and off the roads. two people died from hypothermia. in new york the temperatures have caused a part of lake erie to freeze. an ice to form around trees and benches. record lows in the new year. temperatures are causing extra concern for the homeless.>> many of them are suffering from
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some chronic mental illness. they may not therefore have the facilities to realize i have to get in out of the cold. scrap parts of the south will get lows in the 20s. some areas in florida preparing for a chance of snow next week. snowpack levels in the sierra are lower than last year. results showed the snowpack in the tahoe basin 30% of normal. skiers and snowboarders have snowcapped peaks. the snow is man-made. the ski resort has been able to make sure there is 12 inches of snow. to ski on.>> i was so nervous. there would be no snow. we pulled around the mountain and we saw it covered we were excited.>> the water for them snow comes from ponds. the skiers are sneak -- skiing down last year snowfall. let's bring in bill martin.
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a nice run of weather. very dry. we talked about the cold in the midwest. areas like that -14 in fargo. 39 degrees atlanta. the cold extend south. flight delays in chicago from deicing airplanes. 3 degrees windchill chicago. -10 in green bay. check out fargo. -39 degrees. that is a windchill. that is cold. nothing like that here. temperatures will be like they have been all weekend. there are changes coming. this rolls in the middle to end of next week. which will set us up with rain in the forecast. rain to the north of us around the seattle area. december record dry december for many parts of the bay area as well as the mountains. showers in -- county.
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as far south as they go. we end up with a day saturday and sunday similar to today. current temperatures. 39 santa rosa. not as cold. 5 degrees -- warmer than last night at this time. these are the highs from today. those will be the highs tomorrow. lots of low 60s. we do have rain to talk about. in the meantime business as usual. for this bay area weekend. heading into the new year's weekend impaired drivers are a threat. law enforcement is out in droves. sobriety checkpoints are up and running. deborah joins us now with santa rosa at one of those checkpoints.>> reporter: 2 1/2 hours in and police have screened 750 cars and made to arrest for duis. we are on college avenue.
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a busy connector between santa rosa and the freeway. every bay area city has its own trouble spot.>> what a way to come down for the holidays. a field sobriety test for this young woman. pulled out of a line of drivers inching through a checkpoint. she said she was heading home from work but have a drink first.>> in an ideal world we would not arrest anyone. everyone would be following the law.>> reporter: in the real world john drivers kill people every day. the happy holidays are the most deadly time of year. this crash on highway 12 in sonoma county took the lives of a mother and daughter as they drove to school earlier this month. the accused driver a repeat offender crossed over and hit them head on.>> preventing tragedy is why law enforcement is looking for the drunk and
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drugged driver especially now when people are out socializing more. and perhaps consuming more than they might other times of year.>> you should not drink and drive. not everyone understands how alcohol affects them. once you have had a couple drinks your reasoning isn't as good. sometimes you make the wrong decisions.>> reporter: agencies run the checkpoints with established guidelines. getting the cars off the road when they find unlicensed or impaired drivers.. some people could not stand up they got out the car.>> reporter: the decision to drive under the influence is in a personal choice. because it puts others in danger. these few minutes of evaluation at the window are critical.>> officers are trained in recognition for driving under the influence. we ask specific questions. it is a simple yes or no question. have you been drinking tonight?. the woman who admitted to
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wondering was arrested. she got a citation and a relative the ride home and spared a trip to jail for now. not feeling fortunate but perhaps she was spared something worse.>> i have five officers going to a funeral tomorrow for a chp officer who was killed by a suspected drunk driver last week. it affects law enforcement as well.>> reporter: he is referring to the service for a beloved chp officer and family man. hit and killed christmas eve by a dangerous driver. while out looking for dangerous drivers. 1500 vehicles will pass through this checkpoint between now and 3 am. a public memorial service is held tomorrow as mentioned by deb for call -- for fallen officer andrew cavaliere. it will begin at 8:30 am at the christian life center in
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stockton. he had been a member of the chp for 16 months. moments ago he leaves behind a wife and three children. coming up christians under attack. the assault on a church in egypt that left 10 people dead putting a police officer. stefan curry come back tomorrow. scary moments for the warriors and their fans. details later in sports. new york city dealing with the deadliest fire in decades. a one-year-old child is among the dead.
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yesterday's apartment fire in new york city is called the city's deadliest and almost 30 years. after killing 12 including four
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children. fire officials say a three-year- old started the fire when he was playing with this though. his mother said the kitchen was on fire when she heard him screaming. is spread quickly up the five- story building leaving people unable to escape.>> travels up the stairway and acted like a chimney. people had very little time to react. they could not get back down the stairs.>> it was just two people. my sister and the baby. smoke overcame her. everything happened so quick.. the residents were able to get out the building -- were forced to wait for help on the fire escape. in the bitter cold. well- known author sue grafton has died at the age of 77. she passed away last night in santa barbara. she had been battling cancer for some time. she was known for her best- selling series of alphabetical titles.
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mystery novels. she worked as a screenwriter before releasing her first novel. a is for alibi in 1982. she released her most recent book -- why is for yesterday earlier this year. a gunman opened fire outside a coptic christian church and killed nine people in egypt. the gunman was already killed with at least one police officer. an affiliate of the islamic state group claimed responsibility. security has been tied due to recent attacks against civilians including christians and muslims. trump condemned the attack saying the u.s. will continue to stand with egypt in the face of terrorism. the illegal transfer of oil to north korea. south korea seized a ship use for transfer. there are new allegations russia might be involved in oil deliveries. lauren blanchard has details.>> reporter: the president tweeted at china's government after
10:26 pm
reports of illegal oil transfers to the north koreans. analysts say he needs to do more than just call out those who might be aiding the korean leader.'s. the chinese will say that his empty rhetoric unless he goes ahead and does something.>> reporter: released photos of what they said were possible illegal oil transfers to north korean chefs. we know the crew of a hong kong ship the lighthouse. is held in south korea until a full inspection can be sent to the un security council. the vessel is believed to have transferred 600 tons of oil to a north korean ship in international waters in october. the chinese have denied any involvement.>> china has always fully implemented the resolutions of the un security council. and carried out its new international obligations.>> reporter: some say this is an old game in the u.s. needs to draw a line for china including
10:27 pm
possible sanctions.. they have been notorious for decades for publicly agreeing to sanctions and then privately not enforcing them. >> reporter: secretary of defense believe that north korea will continue to face pressure from the world.>> you will see increased pressure. what form it takes in terms of physical operations is something that will be determined by the government.>> reporter: russian vegetables have supplied oil to north korean tankers on at least 30 occasions -- report says it is unclear if the action was backed by the russian government. coming up a high school soccer coach at a sacramento arrested after he was accused of trying to traffic to teenagers into prostitution. a billboard with a strong message. the push to get the city to realize they need more officers in order to keep people safe.
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running a small business is demanding. and that's why small business owners need more. like internet that's up to the challenge. the gig-speed network from comcast business gives you more. with speeds up to 20 times faster than the average. that means powering more devices, more video conferencing, and more downloads in seconds, not minutes. get fast internet and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more per month. comcast is building america's largest gig-speed network to give small businesses more. call 1-800-501-6000 today. there is a new push by berkeley's police officers association to educate residents and leaders about an officer shortage they are facing. paul chambers spoke with the vice president who says this year they have lost 26 offices
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and that number still might increase.>> reporter: driving to berkeley in parts of the bay area you will see this billboard. if you log onto the site an explanation from the departments police officers association on a staffing crisis it is facing.>> we are looking at 26 officers have left in the last year.>> reporter: for department that is authorized to have 181 officers losing just one hurts. according to the poa the number of residents have increased by 12% since 1999 in berkeley. over the same time. they have had 35% reduction in officers. the most recent numbers released state they have 160 officers on the force. seven are still in training. it takes more than a year before they will be on the street.>> they need to decide they value public safety in the city of berkeley. they need to support the
10:32 pm
officers.>> reporter: they spent 54% of revenue on public safety. some officers say that is not enough to keep them competitive. many of the perks they had are gone.. we don't have tasers or canines. we don't have a marine unit. we might not have a motor unit. we don't have a drug task force anymore.>> reporter: they provide officers with tools like the use of pepper spray and bedding people from bringing weapons during protests like this. the mayor said he supports the police department and committed to help find qualified candidates. until that happens officers are worried.>> it has an impact on the services we provide. officer safety and overall and impact on morale.>> reporter: community safety is their priority. the san mateo county coroner identified the victim of a fatal stabbing. fernando montes of san jose.
10:33 pm
it happened just before midnight on sunset avenue. police say it began with a fight. officers found montes lying on the ground when they arrived. paramedics took him to the hospital. he later died. police are interviewing potential witnesses. a man suspected of armed robbery at a house party in san mateo county is behind bars. the sheriff's office says they arrested 18-year-old hector guzman around 5 am at east palo alto. he was invited to a party at a home on bishop lane and use a handgun to commit a robbery and assault. he disappeared before deputies arrived. he was found in his home today where he was arrested. he is held onto hundred $60,000 ale. 's soccer coach under arrest after a teenage girl said he tried to force her into prostitution. the sheriff's office is asking for any information or other
10:34 pm
victims to come forward. the terrified victim called police. on christmas eve.>> sheriff deputy arrested eli before 3 am christmas. the can the high school soccer coach faces human trafficking of a minor and pimping a minor. the sheriff sergeant says the 17-year-old girl called 911 and said she was the victim of sexual assault and was being forced into human trafficking. she made the call from clover manor way in south mental county.. she was in a backyard. she was hiding.>> reporter: the person forcing her into the trafficking was parked in a car nearby.>> officers responded and located a male in a vehicle with another female who identified of being 17 years old.>> reporter: they were both victims of human trafficking. they identified him as a coach in other soccer leagues and a driver for rideshare companies. uber said he passed a
10:35 pm
background check and his access to the app has been revoked. preparing for new year's eve. new york city stationing police all over times square. the unprecedented security plan in-place. we are getting ready for the weekend. we will talk about how nice it will be in the rain that is coming.
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for those who plan to brave the cold to ring in 2018 in times square you can expect extra security. new york police are stepping up presents following a year of deadly attacks.>> reporter: new year's eve organizes test drop confetti as preparations continue for the famous ball drop in times square. as preparations are underway for the biggest new year's eve celebration one thing on everyone's mind is the weather. the weather service forecast will be 10 degrees sunday night. it windchill below zero making it the second coldest new year's eve in new york city history. >> hopefully they will put warming stations up.>> you will be packed in the was so many
10:39 pm
people.. packed in with so many people. >> reporter: the police department is taking extra security measures this year to protect times square following two terror attacks.. you will see an increase in weapons. bomb squad personnel. radiological detection teams. in our technology to include over 1000 cameras in and around the area of times square.>> reporter: aviation units will monitor from above while dogs sniff out bombs. more police officers in hotels overlooking times square. in response to the las vegas shooting. a gunman killed 58 in the worst mass shooting in u.s. history. the nypd is aware of and isis propaganda video released this week encouraging followers to attack intoxicated revelers. they emphasized there is no specific threat to times square or to new york city.
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the mayor said he admires people are willing to stand in the cold. they should bundle up and take the weather seriously. 10 degrees in times square with some wind going. that is going to be chilly. out here it is nothing like that. the butchers in the 60s today. record temperatures in monterey. in the upper 60s and low 70s. here it is coming up in january and we are dealing with mild weather. we will continue through the weekend with clouds coming in. the story is next week when we get a shot at rain on tuesday wednesday thursday and maybe friday. right now the models are congealing and saying that this is what will happen. night after night. that is good. they have been very consistent with this rain event. it could be pretty productive.
10:41 pm
we need productive rain. we have not had any in december. the highs from today. well above average. 64 morgan hill. just a beautiful bay area san francisco night. high pressure is weakening. the clouds are coming in. we stay dry saturday through monday. then it changes. mid latitude low latitude system. a warm system. high snow levels. but a wet system. is originating closer to the equator. there is a lot of moisture in the air. that will be interesting to see what happens. slight chance on tuesday. wednesday is the main event. there is saturday. partly cloudy. partly sunny. like today. here is sunday all day. same thing. here is monday. new year's day. it is drive.
10:42 pm
tuesday -- and there is the deal. this model is so. it is not high resolution. the pattern is what you're looking at. lots can happen. pulling in more moisture. lots of things can happen. the general pattern will get us rain. it can be productive. fingers crossed on that. forecast highs tomorrow 60 fairfield. 61 -- did you watch the game tonight?>> usc game.>> i did not see that coming.>> i did not either.>> that was the snow report. they are making snow in the mountains. these guys from ohio are taking it to them.>> it wasn't a good game to watch. we are giving it all away.
10:43 pm
no hilights needed. we have a lot coming up. a busy friday in sports. new year's weekend kicking off. the warriors minus steph curry for one more game. they might need him or than we thought. it was supposed to be the years must see bowl games. one cotton bowl participant is the equivalent of eating cotton. ♪
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it is happy friday. one more day we wait for steph curry's return. the warriors figured to handle the 12 and 22 hornets without him. sometimes things don't go as scripted. from 40. rims out. could have used either curry in the lineup tonight. 1st quarter good ball movement. klay thompson knows what to do. 20 of his 24 in the first half. dewayne loving it. kd -- we will get -- kevin durant is turning an ankle. he would be okay and stay in the game. nice move. he will miss the pull-up. the warriors -- get it back.
10:47 pm
livingston for the jail. down by 3. all of the hornet ms. draymond green. kd. money. green tied a career-high with 16 assists. 11 rebounds and eight points. an uphill battle all night. jeremy lamb. charlotte with 32 points off of 18 warrior turnovers. frank kaminsky from 25 feet. you know you are in trouble. hornets 11-to run. a four-point play. the last glimmer of hope. an uphill battle. campbell walker puts it away with three of his 16. hornets when 111-100. assuming steph curry come back tomorrow they finish at 9-2 with losses to denver and charlotte. kevin durant did not block a shot after swatting to in 10
10:48 pm
straight games. russell rest but -- russell westbrook. 3rd quarter was brought. dunk of the year. he was foul. final 10 seconds. but by 3. he can dunk it issued it. 40 points and 14 rebounds and nine assists. five seconds. baseline. that is the game-winner. should it have counted? he stepped out of bounds. they did not review it. books 97-95. leave the pack 12 and big ten champions out of the football playoffs. you get to angry teams and one fantastic cotton bowl. at least on paper. usc ohio state. cleveland browns quarterback. tonight not a convincing nfl audition. jt barrett was good.
10:49 pm
from a yard out. the buckeyes have an early lead. 2nd quarter trying to bring his team back. this was emblematic of his night. intercepted by web. it is 17-0. the ohio state university. later in the second barrett will keep it once again. 28 yards. he passed drew breeze for most total yards and big ten conference history. 24-0 buckeyes. 4th quarter. arnold looking for anything. he put it on the turf. buckeyes recover. arnold turned it over three times tonight. 22 this season. tied for most of any player. buckeyes 24-7. they will complain about being left out of the college football playoffs. asu todd graham final game as head coach. heinz breaking tackles.
10:50 pm
and for the five yard score. in c state of 21-3. manny wilkins up top. one arm. that is big-time. maybe the play of the day in college football sets up his own touchdown. the wolfpack would pull away. jacoby myers pulling away on the wide receiver screen. when he five yard. nc state 52-31. music city bowl wildcats and wildcats kentucky northwestern and benjamin snow. >>referee: wants to help him up. he pushes him away. he gets ejected. he is one of kentucky's better players. steven johnson picked off by kyle -- he is in. northwestern up 24-14. kentucky within a touchdown. johnson nine yards. that can tie the game with an
10:51 pm
extra point. date -- they go for two and the victory. it is foolish. one point victory northwestern wildcats over kentucky wildcats. the belco bowl. wake forest and texas a&m. 14-0 aggies early. 50 yards to scotty washington down the sideline. he threw for 400 yards. 14-7 a in them. 48-45 week. he is wearing number two. men sale money sign. pass for 499 yards. wake response. a yard out the game-winner. 55-52. 1260 total yards. 63 first downs. arizona bowl. arizona state utah state. fourth 6:45 point game. jahlil's got. terrific touchdown catch.
10:52 pm
initially ruled out of bounds. they review it. he got the left foot in. it is a tie game. 20-20. over time. dominic everly for the lead. fourth ms. field goal of the day. he missed two all year coming in. aggies of the new mexico state variety needs a field goal to win. when it in style. larry rose 26-20. new mexico state wins in the first bowl game since 1960. not unusual for stanford women's basketball opener to feature a ranked team. it is highly unusual for the cardinal not to be that team. stanford unranked for the first time in 16 years hosting number 11 ucla. 4th quarter with a shot clock winding down. britney mcphee throws it off the glass. beats the shot clock. that kind of night for the cardinal.
10:53 pm
12 of her 26 in the fourth quarter. fee for 3. stanford wins 76- 65. cal also wins is conference opener beating usc. 15 points. the bears have 17 straight games. it has been a bumpy late-season ride for that --. some perspective on what did and did not go wrong for the silver and black. jimmy g has every intention of keeping streaks alive. his and his teams. by the 49ers are brimming with confidence as the season winds down.
10:54 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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the 49ers won't play in the super bowl. sunday is pretty much their super bowl. they will play the champion rams with a chance to end the season on a winning streak. something that was unthinkable six weeks ago. that was before the jimmy g show began. last week the legend grew larger. even before him the niners had that stretch of crazy close losses.>> keep everything in perspective. we lost five games in a row by
10:57 pm
three points or less. we easily could have one those. if we were to start out 5-1 who knows how everyone would have been talking. we would have been much different.>> it is really special. this is a brotherhood. this team is really close from the players and coaches. in the front office. a good relationship. a lot of the things in great things coming to this team. >> 48 i was from now we will know who is in and out. carolina could finish anywhere from the two seed to the five seed depending on sunday. one of the wildcard spots close to the losers between the saints and panthers. the other will go to atlanta or seattle. we have loads of fun. sunday football fun day. sports weekend 8:30 am. bears and vikings. niners and rams. a little news and a lot of
10:58 pm
sports at 5 pm. the raiders incredibly could wind up the season with the same record as the 49ers. they will wrap up 2017 in los angeles. taking on the chargers who are still alive for a wild-card spot. they have lost their last three games and speculations about jack dale reels future in oakland. it gives them a chance to at the very least salvage positivity.>> it is been a tough year. it is not a matter of anything of guys not wanting it for working hard. any of those things. it is basic execution is the difference between being happy and not.. we are. we were not consistent.>> especially in the details of our assignments. one area that has to and will be cleaned up.>> afc -- for
10:59 pm
teens. bills chargers ravens and titans for wildcard spots. baltimore is a near certainty. tennessee can play itself and the other two would need some help. as we continue to wait for the giants next off-season move one of their rivals made a pretty significant one today. rocky signing reliever wade davis to a three-year $52 million deal. 17 23 million a season. making davis the highest-paid closer in all of baseball. 59 games with kansas city and the cubs. he turned 32 in september. a look at your friday night sports. much more coming up. for now back to sport -- we are trying to make sure everyone gets from .8 to point b safely.>> patrols maximum enforcement period and affect. ahead of the new year holiday.
11:00 pm
we will get to that story. breaking news out of southern california. an lapd officer has been shot. you're looking at live pictures from the scene. the shooting was reported before 10 pm in the westlake area of central los angeles. police say the suspect has been taken into custody.>> the officer was taken to a hospital. his injuries unknown. no other details have been released. we will continue to stay on top of this story and bring you the latest and we get more information. extra patrols out on the roads for the new year's day looking for drivers breaking the law. law enforcement focusing on speeding unsafe cell phone use and anyone not wearing seatbelts.>> not just looking for serious violations. happening now debra is live in


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